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  • Steam Summer Sale 2014 starts 19th June

  • ChunKyPiglets 12/06/2014

    Just over 500 games on steam, & about 400 of those are backlogged :/ well... Afew more can't hurt :D Reply 0
  • Settle the score with Samurai Gunn, out now on PC

  • ChunKyPiglets 11/12/2013

    The moment I saw this in the new releases section, the next second was me downloading it.

    Been waiting for this for a long time, and for it to just show up one day, without all that build up hype AAA's tend to have, is just a brilliant pre-Christmas Surprise!!

    Now... Sportsfriends?!?!??
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  • Jimmy Fallon shows off the Xbox One

  • ChunKyPiglets 21/11/2013

    I think Matulef uploaded a different video to the one in the article!

    Probably the reason the comedian wasn't joking around, because he wasn't in the limelight!

    Ahh Eurogamer, I pity your biasedness...

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  • Ryse: Son of Rome review

  • ChunKyPiglets 21/11/2013

    @Mola_Ram Yeah, they do love to draw the crowd in the other direction. [In the middle of the review of an Xbox One title, is a Ps4 ad!] Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • ChunKyPiglets 20/11/2013

    @Koyasan So are Eurogamer.. Reply -3
  • Video: What happens when you plug PS4 into Xbox One?

  • ChunKyPiglets 20/11/2013

    Oh, And one last thing.

    For people who skipped through the article and clicked on the video, with the Quote on the left hand side in large print.

    The Quote is completely out of context to what the Article ACTUALLY says.

    While the Microsoft console's media input is designed with cable and satellite set-top boxes in mind, the Xbox One isn't at all fussy about what kind of HDMI device you choose to connect. PlayStation 4 was on top of the list when we first received our kit, but games consoles, PCs, cameras, tablets and smartphones should all work just fine. It doesn't matter if you feed it with 480p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p at 50 or 60Hz - the Xbox One handled everything we threw at it
    The ONLY issue it had (further down the article), was when they were expecting miracles, playing a console within a console.

    It's seems trolling the Xbox One is fine on this site, But if you are giving us some info, Quote, whatever, Could you relay it professionally.

    This YouTuber seems happy with this feature though :
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  • ChunKyPiglets 20/11/2013

    Does anyone know how good it is when playing games "on" the Xbox, using the Snap To feature? Is it the same when plugging in your 360?

    It seems it can handle things "well". But are these "features" here just to find something critical about the system.

    I would expect pushing something to its limit, as in, plugging in a high-end console into the hardware, that some lag would happen. It just seems like criticising the performance of play, of battlefield 4 on a subpar PC, for example.

    Interesting, though.

    Can you do the same with the Ps4?
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  • SpeedRunners will be free upon its final release

  • ChunKyPiglets 05/11/2013

    This is a brilliant competitive platformer! I've been playing this Online more than most other [online] games. But that said, locally, is still the same game, and tbh, a lot more fun. At least when my friends aren't around, I can play with randoms...

    Oh, if anyone here has additional Xbox 360 controllers for PC, Super Space Blank, is another awesome co-op/competitive game... This however is ONLY local. But is terrific fun, and is free from their website!
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  • A look at how Sportsfriends is shaping up

  • ChunKyPiglets 02/10/2013

    This is the reason why I'm getting a PS3, and no other! Awesome. (and since I'm at it, I can browse all the titles I fancied, but stuck with my 360...which I still use)

    Just need to find cheap Move controllers... Hmmm...
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  • Cards Against Humanity is now available in the UK

  • ChunKyPiglets 25/09/2013

    @tiny-potato I did do that at first, but the idea of the game is "surprise!". The more I was printing and cutting up, the less I would get out of it in the end.

    Would you play a game if you knew all the answers?... Well if it's good enough, Yes, but still...
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  • ChunKyPiglets 25/09/2013

    Oh and we do that aswell! I put in a answer card with "Jimmy Savile" which answers afew questions, indeed.

    And at the end you can end it by who got the most points, or make a CAH Haiku, in which you select 3 cards out of you hand, and make some sort of sense out of them...

    This was one of our game endings: (Which do you think Wins this round?)

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  • ChunKyPiglets 25/09/2013

    @DreadedWalrus Dude, There's plenty of others in the original, to make you question what is right.

    I got this in October last year... Always a crowd pleaser!!
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  • 61% of UK believes games can cause violence, aggression

  • ChunKyPiglets 24/09/2013

    Is that 61% of people who don't play games as a pastime? Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 was the UK's biggest video game launch ever

  • ChunKyPiglets 18/09/2013

    Now use some of that money to make the Trains actually drivable in free roam!! Reply +1
  • 15-person Criterion set to work on a non-racing game

  • ChunKyPiglets 16/09/2013

    @DreadedWalrus Oh, cool thanks :) But doesn't it bug you that, to get an actual answer, you have to find it out yourself. Reply 0
  • ChunKyPiglets 16/09/2013

    I've read the same article 3 times! with 3 different show of numbers! 15 here, 16 there & 17 elsewhere! Where do journalists get their numbers from???

    (Though, the 17 figure came from IGN... Seems they'll doing anything to out-beat the rest, even with non-factual information...)
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  • Games with Gold: Rainbow Six Vegas now available

  • ChunKyPiglets 16/09/2013

    Sweet! :D Reply 0
  • GTA 5's Los Santos then and now: Outside Xbox takes a tour

  • ChunKyPiglets 14/09/2013

    I've been playing a lot of open-worlders recently, and Rockstar know who to do it best. It's not so much as how big, but how much character can be fit in. GTAIV was just one big city, but it's residents added realism. You could just stand in one spot and notice random acts by NPC's: gta, punch-ups followed by police arrests and some dude preaching to you about how you are SHIT...(followed by me using the simple mathematical equation (Face + Baseball Bat) x 100...)
    Saints Row seems too forced on just being silly. I lost focused with The Third, cuz there were just too much going on. It's fun for awhile. And the only reason I go back and play it, is for the insane Evil Cars cheat. Hoping they go back (whoever owns it now, I mean) and do another open world Red Faction, though.
    But after seeing the uploads on YouTube, There's one clip where some dude drives high speed down one side of the island, And it just keeps going on and on and on. With all they have learnt from their previous titles, set in a modern huge island, this is gonna be cool.
    But this it just the beginning. The REAL party starts on the 1st!!
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  • ChunKyPiglets 14/09/2013

    I don't know... I've seen the videos aswell, The car handling has changed, but what do people want. People have continued by saying the handling in IV was sluggish & crap (though I didn't mind), and now that is changed to more like Midnight Club (I think), Everyone complains still. People don't like change. But they hate what they got. Anyway, I liked the cars in IV, they had substance. It looks like they handle now like a arcade racer. But I'll wait for my opinion till the game is in my hands. :) But you (@getup2k) should just expect nothing more than IV, and when you find there's more, all for the better! :D

    Though, tbh, the car damage doesn't look as great as IV, But then I have been playing a whole lot of BEAMNG DRIVE, so, Nothing out in the near future, will ever compare to that games crashes :(
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  • Sony unveils Ł1300 HMZ-T3 personal viewer headset

  • ChunKyPiglets 06/09/2013

    @MeBrains Thanks Reply -8
  • ChunKyPiglets 06/09/2013

    Fuck That! I know I will be negged, but don't you think Sony have been tipping toes of late, and waiting for others to fall before it announces anything. Take the Kinect... oh I mean their new camera, and their choice of pay for multiplayer experience, not to mention all those tv apps coming. They just wait for others to speak first, and then choose another path down, to save being trolled.

    I know it's slightly off-topic, but rather support a small team: Oculus than a corp trying to out class the rest.

    But Competition, Right!?!?

    (6 minutes in and 1 neg already!!! Go Team. But Actually, instead of cowardly clicking the minus button, confront and interact. Tell me I'm wrong. Prove me to think positively about their campaign!!) :D
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  • Microsoft: Xbox 360 will last three more years

  • ChunKyPiglets 04/09/2013

    But It's a pity that once they end the 360, none of the excellent indie games I purchased will work :(

    Gonna have as much local multiplayer sessions with my friends, so we can remember the good old times :D
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 voice cast includes real-life gang members

  • ChunKyPiglets 04/09/2013

    Just hoping that Lazlow does some voice work aswell! Reply +13
  • Xbox One won't support external storage at launch

  • ChunKyPiglets 04/09/2013

    @Emperor_Rosko ok... Well, I still have my day one original Xbox, and it still works. I eventually got a 360 back in 2008, and I still use that system to this day, without a hiccup :)
    Plus, just by wondering, and not a hit back, but what controller do you use on the PC? Mouse & Keyboard are fine to a point, but some games require a gamepad to meet the feel of the game Just saying that the 360 pad is by far the best pad I've ever handled! To the point where, I will probably never own any other console... (well unless It's way under 100 quid, for some nostalgic gaming or gaming catch-ups)
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  • ChunKyPiglets 03/09/2013

    @Emperor_Rosko ummm... What Operating System do you use on your PC? Reply 0
  • Xbox One supports up to eight controllers at once

  • ChunKyPiglets 03/09/2013

    The Xbox indie games has plenty of good solid local based multiplayer modes. These are the games I tend to play. I'd rather pay 70p on 40 short and sweet games, than pay Ł40 on one short game. Reply +1
  • ChunKyPiglets 03/09/2013

    @shiftymorgan have you ever played B.U.T.T.O.N from the Xbox indie games tab? Fucking Genius! On the PC, you could have up to eight players on one keyboard! Chaos aplenty.Hope they port it to the One. And maybe ask the devs of the brilliant local steath-em-up to make a port which includes 8-player support of Hidden In Plain Sight. That would be epic! :D Reply 0
  • Microsoft's Xbox 360-One Season Pass Guarantee

  • ChunKyPiglets 15/08/2013

    And, last one, maybe, let's have a competition, to see who can Scream-Type Rape first.

    Since Eurogamer is having fun with our minds, let's have fun with theirs...

    Anyone Game???
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  • ChunKyPiglets 15/08/2013

    Furthermore, the next SHOCKING articles on Microsoft that appear, my only response will be me Scream-Typing Rape.

    Mentally Raped by Eurogamers' Informative Fingers.

    That is all
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  • ChunKyPiglets 15/08/2013

    For once people are starting to see the biased behaviour Eurogamer has adapted to. I actually thinking about jumping ship to another, even though I have been loyal towards their game news site. I haven't seen one bit of negativity towards Sony and their rent a game service. Any news concerned about Microsoft is bad news even if it is good news, or something that has been know for sometime, but nobody has done an article about it.

    So what we know now, is that It's just the same as the 360. I've had mine for a good 5 years now, and quite enjoy it. So that's a good thing. No real New innovations, but abit more umph to carry on to the next few years.

    I came here to cuz most out there were wank, and very biased towards the publishers. This was a more even ground. Where good articles were created and the forumer's debated. But now you are abusing your power to control the thoughts of your followers. My only wish is that you take afew steps back and think before you do the unnecessary.
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  • Xbox One's Game DVR feature is limited to Xbox Live Gold members

  • ChunKyPiglets 07/08/2013

    And... Come on Eurogamer, you seem to be grasping at straws now...

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  • Dystopian document thriller Papers, Please launches next week on Steam

  • ChunKyPiglets 02/08/2013

    @Binba442 what I was saying was, if the full game was a stretched out version of the beta, or, the odd days that are in the demo, is the start, and if so... Awesome aaaand Crap.

    The dev was also asking peeps to add their own made-up/name to the game, but I was abit too late to enter.

    This and are my highly anticipated indie titles I've been waiting for, for a long time.
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  • ChunKyPiglets 02/08/2013

    31 days! Maybe there's a small learning curve, or it carries on from the beta.

    I hope I can keep my family alive for that long. Though, it would probably include various choices, like when the yogscast let in the pimp, and the paper said (on the following day) something to do with that.

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  • Fez developer Polytron is "working with Sony"

  • ChunKyPiglets 02/08/2013

    @Snowsprite Dude, It's a exploration adventure game. A cracking one at that! It leaves you on your own to uncover It's hidden depths by yourself. If you need your hand pulled at every turn, this obviously isn't a game for you.

    Though if that was a sarcastic comment, I do apologise...

    Anyway, some people can take heat from others, but most, including forumers, can't help but birch back. It's a common human social defect. Give him a break and he'll reward you with a creative marvel! hopefully :)
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  • PlayStation 4 gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers

  • ChunKyPiglets 26/07/2013

    @Snake_2011 Oh... I'm gonna give them both a pass until next year, until one... or four, cries out to me Reply +2
  • ChunKyPiglets 26/07/2013

    So, in fairness, Microsoft has been honest, well abit too honest, about their next system, then realised that the world wasn't accepting it and reversed their stance for the moment.
    However, Sony (and EG) have been all, like, we're betta them you, and dish out figures, that when looked closer, aren't the absolute truth. e.g. Records 15mins of video, when it only record 7mins. and others. (I still don't get their premium rent service)
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  • Microsoft will allow self-publishing after all

  • ChunKyPiglets 25/07/2013

    I am sorry if someone has said this before, but what do you think the chances are that some indie developed companies make simple games, ie pressing a couple of buttons to complete the game, and/or calling it "Improve Your G-Score", for X amount of $$$'s. (as said in the article, indie games will now include Achievements) Reply +4
  • Deadly Premonition and 13 other games greenlit on Steam

  • ChunKyPiglets 25/07/2013

    Awesome! Divekick & Starmade! Being playing Starmade a lot recently. And Divekick looks like a really fun 2player. Oh, and Darkwood might be the next survival horror, I might purchase. Reply +1
  • Sky Movies and Sky Sports on PS3 with Now TV app

  • ChunKyPiglets 05/07/2013

    TV on PlayStation!!!! And I thought it was all about Games!!!

    *shakes head in disgust :/
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  • Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One - report

  • ChunKyPiglets 04/07/2013

    Ok, So they have:

    A: Cut the DRM out of the machine for now...


    B: Added in a headset with each purchase...

    So, what more do people want exactly. If, you want what Xbox One offers on the PS4, you'll have to pay a lot more for it (camera/headset).

    I mean, have you seen the drab ear/microphone the PS4 comes with????!?!?

    Anyway, They heard. They listened. They acted. All they need to do now is allow developers to self-publish (indies) and I think I'll carry on with their catalogue.
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  • Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has an offline campaign

  • ChunKyPiglets 03/07/2013

    @ChunKyPiglets Apart from new ideas... (of cause) Reply -11
  • ChunKyPiglets 03/07/2013

    OFFLINE!!! OMG... Can't you just say SINGLEPLAYER, rather than highlighting XBones' U-turn, which also leads to EG UpRoAr about M$ Bad PR-Stunt, which had AfEw good IteAs going for... But the customer is always "right"!!!

    No, the customer is never right! Having ran a shop & worked for companies via Call-centres, No! You just have to make them "think" they are right!

    And, we're stuck with the norm. No change. Nothing new. Hmmm...
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  • Xbox One doesn't come with a headset because it includes Kinect, Microsoft explains

  • ChunKyPiglets 26/06/2013

    So, How many here actually didn't have any fun whilst playing Kinect? It's a great bit of kit. No more damaged TV's & peoples' faces by peripherals thrusting towards them at a high velocity... well less objects, just more accidental blows from body to body. It's quite obvious, it won't help the core shooty-shooty-face-death genre, but allows new ways for developers to create in. And if it wasn't for ^this^ or Move, or even McWii... Ummm, lost my point, but I had a really fun time with the Kinect. oh well.

    Though, still gonna get me a headset, I don't think the people in this house would like to hear what comes out of my online friends' mouths!!
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  • The Copenhagen Game Collective announces Dark Room Sex Game HD

  • ChunKyPiglets 22/06/2013

    This is an excellent developer! I'm really interested on what they pump out. Their B.U.T.T.O.N is a brilliant hit, that we all love around here. Another game, I would love to play is AAAAAAAARH (I think that's how you spell it)(found on their website), where it is a four player local race, but in order to move your character, you have to scream at the screen!!! Reply +1
  • Fez 2 will not appear on a Microsoft console due to its restriction on self-publishing

  • ChunKyPiglets 21/06/2013

    This was my Biggest issue with the Xbone. DRM is gonna get implemented whether we like it or not, by either manufacturer, in the distant future (as it all now seems). But the fact, why I kept with the Xbox 360, was due to the small gems through the Arcade, as well as the Indie Game section. Most AAA's now are dull, imo. I'd rather pay for several decent Indie games, than pay full whack for a single experience. Of cause, games like Battlefield & GTA, are awesome in their own right, but... The only issue I have with PS is the controller...

    Just hope the majority, ports their history over on the PC, for now...
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  • Polytron announces Fez 2

  • ChunKyPiglets 13/06/2013

    @Widge Have you listened to and yet? Reply +4
  • Poland and Portugal not supported at Xbox One launch, importing near ruled out

  • ChunKyPiglets 13/06/2013

    @Shikasama No you haven't read it wrong, it's just sheep like to follow with the current. EG have become really negative against Xbone, though it has shot itself in the foot, by mentioning things abit too early. If you read into this, Playstation may share some of the DRM issue soon too, but then, that doesn't sell the machine very well...

    Anyway, this won't affect me, nor will the effect my Polish friends. They have been living here, way before the 360, and by the time they want to go back, or somewhere else, I'm sure M$ will have more of a playfield.
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  • Sony details final PlayStation 4 tech spec

  • ChunKyPiglets 11/06/2013

    If only I could use an Xbox controller with the Playstation, then I might consider... Reply -6
  • What is the point of Xbox One DRM?

  • ChunKyPiglets 01/06/2013

    It has probably been said, but I enjoyed the DRM in the past. With some (DOTT & SAM: Hit The Road) where the DRM was part of a puzzle in order to proceed. :D Come on 'Broken Age'!!!! Reply +3
  • Indie stealth puzzler Gunpoint aims for release next week

  • ChunKyPiglets 29/05/2013

    A simply beautiful sandbox style puzzle platformer!! The last level in the Demo, let's you see just what sort of chaos you can perform... Made an infinite chain where I hooked up all the lights, thus alerting all the guardsmen, with all of the doors, which ended up knocking out all of them, without me being seen.

    I Also love the ability to repeating my fist against their face in an act of vengeance to my past death, in which they did to me. (although, thinking about it... they didn't know that happened...) Hmmm...
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