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  • Letter from America: Welcome... to die!

  • DJBobHoskins 15/03/2014

    @ghostgate2001 I love the fact that if you refresh the monument just a few seconds later, there will be hundreds more added to the pyre. Reply +1
  • "Not fit for purpose" Ashes Cricket 2013 pulled from Steam

  • DJBobHoskins 26/11/2013

    @arty Steam don't give refunds if the customer changes their mind about the purchase (all shops, online or brick and mortar have the right to do this). However, if they sell a product that is deemed to be faulty or not fit for purpose, then the customer has a legal right to a refund, repair or replacement. Reply 0
  • Letter from America

  • DJBobHoskins 17/08/2013

    @iceytoa1 You don't care sooooooo much you had to tell everyone?

    Just because you have no interest in something, doesn't mean it's not of value to other people.

    I don't care where the No. 26 bus from the stop across the road goes. It's not relevant to me (I get the No. 5). Lots of people do use it though, every twenty minutes in fact. Perhaps I should make a complaint to the council that other people are enjoying something that is no benefit to me?

    I'm not likely to read the US site on a regular basis, therefore I think it's great there is a weekly update here with links to articles I would normally miss.

    If there are articles they suggest I read and I'm not interested in them, admittedly that could be a problem.

    I suppose though I could... oh I don't know... maybe... okay this is a bit out there but maybe I could........ not read them?
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  • Conspiracist David Icke rants at Sega and Total War

  • DJBobHoskins 25/09/2012

    "I do not care what someone believes in his personal space but when it is getting organised it's getting nasty to say the least".

    Organised like Eurogamer maybe?

    I care nothing for David Icke or his beliefs but this story is tabloid journalism at its worst.

    A non-story that should have died a death is dredged up because it features a man who was famous 25/40 years ago and it's a slow news day.
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  • DJBobHoskins 25/09/2012

    His views on reptiles may be nonsense but at least he doesn't take money from people like 'shag a gamer' to promote his website. What a horrible article. This site gets more like the Daily Mail every day. Reply +9
  • Face-Off: Sleeping Dogs

  • DJBobHoskins 18/08/2012

    @ExplodingClown It may be an anachronism but time has been defined via GMT (not just here but universally around the world) for over a hundred years. Hence, they are east of us timewise, just as the Americas are to the west. Though it sounds like there isn't enough time in the world for you to grow up. Reply +1
  • DJBobHoskins 18/08/2012

    @riceNpea I own an Xbox 360 but Supermeatboy3D makes me want to trade it for a PS3 Reply +3
  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • DJBobHoskins 05/06/2012

    worst...episode...ever Reply 0