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  • Bad Company confirmed

  • Cuchulainn 22/08/2006

    Humph - thought this might be related to the 2000AD stories... Reply 0
  • Xbox 360: Lots And Lots Of Questions Answered

  • Cuchulainn 01/09/2005

    Cheers for the answer to the fans question Mugwum - I appreciate it. Reply 0
  • Cuchulainn 01/09/2005

    But I've still not seen an answer to one of my most important questions:
    How loud is it? How many fans?

    I know loudness can be somewhat subjective - what annoys me mightn't annoy someone else. For me, the current xbox is aobut as loud as I'd like - I wouldn't watch dvds on it because I'd hear it during quiet parts of the film. But it doesn't bother me when playing games and I've an aldi special dvd player, so I'm fine. But what about the 360?
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  • What's New?

  • Cuchulainn 28/08/2004

    Viewtiful is 15 quid in play - pre ordered it on Wednesday Reply 0
  • Fight Night 2004

  • Cuchulainn 07/05/2004

    Ok, I've seen this in too many other reviews on EG. All these unregistered people are missing the point of EG. The reason I love their reviews is not because they get it right on every review. Far from it - I own more than one title that they have apparently slated but which I have derived more than a few hours of fun. That is _not_ the poin of their reviews. This is a conservative site - they will not easily roll over and say that something is good. And there is the genius... If they say something isn't great then rent it - see for yourself. It could be that the reviewer didn't really like the genre and not just the game. Big deal - it happens. But, when they say that something is _good_ and worth spending my hard earned cash on then I'll listen. I can honestly say that I've never been disappointed when I bought a game on an EG recommendation. That's a hard reputation to keep and I respect them on it..... Reply 0
  • IronStorm PS2 renamed

  • Cuchulainn 22/01/2004

    This was a decent game on the pc. Suffered a little bit from unclear mission objectives - there were times when I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Did still enjoy it though - graphics were decent and there was something satisfying about the sniper v sniper action! Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • Cuchulainn 07/08/2003

    As was mentioned in the Desert Combat review, the helis are a bugger to control. Anyone any tips? Do people fly them with mouse? Reply 0