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  • PUBG performs badly on Xbox One - and X

  • ChemicalBR0 15/12/2017

    @Pete207 um no he didn't.

    Dean Hall modded arma 2 into dayz.

    Player unknown modded arma2 (and 3) into battle royale.
    (then he worked with sony to do the h1z1 king of the kill thing)

    absolutely zero to do with dayz

    (his real name is Brendan Greene btw)
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  • ChemicalBR0 15/12/2017

    It's bad enough on the PC. (they have not even reached optimization stages on PC yet)

    Why anybody thought it would be anything but a pile of dogshite on Xbox baffles me.

    tbh I'm shocked that bluehole even released this to console.
    it will probably all turn out fine by the time it goes to retail but this is absolutely shocking. 4fps at some stages? seriously, my ZX spectrum could pull off better frame rates than that, it's practically a slideshow at that point.

    I'm a PC gamer but who the f**k do bluhole think console players are? do they seriously expect people to put up with this pile of mince? (feel sorry for anybody who paid money for this)
    even for early access this is abysmal

    they should pull it from sale right now, give everybody their money back and release at a later date when it is at least quarter fit for sale.
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  • Revealed: Microsoft's Xbox One X benchmarks

  • ChemicalBR0 07/07/2017

    @Tiel a 980ti is enough for witcher 3 hair @60fps ultra settings at 1080p... the 1080ti will CREAM it Reply +1
  • Virtual reality's driving force

  • ChemicalBR0 05/10/2016

    @_LarZen_ thats weird as im only running mine off a 980 but to be fair only about 4 of the people i demoed to tried pcars or anything other than the lab and maybe some brookhaven.

    maybe my mates just have solid stomachs :)

    here;s the thing tho as a vive owner I would recommend that people wait for gen 2 of all of these VR devices.

    although it is a quality bit of kit there are tons of improvements that could be made.(especially in the comfort/weight aspect of the vive, who the hell at HTC/valve thought velcro was a good idea?

    the rift although intitially more comfortable when you first put it on is just as bad as the vive after an hour or so.

    I'll be really interested to experience how well PSVR can pull it off (coz to be completely honest i don't think it has anywhere near enough horsepower for high quality VR experiences) the headset design looks great tho and from what i hear it is comfy to wear so thumbs up sony for that

    guess I'll find out when i try it (I have a few friends who will be buying psvr on the back of my vive demos to them, I really just hope they are not dissapointed, I hope that Sony can get some good quality stuff out there because the huge user base of Playstation getting into VR can only benefit ALL vr hardware.
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  • ChemicalBR0 05/10/2016

    @_LarZen_ maybe it is luck but tbh i've demoed the vive to over a dozen people and not one of them has felt sick either

    I guess if you are prone to motion sickness in the real world then its a given that you will be prone to it in VR
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  • ChemicalBR0 05/10/2016

    @_LarZen_ I've not had motion sickness with anything i've tried on my vive. and i play a shit load of elite dangerous and DCS world where you are regularly doing barrel rolls and turning upside down.

    if you can handle a high speed barrel roll in an F-15 you can pretty much handle anything vr can throw at you.

    as long as your pc is powerful enough to keep a constant 90fps in pcars motion sickness shouldn't be an issue
    (its not motion sickness as such anways... more like latency sickness when the display doesn't update fast enough to keep up with your head movements)
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  • Is DayZ still coming out on console and, you know, WTH is going on?

  • ChemicalBR0 23/09/2016

    @OnTheUpGaming im not saying they are. only that they seem to have a knack for releasing games earlier than they should (i get that they are a smallish company and maybe need the input of cash to continue development)but i still think they always release way too early.

    to be fair to bohemia tho they were really the 1st (and still one of the few) to develop in this way where the public gets to see the evolution of the game through good and bad.

    I doubt GTA 5 looked anything like final release when it was 3 years into development and rockstar had a team of hundreds working on that.
    So I'm still willing to give bohemia the benfit of the doubt because as you say they usually always come good in the end.
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  • ChemicalBR0 23/09/2016

    @OnTheUpGaming yeah because when arma 3 released it didn't even have any proper missions or a campaign.(it was all just showcase stuff) so its only natural that updates would be delivered for free. arma 3 was another game that bohemia delivered unfinished at launch.

    granted it's in a very nice place now and is a fantastic game but it was more or less early access without the tag at release.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: the first PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison

  • ChemicalBR0 14/09/2016

    "60fps is - of course - off the table for a high-end title like this, with Rise of the Tomb Raider focusing on the console standard capped 30fps."

    end of comparison.

    even if the graphics on the PS4 pro version were better (which they are not)
    and even if it was native 4K (which it's not) the PC version would still be the better experience. (as it CAN run at 60fps and CAN do native 4k)

    did anybody really expect any other outcome from this "comparison"? lol

    i'd rather play at 60fps in 900p than 30fps in 4k anyways

    i think sony are crazy for pushing this 4k nonsense the way they are and not even including a UHD drive.
    they are using the added power of the Pro for all the WRONG reasons.

    it should be all about giving what they have been promising for years (and have still yet to deliver) , all games running at least at 1080p @ 60fps.

    practically everybody nowadays has a 1080 screen.
    the percentage of users who actually have a 4k tv will be miniscule in comparison.

    Ps4 pro was designed not for 4k content but to give PSVR a bit of a boost.

    4k isn't what is getting the gaming community excited at this moment in time.... VR is

    why is it suddenly that sony are bringing out this mid gen console?
    the design of the ps4 was fine when they designed and produced it... why the sudden need for more power?

    because they want in on the VR hype that surfaced AFTER their consoles were researched/developed and sold.

    (sony can't say that tho because if they say a ps pro is needed for good VR they won't sell any headsets to vanilla ps4 owners)
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  • F1 2016 looks to have learnt some lessons from Dirt Rally

  • ChemicalBR0 30/07/2016

    @ameliafranklin GTFO Reply 0
  • ChemicalBR0 30/07/2016

    about time. glad to see the codies moving away from the arcade type gameplay
    Dirt rally is a serious breath of fresh air compared to all the other dirt garbage they have released previously. driving a rally or f1 car SHOULD be a struggle and a challenge.
    similarly all of the previous f1 games have been more arcade than sim.

    if its even half as good as crammonds GP4 it will be amazing.

    hopefully it will have full race weekends, with practice, setup, and qualifying and full length races (if you want them)
    this is deffo on my watch list
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  • Live speedrun attempt interrupted by fake Windows 10 update

  • ChemicalBR0 06/07/2016

    @berelain if the product is "free" you yourself ARE the product.

    W10 is free because they make their money selling your data to ad agancies.

    personally i'd rather have a paid version of windows without all the cortana,onedrive, cloud, bing bullshit that reports back to microsoft every time you do or search anything.

    so yeah they can keep their "free" OS
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  • All LittleBigPlanet game servers shutting down in Japan

  • ChemicalBR0 02/07/2016

    that's a shame, I remember some great levels that were uploaded by japanese creators.

    sony should release the server code to the people in japan so that if they want to continue playing they can make their own dedicated server.

    it sucks that any company can just pull the plug on a product that people still use.
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  • Face-Off: Dead Island: The Definitive Collection

  • ChemicalBR0 01/06/2016

    @Cyberlith ALL post process effects are awful.

    I game solely on pc and the first thing i look for when i load a new game is the option to turn off post processing.

    motion blur= horrible, depth of field= horrible, ambient occlusion (if done properly can look good, most of the time horrible), lens flares, bloom etc etc. MOST games look way better with all that shit turned off.

    they are rendering effects to mimic the shorcomings of camera technology (all the things a film maker tries his hardest to avoid) because they have a jaded view that it looks more cinematic.
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  • ChemicalBR0 01/06/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- if you have been toying with the idea of a PC for yonks, now is the time m8.

    the PC market has never looked so bright.
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  • Don't expect to be blown away by the new Gran Turismo on PS4

  • ChemicalBR0 20/05/2016

    @Klaw you forget that VR also need to run at those resolutions and framerates multiplied by 2 (1 render for each eye) esentially vr is running the game twice.

    so basicly if your game cannot pull off 180fps on a 2d screen it's not gonna run well in VR (90hz is the framerate required to cut down on nausea and motion sickness and thats the framerate all the major players in VR are aiming at

    Im willing to bet that the PSVR games that come out will be VERY basic indeed when it comes to graphics.

    if you look at VR on the PC , the vive or oculus, you can see the specs required to run VR with current gen graphics
    (you won't get much change out of Ł1200 when building a pc for high end VR)
    MINIMUM gpu required for either is a GTX970 ffs :) thats a card that costs almost as much as a ps4.

    Sony KNOW the ps4 isn't strong enough for VR (hence the ps4.5) they say its for 4k gaming but im calling bullshit on that.
    they simply cannot say it is to boost performance for VR because if they say that nobody with a ps4 will buy one of their VR headsets.

    VR isn't about the graphics tho its about the experience so ps2/3 era graphics on PSVR will still be pretty damn good.
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  • ChemicalBR0 20/05/2016

    I played the hell out of every GT game until 6 (turismo has sold me a few playstations in its time)

    6 for me was when it went tits up (I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore tbh)

    I couldn't even bring myself to complete the licences in GT6. and in total I played about 5 hours of it. (I ended up going back to gt5 because i had way more progression and my garage was bigger, I simply didn't see the point in going through all that again in what was essentially the exact same game)

    i was hoping that ps4 would see a stellar new version of GT7 and it would probably sell me a console (I wont buy a playstation if theres no current gen turismo to buy with it)
    this review brings that into serious doubt.

    im unsure but was it GT5 or GT6 that introduced rolling starts in a patch for practically every race? I HATE rolling starts.
    thats probably when my love for turismo started to die.
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  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • ChemicalBR0 19/04/2016

    @jasonreignbos Nail head. hit it Reply 0
  • ChemicalBR0 19/04/2016

    still nowhere near enough power for 4K gaming.

    its an extra boost for their natty new VR headsets

    but they can't say that or they won't sell any headsets to ps4 owners.
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  • Fable Legends bids farewell

  • ChemicalBR0 13/04/2016

    @ToadRage you missed the boat on that one.
    what suddenly brought you to the conclusion that you can't support MS anymore?

    MS had already started their shenanigans LONG before the xbone came out (and during its release) you should have voted with your wallet at that time and not given them the chance to release an xbtwo. (that's the main reason i don't own an xbone because i didn't like how MS were operating and stuck to my guns and actually followed through on my boycott) I didn't care how good or bad the console turned out I wasn't buying it regardless

    I see stuff like this constantly on sites like these " thats it im boycotting" do it and stop talking about doing it.
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  • Why virtual reality is the future

  • ChemicalBR0 13/04/2016

    @TheDarkSoul Elite dangerous in VR= childhood dream realized.

    they don't even have to release anything else for the headsets and ill be getting one.

    to me it is worth it for that one game. (a few driving games will get a spin with the also expensive and occcasionally used G27)

    the price for me is already justified for games I already own.

    the problem with these VR headsets is that they are being marketed as a new platform when in reality all they are is a peripheral device.

    think of a rift or vive in the same category as the G27 and it seems less fad like, its just another addon device to mke the game more immersive, same as a steering wheel is. (I'm willing to bet that plenty of people will buy one)

    there are gamers (e.g sim racers) who think nothing of dropping 500 quid on a controller for a couple of games

    what makes you think they will see VR any different? if it improves their experience they WILL buy it.
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  • In Play: Which moments in games do you really remember?

  • ChemicalBR0 05/03/2016

    John Marston :( Reply +1
  • "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

  • ChemicalBR0 05/03/2016

    @null exactly if you are a pc gamer who also owns consoles for the exclusives which then come to the PC it makes your console purchase kinda pointless.

    thankfully i have not bought either a xbone or ps4 but last gen i had a ps3 and 360 as well as my gaming pc.

    I'd have been annoyed if all the exclusives on those consoles came out on pc .
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  • Watch: How much space does the HTC Vive actually need?

  • ChemicalBR0 04/03/2016

    @Spuzzell i have a feeling HTC will release a sit down only version eventually that will have simpler tracking and no controllers (hence cheaper)

    (the market just isn't there for room scale judging by the comments on MANY sites)most people don't have the space for it and are not going to pay extra for a feature they can't use.
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  • How do our gaming habits change as we grow up?

  • ChemicalBR0 12/02/2016

    @Krappers OMG knight lore :)

    your icon just brought back so many memories.

    (tbh i preffered jetpack but KL is a classic ~:)
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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • ChemicalBR0 24/01/2016

    @matthewhaycock I can't think of any reason why EVERY PC mod couldn't be made available, well the ones that don't cross the line of decency at least.
    (these new gen consoles are just "PC lite")they are entry-mid level pc's with a custom operating system where a pc guy would install windows.

    the game code on pc,xb1,ps4 should be almost identical.

    It makes the console wars and pc vs console thing a bit silly nowadays because essentially we are ALL gaming on pc hardware that is running X86 code. in theory every mod should be compatible with the consoles without any changes.

    I think its great that consoles will be getting modding support. why should us PC guys have all the fun ? :)

    or to be more exact. why should pc guys have the ability to fix the devs fuck ups and consoles not?
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  • ChemicalBR0 23/01/2016

    @matthewhaycock yeah there's a mod for pc called OCDecorator that lets you turn any item into a static model that is unaffected by physics. if you then place that static somewhere (even on a shelf) it won't EVER move until you move it again.

    there's also mods for weapon racks and being able to slightly overlap building parts, mods that let you build anywhere in the commonwealth and all this is before beth have released any creation tools.

    once the G.E.C.K comes out i imagine there will be some pretty amazing stuff for settlements on the PC version.
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  • Is your PC really VR-ready?

  • ChemicalBR0 15/01/2016

    yes its ready

    will i buy a headset?

    probably not (although elite dangerous would be pretty nifty with a rift)

    depends how much it costs
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  • AMD reveals 'Polaris' next-gen graphics architecture

  • ChemicalBR0 04/01/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing freesync is open source software (not some piece of hardware in the monitor, that's what g-sync is ) in theory any screen with a display port should be freesync compatible. so im willing to bet as better drivers come along it will just be a matter of you downloading the new software and installing it. Reply +1
  • Fallout 4's list of voiced player names is stuffed with pop culture references

  • ChemicalBR0 11/11/2015

    I called my character after my dog , Roger
    nearly spat out my coffee when codsworth called me it.
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  • Face-Off: Mad Max

  • ChemicalBR0 11/09/2015

    I don't understand why more devs don't work this way.

    lead develop on the PC and scale down from there.
    (both the ps4 and xb1 run x86 code anyway)

    its literally just a case of changing graphics options or putting a framecap.

    everybody wins. PC gamers get their high fps smooth gameplay. console players get a solid game that looks great.

    the fact that this game runs so well on all platforms kinda proves it is the logical way to do it.

    its always easier to take stuff away from a high quality product than to try and bolt stuff onto a lower quality product.
    (pc ports from consoles last gen kinda showed that to be true)

    everybody gets the best that their machine is capable of.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • ChemicalBR0 11/09/2015

    @Thegreatbrainrobbery dishonoured
    now there's a proper stealth game.

    if you want a good stealth game don't buy MGS5
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  • Forza Motorsport 6 takes us back to the series' heyday

  • ChemicalBR0 11/09/2015

    @Simatron3000 dirt rally is PAINFULLY realistic :)

    i've got about 30 hours in that game and i think i've only ever managed 1 clean stage (and im still only allowed to drive a mini cooper, i hate to think what's gonna happen when i get in that 80's lancia :)

    its punishing on the wrists also if you are using a FFB wheel. (the most i can manage in one sitting is 3 or 4 stages then i have to stop because of the pain in my arms, it's a proper workout.
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  • ChemicalBR0 11/09/2015

    @Kili102 I work for a company that repairs electrical goods (usually under some over priced warranty but thats another story)

    anyway the number of ps4's i've seen pass through my work for repair is staggering. i've seen a handful of x1s too but nowhere near as many
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is series' biggest UK launch

  • ChemicalBR0 07/09/2015

    @J_C_X LOL here's exactly how it will go this gen.

    the ps4 and xbox 1 use pc components,pc code all on pc architecture (all machines X86 based)

    all devs have to do is create an all bells and whistles pc version and move the graphics sliders down a bit in the options menu for the consoles (then remove the menu) maybe dial back the physics a bit if its a physics based game, a couple of tweaks here and there and they are good to go.

    they are essentially only creating 1 set of code for the 3 platforms.

    MGS always was and always will be a playstation game that's why the fan base isn't there on xbox or pc.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review

  • ChemicalBR0 06/09/2015

    @Some_Goats half of the prologue isn't playable. (the prologue lasts 1hr 10 mins (according to steam playtime) are you trying to tell me you were in control of the character for 40 of those minutes? because i know for a fact you were not.

    but yeah i did manage to get through it eventually (knew there was gonna be a good game in there somewhere as i played ground zeroes and have played a couple of the mgs games over the years) the missions themselves are great fun (open world....nope) but fun none the less.

    as you say there is a good game in there , so long as you can see past all the nonsense (story? what story?)
    the god awful wooden voice "acting"
    and the crazy japaneseness :) of it all.

    the credits before and after every mission WTF is that all about? doesn't make it more cinematic just more laughable.

    it also denies any surprises , you pretty much know what baddies you're going up against before you start the missions. (crazy crazy design imo)

    but yes i will agree with you , the underlying game is great one you finally get into it.
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  • ChemicalBR0 03/09/2015

    An essential addition to your movie library maybe.

    An essential addition to your game library? not so much.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5's bonkers birthday surprise

  • ChemicalBR0 03/09/2015

    let me guess the birthday party is yet another fkin cutscene.

    EG spoiled nothing for me because I did't even have the sanity to get through the hour+ cut scene intro with about 5 mins total where i was in control (if you want to call it control on the pc version)

    I'll have to force myself to load this up again.

    I wouldn't have minded the cut scenes if they had made any sense whatsoever but alas it was a nonsense illogical mish mash of god knows who's imagination (hope i never meet the person that came up with it because i'd doubt their ability to form a meaningful sentence.
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  • Mad Max review

  • ChemicalBR0 01/09/2015

    @jambo74 and its even betamax
    kudos sir
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  • ChemicalBR0 01/09/2015

    @Baban_Iesu nice one thanks man Reply 0
  • Promo: 300,000 free Steam games up for grabs!

  • ChemicalBR0 18/08/2015

    @Skirlasvoud deleted mine over 2 years ago.

    one of the best things i've ever done to my pc.
    have i seen any of the so called friends since i did that? maybe 1 or 2, hence they were not my friends just people i happened to know.

    i bet 99% of most peoples facebook "friends" fall into the category of
    people you don't really give a fuck about.

    your TRUE friends you can reach by much more private means. we all have phones and your REAL friends number is bound to be on there.

    facebook is a cesspool of triviality and cash grabs.
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  • ChemicalBR0 18/08/2015

    @KanevilPS_ "I have recently cleansed my Facebook of crap"
    so you've closed your account?
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  • Godzilla review

  • ChemicalBR0 19/07/2015

    @pimlicosound so Alien isolation then. Reply 0
  • Prototype's HD Biohazard Bundle is a big disappointment

  • ChemicalBR0 18/07/2015

    @dennett316 So if i run a game on my pc at 720p then go to the options and change it to 1080p i've just done an HD remaster?

    I don't think so, remaster means you take the original material and improve on it (and that doesn't just mean taking it from vinyl and putting it on a cd or upping the resolution of a game) both those scenarios are a 5 minute job and require no re-anything
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  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • ChemicalBR0 14/07/2015

    @dennett316 nope.
    the people who invented football and made the rules were english they called it football for hundreds of years until they started playing it in the USA where they already had a game called football (even tho you use your hands and don't even use a ball) it was the americans that invented the word soccer and they had nothing to do with creating the game or it's rules.
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  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • ChemicalBR0 05/07/2015

    @TekMerc I'll recommend this war of mine.
    indie game. 14 quid on steam.
    GOTY for me (I'm 44 btw and have live through ALL of video game history (I actually had an original pong machine :)I'm also sick of the same shite being released year in year out) but this war of mine is a diamond in the rough.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 is a technical tour de force

  • ChemicalBR0 28/06/2015

    @Yorkshire_Bourne so let me get this right. you are happily reveling in other peoples misfortune?

    you are happy that for once it's not you getting shat on by a money grabbing company but somebody else?

    NOBODY should be getting shat on

    people like you make me sick.
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  • Does The Witcher 3's latest patch fix console performance?

  • ChemicalBR0 06/06/2015

    @moroboshi I'm pretty sure the master race are happy for companies to keep putting out sub par versions of games on the consoles to get the budget to make it suberb on the pc.

    I know I am
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight is another step away from the intimacy of Arkham Asylum

  • ChemicalBR0 28/05/2015

    @Cartho spoze that any game in a series has to be more of the same, there's no real way around it.

    every james bond film is more of the same because its the same main character doing what he does only the locations and actor playing blofeld change :)

    im totally with you on the inconsistencies of game journalism nowadays.
    in 1 game something is slated but in a different game by their fave developer the exact same thing is allowed to slip.

    every game should be reviewed without bias but sadly most of these people are not professional enough to do that. (however in their defence a review is an opinion) which is why i don't pay much attention to them.
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  • ChemicalBR0 28/05/2015

    @Mar27w exactly .I like to call the batman combat quicktime fighting it is so easy to get good at its almost laughable.

    its practically guitar hero with punches. punch (1.2) block (1.2) takedown (3.4) it's way too rhythmic.

    it does look on screen as if combat is flowing and you are a complete badass but it doesn't take much skill at all or feel that good when you are doing it.

    i remember getting asylum and a friend seen me play it for the first time and he was like "how the fk are you doing all that"
    when i told him it was 1 button to punch 1 to block and a 2 button combo for a takedown. he was like "where's the challenge in that?"

    128 hit flawless round in city that wasn't even that difficult to do, serious concentration, quick reactions and pressing the correct button is all that's needed, there's really no tactical element to the fighting whatsoever
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