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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 10-1

  • DacoitOne 30/12/2017

    Destiny 2 at number 7??? God you disappoint me sometimes EG, just go to your room and have a think about what you've done! Reply +23
  • Call of Duty WW2 launch sales up by half on Infinite Warfare

  • DacoitOne 06/11/2017

    Sales snails. Where the hell is your review EG? Players are Prestige 10 and beyond and yet there's still no still no sign of it oh wait do I have buy a review loot box first and get others to watch it open to get it? But I dun wanna. :( Reply +2
  • What happens to your Steam account when you die?

  • DacoitOne 06/10/2017

    What happens on Eurogamer when you die?

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  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta now available to all

  • DacoitOne 06/10/2017

    Started to download the Beta and hit about 40 minutes left when Origin suddenly shut itself down. Restarted and the download option for the Beta has completely vanished. Wtf? Reply 0
  • Big improvements coming to Dead Rising 4

  • DacoitOne 29/09/2017

    @FASELI "that Lord of the Rings game where the name escapes me.... Middle Earth something or other."

    That something or other game as you call it is one of the finest examples of third person gaming in recent years and it started out as a Batman concept game only to be completely re-envisioned in the LOTR universe instead which makes it even more legit in my eyes. The Nemesis system was much more than just "padding" also giving gamers one of the best new and unique features to be incorporated into gaming in god knows how long. No longer did enemies you encounter remain faceless and mere action fodder you slowly but surely built up a very direct personal history with them and attached yourself to each and every one on a completely new and always highly memorable level. What you yourself "ascertained from it" does it a complete injustice my friend.

    What I find the most confusing however is that you somehow found enjoyment in Dead Rising 3 and the frankly broken and bastardised Arkham Knight and yet you break down SoM as something that is completely disposable when many including myself strongly believe it actually raised the bar in a genre that had otherwise become undistinguishable and stale. Not only that but it did it from the ashes of a completely different game in the process. I will agree with you concerning Mad Max though as I loved every minute of it and consider it one of the most underrated games in recent times. I can only imagine what it would have become on top had it had its very own version of the Nemesis system included. Oops, I just full on emptied my gas can.

    My final word on SoM is that the sequel looks like improving on the original in every way possible and as of right now as superb as the original was is something I'm yet to properly wrap my head around. It could yet falter in places sure but if they do manage to pull it off then I fully expect that bar they set to be raised even higher. Far far above what the likes of Dead Rising is passing off as a must buy game anyway because how they can possibly make a game worse than DR3 very much blows my mind.
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  • Layoffs at Saints Row developer Volition

  • DacoitOne 27/09/2017

    One reason the game COULD have sold so poorly was that many had purchased the game only to find that it wouldn't start and were forced to refund although some sadly were stuck with it having purchased outside of Steam itself. That old SSE support issue and if it can be patched in at a later date that similarly impacted other games at launch such as NMS, RE7, EDF4.1, MGS5 and MAFIA III reared its head once again. Of course there's always those for this to be done and those against who strongly believe the officially stated min specs should be met and if not then tough titties to you my good friend.

    Not that it has been a considerably difficult thing to implement in other games that suffered the same fate this could be a whole different kettle of fish although Volition have commented on the issue in question on the Steam forum as thus:

    Our programmers are taking another look at the SSE 4.1/4.2 usage in the code, and have identified multiple places where it's actually required with how the game works. We are seeing if it might be possible to emulate these instances with SSE2 instructions in a future patch allowing the Phenom series processors to run the game.

    Again, this is not confirmation that we will be patching this into the game, but we are looking into the possibility.

    I'll update once I have more info.

    Sadly it seems that could well be too little too late as Steam Spy indicates there were just 92 concurrent players yesterday on Steam.
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  • FIFA 18 review

  • DacoitOne 25/09/2017

    FIFA 18 is an unspectacular upgrade.

    FIFA 18 probably won't win any trophies.
    fun gameplay experience. But fans won't sing songs about any one of them. Pundits won't wax lyrical about the new crosses. Social media won't blow up at the new crowds.
    FIFA 18 is no revolution.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7 demo is now live on Xbox One and PC

  • DacoitOne 19/09/2017

    @The_shlaaaag_returns Sadly the same case here. Some of the menu's took so long I thought it had crashed when it hadn't and once in game it was stuttering far too much compared to the smooth Apex experience I am used to. Seems far too demanding on the old CPU if you ask me. This is even with dynamic settings which normally work extremely well. Tried out the second track and the demo just hung for me completely and I had to restart my PC. Reply -2
  • Call of Duty: WW2's new story trailer reiterates that war is hell

  • DacoitOne 18/09/2017

    They had me front and center right up until the preorder now and get a weapon unlock and double xp showed up. Like your average CoD player doesn't fast rank quickly enough as it is. Reply +7
  • Atomega is the new game from the Grow Home team

  • DacoitOne 11/09/2017

    To say I was a fan of the original Grow Home would be a vast understatement as that game returned me to a time when adventuring, platforming, puzzle solving and exploring were king and B.U.D was just so utterly loveable even though he initially controlled like your pissed up uncle trying to make his way home from a night out. For such a small independently developed game it brought me no end of joy from start to finish. It was one of those games that stood up and shouted right into your face THIS IS WHY YOU LOVE GAMING. Hell yes it was. Just traversing the world around you was the most fun I'd had in a game in ages and I'd so often be left in hysterics when I'd fail to control B.U.D and he'd end up piss falling his way to the ground below.

    I bought Grow Up and I was so very excited to get stuck in after hearing about all the improvements in gameplay and the environment then right as a cut scene played out the game crashed to desktop. Ok I thought, no biggie. Reloaded the game and the cut scene played and crash...again. Oook, this isn't looking good I thought. Reloaded once more and the game crashed yet again at pretty much the same point, colour me heartbroken. I didn't understand wtf was going on and started researching the problem...


    After doing everything I possibly could to make it work and actually managed to get into the game and just as I thought I was home free running B.U.D 2.0 around the game crashed to desktop. I was beyond heartbroken by this point. I didn't get it. I did the fix thing and still the game crashed. I ended up having to refund the game and what do you know one of my friends who I first introduced to the original buys the follow up and doesn't have a single issue. FML.

    The Steam Summer Sale eventually rolls around and I see Grow Up discounted and just have to give it another shot, it's been a few months right? Must be fixed by now right? I excitedly but cautiously buy it again and fire it up and the cutscene plays out without issue and I get into the game and minutes pass as I piss run my way around the lovely and inviting new world. Holy shit I'm finally FINALLY going to get to play it!

    The game suddenly crashes to desktop. I sit like a youngster who has just been told that Santa isn't actually real and it's really your parents behind it all for a few moments. The game has been patched, I have newer drivers installed and still the game just doesn't wish me to play it. I end up having to refund it for a second time and I have not bought it again since. In fact whenever it gets brought up a sense of sadness wells up deep within my stomach as I remember it being the game that would eclipse all other games I could play at the time and never got to even experience it beyond the first opening scene.

    Apologies if this was long winded but after reading those two words again I just had to share my tale of woe with everyone else who actively got to play something I still have yet to play with no issues at all. I hate you all. Grow Off. The lot of you. Needless to say I won't be buying this, it just hurts too much still. *Bites knuckles and runs away*
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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • DacoitOne 11/09/2017

    When you are someone who is as widely scrutinised as Felix is because you know he's only the biggest Youtuber on the damn platform you can't drop the ball like that in such an amateurish fashion. He could literally have said any other word and this would never have even occurred or been so openly discussed and reported on but no he had to resort to his most basic instinct instead and then attempt to quickly save face by saying he didn't really mean it. Lapsing as he did is something that makes such high profile folk tumble and that is all it takes. A single word said in the wrong context at the wrong time. Although his very context seemed pretty cut and dry to me.

    The damage is done. The wall is coming down.
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  • DacoitOne 11/09/2017


    Commenting on others being brainless when in fact it is your very own comment that smacks of being beyond brainless to begin with. There is no defence for this kind of behaviour. Also for the love of all things holy learn to fucking type as reading your drivel gave me an instantaneous migraine.
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  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • DacoitOne 11/09/2017

    @Master09 It wont even remotely compare to how much the word Gjallarhorn gets mentioned. Reply 0
  • DacoitOne 11/09/2017

    I knew it wasn't all that great when I first saw those numbers they mentioned. Didn't the first game sell something silly like 7 million in just a few weeks? Pretty sure it did. Let us remember though that the ever patient PC gamers who have long been waiting for a Destiny game on their platform are still yet to show and if the beta was anything to go by I do believe the game is going to sell and sell huge on the PC. Reply +1
  • YouTubers escape fine for promoting CSGO Lotto site they secretly owned

  • DacoitOne 08/09/2017

    What pisses me off is that the actual evidence against these guys was overwhelming not just slight not fucking slightly off skew or partial. It was mountainous. Other Youtubers made content that completely opened up the can of worms that Mr Cooper and Mr Syn had so carefully and illegally orchestrated behind the scenes. They actively and knowingly duped kids with access to whatever funds they could get their tiny hands on into buying this shit fully aware that every single purchase was against the law.

    The only thing I see to happen is that TmarTns view counts have nose dived into the low 90k to 170k region when he used to get 600k to as high as 2 million views a year or so ago on many videos and his discussion feed still has 10k of SCAMMER comments sat there as a constant reminder.

    If this were you or I with our poultry few hundred sub counts and barely enough views to even warrant being monetized we'd have had the book thrown at us because we are considered nobodies and don't have the kind of cash these Youtube content cuntish cash cows have sat in their bank accounts to pay for the best lawyers to trick the law's that be into thinking it was all just one big misunderstanding and we are so, so sorry for our actions. Won't happen again. Promise. Isn't that right Cooper? Yeshh whose a goood boooooy. Shall we check our Paypal balance Coop? Yesshhh less av a look. Ooo dem digits tho. Thanks kids!

    Fuck TmarTn and fuck Syndicate. Karma will one day reach around and give both of them what they dodged this time no doubt with interest and I for one will be clapping loud and proud when it eventually does.

    Oh and don't think I've forgotten about your role in all of this Eurogamer as a year ago you were putting out articles such as this on them both...

    Both had promoted the game without properly disclosing their ownership, and presented the site as an easy way to earn money. Tmartn even pretended it was a site he'd simply stumbled upon.

    The fact these YouTubers were making money from their followers, many of whom are young people, by dressing the site up as a get rich quick scheme was distasteful. The fact they did not adequately disclose their business, on the other hand, was potentially criminal.

    So in my book associating EGX with these two in any way shape or form as to line their bank accounts even further just makes you look very very bad. Don't do that.
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  • DacoitOne 08/09/2017

    Absolute bullshit. The legal system defies all logic once again. Reply +18
  • Lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers? You're not alone

  • DacoitOne 07/09/2017

    My son's PS4 copy arrived yesterday afternoon some time and by 9 am this morning he's already played eight to ten hours and has two characters on the go at once. I'm surprised he's even slept. On the positive side not a single mention of the horrid word that rhymes with Grabathorn a word I grew to despise when he was playing the original.

    I can genuinely say my son is back on the pipe. Thanks Activision/Bungie.
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  • Destiny 2's Japanese trailer is... a little different

  • DacoitOne 06/09/2017

    Yes, there's more to the came than dancing.
    I always dance a little when I com...oh it's a typo. Haha. Sorry my bad.
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  • What does it take to run Destiny 2 at 1080p60?

  • DacoitOne 02/09/2017

    1080p with 60fps cap. Specs:

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 Windforce OC Graphics Card 4GB
    Geforce Game Ready 385.41 Destiny 2 Game Ready Driver
    Phenom II X4 Quad 3.2Ghz Am2
    G-Skill 8GB DDR3
    EVGA 600W
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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  • Far Cry 5 debut trailer teases new setting

  • DacoitOne 22/05/2017

    Reply +10
  • Hands-on with Destiny 2 - a fun and familiar experience

  • DacoitOne 19/05/2017

    I was sat in a cinema screen yesterday at a sold out live screening of the new game, wall to wall destiny t-shirts adorned and a surprisingly varied age group from teenagers to guys who were easily in their mid to late 50's and coming straight from work. We queued up and were handed an oddly shaped swag bag on the way in that included some Destiny 2 art cards, a huge poster, some cool looking stickers and more. Right before we went in a woman told us that we could use our phones to tweet or live record the event etc because 'Activision REALLY wanted the event to go viral and create as much internet buzz as possible'. I was somewhat disappointed when she didn't yell out snapchat that shit I don't care.

    The darkened room was extremely hyped as you could hear people almost panting in anticipation as a large counter showed on screen and the live stream started. As it did someone let out a fucking humongous scream which I soon realised was coming from the actual live stream and not the room we were sat in. Someone right in front of me dropped his popcorn and started freaking out at his mates to not to move their feet. Classic.

    As the game showing actually started to be shown leading in with a fairly uninspiring cinematic there was literally nothing happening in the room. Complete and utter dead air. I've seen more reaction to an Adam Sandler movie than I witnessed for everything shown concerning Destiny 2 over that hour or so. It's not that everyone was simply being polite either - it generally just seemed like everyone was just vastly underwhelmed by it all. I saw one guy playing a mobile game not even 20 minutes in. Another person directly next to me uttered the word shit at least once every three minutes. Even the eventual hallowed mention of the Gjallarhorn failed to get a single reaction. First time for everything I guess.

    75 minutes later it ended and still nobody had reacted even once, there was no cheering, no clapping, no mutterings of uber excitement. For a moment I thought the room had been gassed but I was yet to feel the effects. And that was it. Suddenly everyone came back to life and just got up and started to make their way to the exits as if they'd just been forced to sit through an actual Adam Sandler film. Poor things. To be honest I don't know what I expected from such a showing, I just know I didn't expect complete silence or to simply hear the word shit said in so many different yet wonderfully memorable ways. This same person also fidgeted like you would not fucking believe.

    So as we left some bloke outside who was bouncing around and was obviously a rep from GAME was letting us all know that there was an 'after party' taking place at the local store and to come along and continue the 'awesomeness'. He was promptly ignored by pretty much everyone but continued to bounce around anyway as he stopped more people who only had where the fuck they parked and did I just waste an hour of my life on their minds at this point in time. An irritating bouncy hyped up GAME representative who stood in your way was the last thing everyone needed upon leaving.

    As for me I've never played the original Destiny and was only present because my son is a massively die hard fan and even he had reservations about what was shown for the most part. If anything he was just much more concerned about what he'd lose from his long term original characters than anything he'd seen from the sequel. He actually looked a little bit depressed all the way back. Ok so it didn't help that we got lost trying to find the venue in the first place and he told me in no uncertain terms if we missed it he would never forgive me. Then proceeded to ask me to buy him a bag of counters for £3.50. Ungrateful little shit.

    Expectedly he did put the poster up on his wall as soon as we arrived back only for it to fall down roughly 15 minutes later. I always did tell him if you're going to blu tack you go all out and don't be stingy because how exactly do you expect to keep stuff on show with such minimal effort. That shit just don't stick.

    Much like the Destiny 2 'event' we'd just sat through then. Not so much an event as a wake I didn't realise I would be attending that particular day. Still the poster looks nice.

    If it stays up that is.
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  • Destiny 2 gameplay reveal live report

  • DacoitOne 18/05/2017

    It's my son's birthday today and I've booked us two tickets to watch the live stream in a cinema screen at the Trafford Centre. Pretty excited I must admit. Him for PS4 version, myself for the PC version. Hope they show a little something from all platforms! Reply +1
  • Jeff Kaplan reveals the Overwatch balance triangle

  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    If director man Jeff Kaplan say triangles a ting, den triangles a ting. Reply +6
  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    @Corinthian7 How is holding off on a purchase because you are bombarded daily with reports from friends and trusted online gaming communities that the game is ballsed up being a sheep exactly?

    That's called prudent advice. Baaaa.
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  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    @Agente_Silva This is the thing. On one hand we are all told to stay away from and not directly support the evil pre-order culture so we do precisely that. Then if it turns out the game is clearly not ready for release as was the case with this and we hold off on our purchases until it seems fixed we are then just as equally damned for not supporting the game and it ultimately completely failing sales wise.

    If the game had perhaps been allocated 3-5 months of extra development time we could have all been playing the new Mass Effect game we hoped for and sales could well have been way way up.

    As it stands it's a shit sandwich all round.
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  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    @SiroccoJetProp Oh come now it's far too easy to blame those who stayed well clear because the game was an utter car crash at launch and is still being patched to resemble what it should have been along.

    I do hear it's a good game but just like what happened with Dishonored 2 some folk just aren't willing to take a blind chance in the vain hope the game is even playable.

    That 'attitude' you mention comes across more as pretty sound logic given the circumstances.
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  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    Nobody to blame but themselves. Second rate development = second rate game. Reply +18
  • Square Enix trying to find a buyer for IO, future of Hitman in doubt

  • DacoitOne 11/05/2017

    THQ Nordic as the new buyer gets my vote. If not them Deep Silver. Just stay the fuck away from Bethesda. Reply +2
  • Darksiders 3 leaked with screenshots and details

  • DacoitOne 02/05/2017

    I can't believe some of the hateful comments this is getting. Ok so it might not be the 4HM people wanted exactly but it is the perfect time to switch up the main protagonist for something different after the likes of War and Death, especially with games such as Horizon doing so well an all new female lead Darksiders adventure is precisely what the series needs to bring in them sales numbers.

    Many are also complaining that the game has lost its iconic JoeMAD inspired art style. The fuck. How does that first screenshot look any different to what we saw in 1 & 2 exactly?

    The point everyone seem to be missing here is that this is a one time defunct IP that was made by a one time defunct publisher so the fact it's even alive and well should be more than enough to warrant very high excitement levels for any true fans of the series. Looks like the Darksiders: Warmaster Edition did actually pay off.

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  • DacoitOne 02/05/2017

    GLORIOUS DAY!!!!!! Reply +11
  • Prey was a flawed FPS with ideas worth remembering

  • DacoitOne 30/04/2017

    Human Head's original Prey and RUNE are two of my all time favourite PC games. I even played the criminally overlooked Minimum for a while and thought it was great fun.

    I'd give my left ball sack for a RUNE 2 on UE4. Oh boy would I.
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  • Call of Duty: WW2 gets reveal trailer and release date

  • DacoitOne 26/04/2017

    Well someone had to do it! xD
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  • Halo 5's lack of Master Chief was a "huge disappointment", 343 admits

  • DacoitOne 26/04/2017

    Master Chief Collection - Finish the Fixing. Reply +2
  • Alien: Isolation 2 rumour isn't true

  • DacoitOne 26/04/2017

    If they eventually have a sequel in the pipe maybe this time they will actually get the Alien right because as soon as it was introduced in the first the game just kinda fell apart.

    Speaking of pipes - We’re in the pipe, five by five.
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  • Call of Duty: WW2 officially confirmed by Activision

  • DacoitOne 22/04/2017


    Call of Duty returns to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII - a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war. Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.
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  • DacoitOne 21/04/2017

    Back to its roots. Back in them boots. Reply +7
  • Microsoft is adding self-service refunds for digital Xbox/Win10 games

  • DacoitOne 13/04/2017

    Microsoft must be thanking the heavens above that Phil Spencer came along right now. The company has made such a positive turn around since he took over as head. Keep it up guy. Reply +1
  • G2A responds to Gearbox's withdrawal and TotalBiscuit's demands

  • DacoitOne 11/04/2017

    All I see is Gearbox in a desperate attempt to regain some kind of credibility off the back of a business deal that anyone else would never have entered into in the first place. I'm reminded of how Gearbox threw developer TimeGate under the bus for the Alien Colonial Marines debacle and tried to walk away scot free.

    Their painfully obvious it's not us but them you should worry about mentality remains which clearly demonstrates they still seem to believe we are all as thick as two short planks in the process.

    Fuck Gearbox. Shut down G2A. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.
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  • Does Yooka-Laylee really have performance problems?

  • DacoitOne 10/04/2017

    Awaiting my key delivery tonight then I'll be hitting up Jim Sterling to play some co-op mode goodness. I know he must be absolutely brimming with pride that he backed the game right now. Reply +5
  • PewDiePie launches weekly Twitch show, as advertisers back away from YouTube

  • DacoitOne 10/04/2017

    @riceNpea Lisa Appleton just asked if you wanted your bin putting out. Reply +3
  • DacoitOne 10/04/2017

    About time the bubble burst really. Far too many "content creators" making sacks of money for garbage while smaller genuinely entertaining creators fall by the way side. This balances things out a tad. Reply +17
  • Gearbox cuts ties with G2A after game key reseller fails to meet demands

  • DacoitOne 07/04/2017

    Gone 2 Another. Reply +3
  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review

  • DacoitOne 07/04/2017

    What really hits home watching a six year old re-mastered game is how little the actual fps genre has come on since Bulletstorm first released. If anything that's the primary reason people should give it a try in either original or re-mastered form because it really did change the way you thought about how to play a shooter and how challenging and varied it can actually be as a fun gaming experience.

    There's been nothing quite like it since aside from perhaps DOOM's Arcade Mode last year.
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  • DacoitOne 07/04/2017

    I fully agree that the original game is an underrated classic but I'm finding it very difficult to warrant purchasing this based on a mere graphical upgrade but zero actual new content. Had the game been perhaps £15 and not £25.49 I may well have dipped my toe in to show support towards an actual full blown sequel.

    The only reasons I can think to buy this are to avoid the GFWL headache that still plagues the original Steam release or if you simply have never played it before in which case you will have a blast.
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  • Yooka-Laylee includes its own DK Rap

  • DacoitOne 01/04/2017

    You know something is truly terrible when your nine year old asks what game it is then walks away before the three minute video has even finished. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda physical launch sales down on ME3

  • DacoitOne 27/03/2017

    Reply +50
  • Jelly Deals roundup: Bloodborne, Pro Evo 2017, Hitman, For Honor and more

  • DacoitOne 26/03/2017

    In 2017 the only AC game residing on my hard drive isn't Unity or even Syndicate. It's actually AC Rogue because I still consider it the single best AC outing since Black Flag and I hope it is that specific game template AC returns to with the hush hush 2018 release Empire. Reply 0
  • Titanfall 2's next free DLC detailed

  • DacoitOne 23/03/2017

    I love this game I truly do but sadly I ended up uninstalling it last week due to the constant never fixed audio stutter the game is plagued by. I tried every fix I could track down but it was simply impossible to ignore any longer as it being a game you have to be constantly on your toes the slightest amount of any kind of lag would see you instantly dead and buried. I just don't get it. I had zero issues with sound in any other game I own, just this one. I'm far from alone on this issue...


    I had been long hoping that an official fix would come about but sadly this never happened and I exhausted every other avenue I could trying to finally get it to stop.

    Titanfall 2 was without doubt one of the best new games I played and had it not been for this single at times crippling issue finally becoming too much for me to endure I know I'd still be playing it right now and looking forward to the new DLC just like everyone else.

    A damn shame.
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  • The art and joy of video game photography

  • DacoitOne 18/03/2017

    There's a keen photographer hidden away in all of us so thankfully new games complete with photo mode and other additional tools such as the rather nifty Ansel are helping bring it out more and more because once you get the bug for it any gaming world is quite literally your new snap happy oyster.

    Mad Max

    GTA V

    Mafia III

    Watch_Dogs 2

    I always end up making screenshots into full blown custom wallpapers for my desktop...

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  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands biggest launch of the year so far

  • DacoitOne 13/03/2017

    Not only is GR one of the best games of the year but it's also an early competitor for the most optimised PC games of the year too in my book. After the majorly disappointing Watch_Dogs 2 I was fully expecting a game with a vastly larger world to make my machine beg on its knees for decent frames. This surprisingly turned out not to be the case however and although there were some freezing issues initially these have been fixed already in the last update.

    Ok so no it doesn't rewrite the book on open world gaming but if you get yourself in the correct mindset in solo mode or get in a coop match with friends it can and is fully equipped to deliver a very memorable and highly taxing gameplay experience that pulls no punches. Playing it last night I found myself having flashbacks to tense sessions on Future Soldier making my way slowly from building to building and cover to cover with a silenced MP5, highlighting enemy targets for myself and my men, collecting enemy info and unlocking new points of interest on the map as I go. It plays and feels exactly the same with the only difference being once you've taken a town or enemy stronghold you simply move on to the next one via any means necessary in a huge open world rather than moving from level to level in a completely linear controlled manner.

    Ironically I ended up watching the film Sicario yesterday due to playing this and taking an interest in precisely the subject matter it is based upon and I have to say I could see countless shots in that movie that could have been taken directly from the game. Everything from the style of the fences to the large sprawling words etched into the side of a huge mountain to the very colour and brick work style that makes up the smallest building in an enemy occupied town. I had no true idea just how close to the real deal the Wildlands world actually was till I watched the movie and it's a true testament to just how much effort Ubisoft Paris put into making it more than just another open world game. There's a genuine feeling of a gritty and simply horrible reality behind it all. Going out into the open world to clear out the enemy Sicaro population and taking down all the despicable El Jefe's that control them one by one running down an otherwise serene country lane with beautiful open vistas only to suddenly run past a man hung from a lamp post it instantly hits home just why you are there and just why you are needed.

    If only people would give it the chance it so deserves I guarantee it is one of the best Ubisoft games of recent times and not only that it's very much also a game that in my eyes shows that Ghost Recon can and does work just as well in an open world setting if only you the player enter it with the exact same mind set you played every previous GR game. Something I myself previously thought was not possible. Although it may take a little bit more time to recognise the still beating heart that is GR is there somewhere over that huge mountain peak where gun shots can be heard ringing out way, way off in the distance.

    edit: Neg away you miserable cunts. :D
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