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  • Games of 2010: Red Dead Redemption

  • Crofto 26/12/2010

    Laughable that EG would score the likes of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Mass Effect 2 a 10/10, yet give this game - the real game of the year - an 8. Hilarious, in fact.

    On the one hand you have a reviewer who's trying to not be the same as every other person who overrates Rockstar-made titles (I actually admit this, and think GTA IV is overrated massively), but on the other hand the website will happily slap the highest score on games which simply cannot warrant such praise on any level what-so-ever. Had this website been consistent with reviews, I would take no issue with an 8/10 for RDR, but to give ME2 and AC:B 10s is just beyond stupid.

    Incidentally, I find it amusing that a website I often slate for also talking tons of shit actually seems to be able to distinguish between gaming design achievements and games which are good, but not superb.

    Again, hilarious reading the comments on Gamespot for their correct choice "OMFG MASS EFFECT IS GAME OF THE YEAR!!!! i can shootz people + talk to people and haz sex n be in space at DA SAME TIME". I do hope their odour doesn't spread too far, I'd hate for the staff at GS to consider them of any importance where gaming quality is concerned.
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  • Games of 2010: Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Crofto 26/12/2010

    From a design perspective, this game is mostly certainly game of the year by a very large margin. However, I would personally say GotY is more deserving for Red Dead Redemption for what it achieves, where-as SMG2 is - as refined and awesome as it is - still very similar to the original, and also excellent, Mario Galaxy.

    Was the same reason why I felt Arkham Asylum was GotY last year, when Uncharted 2 was actually the better game; the sequel factor.
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  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

  • Crofto 24/12/2010

    @LFace -- Not really finding it ironic; 50 hours is common for a lot of players (not me personally, mind).

    Just to add to my post, I want to point out that Oli praises the writing of the quests, yet the fact that the majority of them are still text-based at-all is a flaw, since I now consider full voice-acted and narrative-driven content to be a feature MMORPGs should be striving for; reading some text, no matter how witty, is very outdated and poor. I appreciate that there are a lot more lines of dialogue, a few cutscenes, and - overall - more incentive to give a shit about the story, but it's still not enough.

    Also, while the phasing technology equals more enjoyable content for a single player, it actually works against playing together; I can complete a few quests and then be completely separate to my friend who wants to join me later - I can't help him until he 'phases' in. That isn't a great thing for an MMORPG, is it?

    Either way, as a review of WoW itself, or Cataclysm, or both, the game isn't 10/10. New reviewer next time please.
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  • Crofto 24/12/2010

    Was expecting this 10, but again I doubt it is the case (as most others would suggest); WotLK was rated a 10, and actually turned out to be the expansion that most irked the players - for good reason.

    I think Oli is a bit too blinded by his love of the game to properly review it. Rob Fahey - or whoever wrote the original WoW review - is likely the better candidate to review Cataclysm, but I guess he's not available these days. Biased review because the game is "WoW", basically.

    Incidentally I been playing Cataclysm since launch, and have been at the maximum level for some time - while also trying out some new classes/races - and have found it to be impressive and competent, but certainly not 10/10 in quality.

    To be honest I don't even know why I bother with this website with the quality of big-game reviews being of such poor standard, and mostly falling right where publishers would like it (deny all you want, EG, but the evidence is becoming laughable). That, or the journalists have no ability to be non-biased and objective what-so-ever. Probably a mix a both.

    I guess if it wasn't for the personality and charm of EG I would have stopped using this shit for news/reviews a long long time ago.
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  • Final Fantasy XIV Online

  • Crofto 23/12/2010

    Posting to say that shadowcatt and Gorvi make some good points. Of course FFXIV deserves criticism, but there's many here who are writing it off without even realising what MMORPGs are about.

    I played the beta for FFXIV and found it - much like the reviewer - an absolute mess in regards to basic functionality. However, and I know this is often said, there is actually a good game hidden underneath the crap. The visuals, art-style, animations and such are very good indeed, along with the music which is supplied via the immortal Nobuo Uematsu (sorry Blizzard, but this is something you'll never be able to compete with!).

    I honestly don't know if it's possible to fix the game enough to make it playable and fun, or at least do it within a time-frame short enough for the game to remain relevant. As shadowcatt says though, the game at the current stage is likely in a much better place than at launch, so it would be interesting to know exactly when this reviewer last played the game?
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  • The Last Story is 30 hours long

  • Crofto 23/12/2010

    "Im tired of all these "our game is xx hours long", they never are, at best, this will be 15 hours (if that). "

    Nah, that's cause you're just reading what Western developers say. 30 hours is actually not much for a JRPG, especially since Lost Odyssey could offer 60+, so the developer saying it will be 30 hours will in all probability be true.

    I'm glad there's going to be a New Game+ with additional tweaks, since 30 hours doesn't seem long enough for me personally.
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  • Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 28

  • Crofto 19/12/2010

    "I wish Richard Leadbetter would review games for Eurogamer. "

    Jesus, don't go saying shit like that or they might actually listen. The worse thing about these articles is Richard giving his dumbass and irrelevent opinion on the games themselves; I honestly couldn't give a fuck what he thinks, I come here to see tech comparisons and comparisons alone. This website already has enough poor reviewers as it is.
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  • Podcast #49

  • Crofto 15/12/2010

    - Skyrim may sound like something to definitely not Google, but it's called that for a good reason - it's the region of Tamriel the game will be set in. Was the same for Daggerfall and Morrowind. Of course, anyone who jumped on the bandwagon with the disappointing Oblivion won't know or care, but I thought I'd point that out.

    - Tom and co. criticise FFXIII for having a bad plot, dialogue and not being a particularly great game and then bang on about how great Mass Effect 2 is. I'd like to point out that ME2 actually has flaws that make it equal, or even lesser than, FFXIII. Examples include spending 80% of the game to collect party members and do their quests, so you can complete 20% worth of actual story. The game is also short on the whole, and - as mentioned - is massively stripped down (FFXIII actually isn't, as Tom said, since the amount of customisation/freedom offered later is more akin to previous games). The AI of the enemies is shit (team AI especially), and the variation hardly ever alters. ME2 also suffers from numerous bugs and glitches, and clearly isn't polished; FFXIII is a 100-hour game, on the other hand, and has no bugs/glitches that I know of, and is extremely well-polished.

    People are always yelling about how superb ME2 is, and it's really starting to grate on me. The story amounts to nothing more than an episode of Babylon 5 for God's sake! Just cause you can TALK and SHOOT doesn't make it epic, kids. >_>

    By the way, I like both games, and consider them equal in quality, but I just wanted to highlight that for every big flaw FFXIII has, ME2 can offer one too. Works both ways, so take that into consideration.

    - Finally, Tom Bramwell's enthusiasm for ME3 makes me sick. Therefore, because I know fine well he'll be the one to review it - after all, he is a publishers wet dream - and because this is a website and not a newspaper, I'll be sure to have the printer on standby so I can immediately print-off and use his ME3 review to wipe my arse with. =D

    Other than that, great podcast!
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  • Elder Scrolls V tech took "many years"

  • Crofto 13/12/2010

    "Probably, but then that's what happens when you make a huge, ambitious game. Given a choice between small, linear games and huge but a bit broken, I'll take the latter everytime. "

    Actually, no.

    It is entirely possible to polish a game on the scale of what Bethesda make - especially since the actual scale of each TES is getting smaller, not bigger - but it's more a case of how long it is feasible to delay a game to make to do so. Of course, Bethesda are more with 'that' crowd of Western developers whom just release their game ASAP and patch the shit out of it later. I'd personally prefer a middle ground; spend a solid couple of months on bug-testing and polish after the game is "done" before release, but don't worry about making sure the game is 100% bug-free since that would likely delay it to the point where it becomes outdated on release (like parts of Gran Turismo 5, for example).

    Also, good to see so many comments from PC gamers. I'm only just still excited about TES games, but Oblivion was a massive let-down after Morrowind. Definitely aimed at a casual console market, which impacted its quality even on PC (though mods can redeem it, and Nehrim certainly makes it worth a purchase if only as a conduit).
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  • The Remaking of World of Warcraft

  • Crofto 07/12/2010

    Articles like this aren't helping when I'm still waiting for my Cataclysm Collector's Edition to arrive (damn snow!!!); it's reminding me that everyone else is having a great time with the new content, while I'm just stood outside looking through the window. =[

    Guess it means I'll avoid the gank-fest that inevitably occurs whenever new content arrives, especially since my server is like 5% Alliance and 95% Horde (guess which side I'm on!).
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  • Civilization IV nominated for a Grammy

  • Crofto 03/12/2010

    By the way, that theme linked is from Civ IV, not V. But it doesn't matter; it's an excellent song. Reply 0
  • Crofto 03/12/2010

    Great stuff, the music in some of my best gaming experiences has easily been on-par/better than actual "proper" music I listen to, or music used in films.

    Civ is a great game to champion the music for games too, and deserves massive credit (whether you like the game or not). Some other great examples of excellent music this year are Mario Galaxy 2 and Final Fantasy XIII.
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  • Are you the best FIFA player on PS3?

  • Crofto 02/12/2010

    "Are you the best FIFA player on PS3?"


    But in other topics - I agree with Shikasama 100%. Well said sir.

    Also, I don't own FIFA on any console, let alone the PS3, so I'm just using my massive over-confidence to come to the conclusion that I'm the best player.
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  • Podcast #47

  • Crofto 02/12/2010

    Problem is, with so many games being utterly overrated, it essentially means people feel like they're missing out on all these amazing new titles, when in reality only 1/10 of them will likely achieve a genuine gaming experience worthy of a 9/10 experience. A 10/10 experience more likely something you would encounter once every 3-5 years.

    Food for thought, reviewers. Maybe stop saying every game released is super-awesome? Maybe, you know, try to critique a little? Hard to imagine, I know. But do try, please.

    Not just a dig at EG by the way; too many websites/magazines doing it too.
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  • MS responds to Halo 1 HD remake rumour

  • Crofto 01/12/2010

    "As much as I love the Halo series. Please, please stop driving it into the ground. I'd rather see a couple of original franchises from Microsoft once in a while. "

    Fully see where you're coming from, and in principle I agree, however, a remade Halo: CE would be really really good. I mean, they need to make sure to not fuck it up, but since the original is by far the best it would be great to relive those great times with updated gameplay and visuals.

    To save time they should not bother with multiplayer either - just bung a Reach multiplayer disc with the game like ODST. Job done.

    *Edit* Agree with the guy above me too; a Half-Life 1 remake would be even better than this.
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  • Killzone 3 Collector's Edition detailed

  • Crofto 30/11/2010

    Yep, that's most people buying the normal edition not going online for 24 hours, then. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: HR special edition detailed

  • Crofto 30/11/2010

    Love how anyone who even hints at a healthy cynicism for any game that was once great gets negative marks. I had similar feelings when Oblivion was due out, and as expected it was pretty shit compared to Morrowind. It's good to know what to expect, or else you'll be massively disappointed. I think any fans of the original Dues Ex would do well to watch this upcoming game with extreme caution.

    And yes, these pre-order/limited edition exclusive game content packs are a big pile of smelly poo. Would love to see film DVDs do the same, like Pirates of the Caribbean - pre-order from HMV so Johny Depp is enabled in your film!

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  • Microsoft developing console TV service?

  • Crofto 29/11/2010

    ^^^^ True dsmx

    Thing is, both the Wii and PS3 have a browser and i-Player, while the 360 isn't offering services like that, despite being a "entertainment" device and not just a console. If Microsoft don't budge with their policies it may cause future customers to look at other devices.

    This probably sounds like baiting, but what the heck. I own/owned all three consoles and a PC so I can call it as I see it. Microsoft definitely need to open their console a bit more, and not charge for every slice of shit that people want. Ya dig?
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  • Why I hate… Halo

  • Crofto 25/11/2010

    "Bungie have a (more or less) good story to tell, but their storytelling has ranged from mediocre to awful."

    Yep, this.

    Reach was, just... damn. All that potential and hype for the events before Combat Evolved... and then... damn. So poorly told.
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  • The Witcher 2: We're not afraid of Dragon Age

  • Crofto 25/11/2010

    "Quite a bullying interview."

    In this instance I agree, but it's purely because I really respect CD Projekt and think that they already say what they mean, so pushing them doesn't seem necessary.

    However, I've always said that magazines and websites - this one included - are more than happy to brown-nose most developers and publishers, rather than actually ask what's important. I saw another interview a week or so ago also posed by Wesley, and it was similar in tone to this (might have been a BioWare one actually); in that case I really felt it worked well. So keep it up Wesley/guys/whoever.
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  • MVC3: Capcom defends DLC chars

  • Crofto 24/11/2010

    "Capcom are easily the worst for DLC out of all the companies out there"


    Street Fighter IV DLC outfits within a few days of release, was it? Probably already on the disc?

    Fuck off.
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  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Crofto 24/11/2010

    Review reads like Oli is trying to convince himself that this game is worth a 9, rather than us.

    Massively read like an 8/10 to me.
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  • Cataclysm UK launch event revealed

  • Crofto 22/11/2010

    Looks like the Collector's Edition are gonna be plentiful for this expansion, which kinda sucks since I specifically preordered mine as soon as it became available, where-as previous ones I was always too late and then felt envious of the people with their exclusive pets (not that pets matter now, since you can buy the things with actual money /facepalm).

    And no, I won't be going to this for 2 reasons. 1: Spending time at the event is time wasted when you should be installing! 2: I don't live anywhere near London!
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  • Podcast #45

  • Crofto 17/11/2010

    Think I'll give this one a miss; I'd rather watch an episode of Loose Women than subject myself to the World's Worst Reviewer™ try and justify another stupid-ass review/score. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • Crofto 16/11/2010

    @Chaney' #8 comment

    Yep, bang on mate.

    10/10 for this? Tom needs to fire his own ass. He can't critique a game for shit. Seriously. I don't come here to read about an average gamer loving everything he plays; I come here for impartial gaming reviews.
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  • First batch of Fable III DLC dated

  • Crofto 15/11/2010

    I know two guys have mentioned it already, but I'm also curious about when this comes out on PC? I don't particularly think any of these games have ever passed the 7/10 mark for me, but I still would enjoy trying this on PC (especially considering Fable II on 360 had terrible lag/framerates; at least the PC might be able to reduce it).

    Any chance EG could get a date out of Lionhead? Please?
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  • GT5: A list of 1031 cars

  • Crofto 12/11/2010

    McLaren F1 =D Reply 0
  • Game of the Week

  • Crofto 12/11/2010

    "On another note, still feel that the 8/10 from EG was a little contrived and perhaps pandered to the anti Acti crowd?"

    Not really; I don't think so.

    I mean, at the best of times I laugh at EG reviews, but they do sometimes retain that sense of strong journalism they once had when they reviewed games like Halo 8/10 (which is an accurate score, by the way). It's more about being determined enough to review a game as you see fit, and not let outside stuff influence you (which happens a lot now, on here). As it is, I think the reasons given in the review, and the evidence available (the game itself!), justifies a solid 8/10.

    As a military-themed shooter Black Ops is very good, and will appeal to people who like that, but as a piece of game design it doesn't push any boundaries or present anything particularly spectacular compared to other games. The multiplayer structure is sound, but it's just a refinement on previous titles, therefore diminishing returns apply. 8/10 is fine.

    Unfortunately, the score does that usual thing that happens with Eurogamer, in that it ends up making other games look better even though they obviously aren't. Halo: Reach got a 9/10, but the review is saying to me 8/10; the reviewer likely lost out to outside pressure, and felt that they couldn't score it an 8/10... where-as the reviewer for Black Ops has had the determination to score it as they truly believe. I would prefer the latter approach for all reviews, but alas.
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  • Podcast #44

  • Crofto 10/11/2010

    Wouldn't exactly agree with the guy above me since I enjoyed the podcast, however, I did chuckle at Ellie's rant about people using Android phones. I find it amusing how people who pay so much for a device because it merely has an Apple logo can take the high ground. ;-) Reply 0
  • COD: Black Ops PS3 vs. 360 video

  • Crofto 09/11/2010

    I'd say the 360 has the better lighting and contrast of the two, but without framerate numbers I wouldn't be able to tell which one is best off this video.Not that I would care either... I've never liked these games, but just was curious about which version looks better. Reply 0
  • PS3 "still not enough" for GT - Yamauchi

  • Crofto 08/11/2010

    "A bad workman blames his tools. Quit complaining and get on with it FFS. I suppose that's going to be the reason its taken so long to develop?
    Funny how a million and one other developers don't moan about it. "

    Don't agree with you there actually. James Cameron said that he held-off making Avatar 'til now because the technology wasn't available, and I think the same applies here (with the difference being that Yamauchi will accept compromise and make-do with GT as it is, for now).

    I think it's promising to think that someone can envision something that modern tech still can't achieve; it points to better things if Avatar is anything to go by!
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  • What makes games frustrating?

  • Crofto 08/11/2010

    "Demons Souls was a little like this too... It had the fancy graphics and a huge 3D world but it stuck to the values outlined in this article. It was difficult, frustrating at times but all the clues were there and it was fair. Doesn't quite take you to the places Geo Wars does but I think you know what I mean. "

    Can't fully agree on Demon's Souls. People always say it's "fair", but I don't consider being able to move at a snail's pace and not being able to dodge in a swamp, while enemies can freely move at full speed to be particularly fair. Nor do I think the unpredictable nature of an enemy's animations when attacked constitute fair design; they either stagger, or ignore a hit and immediately strike you (which most of us know will lead to massive damage/death) -- You can't approach every melee encounter without taking in mind a random event, which removes skill, and so is somewhat unfair.

    With that said I'm not trying to take anything away from the game - I like it very much - but it isn't exactly a fair game. I respect the challenge it offers, and for the most part it is satisfyingly fair, but it can cheat you many times due to poor design.
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  • Killzone 3 pad lag measured

  • Crofto 05/11/2010

    Never really cared much for Killzone but I'm seeing/hearing positive things as far as multiplayer goes. I'm not a huge online FPS player and have only ever really dedicated much time to the Halo games. Having said that, Bungie's latest, Reach, has been hugely disappointing for me; too many inconsistant gameplay elements, shitty maps, and horrendous matchmaking/multiplayer components compared to vastly-more modern shooters such as CoD (which I don't play or like, but can still see where it betters Reach for online).Should Killzone 3 turn out good I can see it being a very real alternative for me. I just don't think the campaign will be able to compete with the likes of Bungie though, which is an issue for me since single-player is equally important to me. Reply 0
  • Halo: Reach level cap goes up

  • Crofto 04/11/2010

    This may indeed be old news, but it just adds to the overall impression I'm getting from Reach - no-one really cares. The peak number of people playing the game over the past couple of weeks is 200k. That's not great, especially for a game like this. Bear in mind that 200k will consist of at least 25% of people waiting to get Black Ops and so I can't imagine how low the population will be in a week or so.

    I'm still playing the game, and still enjoy it, but Bungie have made it very difficult with Reach consisting of nab-lock, lag, bad maps, few maps, bloom-fail, no solution to quitters, cheaters, and so on. The game has lots of potential but Bungie are unwilling to sort their issues out, and thus I have no doubt this has in-part led to it being not very popular. The rank cap didn't help either, though the fact that all your cR stacks towards the next levels after the cap lifted seem to elude most players.
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  • COD: Black Ops gets UK age rating

  • Crofto 03/11/2010

    Just to back up what Bravestinsane was saying - I do think the retailers take too much of the flak with regards to kids playing games they shouldn't. As with a lot of things, the blame is almost exclusively on the parents, and we should focus on that. The majority of gaming-specific stores employ actual gamers - people who can clearly tell whether a game like Resident Evil is appropriate for a kid or not - so blaming them is only easing the blame on the real culprits. Reply 0
  • Crytek hopes Haze is remembered fondly

  • Crofto 03/11/2010

    The only thing I remember fondly about this game - going off the demo, of course - is your character going "ARGH ARGH ARGH" continuously as he took damage and used that honey-bee shit to become stronger. Reply 0
  • WOW "sucked oxygen" from MMO subs

  • Crofto 02/11/2010

    @Maxisleep - Completely agree; I've been saying as much myself for years. The developers constantly try to emulate what WoW is, rather than compete and improve on the endless list of problems WoW has. There's already a ton of people on WoW now who, for example, would rather play an equally polished and enjoyable MMO without the "easy epics" as it were; massive untapped potential for a more "hardcore" WoW, but no-one is looking in the right places. And that's only an example - so many more areas where developers could gain ground, but all they seem to want is to put the '!' icon above NPC's heads and think that's enough. Good God.

    And yes, KotOR online is epic fail in the making. BioWare's offline RPGs, as good as some of them are, are massively unpolished and lacking in many areas, so amplify by that by infinity for an MMORPG and bam! Many can probably live with the bugs, glitches and broken shit, for sure, but topped with BioWare's tendency for implementing poor combat in their titles should kill off most subscribers after a month or two.

    Old Republic to go Free-to-Play within 6 months, anyone?
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  • Fallout: New Vegas patches inbound

  • Crofto 20/10/2010

    Anyone with previous experience of Obsidian should have expected this, hence why I'm holding off on buying New Vegas for a couple of weeks by which point I expect the PC version to have patches or unofficial fanmade patches to make the game playable.

    Edit - Actually fair comment above me: Bethesda are equally to blame and are actually just-as-bad as Obsidian where bugs are concerned and it is their technology, so feel free to blame both parties. ;p
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  • Console Witcher 2 now just a "potential"

  • Crofto 20/10/2010

    Dunno what Darren is getting rated negatives for, he's telling it as it is.

    I welcome this news; focusing on the PC version means that the format it works best on will have the interface, visuals and gameplay we have come to expect. What annoyed me about Bethesda and Oblivion specifically is that PC gamers - the same set of gamers who got them where they are now, no less - had to make-do with the game even though it was clearly still intended for console-format.

    On the flip-side, console gamers should be glad -- Looking at Dragon Age - which is the opposite of my Oblivion point - tells us that a game designed specifically for PC, and then hurried over for consoles on release will also equal awful results, hence why both the 360 and PS3 versions of DA: Origins are laughable. Should The Witcher 2 hits consoles you can at least know that the developers had time since the PC release to focus on porting it properly and adapting to console-design.
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  • Mistwalker's The Last Story trailer

  • Crofto 20/10/2010

    ^^^ What Jambii said.The Wii could really benefit with a game like this. Reply 0
  • Laid-off EA dev: Old Republic "is a joke"

  • Crofto 13/10/2010

    He'll be proven right about KotOR online though. I've been saying as much since it was announced; BioWare don't have what it takes to make an MMORPG that can compete with the likes of Blizzard. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Origins gets Ultimate Edition

  • Crofto 30/09/2010

    "6/10. Ridiculous today as it was then."

    Not really. For one thing, the game is absolutely horrid on consoles. That's a fact that cannot be debated what-so-ever. For another thing, and in general, although DA is a competent, deep and enjoyable RPG, it's overall presentation, content, combat, AI, and - to some extents - story are out-dated and unimpressive. 5 years ago it would have been brilliant, but these days there are games like The Witcher which manage to offer roughly a similar - and for some, a better - experience.

    The 360 review is accurate, and should not be disputed. It's comments like yours which make the guys on this website start pumping out 10/10s to all games under the sun purely because "the fans love it" or "it's made by BioWare ZOMG", etc... I much prefer honest and frank criticisms which are fair and justified, rather than appalling novelty write-ups to keep the masses happy.

    And for the record - I love Dragon Age and have enjoyed playing it for over 100+ hours (on PC, where it is intended to be played, of course) but even so I would struggle to rate it higher than an 8.
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  • Halo: Reach DLC already on the way?

  • Crofto 27/09/2010

    CaptainQuint "May I ask, what do you expect from an action game campaign? What do you enjoy? Are you a fan of CoD single player rollercoasters? Do you like Michael Bay movies? "

    Nah, he's probably played Half-Life 2. Playing Valve games kinda makes you pity efforts made by Bungie.

    Kinky_mong "Seen one of the new achievements...

    "Congrats on not being a douche - 20G
    Play 10 consecutive games of rumble pit without voting for Infection, or 10 consecutive Team Slayer games without voting for Sniper or Swat.""

    This. Massively.

    Won't even touch rumble pit now; they might as well call it Infection Pit. Seriously.
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  • UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach

  • Crofto 27/09/2010

    Great to see Civ up there, especially against high-profile titles. =] Reply 0
  • Sony's PS2 adaptor patent explored

  • Crofto 14/09/2010

    If this thing is true then it's good to know they are still thinking about this topic. I assumed they just wanted to ignore it since they - stupidly - ditched the PS2 enabled PS3 consoles.

    I hate that I have to hold on to my battered PS2 slim with it's dodgy controller ports, and faulty scart connection (well, I have component, but you get the idea). But no way am I ever getting rid of the opportunity to play my beloved PS2 classics.
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  • Heavy Rain Move Edition dated, priced

  • Crofto 13/09/2010

    This version will, presumably, be the one that should have initially been released as opposed to a broken, glitchy, unfinished mess, right?

    Of course, no way of fixing plot-holes and bad writing, but with Move I'm sure it might interest some folk.
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  • No campaign co-op for COD: Black Ops

  • Crofto 13/09/2010

    Well at least it'll be full-screen split-screen too, right?

    Just played Reach on Sat and saw that, yet again, the game has black borders when playing in split-screen.

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  • Halo: Reach

  • Crofto 12/09/2010

    Well done Oli. 9/10 being used as intended.

    This was one of those "make or break" reviews this site has failed on several times.

    Achievement Unlocked!
    Review Journeyman: Resisted urge and pressure to rate a game 10/10!
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  • What the FAQ?

  • Crofto 10/09/2010

    GameFAQs has been one of my favourite sites for several years now and I have no problem in admitting that I use it often for most games. The funny thing is that I'm using it mainly because of bad game design rather than being stuck.

    It's actually poignant that you interview someone who does Final Fantasy guides, because those games deliberately obscure a lot of their content, and the simply reason is because they want to increase sales of official guides, yet have - ironically - ended up making more and more people go online instead. I would prefer that all games have an in-built system to give players hints and tips (that they can earn; see Metroid Prime 3) so that guides aren't necessary, but that'll never happen.

    Until then I rely on those good folk over at GameFAQs to help me get through games that would otherwise annoy the shit out of me.
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