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  • New Zelda DS dated for Europe

  • Chaote-Imagicka 01/10/2009


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  • Dreamcast PSN releases possible?

  • Chaote-Imagicka 22/09/2009

    The Japanese import section with the Yakuza games is a fantastic idea. Reply +4
  • Top Buddhist uses games to unwind

  • Chaote-Imagicka 22/09/2009

    He obviously plays Digital Devil Saga:

    Rend! Slaughter! Devour your enemies! There is no other way to survive... You cannot escape your hunger... Warriors of purgatory. This is the only way to Nirvana!
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  • Retrospective: God Hand

  • Chaote-Imagicka 20/09/2009

    Did it.

    Didn't finish the level without dying though, completely forgot the fat git at the end also turned demon and even worse forgot about the "jokes" in the roullette. Wound up wasting both my special attacks by grovelling to have my level reduced back down to 1.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 13/02/09

  • Chaote-Imagicka 12/02/2009

    Flower and Deadly Creatures for me. Yay for a break from playing humans/humanoids. Reply 0
  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 06/02/09

  • Chaote-Imagicka 05/02/2009

    Isn't Flower supposed to be on PSN tomorrow? Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia DLC dated, detailed

  • Chaote-Imagicka 29/01/2009

    Yeah, but people also keep on ponying up the 40 for full games that are finishable in 7- 8 hours. In the context of the rrp for Prince of Persia 800 points for 2-3 hours is reasonable. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge time trial DLC delayed

  • Chaote-Imagicka 29/01/2009


    Unsure on Mirror's Edge as I played a 360 copy but isn't the Platinum supposed to be achievable without the dlc trophies? I know it's that way with Burnout Paradise. It would be pretty ridiculous if people who already had a platinum in the game suddenly had it taken away because they hadn't played the dlc.
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  • Three new levels planned for The Maw

  • Chaote-Imagicka 27/01/2009


    Not really, it was 800 points for 8 levels which gives an average of 100 points per level. And even with the last level being incredibly short I personally still found the whole thing more than worth the money. If these levels come with new special creatures to eat I'll definitely be getting them.
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC dated

  • Chaote-Imagicka 23/01/2009

    They did say it had been cut from the game, though I thought it was down to not fitting with the main game (either made it too long, or didn't fit with the story).

    Made it too long does not compute, Underworld was pathetically short. And didn't fit with the story makes little to no sense either because the story was rubbish and couldn't have been damaged by a longer level exploring under Croft Manor.

    Lara's Shadow - I'm torn between hoping this is time trials because I really want them and frothing at the mouth at the idea of Eidos cutting time trials out of the main game only to sell them to us later (and then only to people who bought it for the 360).
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  • Wii GameCube converts not full price

  • Chaote-Imagicka 21/01/2009

    If this was a compilation of Pikmin's 1 & 2 I could just see it at 29.99. At 29.99 each though it's ridiculous. Reply 0
  • Oddworld's Citizen Siege still on track

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/11/2008

    Actually I want Stranger. Reply 0
  • New details of Cube remakes for Wii

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/11/2008

    i'd pay 30 for metroid prime 1 and 2 boxset with wii controls, and 50 for a trilogy boxset with a book of the awesome artwork.

    I'd pay 80 for a copy of Metroid Prime 3 with GC controls.
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  • Resi 5 demo announcement soon?

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/11/2008

    What's silly is that given the option most if not everyone would install the game on HDD anyway...

    Probably, but not straight away. Straight away I'd want to play it for a couple of hours and then when I need a bathroom break, freshen up my drink etc, then I start the install process.
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  • Sony to offer premium PS3 themes

  • Chaote-Imagicka 09/10/2008

    Bastard. Several of the free ones in the past changed the background icons and audio. All of the PAIN ones for instance, the Mesmerise ones and the Tori Emaki theme also changed all three. Reply 0
  • Director of 300 to make videogames

  • Chaote-Imagicka 30/09/2008

    He's signed a deal with Electronic Arts to work on three new IPs.

    Zack Snyder, new IP? Does not compute - all three of his movies have been other people's ideas, stories etc.
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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO announced

  • Chaote-Imagicka 04/09/2008

    Actually Schiraman, the Buffy/Angel "world" is incredibly detailed

    But as frostcircus pointed out those details keep on changing. And with Season Eight and After the Fall going on those detail changes are getting absolutely insane as anyone whose picked up today's issues of those two titles will be able to tell you.
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  • The New Xbox Experience: Avatars

  • Chaote-Imagicka 22/08/2008

    Wow. Get that looked at. That is definitely not normal.

    Wilco and obviously I retract that part of my objection. I assumed it was normal as it's been like that since the last time the dashboard updated.

    Some people need to learn what *fun* is.

    Fun is not having to make an avatar I don't want to have. Miis are entirely avoidable and in the context of of playing wii sports with nephews/nieces I kind of like them (hell I even updated mine when I grew a beard and again when I put on some weight). This avatar wank isn't optional and since the only game younger people play on my 360 (Viva Pinata) doesn't use them is also utterly irrelevant to how I want to use my console.
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  • Chaote-Imagicka 21/08/2008

    I was wondering what the hell he was talking about 360 takes what, 3-4 seconds to start up. Hardly a long time...

    Could just be my console (it's a near launch one) or my internet connection (although I doubt that because I pretty much never have any other problems) but when the ethernet cable is in I generally have to watch the little circle loading screen for 30 seconds or more. Without the live connection with it's accompanying adverts etc yes, it's about 4 seconds before I can start using the console.
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  • Chaote-Imagicka 21/08/2008

    and if you've got something you want to wear for a particular game, you can do that.

    Anyone who would actually do that needs to be put down for the good of humanity. Thank fuck for the just pressing a button three times and being done with it, only even vaguely positive thing I've seen about it.

    Also if this makes the console start up time any worse than it already currently is I'm going to switch all multiplatform title purchases to the PS3.
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  • Eden to fix Alone in the Dark 360

  • Chaote-Imagicka 22/08/2008

    Um, is there going to be anyway of selecting what "improvements" one likes? Because I just want better car handling. And I certainly do not want them to fuck up the roots of evil section, that was the first bit after chapter one that I really enjoyed and the main reason why I got into the gameplay enough to replay the whole thing. Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

  • Chaote-Imagicka 19/08/2008

    Glad to see the takeback on the 4/10 for Kuon. Reply 0
  • Fable 2 Pub Games

  • Chaote-Imagicka 14/08/2008

    Keystone, meanwhile, is a variation on roulette or craps. A keystone bridge is assembled over a semi-circular board, and each of the bricks in the arch is given a number between 1 and 18. You stack your chips on the bricks, and in segmented areas beneath them, and then win or lose cash based on the roll of three dice.

    Lol wat?
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  • Overlord rampaging onto Wii, DS

  • Chaote-Imagicka 14/08/2008

    DS one looks ok for what the DS can do but the Wii version looks a bit shite. Reply 0
  • Sony grooming Sackboy to be face of PS3

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/08/2008

    If Spore is anything to go by I'd also be expecting a lot of penis shaped levels. :)

    Not being obsessed by cock I intend to make a LBP level modelled after a woman's sexual organs instead. Let's hear it for variety!
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  • Eidos doing "incredibly dark" Batman title

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/08/2008

    Batman: Arkham Asylum unfolds as a routine transfer from the iconic prison goes wonky, setting the Joker and fellow inmates free to cause all sorts of mischief in Gotham City.

    I thought that was the plot of Lego Batman? It is as has been pointed most certainly not the plot of Arkham Asylum.

    And it was drawn by an artist who thought he was compromising himself merely by drawing Bats, let alone the Boy Wonder.

    That's funny seeing as he'd already drawn Batman in Black Orchid.
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  • PAIN Trophies/Amusement Park dated

  • Chaote-Imagicka 11/08/2008

    Bastard bastard bastards. At least one of the trophies requires using a paid for character.

    Trill: Get PAINful Tosser Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo
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  • PixelJunk Eden

  • Chaote-Imagicka 07/08/2008


    From the review it doesn't look like the reviewer got even as far as basic rock climbing let alone any of the features of the later levels.

    Also the people pointing out that it's just opinion most of that is true. However she also states the game's physics are wonky and while that is partially subjective it's presented as an objective fact and will be seen as such by many. Which isn't true, she just can't play properly and prefers to state that the game isn't properly playable.
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  • Chaote-Imagicka 07/08/2008

    It's funny but having played both Braid and Eden I feel this review belongs far more to Braid than Eden. I find the physics in Eden almost spot on. Any time I miss a jump or landing (which is still fairly frequently tbqh) I always know why, because I failed to time it correctly, or I failed to spin or cut the cord at the correct time which is why I go back. If I ever thought I was just getting screwed over by clumsy physics I'd have stopped playing ages ago. Reply 0
  • Braid

  • Chaote-Imagicka 07/08/2008

    There are several puzzles that I believed were like this, and I spent a lot of time trying to execute split-second moves to solve them. Eventually I realized that the solution was something completely different. I'm not saying that's true in your case, but it's a mistake I made several times while Braid was rewiring my brain.

    That's happened to me elsewhere but since contrary to my earlier statement I did go and get that piece in the end I know that getting was exactly how I thought it would be. Only if anything more annoying because I kept misjudging the rewind point as well as the jump.
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  • Chaote-Imagicka 06/08/2008

    There is another big difference between Watchmen and Braid. Watchmen still works as a brilliant experience regardless of how much one knows about superheroes. I've known people who've (at least so they claim) never read any comics beyond Garfield who still found Watchmen a great book, true they've almost certainly missed some stuff, but then there are things I'm still noticing on subsequent readings that I never saw the first time.

    Braid however, well, for anyone who isn't experienced in jumping on heads platforming this game isn't nearly as enjoyable. And the time rewind to help me out from my death after death due to personal suckage at timing jumps is far less helpful than one might imagine. I normally only play jump on head platformers on emulators anyway so rewinding is a just a slower, fiddlier and ultimately just as likely to result in a second (third, fourth, fifth ad nauseum) failure version of quicksaving/loading anyway.

    And I'm only on the second world so far (bought without a demo, starting to regret that decision already) but I've already seen one jigsaw piece that requires a degree of fiddly enough skill that I'll never bloody bother getting it even though I know how to because so far all the puzzles have been alarming obvious in terms of what needs to be done while frustratingly hard (for me at least) to actually accomplish which is the exact reverse of what I'd have hoped for.
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  • BioShock PS3 survivor mode unveiled

  • Chaote-Imagicka 07/08/2008

    It was.

    It wasn't. I respawned with more Eve than I died with sometimes.

    good luck killing big daddies then, i had to draw them to the vita chambers and keep respawning and wrench smacking them each time i wanted to kill one

    If you explore further I believe you get a gun. Also some things called "plasmids" that are quite good for killing Big Daddies.
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  • Kim Kardashian in EA's FaceBreaker

  • Chaote-Imagicka 07/08/2008

    Also - beat the living snot out of semi-famous women. Aren't feminists going to have a field day with this one?

    Honestly I'd mopre expect feminists to buy this for a chance at beating up the silly cow up. She's about as feminist as wife beating and Barby.
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  • "Loads of plans" for LittleBigPlanet DLC

  • Chaote-Imagicka 04/08/2008

    People clamour for paid for content? Reply 0
  • Games are exceeding movies - Stan Lee

  • Chaote-Imagicka 25/07/2008

    You don't know who Stan Lee is??!!??

    In his defence he reads Mervyn Peake.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Chaote-Imagicka 24/07/2008

    Siren Blood Curse is apparently now in the PSN store for the UK. Which is just as well. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia

  • Chaote-Imagicka 14/07/2008

    Or, you know, the most beautiful and moving game experience ever made.

    To be fair he might have played only the american version with it's gimped AI. Only the EU and Japan got the version of Yorda who was wonderful to be around.
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  • "Potential" for POP spin-offs

  • Chaote-Imagicka 14/07/2008

    Yes if it's Farah. Reply 0
  • PS3's 2.4 firmware dated

  • Chaote-Imagicka 30/06/2008

    Can't watch video at work, can anyone whose seen it tell me if it says whether or not the update will read my games saved data (if I've kept it) and award Trophies based on that, or will people be expected to redo things? Reply 0
  • Even DC blokes have fatalities - Boon

  • Chaote-Imagicka 25/06/2008

    Yes magic justifies the borking (in fiction in can justify anything), but it doesn't make it fun. As RexRunti pointed out we're nto going to be fighting superheroes so much as normal people cosplaying superheroes. Who, with exceptions such as Batman, should promptly get there heads caved in. Superman is super, when he has his powers, but to the best of my knowledge he's never taken so much as a basic self defence class for times when he can't rely on his ability to move faster than bullets, fly and be invulnerable. Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark demo plans revealed

  • Chaote-Imagicka 30/05/2008

    Harrison said he doesn't reckon the games industry will make many more "beautifully crafted single-player game[s]" like Alone in the Dark, explaining, "I just don't think consumers want to be playing games that don't have some kind of network connectivity to them, or some kind of community embedded in them,

    I completely agree, I have no intention of buying Alone in the Dark because without foul mouthed twelve year olds screaming in my ear it's not a game so much as a chore. I need other people present to play games the same way I need someone in the room when I "play with myself".
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  • Lost in Blue 3

  • Chaote-Imagicka 21/05/2008

    Waiting for Lost in Blue n: Free of sexist stereotyping. Reply 0
  • Jake Gyllenhaal to play Prince of Persia

  • Chaote-Imagicka 21/05/2008

    "It would have been nice if they actually went for a Prince who actually looked somewhat Persian."

    Also an Indian Princess who looked vaguely Indian would be nice.

    Bet the Vizier is brown though.
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  • Rising Star on censorship claim

  • Chaote-Imagicka 13/12/2007

    I call BS, Suda51 said the game was supposed to be gorier than Manhunt 2. Everyone knows that the Japanese retail version is censored in comparison to what the creatives wanted. Reply 0
  • What's New? (30th Nov, 2007)

  • Chaote-Imagicka 30/11/2007

    Is the office planning on pulling it's advertising over the bad review? Reply 0
  • 360 dashboard gets rearranged

  • Chaote-Imagicka 28/11/2007

    "Live Arcade demos will be removed from your Played Games and Gamercard lists, too"

    About bloody time.
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  • TimeShift demo on Thursday

  • Chaote-Imagicka 12/11/2007

    Given that it says Thursday and Live updates on Wednesday I assume they actually mean Network. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Eye Roundup

  • Chaote-Imagicka 30/10/2007

    They really have lost the plot with limiting the initial purchase of the Eye to the Eye of Judgement bundle. I'm a "ooh, shiny, pretty, new, must have!" magpie. Seeing these shiny pretty new ambient interactive thingies made me want to get them and the Eye. But I don't want a boring old battle card game. By the time they release the standalone eye I'll undoubtedly have forgotten about it or no longer regard it as being all that shiny or new and therefore not care very much. Reply 0
  • Smash Bros. maps every day

  • Chaote-Imagicka 29/10/2007


    That's why it says it has to be sent to Nintendo before they put it up for people to download.
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  • Itagaki doesn't feel censored

  • Chaote-Imagicka 29/10/2007

    "The second point is, that being said, I don't believe the adage that the artist should be able to express whatever he wants is necessarily applicable in this case, because we're creating entertainment. And entertainment shouldn't include things that make people feel uncomfortable or extremely upset."

    But what if somebody wants to make a piece of art that happens to be interactive? Just because Itagaki never wants to rise above toys doesn't mean others should be limited. Imagine if we said paintings were only allowed to be of pretty things, and artists like Goya and Bosch were to be kept out of public galleries as their choice of subject matter can make people feel uncomfortable?
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