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  • PlayStation Vita update adds support for themes

  • Craven 02/10/2014

    @shinmegami1 Still can't get it to work. I've tried altering the location, tried moving the files and still having no joy. Think i'll just wait till that one time in a blue moon that sony actually offer a UK version of the netflix app. Thanks anyway though. Reply 0
  • Craven 02/10/2014


    Firstly, thank you for the link. What i wanted to ask was do you happen to know where there's a dummys guide on how to get netflix on to a UK vita? Tried following that link and others from it but i'm pretty much stuck at the QMA stage. My PS Vita keeps coming back saying it can't connect to the device. So i'm stumped, at the moment.
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  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • Craven 07/06/2013

    Perfectly sums up my thoughts when trying to comprehend all of the above. I probably wasn't going to buy an Xbox One as i've pretty much always owned Playstation's but like someone else said, what happened to the days of switching on a console, putting game in, playing game and switching it off.

    That's all we need, not necessary making it this bloody complicated.
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • Craven 20/02/2013

    Togay? Reply 0
  • Craven 20/02/2013

    Wish he'd just get to the point. Some of us have got work in the morning you know! Reply 0
  • Craven 20/02/2013

    Wish he'd just get to the point. Some of us have got work in the morning you know! Reply 0
  • Craven 20/02/2013

    And it's LIVE! Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4: everything we know so far

  • Craven 20/02/2013

    I fucking love all those Kaz gifs. More gifs please. Reply +6
  • Another 37 HMV stores are to close, bringing the grand total to 103

  • Craven 20/02/2013

    With the Grimsby store closing, all that leaves in the local area for buying brand new CD's and DVD's is the supermarkets, which in fairness i tend to get a lot of those purchases from, along with my games.

    It's going to leave me stuffed though, especially if i want to make an impulse buy on something obscure and i need a last minute purchase for a present or what not.
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  • PlayStation 4 out November, has Xbox Live-style subscription - report

  • Craven 20/02/2013

    I barely use my PS3 for playing games as it is (huge backlog anyone?) so charging for online would put me even more off getting one. Maybe it's an age thing, but as i've got older i don't really play computer games much anymore. Reply 0
  • Sleeping Dogs and more for PlayStation Plus in February

  • Craven 28/01/2013

    Decent month, that.

    Already owned traded in and completed Sleeping Dogs but i could quite easily finish off a number of the challenges left to do.

    F1 Race Stars i didn't think too much to the demo but it could be a decent game to play every now and then so i'd give it another try. Not sure about Quantum Conundrum. Again i'd download it and see out of curiosity whether it's for me, though a lot of the quirky puzzle type games that have been on PS+ haven't been for me. Each to their own and all that.

    As for Vita, with Wipeout and Lumines both being free i'll have to trade in my physical copies, leaving me with no other physical Vita games. Not necessarily a bad thing, sign of the times i suppose.

    I will have to consider getting a bigger HDD though, maybe a 1tb one for my PS3 to replace the existing 320gb. Where's the best place with the best price to get a 1tb HDD?
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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rated for PlayStation 3 release

  • Craven 29/10/2012

    As much as i'd like to play this again, charging (potentially) £8 for an 8 year old PS2 game with no trophy support gives me little reason to do so.

    Put it at a reasonable price along with trophy support and then i'll consider it.
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  • Apple reveals iPad Mini

  • Craven 23/10/2012

    @UncleLou As others have said they announced an upgraded Ipad "Ipad 4" along with the mini. Had they announced the Ipad mini only i wouldn't have been as bothered as i am. Having said that, there's nothing i can do about it now and i very much doubt i'll be selling or trading in my Ipad 3 just for the sake of a new charger connection and a bit more power which i wouldn't use. Reply 0
  • Craven 23/10/2012

    To say i'm annoyed with Apple releasing the Ipad 4 is an understatement, especially seeing as i bought the 3 only a month ago. This is taking the piss, even by Apple standards. Reply +9
  • PSN maintenance today and tonight ahead of PS Store re-launch

  • Craven 17/10/2012

    @kimchibaka Just had a look and i'm not sure where you mean? Can't see the dates listed.

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  • Craven 15/10/2012

    Speaking of PSN activating and deactivating ps3s on your account, is there a way to figure out which one is which if you've owned several PS3s? I've had 3 PS3's, my 60gb which got the flashing red light, my 80gb fat which i sold and my current ps3 slim. Same thing with me owning a few PSP's and a vita.

    I haven't renamed them on my PS3/PSP so they would have the default names.

    I'm not sure i've explained that very well but you should get the jist of it.
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  • Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

  • Craven 26/09/2012

    Still got Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 sealed for my ps3. If the 9th November is a likely release date they'll still probably be sealed (long games backlog) so this trilogy sounds like a good idea to me. Has to be reasonably priced though Reply +1
  • Sony announces three new Vita apps

  • Craven 17/04/2012

    Appreciate that Sony are releasing these apps but would much rather see a youtube app to be honest. Though i'm not sure if that's possible, what with it not running flash. Reply -4
  • Tesco claims it's "The Home of Gaming" in new ad

  • Craven 30/03/2012

    Whilst their claim to be "the home of gaming" is debatable, their selection of games isn't that much different to a so called specialist such as Game/Gamestation and they generally have better in store prices than them. Don't see what the problem is to be honest. Reply -7
  • GAME administration to end tomorrow with RBS as buyer - report

  • Craven 29/03/2012

    Sounds all a bit iffy to me. Put game into administration and then buy them out at a much reduced rate. What's to then stop them selling Game on making potentially a big profit?

    Lets not forget this is coming from a company who had to rely on the government to bail them out not so long ago. Still if you take the positive it's safeguarding a lot of peoples jobs who still happen to work for them.
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  • ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion

  • Craven 27/03/2012

    @ShiftyGeezer That's a big "if" at the moment though. Reply +4
  • GAME suspends trading of its shares on the stock exchange

  • Craven 21/03/2012

    They're fucked, basically.

    And to add to this i hope the majority of staff who work for game (directors and top level management excluded) start looking for and get new jobs asap
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  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations £49.99 on EU PlayStation Store this week

  • Craven 20/03/2012


    Edit* too slow
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD gameplay footage

  • Craven 09/03/2012

    I'll reserve judgement till i know what the soundtrack is. I'd love all the original soundtrack but realistically i doubt that's going to happen.

    Also needs to be a decent price, £10 or less and this'll have me interested.
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  • Japan chart: Vita sales slump continues

  • Craven 08/03/2012

    Despite Japan not buying the Vita me in the UK still wants one. Hell i even had a dream about buying one the other night, not sure if that's a good thing or not? Reply +2
  • GAME won't stock Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath

  • Craven 06/03/2012

    Went into my local Game for the first time since the Christmas period yesterday. It was just a flying visit to check their PS Vita bundle offers and even the staff seem resigned to losing their jobs, pinning their hopes on a Gamestop type buyout and brushing off not stocking games as a game of cat and mouse, the suppliers wanting too much money and game not wanting to pay that much.

    Anyway, what i did like was that even though i thought the Vita bundle offers were still too expensive for me they gave me the chance to actually hold and play the Vita, something which you wouldn't tend to find with the supermarkets, HMV and most importantly, online.

    If gaming hardware is to be bought online how are we meant to gauge what a product feels like, looks like etc That's one thing you can't replicate in an online transaction and one thing i'll miss if i'm forced to buy gaming hardware online.

    Just for the record having a quick play on that PS Vita has made me more interested in buying one, just a shame that Game can't compete with Amazon's prices at the moment.
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  • Sony reveals which PS3 game has been Platinum'd the most

  • Craven 03/03/2012

    Surprised there's no Terminator Salvation or Sega Mega Drive Collection. I've got the platinum trophy for the latter but the former is supposedly one of the easiest platinums to get. Reply 0
  • Sony postpones tonight's PSN maintenance

  • Craven 01/03/2012

    Game on!
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  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • Craven 29/02/2012

    Whilst i agree Game altering their stores to something resembling an Apple store i feel the costs in doing such a thing would be far too high, especially with all the problems they have at the moment.

    What game need to do is not just stock the top 20, actually stock a few of the niche titles, otherwise what's the point in being a games retail "specialist" ? Supermarkets do this and a few of the larger supermarkets also do trade ins. They also, most importantly need to address the price of their games. I'm sure most people wouldn't begrudge paying a few quid more if they could get the game straight away.

    This added with less stores in close proximity to each other and less pushy salesman selling techniques may just save Game. I think it could be too late for them, they've been arrogant for far too long.
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  • GAME to close 35 stores

  • Craven 24/02/2012

    @DilutedDante If that's so Game should be promoting it better. I wasn't aware they even did click and collect till i saw it in that article. Reply 0
  • Craven 23/02/2012

    @Brodie I was negging the fact you're losing your job. Speaking from experience i don't like to see anyone out of work so good luck to whatever else it is you do in the future. Reply 0
  • Craven 23/02/2012

    Another day, another news negative news story for game on eurogamer. Anyone with half a brain cell can see game are deep in the brown stuff. Game need to massively downsize and need to seriously consider why they feel the need to have two game and/or gamestations so close to each other in most towns and cities.

    Ever since they decided to virtually eradicate the retro section in gamestation the store is game all in but name. Gamestation may be the "cooler" name in video gaming circles but in my opinion i'd say the game brand is more reputable overall so would keep Game.

    I see in the MCV article they're looking to introduce "click and collect" to their stores. This should have been done years ago and for me just shows how short sighted their business strategy is.
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  • UK retail game sales "half of what they should be"

  • Craven 23/02/2012

    @Alex_976 Completely agree. Way too many games are released and on top of that people having less money to spend on things like games means quickly reduced game prices.

    I remember spending £50 on Resident Evil 2 and that was fourteen years ago!
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  • The Rise and Fall of Sega Enterprises

  • Craven 22/02/2012

    Very good article, that. More of the same on other gaming companies please, EG. Reply +17
  • WipEout 2048 on PlayStation Vita - first 15 minutes

  • Craven 22/02/2012

    Those loading times are pretty long. Reply +6
  • NFS: The Run £49.99 on PSN Store this week

  • Craven 14/12/2011

    £49.99 for a game you can get the physical copy for cheaper elsewhere?

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  • Sony gives PS Plus subscribers a free game every two days

  • Craven 01/12/2011

    Current PS+ user signing in.

    Whilst i welcome this decision both as a current subscriber and also for new subscribers, i do feel a little aggrieved that they are offering something which they already offered for free earlier in the year. On a side note i'm a little disappointed with some of the content they've offered throughout my subscription, it's mostly been PS1 games, minis and the odd avatar and theme. What i'd rather see is discounts on DLC which i'm likely to buy, such as the Call Of Duty and the Fallout series. Wouldn't be too much to ask would it?
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  • Game Group interview: is it really that bad?

  • Craven 23/11/2011

    I could do with some of that "regenerating cash" for my bank account. Reply +1
  • EU PlayStation Store update 23rd November

  • Craven 23/11/2011

    Motorstorm isn't a bad price at face value but a quick google shows i can get the game for best part of £15 at shopto. Reply 0
  • Game Group's share price nose dives

  • Craven 23/11/2011

    @Ryze All about brand identity though, i'd hazard a guess that more people know about Game then they do Gamestation. As radical as CamoChris's plan is, it's a good one. Reply +3
  • Craven 23/11/2011

    @TheLastProphet Problem is i don't think they can price match websites what with the overheads of the stores. I do think they should match their own website though, must be confusing to the average customer when told they can't have the same price as what the game website says. I do think price matching non online outlets is a must though.

    On a secondary note, i also feel they'll have to start being competitive on pre owned prices and trade ins too, what with Asda, Tesco and HMV also offering the service. Obviously that can only be a good thing for the consumer.
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  • Craven 23/11/2011

    It's worth also remembering that while Game's share price is low, it still employs over 10,000 staff in over 1300 outlets, and turns over more than £1 billion each year.
    That's a hell of a lot of staff, do they really need that many staff and stores? That'd be one of the things i'd be addressing if i was one of the higher ups at Game group.

    On a more personal note, as the article says the pricing of their products is a major issue for me. I'm not expecting them to match online retailers as even i realise that's foolish, but they must be competitive with the supermarkets in order to survive.

    Case in point, last week i was able to purchase Saints Row The Third from Asda for around £37 when in Gamestation i believe it was about £43. £6 is a big difference and that's where the main problem lies with them.
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  • The new Eurogamer - four days on

  • Craven 27/10/2011

    @rauper When i click on a persons profile and click on the link for their comment it just sends me to the start of the thread. This isn't particularly useful if you're trying to look at a thread which spans dozens of pages.

    Is there any way of sorting this issue out? It's the main reason why i rarely use the forums to be honest.
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  • Ubisoft confirms online pass

  • Craven 16/07/2011

    Seeing as i wait for games to come down in price (which on current form is around 2 months after release) this doesn't really affect me much. And by the time i get round to playing it the game's probably worth about 50p anyway. Reply +2
  • L.A. Noire: Nicholson Electroplating

  • Craven 24/06/2011

    I've not played or own any of the DLC but i have to agree with the other points about this game. Sure it's a nice looking game and the facial animations are also (at times) very good but for me at least you have a repetitive linear game with a story line which only gets going towards the final act (Arson). There just isn't anything else to do besides go from a-b, question people, search for clues at a scene, have a gun fight/fist fight and have car chases.

    For me at least it's at best a 7/10 game, perhaps more 6/10. I'm not sure by the sounds of things the DLC will be any different so i won't bother with it.
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  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Craven 12/06/2011

    I skipped to page 3 to see what the score was. I think i'll wait till this hits £20 or less, won't be taking too much of a risk then. Reply -9
  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.10 released

  • Craven 08/06/2011

    I still would like saves for endurance races, over anything else. Till then i refuse to do them in A Spec. Reply +4
  • UK retail lists PS Vita at £230

  • Craven 07/06/2011

    £200 or less is the sweet spot for me. Reply +14
  • PSN Store returns stuffed with content

  • Craven 02/06/2011

    @mcmothercruncher Usually when you buy a game discounted by PS+ you buy it at that price and it's yours to keep for as long as you want. I'd imagine the same thing applies here. Reply +3
  • Sony defends free PSN games offer

  • Craven 17/05/2011

    Like others have said Sony didn't have to do anything at all. Whilst i agree the selection could have been bigger, at least you're getting something. And even if you own all the games, trade in the disc versions and get something you haven't got or sell them and get a few quid that way. It's also a smart move by Sony to offer 30 days PS+ as well, dangles the carrot to the non plus members and maybe they may get more PS+ users as a result. Most importantly to me as a PS+ user is the added 60 days, hopefully they offer something good as a result, maybe discount off some of the top selling DLC perhaps? Reply 0