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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2016

  • DacoitOne 04/02/2016

    Destiny daily ad revenue. Mission complete. Reply +16
  • Tribes: Ascend patch breathes new life into dormant shooter

  • DacoitOne 28/01/2016

    @Sharz The game was never vastly popular by any means but as with Vengeance before it there has been a pretty hardcore minority who have stuck with it through everything and kept the flame alive. Even when HR left them out in the cold they never stopped trying to gain more interest in the game.

    We all owe to them in many ways to go back and give the game a second shot at life. I'm a rank 31 Brute myself and have started loving the game all over again recently. Hopefully others will do the same.
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  • DacoitOne 28/01/2016

    @SwissTony1994 That's the hardest pill to sawllow though isn't it. Everyone cries for something new, something that does require skill to play and when its handed to them it's widely ignored. The recent changes made to the class system et al were clearly made to help push the game to the masses even harder and while it's still early days there does seem to be a lot more folk playing. That's something at least. Reply +2
  • DacoitOne 28/01/2016

    I was playing this again only yesterday after not entertaining it for quite some time and you know what it's still as good as it ever was when there's a full match roster. TA is just so unlike anything else you play which involves shooting that it always just feels refreshing to play if you've been playing any other fps for far too long.

    When I play the likes of CoD and I get a kill I don't always feel the satisfaction that should come with it as I don't always feel like any form of skill is a requirement, more blind luck. If I get a kill in TA however I know I've earned that single kill as on top of the shooty shooty there's an entirely different element to the way you move. I remember getting a kill on this guy yesterday who had been owning me time and time again and we ended up going one on one as he fired mortars at me and I found myself skiing around him via a small basin like part of the map with him situated in the center as each of his shots got closer but due to my constant movement he just could not pin a shot on me. Each of my own less powerful shots however connected as I maintained my momentum and eventually I won out even though I was clearly outgunned and outclassed by a far superior higher ranked player and I shut down his fairly insane killing streak with it. He even complimented me on my kill with a quick [VGCN] Nice move! It was the only time I killed him mind but in any case I DID feel the satisfaction I tend not to feel in other fps based games.

    For me that moment summed up the true beauty of the game and playing Tribes in general and I for one hope the game never dies but gets stronger as it deserves to be a success more than any other PC based shooter currently around.

    Oh and I got I think five or six blue plate specials during that game and anyone who has played TA knows exactly how satsifying they are to get. Ding!
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  • Tom Clancy's The Division trailer leaks new gameplay footage

  • DacoitOne 12/01/2016

    Hmm. Reminds me of...something great.

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  • Homefront: The Revolution out in May, new gameplay trailer

  • DacoitOne 12/01/2016

    Although I am glad the IP is still going the game looks questionable standards wise to say the least. If it ships with no multiplayer mode then count me out as that was the one true highlight of the first Homefront and there's even a very dedicated if very small gaming community still playing it now.

    To this day it's still one of my all time favourite multiplayer gaming experiences as flying around spotting the enemy for my team via a drone while trying not to get shot out of the sky was always a blast.

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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • DacoitOne 04/01/2016

    @BlueandYellow Awesome man. I sunk over a hundred glorious hours into it and enjoyed every minute.

    Meanwhile Just Cause 3 still remains unplayed and totally broken for me.
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  • DacoitOne 01/01/2016

    No Mad Max? Oh Eurogamer you do disappoint me so. Reply +22
  • What does it take to run Just Cause 3 at 1080p60?

  • DacoitOne 10/12/2015

    Well it's a complete disaster for me as it plays in slow motion if I am lucky enough to even have the start menu load.

    Not been able to play beyond the opening tutorial stuff in over a week.
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  • I'm late to Mad Max, but I like the balloons

  • DacoitOne 08/12/2015

    I was fully expecting Just Cause 3 to be my GOTY but as the game released as a broken mess Mad Max which I've sunk over 100 hours into gets that accolade instead.

    Remember how Jim Sterling gave this game 4/10 and described it as a boring Shadows of Mordor clone? Right. Fuck off Jim. He was so wrong on this one I don't know where to even begin.

    I think Rocket said it best in Guardians of the Galaxy...

    Ain't no thing like me, except me!
    That's precisely how I'd sum up Mad Max. One of a kind. The best of its kind.

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  • Just Cause 3 review

  • DacoitOne 02/12/2015

    Forget performance issues and flickering textures, you know your game is fucked when the start menu can't even load.

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  • If they can get Just Cause 3 fixed, we're in for a treat

  • DacoitOne 01/12/2015

    Good performance seems utterly hit and miss as there's plenty of people out there with more than capable machines struggling to get 30fps and with glitches to boot.

    I myself have now managed to get 30fps (just about) but now I'm met with another challenge as once I'm in game both my select and start buttons simply don't work, I'm yet to even see the map. On top of this I did reach my first checkpoint but then when I went to the nearest mission start the Y button prompt doesn't show up at all so I'm stuck where I am and unable to even press quit to windows. The graphic for the chaos meter is also completely broken.
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  • DacoitOne 01/12/2015

    No way was this game ready for release.

    Issues I've had so far include:

    The start menu not appearing after the stupidly lengthy log in/loading combo.
    Frame rates dipping to as low as 11fps randomly but especially whenever there's any form of collision.
    Getting killed and being left staring at a screen full of blood as the game fails to reload itself.
    Being forced to lower everything to low/off and 720p and the game still runs like crap. I can run Mad Max on high at 60fps.
    Random bugs happening making the game feel like it's still in alpha.

    At first I thought it was the crimson driver I was using so I removed that and installed the newer version, no change.
    Went back to the previous none crimson driver and the game was even worse than before with my fps tanking constantly aka Arkham Knight territory.

    I am utterly gutted at the poor state this game has released in especially after how great Mad Max was at release. I thought it would be so very different but as it stands right now it's completely unplayable.
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  • Better than Halo?

  • DacoitOne 30/11/2015

    Oh just fuck off Eurogamer. Reply +34
  • Konami closes LA studio responsible for Metal Gear Online

  • DacoitOne 03/11/2015

    If Konami have their way soon I won't be able to touch my retail copy of MGSV without my hand melting right to the bone. To the fucking bone.

    Best of luck all those hit by the lay off's. May they all still have their hands firmly intact which will obviously assist them greatly in the next career choice.
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  • Halo 5: Guardians review

  • DacoitOne 30/10/2015

    The friendly AI in this game is absolutely shocking and quite possibly some of the worst I've seen in recent years. Reply +1
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC still broken, players say

  • DacoitOne 29/10/2015

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  • Digital Foundry vs console texture filtering

  • DacoitOne 24/10/2015

    Texture pilfering. Reply -1
  • Korean StarCraft rocked by another match-fixing scandal

  • DacoitOne 19/10/2015

    I once cheated on my wife. I swapped a playing card over while we were playing a game of snap in bed as she was distracted by a downton abbey advert. Reply +9
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate in-game footage flies through Victorian London

  • DacoitOne 15/10/2015

    Looks like your typical section found in Unity only with newly added assets and boats. Not impressed at all. Reply 0
  • Styx gets a sequel

  • DacoitOne 14/10/2015

    Styx was possibly the most overlooked and yet extremely decent stealth game of recent times so this news comes as very welcome to me. Everyone should try out the original at some point. Reply +4
  • High-profile FIFA YouTubers hacked, scream about it

  • DacoitOne 08/10/2015

    Kill them all Peter Weller we're behind you. Kill them all!
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  • Square Enix cans convoluted Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order program

  • DacoitOne 01/10/2015

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  • Dirt Rally's latest update introduces the sport's spiritual home

  • DacoitOne 01/10/2015

    So they finally give us our beloved Colin Mcrae Ford Focus RS 2001 but somehow neglect to give with it the iconic Valvoline/Telefonica Movistar livery that made it so instantly recognisable.

    Still the game is fucking amazing and has cemented itself as the RBR of its day without even being fully finished. Quite the accomplishment.
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  • Just Cause 3 Expansion Pass adds three DLC packs

  • DacoitOne 16/09/2015

    I got a good 150 to 200 hours of solid enjoyment out of Just Cause 2 before I even went near the multiplayer update so I know I'd be more than willing to throw another £20 at my screen for this for three additional DLC packs. That's what I'd normally pay for a season pass anyway. Besides just fucking look at the state of this mad shit, who can resist!?

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  • Face-Off: Mad Max

  • DacoitOne 09/09/2015

    One of the cores on my quad core machine died a death and had to be disabled the day before this was being released and I was pretty gutted at the time however the game still manages an almost consistent 60fps on just three cores with Windows 10 and only 2GB of vram at high settings and 1600x900p. Sure it's not the 1920x1080p I was planning to play at but who the hell cares when it runs and looks so good.

    Had the game not been so expertly optimised I just know this wouldn't have been the case and I'd be left glaring at another Arkham Shite questioning where the hell did all the good PC ports go. Thanks Avalanche.

    The one thing that is getting on my tits at the moment is how many people are biting on my ear to play MGSV and give this the cold shoulder, just fuck the fuck off. This game deserves every ounce of appreciation it is currently getting and is delivering on all fronts. MGSV may be the present darling but that's no reason to utterly ignore Mad Max but you know it is your loss if you do.

    Signed - A very happy three core gamer.
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  • Performance Analysis: Mad Max

  • DacoitOne 05/09/2015

    This is slowly but surely turning out to be the Red Faction: Guerrilla of this generation which was a game I loved to bits.

    95% of the 3,532 reviews for this game are positive.
    Fuck you Jim Sterling. Just fuck you man.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch released, pulled

  • DacoitOne 03/09/2015


    Yeah sorry the image was so small. Click this link instead and all shall be revealed

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  • DacoitOne 03/09/2015

    It may have added superior performance and more graphic options but it also added this

    Word to the wise don't go downloading the leaked version of the patch as it is drowning in malware and virus'. The real deal can't be too far off now.
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  • Yager's segmented Dead Island 2 team files for insolvency

  • DacoitOne 29/07/2015

    Watching that video made my heart ache. Then I realised I was slowly being eaten alive....I HOPE YOU CHOKE....YOU MOTHERF*CKERS ARRRRGHHH! Reply +3
  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • DacoitOne 24/07/2015

    You know how found footage movies have fallen from grace from what Blair Witch was to what they have now become? That's pretty much how I view Randy Pitchford today and just like those types of movies they have both had their day.

    Ironically though Heather did eventually apologise and was very sorry indeed.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC dated, priced

  • DacoitOne 03/07/2015

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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • DacoitOne 01/07/2015

    This Destiny is not what long term Bungie lovers have been waiting for. R.I.P Bungie 1991 - 2014 Reply +21
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • DacoitOne 27/06/2015

    @zezyan PC gamers were entitled to a version that worked on release day just as countless PS4 and XO owners versions did but did they get that? Did they fuck.

    The very reason I chose to not get a refund is because from what I have managed to play underneath all that technical train wreck is a pretty outstanding game albeit with an over dependance on the batmobile. I'm giving WB/Rocksteady the benefit of the doubt that they will still deliver a version I can actually be proud to own. Let us just turn the tables and say for arguments sake the PC version turned out to be the much praised finished working version and the console owners were treated with the same level of disregard, there would be uproar.

    Stick your entitled bitch comment where the sun doesn't shine because all we wanted from this was no different to any console owner, a game we could actually fucking play and enjoy playing. Instead one of our most anticipated games was delivered to us with the most unbelievable amount of disdain possibly imaginable with a nice little post note attached that simply read "suck it".

    I don't mind being negged because it's practically nigh on impossible right now for me not to be insanely jealous of console owners. I just hope in my heart of hearts when the new PC version does arrive it's every bit as capable as their version. That's all I ever asked for.
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  • DacoitOne 27/06/2015

    Ok EG I'm sorry but one too many Arkham Knight articles telling us how good PS4 (and XO) owners have it is just starting to rub me the wrong way. Having gone down the road to not get a refund for my PC version and cross my fingers tightly instead that it gets fixed the bitter sense of disappointment and resentment I feel towards what should have been my game of the year is no less unreal too. They broke their promise to PC users.

    Enough is enough.
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  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • DacoitOne 25/06/2015

    History in the making. Only good can come from this in future. Reply +8
  • DacoitOne 25/06/2015

    Reply -15
  • Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly regains independence

  • DacoitOne 24/06/2015

    Soooo what do ya mean they aren't currently considering making Bulletstorm 2? Give us our sequel or I will knock you - the - fuck - out, k?
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • DacoitOne 24/06/2015

    Reply +2
  • DacoitOne 23/06/2015


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  • DacoitOne 23/06/2015

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  • DacoitOne 23/06/2015

    Batman: Arkham Refund Reply +76
  • Bungie: extra Destiny content for all platforms when Sony timed-exclusives launch on Xbox

  • DacoitOne 24/06/2015

    Warframe honestly makes Destiny look so poor it's not even remotely funny. Reply +7
  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • DacoitOne 24/06/2015

    GMG issues statement they will be allowing refunds.

    Warner Bros. are currently working on a patch which we are hoping will be released soon. We want you to enjoy your game, but if after the fix has been released, you still cannot play your game, we will process refund requests for the game.
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  • Video: Are we sure Batman isn't killing people in Arkham Knight?

  • DacoitOne 23/06/2015

    The only thing I see being killed is my framerate. FPS genocide. Reply +78
  • 25 minutes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay

  • DacoitOne 19/06/2015

    The Half-Life inspired train station scene secured it as my game of the show. Looked amazing for an alpha. Reply +12
  • AMD's Radeon Fury X: the new leader in graphics tech?

  • DacoitOne 18/06/2015

    Titanfall Reply +2
  • Bethesda E3 2015 conference live report

  • DacoitOne 14/06/2015

    1-0 Reply +1
  • The Digital Foundry 2015 graphics card upgrade guide

  • DacoitOne 07/06/2015

    @MattEvansC3 Need I remind you the card is only running 720p and with a custom driver set put together by guru3d member asder00. Trust me when I say I was not expecting the results it gained either but there you go. Reply 0
  • DacoitOne 07/06/2015

    I installed a Sapphire R7 250 2GB in my son's PC only yesterday to replace the machines A8 APU but little did I know what a difference setting up dual graphics mode would be. Sure the APU on its own previously was managing roughly 30fps or more on Warframe with low settings and at just 720p due to a smaller monitor but after firing up the game again with the GPU + APU combo the game was hitting a solid 50 to 60 with all the bells and whistles enabled - minus fps killer PhysX.

    To say I was floored at the results would be quite the understatement. I literally commented fuck me, under my breath. The game was running and looking just as good as it did on my machine even if it was on a much smaller screen and lower resolution. The fucking thing barely dropped a frame and all manner of crazy shit was going on.

    I know I've always stuck with the Sapphire brand myself over the years but to see what this unassuming little graphics card could produce without even needing a power source truly did make the meager £70 GPU purchase practically a thing of beauty. My son originally was going for a PS4 which his friends all own but after he came downstairs upon completing several hours on Warframe last night on his now "completed" PC I doubt I could have slapped the grin off his face if I tried.

    My son had always wanted a PC what with growing up and always admiring the builds and PC games I've had over the years so to now go into his room and see him no longer playing Destiny and only sodding Destiny on his 360 feels like a breath of fresh air. He's even paid £30 into his Steam Wallet with his money which is practically unheard of and has installed games such as Minimum, Iron Brigade, Tera, Dirty Bomb, Mass Effect 2 and more.

    I feel like I've just about witnessed his gaming rebirth in that room since yesterday and I feel rather proud I must admit. Now I just need to introduce him to a little thing called the Humble Bundle while we now both await what is to come to both our PC's for the rest of the year and beyond at this years E3.

    And all was right with the world.
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