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  • Bethesda Game Studios planning "two other major projects" before The Elder Scrolls 6

  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    @ubergine I hope you are right.
    Two major releases will be 4 years at least though, then they need to get on with ES6.
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  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    Oh, well that sucks. I was thinking I'll get on the VR bandwagon when Elder scrolls 6 is announced with VR support. Seeing as Fallout 4 is getting it. I figured it would be in about 2.5-3.5 years.

    Now I expect it will be 5-6 years at best.
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  • Sea of Thieves multiplayer gameplay sets sail

  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    Looked like a reason for a ps4 player to get an xb1... may wait for the scorpio however. Reply 0
  • Microsoft announces the Xbox One S price and release date

  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    Was very interested n getting one of these. They then announced the scorpio...

    I wanna play sea of thieves and state of decay 2, but as a ps4 owner not inclined to get a ps4 neo. It kinda makes sense to go for the scorpio. hence why that announcement has more than likely lost them a sale of an xb1 s.
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  • Microsoft E3 2016 conference live report

  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    Why would anyone buy an xb1 s???

    Very odd...
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  • DakeyrasUK 13/06/2016

    Doesn't quite seem to match Bayonetta for all out action boss fights... Reply +1
  • EA E3 2016 conference live report

  • DakeyrasUK 12/06/2016

    No white russians for me this time round... Reply 0
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer leaks

  • DakeyrasUK 09/06/2016

    Yearly DLC, that is the equivalent of a fraction of what a full game should be, but priced at the retail price (not rrp) of a full game.

    I get that people like the gameplay. But really, are there not other games to play that don't require such buggery?
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  • Watch Dogs 2 launches November, set in San Francisco

  • DakeyrasUK 08/06/2016

    What horribly obnoxious music... Reply 0
  • The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

  • DakeyrasUK 06/06/2016

    Excitingly, it seems the Final Fantasy 12 remaster will be taking its cues from the International Edition of the game which never saw release outside of Japan
    So the Japanese version then...
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  • The Division has 9.5M registered users, exceeding Ubisoft's expectations

  • DakeyrasUK 13/05/2016

    Ubisoft have been boasting of their abilitly to consistently deliver open world games...
    Of all the games in the picture above I have played and completed Dragon Age, GTA 5, Metal Gear, The witcher 3, Batman (2016) and am half way through mad max.
    AC Unity was a buggy released mess of a flagging IP so also kinda negates Syndicate, AC4 was good but the series was already dead to me. Watch Dogs was so very much a typical and fairly uninspired game despite the early promise. The crew was underwhelming on release (seems to be well thought of at this point).
    Far cry, I've not played these games just because there's too many other games to fill my time. They seem well received among fans - though the series seems to beyond the peak of far cry 3.
    The division, very well received, but due to major buggy flaws in the online aspect people cheesed the way to the top and that seems to have killed interest for people...
    The point of all this? To say Ubisoft do indeed regularly deliver open world games. But those who don't tend to release games with more heart, less bugs and better story...
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  • Dark Souls 3 player defeats one of its hardest bosses in one hit

  • DakeyrasUK 05/05/2016

    @Supra_Hans thanks to you and timmy for the clarification!

    Technically though the boss is hit twice though even if it is one attack! :p
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  • DakeyrasUK 05/05/2016

    @Typhoid Would be a good explanation but it looks to me like the life bar goes down half way on the first hit and a second swing takes it down the second half. Reply +4
  • DakeyrasUK 05/05/2016

    Err I'm not a souls player, but that looked like the boss was hit twice, no? Reply +3
  • The Making of Pandemic - the board game that went viral

  • DakeyrasUK 04/05/2016

    Am playing through pandemic legacy with my brother, wife and good friend. Currently on august or september.

    Honest, we have completed each month or half month without any mis-understandings of the rules.... well we like to think that our mistakes haven't helped us out more than hindered us!

    Anyway, love the evolving board game premise!
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  • Why is video game lore so awful?

  • DakeyrasUK 23/04/2016

    Not sure i agree fully. Of course a lot of lore isnt necessary. Not sure that makes it awful though.

    Does kind of read like you are not a fan of fantasy based fiction.
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  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • DakeyrasUK 20/04/2016

    Add me to the list of consumers that don't get it...

    Will it really push 4k images at a stable 30fps? I think it unlikely.

    Is it worth getting (the so many have the original ps4) if it may boost old games performance and will boost future games? Not according to my wallet.

    Will it turn out that VR is really basic on ps4 and works well on ps4 neo? If so, they may have just lost a ps vr purchase from me.

    Other than maybe getting a Nintendo NX, this all just makes me want to avoid hardware purchases for a couple of years to save for a decent pc rig.

    That or get the better xb1 that is seemingly inevitable to enjoy the exclusives that that console has to tickle my fancy...

    I just don't see that this console will attract repeat buys and with such a strong current ps4 user base will people yet to get a ps4 want the new expensive version? If so why have they waited 3 years to get the ps4?
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition eBay scalpers criticised

  • DakeyrasUK 04/04/2016

    @Sand_man I'm in the same boat, what do I want more. A very expensive collectors edition or a very cheap PSVR?
    I want my order, but at the end of the day knowing people are willing to buy my rightfull property for so much is very tempting to sell it to them.
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  • Quantum Break review

  • DakeyrasUK 01/04/2016

    Reads very much that playing this game is fun. Missing this game is nothing to worry about. So not an exclusive to addto the reasons to own an xb1 then. Reply +1
  • Hands-on with Final Fantasy 15's new Platinum Demo

  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Still not keen on the combat... I really want to love this game. The world looks sublime, the charcters and back story have me engaged. I'm just not sure I can play a 60 hr button mash game... Reply +8
  • Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15 live report

  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    FLYING CAR???? Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Okay, loving all the extra reveals! Happy to be awake! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Best announcement yet! Loved the enviro trailer too, had some much more traditional music! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    What? Why is there a foreign voice over all of a sudden? Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Uematsu is a god, and I'm with you on Cosmo Canyon Aofie! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Yeah... who thought hiring them was a good idea. Great trailer though!! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    How did you score tickets that great? Eurogamer be well connected! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Or her data limit is up! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Well thank feck for that, they were trying my patience to say the least! Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Is it wrong that these woman make me think eugh and consider going back to bed? Reply 0
  • DakeyrasUK 31/03/2016

    Right, I'm here. Awake after 6 or so hours sleep. Let's get Thursday off to a great start... well, t least don't have me regret getting up at 2:45am! Reply 0
  • Five Sony-made games for PlayStation VR

  • DakeyrasUK 16/03/2016

    @cowell For me I need to try it out with a game I'm happy to spend 40 hrs with and be impressed.

    I'm think Skyrim VR/ES VI in VR. Or if as they say these game induce too much motion sickness from moving (but not really moving) then how about No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous (when that gets a ps4 release).

    All of this micro games look alright, but not 350 alright...
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  • PlayStation VR GDC live report

  • DakeyrasUK 15/03/2016

    Saw the link and thought "goody, been a little while since I watched a live stream of gaming news"... balls! Reply 0
  • Zelda: Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario Bros. U join Nintendo Selects budget range

  • DakeyrasUK 10/03/2016

    Think I'll finally be getting tropical freeze and lego city then! Reply 0
  • Vote: What's the best Zelda game?

  • DakeyrasUK 17/02/2016

    1. A link to the Past
    2. Ocarina of Time
    3. Wind Waker
    4. A Link Between Worlds
    5. Twilight Princess
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  • Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open

  • DakeyrasUK 17/02/2016

    @Saul_Iscariot How did you get it sorted in the end? I also am with Yahoo and have still not got a verification email...

    I have checked spam and have request a resend (twice).

    Edit: Nevermind they all came through at once and were instantly expired. A further request came straight away!
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  • DakeyrasUK 17/02/2016

    @Saul_Iscariot I too am waiting for the verification email. I guess it will come with time... Reply +1
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD's Amiibo-exclusive dungeon revealed

  • DakeyrasUK 21/01/2016

    @ShiftyGeezer if you want to play something that much you'll pay. But again, they are giving something to those who have already bought the amiibos, it's a nice reward.

    Essentially what you are saying is those with amiibos shouldn't have anything different to those without. Then why would I play my games with the amiibos I like to collect?

    Sure I understand the grievance that these things used to be cheat codes. But they haven't been prominent for years now - I have long since given up on their revival.

    As a side note: one of my greatest gaming achievements was unlocking the no radar cheat on Goldeneye. Took me a good few hours replaying the frigate level on medium (or hard) difficulty and charging around completing every task in double quick time! That is how these things should be unlocked, but alas those days are long gone...
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  • DakeyrasUK 21/01/2016

    Whilest I'm vehemently against locking content away from full releases. I do only see this content as having been made to help tempt people who may have been on the fence about buying the amiibo to buy it.

    I'm collecting all the Zelda amiibos (still need Sheik and Zelda) so was getting this regardless. It is a nice boon for me.

    If you have never had an amiibo and don't want one, what is to be upset about? You aren't buying the toy so you don't get the toys game? Seems like a fair trade to me...
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • DakeyrasUK 14/01/2016

    Considering I'm getting the game and Wolf Link ammibo from Amazon for a current best price of 35.85 I consider it not an issue at all for me. The game is costing less than a full game, comes with a cool figure that also will do more than just sit on my shelf as I planned, but unlocks an extra dungeon.

    Pretty sure the dungeon will be fairly small and available for 3 as dlc for those who don't want the ammibo version but do want the content.
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  • Tom Clancy's The Division trailer leaks new gameplay footage

  • DakeyrasUK 13/01/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD is released on March 4th, another release I'm very excited for! Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift pre-orders open today and you won't be charged for them

  • DakeyrasUK 06/01/2016

    500 without shipping, how cheap are they?!

    I was going to pre-order and consider saving up. But think I'll wait and see how much PS VR will be now...
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  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • DakeyrasUK 06/01/2016

    Surprised to not see Bravely Second appear on this list (out in 6 weeks) also I'm very much looking forward to Zelda: Twilight Princess HD!

    Edit: Just noticed it is mentioned (barely) in the side bar... how rude!
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  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • DakeyrasUK 02/01/2016

    A much more agreeable top 50 to my tastess, good to see my top 5 games place in 1st, 10th, 8th, 32nd and 42nd respectively, with all my other top games also in the list!

    Good job eurogamers!
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • DakeyrasUK 01/01/2016

    I'd be interested to know from the 150 games mentioned how many were only mentioned once for example. 50Games in the list but how many were there? 53? 75? Did all first place games get 10 points etc. So a game one person puts at 1st at odds with everyone else rank higher than a game 7 people put as 10th etc? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 2: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • DakeyrasUK 31/12/2015

    @BobbyDeNiro Personally the motherbase infection was the worst partof the game for me... Utterly terrible game design. Let's spend the whole game collecting soldiers and then get the player to spend 90 minutes scrolling through 1000 names looking for the marker....

    For me the first 25-30 missions of play were brilliant, but I always found myself thinking the story will pick up soon. The motherbase design was a great distraction but ultimately of little consequence as getting s ranks required knowing the level and charging through the levels in double quick time using only silenced tranq or rocket launchers.

    Post mission 30 the game was a drag, o just wanted to complete it and the forced replay of prior missions on a harder difficulty was another poor design that really felt at odds with the story. And to me was inserted as filler (most likely due to konami's instruction).

    Overall, the gameplay mechanics were second to none for me this year but I feel the game was spoiled and far from being a complete masterpiece due to the other faults.
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  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 3: Splatoon

  • DakeyrasUK 30/12/2015

    @LittleSparra well i never!?!?! What is this subjectivity you speak of?

    I think it is reasonable to read my comment as "In my opinion i really struggle to see how rocket league can be argued to be more deserving than 3 of the 5 games mentioned. Especially as three won't be in the top 10 at all."
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  • DakeyrasUK 30/12/2015

    Two more spots to go and so far no mgsv, no fallout 4, no mario maker, no bloodborne and no xenoblade chronicles x. All deserving of top 10 places and all with a large/vocal fanbase... going to be some dissapointed fans come Friday.
    Really not sure how rocket league can be ranked higher than 3 or more of the 5 games i've mentioned...
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  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • DakeyrasUK 28/12/2015

    Of course opinions vary, witcher 3 is my personal number 1, but with this game having had such widespread acclaim, critically as well as from gamers i do question eurogamer's decision to put this at number 5.

    Mgs v had better gameplay but for me the story was the worst in the series. I can see though that it could be ranked higher. Mariomaker is my game of the year runner up so again another game that realistically could be placed higher. Fallout 4 is another great game that personally i left after 10 hours to concentrate on xenoblade chronicles x, but again could see it higher than witcher 3 amo gst some crowds.

    The only other game that has had widespread love that i feel could be above this is bloodborner - not having played it myself though i can add no other thoughts.

    Then there's rocket league, a beautifully simple game that has proven its might, but for it to be above witcher 3 and in the top 10 instead of thhe others i have mentioned wouldfor me be a travesty.

    Oh well, matters not in the grand scheme of life...
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  • Games of 2015 no. 9: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • DakeyrasUK 24/12/2015

    @riceNpea 'If this is a 'walking simulator', then what is Uncharted? What is The Last of Us?'

    Fully fledged games that I can do more than walk around in with much more interesting character development and storylines that I could immerse myself in.

    I haven't negged you but I agree with the author on this point,well I do for uncharted. I have recently started the Nathan Drake Collection (never played uncharted before) and after 4 or 5 hrs and 50% through the story of the first game I feel completely underwhelmed by it. All I do is move through a linear area to another and aim at waves of poor AI "bad-guys". I heard lots of praise for the Uncharted games so I will continue to see what character development you and others speak of despite there being none, that I have noticed, in the first 50%.

    I think you have been negged due to your opening statement that basically says Everybody's Gone to the Rapture isn't a fully fledged game. When I read that I immediately thought "you what?!". On top of that yeah, people neg for disagreeing... yay for them!

    That said The Last of Us was far better narrative than what Uncharted has shown thus far.
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