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  • Spielberg's Halo TV show "still in very active development", network claims

  • Coughthulu 08/01/2018

    But apart from mentioning he had also seen scripts, that was all Levine could say on the matter.
    Ken Levine?
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  • Growing up with and growing out of The Sims

  • Coughthulu 26/11/2017

    @GelatinousDude Fair enough, but I meant that Vic's piece was just as good as anything Cara or Ellie would have written, regardless of writing style.

    There's a reason Gibson was an 'EG fanboy darling', when you compare her writing to some of the other articles that have been written in EG, mainly by men (and I'd actually put her and Christian Donlan together as being the finest two writers EG have ever had, in their consistent ability to provoke emotion from their readers). She brought levity and punchy humour to topics/reviews that could have otherwise been dry and frankly drab reading.

    Additionally, reading other Cara articles, for example on Rock Paper Shotgun, might show that she doesn't just stick to a certain style, either.

    Unfortunately, this is now an aside from what I actually meant to do, which was to pay Vic a compliment that she obviously has a talent comparable to the other two, as a fantastic writer in a mostly male dominated arena. We need more of this.
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  • Coughthulu 25/11/2017

    I'd been concerned recently that the number of EG contributors writing fantastic pieces was tailing off, but this proves otherwise, it was a great read.

    Additionally it's also great to see EG now has another strong female writer in the vein of Cara Ellison and Ellie Gibson!
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  • Wolfenstein 2's first big update opens the Vault

  • Coughthulu 07/11/2017

    Another thing it did was make my mid-level saves, at least under PS4, invalid, with a warning they were 'from an older version of the game'; so if I tried to use any of them, it dumped me right back at the start of the level I'd already spent 50 mins patiently creeping around.

    I wasn't highly impressed. Why on Earth did they think this was something players wouldn't have an issue with?!
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  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • Coughthulu 06/09/2016

    Mindful of this, the coalition, with its Fix Britain's Internet campaign, has called on gamers to get in touch with Ofcom to push for Openreach going it alone.
    Might be worth adding a link in the article on how to actually do that?
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  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • Coughthulu 17/08/2016

    " - Quake in particular."... "and put countless hours into Epic's hugely popular shooter."

    id's, shirley?

    Well, at least he's not shied away and put his money where his mouth is.
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  • Far Cry Primal promotion invites you to sleep in a cave

  • Coughthulu 18/01/2016

    So, have Ubi marketing dropped the ball massively on this one?

    Is it actually to stay in one of the (now) closed to the public Lourdes caverns where the paintings were discovered?

    That's the only thing that would really connect Primal to 'staying in a cave'. And if that is the case, why haven't they actually said that? It'd make so much more sense to people.

    Of course, they might just be insane.
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  • Unsung games of 2015: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

  • Coughthulu 27/12/2015


    Aha, fantastic! Thank you so much for the reply, gives me a few months to convince the only regular not to have a current gen console to get one. :)
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  • Coughthulu 25/12/2015

    I desperately want to play this with my regular mob of L4D cronies, but we console game and there still appears to be no info on when this might be coming out for PS4.

    Is there any chance EG could ask FatShark on an ETA?
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  • Free and upcoming Warhammer Vermintide content revealed

  • Coughthulu 11/11/2015

    Is there any news yet on when this is being release on consoles? Reply +1
  • How Rise of the Tomb Raider's microtransactions work

  • Coughthulu 08/10/2015

    Tomb Raider:
    - Score Attack
    - Remnant Resistance
    - Mission Modifier Cards

    Right. You sure this is Tomb Raider?

    'Legend' was a decent set of ideas. From that point on, they've morphed this completely into an Uncharted wannabee.

    Why can't we have a reboot where the majority is a game of fantastic spaces with excellent design and very few enemies (mostly non-human) which, when they do appear, add to the atmosphere? Surely this would still sell in the modern climate?

    Or am I a dinosaur?
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  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • Coughthulu 24/09/2015

    Aaah, that I did not know! In that case, it makes a lot more sense.

    Though it's a bit odd that the price is the same.

    Thanks! :)
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  • Coughthulu 24/09/2015

    I have been tempted by this, even though the price point seems off, because my friends have dived into it and have told me it's actually very enjoyable.

    What puts me off is that I didn't buy the original Legendary edition of Destiny, so I didn't get the DLC 'for free', and after being told what rip-offs they were, I decided not to get them.

    So, the most insidious thing that's making me recoil in terror is that I'd have to buy both TDB and HOW to play this. I can't think of any other game I've ever played where you have to own all the previous DLC to play other DLC (I could well be wrong, is there any in another game?). And that seems a bit worrying to me, where does it stop? Are we going to see more DLC where you have to also own TTK to play it (and therefore everything previously).

    I think that's what puts me off the most. You're essentially having to buy a 'season pass' without it being explicitly stated, just to buy DLC you might want.

    I think this kind of model is worrying, and it sets yet another dangerous precedent for the industry.
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  • Crime caper The Swindle gets a release date

  • Coughthulu 25/06/2015


    Well, at least you're on-topic for swindling!
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  • ARK: Survival Evolved dev offers $100 bounty for reporting hacks

  • Coughthulu 25/06/2015


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  • We need to talk about emulation

  • Coughthulu 31/05/2015

    "I've spoken with former Spectrum developers - many of whom are still working in games today - who said they refused permission because they felt they were being emotionally blackmailed into giving their games away. It's a classic Catch 22 - the Vega needed games in order to have any purpose, but those games were apparently not valuable enough to actually spend money on. Thankfully Retro Computers has since seen sense, and will now apparently offer some form of royalty payment to developers when the Vega is released commercially."
    Can we have some sort of clarity on this paragraph please? How many of these developers, irrespective of whether they are in the industry still or not, were work-for-hire to write a game that was then owned by a publisher that is now defunct?

    If everyone you spoke to is self-published, then great. If not, why should developers who have no legal right to royalties from the originally published games get any now?

    Should those of us who worked on the now-dead operating systems that powered these games expect royalties for their emulation (and in fact, not just emulation, if the HW is that being emulated) as well?


    Again, compare it to film. There, the cinema release is just the start of a film's commercial life. After that it can be sold on DVD or Blu-ray, it can be packaged for TV and sold to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. It can licensed for Pay Per View in hotels and sold to airlines to show in-flight. It has what smartly dressed business people call a "long tail", making money for years to come and helping to fund more movies.

    There's really nothing like that for games, apart from budget re-releases or special editions, which is why we have such an imbalanced industry.
    There are a myriad of reasons why you simply cannot compare classical media to games, including the sheer volume of output of the games industry and the range of budgets and workforce required to work on them.

    For an excellent monologue on this, I'd direct anyone to TotalBiscuit's YouTube page:

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  • Sexy housekeeper sim Sunset debuts gameplay in new trailer

  • Coughthulu 21/02/2015


    And besides, who wants to work 80 hour weeks? Madness! :)
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  • ScreamRide demo crashes onto Xbox 360, Xbox One midnight tonight

  • Coughthulu 16/02/2015

    I know that the 'female computer voice' thing has been around forever, but why is it ever since Portal that everyone now just tries to be Ellen McClain (although she is fabulous)? Reply +2
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • Coughthulu 11/02/2015

    An absolutely fantastic article Wes; I think the last year has proven you're actually now one of, if not the best, investigative journalists in gaming.

    Forget the promises Molyneux makes to millions of gamers whenever he opens his mouth. To make a promise personally to someone, to invite them to participate, to get huge amounts of PR out of them by having them interviewed as the winner and that they will be 'God of Gods' in his next game and then to completely and utterly ignore them... I think this is the reason nobody should ever purchase anything he or his studios develops ever again.

    His glory-days are over, he's turned out to be a fantasist of the highest calibre, someone who probably now believes his own hype so much he doesn't actually see that the reality is a string of broken promises and failed games.

    Godus is the final nail in the coffin. I really can't see how he's going to be able to convince anyone to either fund or buy his next broken promise.

    As for Bryan, it seems he's come out of it with a philosophical attitude. I have no doubt he'll go very far on his own.
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  • Retro first-person shooter StrafeŽ parties like its 1996

  • Coughthulu 21/01/2015

    But it's not all retro nostalgia, as StrafeŽ will feature some more modern concepts like randomly generated levels.
    Lots of 8-bit era games, including Rogue, say "Hello!"

    As, in fact, does Wolfenstein's own random map generator from 1993. And the Rise of the Triad map generator... and...

    Strafe is looking pretty fantastic, however!
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  • Second UK man arrested following PlayStation and Xbox DDOS attacks

  • Coughthulu 16/01/2015


    What they did was, most probably:
    * Get a large number of on-call systems and network engineers who were hoping to spend time with their families into an office for 48 hours on Christmas Day/Boxing day.

    * Cause a loss of revenue for PSN/XBL and the network and server carriers they use (as a knock on effect for QoS issues).

    * Cause massive amounts of stress, which really can cause physical harm, to all concerned.

    And given that the first guy was arrested primarily for Paypal fraud last year, I'm guessing they actually have stolen; probably large amounts of cash.
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  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • Coughthulu 22/12/2014


    Cheers, Wes!


    Ah, that's a good point, I'd forgotten the post-carnage game reports where uploaded; sounds more likely it's any activity at all then.

    Hope so, ODST was my favourite campaign of the lot! :)
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  • Coughthulu 22/12/2014


    Is there any chance of getting clarification from 343 as to exactly what the T&C for this ('log online activity with Xbox Live') means? It's been intepreted in several different ways already on different threads on different sites, including the official 343 site, which has done nothing to clarify this; some people saying 'Yes, it's anything, including campaign' and others saying 'No, only if you've got into an MP match'.

    I gave up trying MP after several sessions of sitting there for ages not seeing any other players, so have only played the campaign. Does this mean I'm not elligible? As I have onlocked achievements and played campaign sessions, I assume I've 'logged online activity with XBL'.

    It'd actually be nice to have a clear statement saying 'anyone who's played either MP or Campaign'.
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  • Eternal Darkness dev Denis Dyack back with ambitious new studio

  • Coughthulu 31/10/2014

    Dyack said that he was keen to explore the possibilities that occur when a developer merges games with film and television - a point he calls "the singularity".
    That's just elicited the biggest belly laugh I've had all week.

    And 'QE2', yeah. He's not chosen that for Google hits, has he?
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  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • Coughthulu 29/10/2014

    @TeaFiend @RichyRichh77

    Aha, thanks both, I do use Fusion Rifles and Machine Guns over anything else.. but I suspect even getting a whiff of the exotic bounties for this will involve yet more hours of grinding.

    So, all primary weapons involve PvP then. Damn shame, especially as my instrument of choice is a hand-cannon.

    I think I'm done. Twenty quid to continue just grinding is a non-starter, really. :-/
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  • Coughthulu 29/10/2014


    Have you done the Thorn exotic quest?

    Yes, it took ages and was very frustrating. Please do not make that mistake again. It did not feel like doing something heroic for a unique weapon, it felt like doing something over and over until I finally had the weapon.
    This times a thousand.

    Are there any exotic weapons that don't have a part where you have to play in the Crucible? It's almost like Bungie are saying "Ah, c'mon, we can force you to have fun with people outside of your friends! You'll love it!".

    I gave up on it, it was nigh on impossible. And this sounds more of the same.
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  • PSN ad uses the font from Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive

  • Coughthulu 22/10/2014

    We've reached out to Sony to gain clarification on whether this was intentional and how it feels about this potential blunder ranging from "no big whoop" to "fire whoever whipped this up." We'll update should we hear back.
    Seriously? The guy hired to do the 'night shift' so EG ensures that updates occur 24 hours a day, has the audacity to actually suggest to Sony that someone who put a lot more work into a promotion than the journalist did into his story (did you actually check the font had been released into the public domain?) has the temerity to suggest to Sony they may wish to fire someone because of this?

    The same guy whose approach to grammar is, at best, scattershot and at worse just exceedingly poor? The same guy whose articles actually lower the gravitas of those words written by every other contributer to EG?

    The same guy who, it surprises me frequently, doesn't actually insist to the editorship his articles are published in Comic Sans (that's also a font, just in case you didn't know)?

    I assume we won't be reading many more articles from you, Jeffrey, once the Daily Mail or the Sun offer you that coveted Lead Games Reporter slot you are so obviously going for in the tabloids.

    Seriously, with all the other things that actually are important in games journalism at the moment, you suggested to Sony they might like to fire the person that did this? Insane.
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  • The PlayBook 4 is a $1400 PlayStation 4 laptop

  • Coughthulu 15/10/2014

    Prototyping and making custom units cost.

    He's probably not going to be able to do production runs on cases given the actual volumes are way too low (and tooling is stupidly expensive), so I imagine at the very least he's having to laser cut everything, and this takes time and money. And then he's got to actually fit the entire thing together.
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  • Chinese mobile game uploaded nude videos of players without telling them

  • Coughthulu 09/10/2014

    So, interesting question (to me, others may not find it so).

    Given the past couple of months, including 'Lawrencegate' and EG's stance on equality, has Jeff missed the memo? I'm rather gobsmacked you've reproduced a screengrab, censored or not.

    Oli, any view from the editor?

    Edit: Wesley's pulled it; good call, guys!
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Coughthulu 30/08/2014

    I've probably come in a bit too late here for any of the EG staff to read this, but never mind.

    I really couldn't give two hoots about the gender of any developer, though it's extremely hard not to refute that females in the gaming industry suffer hugely compared to their male counterparts. Small changes are occuring, and hopefully it will become a thing of the past rapidly. Some of the comments in this thread are absolutely awful. Some of them are well reasoned.

    That said...

    I've seen, at a very personal level, what depression does both to the individual *and* their families. It's hard for everyone involved.

    So. I have two points to make. Arguable, the second point is far more vital than the first, as gaming is subjective and someone making a game about something doesn't neccesarily want it to be realistic.

    Point 1:
    Attempting to understand the deep roots of depression or what it's like to have it by playing Depression Quest is like playing the first couple of Call of Duties to understand the socio-political reasoning behind the second World War. And that's fine if it's not the developers goal; why the hell not?

    Here's what I believe is a more important point.

    Point 2:
    There's been a lot of murmerings recently about games journalists and their associations to developers who get write-ups. We've seen this everywhere, including here, Kotaku, 1-Up....

    Over a year ago, Tom wrote an article declaring that EG were, in the future, going to explicitly state when a company had paid expenses to fly/accomodate/etc. EG when a preview or a review was being made, due to circumstances that had recently occurred. This immediately removes any ambiguity from an article that is viewed by the readership, and I don't think I've seen any negative comments since then on previews or the like. It was both a bold and brilliant move.

    Now, I don't know what Dan's relationship to Zoe Quinn is, I doubt in fact they know each other personally in any way, and I'm not picking on this article, it's just that the article has made me think.

    Is there not an argument to declare, in the same way that a declaration is made when a company pays expenses for a journalist, to announce if a journalist publishing an article has any ties at all to the developer that they're devoting a article to? It would immediately clear up any ambiguity and essentially stop debacles like those we've seen recently in their tracks.

    In the case of this particular developer, it's actually quite relevant. There's a lot of 'he said/she said' flying round the net, and to be perfectly honest you should not, and in fact cannot, make judgements around people you don't know, regardless of any information. Can't do it. We'll probably never know what the story is, but the fact is it SHOULDN'T be about the developers. It should be about the games.

    A lot of sites seem to have lost focus on that...
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  • Halo 3: ODST was Bungie's grand experiment that paved the way for Destiny

  • Coughthulu 27/07/2014

    I'm really glad it wasn't just me that thought this was the finest Halo game of the franchise!

    I'd love to see 343 do something similar, another spin-off based on a side-story in one of the previous games. It's always the offbeat projects that end up being fresh...
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  • Fables Legends is the Lionhead game you always wanted, but never asked for

  • Coughthulu 19/06/2014

    In Europe, completely agree. North America's a slightly different matter though (although, yep, this is EG!).

    By the looks of it, the matter's been handled with aplomb anyway. Good show, EG!
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  • Coughthulu 19/06/2014

    This could be brilliant, I loved the multi-player in ZombieU that let someone spawn zombies and throw them at you.

    More of this kind of thing!

    On an aside, EG is one of the strongest supporters of equality for both sexes in games. So having a caption such as the above in an image in which a woman is depicted, where this is possibly one of the worst ways you can refer to a female, is probably not only shooting your foot off, but blowing a 20 meter hole in the ground around it too. Just sayin'.
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  • Microsoft's confusing Xbox One cloud message shifts to dedicated servers

  • Coughthulu 16/06/2014

    Year ago: Second hand disc sales require you to register and buy the game (for the price dictated by the publisher) online to play.
    Quickly followed by: Oh, no, you can just give away/sell the game. That's fine.

    If I were a suspicious person and thought that MS still essentially wanted us to pay full whack for a second-hand game...

    Fantastic future Xbox One games will be better via cloud processing! I wonder if it'll ask you to buy the cloud computing power required to play the game (at a price dictated by the publisher) if you're buying second hand...

    Not to mention that if this is required for SP too, you're still only playing for as long as those servers are up...

    Hopefully, that's just unwarranted suspicion.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

  • Coughthulu 12/06/2014

    Erm, apart form the fact that, as with Halo:CE Anniversary, there won't be any emulation going on, and it will have been the source ported and targeted to run on the new Intel architecture.

    If the ability to run at 1080p is crippled by switching between original and new assets, then maybe then shouldn't be doing it?
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  • Most Anticipated: X

  • Coughthulu 09/01/2014

    When the teaser trailer came up as part of the WiiU reveal, I actually shouted 'YES!', much to confused looks of my colleagues.

    This could very well be GotY for me... assuming it's out this year. Else GotY next year. :-D So excited.
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  • DriveClub PS Plus Edition is the full game minus a few cars and tracks

  • Coughthulu 03/09/2013


    Given the amount of micro-transaction DLC that now comes with the majority of games on consoles, I'd have to disagree personally.

    Now, if it turns out that the 'full' version has 200 cars and 20 tracks, and the PS+ version has 3 cars and 3 tracks, it's a different matter...
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  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger review

  • Coughthulu 21/05/2013

    Yes, OK, I maybe should have quoted that bit. But this is a site comprised of news and reviews.

    He's just played the entire game. He needs to communicate *why* he struggled to form any sort of opinion.

    We go down that route, you may as well start publishing one-liners like:
    'Wasn't quite sure what it was all about, really.'


    'I finished it, but it wasn't really to my taste'.

    Then they're grabbed by the collar and someone shouts, 'WHY? WHY WAS IT NOT TO YOUR TASTE? FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING DEAR TO SHIGERU MIYAMOTO, TELL US... TELL USSSSSSS!'.

    OK, maybe I went off on one a bit there, but you get the gist. ;-)
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  • Coughthulu 21/05/2013

    Having read the RPS review, and then this review, something's occurred to me.

    Simon's review is almost like a gameplay equivalent of one of Rich Leadbetter's breakdowns. He's telling us what's in the game and not much more. I've re-read the review and apart from a single line that states a 'sense of accomplishment', there doesn't appear to be any actual 'I liked/disliked the ' or similar. It *almost* reads just like a long description you'd find on a shop site.

    John Walker spoke about having fun and, importantly, described why.

    I'd started to wonder what a lot of EG reviews were lacking recently... think this might be it.
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  • Iwata takes over Nintendo of America CEO role

  • Coughthulu 24/04/2013

    Howard Stringer might not approve of this comment.
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  • The Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic?

  • Coughthulu 31/03/2013

    I think it's a case of giving them the free reign to decide what to do with themselves at the end. Robert's done all he can to break them out of future events, and Booker eventually gets to decide how to continue.

    This leads to a single possible reality, which is what happens post-credits.

    Then again, Levine's always been very good at creating stories that leave a massive amount of ambiguity; it's why I love the 'Shock series. Essentially there *can* be millions of different endings, as everyone has a different theory on what it all means. We're all living in parallel story universes. :)
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  • Coughthulu 31/03/2013

    Spoilered, just in case anyone else is reading this who hasn't finished.

    All subjective again, of course, but I'd taken it that Robert Lutece becomes disenchanted with the whole affair. Almost all of the Lutece journals are Rosalinds, where it's obvious she has no qualms about anything happening in Columbia, and is just in it for the science funding.

    As these are two different realities, Columbia happens in Rosalind's, where she's happy to power the place, and pull Robert through to help her. Robert comes from Booker's reality where he isn't 'born again', and just like Booker has a more refined moral compass. There's quite a few mini-references to this. Every time the pair show up to ask Booker to make a choice, Robert's usually the one saying 'See, I told you'. Which points to the two realities being diametrically opposed in moral values.

    He decides they need to stop Columbia from ever happening, talks Rosalind into going along with it (you note how they're constantly arguing and at the start she 'never wanted to go through with this thought experiment'). It's his way of absolving his sins, and the only way to do that is to stop Booker from ever becoming Comstock. Rescue Elizabeth, learn the truth, get erased from reality.

    I'd really taken the end more as the absolution of the Lutece's than Booker, to be honest. Without them, none of it would have happened.
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  • Obsidian's canned Aliens RPG looks finished in new gameplay video

  • Coughthulu 20/02/2013

    I am not knocking this in any way (Obsidian are a bastion in an otherwise fairly desolate wasteland)... but maybe Dead Space came out and everyone at Sega looked at one another and went 'Oh. Shit.'? Reply +5
  • Ouya: "There will be a new Ouya every year"

  • Coughthulu 07/02/2013

    I'd assumed it meant OUYA were tripping if they thought they were going to launch one console, let alone one every year.

    The sarcasm gets more acidic with every news story; I can only assume EG are attempting to become Yahtzee.
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  • Strike Suit Zero review

  • Coughthulu 24/01/2013

    Completely respect what you're saying, but I think the real point here is the defence of something non-player related, whether it's moving or not. It's a type of mission that has to be executed by the developers well to stop the descent into madness of the player. Again, I've not played it, so I have to defer to your experience in playing through that mission!

    I didn't comment to defend the review by any means, certainly writing one from the position of fury is probably not a great thing to do, stepping back and allowing a bit of mulling time may have been required in this case. I agree entirely with you on that.

    I was just trying to balance up the apparent finger-pointing that he wasn't a good person to review this. As I say, I'm not biased either way.

    Might well be by the end of tonight, though! ;-)
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  • Coughthulu 24/01/2013


    Escort mission:
    "Missions during which players are tasked with protecting a non-playable character or object from harm until a certain goal is met."

    So even though it's not moving, it *is* an escort mission.

    Definition taken from here:

    I've not played it yet, so I have no bias one way or the other. However, it might be worth bearing in mind with all this outcry of 'the reviewer's just crap', that Rich not only achieved 1000 achievement points on Dark Souls, but that he's accustomed to failure and replaying of missions being one of the most trustworthy reviewer of strategy games around atm.

    This is not a reviewer that gives up easily, though maybe he *is* crap at SSZ.

    I await the negs. :-)
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  • Returning to the stars: Strike Suit Zero and the new space phenomenon

  • Coughthulu 08/11/2012

    I've been playing through Colony Wars again, enjoying it but longing for a modern-day take on it's combat and thrills.

    And Oh Good Grief, I didn't even know about Strike Suit Zero, my prayers have been answered!
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  • UK dating site Shag a Gamer gives YouTube tips to virgin gamers

  • Coughthulu 19/09/2012

    In fact, everything you probably should have written is here:

    I didn't expect RPS to comment on it. But they have, and it's exactly the sort of view EG probably would have made four years ago. Then again, that's probably because John would have written it here...
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  • Coughthulu 19/09/2012

    "Even though we're not the brains behind the computer games, if it wasn't for our candid nature you boys would be nowhere."

    Stop. Right. There.

    Words utterly fail me. I bet she's never even fucking heard of Jade Raymond, Jane Jensen, Connie Yu...

    And, oh, EG, it's OK to make light of it on here, with sentences such as "Jessica then stared at the camera and slapped herself on the bottom"'? Let's all laugh at the non-gamer hired model in her knickers. Hahahaha!

    Yeah, that's really helping to champion the image of women gamers and developers lightyears ahead on a gaming site supposedly well-regarded through the industry. Nice one, guys. Whilst we're at it, where are the Playboy and Hustler ads down the side? Let's go the whole hog, here.

    Good grief. I've been reading since the beginning of the site, but you've turned from the New York Times into the Daily Mail. What the hell happened?

    Maybe I'm just having an off day.

    Here come the negs...
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  • Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

  • Coughthulu 22/08/2012

    Terrible news and I hope everyone affected manages to quickly find new positions.

    From a branding point of view this just sounds... bizarre. WipeOut's one of the few brands that's existed on every PlayStation from the first (I can't actually think of any others at the moment, FF, what else?) and because of that it's surely been the reason many fans of the series have bought new PSs for (I can't be the only one that bought a Vita mainly because I really wanted to play WO2048).

    Even if they weren't making a profit, you'd have thought they'd really had to have had *massive* overheads to not make the studio worthwhile anymore, especially if they were also acting as a support studio to several others.

    It just seems like an utterly odd thing for Sony to do. Only thing I can really compare it to is, say, dropping Alice Cooper from a rock festival because he's 'getting on a bit', when in fact he'd be one of the reasons people show up.

    Still can't get my head round this...
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