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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands review

  • DacoitOne 11/03/2017

    Seems to me Ubisoft can do no right for so many past wrongs which while I can certainly understand and have experienced it first hand myself we all know deep down when Ubisoft do tend to get it right they do get it bang on. Wildlands for me is right on the money in almost every regard so far.

    Yes the hoovering up of icons on the map approach remains intact but the big difference here compared to any other Ubisoft game to date is just how these points come together as a whole and the seat of your pants stories you get to tell your friends concerning how you tackled every single one. I find it ironic how Zelda goes open world and everyone pats it on the back for being a total game changer but when Ghost Recon does the exact same thing it's pawned off as unoriginal and completely uninteresting. The first mistake people are making is comparing it to the likes of Far Cry 3 and 4 as I feel it is much more in line with the likes of say Just Cause, ARMA and even the long dead but brilliant Mercenaries series of games. Think all three combined and add in squad mates that tell surprisingly funny jokes and personal stories during those lengthy hikes up mountains and scoping out enemy hideouts from a distance.

    I've put roughly about twenty+ hours into this now and I'm not ashamed to admit all of it completely SOLO and you know what I think it's actually really great. My very first Ghost Recon gaming experience was likewise a simple me, myself and my AI squad mates that I get to directly command affair and although coop is more than enticing I find that the game delivers just as deservingly in solo mode. I often feel like I'm back playing MGSV although this time for every move I can make myself during my plan of attack I get to make three other versions of myself do something as an additional measure to aid said plan. Or simply to patch me up when during that same plan of attack I get shot down when it all starts going seriously wrong due to serious misjudgement on my part. We are one though when it all comes together nicely. Brothers in arms taking on Sicario's on farms.

    One thing I will put to bed right away is that I can easily see this keeping my attention long after The Division lost my will to play and in fact in my humble opinion this game craps all over The Division from a rather great height. Having attempted to return to The Division only recently I don't even recognise the game any longer which is a shame as I did really enjoy it at one point. Ghost Recon Wildlands however has managed to make going out into a vast open world of things to see and do a far more interesting team morale prospect rather than just your standard icon clean up team I feel. Some side quests can be dealt with by 100% force if the need takes you but on the flip side you could just as easily sneak your way into an enemy stronghold and take that weapon upgrade or skill point from within without them even knowing the scent of your BO in the hot ass sun. So how do you want it? Serious Sam or Sam Fisher? The option is yours.

    Playing on the second from hardest difficulty with either a minimal hud or no hud at all makes the game precisely what it was intended to be.

    People moaning that it's not a Ghost Recon game. I've been playing GR games for as long as I can remember and this plays just how I always dreamed a fully open world GR game would. Yes I played the beta in coop but as of right now I'm fully content just ordering my men to take down targets via the nifty drone order approach. They keep quiet and out of sight when I need them to and kill shit stone cold dead when I ask them to. What more could I ask for? The AI is more than serviceable if you ask me. Besides the very first time I did actually try out a coop session looking forward to some tense but fun coop based team action one of my team members ending up just being sat in full ghillie suit attire in a field on a tractor for well over thirty minutes not moving a single inch and another of my team mates just suddenly left after lagging his way across most of the map shooting at the sky. Neither of these things would ever occur in solo mode I should add. What I do they do. Where I go they go. It's a beautiful thing.

    Technically the game is outstanding I must say. Simply outstanding. To hear some talk about the game looking unimpressive and dated just blows my mind. I've played a shit tonne of open world games and I've never seen a game on my machine the scale and scope of something this size before, just a single area on the map is downright fucking disgustingly huge in size if you were to take it on completely on foot. I've easily lost count of the amount of times I've literally been stopped dead in my tracks whether it be on foot or in a vehicle to just take in the glorious scenery which I'm still surprised that I can run at a respectable rock solid 40fps (to help reduce that annoying open world loading) and this is all at High settings with HBAO+ and 1080p on a GTX 960 4GB. Like many have reported I get the odd freeze every now and again (something like every 20 minutes for 2-3 seconds at random intervals) but this seems to mostly be hitting Nvidia based cards and I've yet to try the new driver they released for the game. No doubt Ubisoft are aware of it and will patch the game up but aside from this the game runs almost as good as say GTAV on my system a mere few days after release thanks to tweaks in all the right places. I'm running a five year old Phenom II CPU too so you know tweaking is everything to me and I'm still amazed I can get this to run and look as good as I can with little to no fuss.

    (A new 4GB patch to help with CPU issues has just been released last night but I've yet to play the game yet today to see if it has fixed anything)

    As I mentioned before the game to me feels like a cross between Just Cause 2 or even 3, MGSV and a modern day Mercenaries hell even my character is a spitting image of good old Mattias Nilsson, mohawk shades beard tats and all. The driving though, oh lordy the driving. While bikes are fun and kind of agile anything on four wheels is an utter ball ache to control and it's one thing I hope they improve but I'm not crossing my toes for it. Thankfully the way you can make your men open fire while driving them right into enemy domains with one of them on a turret more than makes up for how frustrating just getting there was. The funny thing is when I used to play a lot of The Crew I always asked why on earth don't they take this game engine and size and scope and make use of it in a proper third person action game? It's such a waste as it is zooming past everything constantly. Lo and behold a few years later Ubisoft Paris has delivered exactly that. Praise be.

    One thing I will straight up 100% defend Ubisoft Paris for is that there has been no visible downgrade on this game whatsoever, none. It looks and plays just like the very first reveal footage we saw. I know pretty shocking right? A Ubisoft game that hasn't instantly disappointed with a blatantly obvious downgrade and also one that isn't technically broken in a dozen different ways. The pausing issue has been about the only issue I've experienced thus far. Perhaps then valuable lessons have been learned at the company and if so it's a damn shame so many are so willing to write it off so easily without actually taking in the simple fact the game has had a decent spill of very positive reviews coupled with some positive word of mouth on top. Aside from EG and PC GAMER most other sites have responded extremely well to the game. Fully deserved I feel too.

    I should add that Ubisoft let me down very badly recently with Watch_Dogs 2 as the hardware it needed to run well was to be frank a complete bloody joke. Wildlands on the other hand puts that games San Francisco map completely to shame by comparison and not only does it run infinitely better but it actually makes my machine feel like it's actually a bit beasty once again rather than a limp dick can't run a new Ubisoft game for shit waste of time no matter how much tweaking I do ie AC: Unity and AC: Syndicate. I do believe I've already played more of this than I have Watch_Dogs 2.

    All in all I wish to be the one to say hey Ubisoft this is pretty fucking great and you're getting there slowly. It's only taken you a decade or more but keep up the fine work. I'm finally back on board.

    Reading through the comments I just felt like the game is getting so much stick from people who have yet to even play the damn thing or just wish to jump on the bandwagon with the same old Ubisoft same old game shit talk. For me as a long time yet equally disheartened fan of the company it's Ubisoft finally coming to their damn senses as to what it takes to deliver a great game once again which is precisely what everyone has been screaming at them to do all these years. Your loss if you wish to turn a blind eye to them doing exactly that based entirely on a few poorly received reviews and sorry EG but I have to say this is a pretty piss poor review.

    Right now I have to go. My Ghosts are becoming restless and one of them seems to be stirring coals with his dick again.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting premium DLC

  • DacoitOne 08/03/2017

    Shameful how ACTUAL NEW CoD GAME Infinite Warfare on PC at least has yet to even get a sniff of any kind of DLC, even for those who dished out the Ł39.99 for the Season Pass whereas PS4 owners (shakes fist) have been playing it quite happily now for almost six weeks. Black Ops III and now MWR are clearly Activision's current money spinning darlings and not the actual new release.

    Talk about being left on the bench. More like catapulted off it. Landing face first in a pile of cow shite.
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War goes wild with the brilliant Nemesis system

  • DacoitOne 08/03/2017

    Calling it right now. This will be my GOTY. Reply +9
  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • DacoitOne 08/03/2017

    I say just wait, wait and see how long it takes for the cobbled road that is the Switch launch to slowly be paved over. I don't wish to end up one of those people who take a chance and end up deep in the pit of regret because as of today nobody can tell us just exactly how widespread many of these issues actually are. If the left joy-con sync issue requires an entirely revised design wise then I'm more than willing to wait for a certified no questions asked trouble free experience later on in the year..

    In the meantime a certain game named NieR: Automata is more than worthy of your time, fuck me is it worthy of your time. ;)
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  • DacoitOne 08/03/2017

    People acting as if being able to go into your local greasy spoon while sitting and picking up where you left on a game you already started as you pretend you are actually listening to your girlfriend across the way is something entirely new. Revolution? Nah. I don't think it is personally.

    The cheaply made and oh so poorly designed $60 dock you drop scratch your way into when you return home doesn't make it an insta-console-transformer either. This is not a console no matter how you try and cut it as it's simply a tablet parading itself as something far more.

    I was all set to slap a Switch on my 2017 crimbo list but as it stands for the next 6-12 months at the very least Nintendo can 100% do one. People also need to remember that the Switch has now entered the battle for usage time in an ever expanding household of tech inc phones, tablets etc and just like my son's poor Vita it won't be long until the Zelda shine wears off and it's left to collect dust just like your Wii U did.

    The fact Nintendo are basing the entire sell on one singular game because Zelda just says it all and had Sony or Microsoft done the exact same thing at launch people would be causing holy fucking hell over it. Nintendo on the other hand somehow get a free pass even though the game is truly not deserving of its dodgy looking metacritic score.
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  • Nintendo says Switch dead pixels "normal", not a defect

  • DacoitOne 07/03/2017

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  • Destiny's final event sees Vault of Glass return

  • DacoitOne 07/03/2017

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  • Destiny character progress will not carry over to Destiny 2

  • DacoitOne 03/03/2017

    10 year p--- /reset button. Reply +11
  • The unspoken rules of For Honor

  • DacoitOne 24/02/2017

    Jedi Outcast back in 2002:

    In multiplayer, it is of great respect that you bow before a lightsaber duel. Just crouch, then look down to the ground, then look up again.
    No included emote necessary and just as important.

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  • Latest footage of crowd-funded Psychonauts 2, as it picks up publisher

  • DacoitOne 06/02/2017

    The first Psychonauts was a clunky horribly frustrating gaming experience that everyone tried to convince me was a masterpiece up there with the likes of Beyond Good & Evil. I managed about perhaps half way before I completely gave up on it and uninstalled never to be touched again. It simply just wasn't that good and the praise it has had ever since including how it is getting a sequel confounds me immensely.

    A sequel to say Brutal Legend I would have been all over or even something like a sequel to Enslaved: Odyssey to the West even more so. The superb Grow Home and Grow Up have since filled the gap for me.
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  • Mafia 3's three story DLCs get a release schedule

  • DacoitOne 03/02/2017

    Y'know this is actually a much better game than people seem to give it due credit for. I believe I have played almost fifty hours of it so far and I gotta say it's kept my interest far beyond anything GTAV served up for me this time last year. It also has some much overlooked features that I feel transcend it above and beyond other similar open world games such as well anything connected to the action wheel and favour upgrades including the mobile armoury, enforcer squads, consigliere's for that much needed cash pickup which avoids frustration losing money if you accidentally die, vehicle delivery, operator, markers etc etc etc.

    The game may not seem that deep when you first begin but keep chipping away at it little by little and there;s so much more on offer than it would at first seem. Choosing who to favour more out of the district hungry lieutenants (Cassandra, Vito and Burke) adds yet another layer of brilliance to the game.

    Performance for me is great at high settings because I actually don't mind playing the game at a rock solid and very smooth 30fps. The game tends to wildly fluctuate otherwise and I find it rather off putting noticing that constant dip and raise in fps as I drive or run around. The world itself is constantly surprising me as there's just so many places you can break into that most other open world games would simply shut you off from with a constant row of poorly locked doors. Not Mafia III though. The doors while poorly textured aren't locked at least and there's always something inside to make your curiosity feel like it paid off. A record, a playboy bunny, cash etc.

    As I reached the 30 hour or so mark I recognised that I actually loved the game that much I slapped down the money for the season pass that very same day and that's not something I ever tend to do lightly. Mafia II is one of my all time favourite games and I never once thought a different developer could even come close to making a new open world game anywhere near as good. They have though. It's just a damn shame so many out there are only ever serving up horror stories of technical difficulties and the like because I think it's been patched up rather well yeah it took them a while but better late than never.

    To make the game feel more like Mafia II I significantly lowered the control response on the camera to something like 1.5 (out of 10) and keep it on simulation. That alone gives the cars a sense of weight that's about as close to the wonderful feel of the cars both Mafia and Mafia II delivered and when I'm in bonnet view mode carefully following a money delivery to its drop off point it's about as close to what I wanted from a new Mafia experience as I'm ever likely to get. Shame the proper looking Mafia garbs you can don are so bugged and your coat ends up looking like something from the movie Spawn. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

    As you can tell I'm a fan overall and I say if people can praise Metal Gear Solid 5 so damn much with its mass repetition and less than engaging storyline then they can forgive Mafia III for some of its own shortcomings and enjoy it for what it is. A great game with a superb cast and a great storyline that although doesn't quite hit the ball out of the park with the crowd on their feet as we all hoped it would at the very least scores a decent home run.

    Bring on that DLC I say. You can never have too much of a good thing.
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  • Titanfall 2 is getting a new pilot-only multiplayer mode

  • DacoitOne 02/02/2017

    My GOTY 2016 this as not only is the multiplayer addictive but the single player campaign although not quite as ground breaking as some would tell you it is still sits up there with my fave of the last few years. On my second play through right now in fact so here's a rather blatant plug of my tribute video I made just a few short days ago.

    Bring on that lovely free content although for once I would have paid for a Season Pass in an instant it really is that deserving of everyones cash.

    Let's go home BT!
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  • Ariana Grande is a Final Fantasy character

  • DacoitOne 03/01/2017

    Looks nothing like her. They failed to get her 3D rendered side to side then. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed film review

  • DacoitOne 02/01/2017

    Maybe now folk won't be so harsh on Jerry Bruckheimer's 2010 attempt of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Enjoyable movie I thought. Better than this garbage. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's game of the year 2016

  • DacoitOne 31/12/2016

    Titanfall 2 > DOOM > Shadow Warrior 2 > Overwatch.

    I enjoyed Battleborn or even Paladins more than Overwatch if I'm being perfectly honest.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered now has supply drops

  • DacoitOne 14/12/2016

    Yeah because screw everyone who actually bought into Activision's actual new game who are left being cheated by mass hacking via wallhacks and aimbot in multiplayer. All people want to do is enjoy the game they paid hard earned cash for but oh no they didn't buy into the Legacy edition bs.

    The way MWR is receiving all the additional TLC while IW owners are being treated like third rate customers is utterly sickening.
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  • Big Battleborn update unlocks all characters in bid to attract new players

  • DacoitOne 07/12/2016

    Ah don't worry Gearbox Activision's Infinite Warfare will be sitting on that bench right next to you very soon. Budge up then. Reply -9
  • Time to kill genre?

  • DacoitOne 16/11/2016

    I'm one of the rare few who picked up both Titanfall 2 and Infinite Warfare over the last week and as such can speak from experience that Titanfall 2 (once you get to grips with it that is) has ended up as being one of the most fun multiplayer gaming experiences I've played in recent times. Infinite Warfare multiplayer on the other hand is so shockingly poor I'm still trying to come to terms with how bad it actually is. Piss poor map design across the board, broken controls on both mouse and controller, weak to none existent fun factor and is generally underwhelming in every single area. I would even say it feels like a direct F2P game but one of the shit ones you try on a whim and forget all about very quickly.

    As for the campaigns Titanfall 2 wins out on this side also although I will admit Infinite Warfare's is much improved over the lacklustre BLOPS 3 campaign and more in line with Advanced Warfare's (which I personally enjoyed).

    One of these games is proof that there is still plenty of life left in the genre and one of them is solid proof of precisely how you suck it dry and eventually pay the piper for doing so.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch sales down nearly 50% on Black Ops 3

  • DacoitOne 08/11/2016

    "Can I play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for Windows 10 on Windows Store with my friends that are playing on another PC platform?"

    "No, you can only play these titles with other users of Windows 10 on Windows Store."
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  • Mafia 3 is 2K's fastest-selling game ever

  • DacoitOne 03/11/2016

    The real news surrounding this game should be the fact that 2K and the developer have still not tackled the SSE 4.1 issue which has meant punters like myself have yet to play a single minute of the game since it first released almost four weeks ago. The game was completely DOA for a pretty significant majority of gamers and although the issue has been reported many times and they have said they are looking into it there seems to be little to no movement on it being actually fixed.

    The same thing happened with both MGS V and No Man's Sky and yet both of those were fixed within a very short period of time.

    What we have had in return however is blinkered minded folk constantly screaming at us to "upgrade your shitty PC" even though many of us myself included can run the likes of DOOM, The Witcher 3 and much newer games at high resolution and high fps no problem on said shitty hardware. Fuck anyone who tells me I should upgrade just to play a game that was undeniably poorly ported with a 30fps cap and bugs galore and is already seen as being all but abandoned by some. Also as I bought the game directly through GMG unlike others I am not able to get a refund for my game.

    The now 152 page thread concerning the problem including a video of exactly what happens when you attempt to run the game on the Steam discussion boards can be found below...


    I remain nothing if not positive I will get to play the game I paid for one day very soon whether that will become the case however is completely out of my hands at this point. In the meantime my copy of GTA V runs at 1080p and 60fps and remains solid proof of a PC port given real attention and the kind of technical quality treatment PC gamers are served up so rare these days.
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  • Destiny: Rise of Iron raid has its hard mode release date

  • DacoitOne 07/10/2016

    Xbox Live + Destiny = Home network death. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham VR review

  • DacoitOne 06/10/2016

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  • Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2 guide

  • DacoitOne 07/07/2016

    Fuck. Destiny. Reply -9
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • DacoitOne 07/07/2016

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  • DacoitOne 07/07/2016

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  • DacoitOne 07/07/2016

    Aaaaand he deleted it. Re-uploaded already for those who missed it first time out.

    Cooper is less than impressed either way.
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  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • DacoitOne 07/07/2016

    TR basically assumed that four players vs the L4D tank was the high point of a match and somehow thought they could revolve an entire gameplay experience around something similar.

    I doubt they could have been more wrong.
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  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • DacoitOne 04/07/2016

    @wild_swan He clearly states we FOUND this new site. Set the speed to 0.5 and you will hear no [ed] mentioned at all. It's an open shut case of self promotion through deception. End of.

    The backlash their channels are getting in both discussion sections are downright fierce. Deserved all the same. Break trust with your subscribers and you face the immediate and heavy consequences.
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  • Orion dev admits his game ripped off Call of Duty assets

  • DacoitOne 01/07/2016

    Denial. Extinct. Reply 0
  • Doom update adds Photo Mode this Thursday

  • DacoitOne 28/06/2016

    What about fixing the rampant cheating in multiplayer? Targeting the lag abusers? Matchmaking improvements are welcome if they help prevent the constant 3 v 5 matches you are forced to endure with multiple X and VIII players on one team while the other team has -V level players left to just suck it up and do their best.

    Personally I think the multi side of the game deserves much more love than it has received to date but until id tackle the rather severe issues gamers are going to just stay away and head straight into single player/snap map options whenever they boot up.

    I've put in a good few hours into the multiplayer myself and thanks to the current Steam Summer Sale the game isn't anywhere near as dead as some would like you to believe it is but it's still a far cry from what it could and rightly should have been. Warpath remains a daily firm favourite.

    Rip and tear the cheaters from the game id.
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  • Developer says Activision had Valve pull its game from Steam over allegedly stolen Call of Duty guns

  • DacoitOne 28/06/2016

    If this is the devs way of sneakily making us all quickly part with 39p of our hard earned cash before the game actually disappears from Steam...

    ...then they just succeeded.
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  • Halo 5 free to download and play for a week alongside Warzone Firefight launch

  • DacoitOne 24/06/2016

    How 343 went from the excellent Halo 4 to the frankly terrible Halo 5 I do not know. Save your bandwidth and 90GB of HDD space on your Xbox for something else.

    How far the once mighty IP has fallen.
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  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • DacoitOne 23/06/2016

    Remember the days when you would race around the house with a turtle head poking out desperately trying to find your latest copy of PC GAMER/ZONE/EDGE so you could read it quietly on the toilet? Now we just all browse porn on our phones, which is far less productive I feel. Reply +5
  • These are the first Xbox Play Anywhere games

  • DacoitOne 17/06/2016

    According to sources Ghost Recon Wildlands was running on PC.

    Microsoft itself through the use of special warnings to alert users that the demo available were actually running on PC.
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  • Halo Wars 2 release date set for February

  • DacoitOne 13/06/2016

    So they announce the game for both Xbox One and Windows 10 and get us PC gamers all excited for it at E3 then they proceed to tell us that the multiplayer beta is out right now - for Xbox One only.

    Well don't we feel fucking special.
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  • Watch: 12 big games rumoured to be at E3

  • DacoitOne 11/06/2016

    My throat feels sore. Oh wait it must be down to Ian shoving his EG Youtube channel down my throat one time too often. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Dead Island: The Definitive Collection

  • DacoitOne 31/05/2016

    Those little white floating particles need to fuck right off. They are a massive fps hit and only served to kill my performance in Dying Light and pretty much puts me off buying into the remake. If it wasn't for the handy Dying Light Manager and the "Disable floating particles" option I doubt I would have enjoyed playing it as much as I did.

    Techland need to start work on a Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 2. That's what I really want.
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  • The Doom movie missed the point - but so did most rival games

  • DacoitOne 20/05/2016

    @riceNpea Don't blame the general public blame the studio for their half arsed marketing tactics, even Urban himself has stated this was what truly killed it. It became a cult classic regardless and there's talk of it being picked up for a tv series with Urban reprising his role.

    We can but cross our fingers at this point.
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  • DacoitOne 20/05/2016

    DOOM the movie is one of those guilty pleasures you kinda know you shouldn't enjoy watching and yet you do because it's just a dumb fun B movie. It's Aliens done on a tiny budget and a film that was an early showcase for Karl Urban in which he completely steals the movie away from The Rock who even as an acting start was still a household name.

    Like the movie or hate it the first person POV scene was still very much revolutionary for the time and as the cast boasted had never been attempted on film prior to this movie being made. I also heard that it was down to his role in this as GRIMM that Urban was later offered DREDD so if anything that's something to be eternally grateful for.

    @ghuk I'd personally say Event Horizon has far more in common with Dead Space than it does DOOM.
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  • Finally, the Batman: Return to Arkham collection is official

  • DacoitOne 18/05/2016

    Batman: Arkham Origins was the best Batman title after Arkham in my ever so humble opinion so I for one am ecstatic WB Games Montreal have been handed the reigns for the currently still in development Batman game. Reply +2
  • Homefront: The Revolution review

  • DacoitOne 17/05/2016

    There's also reports that the Xbox One version runs at 20fps even with the day one patch installed. Reply 0
  • DacoitOne 17/05/2016

    As much as I was glad they attempted to resurrect the IP I think they chose the wrong developers to make it a reality as the videos clearly show that their technical prowess and aspirations in no way match their lofty and overblown ideas. Plus the fact the multiplayer is just a drop in coop mode and nothing like what the originals excellent multi offered makes it an utter waste of time x2. Yep I was one of those rare types who played and enjoyed the hell out of Homefront multiplayer and genuinely mourn its passing.

    That Deep Silver are even releasing this mess of a game makes me rather sad as they slowly but surely have become one of my favourite publishers with the Metro/Saints Row/Dead Island series' in recent years.
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  • Face-Off: Forza Motorsport 6 Apex on PC

  • DacoitOne 14/05/2016


    I took the liberty of taking some in game Forza Apex screenshots as yours didn't do the game any kind of real justice.







    I think it looks just fine. Damn fine even.
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  • DacoitOne 14/05/2016

    @Bagpuss That's a terrible comparison though. You could at least have taken two similar shots using the same weather preset. Reply +25
  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • DacoitOne 12/05/2016

    All the noise people make concerning bringing RDR to the PC platform yada yada yada. Well fuck all of that. Fable II was always what was really missing from my Steam library and I still remember purposely buying a second hand Xbox 360 just to have the privilege of playing through it and boy what a privilege it was. I still consider it the best game to ever come out of the studio so whenever I look at my games list and see Fable/Fable Lost Chapters and Fable III all sat there and this big gaping void sat in between a part of me still dreams of what could have been.

    Fantastic article Wes. More of this please and less articles on a certain game that rhymes with Westiny when EG's time can be spent writing something just like this that leaves an actual imprint on us all for the rest of the day.

    Again. Great job.
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  • Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is "a graphics upgrade from the base game"

  • DacoitOne 10/05/2016

    Ok so a little bit of wee trickled out. Only a little. You can barely smell it.


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  • Chaos Theory creator plays Splinter Cell's greatest ever level

  • DacoitOne 10/05/2016

    @bad09 @Das_Ginge

    See if there's one reason you hear all the time concerning just why people didn't wish to entertain Black List it was due to it having a different voice actor.

    While I can certainly understand this in many ways if you were to allow this alone to prevent you from buying into it you are missing out on a truly great SC gaming experience. If we had all taken such a stance with the Bond movies we would never have got Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

    You do get used to the new voice quickly believe me as you are just sucked so hard into the gameplay you no longer even care after a mission or two tbh and honestly, it's just not that bad.
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  • DacoitOne 10/05/2016

    Everyone knows that Chaos Theory outside of the first outing is pretty much the pinnacle of the Splinter Cell series. What folk don't seem to know however is that the criminally overlooked Black List was the closest thing for me personally to there being an actual Chaos Theory 2 and was a true return to form for the IP which also garnered great reviews. Yet the sales for it were fairly weak and I feel rather sad for all of first time developers Ubisoft Toronto's hard work going largely unrecognised perhaps due to the bad taste both Double Agent and Conviction left some with, not all but some.

    If you are at all a fan of Chaos Theory and Splinter Cell in general and never thought of trying out Black List due to how the series panned out prior to it I strongly urge you to give it a shot. You can pick it up from G2A for a measly Ł4.89 (6.21€) or even the Deluxe version for a little bit more now. Go on, what have you got to lose?

    Actually fuck it I do believe I'm going to give it a replay again myself as I've not played it since my last play through back in 2013 and I'm rocking a GTX 960 4GB now over my then 1GB HD 7770...

    You know what to do. Fisher out.

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  • Battlefield 1 is the new World War 1 Battlefield game

  • DacoitOne 06/05/2016

    Battlefield One. Only on Xbox One. Day One. Reply -2
  • Lichdom is the worst-performing game Digital Foundry has ever tested

  • DacoitOne 22/04/2016

    @AgentDaleCooper Kinguin have it now for €2.25 from seller Gamekeyz.net

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