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  • The evolution of Destiny

  • Cartho 20/09/2014

    I do wish people would stop with the whole "journalists are clearly paid if they review well / badly a game I like / dislike" rubbish.

    As has already been stated, in many countries (including the UK, where I believe Eurogamer is based) it is illegal for a site like EG or a magazine etc to publish something that they received money to write without notifying people.

    You sometimes see those little messages at the bottom of previews? e.g "This was shown at an Nvidia event that Eurogamer attended, our accommodation was paid for by Nvidia"

    They have to do that. By law. Now, obviously, in the altogether shadier business of them receiving money to give a game a high score / glowing review, you could argue that they would just deny it and not put the notice there. However it almost certainly wouldn't be worth it. Ask yourself, would it really be worth colossal legal fees, thus potentially bankrupting your company and forcing its closure, just to give a game a good review score? Of course it wouldn't.

    I remember discussing this issue with some of the staff at PC Gamer UK when I did a 3 week internship there. To them, the notion of getting paid to give a game a good score was actually laughable. One of them even joked that he wishes he was, as that way he might be able to afford to eat that month (hint, games journos don't make much money at all).

    Destiny is a massively hyped game. It has sold stupidly well. Lots and lots of people are playing it. Therefore sites like EG are perfectly within their rights to give it plenty of coverage. Whether you personally like it or not is irrelevant. People bought it in droves so it is going to get coverage.

    I personally loathe MOBAs, but that doesn't mean I get angry at lots of DOTA 2 / LoL coverage on dedicated PC gaming websites like PCGamesN. They're hugely popular games so deserve plenty of coverage, whether I like them or not.

    Give it a rest with the whole "clearly EG have been paid vast sums of money in a dirty deal by Sony to promote the game" tinfoil hat conspiracy crap.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 review

  • Cartho 19/09/2014

    I miss the days of the 8800 GT. When a card came out that was wildly more powerful than the previous top of the line card, and yet it only cost 170 - 200.

    Graphics tech has advanced alot, but the pace of change has slowed considerably. We've not seen a crazy upgrade, where even the supposedly cheap, mid range offering utterly obliterates the previous top end, in a LONG time.
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  • Road Redemption burns rubber on Steam Early Access today

  • Cartho 18/09/2014

    I read this as "Red Dead Redemption" comes to steam today.

    It was as if a million people suddenly screamed with joy, and were suddenly silenced.
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  • Chivalry [Medieval Warfare] isn't dead, it's coming to consoles

  • Cartho 16/09/2014

    Why on earth would they release it on last gen consoles only? Devs need to just let them die and switch to current gen. Reply 0
  • Planetary Annihilation review

  • Cartho 16/09/2014

    Ah Sup Com, you wonderous thing. Nothing quite beats massed naval warfare in FA. Ballistic missile subs lurking off coastlines, firing a shower of tactical cruise missiles at coastal defences before slipping silently beneath the waves and relocating, the massive coastal artillery batteries setup to ward off battlecruisers, the torpedo bombers prowling for submarines.

    Pure joy
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  • Cartho 16/09/2014

    Basically, it's not even nearly as good as the still utterly sublime Sup Com Forged Alliance. Reply +2
  • The Sledgehammer effect: "We want to change Call of Duty"

  • Cartho 13/09/2014

    I have to say, the more I hear from Sledgehammer, and the more I see of Advanced Warfare, the more interested in it I become. I hadn't played a CoD game since the original Modern Warfare (but had binged on the original, WW2 CoD games in my teenage years on PC) until last year. So I picked up Ghosts on a whim. My god I was disappointed. The campaign was utter drivel and the multiplayer was about as much fun as having dental surgery.

    This however, this looks like it might actually be worth a play.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight gets a June release date

  • Cartho 08/09/2014

    The Order, The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Evolve, Crackdown, Halo 5, MGS5 Phantom Pain, Quantum Break, new Zelda, Project CARS. That's just a few.

    2015 is going to be utterly godly.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub

  • Cartho 08/09/2014

    I have to say, watching the first vid, I didn't notice the 30 FPS at all. It looked buttery smooth to me. People make way too much fuss about frame rate. Sure 60 is nice, but a truly locked 30 is absolutely fine. Put it this way - if you're dying in an FPS, or can't win a race in driveclub.... It's not because of 30 FPS :) Reply +4
  • How to remove Dead Rising 3 PC's 30fps cap

  • Cartho 08/09/2014

    Didn't DR3 run VERY poorly on Xbox One too? I seem to remember a DF article at launch complaining about some seriously low frame rate drops, as in, the low 20s when it got busy.

    Sounds like Capcom have simply not programmed it well. I could understand shoddy performance if it looked like Uncharted 4 / The Order 1886, but let's face it, it doesn't.
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • Cartho 02/09/2014

    Absolutely agree with this open letter, this kind of thing needs to stop.

    I have to say, MOBA communities I'm looking squarely at you.
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  • Hands-on with Oculus Rift DK2

  • Cartho 31/08/2014

    Occulus is a strange one. On the one hand, the hardware requirement to run games properly using it (i.e a locked 75 FPS and 1080p) is very high. Despite what some people may like to think, the July 2014 Steam hardware survey shows us that, actually, many people do not have systems which are even the equal of the PS4 / Xbox One. Around 45% of Steam users are still using 4GB of system RAM or less for example. Over 50% of steam users are still using 1GB of Video RAM or less. Using 1GB or less of VRAM means that these people are all using older models of video card. A staggering 51.9% of steam users are still using dual or single core CPUs. This means not even i5s.

    So, despite the relative ease, in both technical challenge and price, of building a system which can outperform the current gen consoles (current gen = PS4 / Xbox One), a good 50% of PC gamers aren't even close to them.

    Maintaining a rock solid 75FPS at 1080p in modern games for those people is going to require a fairly hefty drop in graphics settings.

    Despite this, the Occulus is probably going to be bought by a more hardcore, enthusiast market, and those people almost certainly DO have the hardware to power it. This market won't think twice about buying a new GPU to make it work properly.

    In other words, the Occulus is not going to be the kind of "mass adoption of VR" that some people may think it will be. For that to happen, a VERY substantial overall upgrade in PC hardware will be required. 50% may not sound like a huge number, but considering Steam's userbase it actually is a very sizeable number.

    No doubt, it's a very cool piece of tech, and Elite Dangerous is a stunning implementation, but it's a long way off being commonplace.

    In terms of Morpheus, I think, again, we're a long way off that being a common sight in living rooms. Rumours of the PS4 being able to pump out 1440p 90 FPS games I think are crazy, even at PS3 level graphics. The jump in GPU power needed to go from 1080p - 1440p isn't insignificant, and it's not like 1080p 60 games are very common on PS4 either at the moment, though how much of that is down to developers not properly having grasped the PS4 SKU / API yet is another matter. I say this as a PS4 owner and regular PS4 player - I don't see the system as having the grunt required to really make a good fist of modern games in VR. Maybe specialist titles, designed purely to show off VR as a concept, but full scale games with both VR and non VR modes? Not convinced myself.

    If Sony are being clever though, they will make Morpheus backwards compatible with the Playstation 5 when they start working on it in a few years time. If they already have a working VR system, and have spent abit of time getting it perfect, then a more powerful, new generation console (PS5) would probably be able to take advantage of it much more effectively.

    Have literally no clue why this got downrated. Reading hard?
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  • Metro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

  • Cartho 27/08/2014

    So glad a dev finally acknowledged what I've been saying for ages: the PS3 wasn't some monstrous behemoth when it launched. People make out that it was absolute bleeding usage tech and could match the most powerful PCs of its day, when in reality G80 launched in huge same month, and the 8800gt, which was an extremely reasonably priced card (around 170) roundly spanked the RSX. Reply -6
  • PlayStation Network experiencing "network connectivity issues" again

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    So if this is clearly Sony's network being "garbage" what you are saying is that Blizzard's, Valve's Steam, RIOT games' system (no clue what its called), Path of Exile and several other major gaming systems are also "garbage".

    Because they got heavily DDOSed and brought down this weekend as well. Hell was up and down all weekend. They all serve millions of people as well.

    Why is it that Sony seems to be getting all the flak here for what was quite clearly a MASSIVE and concerted cyber attack on multiple entirely separate networks?
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  • Cartho 26/08/2014


    No one is doubting the power of having 300k servers. What people doubt, and rightly so, are Microsoft's claims that the power of the cloud enables vastly superior games from a technical standpoint. The power of the cloud will not make up for the weak GPUS in the Xbox one, nor will it solve the ESRAM bottleneck that makes 1080p abit more of a challenge on the Xbox one.

    Obviously those 300k servers are an asset, but let's not kid ourselves that this was some amazing piece of foresight on Microsoft's part. They did not implement azure to make it harder to DDOS Xbox live.

    I'm sure if Sony / valve / blizzard had the almost limitless funds that Microsoft do they would implement a similar thing. The fact is however, that few companies on earth could afford to pull off what Microsoft has done with azure. Thus blaming Sony is shortsighted, because they are limited in this field by not having the absurd finances that Microsoft has.

    We won't get into the debate about how it was security flaws in Microsoft windows operating systems that allowed these botnets to get so huge in the first place :D
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  • Cartho 26/08/2014


    That sounds sensible, but if it was that simple I'm pretty sure they would have done it...
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  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    Microsoft are protected slightly more because they have multiple data centres. However if the hackers find the IPs of the other data centres then they can still be DDOSed. Multiple data centres just means you need to hit more places, which is only hard because you need to know more ip addresses.

    Do you have any idea how much it costs to set up additional data centres? Do you have any idea how much money Microsoft makes? They can afford to run multiple data centres because they make so much money. They are Also a software company who run data centres for an enormous variety of different things. There is nothing wrong with PSN operating the way it does currently. What is wrong is people deliberately trying to bring it down.

    Think about the companies that have been heavily DDOSed in recent years. Blizzard, valve through steam, RIOT games (who make LoL). These are not small companies. They don't just sit around thinking "let's make a piss poor security system so we can get DDOSed really easily." This shows just how hard it is to stop. It's not a case of "fix your shit Sony" and anyone who says it is simply doesn't understand how these things work. They aren't just sitting on their asses, it's just that a concerted DDOS is insanely hard to stop for almost anyone in the world who doesn't possess Microsoft's near limitless funds and already vast network of data centres which has been built up over years and years to run a huge number of different services.
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  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    Lots of people seem to assume protecting against a DDOS is an easy thing to do. It's extremely difficult. Like, absurdly hard.

    Imagine 50 million people all trying to knock on your door at once. Getting better locks won't make it easier to get through your door - it will still be blocked.

    A DDOS is not a hack, it's just a simple overload. They set up a system where, say, phone numbers are re routed to ring Sony customer service - for example. This leads to the system being called maybe 30 times every second, over and over again.

    There's very little you can do to stop a DDOS. These guys could have done it to Microsoft too, if they had really wanted to. It would have been harder, but no system in the world is safe from DDOS attack.
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  • You can't trade items with other players in Destiny

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    I last played Firefall a while back when it was still in testing (early beta iirc).

    Destiny has a MUCH more coherent narrative and structure, with more clearly defined objectives. It is also a wildly better feeling FPS. The gunplay feels pretty tight and entertaining, something I never really had with Firefall.

    Destiny is also more suited to smaller, bite sized chunk sessions. You can play it for ages at a time if you want, but you can also hop on for a quick 30 minutes or so if you want to. In my opinion its a wildly superior game.
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  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    Wait, you mean people can't trade and this means that we won't have dozens of asian hackers trying to steal people's accounts and sell items / ingame currency? Awesome.

    I personally don't give two hoots about not being able to trade items - I never thought in beta "whoa, that guy has an awesome gun, I wonder if he'd sell it to me"

    I thought "Whoa, that guy has an awesome gun, Im gonna go hunt for one"

    Excitement reaching fever pitch, gimmegimmegimme sweet Destiny
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  • inFamous: First Light review

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    It COULD be completed in 30 minutes yes. If you rushed through it and didn't play any of the side ops. If you add in all the side ops content it was EASILY 4 hours of gameplay.

    It was also, crucially, a VASTLY superior game.

    I enjoyed I:SS but wasn't blown away by anything other than the visuals, which were truly breathtaking. It had awesome traversal, pretty fun combat, stunning visuals and Delsin was quite funny. Not a classic, but a decent game in my opinion, sounds like this is more of the same.
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  • The Crew has artificial 30fps lock on PC

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    Oh Ubisoft. You cheeky little scamps you!

    Seriously though, this is such a retarded idea, I have no idea why they would do this.
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  • Pokmon fighting game Pokkn Tournament announced

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN - no Wii U launch? It's like they don't want to sell consoles.

    They need to get a new pokemon game, in 3D, out on Wii U.

    Hell if they had an online system worth a dam they could make a pokemon MMO. We've seen from WoW's pet battles that it could work extremely well. Imagine a 3D version of Fire Red, with a WoW sized open world to play around in, and the ability to meet, trade and battle other players in the world as well as NPCs.

    Hell I'd be tempted to buy a Wii U for that.
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  • PlayStation Network returns online following DDOS attack

  • Cartho 26/08/2014

    People saying this is Sony being foolish / incompetent clearly don't know how hard it is to defend against a concerted DDOS attack. There are things you can do to limit its effects, like having multiple data centres etc, but it is extremely difficult to stop them completely - if Microsoft can be hurt by it then that says a lot about how tricky they are to stop.

    Still, bomb threats and the use of Islamic State images and warnings is absolutely unacceptable, and I think we can all get behind the FBI / NSA and wish them luck in bringing these guys to justice. There is a vast difference between the low level annoyance of a hack attack / DDOS and making bomb threats on an airline. Hey made an inconceivable error in posting those threats, because what was initially annoying for people has now likely turned into a hunt involving some of the most effective intelligence agencies in the world.

    They likely wouldn't have been caught if they had just DDOSed these companies and left it at that. Bbt to pretend to be a terrorist organisation is so mind bogglingly stupid that it should win some kind of Darwin Award. Do they really think they can mess around with the NSA? That smacks of either stunning arrogance in their own abilities or a breathtaking lack of comprehension of just how good and just how sophisticated these national intelligence agencies are.
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  • Is there more to Quantum Break than run-of-the-mill third-person shooting?

  • Cartho 21/08/2014

    Not quite sure why people are so uptight about third person shooters looking like third person shooters. The order gets similar flak "oh it just looks like a last gen third person shooter with shiny graphics"....

    Well, yes, it does. It's a third person shooter, what more were you expecting? It really does just feel like people are going out of their way to find faults with these games now. QB looks like a good third person shooter with stunning visuals. So to does The Order. Even more ridiculous are the truly idiotic "it's just next gen graphics last gen gameplay" type posts.

    Last gen gameplay? Ok so Halo 5 is going to get criticised for having last gen gameplay too is it? I think we should all stop praising wolfenstein for being a stunning FPS and having one of huge best FPS campaigns since half life 2, because the fact that you are moving around a level shooting at people is so last gen. Intact it's last last last gen. FFS machine games why didn't you make it more next gen in the gameplay department? In case anyone doesn't get it by the way, I'm being sarcastic. I'm British, it's what we do.

    I'm getting so tired of the games press being frankly highly unprofessional regarding the way they critique games. If you criticise one game for something, then you need to apply similar criticism to other games with the same flaw. You can't just pick and choose when to use a particular flaw to discredit a game. If you criticise a game such as Quantum Break or The Order 1886 for having "last gen" gameplay, then you will need to criticise Halo 5, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Fifa 15, Far Cry 4, Battlefield Hardline and many, many, many others for that too. Because I guarantee that none of these games are going to do anything new or revolutionary in the gameplay department. Halo 5 will probably get enormous critical praise - hell I'm sure it will be a fantastic game, but lets not kid ourselves that 343i are going to do anything revolutionary in the gameplay area. It's going to play like Halo 4 with an ultra shiny graphics engine, and you know what? That's ok. It will likely be a great piece of entertainment. As will The Order and Quantum Break.
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  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • Cartho 17/08/2014

    @shokwave thanks for the response! Reply 0
  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    RSX was based on a 7800 series graphics card. The PS3 launched in the US in November 2006. This was the month that Nvidia launched its 8 series graphics chips, which were considerably faster and cheaper to produce than the 7 series.

    The 8800 GT rapidly became the go to video card because, despite not being the "top of the range" card, it packed more power than a 7800 GTX and only cost 170.

    RSX was not a flagship card - it was based on tech that had become outdated the same month PS3 launched. PS3 also launched with 256MB of system RAM, which was prehistoric by PC standards even then - the average gaming PC at that stage would have had 1 - 2GB of system RAM.

    I wish people would stop making out that the 360 and PS3 were monstrously powerful beasts that flattened any PC hardware at the time. They were powerful, yes, but desktop PCs were still miles better. Infact I would argue that, proportionally, they were similar to the PS4 / Xbox One. PS4 and Xbox One are essentially mid range gaming PCs in terms of power. Factor in console optimisation and they can punch well above their weight - you would need a PC that was quite abit more powerful, specs wise, to run Battlefield 4 at high ish settings at 1080p and 60 FPS.

    The same was true of the 360 and PS3 - they did nothing that a mid to high end PC couldn't also do.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    But they didn't lie.
    The game outputs a 1080p image with every frame it has a full 1080p framebuffer. Not upscaled, just 1080p. Yes, to achieve this image they made the 1080p image out of lower resolution ones and then stuck them together (simplistic description) but it still made a 1080p image.

    They didn't lie, this guy is a complete fool. Hell Guerilla even told everyone about this, in full detail, 2 MONTHS BEFORE HE BOUGHT HIS COPY OF THE GAME.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    What would be really interesting is if Sony Subpoena'ed his browsing history. It's possible he knew all about it but simply filed the lawsuit to try and make a quick buck. If his browsing history has lots of digital foundry articles on it prior to his purchase then he is in very, very big trouble.

    Heck he could already be in trouble for simply wasting the court and Sony's time, given that his entire argument is that Killzone was advertised as running at a native 1080p resolution when it doesn't, yet it actually does use a full 1080p framebuffer. Sure it generates it in a different way, but that doesn't change the simple fact that it does produce a 1080p image every single frame.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    PLEASE for the love of god can people stop trying to defend this guy. Stop going on about how Sony deserve this because of false marketing etc etc. This lawsuit isn't about false advertising in the industry in general - that would be a totally different issue.

    This pitiful lawsuit is about one specific game. It's about some guy complaining that Killzone Shadowfall wasn't actually 1080p when it was advertised as such. And he wants FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for it.

    NO ONE should be defending this. No one at all.

    For one thing, the game IS running at 1080p. It outputs a non upscaled 1080p image EVERY. SINGLE. FRAME. The only "trick" if you wish to call it that, is how they achieved this 1080p. They did it by using lots of slightly lower res images and putting them together to form a 1080p image. That's called RENDERING. It's how games work. The technique was completely new at the time. However, it still resulted in a 1080p image. Every frame.

    The simple fact that this information had been out in the wild for 2 months before the guy even bought the game tells us that he was simply misinformed, rather than misled. It will also be difficult for him to argue that he was misled when the developers themselves had been so clear, 2 months previously, on exactly how it worked.

    Furthermore, no one even knew this was a thing until DF spotted it, using incredibly indepth analytical tools. To suggest that he came home, opened the box and found the images were "blurry and clearly not 1080p" is bordering on ridiculous. Dedicated pixel counting websites didn't even spot this until Digital Foundry did.

    Please, stop defending this guy. The issue of companies, usually publishers, being "creative with the truth" about resolutions and framerates etc is an issue which they need to tackle in the wider industry, but it's not really hurting anyone - people just need to think about what they require from a game and then exercise their judgement before preordering 2 years in advance.

    To defend this guy is to defend a man using an argument which is 100% factually incorrect to try and win himself $5 million. It is totally indefensible.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014


    He makes out in his lawsuit that he is an informed buyer who had researched the game thoroughly before his purchase. (Full lawsuit courtesy of Kotaku:

    Before deciding to purchase Killzone, Plaintiff visited several websites that contained the representations disseminated by Sonyi.e., that Killzone would provide native "1080p" multiplayer graphics.
    According to the lawsuit he purchased the game on May 3rd 2014 from a local BestBuy.

    Guerilla wrote and released a statement about Killzone SF's native resolution, including the full technical details of it's rendering solution, on MARCH 6th. You can find it here:

    This statement was quite big news at the time, it circulated many websites including, I believe, Eurogamer.

    So, he's claiming $5 million, because apparently it traumatised him that badly, due to false advertising and misrepresentation. When the developers of the game had come out and said exactly how the game's resolution worked fully 2 months before he bought it.

    Even that is probably cause for this to get thrown out of court. Before you even get into the debate about whether it outputs a 1080p image. Which it does, as explained in that statement from Guerilla.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    I hope this Douglas Ladore guy has alot of money, because he's not going to win this case and the legal expenses are going to be heavy - Sony have probably got some VERY good corporate lawyers - as would be expected of any massive international company.

    He simply will not win a case based on the fact that "the packaging promised 1080p".
    The packaging promised that it output at 1080p. Which is does, as was proved by digital foundry. That DF evidence will likely be used by Sony. The box says output, not native resolution. Nowhere on the box does it say native resolution. He is filing this lawsuit over false advertising on the retail packaging when there is no false advertising on the retail packaging.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    This is utterly PATHETIC.
    I hope Sony's lawyers take him to the cleaners and he is forced to pay all the legal expenses.

    "Had Plaintiff known that Killzone's multiplayer mode was not running at a graphics resolution of 1080p, he would have not have purchased Killzone at all, or would have paid substantially less for it."
    So where the hell did the $5 million come from? This strikes me as the worst example of some sad act trying to get rich quick.

    Did this really cause him emotional trauma to the tune of needing $5 million dollars of compensation? There's no way in hell he's going to win this case.

    I just looked at my KZ Shadowfall box. It says 1080p OUTPUT, not native resolution. Nowhere is native resolution mentioned at all.

    According to Guerilla AND digital Foundry's analysis, the game DOES output at 1080p, it's just not quite a native resolution. So, he's got no leg to stand on, it's going to get laughed out of court. What's scary is that a law firm actually agreed to represent him when his case is so weak.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Cartho 17/08/2014

    This still feels like a really strange decision by Microsoft. I mean tomb raider sells well. However the point of console exclusivity is to sell hardware. Let's face it, there's no reason for having / buying an exclusive other than so you can say "this game is only on our system, buy it!"

    Microsoft will have had to pay a lot for this. With PS4 outselling the Xbox one by so much, exclusivity stands to cost sales. So MS will have had to fork out a lot. Hell EA came out and said the deal for titanfall was done years ago and based on a forecast that Xbox would win the war. Their tone was clear, if they had known how it would have turned out the price for exclusivity would have been MUCH higher.

    So, why did MS choose to buy this deal? Tomb raider wont shift masses of Xbox ones. Titanfall didn't shift wildly huge numbers of consoles either, and that had more hype than almost anything I've ever seen. So, what do they stand to gain? It seems from the outside that they have just forked out mass of cash, pissed off many in the gaming community and the benefit is totally unclear. Bizarre.
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  • Diablo 3 download/install sizes are much higher on PS4

  • Cartho 11/08/2014

    Doesn't worry me anyway, just slapped a 2TB HDD in my PS4.

    I was also confused. Why is there a 37GB one with (English) in brackets and a 20GB one without it.

    Very confusing
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  • Cartho 11/08/2014

    If you order from the PSN you get a choice once you've bought it.

    There's a 21GB (Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition)

    A 40GB (Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition - English)

    And a load of other language options.

    What's strange is that there's these two things. What's the difference between the 21GB one and the 40GB (English) one?

    It's certainly abit strange. I wonder whether they've done something weird with compression or something, because this kind of size for a game like diablo 3 does seem very extreme - I mean Killzone Shadowfall is smaller than that.
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  • Official custom game support for Dota 2 impresses modders

  • Cartho 10/08/2014

    In a world where modding is in trouble, with games becoming more and more complex and devs not releasing the tools needed to modify them, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    Well done Valve, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!
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  • Digital Foundry vs Metro Redux

  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    To be honest its horses for courses, as the old fashioned expression would put it.
    Yes you pay for the online. At about 6 per month it works out at nearly 50 for the year. However you also need to take into account that, if you buy quite a cheap gaming PC, you will need to spend on upgrading it to eep pace with the consoles as the years go by. Obviously if you build sensibly, like I did this spring, you won't need to upgrade for years :D
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  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    1. I was making a joke about Mister X media. Visit his blog if you want a really good laugh / an insight into what real delusion is.

    2. "PS4 doesn't have any advantage in multiplatform games"
    Over a high ish spec gaming PC? No, it doesn't. Over a 350 gaming PC? It probably does. You would be hard pushed, I expect, to run, for example, Metro redux at high ish quality settings at 1080p and a locked 60 FPS on a PC which cost 350 to put together, especially by the time you've bought an OS etc. OBVIOUSLY if you spend more on a gaming PC you will get better results, but that's not what consoles are meant for. Pushing the edge of the envelope, technically, will always be the domain of PCs. I personally have a PC which I game on, I also have a PS4.

    Over the Xbox One?
    Here is a list of multi plat games where the PS4 has an advantage over the Xbox One that I just came up with off the top of my head:

    1. Metro Redux (1080p Vs 912p, same FPS)
    2. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Slightly higher res textures, more AF and higher quality DoF in cutscenes)
    3. MGS Ground Zeroes (1080p Vs 720p)
    4. Call of Duty Ghosts (1080p Vs 900p)
    5. Assassin's Creed Black Flag (1080p Vs 900p)

    So that's 5 fairly high profile games which I thought of in under a minute.

    Bear in mind, 900p - 1080p is actually quite a big difference - the system is having to output 40% more pixels per frame.

    You don't have to be a "fanboy" to see pure, objective differences. I'm not making any slight against the Xbox One - hell I'm considering getting one to play the Halo Master Chief Collection. However it cannot be denied that, for multiplatform titles so far, the Playstation 4 has the advantage over the Xbox One.
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  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    Don't worry Xbox Owners. If Mister X Media's "Insider" is to be believed, in the next 12 months or so Microsoft will activate the super secret discrete graphics chip in the Xbox one and every single game will run at 1080p and v synced 60 FPS without breaking a sweat. They will also look 5 times better as well. This is because the top secret graphics chip in the Xbox One, which is so advanced that Microsoft hasn't told anyone about it for fear of them stealing the designs (even game developers) is actually 4 - 5 times more powerful than the PS4 as a bare minimum.

    This should be one of the last multi plats where PS4 has any kind of lead.

    :) :lol:
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  • Metro Redux video compares original Metros to next-gen remasters

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Just looked at some benchmarks.
    When testing the Nvidia GTX 760, Tom's hardware ran benchmarks using Metro Last Light.

    They averaged 61 FPS using a GTX 760 2GB. However this was also on a system with a 3.5GHz i7 CPU, overclocked to 4.0GHz, 16GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive. That 61 FPS average was achieved using the "high" quality preset and at 1920 X 1080 resolution - 1080p.

    I almost can't quite believe that they have managed to get it running at identical settings (1080p and high quality settings) with a 'rock solid 60 FPS' on the PS4. I'm not going to call them liars - I've not played it or seen benchmarks. But holy hell, if they have managed it that's a serious technical feat.
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Apparently the PS4 version of this at least (not sure about Xbox One) is running at the equivalent of "high" PC settings.

    If they're right, if they really have got this running at high settings, at 1080p, and a locked 60 FPS on the consoles..... That's mental, and testament to how powerful the new consoles are in the hands of actual competent game developers. It takes a pretty hefty PC to run Metro at 60 FPS and 1080p on high...
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  • Battlefield 4's next big update cleans up HUD, tweaks soldier movement

  • Cartho 08/08/2014


    I think to suggest that Destiny is going to "come and go" is perhaps being a little pessimistic. Destiny is going to be absolutely HUGE. What's significant is this:

    Hype for Titanfall was predominantly generated by the media. The Games press touted it to be the single greatest event in gaming history.

    Destiny's media hype however has been much less muted. It's there, certainly, no denying it, but alot of, well, lukewarm.

    The real, serious hype for Destiny began with the Alpha. You know, when gamers could actually play it for themselves. That's when people started hyping it properly, because, it was actually really, really good.

    Then beta came and more people played it and also found that, hey, it's a seriously good fun game.

    I mean 4.5 MILLION people played the beta. That's one hell of alot for an unfinished game which only offered a very small slice of the playable content.

    Destiny is here to stay.
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Credit to them, they haven't just let BF4 rot. They've vastly improved it since launch. They just should NEVER have launched it in the state that they did. Clearly they've learnt their lesson though, as evidence by delays to Dragon Age Inqusition and BF Hardline show - they are wary of a game releasing with lots of bugs. Reply +4
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Oh, and as an aside, EG forgot to ask the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION:

    "Which tit at Crytek thought 'Warface' would be a good name for a game?"

    I mean really, Warface? Honestly? That's the best they could come up with?
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Superb interview.

    Some pretty bad sounding stuff here. I really took away from it the sense that people were unhappy at not being paid, and that Cevat didn't understand why. He kept saying "it's not that they were unpaid, we just had to delay."

    Perhaps he doesn't realise how important getting paid at the end of the month really is for people with a house / family / mortgage / bills / mouths to feed. Having payment delayed can be almost as bad as not being paid at all in some situations, especially if the delay stretches over multiple months.

    I also found this morsel very interesting:

    We are not 100 per cent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current gen and next gen catches up
    Microsoft will not be happy about him saying this. He didn't say it, but was he perhaps making a subtle reference to the Xbox being trashed month for month by PS4?

    I wonder how many other devs / publishers feel this way. I bet EA were thinking along those lines this Spring when they launched Titanfall - "did we bet on the wrong horse?" "Did we get enough money for that exclusivity arrangement?"
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  • Xbox One Diablo 3 will now also run at 1080p

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    @paulf It does run at 2880 X 1800 on my Macbook Pro but the framerate dips below 30 abit too often. It can be very very variable. There's no way in hell an MBP could Vsync lock it to 60 at that res.

    That's on a late 2013 MBP with a 2.4 GHz i7 Quad, 16GB of RAM and a discrete 2GB Nvidia GT750M GPU.

    So in terms of RAM and CPU that laptop kicks the everliving shit out of the next gen consoles. You may have some blinkered "you can't game on a mac" view, but infact Macbook pros are (or at least can be) very, VERY fast.

    I Imagine if I had a full desktop GPU it would be very smooth at that res. It's playable, certainly - even fairly fast alot of the time, but in a game like D3 I want a uniform 60 FPS or at least close to it... So I drop to 1440p :D
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  • Gunpoint dev reveals new gameplay from stealthy space adventure Heat Signature

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Tom Francis is a legend.
    I was lucky enough to do 3 weeks work experience at PC Gamer back when he was a staff writer there, he's a genuinely nice guy and very, very knowledgeable.
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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner dated and priced

  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    So, after the fiasco of "TV TV TV!" we get this? A console which was initially sold as the "all in one media box", and which quite clearly launched in Europe with worse TV functionality than it's main, games focused competitor - PS4 launched with BBC Iplayer, 5 On Demand and now has NowTV - all of which the Xbone did not have.

    Now, to unlock this TV focused functionality you need to pay another 24.99? I could just buy a cheap set top box for that. Ok sure I wouldn't be able to bellow "Xbox go to BBC 2" at my TV to change the channel - I'd have to make the effort to move my arm several inches to the left to press a button on the remote.

    This does not seem to have the functionality to make it worth the price. If it cost abit more, but included PVR capability - allowing you to record TV programmes through the tuner onto the Xbox Hard Drive / an external hard drive when they add in support for it, THAT would be impressive.

    But this is basically paying 24.99 to allow you to change the TV channel with your voice - everyone has a digital TV tuner in the UK now as you need one to watch TV after they turned off the analogue signal.
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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • Cartho 06/08/2014

    Pump Destiny to my veins. Reply -1