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  • Super Mario Run sees Nintendo's mascot leap confidently onto iPhone

  • Coopster5 08/12/2016

    Well I would be interested to see what people think. First 4 levels for free, but full 24 levels available for only 8 quid. Looks to me a bargain when most Mario games are 30 quid new. On an affordability level, i think this is just what the market needs at the moment. More players but smaller fees. Reply +13
  • Street Fighter 5 review

  • Coopster5 19/02/2016

    I expect SFV to go the same way as SF4 did! Which is release a game, which has no content. Then expect the disc to be re-released at least twice in the first year with modes that should have been in at launch, and then up to another two times in the second year. Publishers like Capcom need to understand that consumers are not dummies, have sharp memories and don't make the same mistakes twice! For this reason, I would say " I am out " using a well used Dragon's Den phrase. Pity though, i like Street Fighter a lot, and have fun memories of playing earlier versions. i suppose i have just got to let this one go. Reply +2
  • Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter 4

  • Coopster5 15/07/2013

    I actually bought SFIV when it came out a few years ago. However, i became incensed with Capcom for then almost immediately releasing Super SFIV, and then after that Arcade Edition Super SFIV. However,now i have made my decision to boycott all Capcom games I am feeling much better! And the fact they are bringing our Ultra SFIV now some 4 years later does not bother me in the slightest. Sad to see Capcom take this approach to its gaming fraternity. It simple make sure you vote with your wallets! Reply 0
  • PlayStation Vita sales surge in Japan after price-cut

  • Coopster5 07/03/2013

    This news alone proves that Sony got their pricing wrong at the outset. Nintendo also made the same mistake, but adjusted quickly with a price cut, and got back in the game.

    Sony needs to bring this price cut fast to Europe, once Japan sales have picked up and manufacturing is ramped up.

    I am an out and out gamer, and really would like to buy a Vita. However, i have found the Vita package & ridiculous memory card pricing telling me that they are not intune with current gamers in this environment.

    I know Sony is madly fixing their 'we know best' mindset,but a European price cut would confirm the progress they are making. Otherwise I am happy for my hard earned cash to go to other more intune providers

    Sony - its up to you!
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  • Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

  • Coopster5 19/03/2012

    This seems to be the shoot'em to buy on the 3DS, rather than StarFox. Good review on IGN as well highlighting control issues, although the button layout is customisable for left handers. (at expense of using buttons on the right instead of the the circle pad on the left) Reply 0
  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth Ł230?

  • Coopster5 20/01/2012

    I like the PSV alot, especially with its 2 sticks! Something of a nirvana for handhelds.

    230 is the launch price, and whilst Sony would like to keep the price up there, it will be forced to make a price cut within first 6 months. Why ?

    Well they have made the same mistake as last time being 2nd to market. Nintendo will be in a better position to bring out a revised 3DS at a cheaper price, pretty soon after PSV launch.

    This is the same mistake that Sony made with the PSP. So if they want market share, they will be forced to cut the price, especially as Nintendo has already done so.

    Expect PSV sales to stall after initial launch, to persuade Sony Mgmt of an imminent price cut.
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  • Microsoft sells 8.2 million Xbox 360s in Q2

  • Coopster5 20/01/2012

    Tom - your headline here is wrong. The last 3 months of 2011 is Q4. Q2 is the 2nd quarter of 2011 ie April, May & June. Please amend, Reply -8
  • Sony encouraged by strong 3DS sales

  • Coopster5 14/01/2012

    I think Uncharted will sell on Vita - mainly because as an Xbox360 owner, i would be interested to play a derivative of that game on Vita, as i don't own a PS3. Vita is definitely the next gen portable platform of choice, but it will have some big headwinds against it - its initial high price tag, and an eventual introduction by Nintendo of a remastered version of the 3DS.

    I am a keen gamer on the move or at home, but the current 3DS console is a dealbreaker for me as the battery life is crap, and i am not too enamoured with the 3D gimmick.

    However, i do like playing nintendo games, and i expect i will be interested in an updated 3DS, which you imagine Nintendo is working on now to launch in the next 6 months to counter PSV.

    As you know It was introduction of the remastered version of the DS - the DS lite that really took Nintendo stratespheric, and Sony will know Nintendo's tactics being first to market, but will want to avoid the issues that beset the PSP.

    For me it is going to be an interesting 6 months as this all plays out. I will then probably to look to purchase either an updated 3DS console or a cheaper PSV than launch prices.

    My preference is for a PSV, if Sony proactively look too at an eventual savvy price cut to spur market share and to counter any moves from Nintendo with their updated 3DS.

    Any thoughts ?
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  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • Coopster5 24/12/2011

    Have a great Christmas everyone. I must admit i bought quite a few of the games exhibited at the Expo in September this year - BF3, MW3, Rage, Ace Combat AH, alongside Portal 2,and various XBLA/dlc content. Still got to get Batman Arkham City. The only other surprise for me was how good Skyrim has been, so that might get in the mix despite being an RPG. Anyway have a great christmas and new year for everyone at Eurogamer - best gaming site in my opinion, and to all loyal readers ! Reply +1