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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic community honours Carrie Fisher in droves

  • Dan1382 03/01/2017

    The same thing happened in Star Trek Online when Leonard Nimoy died. Everyone gathered at his statue on Vulcan and typed /salute......some did /dance but then I guess we all deal with grief differently. :lol: Reply +4
  • Climax announces a new surfing game

  • Dan1382 17/12/2016

    Reminds me of the surfing stage in California Games. Reply 0
  • There's a new WipEout game

  • Dan1382 04/12/2016

    Although I've never been a fan of racing games, Wipeout and F-Zero are still the best, offworld! Reply +1
  • Parappa the Rapper is being remastered for PS4

  • Dan1382 04/12/2016

    Does this game really need a re-mastered version and not just a re-release? I was never a fan of the original, to be honest, but I think it's graphics are still original enough that it doesn't really need updating. I'd love to see a re-mastered version of Loaded, though. That game was awesome! Reply 0
  • Watch nine minutes of Prey gameplay

  • Dan1382 02/12/2016

    The first Prey game blew me away with the portals changing the player's perspective on the room they were in. I know Portal had already done this but I had never played it back then (don't judge me!). This made me want to buy a 360 but I'm really not sure about this one. It has a kind of Dishonoured vibe about it, which is not something that appeals to me (turning into a jumping mug to get through a small window? No thanks!) plus inanimate objects turning into enemies could get rather annoying!

    From what I've seen I'm not sure that this game could really live up to what the original delivered at the time. Also I will take these graphics with a pinch of salt until I see the final release version!
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda developers reassure fans after trailer sparks animation concerns

  • Dan1382 02/12/2016

    The first time I ever bought the collector's edition of a game was Mass Effect 1 and I became a huge fan, I bought all the DLC for it and played all of it to completion. I did the same with the second game but even though I bought the collector's edition of the third game I gave up playing it half way through (I didn't have the same issue with the ending as others did because because I never completed it) and I found it to be more of a third person shooter and less of an RPG than the previous games, plus it had some inexplicable multiplayer co-op mode added.

    I just hope this game brings back the RPG elements that made the first and second games so good and this doesn't end up being a third person shooter more than an RPG. My other concern is that they try to make it a sci-fi Dragon Age Inquisition, which in my opinion, was rather boring!
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  • Smegging hell, Lego Dimensions has added a Red Dwarf area

  • Dan1382 16/11/2016

    I hope its a faithful recreation and they haven't just hosed it down and gave it a hat! :D Reply +5
  • CSGO Lounge seeks gambling licence in bid for legitimacy

  • Dan1382 02/08/2016

    What sort of idiot thinks that, by seeking legal justification, this would make this absurd practice equally justifiable on a moral level and encourage more people to part with their money to gamble on a video game?!

    More importantly, why are law and morality mutually exclusive?!
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  • Watch: Six game worlds we'd really rather not visit, thank you

  • Dan1382 30/07/2016

    So basically, any world with hostile creatures (which is every video game ever!), a level run by a creepy man playing a music box....who actually looks like he's having an angry wank in Ocarina of Time and a fictional town in Shropshire! Reply +1
  • Celebs named for Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV video game show

  • Dan1382 28/07/2016

    Dara O'Briain is a great comedian but I don't think he was the right choice on the new Robot Wars series. He didn't show the same enthusiasm that Craig Charles brought to the show, but the battles themselves kept it entertaining in the first episode and I loved it. I know he is a gamer so it would be interesting to see how entertaining he makes a video game show. I was disappointed when Video Game Nation was cancelled so I'm excited for this new series.

    We haven't had a truly awesome video game TV show since Games Master!
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  • Dan1382 28/07/2016

    @BBIAJ I cringed watching Emily Hartridge play the HD version of Perfect Dark on the 360 in one of the early series. She clearly wasn't and isn't a gamer. She couldn't figure out how to use dual stick controls. She was bumping into walls and struggled to shoot anything. It was painful to watch! Reply +1
  • Heroes of the Storm troll threatens Blizzard with violence and now faces jail time

  • Dan1382 23/07/2016

    Why is this lesser form of a human being allowed to exist in our society?! When a video GAME (i.e. something that you play for fun and entertainment) makes you think you have the right to threaten the creators of said game because you don't get the outcome you want and behave like a fucktard, you have to wonder if that person should really be allowed to roam free in a world of more intelligent beings i.e. humans! Reply -2
  • Has Steam Greenlight had its day?

  • Dan1382 16/07/2016

    For a game to be Greenlit I think it needs a team of testers at Valve to assess whether or not its playable. If its buggy or clearly just an asset flip then it shouldn't be allowed on Steam. Games that claim to be "pre-alpha" "alpha" or "beta" should not be allowed. You should only be able to show a free playable demo or at the very least some gameplay footage of your game before it gets Greenlit on Steam! Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star DLC introduces Chewbacca and Bossk

  • Dan1382 16/07/2016

    @spamdangled I completely agree, however, how many Star Wars games let you play as Princess Leia, The Emperor or Han Solo? Not saying this should make it Game of the year but this is a pretty cool addition, you'd have to agree! Reply +4
  • UK release of Pokémon Go "paused until we're comfortable"

  • Dan1382 09/07/2016

    Not a huge fan of Pokemon but this intrigues me. I watched the cartoons in the late 90s and really liked them plus I played Pokemon Stadium on the N64 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't followed Pokemon since then but I like the idea of this app, the whole augmented reality thing seems really cool. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: gameplay, story and everything we know

  • Dan1382 02/07/2016

    The first time I ever bought the collector's edition of a game was Mass Effect 1 and I became a huge fan, I bought all the DLC for it and played all of it to completion. I did the same with the second game but when the third one came out I gave up playing it half way through as I found it to be more of a third person shooter and less of an RPG than the previous games, plus it had some inexplicable multiplayer co op mode added.

    I believe that the resignation of Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk shortly after EA acquired Bioware may have had something to do with this decline in the quality of the franchise (in my opinion) so I'm really not holding out much hope for this new installment.

    It's disappointing that EA seem to insist on ruining perfectly good franchises! Burnout, Command & Conquer, Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, Sim City, Star Wars Battlefront...the list goes on!
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  • Scorn is H.R. Giger-inspired nightmare fuel

  • Dan1382 30/06/2016

    Looks like a Tool music video! :cool: Reply +7
  • Looks like there's a Halo Wars 2 open beta next week

  • Dan1382 11/06/2016

    Halo Wars was a game I thoroughly enjoyed on XBox 360 but I wished it was on PC too. I don't think strategy games belong on consoles unless they have keyboard and mouse support! Any true fan of strategy games will agree with me here! Reply -2
  • Everything we know about Watch Dogs 2

  • Dan1382 08/06/2016

    Will the graphics they show off at E3 this year be as good as the final game? I will remain cynical until then. Fool me once, Ubisoft but never again! Reply +1
  • Apple to allow subscription-based games this autumn

  • Dan1382 08/06/2016

    I'm not going to pay a subscription for a mobile iOS game! Most people refuse to pay this for PC MMO these days. Who, at Apple, thought this would be a good idea?! Reply +1
  • The UK's only video game TV show canned

  • Dan1382 06/06/2016

    Bring back Games Master with Dan Maher presenting! There are a lot of celebrities these days that admit to being gamers, also maybe have Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen as Games Master. This could work, in an ideal world! Reply +1
  • Wonder Boy 3 is getting a modern remake

  • Dan1382 03/06/2016

    Still my favourite game of all time! Reply +2
  • Donkey Kong player reckons he's posted the perfect world record high score

  • Dan1382 10/05/2016

    Give that man a knighthood! lol Reply 0
  • Titanfall developer Respawn is making a third-person Star Wars game

  • Dan1382 07/05/2016

    @WilhelmvonOrmstein a "tie" in?

    Pun intended? Like TIE Fighter? lol...sigh, its been a long afternoon!
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  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • Dan1382 02/05/2016

    Every Nintendo console thats ever existed has been awesome. The Wii turned non gamers into gamers. When I was a kid my parents tried to discourage me from playing games as they thought they were for unsociable nerds but when the Wii came out they bought one and they still play it to this day! I'm disappointed that the Wii U never did as well as it should. Its the best console of this generation, in my opinion.

    Look at Atari and Sega, where are they now? They're just games developers. The fact that Nintendo have managed to still be a console developer and first party game developer for their consoles in 30 years really says something for their competition. I hope that Nintendo have an N64 moment and make the NX better than the current competition in terms of tech, if nothing else.
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  • Raiden V arrives in the west next week

  • Dan1382 02/05/2016

    You have to give credit to the Japanese for trying to keep arcade games alive! Reply +11
  • Watch: Our favourite video game movies

  • Dan1382 01/05/2016

    The problem I have with movies based on games is that they always seem to be made by people who've never been fans of those franchises, they've either only played those games once and thought they'd make good movies or have seen their popularity and tried to cash in on it by making movies based on them. Most of these movies only make references to certain features or characters in those games but arent actually based on the stories of those games. The main characters in Resident Evil are only side characters in the movies and play no real part in the films at all. The Mortal Kombat film has basically the same story from Enter The Dragon. The only references that the Doom movie makes to the games is the BFG which is only used once and the first person scene near the end.

    These films are only made to appeal to a limited audience in the first place (gamers) but they never really represent what makes those games so popular so that limited audience doesn't feel that the games they're fans of are represented properly, so why bother?!
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  • Watch: Let's Play Star Fox 64

  • Dan1382 24/04/2016

    Lylat Wars, its Lylat Wars...for fucks sake! :p

    You have to collect the gold rings to get the secret levels. I loved the Independence Day level; Katina, I believe its called! :cool:
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  • Star Fox Zero review

  • Dan1382 20/04/2016

    Star Fox Zero is basically an old school shoot 'em up. This isn't the 80s, Nintendo! We 30 year old kids want more bang for our buck! Give us another Star Fox Adventures. It had the joy of a light RPG like Legend of Zelda plus the occasional space battle arcade...ness shoot 'em ups of Star Fox/Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 (on the SNES or N64). Give us more of that!

    ...alternatively, I would welcome a new F-Zero game!
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  • Dan1382 20/04/2016

    @CalamityJames Whats wrong with that? When I was signed off for a week for a medical problem way back in 2002 I played this game non stop. I loved this game, I want a remake of this on Wii U or even the original. I'd play this game to death! Reply 0
  • Watch: Our favourite games of EGX Rezzed

  • Dan1382 09/04/2016

    I don't think VR will catch on! I'd liked to be proved wrong because I'd love games to be more immersive and I think VR can do this but in order for it to work developers will need to commit to supporting it 100% and not abandon it like the SegaCD, 32X, Kinect and PS Move and also make it affordable! Reply -2
  • Vive and Oculus experience early processing hiccups

  • Dan1382 04/04/2016

    When game developers start supporting VR as a viable platform and commit to it 100% then I may consider investing in it. Until then, this is just another SegaCD, 32X, Kinect and Playstation Move, as far as I'm concerned! Reply 0
  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • Dan1382 03/04/2016

    I would uninvent the exclusion of split screen or same screen multiplayer in most games these days! Part of the joy of playing games for me is having your mates or your siblings round, ordering some pizza and a few beers and having a games night! Reply +7
  • Why virtual reality is the future

  • Dan1382 02/04/2016

    We all thought Wii and Kinect was the future of gaming, look how they turned out! I think VR has a long way to go before we consider it "the future of gaming". Like the SegaCD and the 32X, its just another fad until someone makes it affordable and developers see it as a potential growth in the industry and actually support it 100% as a viable platform! Reply +1
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • Dan1382 27/03/2016

    I really hope Nintendo bring the rain with their next console. The Wii U is awesome, I have one and still play Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker to this day. What I love about Nintendo is that they make games purely for enjoyment without making them ultra realistic, movie like experiences. This is what games should be, they should be fun and Nintendo do it perfectly! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Nintendo 3DS vs New 3DS

  • Dan1382 27/03/2016

    I really hope Nintendo bring the rain with their next console. The Wii U is awesome, I have one and still play Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker to this day. What I love about Nintendo is that they make games purely for enjoyment without making them ultra realistic, movie like experiences. This is what games should be, they should be fun and Nintendo do it perfectly! Reply +2
  • Watch: Aoife plays Condemned: Criminal Origins for the first time

  • Dan1382 25/03/2016

    Am I alone in saying that Aoife is gorgeous? Reply -9
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered review

  • Dan1382 22/03/2016

    I played this way too many times when I was a teenager and completed it each time so I know everything that happens. Its an amazing game but given that I played so much of it when I was younger I dont think the pretty graphics are enough to make me want to play it again.

    I think a Simon The Sorceror HD remake would be cool though!
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  • What you actually do in The Division

  • Dan1382 15/01/2016

    Look at the E3 2013 trailer compared to now. I dont understand how a gaming company doesnt know its own market! Ubisoft obviously thinks we're idiots for some reason! Reply -1
  • Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw leaves Valve

  • Dan1382 08/01/2016

    Now a free man
    ....I dont....oh wait, now I get it! :-P
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  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen due for PC in January

  • Dan1382 19/12/2015

    I had this on the 360. The story was awful but the gameplay and graphics were fantastic, looking forward to getting it on PC now that I no longer have my 360! Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends delayed until 2016

  • Dan1382 18/12/2015

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends delayed until 2016
    Oh well, looks like I'll just have to try and get along with the rest of my life and try not to lose too much sleep! :p
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  • Watch: When should we review games?

  • Dan1382 24/10/2015

    I feel that you should review a game on launch. I'm a child of the 80s, if a game is buggy on launch then tough shit, its a shit game! If you wait for patches, bug fixes, enhancements then you'll be waiting forever and you'll never be able to give an accurate review. These days I wait for reviews before deciding to buy a game, if it has bugs then I dont buy it! Its simple!

    Since the advent of the internet games developers have become lazy, they think they can release a game thats buggy as fuck and then patch it later when people complain. Call me old fashioned but thats bollocks! If your game is buggy at launch then its not worth playing! EA and Ubisoft, I'm looking at you!
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  • Who needs a new F-Zero when the Wii U's got Fast Racing Neo?

  • Dan1382 28/08/2015

    Nintendo had asked Burnout developer Criterion to make an F-Zero Wii U launch title, it emerged recently, but the studio had to decline as it was already busy designing Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
    Aren't Criterion owned by EA and haven't EA stopped making games for Nintendo? I would relish the day when a game is released that hasn't been wiped on EA's arse!

    I'm really looking forward to this, I love Wipeout and I love F-Zero!
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  • Black & White combined the sublime with the stupid

  • Dan1382 26/07/2015

    I was lucky enough to be invited to Lionhead Studios offices in Guildford to assist in beta testing Black & White before its release and absolutely loved every second! Reply +3
  • Nintendo's bright future with Splatoon

  • Dan1382 25/07/2015

    There's a lot of arrogance in the gaming industry. Most companies refuse to acknowledge that their games are just fun but are more "interactive experiences" and should be viewed as something more than just a bit of fun but Nintendo have stuck with the premise that games are just for fun. If any company knows the most about games, its Nintendo. No other company has made it this far in the industry than they have. Where are Sega and Atari now? They're only publishers, they're not console developers any more! Sonic and Pacman have become shit in their current iterations but Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda and Metroid are still amazing and we still want F-Zero, Star Fox and whatever else Nintendo decides to make. The Wii U may not have done so well sales wise but I own one and its still my favourite console of this generation! Reply +4
  • Thousands of Nintendo fans pay respects at Satoru Iwata funeral

  • Dan1382 17/07/2015

    When you look at the console giants who have come and gone over the years (Atari and Sega mostly) I really think its impressive that Nintendo have managed to stay relevant and have been able to make consoles and games that have stood the test of time. The Wii, for example, (in my experience anyway) has encouraged non gamers to become gamers. My parents hated games when I was a kid, they thought that they were for unsociable nerds but now they actually own a Wii and play Wii Sports as well as various skiing games and even ask me to bring my XBox over to play Kinect Sports every christmas with the family! Even though its not had a good start, the Wii U, in my opinion, has been the best console of this generation, I've played it more than my XBox One and my PS4! You can't get a few beers in, call your mates round and play PS4 unless you're playing FIFA. Wii U is the best console for social gaming! Mario Kart and Smash Bros have been epic!

    We have Iwata to thank for this and I will always be a fan of Nintendo because of the contributions he and his team have made to gaming. They have stuck to their guns and made gaming FUN, something that a lot of gaming executives are too arrogant to admit that this is what games are and what they should be about!
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  • Canadian teen who harassed female League of Legend players jailed

  • Dan1382 11/07/2015

    Reply +2
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Collector's Edition is $200

  • Dan1382 11/07/2015

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  • Watch 15 minutes of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

  • Dan1382 28/06/2015

    I wasn't really that impressed with E3 this year, especially Nintendo who I was expecting big things from. Nintendo's biggest reveal was a new Star Fox game which wasn't exactly exciting! As much as I enjoyed Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64), I would rather have a sequel to the Gamecube title Star Fox Adventures on the Wii U or at least have the Gamecube Star Fox Adventures on the Nintendo Store. Reply 0