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  • Spotify app launches today, exclusive to PlayStation "for the foreseeable"

  • ChemicalBR0 01/04/2015

    so that's exclusive to the playstation except for the pc android ios versions then? Reply 0
  • Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?

  • ChemicalBR0 01/04/2015

    @7M7 that is nail on the head right there. I said it last gen on the ps3 and 360 that it was getting too much like pc gaming with all the patches etc (every now and then i would get the urge to pop in GT5 for a quick game... or so i thought then have to sit through 20 mins of updates.that's not what console gaming is about, its about slam in a cartridge or disk and be playing in no more than a minute.

    The new consoles are essentially just pc's with a custom OS anyway so why bother (and entry level gaming pc's at that). they have all pc parts running x86 code so why not just save another couple of hundred quid and build your own pc that will outperform both of em.
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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • ChemicalBR0 23/12/2014

    @mogsy it is playable with KB/mouse (its not that great (how could it be you're flying a spaceship KB/mouse just doesn't fit that) but it's there)
    and it has docking computers but you have to buy it (think its around $4000 or something)
    and anyways i can land WAY WAY better then the docking computer.

    sure it gets the job done and plays you the blue danube but it has no finesse, no style :)

    i fitted one, used it once, sold it and went back to manual landing

    I've never played eve but have played X series to death.

    if you like X you will LOVE elite.

    the interface is a thousand times more intuative than any x game
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  • ChemicalBR0 23/12/2014

    @Scimarad I know right...
    i think i've gone into a landing pad the wrong way once and i've been playing since beta 2.

    I don't think people are getting confused landing at the enclosed stations as you enter them facing the way you are meant to land (coreolis etc) its the stations that are open and you can approach from any direction.

    still its not that confusing once you've done it a couple of times.

    what i like to do is approach from directly above the pad (i know there's no above below up or down in space but for the sake of argument

    as in flying nose first straight into the pad at a distance. (as if it was a target)

    then once i can see the features of the pad like the little thrust ramp and control tower i roll the ship so my nose will be pointing the correct way once i level the ship out (the ship obviously rolls quicker than it yaws)

    I think the confusion is coming from people not thinking about the fact they are flying in space with no up down left or right. they are thinking of it as flying a plane on earth.

    theres 6 degrees of freedom in the flight model. Use it :)
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  • Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

  • ChemicalBR0 23/05/2014

    @null you wrongly assume that anybody making a negative comment about MS is a sony fanboy

    I am a gamer, I own whatever console or machine has games i want,

    I was commenting on what microsoft has done with the xbone at no point in my previous comment did i even mention Sony.

    at the moment i have not bought any of the new gen consoles as nothing so far has impressed me enough to put down the cash.

    I have both a 360 and ps3 from previous gen but I game mostly on pc at this moment in time for the simple fact that at this moment in time that platform performs the best.

    (both companies IMO had the chance to deliver those kinda visuals and effects to the masses with their next gen consoles. both have failed to deliver so far)

    my current consoles get used when exclusives come out , they are a tool to play a particular game nothing more.

    MS failed to get the idea that console buyers want a machine that plays games,end of design brief.

    I don't give a damn who makes the machine the game is running on. being loyal to a manufacturer is absolutely batshit crazy if you ask me.

    I don't care what a company did in the market 10 years ago, what are you doing now? oh you're making an all in one set top box that just happens to play games. um count me out.

    maybe now that ms has given up on all its media and Kinect shite the console will be worth buying and ill get one if the right games come along.

    Sony still have to impress me with a couple of must have games before ill get a ps4.

    coz at the end of the day neither of them can even come close to sniffing my pc's tail so they gotta get them exclusives out and they gotta be frikin good not the same old tired franchises with purty graphics.

    I am HUGE fan of forza but is it worth buying a XBone just to get FM5.. hell no. all the other games you mentioned are either not up my street or i can get on the pc where they are gonna look better and run smoother (you seriously don't wanna see BF4 running on a pc at ultra compared to the xbone)

    so to sum it up for me it is ALL about the exclusive games nothing else will sell me a console.
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  • ChemicalBR0 23/05/2014

    "but there's the sense that Microsoft is finally listening."

    they don't have any option now but to listen.
    the xb1 was designed as a cash cow from the very start as it became clear to MS that consumers are not as stupid as they thought the U turns started.

    they totally misread the games market.

    MOST of those hardcore gamers already own an all in one media device... (I'm typing on mine right now) practically every house has a pc that can do all that stuff

    so no MS are not listening they are just slowly realizing that consumers of games consoles won't take their shit.

    gamers wanted a games console and MS are finally working that out
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  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • ChemicalBR0 16/04/2014

    does anybody who frequents a gaming site like euro gamer really give a flying fuck what this guy has to say

    he's associated with a shitty mobile game so no i didn't bother to read the article
    i have no interest in mobile games or facebook games or farm sims or frikin cutting up fruit.

    i'm sitting here with a ps3 a 360 and a good PC rig why the fack would i want to play any of this shite?
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  • Don't Starve review

  • ChemicalBR0 18/01/2014

    @ATARI no not all. a lot of that 90Gb is Plugins and other music software logic for example has a full install size of about 48Gb. the maschine stock library of drum samples is around 8Gb (its a lot of drums :)) and i also have about 10 DVD's worth of commercial sample packs. only a tiny percentage of that is stuff i will use tho. but its nice to have as you can edit the samples.. chop bits you like out ,stretch them add effects and generally manipulate them to make it your own unique sound.

    I am planning on getting A package called Komplete by native instruments and the sound library of that beast is 120Gb.
    the music stuff was starting to take over my gaming rig, hence the dedicated computer. that example was made entirely in Maschine, no other software used. (unless you count massive (massive is a software synthesizer) which I used for the synth and bass sounds but that also comes as part of maschine so the library isn't just samples, there's quite a few plugins (virtual instruments and effects) in the package also.

    anyways NONE of this has anything to do with the review of Don't starve so I'll shut the hell up now :)
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  • ChemicalBR0 18/01/2014

    @ATARI yeah we did speak about mashine before (my avatar on here is the maschine controller). You can sample anything you like. I originally was using it on my windows computer. But once my sound and plugin library hit over 90Gb I decided I needed a laptop to put it on. I got a great deal on the macbook so got it so that I could also get logic pro. Reply 0
  • ChemicalBR0 17/01/2014

    @ATARI to justify the higher price?
    absolutely nothing except put the same components into a nice looking case with a half eaten apple on it.
    (Apple are all about fashion before function)

    the reason i use a mac for my music stuff is because i REALLY like logic pro (that's a DAW package and it's what i learned on) and maschine (groove production studio) is more stable on a mac and less likely to crash mid production.
    (it does work well on windows tho but I've had a few issues with it and no issues under OSx)

    My windows rig is my gaming machine and the sound libraries of these music packages are HUGE and I'd rather have all that stuff on it's own dedicated computer. As i said i got a good deal on the macbook or I'd never have paid the price.
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  • ChemicalBR0 16/01/2014

    @ATARI as a gaming machine a mac just doesnt cut it. They are WAY too expensive for what you get. You can pay almost double the price for a mac that you would pay for a similar spec Pc. There's also no where near as many games released on mac. The vast majority with a computer at home have a Pc and devs know this. Really nice machines to use for production software and the like (I use a macbook pro for my music software but I got that using a staff discount. Id never have paid full RRP for it) but as a gaming machine..... nah Reply 0
  • How Alien: Isolation recreates the horror of the 1979 original

  • ChemicalBR0 11/01/2014

    @Nikanoru the original alien in the film was over 7ft tall. (played by a huge skinny African dude) Reply +1
  • Why Divinity: Original Sin might be the RPG you've been waiting for

  • ChemicalBR0 11/01/2014

    @Lucodeath people who don't own Pc's Reply 0
  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • ChemicalBR0 11/01/2014

    Absolute nonsense. The only reason I have gt6 is coz somebody got me it for Xmas. I had no intention of buying it as it is just the same game with a few extra tracks (also MP on gt6 is locked until you've done a rather large grind) I've still not unlocked it yet and just play gt5 online when I want some MP drifting action. Once I'm forced to use gt6 I probably won't bother and I already own it. Shameful display sony Reply 0
  • DayZ alpha review

  • ChemicalBR0 03/01/2014

    @craig6928 then you are wrong in your thinking.
    take a look at kerbal space program. that game is in early access stages right now and to be honest it is more polished (and a better game to boot... for me at least) than MANY so called finished AAA titles. I too was sceptical of early access but there are some real gems out there that you can play now and your experience will only get better over time as they introduce more features.
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  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • ChemicalBR0 14/12/2013

    @daver hahahah i was in greenock today.. what a shitehole Reply 0
  • ChemicalBR0 13/12/2013

    Im disappointed that people have seen this for the cash cow we wanted to make it and will do my best to win the money back from your wallets the next time we release a game.

    fixed that for ya Dan.
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  • Elite: Dangerous combat now playable if you're a 200 alpha backer

  • ChemicalBR0 14/12/2013

    @ansionnach thanks for that I Kinda figured that the games should work but never really took the time to research how to get them working.
    can you point me in the direction of some slow down software also because I recon my piledriver 8350 will be a bit over the top for some of these games :)

    I shall look into dosbox/freeDos because I had a look at my old box of disks today and not only do i have xwing vs tie, but xwing alliance is in there too, would quite enjoy a trip down memory lane with those 2. I also found the original prince of persia on floppy.(pitty i don't have a floppy drive in my pc tho)
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  • ChemicalBR0 13/12/2013

    been waiting 20 odd years, since playing frontier elite 2 on the Amiga
    another few months or even years isn't worth 200 quid for early access.

    yes i understand that without the kickstarter it probably would have never been made but I'm really not that desperate that I'd throw money at it, just because the original elite games were amazing means nothing to me. nostalgia isn't enough to make me open my wallet and throw silly money at a game dev.

    to those remembering x-wing vs tie fighter I still have the original CD in my magic cupboard :) as well as some other old pc classics like crammonds grand prix 4 and the original max payne (could never bring myself to chuck the disks, there's even some old toys from when i was a kid in that cupboard)

    I doubt they would work on this PC tho (payne definitely doesn't or at least I couldn't be bothered investing the time to get it to work, I tried for an hour or 2 and gave up and bought it for 3 quid for my S3 :)
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  • ChemicalBR0 13/12/2013

    @zhang121 begone Reply 0
  • Bayonetta 2 producer moans of "pedantic port-begging" from fans

  • ChemicalBR0 13/12/2013

    evidently he doesn't have a clue what pedantic means Reply +2
  • Ashes Cricket 2013 cancelled "following negative consumer feedback"

  • ChemicalBR0 05/12/2013

    now if only egosoft would do the same for X-rebirth Reply 0
  • Fighter Within review

  • ChemicalBR0 05/12/2013

    @xboner japan instead Reply 0
  • Microsoft plots Windows updates codenamed "Threshold"

  • ChemicalBR0 05/12/2013

    so its looking like win 7 for me for a LONG time to come then. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • ChemicalBR0 05/12/2013

    @cloudskipa seriously. people need to grow up. they are negging every comment you make. good or bad.
    just because it's you.

    I disagree with a lot of the things you say I agree with other things you say. MOVE ALONG CHILDREN (that wasn't shouting by the way it was a megaphone :))

    however this game deserves the score it got here. not a bad game but the micro transactions and inevitable soon to be released DLC rightly strip a couple of points from the score. I put in a LOT of hours in FM4 I put in a lot of hours in GT5. both are fantastic games developed from a slightly different point of view of what a racing game should be.

    I will not spend money on a full price game that strips content so that it can sell you it a month down the line. (depending on how the gt6 MT's affect game play i may not purchase that either) if its just the same as gt5 with MT's tacked on for the lazy cheaters then yeah i'll buy it. (however it won't be such a hard decision as I won't need to buy a console to play it on)

    let the inevitable negs commence for having the audacity to somewhat defend skip. (I care not a jot for such trivialities)
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  • ChemicalBR0 04/12/2013

    if i was going to buy an xbone FM5 would have been one of the major deciding factors no nurburgring no suzuka. no game sale for turn 10 no console sale for MS (at the moment)

    those were the only tracks that kept me coming back to FM4 long after it should have been consigned to memory. I loved drifting suzuka. loved trying to beat my lap times at the ring.

    guess I'll just get GT6 and leave the so called next gen consoles alone for a while. (even that is dubious tho considering they are introducing micro transactions in gt6. I'll wait and see what impact that has before buying gt6)
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • ChemicalBR0 04/12/2013

    No sale. I have owned every past GT game. I'm not buying this cash cow FU polyfoney Reply +6
  • Skyrim Falskaar mod-maker lands a games job

  • ChemicalBR0 26/11/2013

    Best of luck to the guy Reply +1
  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • ChemicalBR0 26/11/2013

    why are people so obsessed with numbers and post counts.
    who gives a damn to be honest
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  • Star Citizen raises an incredible $30m

  • ChemicalBR0 26/11/2013

    I will probably end up buying this but im not gonna blindly pledge cash to it. Will be interesting to see what david braben brings to the table when Elite dangerous is released. To be honest I'm way more excited to get elite than star citizen. Braben (and Ian Bell) invented the genre after all.

    and Mr Roberts games ALWAYS played second fiddle to elite in my opinion.
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  • Video: Let's play Dead Rising 3

  • ChemicalBR0 14/11/2013

    maybe im just a moaning faced old fart but this looks worse than pants.

    I know its a zombie game (eugh not again) but a little believability wouldn't go amiss.

    this game will get what an 18 certificate, why because its got some zombies gore and swearing in it, this is the kind of tripe 10 year olds giggle at for hours.

    this is a launch title? this is seriously the best you could come up with for a so called next gen launch release?

    you can count me out.
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  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • ChemicalBR0 14/11/2013

    from the instant the video started i was more convinced by the ps4's images (not even counting resolution or frame rate) the skin tones on the characters faces are MUCH more convincing than the xbo version (there's sub scattering effects going on in the ps4 version),the XBO version still looks like the usual over tanned plastic characters. the aliasing is also way more apparent on the xbox although the ps4 version has overdone it a bit and it looks too blurry at times

    Im no sony fanboy (at the moment i have a 360 a ps3 and quite a high end pc)
    but for me as a PC guy I'm always gonna go for the more powerful pc, with both of these consoles essentially being just a pc without the hassle, I'll be going for ps4 to begin with (i was swaying that way to start with anyway what with all of MS's BS and u-turns) I may get an XBO a year or 2 down the line once i'm 100% sure MS don't u-turn the u-turns :)
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  • SimplyGames: Your pre-ordered PS4 now costs at least 65 more

  • ChemicalBR0 10/10/2013

    @misterck that was what i thought. I've never pre ordered a console before but would assume that a deposit is required (correct me if im wrong)
    so money has changed hands for the price they had originally advertised.

    they should be legally bound to sell at that price because essentially you have bought your console (for the original price)and only need to pay the remaining balance once you receive the goods.
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  • ChemicalBR0 08/10/2013

    I was under the impression that if a company advertises an item at a price on their website and you click buy (or pre order) then they are legally bound to sell to you at that price otherwise it becomes false advertising.

    it's happened so many times when companies put the wrong price on items. currys for instance recently put a price for a 3d tv on their site (which should have been around 1200.00) but whoever updated the site put the decimal in the wrong place and it was priced at 120.

    they HAD to sell to those people lucky enough to catch the mistake for 120.
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  • Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising

  • ChemicalBR0 08/10/2013

    personally i don't trust microsoft enough to even consider buying an xbone (and i've had a 360 since release)

    the fact that they even considered some of the moves they have now u-turned on has made me VERY dubious of anything xbone related.

    I have this nagging suspicion that the u-turned policies will be re-u-turned :)
    once they have your cash and a box sitting in you lounge.

    i also have a feeling that "unless you choose to allow us to do so" will be in the EULA that hardly anybody reads as soon as you turn on the console for its ONE TIME REQUIRED connection to the net.

    at the moment it's looking like ps4 but i'm gonna wait at least 6 months to see how this all pans out
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  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto 4

  • ChemicalBR0 08/09/2013

    I loved GTAIV I must have played through it at least 5 times on the 360.
    I still have it under the TV and will never trade it in. I go back to it every now and again just to drive around and see what silly situations i can get niko into.

    (ballad of gay tony even more so (about 8 play throughs of that)... TLATD once as i hate the bikes and couldn't relate to johnny and his junkie friends)
    I even bought episodes again for the pc just so that i could get the video editor.
    and replayed gay tony another 2 or 3 times. (still go back to that from time to time also)

    I'm an older gamer so maybe that has something to do with it. sure the craziness is fun for a while but I actually liked the gritty story of 4.

    played through saints row 3rd once and while i enjoyed it at the time it no longer resides on my hard drive. its like a joke, funny the 1st time but once you've heard it it's pointless to hear it again.

    can't wait for 5
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  • Teenager's massive Skyrim mod took 2000 hours to make

  • ChemicalBR0 17/07/2013


    I don't agree that pc gaming is more solitary and is more technically difficult (i've got more friends on steam than i have on psn and xblive combined)
    too many stupid little kids on both those networks.

    in my case i've had a ps3 for around 3 years and practically the only game i play on it is gt5 and even then that's maybe once a month.

    The last time i turned on my 360 was about 4 months ago.

    the reason? it's just SO much easier to play games on the pc.
    (lets face it what 5 year old kid nowadays can't turn on a pc and double click an icon)

    all my games are in one place and are a simple mouse click away.
    (if there's a patch for the game, it already downloaded it yesterday when I was doing something else)

    start the game and bam you're playing within seconds, no waiting around until it takes an AGE to download some patch that won't change your game in any conceivable way. (or in some cases do something to your game that you HATE, GT5 changing from grid to rolling starts in single player races being a case in point)

    nowadays pc gaming is a FAR more seamless experience than any of the consoles could even hope to achieve. (the notion that its difficult to game on a pc is long gone)
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  • ChemicalBR0 17/07/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K do it then. when the next gen comes instead of spending 300-400 quid on one of the new consoles.. save another 3 or 4 hundred and get yourself a half decent gaming rig. you'll end up saving money in the long run. Reply +4
  • The next-gen joypads: a true evolution?

  • ChemicalBR0 30/06/2013

    @Sieroa no doubt there will be wired versions for pc users (I actually prefer the 360 wired controller to the wireless as it's more sleek and a LOT lighter without the battery pack)

    the new controller is the only thing i'm looking forward to with the release of the xbox one.
    my old 360 wired controller has been going strong on both my pc and 360 for over 4 years now.the rubber coating has all worn off of the sticks but i like it that way :)

    the ps controller have always been shit and i was hoping Sony would do a radical redesign. but I suppose I can live with it.
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  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • ChemicalBR0 21/06/2013

    good article
    but sods law dictates that you will have 2 daughters and both will be into horses ;)
    what you wish your children to be I can guarantee youwill not be the case. you have to support and encourage them in whatever THEY choose to do whether it interests you or not (because that's what dads do)

    at this point i will not be buying an xbox. (and it is gonna take a long time after release with real people actually using the thing and all the facts to come to light before i even consider changing that opinion.

    Microsofts attempt at damage control in my mind is pretty pointless the damage was already done.

    whether i buy a ps4 depends simply on the level of BS Sony try and pull :) (because make no mistake there WILL be small print)
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation 4

  • ChemicalBR0 21/06/2013

    @skunkfish the number at the end is a multiplier - so GDDR5 is 5x data rate whereas DDR3 is 3x data rate.

    so there is no question whatsoever that the ps4 has the upper hand in the video ram department.

    but there are so many other factors to consider that it is never going to be as simple as saying 5 is better than 3 so ps4 wins :)

    it may just turn out that MS do more with less down to a better design or understanding of pc architecture (they have been in the pc market for eons after all where Sony have not).
    As both machines are essentially PC's it wouldn't surprise me at all (I'm sure we all remember what happened the last time a Japanese dev tried to fiddle around with the pc (dark souls anyone?)
    We'll just have to wait and see

    once the cards are on the table and we can see 1st hand what each machine is capable of then and only then will i even consider buying any of them.

    but it's looking unlikely. because nothing i've seen or heard so far is that impressive tbh.

    (I'm probably spoiled because i've got a firly decent pc rig)

    for me it's all gonna come down to "Are all the horrible rumours of what MS are planning privacy, kinect,lending your mates your games blah blah) will they sell you a console with no DRM then 6 months down the line turn it on :) because EVERYBODY trusts Microsoft right....

    oine thing is for sure i won't own either until at least a year after release.

    (all the pre order muppets can find out weither they wasted their money or not) Me i'll wait and see then make an informed descision based on facts
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  • Xbox One: the story so far

  • ChemicalBR0 11/06/2013

    @Timmy_Toldrum and there's your problem.... most of the people making comments about digital downloads etc are not even old enough to remember 20 years ago. they have grown up in a throw away society, where NOTHING is built to last and even if it is built to last you'll still be expected to throw it away next year to get the latest model :) Reply 0
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox One

  • ChemicalBR0 27/05/2013

    @Carter0108 which is also why they called it xbox one ... because xbox 3 sounds less than ps4.

    all in one entertainment system my arse....
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • ChemicalBR0 26/05/2013

    @darkmorgado no mate you were negged because your analogy was shit.
    (I never neg anybody because an opinion is an opinion and i don't really give a crap anyways)

    here's why your analogy is a bad one.

    microsoft are not charging you a fee to buy parts to repair your damaged 2nd hand car. they are FORCING the 2nd hand user to pay them a fee for software that is in perfect working order using morally questionable technology.

    car parts are mechanical physical entities that are prone to wear. if you buy a 2nd hand car and it is in perfect condition then there is no fee to pay to VW or whoever for the parts to make it work.

    software doesn't really exist at all yet microsoft are placing a value on it in a 2nd hand sale.

    they have already received their money for the goods they supplied to the original purchaser. after the original disk is sold they have produced nothing, unlike VW who have used man hours etc etc to make new brake disks. so these parts have real tangible value

    microsoft expect the 2nd hand buyer to pay them for doing absolutely sweet FA.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC spotted on German retail sites - rumour

  • ChemicalBR0 07/05/2013

    I never doubted for a second that there will be a pc version
    (I just hope they have dropped Games for windows)

    the best thing about the PC for me as a platform is i can play some amazing games (that 9 times out of 10 trounce both of my consoles in both visuals and playability, smoothness of game etc)

    but if i feel like it i can fire up Ableton or maschine and bang out some tunes or start zbrush and make some 3d sculptures.

    a lot of pc gamers forget (or don't realize) that they have a hugely powerful tool at their disposal, the possibilities with a PC are infinite.

    i guess that's why the PC modding scene is so big as a lot of people see the PC as a creative tool which just happens to run the latest games at the best quality they can possibly be.

    Even tho I love my PC I'll still be getting both next gen consoles.
    there's always that 1 exclusive must have be it turismo or Forza or LBP or whatever.
    (those 3 games are justification enough for me to have the 360 and ps3 even tho the last time I turned either of them on was about 3 months ago).
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  • ChemicalBR0 07/05/2013

    @ATARI LOL told you you'de like saints row mate :)

    NUT PUNCH!!!!
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  • EA acquires Star Wars video game license

  • ChemicalBR0 07/05/2013

    this could be good news
    surely even EA will have the sense to treat a star wars licence with respect.

    there has to be a good percentage of people working at EA who are star wars geeks (I mean that in the kindest way.... I'm one myself)

    I just wish they would get some studio to do remake of X-wing vs Tie fighter.

    but not some toned down arcade shooter. a proper star wars space sim with a manual that's 25 pages long (and that's just to explain how to route power to your starboard shields :)

    I'd buy that in a heartbeat. PLEASE EA... pretty please with DLC on top.
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  • Tech Analysis: Metal Gear Solid 5's FOX Engine

  • ChemicalBR0 14/04/2013

    @DeViells I agree with you to a certain degree but motion capture technology is becoming very advanced so the role of the traditional animator is a dying art.

    even in a screenshot games still look false. you don't need dodgy animation to show you that.

    for true photorealism there are an infinite number of things to be considered (calculated. and that's before you even introduce movement into the equation) there are just far too many variables in the real world, atmospherics, volumetrics,radiosity, caustics,fluid dynamics (the list is practically endless)
    all these things have an effect on the light entering your eyes and a single computer couldn't even begin to calculate them all in realtime
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  • ChemicalBR0 14/04/2013

    the engine looks decent enough but its a LONG LONG way from photo realism

    the skin on characters just doesn't look right in either examples given.

    the sub surface scattering and translucent properties of skin are hard to produce in realtime with any real accuracy. (for TRUE photo realism in a CGI renderer it can take hours for a render farm to render a single frame)
    a console or home computer is not gonna be capable of that kind of realism in realtime for many years to come.

    sure you can get it looking like psuedo skin but it always looks a little off.

    it makes no difference how realistic the environments look, if the characters still look like they were made from plastic or carved from wax then the illusion is wasted.
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC

  • ChemicalBR0 06/04/2013

    @Dynasty2021 looks like the consoles fanboys were out in force against your comment. the fact that everything you said is true makes all the negs even more laughable.

    negs on comments like this just make me think of little kids saying "my dad is bigger than your dad"

    what THEY own is always better than what somebody else owns (even if its not)
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