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  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • CrumpledPaper 10/06/2014

    Dual-analog + gyro control simultaneously for Star Fox sounds like it could be a brain melt. Most people have a hard enough time dealing with two 2D planes of motion let alone that. Reply +1
  • Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop

  • CrumpledPaper 19/05/2014

    People are let go at the end of virtually any project. I'm not sure there's much to read into this. Reply +1
  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • CrumpledPaper 14/04/2014

    I wonder what the Mac requirements will be like. A new PC purchase later in the year more or less depends on the answer. Reply -1
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • CrumpledPaper 25/03/2014

    They're going to take a big PR hit for this.

    I don't think they're going to still be the up-and-comers that everyone is rooting for. People will want competition now from other companies in PC VR rather than have Facebook own the standard.

    Indie dev reaction could also be less than positive.
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  • Talking Project Morpheus with Anton Mikhailov

  • CrumpledPaper 22/03/2014

    I wonder if some of the people who perceived a narrower field of view vs Oculus had the front block pulled out more than average, for glasses etc. I guess it would be easier to spot the periphery of the display if the eye relief is bigger. Reply +1
  • How does Project Morpheus compare to Oculus Rift?

  • CrumpledPaper 20/03/2014

    *breathing intensifies*

    Sounds like they have things to polish up, but a very, very good start.
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  • Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

  • CrumpledPaper 10/03/2014

    @killersrquiet The decision that 8GB was a non-negotiable requirement that had to be guaranteed drove every design decision and resulted in what we have now Reply +2
  • CrumpledPaper 10/03/2014

    What's curious about this response is that ESRAM utilisation appears to be key for Respawn as opposed to raw GPU power,
    For cross gen games I don't think this is so curious. XB1 ought to have enough GPU ALU power to take a 720p 360 game and run it at 1080p (4x ALU for 2x the pixels).

    It's the memory system - bandwidth and eSRAM size - that is clutzing up in these cases.

    So much for 'balance'. XB1 is horribly unbalanced really.
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  • Tearaway review

  • CrumpledPaper 20/11/2013

    I haven't even played this yet, but I'm already hoping there'll be a sequel.

    edit - Or, at least, that Rexbox will be allowed make another game out of his imagination, channeled through MM. PS4, Vita, don't care :)
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  • Xbox One Twitch streaming delayed to 2014

  • CrumpledPaper 19/11/2013

    Services over chips, they said. Reply +23
  • PlayStation 4 off to great start in North America

  • CrumpledPaper 18/11/2013

    @djronz. I think what'll be more interesting too is the size of the initial batch.

    It's not just about 'selling out'. It's about who sells out more! :P
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  • Video: Let's play Dead Rising 3

  • CrumpledPaper 14/11/2013

    @jamalmousa It's less than silky smooth in the outdoors. Shame really.

    For people giving the writer grief over the '30fps' thing, he quite explicitly notes the framerate problems in the video, so there's full disclosure there.
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  • Day one patch makes Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player 1080p on PS4

  • CrumpledPaper 13/11/2013

    This story has had more twists than...something. That is twisty. Reply +38
  • Carmack, Sweeney and Andersson Unplugged

  • CrumpledPaper 10/11/2013

    @dfernand Sony is pretty strongly rumoured to be releasing a VR headset for PS4 around the same time as Oculus (i.e. late next year) We'll see what happens though. Reply +4
  • Watch this Sony engineer take apart a PlayStation 4

  • CrumpledPaper 07/11/2013

    Positively pornographic. Reply +107
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts dev Infinity Ward responds

  • CrumpledPaper 04/11/2013

    The subtitle is putting words in his mouth a little.

    He says he hopes the next games will look a lot better on both platforms. He doesn't really say anything about 1080p except that it could have been that res on X1 if they didn't care about framerate.
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  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • CrumpledPaper 31/10/2013

    @mega-gazz And this is where things get scarier for Microsoft. Where will XB1 multiplats be when the PS4 version is 720p, for example?

    And what happens when we have VR modes and every pixel and frame counts, and they're right up in your face, literally?

    The opening rounds are indeed the easy ones for these systems, where resolutions over 720p should be almost a given. Things are just going to get tougher.
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  • CrumpledPaper 31/10/2013

    Sanity, at last. Reply +17
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • CrumpledPaper 30/10/2013

    I don't always spend 500 euros on a new game console, but when I do, it's on the one that can play CoD - farking cross-gen CoD! - at 1080p. Reply +51
  • Editor's blog: Battlefield 4 Face-off Preview Q&A

  • CrumpledPaper 29/10/2013

    It's good to have full clarity. I guess maybe another comparison will be done with the final retail versions?

    Kind of funny how some folks actually preferred the messed-up colourspace of the XB1 capture. It's the same phenomenon you see in electronic stores sometimes - TVs with pumped up contrast, crushed blacks and torched whites, and some folks prefer it because of the colour 'pop'. But it's wildly untrue to the original image.
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  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • CrumpledPaper 29/10/2013

    @sanctusmortis The colour saturation, the contrast on the XB1 capture is messed up. It helps pop some of the darker detail where there is contrasting surfaces but also crushes detail elsewhere. Some of the captures elsewhere on the web don't have this problem so I'm not sure if this is a DF fault or something to do with the capture hardware they were given.

    AO could also account for the more 'blended' look, it's a softer lighting that will change colouring. The retail version of the XB1 game will apparently have it.
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  • CrumpledPaper 29/10/2013

    I'll be playing this on PC when I get a new one.

    Don't know why Microsoft tried to pull the 'real-world-performance isn't the same as paper performance' card, though. As it turns out the real world performance gap here actually exceeds the gap on paper when you take into account framerate and missing effects. Maybe that's how PS4 is unbalanced!

    The absent ambient occlusion is particularly missed in the daylight multiplayer map IGN is showcasing.

    It'll be even more interesting when we have next-gen exclusive multiplatform games to compare, to see how this now apparently very real performance gap manifests in those games.
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  • The Secret Developers: what next-gen hardware balance means for gaming

  • CrumpledPaper 27/10/2013


    Real developer vs armchair developers.

    I think it's more like 'real developer vs consumers'

    As a developer he seems to be defending certain compromises as long as the game experience and framerate is OK. His idea of parity seems to be centered around those two things, not resolution or other extra enhancements. Which seems to be common among developers, judging by many assessments developers gave about parity between versions of their games in the last generation, that many consumers would probably disagree with.

    On the other side of the fence you have consumers getting ready to drop 400 or 500 euros on a new game machine. People who've been coming to Digital Foundry for the last number of years and who've been trained to pick between platform differences and to celebrate 'the best version'. People who probably want to know they're getting the best for their money, and so for whom certain compromises may be less forgivable.

    That's the disparity here, if you'll excuse the pun.
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  • CrumpledPaper 27/10/2013

    On a side note, I think there's an audience disconnect. There's a lot of verbosity going on around a question people want a simple answer to. i.e What system will have better game performance.

    On paper, if a game is GPU limited, depending what part of the pipeline is being stressed PS4 should be 50-100% faster.

    We've had lots of surrogate analysis and doubt cast about translating that into 'real world' performance, but as it turns out, it sounds like the opening multiplatform games are show just such a performance delta (rumoured BF4 720p-900p = 40-50% perf delta, rumoured CoD 720p->1080p = 100% perf delta).

    So if we believe these noises, the answer to the question is very simple - PS4 is the safe bet.

    I'm personally not very interested in whether a developer believes that versions such as the above constitute 'parity'. I understand if a dev doesn't want to be too hard on his peers for having to sacrifice things on one platform vs another. That's fine, I'll just get the better version.

    But something so simple probably not too interesting a story for Digital Foundry at this point. They can't talk about actual performance differences yet and it's better for traffic to drum the story up as being something more complicated than the paper specs suggest.

    (And, yes, it actually is - the eSRAM situation is worth looking at. That's the big story I'm interested in reading tbh)
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  • CrumpledPaper 27/10/2013

    @null I agree, Richard's approach in the Microsoft articles was a bit disappointing in how unquestioning it was.

    My point is just that the discussion in this article about 'balance' is not the same as that in the Microsoft article. I know this dev quotes that article, but this dev is writing about a different idea of 'balance' and not promoting one piece of hardware as more 'balanced' than the other as Microsoft intended.

    It's a different discussion about trends in hardware resources across generations and about how cpu:gpu power has shifted again in this generation, and how software will have to design around that. That 'balance'.

    It's not about XB1 vs PS4 - thankfully! He's not promoting Microsoft's comment in the context Microsoft made it, or the implication that Microsoft was trying to make. It should not be read that way, it's perhaps overly defensive to do so.
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  • CrumpledPaper 27/10/2013

    This dev isn't talking about 'balance' in the sense that Microsoft used it, to try and disparage the PS4. He's talking about it in the more correct sense of software meshing to hardware. Talking about 'balance' is pointless without looking at software. Some software will be 'imbalanced' with respect to the hardware, and some will be 'well balanced'.

    But it's more about software and hardware meeting in the middle, or more over time, software being designed around hardwares' strengths and weaknesses. Talking about it purely in terms of hardware vs one other piece of hardware is meaningless, which is why MS got so much stick for that comment.
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  • Crytek: the next generation

  • CrumpledPaper 26/10/2013

    @Fluffin Of course. Just sayin' that Yerli seems the type that would downplay even that big of a difference in a multiplatform title, given his previous comments about resolution.

    His PC fans must dismay at the mental logistics his console project has reduced him to.
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  • CrumpledPaper 26/10/2013

    Regarding his comment on multiplatform differences, I think Cervat needs to define what he means by 'more or less the same quality'.

    Afterall, this is the guy who was trying to persuade us that 900p and native 1080p were equivalent.

    Would, then, 720p on Xbox 1 and 1080p on PS4 be 'more or less the same quality' to him too?

    It sounds like such differences may emerge between multiplatform games on the two systems in some cases going by recent rumours.
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  • Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising

  • CrumpledPaper 08/10/2013

    So they've gone from 'nobody is working on that' to 'we won't target ads at you unless you agree'.

    So - err - someone is working on it, then?

    And nevermind that the small print in a mandatory ToS is all the agreement they need.
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  • CrumpledPaper 07/10/2013

    I'd take what they say to prospective ad buyers a lot more seriously than what their damage control teams say to the consumer press after the fact. Personalised ads based on biometrics would undoubtedly be classed as a perfectly appropriate use of Kinect, and the truth is that the user cannot really know for sure what the machine is or isn't collecting even if they opt out. It becomes a matter of trust, but that's a commodity Microsoft has been sorely lacking since XB1's reveal. I wouldn't trust them on it anyway. Reply +11
  • SimplyGames: Your pre-ordered PS4 now costs at least Ł65 more

  • CrumpledPaper 08/10/2013

    What I don't get in SimplyGame's explanation is:

    1) Who is getting the solo packs? Nobody it seems. If they're 'getting less solo stock' than expected, surely that implies they're still getting SOME? But everyone seems to be being forced into these bundles.

    2) The range of bundles doesn't match up with the official bundles Sony will presumably be supplying to SimplyGames - i.e. does this not point to SimplyGames exploiting the situation by making more bundles than just the official ones and by adding things to pump up the price?
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  • CrumpledPaper 07/10/2013

    Sony has denied any hand in this, while in another article SimplyGames CEO has conceded this 'mostly a retailer led iniative' - i.e. SimplyGames are the ones forcing the bundles.
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  • CrumpledPaper 07/10/2013

    @Bertie You should get SimplyGames to reply directly. They've told others that they're being 'forced' by Sony to have a 50:50 split on bundles vs solo, but nobody seems to be able to get the solo... that plus the unofficial nature of the bundles makes it look like to me that SimplyGames is wanting to exploit a hot launch while shunting blame to Sony Reply +16
  • CrumpledPaper 07/10/2013

    ShadyGames Reply +36
  • Digital Foundry: the complete Xbox One architects interview

  • CrumpledPaper 06/10/2013

    The answer they gave about GPGPU wasn't very reassuring. At least they were kind of honest about the value of more CUs in this scenario, though. But their coherent bandwidth comparison was misleading. Xbox One does have 30GB/s of coherent bandwidth but it is shared with the CPU. PS4 has a dedicated 10GB/s read coherent bandwidth for the GPU and also 10GB/s write coherent bandwidth. The CPU has a separate 20GB/s bus. The interviewees here have glossed over write coherency for the GPU - from this and other info it sounds like Xbox One doesn't support that. It's something both PS4 and newer Kaveri APUs support. Reply 0
  • Microsoft to unlock more GPU power for Xbox One developers

  • CrumpledPaper 02/10/2013

    @Monkeyspoon Actually lags behind PS4 even more than before.

    Before people were comparing 1.84 to 1.31 - a 40% difference. With a 10% reserve of the GPU on XB1 we're now looking at 45-55% difference depending on how much PS4's OS takes from the GPU.
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  • CrumpledPaper 02/10/2013

    I also love the spin the headline. Another boost!

    When in fact it's a reduction compared to what most people thought. Just one that might get smaller in the future at some point.

    10% is a hefty cut. A 1.18 Tflop GPU as far as games are concerned, not 1.31.
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  • CrumpledPaper 02/10/2013

    Did they really just talk about bandwidth requirements for ROPs as if cache doesn't exist?

    That really do love to skew things to suit.
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  • Crytek boss discusses Xbox One exclusive Ryse's 900p resolution

  • CrumpledPaper 30/09/2013

    So to sum up:

    1) 900p and 'native 1080p' are now interchangeable descriptions
    2) Crytek's CEO plays all his PC games at 900p instead of 1080p or more, even if he has powerful enough hardware for higher res


    This gen is off to a good start.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects

  • CrumpledPaper 22/09/2013

    And I'd continue to point out that the Digital Foundry 'target GPU' comparison is completely flawed. It's fine to try and isolate ALU differences, but GPU performance is more than that. The ROPs and texture differences are completely sidestepped in that comparison. It's a pity to see it used again. Reply +78
  • CrumpledPaper 22/09/2013

    The problem with adding bandwidth was never about concurrent access to memory.

    The problem is that if you total the numbers and present one number, you're making it sound like you have that number to do anything with - as in one block of GDDR5. You don't. One measurement of bandwidth to 32MB of eSRAM with one measurement of bandwidth to 8GB or DDR3 is not the equivalent to those two bandwidths added together to 8GB+32MB. You don't have the same flexibility about how to use that bandwidth because of the footprint differences involved, so treating it like one big block to carve from is misleading.

    Richard is good at comparing games running on different hardware, but I don't think he's in a good position to respond critically to technical marketing like this. I think it's also unfortunate that the themes expressed here by the MS people are echoes of sentiments Richard expressed via 'sources' in previous article. This isn't going to do much to dispel talk that Richard has aligned his thinking too close to Microsoft friends lately.
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  • Xbox One CPU speed increased by 9.375 per cent

  • CrumpledPaper 04/09/2013

    @BuckEntropy I believe the DMEs are there primarily to move data around.

    This isn't work you are going to be doing on PS4. There is one pool of memory. That 'saved work' on Xbox One is a non factor on PS4, so that saving on Xbox One isn't giving it a boost vs PS4.

    The DMEs can also decompress data, which is something PS4 is also interested in doing - but PS4 also has custom silicon to spare the CPU doing that.

    Do they do anything else that saves CPU time?
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  • CrumpledPaper 04/09/2013

    @BuckEntropy The point is that the DME hardware, to the extent that it is distinct from decompression hardware in PS4, would be irrelevant in PS4. It's doing work that isn't needed on PS4, so it's difficult to see why it would be counted as an advantage for the CPU vs PS4.

    In terms of performance modifiers to the CPU outside of the upclock itself, the audio chip sounds like one - it sounds like it's better than the one in PS4 - but all the other little additions I've read about have counterparts in PS4.
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  • CrumpledPaper 04/09/2013

    The combination of the CPU performance increase in combination with its cluster of custom "Data Move Engines" strongly suggests that while PlayStation 4 has an undoubted graphics hardware advantage, the Xbox One's CPU capabilities are a significant step ahead.
    That's unexpectedly odd writing, Richard.

    You should know that Data Move Engines would be irrelevant in PS4, so counting them as an advantage against PS4 seems very odd. They are a part of a scheme necessary to try and address bandwidth issues PS4 doesn't have. The parts of the DMEs that would be relevant in PS4 - decompression for example - have an analog in dedicated hardware in PS4 (the hardware zlib decompressor etc)

    And I think equating a 9% CPU advantage as 'significant' vs a 40% GPU advantage, sounds a bit odd.
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  • Sony set to go big with virtual reality on PlayStation 4

  • CrumpledPaper 03/09/2013

    Give me Naughty Dog + Media Molecule's new games with this by Christmas 2014. Please. Reply +2
  • What does Microsoft have to say about Sony's Xbox One "shifting message" dig?

  • CrumpledPaper 01/09/2013

    The sign of good service - for example, good hotel service - is when a business is so experienced, and so in touch with its customers' needs, that those needs are anticipated and met before the customer has to say anything. It's just done, the service is almost invisible.

    Microsoft is like a bumbling waiter who gets everything wrong and then trips over himself trying to fix things. It's awkward for everyone.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Resogun

  • CrumpledPaper 31/08/2013

    Nice to see a smaller team doing something more sophisticated with the hardware and coming up with a showcase. Reply +41
  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • CrumpledPaper 30/08/2013

    @NewbieZilla Choices choices. And a camera + game + controller is more for your extra 100 bucks than a Kinect alone. Reply +3
  • CrumpledPaper 30/08/2013

    Overdelivering on value Reply -6
  • Microsoft points to all-in-one nature of Xbox One in price debate

  • CrumpledPaper 30/08/2013

    Bad PR fluff with some glaring inaccuracies e.g. re. Twitch.

    The value argument is the go-to position for a more expensive option in any market, but it really only works if you're actually delivering more value. I don't think the narrative rings true here.

    Xbox One costs more money for a poorer games machine with more paywalled functionality and a less generous subscription service. That's not a good case for value for most people, judging by preorder numbers. The 'extra' stuff - cable box connectivity, Kinect control - is either of questionable appeal, little to do with games, and/or limited to certain markets only.
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