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  • International Cricket 2010 announced

  • CasperCCC 18/03/2010

    I hardly played Ashes cricket against the AI. But I still play it against mates every so often. Goes well with a few beers and a lot of piss-taking. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed

  • CasperCCC 19/06/2009

    Another +1 for having the balls to admit that you've got it wrong, and to do it so publicly. Reply +5
  • Bastard of the Old Republic

  • CasperCCC 23/02/2009

    Great article. I usually end up being good too. Try to be bad, but it just makes me feel rubbish. Went a bit evil in Fable 2 for a bit, but the guilt got to me and I soon got my halo back.

    KOTOR was different, though. I loved the game so much I played it through three times - first good, second evil, then a third time doing whatever I fancied. Don't remember it all that well now, but I do remember feeling more guilty than I had ever done in a video game when I totally stitched up that wookie, who was an awesome character. Can't remember exactly what I did - maybe I've blanked it out of my mind because I can't bear the guilt - but I remember feeling absolutely terrible about it.
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  • LEGO Batman

  • CasperCCC 02/10/2008

    Goddamn my useless daughter. Surely the point of having kids is so that you can get even more fun out of the Lego games? She's now almost three weeks old and is showing absolutely no interest whatsoever in the 360.

    Dan - do you think that I should buy this now and wait till she's maybe a month old before starting her off on it?
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  • No ban for Halo 3 early birds

  • CasperCCC 20/09/2007

    Two days? Pah! I've got three. I tried the Argos trick, but I'm secretly glad it didn't work. Wednesday is going to start with a fry-up, then a trip to whatever games retailer in E London opens first.
    And from then until Sunday, it's pretty much Halo and smokes...
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  • Eurogamers - User's Guide

  • CasperCCC 05/04/2007

    Lennon - me too.
    You're not using Opera or anything are you? Because I am. And I can't log in.


    Ah... cookies...
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  • FIFA blah blah Charts etc.

  • CasperCCC 20/02/2007

    Harsh on EA. This time round, I think that FIFA 07 has the edge over Pro Evo. I've had loads of fun playing it on the 360, especially over Live. I know that goes against two of the most fundamental rules in the EG handbook ("Rule 6 - EA suck. Rule 7 - Only chavs play FIFA."), but there you go.

    Why does EA get the grief when NFS got a decent review and FIFA got a good one, and when there are irredemably bad games out there like the Little Britain tie-in? Now there's real tripe, by all accounts. 7/10 (NFS) on EG isn't a bad score... It's a shit chart, but when the EA games are OK - at worst - it seems a bit harsh to blame them for it.

    More knees jerking in here than at an international knee-reflex-testing convention...
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  • Brian Lara 2007 video

  • CasperCCC 18/01/2007

    Brett Lee...
    o_0 ^ 30. WTF?

    When the ball would have been going on to hit the wicket, but hits the batsman's legs first. If it hits the bat first then it can't be LBW.

    Looking forward to this one, though. Never played a console cricket game before, but can see the attraction of settling down for a one dayer over XBL.
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  • Drunken Jaffe goes mental

  • CasperCCC 04/12/2006

    That's not mental. That's hardly even drunk. Was more like an accountant having too many glasses of wine at the Christmas party, and getting excited because people are talking to him for once...

    Drunken mental needs inappropriate sexual touching, some sort of sweary shouting, trips to casualty, indecent exposure... Vomit at the very, very least. Not a midget games designer looking bit red in the face and swearing a couple of times...
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  • Gears of War tips and tricks

  • CasperCCC 30/11/2006

    So am I just screwed if I don't have a torque bow?

    My favourite weapon and the bastard machine took it away from me. Dropped it in one of the train carriages for a shotgun, and it wouldn't let me pick it up again.

    Gears of Whore, that's what it is. I loved that bow.
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  • Smash Bros. Brawl trailer

  • CasperCCC 28/11/2006

    I'm an idiot.

    I was entirely unimpressed by SSB on the Cube. Thought it was a bit rubbish, really. Even in multiplayer. I tried to like it, but it just seemed a bit crap. Couldn't get into it at all.

    That's not why I'm an idiot though - that probably just makes me a philistine.

    What makes me an idiot is that despite not liking the Cube version, and despite having no friends who might be able to play multiplayer with me, I bet I still buy it if it gets good enough reviews.

    Even though I know that I know that I'm an idiot if I do.

    See. I'm an idiot.
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  • Gears of War

  • CasperCCC 17/11/2006

    Well, the more I play GoW, the more I'm enjoying it. Absolutely cracking game, I think, and that's without having much of a chance to play co-op.

    But I agree with the review - think that it totally sums up what is good (and there's a lot that's good) and what's bad about the game. Actually, it's a cracker of a review. Totally fair, IMHO. The lack of any ability to make a party is a disaster, and this is a game that is absolutely screaming out for clan support. And that's coming from someone who has never joined a clan in his life.

    Doesn't really matter whether it's Epic's fault or MS's fault - that's one for people in the industry to argue about. Either way, it's totally irrelevant to the average gamer - all that matters is that there aren't any clans or parties. You can't score a game based on who's fault it is - you can only score the game on its own merits.

    The game itself is superb - had some cracking games against EG people - but it could be much better. 8 seems about right to me, even if (for me) it's an easy 9.

    (Interesting to know the answer to my question - "Why has no online lobby system come even close to Halo 2?". Answer seems to be "Because MS have fucked the system up.")
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  • TV and film downloads coming to US 360 this month

  • CasperCCC 07/11/2006

    Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards.

    Just finished a 120 page report on interactive media in the home. All the way through it are comments about how MS and Sony are idiots if they don't make more of the broadband connections, hard drives and built-in payment systems on the ps3 and 360. Was obvious it was going to happen, but dammit... it should have happened the day after the report was signed off, not the day before.

    Now I have to go back and change every single mention. Tits.

    Good idea though. Bigger hard drive would be good, but with the films then you're effectively only renting them anyway - only need room for one at a time.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6

  • CasperCCC 26/10/2006

    ...because I agree that the game has now reached the stage where it is completely impenetrable to new players.

    This is my problem. I want to buy a football game, and I really, really want to buy Pro Evo, because I know it's the game that all the cool kids are playing, and EA are, like, Corporate Whores and Destroying The Very Fabric of Existence. But I tend to find Pro Evo really unsatisfying. I just don't have the hours to put in to get the most of it. And that's as someone who puts a fair bit of time into games. I have a feeling that the time I'd have to spend to get the most out of it and to get to an even vaguely competitive standard is closer to months than weeks. And that's a lot of time spent playing something that I'm not hugely enjoying.

    It seems to me to be a bit like learning Spanish, just so I can read Don Quixote in its original language. I'm sure it's a bloody great book, but the amount of time I'd have to spend just to be in a position where I could start to understand what's going on is so long as to make it a waste of time.

    Seems like most of the Pro Evo fans here have been playing the series so long that you are (to stretch my metaphor to breaking point) already Spanish speakers. Sure, it takes some work to adjust to reading a 400 year-old dialect, but it's not a deal breaker.

    So my dilemma - Pro Evo or FIFA? Spend months learning Spanish, probably to give up a few weeks because it's too difficult, or just forget about reading Don Quixote in the original language and go for the more accessible translation, even if it misses out most of the subtleties...

    Sorry. Have just realised I'm talking crap. But will someone please tell me what to do?
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