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  • Saturday Soapbox: Magical Manuals

  • Charroux 30/06/2012

    Big fan of the Saturday Soapbox articles - keep 'em coming! Reply +2
  • Dixons selling downloadable PC games

  • Charroux 20/05/2011

    The problem is that takes information from the Electoral Roll. I've moved in the last few months, and so appear to have an old address of mine.

    If you're having problems, try entering an older address at the Dixons site. If that doesn't work, try and find yourself at - figure out what address they've got you registered at.

    Worked for me!
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  • Games of 2010: Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Charroux 26/12/2010

    A great read, but I have to take issue with this:
    "...have all reinforced my faith in this as the most startlingly diverse, stimulating field in all of entertainment..."

    I love games as much as the next man, but there's no way that gaming as a whole is more diverse than, say, literature or even films.
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  • Disaster: Day of Crisis

  • Charroux 30/10/2008

    Only 6 out of 10? From the review alone this sounds like it's MADE OF WIN.

    Seriously, this looks like loads of fun - bar the driving sections, possibly.
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  • WAR bans gold sellers "like crazy"

  • Charroux 23/09/2008

    @Gurgeh "...and ponder the consequences..."

    Oh come on. So IGE is owned by some deeply unpleasant people. I hope you've never bought (or smoked) anything illegal, or any of the really cheap high street clothes, or any other item that may have directly or indirectly have benefited someone dodgy.
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  • Charroux 23/09/2008

    "People en masse are too damn stupid to trust with such a task."

    This would be funny, if it wasn't so depressingly true :)
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  • Charroux 23/09/2008

    "I just don't understand how a person can get any satisfaction from taking shortcuts like these."

    Many people are comparatively cash-rich and time-poor. Given the choice between, say, spending days gathering gold in WoW for an epic flying mount, or paying £30 for the same... Well I've not done it myself, but I can see why someone might consider that an acceptable trade-off.
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  • BBFC launches new ratings system

  • Charroux 22/05/2008

    It's classification, not censorship.
    The BBFC is funded by charging for its classification services. Not by the taxpayer.
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  • Worms: A Space Oddity

  • Charroux 28/03/2008

    This is an *enormous* missed opportunity. There's nothing wrong with the Worms formula IMO. The execution in this case seems just dire. No online play? Fewer weapons? Crappy minigames? And £40 bleedin quid? Count me out...

    Edit: not to mention that the Wii controller *should* be perfect for this game.
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  • Bully: Scholarship Edition

  • Charroux 11/03/2008

    Sounds great. Reply 0
  • The Soft Target

  • Charroux 09/03/2008

    "would kieth vaz be this determined had it be a white geordie victim, probably not"

    Why the fuck are you trying to shoehorn race into this?
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  • Cube pad drove us to Wii - Miyamoto

  • Charroux 31/01/2008

    The game GC pad was great - unless you needed to use both analogue sticks at the same time, or use the Z button a lot. Easily my favourite of the last gen controllers, though. Words cannot express the mediocrity of the Dual Shock design. Reply 0
  • Lost

  • Charroux 23/01/2008

    Why the hell isn't this on the Wii? Do Ubisoft not like making money? Reply 0
  • Battalion Wars 2

  • Charroux 07/01/2008

    This sounds ace.

    Was never particularly interested in the first one, but this sounds like a lot of fun.
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  • CES 2008: Bill Gates keynote

  • Charroux 07/01/2008

    Crikey, that was underwhelming. You'd think they'd try a bit harder, considering 2008 is likely to be the hardest year for MS's games division since the 360 came out. Reply 0
  • New Year's Resolutions, 2008

  • Charroux 01/01/2008

    Heh, nice article. I'd like to add Cranium to the list of enjoyable board games, anyway. Reply 0
  • A History of Abuse

  • Charroux 13/12/2007

    @Corben Dallas

    Quite a stunning lack of historical knowledge there, matey. The US were important in the Second World War, but then so were the British Empire and the Soviet Union. As has been stated above, the germans called off their UK invasion plans well before the US made their late entrance into the war. And it was the failed invasion of Russia that really turned the tide against the germans, *not* the arrival of the americans.
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  • Charroux 12/12/2007


    Blasphemy! Death to those who insult the peace of Pastafarianism!

    Really interesting article, by the way. More of this, please!
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  • Donkey Kong: Jet Race

  • Charroux 12/12/2007


    Yes, it's you.
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  • Wii repairing brain damage

  • Charroux 06/12/2007


    Did you not read either of the first two comments? :P
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  • Charroux 06/12/2007


    Really? Somehow I can't believe that "UK brain-injury charity" Headway are in the pockets of NoE's marketing department.

    Practicing hand-eye coordination and concentration tasks has been proven to help in the past. And presumably it's easier to do repetitive stuff like that when it's fun.
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  • Charroux 06/12/2007

    Heh, quite. The penalty for failing to hold a mug of scalding tea is... somewhat prohibitive :) Reply 0
  • Charroux 06/12/2007

    /Awaits the "I always told you Wii was for retards" comments... Reply 0
  • BioShock: A Defence

  • Charroux 06/12/2007

    Blimey, that was... defensive.

    Well, I think we know what the Eurogamer staffers' GOTY is, then ;)
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  • Mario Kart Wii in Q2 2008

  • Charroux 06/12/2007

    "Iron Man (SEGA) Spring 2008"

    I reckon IronoMan would be more fun :)
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  • WoW updated to 2.3

  • Charroux 15/11/2007

    Personally I think the changes to the 20-60 content are great. Dustwallow Marsh looks like a lot of fun. Many of the levelling quests were designed before Blizzard really honed the MMORPG experience, and it often shows. Gathering quests with incredibly low drop rates, useless green quest rewards ("cloth with int + agility? Awesome!"), travelling quests that take 30 mins and give bugger-all XP, and so on...

    There's already plenty of decent 58-60 content in Outland, so adding extra stuff to Winterspring would be pretty pointless. Personally I'd love it if they added extra quests to all the 20-60 zones - with all their oodles of cash I don't see why they couldn't have a 5-person team dedicated to this.
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  • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

  • Charroux 09/11/2007

    Andromeda "It's completely reaffirmed my notion that the wii IS a gimmick."

    FFS, if you don't like the Wii that's absolutely fine. As long as you realise that if you troll Wii threads with completely pointless comments you *will* look like an utter knob.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • Charroux 05/11/2007


    You're misreading what ChrisS is saying.

    He was replying to someone who said that there were too many 10s handed out at the moment. ChrisS was saying that it should get a ten if it deserves a ten - regardless of what the other games scored.
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  • Eurogamer TV Show Episode 18

  • Charroux 25/10/2007

    The PGR feature was nothing more than one big advert - did EG get paid to say lines like (and I'm paraphrasing here) "PGR 4 is the first time they've been able to produce a game without needing to compromise". No compromise? I expect more from EG than just marketing bullshit.

    The Halo 3 segment was good. Funny seeing the celeb endorsements and marketing being shown up as the sham it is. And a nice idea to have an opposing view from Kristan, although I'm sure there are better arguments than "it bored me".
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  • In2Games

  • Charroux 17/10/2007

    I agree with JonFE and ostrasized.

    Unless the majority of 360/PS3 owners buy one (and that's very unlikely) this peripheral will be ignored by pretty much all third part devs.

    Plus Wii has a huge first-mover advantage. Every non-gamer man and his dog know that the Wii is the place to go for waggle-based casual gaming.
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  • Mario Galaxy - Gameplay

  • Charroux 12/10/2007

    Looks absolutely incredible - GOTY material! Reply 0
  • Nintendo not lowering Wii price

  • Charroux 12/10/2007


    Hang on, in your first example the unit cost was £75, so selling it at £50 would actually be a *loss* of £25 per unit.

    I know what you're trying to say, but Nintendo seem to have judged it right in this instance. Actually I think that the success of the Wii has surprised even them. It's almost impossible to argue that lowering the price would benefit Nintendo, since (as Smelly points out) they're struggling to meet demand.
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  • Charroux 12/10/2007

    The only reason MS and Sony sold/sell their consoles at a loss is because far fewer people would buy them otherwise.

    Nintendo don't need to do that, as the Wii sales figures prove.
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  • Charroux 12/10/2007

    @NickM40A3 "Sure it's selling, but is it worth it if it costs you your soul."

    Genuine LOL at that comment.
    Comedy glod!
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  • Ratatouille

  • Charroux 09/10/2007

    @Garulon (from "The experts agree. Popcorn is all-around "good" food-healthy, economical and tasty."

    Heh, they're conviently forgetting that plain popcorn tastes like cardboard. You need to load it with butter and salt (or failing that, sugar) to make it palatable. :)
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  • Halo 360 bundle for Christmas?

  • Charroux 09/10/2007

    SKU is a bloody stupid term anyway. The terms "bundle" and "model" are far more accurate, and far more descriptive.

    In the real world, a SKU is an internal number assigned by a merchant - not by the manufacturer.
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  • Jeanne D'Arc

  • Charroux 04/10/2007

    MATH? Reply 0
  • MySims

  • Charroux 03/10/2007

    Was it only me who misread "Victor Skullfinder" as "Victor Skullf***er"? :/

    I've spent far too much time reading the forums here :(
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  • Ninty won't meet Xmas demand

  • Charroux 01/10/2007


    Sorry, what I meant was - most people who want to own one *this year* will have one already. There are some seriously nice games out for it in 2008 like GTA and the like - in fact, I'll probably be getting one then :)

    I agree that they need a few more big hitters, but they're all out next year. For this reason, I reckon Wii will clean up this christmas.
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  • Charroux 01/10/2007

    @Dizzy "Gonna be interesting to see the Wii battle it out with the 360."

    Absolutely - there's no doubt that come Christmas there'll be great games out for both.

    I'm not sure how many people will be picking up a 360 at Christmas, though. Most people who want to play the thing have got one already, surely? Halo 3 is out already and I can't see any more 360 system-sellers out before then. Mass Effect looks lovely but I can't believe it'll make many people buy a 360.

    Wii has a couple of games that could actually sell the system - MP3, SMG spring to mind (Pokémon Battle Revolution as well?)

    If you're talking actual numbers of games, I reckon 360 might edge out Wii. But in terms of systems, Wii will sell a ton more I think.
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  • Halo 3 does USD 170 million sales in 24 hours

  • Charroux 27/09/2007

    Nallen said:
    "Has anyone levelled scathing criticism at the muppets who genuinely didn't get the badger replaces entertainment gag yet.

    And don't go telling me you got it and you were trying to be funny, you dumb shits.

    Anyway 'Halo 3 redefines entertainment' warrants a redefinition of the term? didn't you guys give it (cue drum roll) 10/10? You must have found it redefining of the genre at least, perhaps a vast step forward for gaming as an art, an epic master stroke of story telling?

    Honestly EG, I don't know how you can look at yourself.

    But anyway, congrats to Microsoft on the huge pile of money. You sure did out money everyone else."

    I understand very little of the post. Could you please:
    1 - explain the badgers joke. I'm not kidding - I don't get it.
    2 - explain which parts of your post were sarcasm, and which were said in a straight face. It's almost impossible to tell.
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  • Charroux 27/09/2007


    Halo is barely pop culture (a few news items do not pop culture make), and is certainly not a "pop culture phenomenon", as stated in the article.

    Asking the hypothetical person in the street what Halo 3 is, you'll get maybe 90% haven't a clue, 8% "it's a computer game" (most of them will probably say it's on PlayStation ;), and maybe 2% will have more detailed knowledge.

    Ask if they've heard about Pop Idol or Harry Potter. Most people will know more than "it's a TV show", or 'he's a character in a book/film".

    Seriously, there's no comparison.
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  • Charroux 27/09/2007

    After googling 'badger phenomenon", I think he might be referring to the badger badger badger animation that was briefly popular about 3 years back :/ Reply 0
  • Charroux 27/09/2007


    Gareth Gates, Will Young, Jade bleedin' Goody?

    EDIT: hmm, might be Pop Idol rather than X Factor - I have no idea, I've never watched either. Which makes my point even more valid ;)
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  • Charroux 27/09/2007

    "Halo 3 has become a pop-culture phenomenon"

    Utter, utter bollocks.

    Halo is not pop-culture - ask any random member of the public who Master Chief is and the chances are you'll get a blank stare.

    American Idol / X Factor / Big Brother are pop culture phenomenons. Halo ain't.
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  • GBP 299, 40GB PS3 "rumour and speculation" - Sony

  • Charroux 25/09/2007

    "backwards compatibility functions removed"

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

    Especially since the some of the best PlayStation games are PS2, rather than PS3. (At the moment, of course - hopefully that'll change over the next year or two)
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  • Europe is top priority - MS

  • Charroux 24/09/2007


    Very true - Rodger Nintendo must be doing Scrooge McDuck-style money swimming in all that lovely Yen.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the loser of the MS/Sony "battle" bows out of the hardware side for the next set of consoles. Sony can't afford to subsidize their games division, especially since last generation it was the games division subsidising everything else. Also, MS's shareholders won't be happy on blowing multi-billions simply for market share. They'll want profit, something that neither Xbox has achieved yet.
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  • Charroux 24/09/2007


    I'd heard that the Wii's attach rate was OK - somewhere above 4, which ain't bad for a year-old console, and above the PS3's rate.

    Last I heard the 360 was up near 7 or 8, which is spectacular.

    Unfortunately there's not much info online, so take the figures above with a pinch of salt :)

    EDIT: actually, the 360 attach rate is 6.3, apparently.
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  • Charroux 24/09/2007


    MS are certainly playing the long game here - it's not about games, but control of your telly. That's the only reason they could possibly justify the staggering amount of money they've thrown at XBox 1 & 2.


    Quite. NoE are a bunch of muppets. Like you, I'm a big Nintendo fan, but I do think they ought to sack the lot of em.
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  • Halo 3

  • Charroux 24/09/2007


    Sony Defense Force is a piss-take, FFS.
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