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  • Viewtiful Joe for the Average Joe

  • Chris_C 27/04/2005

    Great article. I would love to see more of this in the future. Reply 0
  • Interview With A Black Mage

  • Chris_C 25/02/2005

    Shadar: I'll bite.

    Lets be honest, the interviewer is not someone who had any musical education, and the questions he asked was asked million of times.

    The creative process for most composer can be summed up as sit down with a piece of paper and piano, and then just write. Of course he can say a lot of feel good PR bullshit (eg. I draw my inspiriation from the clouds and nature), but at the end of the day if he just relies on his talent and musical experience to compose a piece of music then so be it imo.

    The end result speaks for itself.
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  • Chris_C 25/02/2005

    Do you mind if I ask which one of you interviewed Uematsu? How was he as a person to talk to (I am aware that a translator may have been involved somewhere) Also what was his purpose for coming to europe (if this interview was conducted in europe)?

    He's definitely responible for some of my favourite game musics.
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  • Eidos comments on Tomb Raider progress

  • Chris_C 06/03/2004

    Deus Ex 2 wasn't developed by Spector, it was produced by Havley Smith. Spector just appeared in interviews instead of Smith :) Reply 0
  • Chris Taylor hints at Total Annihilation follow-up

  • Chris_C 10/02/2004

    Don't forget Real Physics(tm) as well! Only rts game that has it as far as I know.

    Oh, and my cloaked commander can pop a cap on your krogoth's ass eviltoltz. :)
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  • X2: The Threat

  • Chris_C 07/02/2004

    I think this game can be a combat sim, if you are willing to cheat.

    *Hears outrages from the background*

    The main problem with the combat of the game is 2 things - first is the AI ramming your ship. That cannot be helped except by learning some ninji reflex. After about 10 to 20 fights, you should be able to get the hang of avoiding the AI ship ramming you, as you can guess their pattern. (the AI behaves slightly differently just before it rams you)

    The second problem with this game is the speed of the weapon. The most common weapon you use to kill things, the HPT (I think) travels extremely slowly, compared to the fast enemy. There are two cheatings solution. One is to download a script that will allow you the use of a khazk M3, which provides a beam weapon. The ssecond option is to install the speed up weapon mod.

    Both are available at

    Using the above, I have much enjoyment out of the game from shooting the Xenon, and Khazk systems.
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  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  • Chris_C 05/12/2003

    Kid, I think you are the first one who has refined the art of "tard-baiter" baiting to a level previously unseen on eurogamer. :) Reply 0
  • Warren Spector talks Deus Ex: Invisible War

  • Chris_C 15/11/2003

    Btw Kieron, if my comment comes off as overly aggressive, I am very sorry! I have been quite a big fan of your writing when you were in PC gamers, and treasure the articles you have done on eurogamer like gold :)

    Also, can you give some examples of how the steamlining process works? :)
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  • Chris_C 14/11/2003

    The question he has avoided was not "What is the level of involvment you have in the game design?", but how the steamlining process can affect the game, and how did they go about deciding what to steamline, and their fear. Warren basically just replied: it's not my decision, which is not a great answer to the question imo.

    Entirely agree with you tho that the guy is very open on a lot of things! And he deserves all the praise and the guru-hood status. I am dead looking forward to this, and Thief III.
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  • Chris_C 14/11/2003

    Another impressive article Kieron Gillen! Good job to eurogamer for grabbing this one :)

    I get the impression however that Warren Spector avoided the first question, and instead shown something else that's quite interesting - ie. Warren Spector's role in the development of this game.

    He bought up the name Harvey quite often tho - sounds like Spector's the PR manager for the guy :P (Seriously, kudos to Spector to push Harvey into the limelight - that guy deserves it)
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  • Homeworld 2

  • Chris_C 07/11/2003

    By the way, this reviews is yet another review that points out the obvious defects of the points system. Look at the way everybody focus on the marks given, instead of the text of the review.

    By the way, for real time strategy reviews, the question of the balance of the game should come up more often in my opinion. Just like graphics takes and breaks a first person shooter, the balance of a rts lives and dies by its balance. Of course, in this case, the question doens't apply - since Homeworld 2 has a quite simple rock, paper, stone system.
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  • Chris_C 07/11/2003

    Nope, unfortunely - I don't have much webtime nowadays, so I only stick to Eurogamer. Reply 0
  • Chris_C 07/11/2003

    You can of course argue that Eurogamer has 4 standards - one for each reviewer on the board. :)

    Excellent review - it's about time somebody stop mindlessly giving praise for Relic for the game, and actually spot the design mistakes made in single player. Single player should be fun, not an exercise for frustration.

    Having said that, I love this game, and play this regularly multiplayer with my mates. It's a blast in multiplayer
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  • Is there a Special Cup in Mario Kart?

  • Chris_C 31/10/2003

    Seeing all the big releases we've had recently, I have nearly forgotten about Mario Kart! I have no idea it's coming out so soon. My gamecube is one happy little bunny.

    Would it be anal of me to point out a little typo? *Something that made me a very happen little gamer not five minutes ago.*

    Thanks for doing a late night update just to tell us this joyous news.
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  • Worms 3D

  • Chris_C 27/10/2003

    Spadge: I am just wondering if Worms 3D has some kind of weapon customisation (eg. make the rocket have far far more splash damage.) Mouse's complain about the lack of chain reactions seems quite valid, and it sounds to me to be quite easy to correct! If this issue cannot be avoided by the customisation option existing already, is it possible to be added in via a patch?

    Btw, great job Team 17...played the demo, and it's kick ass! Shall be getting the full game as soon as it comes out. It's a brave job making the translation to 3D, and I am certain you will take some flank from people who can't cope with 3D gaming. :P
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  • Kirby creator leaves Nintendo

  • Chris_C 06/08/2003

    Your are all just bitter because some 9 years old has beaten you on that game. :)

    Mind you, said 9 years old would have beaten me at FIFA :(
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  • Eidos classics for a fiver

  • Chris_C 04/04/2003

    Sold-out has done a lot for UK gaming. Gary, a big thank you for getting all them brilliant games onto your label.

    Krudster - Can I be a bit of a pest and ask you if you can consider doing another opinion piece just like what you have done for PCG? (not on the same topic, but just something about the gaming industry which has bugged you for a while) That PCG article was one of the few which has stuck to my mind, and I don't mind seeing another :)
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  • Chris_C 04/04/2003

    hehe - thought so :) Do you still happen to have the sales figure on you? Or is it really easy to find?

    Also, what was it like working for PC Gamer?
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  • Chris_C 04/04/2003

    No, that issue of PC Gamer was gone. I wish I kept it! It was one of my favourite articles I've read in PC gamer, a real eye openner! You have no idea how gulity I've felt about not buying freespace 2 after that article.

    Did you wrote that article? If so, then nice job!
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  • Chris_C 04/04/2003

    I remembered PC Gamer doing an article about PC games that doesn't sell. The one which sticks to my mind were Startopia, and also Freespace 2 (Think it was around 20,000 copies as well). PC gaming has been better back then, because nowadays, there are not enough money going around funding developments. I honestly hope PC gaming will jazz up soon. At the moment, I see development split across 4 plaforms, each not having the volume of good games as the last gen. Reply 0
  • 3D Mark 2003 released

  • Chris_C 12/02/2003

    I think the purpose of this benchmark is to look towards the future. Anyone remember 3DMark2001? At the time, the nature test was just stupid eye-candy. But now the test is a very good indicator on modern games.

    After watching 3dmarks03, I have to say I am excited about PC gaming again. I am not saying graphics makes the game, but graphics definitely help in making the right atmosphere.

    In case anyone wants a point of reference: I've got 1298 on my 1800+ 512MB g4ti4200. I hear ATI has much higher score on account of being able to do the 4th test.
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  • Xbox 2 is... a PC?

  • Chris_C 11/02/2003

    I really don't see what the problem is! My PS2 acts as a DVD player as well, and it doesn't make any games on it any less good.

    I probably wouldn't touch any of that stuff on a console, since I use my pc too often. But it would be nice to know it's there! As long as MS knows gaming is the xbox's aim, what's wrong with adding a little extra to consumers.
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  • Star Wars KOTOR slips

  • Chris_C 30/01/2003

    TIE Fighter is definitely the best Lucasart games for me! I have to say however multiplayer with Xwing vs TIE Fighter is really fun as well...especially on those impossible missions. Having a human wingman or two makes the action a lot more intense - and more tactical as well!

    Why can't Lucasart make another Xwing type games? Something like a Freelancer clone in a Star Wars universe where you can finially live your dream as Han Solo.
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  • Summoner 2

  • Chris_C 15/12/2002

    I am betting that no matter how much of a piece of crap Summoner 2 is, it will still sell better than Freespace 2. This makes me sad. :(

    In the perfect world, Lucasart would be making another Xwing or TIE Fighter game, Volition and Interplay would make Freespace 3, and Freelancer would be released tomorrow!

    I can always dream...
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  • Honduras set to ban violent videogames

  • Chris_C 11/12/2002

    Let's be honest, this ban is probably just an excuse to make sure the good citizens of the country spending money on foreign goods. But it's nice they have banned 5 years old game...who plays Doom anymore? Reply 0
  • Square and Enix merge

  • Chris_C 26/11/2002

    Shinra Corp? Reply 0
  • DOOM III leaked

  • Chris_C 04/11/2002

    From reading slashdot, it sounds like the leak came from ATI.

    Played this on my mates' Geforce 2Ti, and my Geforce 4. The game is entirely playable in the Geforce2. Considering this isn't optimised code (for the geforce anyway), I came away very impressed.

    Oh yeah, and the game scared the shit out of me too!

    If it is true that ATI has leaked it, I seriously think it is very bad of them to do so. They *know* that after releasing this, people would go out and buy the biggest and baddest graphic card around, the 9700. I have no doubt John is very mad at the moment.
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  • Yuna sequel follows FFX

  • Chris_C 22/10/2002

    Which temple is that? If you mean Bevelle (after Yuna "fly" - hope that's not a spoiler but is obvious enough), then that temple is well annoying.

    Copy and paste job from an faq:

    - Push the pedestal into the middle of the circle
    - The track here is in a continuous loop - going off the end will place you
    back at the beginning - so if you miss a turn, simply try again
    - From the beginning, go forward, skip the first turn, then go left at the
    second turn (It may take some practice to get the timing down)
    - Take the Bevelle Sphere from the recess on the wall - then push the pedestal
    back out onto the track
    - Loop back around again - skip the first turn, take the second turn RIGHT
    - Place the Bevelle Sphere into the recess on the wall - then push the pedestal
    back out onto the track
    - Loop back around - take the first turn right, then go straight at the next
    - Take the Bevelle Sphere, then push the pedestal back out onto the track
    - Go right at the intersection
    - This loop moves faster, so it may take a few tries to get the timing down
    - From the intersection at the start of this loop - take the last turn right
    - Place the Bevelle Sphere into the recess in the wall - push the pedestal
    back onto the track
    - From the start of the loop - go forward - take the second turn right
    - Take the Glyph Sphere - push the pedestal back onto the track
    - Take the last turn right again
    - Place the Glyph Sphere into the recess in the glyph
    - Take the Destruction Sphere - push the pedestal back onto the track
    - From the start of the loop - go forward - take the second turn right
    - Place the Destruction Sphere into the recess here (it should be the same spot
    where you got the Glyph Sphere)
    - * If you want the Knight Lance (it is NOT the Destruction Sphere Treasure),
    stop off at the last turn, take the Bevelle Sphere from the wall, push the
    pedestal back onto the track
    - From the start of the loop - go forward - take the first turn right
    - Push the pedestal onto the track ahead of you
    - Go up the stairs, take the treasure (This is the Destruction Sphere Treasure,
    so you recieve it automatically)
    - If you took the Bevelle Sphere earlier at the * - place it in the recess,
    step on the shining glyph where the treasure chest was, and push the pedestal
    onto the track - take the other treasure

    This faq is very useful since it contains zero spoiler (apart from the name of the locations).

    This massive faq is brilliant if you want to know *anything* about this game. Also, if you just follow the main section of the faq, there is no spoilers since he cleverly put sensitive names like Seymour as S.

    If you want, you are welcome to email me with any problems!
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