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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • DBLue 19/07/2014

    Any kind soul with a PS3 code to spare? I'm dying to try the game out :-) Reply 0
  • Sony's E3 conference

  • DBLue 10/06/2014

    THey got me stupidly intrigued for a moment. It's just Destiny though. Reply 0
  • DBLue 10/06/2014

    @Toaster05 Come on, looks like fun!Pretending you're actualy THERE :-p Reply 0
  • DBLue 10/06/2014

    @Toaster05 I wish I could roleplay like that in online shooters though Reply 0
  • DBLue 10/06/2014

  • Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

  • DBLue 22/03/2014

    @talalalreyami03 If developers can squeeze better visuals from their engine at the cost of having it run at 30 fps, you can be sure they'll do that. Better visuals are much easier to sell to the general public than higher framerate. That will never change. Reply +26
  • Catherine retrospective

  • DBLue 16/03/2014

    @Ashcroft "I thought, maybe the game was about to start. Nope, that's it. That over and over."

    The game never tried to fool anyone into thinking it was anything other than a block-pushing puzzle game with a narrative on top. You just expected Catherine to be something it was never meant to be, and bash the game for it.
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  • Live: PlayStation 4 US launch event

  • DBLue 15/11/2013

    "Indie rubbish"? Some of these games are more interesting than anything else in the PS4's launch line-up. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's guide to system swansongs

  • DBLue 10/11/2013

    @Uncompetative You know, it's pretty easy to guess the maturity level of a person who pokes fun at babies and parenthood in general. Reply -2
  • Questing for heroism in MMOs

  • DBLue 07/09/2013

    @Orangutan "i don't see how any adult can justify the time required to play these games. Surely that time could be better spent elsewhere. I waste way too much time playing games myself, but can't stand mmos."

    You sound almost guilty for playing videogames instead of doing something more "productive".

    What constitutes a "waste of time"? Just because you're not actually accomplishing anything physically tangible doesn't mean you're throwing your precious time away. "Having fun" is a perfectly valid way of spending your time. That's why people have hobbies, which include playing games - be them single-player, MMOs or whatever.

    Also, MMOs being huge time sinks which require a dozen hours of playtime a day is just a stupid misconception. You don't need to throw job and social life away to play them at a reasonable pace.

    Anyway, it's kind of offputting to see so-called "gamers" looking down upon MMOs without actually trying to understand their value. As yesterday's article on Final Fantasy XIV said, they're not just Skinner Boxes built to exploit compulsive players. Personally, I think their best feature is the opportunity to share your adventure with thousands of other people, which is something you can't have in any other kind of game.
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  • Fez 2 cancelled, Fish swims away from the game industry

  • DBLue 28/07/2013

    Now THAT's a nice, polite and considerate way to communicate with your potential audience. Phil Fish could learn a thing or two from you ;-)

    Anyway, good luck with your project man!
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  • DBLue 28/07/2013

    "If I can find some way of stuffing 'Universe' into 5GB or less, I will certainly try, but I don't want some stupid bloated console OS cramping my creative vision."
    If you can't fit your game into 5 GB of RAM at any one time, how are you going to sell it to people, PC included? Most cards nowadays hold 2GB of video memory tops. Not trying to criticize your work (far from it), but if those multi-million dollar games with bloated graphics don't seem to have a problem with that much RAM, I can't see how you couldn't find a way to deal with that. Maybe I really don't know what I'm talking about and your project can only work under those technical circunstances, but if that is the case, why not wait until consumer grade technology reaches the point running your game won't be an issue for most people?

    If you aim too high techwise, you're going to end up with an potentially ambitious game nobody will be able to play, sort of like Crysis was back in 2007.
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  • Deep Silver to publish crowdfunded Wasteland 2

  • DBLue 12/07/2013

    @Duchessprozac Deep Silver are probably going to profit only on the distribution of physical copies - which is fair, seing as without them there wouldn't be any physical copies in the first place.

    The initial proposal was to distribute the game through digital channels - that's still unnafected as digital delivery is still going to be under Inxile's full control.

    Also, and most importantly, it was made very clear that Deep Silver is not going to interfere in the game's development.

    It looks iffy on the surface, but it's really nothing terrible. I just hope people are willing to reach this conclusion before raising pitchforks like they did against Double Fine last week.
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn isn't coming to Xbox due to Microsoft not allowing cross-platform play

  • DBLue 10/07/2013

    "Didn't stop them from putting FFXI on the 360 with a separate community."


    Players from all three platforms (PC, PS2, 360) shared the same servers. In fact, I played on PC and made a few friends who played on their Xboxes. Apparently it was convenient for Microsoft to open up their service for Playonline, but now they seem not to care anymore. Their loss.
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  • Persona 5 domain registered by Atlus' parent company

  • DBLue 09/07/2013

    I strongly believe it's coming for Playstation 3. According to the developers, Catherine was made as an experiment to test the waters of HD game development (it was also, incidentally, a fantastic game in its own right). I suppose they're now confident in producing a fully fledged RPG for current gen consoles.

    Persona has also become their most well-known brand, so if there's one game they'll spend inordinate amounts of money to bring to PS3, it's P5.

    Personally, I prefer the Shin Megami Tensei series, and SMT IV is coming to the US in a few weeks - that's gonna keep me busy for a while :-)
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  • Tim Schafer needs more money to finish Broken Age

  • DBLue 05/07/2013

    It's obvious now that your money didn't go directly into th' production o' th' game but rather to keep Double Fine solvent an' in stasis when perhaps th' economic reality was that they need _d to find a more sustainable business model.
    Basically, you're saying the kickstarter was a scam for Double Fine to get easy dollars to cover up his troubles, instead of using it to actually make the game they promised?

    All backers had access to a full documentary detailing the game's production, though it doesn't go into specifics about where the budget is going. The fact, though, is that the game is coming along nicely, and most backers are fine about not having a breakdown detailing how much they spent on coffee last month.

    I'm sure this sounds elitist, but it's the truth: Tim Schaffer doesn't own you any kind of apology or explanation, simple because you are not the one who's paying for his work. We are. The backers are the only people he must keep informed, and they are, for the most apart, absolutely okay with the way things are going - as can be observed on the Backer Forums.

    This whole issue got out of hand because none of you was supposed to even know about any of this stuff, but some clever journalist decided to post it and spin the news to sound as though Double Fine is royally screwing up, without considering two very important points:

    1. The fact DF is facing budgetary issues is nothing new. You just didn't hear about it because IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (i.e. you're not a backer)

    2. Every backer is still going to get the full game in the end without paying a single extra dime, which is pretty much all that matters.

    TL;DR: a lot of non-backers are spilling vitriol all over the internet without actually investigating the issue further - and without realising they lack the information and context necessary to fully comprehend the issue. Ironically, backers are the one who should be pissed at Double Fine, yet they're mostly not concerned and believe everything's going to be okay.
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  • Drakengard 3 gets a debut trailer

  • DBLue 02/07/2013

    Tried the first Drakengard and hated it - it was an extremely repetitive hack n' slasher with not much else going on.

    Nier, however, was fantastic - it was nothing triple A in quality but had a lot of gameplay variety that kept things fresh, automatically solving my main gripe with Drakengard. It also had a good story with VERY clever moments (the text-reading parts, the twist on a second playthrough that turns the story on its head, among others). And the music was godly.

    Seriously, if you don't plan on playing Nier, go to Youtube right now and listen to its soundtrack. Any song will do. It's brilliant.

    Here's hoping Drakengard 3 keeps some of the improvements Nier brought to the series.
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  • Tales of Symphonia and sequel getting HD PS3 remake

  • DBLue 04/06/2013

    @Astfgl "C'mon, people. Waiting for HD remakes is so five years ago."

    Unless you're implying I play pirated ROMs on Dolphin (which I don't think you are), an HD remake comes up cheaper in this case. I mean, have you seen the prices of some second-hand Gamecube games? They're rising like crazy.

    Hell, I got a 'cube recently and building up a collection is burning a hole in my wallet. I'm still summoning the courage to throw money at Skies of Arcadia Legends. I'd better wait for Symphonia though, since a rerelease USUALLY brings down the price of the original versions. Same for Wind Waker.

    Also, I strongly dislike emulators. I prefer playing games on actual hardware (on CRT even!) - it feels... more authentic? Maybe I'm just being stubborn and should let go of my old consoles.

    ...Nah. No way in hell.
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  • Remember Me review

  • DBLue 03/06/2013

    Some games could simply try to do their own thing instead of following trends. Personally, I thought the assassination sequences were very cool in the first Assassin's Creed - it just needed to cut the repetition and add more variety in how you got information about your targets. Then Assassin's Creed 2 came along, everything novel about the first game was scrapped and we got GTA: Venice (apparently people loved it though, so what do I know?).

    Enslaved would be a far better game if it did not try so hard to follow the Uncharted rulebook. The setting was fantastic, the characters were interesting, and all they did with all of that was a game of linear platforming and beating robots with a stick. Why not something novel or more interesting? Some ex-Ninja Theory guys are apparently wonrking on The Last of Us, so perhaps that is the game Enslaved should have been from the beggining.

    Remember Me seems to be having similar problems. It has a great setting, a nice lead character, an intriguing premise, yet half the game is basically punching bad guys. What the hell? Why take such grand ideas and do somehting so wildly unambitious with them? Why not make an adventure game with exploration and the memory hacking sequences as the central mechanic? Why does it HAVE TO play like a triple A blockbuster if it's clearly no competition against them? Does it stand a chance againt The Last of Us, which is right around the corner?

    Maybe I'm overanalizing those developers and all those games are really what they were always supposed to be and were never dumbed down by being forced to follow popular trends. Either way, I'm sure they can do better - there are glimpses of creativity that they should have explored further. A shame.
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  • Nintendo confirms Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 UK release dates

  • DBLue 17/05/2013

    @captain_Carl I was wondering how long it would take for the first "Wii sux" smartass comment to show up.

    Hats off to you sir. Such a clever comment too.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Soul Sacrifice

  • DBLue 14/05/2013

    Complaining about the small environments seems unfair when Monster Hunter (a series this game shares a strong resemblance with design-wise) has done the same for almost a decade - even on strong hardware such as the Wii U - and nobody bats an eyelid at it anymore.

    Arena-based gameplay has seemingly become a staple of "hunting games" (it's become its own genre now), and it's gonna be interesting to see if Monster Hunter 4 finally adresses that.
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  • PlayStation 3: retail disc vs. digital delivery

  • DBLue 05/05/2013

    Although we still haven't reached the digital-only era, an online connection has already become a necessity in order to fully enjoy your games.

    Day one patches, on-disc DLC and the like have become so commonplace that even if you perchase the retail disc, chances are what you hold in your hands isn't the complete product, and that severely tarnishes the sense of ownership we have over our physical games.

    It's also going to make collecting increasingly difficult a few years on, when game servers and online services are no longer active, which leaves us with a bunch of unpatched games full of locked content.

    I still own a 19-year-old Super Metroid cartridge. It still works fine. The complete game is still there, and it will always be. I'll still be able to show my childreb, a few years down the libe, what an awesome game it is. It'll still be there whenever I feel like pkaying it again.

    Now let's suppose I decide, 20 years from now, that I want to play Skyrim on PS3. What are the chances I'll still be able to download the godamn patch in 2033 so I' m not left with the absolutely miserable rimlagged version that came on the disc?
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  • Revengeance's Blade Wolf DLC dated for May in Japan

  • DBLue 01/05/2013

    @Edivaldo Oh, I'm Brazilian too. Cool eh?

    ...Now we can fight over whose post was the most pointless. I think you won.
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  • Next Xbox to be released in "early November" - report

  • DBLue 25/04/2013

    @dogmanstaruk "But in all honesty if MS are doing it I would think Sony are at least considering it too."

    What kind of subscription service would Sony even offer? You don't have to pay to play online on Playstation (and I doubt they'll change that anytime soon since PS+ has been quite popular and must be generating good revenue).

    Live, on the other hand, is pretty much compulsory to play online so there's good chance many people will see the 2-year plan as a sound one since they'll have to pay for a subscription one way or another.
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  • 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro finally makes its way to North America

  • DBLue 20/04/2013

    @Hiragana Release a new model with a second circle pad? Sure.

    Release a new handheld altogether. Please. The 3DS is on fire at the moment, there's absolutely no reason to bring something new right now - besides, I dare say the Circle Pad Pro itself is pretty insubstantial since most games don't use it and absolutely no game demands it.

    I survived through the 'claw' technique just fine in Monster Hunter on PSP and actually found the touch screen camera control to be more confortable on the 3DS version - after moving the virtual d-pad to the right side so my left thumb is free to do its own thing.

    I almost ocnsidered buying the CPP for Kid Icarus since I'm left-handed, but after a few painful hours the game basicaly rewired my brain and made me ambidextrous (not quite, but still).

    It's just a matter of how the games are designed. Every developer should build their games around the limitations of the hardware, rather than trying to come up with crazy control methods to make up for the lack of input options. Notice how games like Ocarina of Time control flawlessly despite lacking a second analog stick on the N64 (or the 3DS itself for that matter, if the remake is anything to go by).

    Everyone can be absolutely sure Nintendo will never produce a game which doesn't control smoothly on their own system, without the need of silly physical add-ons. Certain third party developers are the only reason the Circle Pad Pro exists.
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  • The next Xbox will be fully integrated into your TV via a cable box connection - report

  • DBLue 11/04/2013

    @cloudskipa "I think these are false rumoured created to generate traffic at websites as well as force Microsoft's hand into an official response."

    "does anyone really think that a company like MS would release such a pile of complete shit with so many restrictions to compete with PS4, Steambox and Wii U?"

    What if all these rumours turn out to be true, will you eat your hat?

    Most rumors about the PS4 proved to be accurate (RAM being the only exception). Why would everyone now conspire against the Xbox with false negativity? Do you REALLY think this is all some kind of evil plan from every single gaming website on the internet to f*ck up Microsoft?
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  • Film critic and video games' best frenemy Roger Ebert has passed

  • DBLue 05/04/2013

    It seems some people around here are ditching on Roger Ebert simply because of that one controversial statement regarding games and art.

    I think his opinion was simply misguided because he didn't have enough experience with the medium to back it up. Think about it: if you're the kind of person who has little or no knowledge of gaming culture, chances are you probably never heard of games such as Journey, Limbo, Bastion, Machinarium, Bioshock, Half-Life, Ico... You can't seriously look at the high-budget, heavily marketed shooters of today and say with a straight face they're anything close to highbrow entertainment (with rare exceptions).

    Let's turn things around: let's suppose you have very little knowledge of movies. You never heard of Citizen Kane or Godfather, but you certainly watched the latest Transformers, or any of the Adam Sundler flicks. Based on those experiences, would you call cinema art?

    I think Mr. Ebert simply lacked the will to look further into our favorite medium in order to find the true gems. Too bad he didn't live long enough for us to show him how intelectually stimulating gaming can actually be. Rest in Peace, Roger.
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  • Thief preview: Deadly Shadows that move

  • DBLue 04/04/2013

    @rudedudejude "New Garret, new voice, new look. Why's it called thief then?"

    It's still a stealth game featuring Garret. It still follows the same basic premise.

    Replacing a voice actor or updating the graphics or gameplay features doesn't automatically make it unworthy of belonging to the same franchise.

    This is the Deus Ex: Human Revolution debacle all over again. Haven't Eidos Montreal already proven their competence at giving new life to a dormant IP?
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  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors retrospective

  • DBLue 31/03/2013

    Still have it. My cousing and I still play together once in a while to remind ourselves of the old times. So much nostalgia! :D Reply +1
  • Tomb Raider review

  • DBLue 25/02/2013

    @laimis911 You're missing on a lot of absolute gems then. Not every game needs to come up with silly, redundant stuff to bloat playtime, though it seems a lot of people fall for that. Reply 0
  • Nintendo: handheld consoles remain focus for Pokémon RPGs

  • DBLue 09/01/2013

    @Yeoung "I'm 25, imagine me trying to find someone playing pokemon."

    The truth, though is that you and I (I'm 24) are part of the series' periphery demographic. Adults can enjoy Pokémon just fine (it's actually more complex and cleverly designed than many so-called "mature" games), but those games are made primarly for the young'uns. It's fair Game Freak still uses the "playing outside with friends" mentality, since it's a great approach for a portable game for kids - making them go out and socialize while playing their game.
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  • A Dark Souls 2 inkling: first flakes of artwork flutter out

  • DBLue 21/12/2012

    @FortysixterUK There's already a sequel to Demon's Souls - it's called Dark Souls ;-)

    Come on, they share the same design principles and mechanics, are made by the same people and the only reason the latter got a name change was so it could become multiplatform. Yeah, Sony does hold the rights to Demon's Souls, but they lost the opportunity to build an exclusive franchise out of it with their lack of faith in the game's potential.

    It's one of the worst mistakes Sony made this generation, but thanks to said mistake now more people can enjoy From's wonderful work on other platforms.
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  • Dark Souls 2: there's a "core" that needs protecting says Miyazaki

  • DBLue 19/12/2012

    @simonfong "The uninspiring "2" in the title (call it 'Black Souls' or something, don't just slap a 2 on it) doesn't bode well for the creativity behind this project...
    I'm smelling rushed cash-in here and Dark Souls may well be my last foray into this world..."

    It has been said many times, but it bears repeating: the only reason "Dark Souls" wasn't simply called "Demon's Souls 2" is because the latter belongs to Sony. Now they don't have the same limitation and are free to keep using the Dark Souls brand.

    Also, don't forget Dark Souls was made in less than two years. Did it feel rushed to you?
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • DBLue 08/12/2012

    @Snake_2011 " not imo [Soul SAcrifice]looks like a hard action RPG. not sure what makes you say Monster Hunter."

    The animation style, the quest-based monster slaying, the multiplayer system, the outlandish weaponry... Maybe calling it a clone was too harsh (some people defend MonHun-style games have already become a genre in itself), but the similarities in design are definitely there. It doesn't mean it's going to be bad - it looks quite promising.
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  • DBLue 08/12/2012

    @Snake_2011 Soul Sacrifice is a Monster Hunter clone. Totally different kind of game. Reply +2
  • DBLue 08/12/2012

    @Gregolution He's a troll - and a pretty bad on at that.

    Ignore him.
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  • Could The Phantom Pain be the new Metal Gear Solid?

  • DBLue 08/12/2012

    Just found this on the MGS forums.

    Right above the title there are some faint letters (those random yellow bars are actually part of those letters). If you look at it very carefully you can see what it's saying.


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  • Irrational Games hires cosplayer to portray BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth on boxart, in ads

  • DBLue 04/12/2012

    @kimchibaka "I see Eurogamer's changed tack in presenting this side of gaming to the world now after all that vomit-inducing **** a gamer stuff...a bit of sensationalist faux outrage and then publish the pics as per usual."

    You sound as if she's nude on the pictures or something. Stop being so over-sensitive - she's a cosplayer, not a boothbabe. She's being promoted for her uncanny portrayal of Elizabeth, not because she's got a nice pair of boobs.

    Also, EG didn't even show the potentially steamy Poison Ivy cosplay. I wonder why?
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  • DBLue 03/12/2012

    @drhickman1983 "I don't find those particularly strong arguments. To continue with the theoretical Kratos example, can you be absolutely sure that if Sony had found a Male Cosplayer who looked remarkably like Kratos, and they then hired him to appear in official promotional adverts, that it wouldn't be reported?"

    Lo and behold, the God of War III release event in Săo Paulo, Brazil. I hope Timotei can also see this. Yeah, it probably wasn't reported on EG, but it's on KOTAKU of all places dammit.

    Look at those pecs man. Look at them!
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  • Arkham City, Limbo, Vanquish free on PlayStation Plus next month

  • DBLue 28/11/2012

    I just wish there was a wholly straightforward, tard-proof way in which to utilise a bigger hard drive with one's PS3. That's the only flaw I can think of when it comes to Plus.
    C'mon dude,replacing HDDs on the PS3 is piece of cake (after you've gone through the stupidly laborious backup process). You're literally one screw and three minutes away from brand new room for your games.
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  • Konami confirms Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition is PS3 exclusive after New Zealand shop lists it for Xbox 360

  • DBLue 28/11/2012

    @ExcellentBenji It probably just features the latest patch, which include trophy support and full game instalation (so you don't need to reinstall between chapters) - all these features come free for owners of the original version, so I suppose the only point of this re-release is for those who still don't have the game.

    BTW the first Metal Gear Solid would have to be rebuilt from scratch in order to look decent in HD. Perhaps they could release The Twin Snakes HD instead?
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  • ZombiU review

  • DBLue 18/11/2012

    [...] looking at the review scores for this game is like looking at the lottery numbers fall on a weekend, random as ****.I guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle, it's a average game.
    Nah, it doesn't work like that. It's not an average game - it's simply great for some and **** for others. It doesn't automatically fall in the middle. This kind of arythmetical reasoning is one of the fallacies of numerical scores - we try to even out opinions in order to forge a consensus while forgetting there isn't really a consensus to be found.

    The only way to be sure how good ZombiU - besides playing it yourself - is to evaluate where they're coming from: If Eurogamer says it's good and IGN complains it's crap, who are you going to trust? ;-)
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  • Shin Megami Tensei 4 story and characters revealed

  • DBLue 16/11/2012

    @JusticeSword Can you blame them? Portables are HUGE in Japan, cheaper to develop for and guaranteed to earn more than a console release.

    It's not really a problem unless people put graphics above all else when choosing which games to play - in which case they'd have been missing out on quite a few gems released on DS and onwards.
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  • Play as Dante's twin brother in DmC's post launch DLC Vergil's Downfall

  • DBLue 12/11/2012

    @DurzoBlint "I'm not sure why you'd make DLC for Ninja Theory games, no one actually buys them. The few who do play them have the sense to realise you should only rent shit, disposable 4 hour games."

    Pigsy's Perfect 10 was the best DLC episode I've downloaded for any game ever. It's a side story which nicely complements the main campaign, and its self-contained structure fits the DLC system like a glove.

    It's good enough to make you want it, but not so essential that it makes you feel like you're being robbed by developers trying to sell you cut key content(it came months after the original release too). Capcom could learn a thing or two from them.
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  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection review

  • DBLue 12/11/2012

    @Bartacus "How on earth can this get the same score as Halo 4?"

    Because it's as good as Halo. ;-)
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  • Silicon Knights ordered to recall and destroy all unsold copies of Too Human, X-Men Destiny, more

  • DBLue 09/11/2012

    @Spekingur I'm a bit confused. If SK bought a license to the Unreal Engine 3 and used it (basically using code made by Epic) how can it be copyright infringement?

    Silicon Knights borrowed code from Unreal Engine to make their own, giving no credit to Epic whatsoever. They even went as far as comprehensively remove Epic's original copyright notices from the modified code.

    Buying a license doesn't give them the right to use it as a basis to create your own engine (especially if they do so without giving the license due credit).
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  • Back to Omega: Aria and Nyreen, Mass Effect's first female turian, star in 4 hour DLC

  • DBLue 07/11/2012

    @darren2693 I kind of see a pattern here - the female Krogan also had clothes all over so we wouldn't actually see how she looked like. It probably looked just like a male (no problem with that, anyway - usually male and female members of the same species look exactly the same; humans are an exception), but the designers were afraid people would blame them for not trying to differentiate genders convincingly.

    I'm not surprised they did the same with Turians, and I think it's not a big deal - as with Eva, her voice is going to play a huge role in making her feel distinct.
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  • DBLue 07/11/2012

    @TarickStonefire "How many people really care about this stuff? The game is over, the story is finished, most of us have traded it in, surely?"

    Nope, still have it. In fact, I've just downloaded Leviathan and used it as an excuse to play ME3 again.

    Mass Effect 3 is far more limited in scope than the first or second games, there's only one hub world and no decent sidequests - oh, and the endings kind of suck. I agree. But it also features expanded character interaction (plus meatier conversations), is packed with fantastic moments and several gameplay enhancements.

    In short, it's overrated by the media, but underrated by the fanbase. It's no masterpiece but no disaster either.

    Saying DLC episodes are pointless because we already know how the game ends is also nonsense, considering EVERY GAME out there does exactly the same thing and nobody seems to care.
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  • Dark Souls' director reveals the pendant's true purpose

  • DBLue 05/11/2012

    Well, so the item does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. It's not like its descrition is misleading or anything, so there's nothing to blame him for :-) Reply +10
  • NeoGeo X console costs Ł175, Limited Edition includes Ninja Masters

  • DBLue 30/10/2012

    Those who are complaining about the price should definitely take a look at how much a "regular" AES cartridge costs on ebay.

    Your eyes shall bleed.
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