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  • Resident Evil Archives

  • Chtulie 03/07/2009

    Reviewer left out the madening frustration of the lengthy and unskippable 'cutscenes' whenever you went through a door or up some stairs. Reply -4
  • Space Invaders Extreme

  • Chtulie 08/05/2009

    Well, she might not know of the portable games this is a version/port of, but at least she knows of WW2 which was handy for the Velvet Assasin review. Reply 0
  • Disgaea DS

  • Chtulie 23/04/2009

    Reviewer dude:
    For new players to the series but who own multiple platforms, which version is the best one to get? PS2? PSP? DS?
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  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

  • Chtulie 19/03/2009


    Dunno. I only played a bit of P4 when my copy arrived so I to make sure the disc was ok. P3 I haven't finished.

    It's Atlus, small print runs, high used game prices. So I think a brand spnking new copy of P4 will be the cheapest.

    (something to keep in mind: all these late gen ps2 releases are very cheap anyway. I haven't seen a new ps2 game over 35 euros since the beginning of fall last year)
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  • Chtulie 19/03/2009

    So far, the only Euro Shin Megami Tensei game released that is not standalone is Digital Devil Saga 2. The rest: Devil Summoner, Persona 3 & 4 and Lucifer's Call are all standalone. Reply 0
  • Chtulie 19/03/2009

    A few note on it's PAL presentation:

    The style choices in the game a re a little diffirent from P3; the real world is a more realistic looking making for a bigger contrast with the unreal world.
    With a big tradeoffthat whenever something moves in anything but the smalles enviroments they OH MY GOD THE BLURRING! Whenever something moves onscreen, or everything if it's the camera, excapt in the small enviroments, there is absolutely massive blurring of the moving object.
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  • Diesel "begged" for Riddick multiplayer

  • Chtulie 19/03/2009

    Couldn't Starbreeze explain to him, from their experience with the Darkness, that in this sort of a game adding multiplayer adds nothing of as much value as spending that time & effort on making the singleplayer even better. Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy's HAWX

  • Chtulie 05/03/2009

    No love for 'Secret Weapons over Normandy' in the intro? Reply 0
  • Dante's Inferno - Charon evolution

  • Chtulie 25/02/2009

    I hope the colour version of Charon isn't the final one, cause that one is quite lame, while the b& w ones are much more imaginative. Reply 0
  • Cuboid

  • Chtulie 23/02/2009

    On the internet, once Hitler it invoked it's the end of a discussion as the invocation is the warning sign that all reason is gone.

    To start a review with the man, well..
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  • Retrospective: Beyond Good & Evil

  • Chtulie 08/02/2009

    Still a bit of placeholder left in one of the captions, the one naming all the allies. Reply 0
  • The House of the Dead: Overkill

  • Chtulie 05/02/2009

    "Headstrong has surprisingly decided to make the Story Mode a pushover. It's fairly forgiving, with infinite continues - but every continue costs you half your score. Score earns cash, which buys new guns and upgrades for the game's small but thunderous arsenal, which will take a couple of playthroughs to complete. Buying continues with points is a great piece of design,"

    Infinite continues but you lose points which you need to unlock stuff.
    Hm, is it really that clever?
    Not being done before, at all?
    A few times, actually?
    Somewhere where you get infinite lives but every time you die you lose 'studs' which you need to unlock stuff. A game series that through making it easy to finish but compelling to complete also managed to cross the hard/casual divide.
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  • New Play Control! Pikmin

  • Chtulie 28/01/2009

    You know, from a hardcore gamer point of view, this looks like a total cash grab. But from a new, casual gamer that got their first new console in a few decades with the Wii, it's great.

    But it's actually, genuinly honerable to the people who made the games that are getting republished like this. Even amongst the hardcore the GC sold for shit. Only Sould Calibur 2 and Smash Bros Melee sold like PS2 games. But all those other games, not just cult games, but also big franchises sold terrible. Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX spring to mind especially. ICO or Rex sold better on thei initial release then F-Zero GX did in the entire GC lifespan.

    And rather then to be completely forgotten except by a few specialists, these games are allowed another chance to find an audience, one they deserved their first go 'round.

    And it's not like the ones who did buy it the first go 'round have to buy it again.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • Chtulie 30/12/2008

    Is 2008 geometry wars 2's leaderboards really such an improvement on 2006's Trackmania United?
    I mean, that game had friends list leaderboards too. And local, regional, national and international leaderboards.
    And there was also the point system. Get a few more points as a player and help your group/city/region/country beat another group/city/region/country.
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Chtulie 19/11/2008

    "you have five secondary guns to switch between if you feel like pausing the game to swap them around, but they're only marginally different in effectiveness"

    From, er, another review.
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  • Chtulie 19/11/2008

    Will there be another review for the PS2 & Wii version? Reply 0
  • Golden Axe: Beast Rider

  • Chtulie 17/10/2008

    Forgot to mention Outrun 2 in the intro for maximum contrast of Sega doing it right, then doing it wrong. Reply 0
  • Suda 51

  • Chtulie 17/10/2008

    When putting up screenshots of past Suda51/Grasshopper games, don't forget 'Michigan: Report From Hell'.
    It might not have gotten an US release, but it did get a release in Europe and this is Eurogamer.
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  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

  • Chtulie 15/09/2008

    You give a game an extra point for being a licenced game?
    I see a certain person being requested by a lot of publishers to be the one on review of a lot of movie marketing games for the foreseeable future.
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  • TrackMania DS

  • Chtulie 01/09/2008

    Maybe they could take a page from bangai-o in regards to making track sharing work outside of nintendo's wfc.
    It doesn't really need online play on jot. It does need, NEED leaderboards in the actual game.

    The inclusion of Desert is awesome. Played trackmania since the beginning and it's still my favourite.
    Adding Rally seems odd though. I really like it but I'd have expected Island in it's stead to represent Sunrise as Desert and Stadium represented their respective releases.
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  • Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

  • Chtulie 19/08/2008

    You'd promote a top selling Zone of the Enders 1 (though obviously it sold well thanks to the MGS2 demo, but it did sell well) over the obscure but amazingly awesome, what one might indeed call a cult classic, Zone of the Enders 2? Seriously? The hell? Reply 0
  • iPhone Gaming

  • Chtulie 13/08/2008

    DS games like Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass have shown very effectivly that just a touch screen is all you need for a 'real' game. Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • Chtulie 29/05/2008

    If you're talking about spending 100 quid on Xbox 360 games, there are plenty of three- or four-game combinations that represent stunning value by comparison

    Can we have a few examples of these amazing 360 games that can be played with a bunch of friends in the same room?
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  • Arcade Perfect

  • Chtulie 28/04/2008

    Might it be the lack of online gaming in japan what keeps the arcades alive as well? Most of what is listed among the innovations to keep the arcades compelling is what we have here on online gaming sites both in hardcore and casual games. Especially with casual gaming sites that have the added advantage of adsupport rather then requiring money from the players and being accesible from every PC. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • Chtulie 25/03/2008

    Super R-type is actually an accurate port to the Virtual Console as the cart release had the massive slowdown. Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: GameCube

  • Chtulie 11/03/2008


    IIRC Geist was made in the same sort of setup with Nintendo as Eternal Darkness and Metroid Prime were.

    And I could definatly go for a sequel. Not nearly enough first person adventure games. Maybe Free Radical is interested? They seem to be keen on pushing the boundries of their comfort zone.
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  • Chtulie 11/03/2008

    Hurrah for Geist. One of my favourite gamecube & adventure games.
    What should be mentioned is that the first person shooting is considered bad because it's very, very easy.

    Which I think is actually a good thing in an adventure game. Oh how I loathed adventure games where all of a sudden you'd be forced thrugh an action or stealth section as difficult as a game that is being sold on that premise.
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  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • Chtulie 11/03/2008

    No mention of it's improved controls for magic? Especially after taking a biton where controls have changed? Maybe you've forgotten that the original games where quite a bit more awkward when it came to using magic? Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: GameCube

  • Chtulie 10/03/2008

    If the batallion wars bit mentions that the wii version is a bit better, then shouldn't the animal crossing bit mention that the DS version is so far the perfect take on that concept. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Heroes

  • Chtulie 29/02/2008

    Imagine if this was what 1942 looked when it was first released rather then the attempt back then to try and make the game look realistic, how well it would've aged. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Phil Harrison

  • Chtulie 25/02/2008


    that was what I thought too. That picture has been photoshopped to hell, can't image how he must look like for real.
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  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

  • Chtulie 25/02/2008


    I would think so. The best bit about over amazon is that price includes shipping, vat, etc. So unless it's pricey enough for customs to add a charge, the listed price is what you'll pay, unlike Amazon.
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  • Chtulie 25/02/2008

    @caoslayer: mayhaps best to shop elsewhere?
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  • Chtulie 25/02/2008


    40, according to Seems there's a bit of a price drop in these late ps2 releases. Odin Sphere is listed for 40 too.
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  • Chtulie 25/02/2008

    So the special edition of persona 3, the game and the expansion for a reduced price is confirmed for a realease in the US.

    And that's been announced right before this old, much more limited edition is going on sale here.
    Best to wait a bit longer until the full package is on sale here too, unless you don't mind buying the game twice.
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  • GDC: Too Human

  • Chtulie 21/02/2008

    This screams Warhammer 40k rip.

    And I wish it was a little more 40k actually, technically the graphics are nice, but design wise it's quite bland.

    Gameplay looks nice for a console hack& slash rpg.

    Classes seem weird for what is first a single player game without an NPC party. What use is the tank and healer class' skills without a group? Or a demo type class without support?

    Have they shown anything that's actually new though? Anything that is innovative and not something where it's easy to spot the game it's borrowed from?
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  • TrackMania DS - Trailer

  • Chtulie 16/02/2008

    It actually makes sense to put it on the DS. Especially soince the actual racing on the pc was built with the player controlling it with the arrow keys in mind, meaning it doesn't need an analogue controller. Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

  • Chtulie 14/02/2008

    Would Forbidden Siren 1 really, really be better recommended then 2?

    Next up, Michigan: Report from Hell and Zone of the Enders 2?
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  • Army of Two

  • Chtulie 12/02/2008

    Seems like March and thereabouts is The best time of the year to launch a new IP. Reply 0
  • Contra 4

  • Chtulie 10/01/2008

    Importing, even with the shipping, is generally cheaper then buying games in the store here anyways. Reply 0
  • Geometry Wars: Galaxies

  • Chtulie 04/01/2008

    Can we also get a take on this from someone who is a bit more normal, can play the game properly and comment on how the game plays in it's primairy designed and distinctive control method? Reply 0
  • Soldier of Fortune: Payback

  • Chtulie 31/12/2007

    The first game had white supremasist as the bad guys, how things have changed.
    (and the second game had an awesomly balanced multiplayer going on, at least on the PC)
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2007: 40-31

  • Chtulie 25/12/2007

    Or 'it was to hard for me and my friends. It was stupidly hard rather then fun & challenging and we don't get off on doing stuff like beating the original zelda without the sword or other gamers that don't see much of either daylight or other people in a real life rather then online manner that this game seems to be aimed at'. Reply 0
  • Chtulie 25/12/2007

    How can this game be recommended when it's such an emberassment to put in front of other people compared to 1 & 2 which are like some holy, converting artifacts of gaming?
    Rock Band takes over the living room, Guitar Hero 3 goes back into the basement for single player hardcore gaming freaks who like long hammer-on/off sequences to play with one hand and work another part with the other.
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  • Future Perfect

  • Chtulie 13/12/2007

    Will it also include the events that took place in near Jupiter orbit 6 years ago or the events that took place on Cybertron 2 years ago? Or will those be omitted completely since this follows just one side of historic records ;) Reply 0
  • A History of Abuse

  • Chtulie 12/12/2007

    Hilariously funny but quite to the point where it comes to games that provlaim historic accuracy or modelling rather then being inspired by history.
    At least here we're better off then films. The number of films with a tenacious grip on historic fact yet with a great claim in historic accuracy are much more a rule there where they are an exception here.
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  • The Golden Compass

  • Chtulie 10/12/2007

    "Jumping the gaps that come into your path through the linear levels is handled in a semi-QTE fashion, with a Y-button input appearing every time you get near a suitable edge."

    Wouldn't that be a context sensetive action? Like interacting with levers and objects in God of War with the R2 button or the masses of actions in the Zelda games always linked to the A button.
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • Chtulie 08/12/2007

    Weird thing: Two days ago a spotted a valken game for the ps2 in a second hand shop. looking at the screenshots on the back of the box it lookes like this game got ported to the ps2 at one time. Weird. Reply 0
  • BioShock: A Defence

  • Chtulie 06/12/2007

    re the article, not other comments:
    Aah, too bad your nintendo player wasn't a Metroid Prime player. That lot is used to spending some time just looking around whenever a new area is opened up to them.
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  • Orcs & Elves

  • Chtulie 04/12/2007

    I'll stick with my Etrian Odyssey cart. Reply 0