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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Killzone, Camera, second DualShock bundle for UK

  • Cuke 27/09/2013

    Slightly off topic (although loving this bundle and will be swapping my pre order for it as soon as shopto allow) I was wondering if anyone who has pre ordered hardware before can tell me if there any chance our orders may arrive the day before official launch much like some games do...?

    Just wishful thinking perhaps... ;)
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  • BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Hitman discounted in Xbox Marketplace sale

  • Cuke 02/07/2013

    Tempted but I'm guessing you have to be a gold member?
    Not had gold since PS plus got good....
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  • First Ridge Racer Unbounded footage

  • Cuke 04/02/2011

    I'd love a proper new Ridge Racer game... This looks nothing like it... It looks like it's trying to be all 'edgy urban' rubbish :( Reply +5
  • Huge festive PlayStation Store sale now

  • Cuke 20/12/2010

    Not that I'm trying to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but does anyone think the cross platform games will be similarly discounted on XBLA soon? Reply 0
  • MS tested pre-Kinect motion controllers

  • Cuke 08/10/2010

    Ummmm is it just me or does that link go to another eurogamer news story rather than Wired?

    A quick look on the Wired site and I can't find the article mentioned either.... Damn, it sounded interesting.... :(
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  • Microsoft confirms Kinect price

  • Cuke 20/07/2010

    Yes it's expensive, yes £50 would have got a load of us jumping in on launch day almost just for the hell of it...

    However, the key is going to be software... If there's none worth speaking of in the 6/12 months after launch then even £50 will seem a rip off. If they pull it off though and a few amazing games arrive then we'll all grumble and moan while we hand over the £100 odd quid it'll no doubt soon drop to, but hand it over we will....
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  • Gran Turismo 5 demo gameplay

  • Cuke 16/12/2009

    With the title screen of this 'demo' staring at my from my TV I can assure everyone that it actually says 'This is a demo of Gran Turismo 5'

    Obviously doesn't say if it's anything like a final build... But it does say demo of GT5 which implies at the very least that the engine used is basicly the same regardless of what;s been removed....
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  • SingStar Take That vs. Lips: Number One Hits

  • Cuke 06/11/2009

    As a fan of both series and having just picked up the new Lips I'm actually thinking Lips is the better 'game' with SingStar offering a better track selection and online options. Were Lips to have a similarly well populated store I'd prefer it to SingStar I think.

    I know it's hardly significant but the little Lips features make all the difference. Like the fact you can see all the available DLC in the main song list rather than having to go to an online store to view it, the medals you can pick up in each song meaning it's not just about one big score, the 'star power' style score multipliers, using your mic as a tamborine or air guitar for extra points... All little things but all fun and something SingStar doesn't do...
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  • Wolfenstein

  • Cuke 21/08/2009

    I quite like it... I'ts not wonderful by any means and it's all a bit retro in terms of game design but as a fun blast it does the job. Think the review is a little on the harsh side, not every game has to be all singing all dancing and full of new ideas to be enjoyable... Reply +3
  • VidZone launches on PSN today

  • Cuke 11/06/2009

    Without wishing to sound like a killjoy, I'd much prefer something like Spotify on the PS3. I mean who actually sits down to watch music videos these days? I'm much rather just have streaming audio I can feed around the house without the loading delays that will no doubt screw up this for people without mega fast broadband....

    Me thinks I'll carry on using a laptop and Spotify for all my music needs...
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  • PSP Go

  • Cuke 31/05/2009

    Ok, so no second analogue stick in the interests of backwards compatability... But with no UMD drive and Sony not exactly known for their compassion what are the chances all your UMD games will sit there gathering dust while Sony ask you to pay to download new copies?

    My point is surely they could have put a second stick on for 'new' PSP Go games, they're unlikely to be coming out on UMD for the old PSP and original PSP games will be blatently marked as such in the dowload store so no one will be expecting full use of the new hardware from them....

    Anyway, to be honest I think Sony's major problem is the location of the one analogue stick they do have on there... It'll be a bugger to use properly being sat in the middle like that on a device without the old two pronged hand grips of a PS gamepad...
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  • Sony bringing music telly to PS3, PSP

  • Cuke 06/05/2009

    So that'll be Spotify with a much much smaller track selection, a lower sound quality (if they're having to stream video as well?)...
    Ok if you want to actually watch music videos (and can find some you like) I guess, but as Dizzy said, does anyone really do anymore?
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  • Nearly 100,000 SingStar videos uploaded

  • Cuke 07/04/2009

    The (better) Snow Patrol version of 'Run' on the PS2 Singstar Rocks is still my fave SingStar song.... Reply 0
  • PlayTV saved files no longer transferable

  • Cuke 14/08/2008

    Me thinks they realised just how much freedom being so 'open' offered people and they paniced about all the copyright issues that may arrise in the future... I mean the tech involved must be there for the original announcement to be made so it feels like they've effectivly removed a few menu options at the last minute...

    It's very sad though, I thought it sounded great and was looking forward to using it along side my Sky+ box simply to record shows that I wanted to transfer to my PSP so I could watch them at lunch times or on the train or where ever....

    Can't see the point in getting one now... Well done Sony, tell everyone about a fantastic product then cripple it just before launch and hope no-one notices.
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  • Too Human demo proves popular

  • Cuke 01/08/2008

    The horrible camera put me off after about 10 minutes so I've no idea how good the rest of the demo was....

    With so many buttons on a pad how can we go back a decade or so to the old one button to center the camera behind the person system... Ruined a game I was quite interested in...
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  • Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

  • Cuke 12/05/2008

    This sounds horrible... I'd kind of trusted it'd be better than it sounded up till now but it seems I was wrong... Reply 0
  • PSP video downloads this summer

  • Cuke 24/04/2008

    Perhaps I'm missing something here... but isn't that PS3 PTV recorder thingy going to enable you to record TV for free and send it around your home network onto your PSP etc nice and easily... rendering this idea of paying for TV downloads on the PSP pointless from the off?

    Granted the PS3 thing may be freeview stuff only but still...
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  • FlatOut: Head On

  • Cuke 21/03/2008

    "The content in Head On is split into two main modes: Carnage and FlatOut. The former is extra-curricular activities based around points and achieving bronze, silver or gold cups. The latter is proper tournament racing. Both were sandwiched together in Ultimate Carnage, which meant the monotony of jostling for grid positions was broken up, helping alleviate frustration. The segregated approach in Head On brings problems into sharper focus."

    Ummmm it may just be my memory but wasn't there a separate Carnage mode in the 360 game too? In fact the structure of the two games is nearly identical....
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  • Cuke 17/03/2008

    Well I'm loving this, far more than 6/10 anyway...

    But then I love all things FlatOut...
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  • Democracy 2

  • Cuke 20/01/2008

    This was the most fun I've had with a demo in a while... For only 13 quid you can't really complain, well worth it if you ask me and I have no idea of the name of my MP.... Reply 0
  • Fresh Highlander details pop up

  • Cuke 18/01/2008

    Wonder if they'll use the Queen songs in the game soundtrack? Reply 0
  • EA aware of ProStreet PS3 glitches

  • Cuke 09/01/2008

    Having played and hated the Wii version I can't imagine PS3 owners are going to be much happier when the game is bug free, it'll still be pants.... Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed

  • Cuke 13/11/2007

    well thats a bit of a surprise... Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero III for PC, Mac

  • Cuke 13/09/2007

    "there's no word yet on what sort of peripheral it will use."

    ummm a guitar one would assume... ;)
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  • Zapper packed with Link game

  • Cuke 11/09/2007

    I admit I've not really kept up with the news of this zapper thing, but other than being a bit of plastic to put the controllers in does it do anything 'new'?

    When they say games will 'take advantage of it' what do they mean? It just sticks your controlers together in a way that perhaps feels a bit more natural for gun based games, its essentialy no different to those daft golf and tennis bits you can stick onto the end of the wii remote... Or am I mising the point a tad...?
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  • Voltage

  • Cuke 30/07/2007

    Ummm... Wipeout with all the colour and style removed....

    To be fair I do like a good sci-fi floaty racer though.... :)
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  • E3: No PS3 price cut for Europe

  • Cuke 13/07/2007

    The silly thing is, as others have mentioned most retailers were offering a 'bundle' of some sort for about that price anyway so this is pretty much nowt new...

    The complaints have always been about the initial outlay needed to get into the PS3 game. Not what you got for that huge chunk of money. If I can't afford £399 then I can't afford £425, what the bundle with it makes not a blind bit of difference to how many notes I have in my wallet...
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  • E3: Album-length Rock Band DLC

  • Cuke 13/07/2007

    Whole albums is a great idea (although I'm not a massive Who fan tbh)... But I hope you aren't forced to get the whole thing, some albums may be great but you may only really want a few of the tracks of others.... Reply 0
  • Euro PS3 announcement at E3

  • Cuke 09/07/2007

    Going on past experience, it won't be the huge drop we're hoping for, it'll be 390-399 somewhere around there. Of course it should be more, but the larger the drop the more pissed people who've bought one before now will be... It's a fine line for Sony, albeit one of their own creating. Reply 0
  • Minnie Driver voicing Lara

  • Cuke 03/07/2007

    Ummm... People do realise the concept of animation don't they?

    It's the voice we'll hear, we're not going to see her.... I have to say posh english accent and all Minnie Driver is a decent choice....
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  • GTA IV trailer on Xbox Thursday

  • Cuke 27/06/2007

    Who's Pete and can we see his tattoo? ;) Reply 0
  • Overlord

  • Cuke 21/06/2007

    'The "you" when the children cry "HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!" That's you.'

    Surely that should be...

    'The "he's" when the children cry "HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!!" That's you.'

    Picky? moi? ;)
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  • Rock Band

  • Cuke 19/06/2007

    Looks pretty cool...

    Even got a second set of buttons for the widdly widdly solos! ;)
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  • Overlord demo on Live

  • Cuke 08/06/2007

    bloody typical, I wake up this morning and see two new demos on live, set them both downloading and then get to work and find there's now a third, the best of the lot and I'll have to wait till tonight to even start it off....

    should be a good weekend of demo playing tho :)
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  • Killzone PSP gets DLC

  • Cuke 31/05/2007

    Its farrrrr too late considerng it was supposed to be available at launch... :(

    I've not played it for ages and not sure I can arsed to go back to it now.
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  • Football MMO revealed

  • Cuke 25/05/2007

    As cool an idea as it may be, and as interested as I am... surely controlling only one player will result in either a) mad rushes for the ball where people refuse to play 'proper' football, or b) not having as wide a field of vision as you would playing the game for real will make playing a realistic game impossible...

    Didn't Namco fail with a 'control only one player' football game on the PS1 ages ago?
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  • Hour of Victory dated

  • Cuke 24/05/2007

    and I'd rather play with the darkness...

    or perhaps not..... :P
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  • Spidey sticks to top spot

  • Cuke 22/05/2007

    Ummm the Spidy 3 game is really rather fun... or perhaps it's just me ;) Reply 0
  • The Darkness - Gameplay montage

  • Cuke 17/05/2007

    wow... kinda...
    Was it just me or did the clips of 'actual' in game action (i.e. gun visible first, person view) look a bit average... The game engine cut scenes looked class, but the rest wasn't so impressive.

    Perhaps just bad low res clips...

    Sill looking forward to this though... :)
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  • SingStar PS3

  • Cuke 17/05/2007

    This is the way SingStar should be.. A perfect example of what was needed to make it neg-gen and dare I say it, a product that may well sell machines on its own. I read that and realised it was making me think about getting a PS3, if only because my g/f/ loves SingStar (and yeah ok, so do I after a few drinks).

    Of course, I wouldn't need to if MS were to get their arses in gear and do something similar.......
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  • MGS: Portable Ops dated

  • Cuke 11/05/2007

    I've got it too... am I the only one disapointed? The controls fall into the same problems that plague so many PSP games and kind of take the gloss of the experience... Reply 0
  • What's New? (27th April, 2007)

  • Cuke 27/04/2007

    If GOW2 doesn't get at least a 9 today then I'm going home and sulking... ;)
    Been playing my copy for a couple of days now and its looooverly!
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  • C&C3 demo up on Live

  • Cuke 20/04/2007

    Well thats my gaming weekend sorted then :) Reply 0
  • Heatseeker

  • Cuke 18/04/2007

    hmm not sure if who ever reviewed this spent much time with it... the review complains that you cant turn the impact cam off... ummm yes you can, just has to be from the main menu not the in game options (god knows why, but the option IS there...).
    It also mentions being able to bounce off the ground, well to be fair I've only crashed into the sea so far but that killed me instantly as expected...

    and yes I'm playing the PS2 version...

    take those 'problems' away and its a fun game... worth more than a 5 anyway...
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  • Guitar Hero III's Rock 'N' Roll Star

  • Cuke 17/04/2007

    Arcade Fire are great.... :)

    And a 'UK' centered version would be cool... The songs on GH2 were a bit of a let down imo.
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  • EA quiet on Rock Band pricing

  • Cuke 05/04/2007

    As others have said already on this thread, surely the point is you buy the game plus one of the controllers and then offline the game plays the other parts and online you find other people to fill the gaps.

    I can't imagine all four control options will come bundled with the game as that'd be insanely expensive, although eventualy getting all four for some fun at parties will be an attractive option for those who have deep pockets...
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  • Silverfall

  • Cuke 01/04/2007

    no mention of the horrible control scheme either...

    left click to attack, left click to move.... who can spot the problem with that?
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  • WipEout returns to PSP

  • Cuke 27/03/2007

    "infrastructure (Internet!) modes"


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  • Formula One Championship Edition

  • Cuke 24/03/2007

    "It would've been nice if the reviewer could comment on the physics. If they're realistic and all? Not arcadey? Because that's the most important thing in a sim? "

    Considering the whole review was basicly saying its so realistic it hurts and you'll either love it or hate it depending on your enthusiams for the detail of F1 as a sport then I think you can probably answer your own question there.....

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  • Hour of Victory

  • Cuke 27/02/2007

    lol talk about jaded...

    I think it looks pretty cool to be honest... :)
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