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  • XCOM 2 review

  • Cosquae 01/02/2016

    @lucky_jim Steam has it listed as Mac OSX too, so should work. Reply +6
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • Cosquae 11/12/2015

    Still no 'Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015' on the list.

    And you call yourself a games website... tsk...
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  • Don't hold your breath for GTA5 story DLC

  • Cosquae 16/09/2015

    @null That's pretty much the second heist in multiplayer, breaking a guy out of the prison. Pretty fun heist too though not as lucrative as the latter ones. Reply 0
  • Live Oculus Rift pre-E3 conference at 6pm UK time

  • Cosquae 11/06/2015

    Is it necessarily wise to put a press conference on to start the exact same day, hour and minute as the start of the Steam Sales? Reply 0
  • Lego MMO development dogged by "dong detection" software

  • Cosquae 01/06/2015

    So that's where Megan Fox went. I could have sworn she was an actress but I haven't seen her in a lot recently. Reply +20
  • Laid-off SimCity dev launches Patreon for creation of Cities: Skylines buildings

  • Cosquae 16/03/2015

    @L_A_G I stand corrected. Reply 0
  • Cosquae 16/03/2015

    @wyp100 There was a reddit thread mentioning this artist's work on these mods and the community rep for this game chimed in and mentioned they looked really good and sent him links and invited him to apply for positions.

    However the artist lives... where ever Maxis used to be located, US I imagine, and CO are based in Sweden and don't offer any relocation funding so there may be a bit of an issue.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Revisited

  • Cosquae 14/03/2015

    "Rage of Wolfenstein" (8th paragraph) - I want to play that game! Reply +22
  • EA just added price ranges to the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market

  • Cosquae 10/03/2015

    @RNX-Lanky The despair of getting my 6th Lee Dixon sticker and no one at school needing him anymore. I swear they must have stacked those decks. Reply +1
  • Cosquae 10/03/2015


    *swaps stickers in the playground*

    "Got, Got, Got, Need, Got, Got..."
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  • SOE has been sold off, can now develop multi-platform games

  • Cosquae 02/02/2015

    Daybreak... If Adrian Chiles becomes their CEO then we're all doomed. Reply +57
  • Dead State review

  • Cosquae 12/12/2014

    @Lunatic4ever State of Decay is a 3rd person action open world game with minor RPG elements. Dead State is a turn based, team strategy game in the same style as X-Com (though less in depth) with the management more focused on what you order your survivors to do rather than focusing on what resources to get. Reply +14
  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • Cosquae 30/11/2014

    "at a lacked 30fps"

    First paragraph.

    I agree 30 fps is lacking, but I doubt that's a really smart typo.
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  • WildStar review

  • Cosquae 28/10/2014

    @RedSparrows You think that's a long time to cool, still waiting on the EUIV review. Think it might do well! Reply +1
  • EA execs off the hook in Battlefield 4 'you lied to inflate share price' lawsuit

  • Cosquae 22/10/2014

    If a 'disaster' is 8/10, what's a 7/10? Reply +51
  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Cosquae 04/10/2014

    @Some_Goats All console games require a licensing fee to the console manufacturer (Sony/MS/Nintendo) resulting in the increased price. No such fee exists for the PC. Reply +30
  • Forza 5 fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history

  • Cosquae 18/02/2014

    3.9m shipped =/= 3.9m sold.

    But that said, good to see Forza still doing well.
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  • Watch us play DayZ - for five hours straight

  • Cosquae 09/01/2014

    Now taking odds on the number of deaths!

    Place your bets... NOW!
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  • Games of 2013: Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Cosquae 22/12/2013

    I never figured out how to disable the speed limiter. No matter what truck I was in, it's always 90 km/h (55 mp/h). Great game though. Something about listening to country music whilst rolling out of Calais towards parts unknown. Reply +5
  • Myth-busting the murky world of video game trade-ins

  • Cosquae 18/12/2013

    Good article but I do feel at some point the crunch is going to come where platform holders and publishers are going to push digital first/only as a priority ahead of boxed games and there's going to be one almighty spat.

    Consoles are turning into PCs and PCs turned to online distribution a long time ago. Like it or not, Steam sharing is more likely to be the future than boxed trade ins.
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  • GOG Winter Sale gives Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics free

  • Cosquae 12/12/2013

    @benderbrodriguez Yeah, but the speculation is GOG is about to lose distribution rights to the fallout series. The games you got for free previously are likely still available on GOG. Reply +1
  • Cosquae 12/12/2013

    You can re-download any GOG games anytime that are in your collection (like Steam).

    I'm not 100% sure if Fallout games are going to disappear from your collection once the rights pass, but I doubt it.
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  • Command & Conquer Renegade done right

  • Cosquae 27/11/2013

    New maps, building upgrades, free to play...

    ...c'mon, where are the micro-transactions? All the cool kids are doing them!
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  • Transport Tycoon out now on iOS and Android

  • Cosquae 03/10/2013

    That music takes me back. So many memories, so many late nights. So many trains taking coal in 1900... Reply +14
  • Inside Paradox, the strangest company in video games

  • Cosquae 25/09/2013

    Since we're talking about Paradox, Eurogamer... any chance of an EU4 review, or did that ship sail already? Reply +9
  • Tada! The 20-year crusade to solve checkers

  • Cosquae 18/09/2013

    I like checkers... when's the DLC coming out? Reply +4
  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Cosquae 02/09/2013

    Any sign of the EU4 review? Reply +15
  • Ex Xbox boss Don Mattrick to earn over $19m in first year at Zynga

  • Cosquae 04/07/2013

    @goldenboot76 No, they really did hire him for his karaoke skills. Reply +23
  • Titanfall dev demystifies Xbox One cloud following "a lot of confusion online"

  • Cosquae 25/06/2013

    @Vordred It's unlikely many games will require a permanent internet connection is what I was saying.

    Titan fall is possible however there are plenty of multiplayer games which have offline training/vs bots modes (ET:QW, TF2).

    Unsure if Titanfall offers these modes at all. I know there's no single player story mode.
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  • Cosquae 25/06/2013

    The concern/problem I see with this is the duplication of processes that would need to happen for anything beyond multiplayer happening on dedicated servers.

    Short of making any game require permanent internet connection (unlikely, though possible for Titanfall), then an offline AI/Physics/etc engine is going to be required should the console not be able to make contact with 'the cloud'.

    Now assuming you've already gone to the time, effort and expense of making these offline systems, is it really worth your time, effort and money in making another set of instructions that replicate these systems (albeit with added benefits potentially) to work online? There will be accountants and bean-counters asking, 'Yes, this is all well and good, but will it sell us any more games?'.

    Given the high degree of similarity between console and PC architecture and the high percentage of multiplatform games (and their unknown levels of access to this 'cloud' system), would it be worth it for the developers and publishers to utilize this 'cloud' where potentially only a minority of players could or would ever use such a system and where the benefits of such could be hardly noticable over the defacto offline versions?
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  • Don't expect FIFA 14 Kinect motion controls

  • Cosquae 20/06/2013

    @Ezzekhiel No, not allowed to grab popcorn for these things...

    ...Dew & Doritos (tm) are the official snack combination of all x-box related entertainment articles. Please refrain from consuming non-approved snack foods or beverages within visual range of the Kinect (tm) apparatus.
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  • Gunpoint cost $30 to develop, then made enough that its creator can quit "jobs, as a concept"

  • Cosquae 19/06/2013

    When can we expect a game from the EG team? C'mon already... Rossignol from RPS has his tweed-punk game in the works, Francis has his gunpoint and EG...? Reply +2
  • Oculus Rift raises $16m "to build a badass, consumer VR gaming platform"

  • Cosquae 18/06/2013

    @dr_zoidthrob I hear there's a steam achievement for that... Reply +1
  • Amazon US opens its own indie games digital storefront

  • Cosquae 06/06/2013

    Got so many downloads from Amazon US despite living here in the UK.

    They out sale'd Steam even over the Christmas period and that's saying something.

    Though they don't make as many pricing 'errors' as GMG but they do have great customer service.
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  • EA makes SimCity Amusement Park expansion official

  • Cosquae 24/05/2013

    I remember once upon a time you used to build cities in a game called 'Sim City'.

    There was also a game about making Theme Parks too but...
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  • Grid 2 Special Edition costs 125,000

  • Cosquae 24/05/2013

    If this is a new trend, I look forward to the special edition of Codemaster's next F1 game.

    /checks sofa for a spare few million.
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  • Wii U goes mobile

  • Cosquae 12/05/2013

    "A fully battered powered console".

    Last thing I had fully battered was my fish.

    Batteries on the other hand could be useful...
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  • EA refuses to licence guns and war paraphernalia in its action games this year

  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    Ah, I stand corrected. Good defense being a good offence and all that...
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    A lot of what you mention there you do correctly attribute to 'fair usage' such as the cars in the parking lot, the jersey etc. Background scenery etc.

    However, the Ferrari is instrumental in the film. It appears frequently and is highly visible (including the trademarked badge). It would not be the same film if the Ferrari was missing. Just as in EA's Battlefield games, the guns and materiel are instrumental to the game itself. Can't have a shooting game without guns afterall.

    It sounds rather flaky, I know. It's why, as was mentioned by someone above, shows like Mythbusters tend to blank out or blur just about every name, trademark or logo that appears in frame. Even down to the make and logo on the tires they use on cars.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    That certainly happens a lot in fraud and financial cases but licensing and trademark infringements can still be carried by jury on a first instance.

    If it's decided upon a point of law then it will be a directed finding. If it's a subjective matter then it can still come down to deliberations.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    It wasn't EA who wanted the court case. The case was started by Bell Helicopters.

    Bell, it would seem, believe they stand to gain more from a court case than they would by accepting what, if any, offer EA has made.

    If Bell wins, which is likely, then a retrospective license fee (and legal costs which would be far higher than the fee itself) would have to be paid.

    If EA wins (unlikely, but as I said, it's a crapshoot sometimes) then EA aren't going to pay the gun companies license fees either. However, with the precedent that this sets, it would be highly likely to be appealed (where it's not a jury trial) and overturned.

    Most likely outcome... out of court settlement, EA pays up some but avoids legal fees and the publicity of a court case.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    It's not uncommon to be negotiating with the other party to avoid a court case right until the last moment.

    The closer the date gets, the more likely a court case gets, the more both parties try to position themselves for a trial. A rejection of what the judge deems a 'sensible' offer is often a red mark against your case when it comes to determining damages or compensation.

    No one really likes jury trials in cases of IP law. They're crapshoots. Too random and too unpredictable in a balanced case and trying to get 12 average members of a jury to understand the intricacies of copyright law is like asking a ballerina to be the scoring judge at a UFC fight. Worse still for fraud cases but that's another issue...
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    It's mostly a power play as I see it in a different case that's on-going.

    Earlier Bell Helicopters sued EA over the use of their products, names and trademarks, unlicensed, in their games. Bell can rightly point to other hardware in the games (like guns) and say "They were paid for their license, why can't we be?".

    What I think happened is Bell turned down an out of court settlement from EA and is ready to go to court over this. EA is trying to do everything they can think of in order to cover themselves legally.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    Oh indeed, plenty of 'fake' cars have been used in all sorts of films for budget reasons. The reason they weren't sued or told to stop... they all got permission first. That's what a license is, it's a permission to use a trademark or patent for a defined purpose.

    I imagine over in the 32 years since Cannonball Run (a great movie by the way), Ferrari's view of street racing may have changed... not to mention being seen with Martin and Davis Jr helps a lot when it comes to image ;)
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    Oh it's nothing anti-capitalist or such like, it's just an area of law school I hated.

    Much as I enjoyed criminal law for the expression of individual rights and where the law is certainly stacked in favor of the individual (believe it or not), IP law, copyright and image rights are a murky area of law that's tricky at best and downright nasty at worst. When people moan that 'copyright laws and patents are broken', they aren't lying...

    To take PlugMonkey's example, you can legally use the image and likeness of Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin (both dead) but the second you stick a trademarked Ferrari symbol on the car, you're bent over and lubed up by lawyers (metaphorically speaking). There was even a Simpsons episode about the use of dead people's image I think.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    Kit cars are fine, but the second you stick a Ferrari badge on it and put it on TV, you're getting sued. At best you'll get a cease and desist notice.

    The 'fake' Ferraris in NFS were licensed. EA paid Ferrari for the right to use the image, the brand and the name. Except... EA didn't tell them everything. Ferrari, as it turns out, didn't like their brand being used in illegal street races in NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and subsequently no Ferraris have been in any NFS racing games since, perhaps even any EA games since. Ferrari flat out refused them permission.

    Unfortunately brand protection and image rights are big business. You're not allowed to use any brand without permission outside of 'fair usage' exception which neither the gun example nor Magnum falls under.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013


    Whilst filming your erstwhile detective show, you managed to acquire said Ferrari without paying a dime? Last I saw they cost in excess of $100,000 or more. For that, you get the car and the right to use it (legally) in any way you choose.

    You -can- get a free Ferrari from the company, but they have very tight control over how and where it is used. They decide that the advertising is worth the hire cost of the car.

    Likewise the gun or sunglasses. None of these are free, unlike in a computer game where their likeness is generated for free out of 1's and 0's. That is what the license is paying for... the trademark name and the likeness.

    The gun companies have a very tight reign over how their product is seen. The 'No Russian' scene in MW2 is a prime example. No US made weapon would ever have been allowed to be used in that scene because of the tone and the target, so they used a foreign made weapon. Likewise the strict limitations on civilian casualties whilst using licensed weapons.

    I can very easily see them following Bohemia Interactive and sticking with military designations (non-copyrighted) for their military simulations.
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  • Cosquae 08/05/2013

    Unfortunately, EA are going to lose this one (or fortunately depending on your point of view).

    Intellectual property rights and image rights are pretty well defended in the US and as much as the name 'Colt' may just be a word, it's also a trademark and the owners of it have a right to determine how and where that trademark is used.

    Imagine if you will that someone makes a racing game with cars that look and sound like, and are indeed named 'Ferrari' but without paying the Italian company any royalties. It wouldn't happen. As much as the notion of paying gun companies is to some unconscionable and I can understand why it's a PR minefield, unless they go the ARMA route and stick to military designations for weapons then they're going to be stuck paying for licensing.
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  • Open world zombie base-building game State of Decay due June on XBLA

  • Cosquae 15/04/2013

    Hrm, one area of worry... is this one of those MS published games that is only available for windows 8? Sometimes games released for xbla and windows go that route... Reply +7
  • Jason Rohrer creates a game that will take over 2000 years to complete

  • Cosquae 04/04/2013

    I'll speed run it, skip the side quests and the exploration and get it done in a mere 500 years! Reply +35