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  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • Cartho 17/08/2014

    @shokwave thanks for the response! Reply 0
  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    RSX was based on a 7800 series graphics card. The PS3 launched in the US in November 2006. This was the month that Nvidia launched its 8 series graphics chips, which were considerably faster and cheaper to produce than the 7 series.

    The 8800 GT rapidly became the go to video card because, despite not being the "top of the range" card, it packed more power than a 7800 GTX and only cost 170.

    RSX was not a flagship card - it was based on tech that had become outdated the same month PS3 launched. PS3 also launched with 256MB of system RAM, which was prehistoric by PC standards even then - the average gaming PC at that stage would have had 1 - 2GB of system RAM.

    I wish people would stop making out that the 360 and PS3 were monstrously powerful beasts that flattened any PC hardware at the time. They were powerful, yes, but desktop PCs were still miles better. Infact I would argue that, proportionally, they were similar to the PS4 / Xbox One. PS4 and Xbox One are essentially mid range gaming PCs in terms of power. Factor in console optimisation and they can punch well above their weight - you would need a PC that was quite abit more powerful, specs wise, to run Battlefield 4 at high ish settings at 1080p and 60 FPS.

    The same was true of the 360 and PS3 - they did nothing that a mid to high end PC couldn't also do.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    But they didn't lie.
    The game outputs a 1080p image with every frame it has a full 1080p framebuffer. Not upscaled, just 1080p. Yes, to achieve this image they made the 1080p image out of lower resolution ones and then stuck them together (simplistic description) but it still made a 1080p image.

    They didn't lie, this guy is a complete fool. Hell Guerilla even told everyone about this, in full detail, 2 MONTHS BEFORE HE BOUGHT HIS COPY OF THE GAME.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    What would be really interesting is if Sony Subpoena'ed his browsing history. It's possible he knew all about it but simply filed the lawsuit to try and make a quick buck. If his browsing history has lots of digital foundry articles on it prior to his purchase then he is in very, very big trouble.

    Heck he could already be in trouble for simply wasting the court and Sony's time, given that his entire argument is that Killzone was advertised as running at a native 1080p resolution when it doesn't, yet it actually does use a full 1080p framebuffer. Sure it generates it in a different way, but that doesn't change the simple fact that it does produce a 1080p image every single frame.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    PLEASE for the love of god can people stop trying to defend this guy. Stop going on about how Sony deserve this because of false marketing etc etc. This lawsuit isn't about false advertising in the industry in general - that would be a totally different issue.

    This pitiful lawsuit is about one specific game. It's about some guy complaining that Killzone Shadowfall wasn't actually 1080p when it was advertised as such. And he wants FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for it.

    NO ONE should be defending this. No one at all.

    For one thing, the game IS running at 1080p. It outputs a non upscaled 1080p image EVERY. SINGLE. FRAME. The only "trick" if you wish to call it that, is how they achieved this 1080p. They did it by using lots of slightly lower res images and putting them together to form a 1080p image. That's called RENDERING. It's how games work. The technique was completely new at the time. However, it still resulted in a 1080p image. Every frame.

    The simple fact that this information had been out in the wild for 2 months before the guy even bought the game tells us that he was simply misinformed, rather than misled. It will also be difficult for him to argue that he was misled when the developers themselves had been so clear, 2 months previously, on exactly how it worked.

    Furthermore, no one even knew this was a thing until DF spotted it, using incredibly indepth analytical tools. To suggest that he came home, opened the box and found the images were "blurry and clearly not 1080p" is bordering on ridiculous. Dedicated pixel counting websites didn't even spot this until Digital Foundry did.

    Please, stop defending this guy. The issue of companies, usually publishers, being "creative with the truth" about resolutions and framerates etc is an issue which they need to tackle in the wider industry, but it's not really hurting anyone - people just need to think about what they require from a game and then exercise their judgement before preordering 2 years in advance.

    To defend this guy is to defend a man using an argument which is 100% factually incorrect to try and win himself $5 million. It is totally indefensible.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014


    He makes out in his lawsuit that he is an informed buyer who had researched the game thoroughly before his purchase. (Full lawsuit courtesy of Kotaku:

    Before deciding to purchase Killzone, Plaintiff visited several websites that contained the representations disseminated by Sonyi.e., that Killzone would provide native "1080p" multiplayer graphics.
    According to the lawsuit he purchased the game on May 3rd 2014 from a local BestBuy.

    Guerilla wrote and released a statement about Killzone SF's native resolution, including the full technical details of it's rendering solution, on MARCH 6th. You can find it here:

    This statement was quite big news at the time, it circulated many websites including, I believe, Eurogamer.

    So, he's claiming $5 million, because apparently it traumatised him that badly, due to false advertising and misrepresentation. When the developers of the game had come out and said exactly how the game's resolution worked fully 2 months before he bought it.

    Even that is probably cause for this to get thrown out of court. Before you even get into the debate about whether it outputs a 1080p image. Which it does, as explained in that statement from Guerilla.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    I hope this Douglas Ladore guy has alot of money, because he's not going to win this case and the legal expenses are going to be heavy - Sony have probably got some VERY good corporate lawyers - as would be expected of any massive international company.

    He simply will not win a case based on the fact that "the packaging promised 1080p".
    The packaging promised that it output at 1080p. Which is does, as was proved by digital foundry. That DF evidence will likely be used by Sony. The box says output, not native resolution. Nowhere on the box does it say native resolution. He is filing this lawsuit over false advertising on the retail packaging when there is no false advertising on the retail packaging.
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  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    This is utterly PATHETIC.
    I hope Sony's lawyers take him to the cleaners and he is forced to pay all the legal expenses.

    "Had Plaintiff known that Killzone's multiplayer mode was not running at a graphics resolution of 1080p, he would have not have purchased Killzone at all, or would have paid substantially less for it."
    So where the hell did the $5 million come from? This strikes me as the worst example of some sad act trying to get rich quick.

    Did this really cause him emotional trauma to the tune of needing $5 million dollars of compensation? There's no way in hell he's going to win this case.

    I just looked at my KZ Shadowfall box. It says 1080p OUTPUT, not native resolution. Nowhere is native resolution mentioned at all.

    According to Guerilla AND digital Foundry's analysis, the game DOES output at 1080p, it's just not quite a native resolution. So, he's got no leg to stand on, it's going to get laughed out of court. What's scary is that a law firm actually agreed to represent him when his case is so weak.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Cartho 17/08/2014

    This still feels like a really strange decision by Microsoft. I mean tomb raider sells well. However the point of console exclusivity is to sell hardware. Let's face it, there's no reason for having / buying an exclusive other than so you can say "this game is only on our system, buy it!"

    Microsoft will have had to pay a lot for this. With PS4 outselling the Xbox one by so much, exclusivity stands to cost sales. So MS will have had to fork out a lot. Hell EA came out and said the deal for titanfall was done years ago and based on a forecast that Xbox would win the war. Their tone was clear, if they had known how it would have turned out the price for exclusivity would have been MUCH higher.

    So, why did MS choose to buy this deal? Tomb raider wont shift masses of Xbox ones. Titanfall didn't shift wildly huge numbers of consoles either, and that had more hype than almost anything I've ever seen. So, what do they stand to gain? It seems from the outside that they have just forked out mass of cash, pissed off many in the gaming community and the benefit is totally unclear. Bizarre.
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  • Diablo 3 download/install sizes are much higher on PS4

  • Cartho 11/08/2014

    Doesn't worry me anyway, just slapped a 2TB HDD in my PS4.

    I was also confused. Why is there a 37GB one with (English) in brackets and a 20GB one without it.

    Very confusing
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  • Cartho 11/08/2014

    If you order from the PSN you get a choice once you've bought it.

    There's a 21GB (Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition)

    A 40GB (Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition - English)

    And a load of other language options.

    What's strange is that there's these two things. What's the difference between the 21GB one and the 40GB (English) one?

    It's certainly abit strange. I wonder whether they've done something weird with compression or something, because this kind of size for a game like diablo 3 does seem very extreme - I mean Killzone Shadowfall is smaller than that.
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  • Official custom game support for Dota 2 impresses modders

  • Cartho 10/08/2014

    In a world where modding is in trouble, with games becoming more and more complex and devs not releasing the tools needed to modify them, this is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    Well done Valve, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!
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  • Digital Foundry vs Metro Redux

  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    To be honest its horses for courses, as the old fashioned expression would put it.
    Yes you pay for the online. At about 6 per month it works out at nearly 50 for the year. However you also need to take into account that, if you buy quite a cheap gaming PC, you will need to spend on upgrading it to eep pace with the consoles as the years go by. Obviously if you build sensibly, like I did this spring, you won't need to upgrade for years :D
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  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    1. I was making a joke about Mister X media. Visit his blog if you want a really good laugh / an insight into what real delusion is.

    2. "PS4 doesn't have any advantage in multiplatform games"
    Over a high ish spec gaming PC? No, it doesn't. Over a 350 gaming PC? It probably does. You would be hard pushed, I expect, to run, for example, Metro redux at high ish quality settings at 1080p and a locked 60 FPS on a PC which cost 350 to put together, especially by the time you've bought an OS etc. OBVIOUSLY if you spend more on a gaming PC you will get better results, but that's not what consoles are meant for. Pushing the edge of the envelope, technically, will always be the domain of PCs. I personally have a PC which I game on, I also have a PS4.

    Over the Xbox One?
    Here is a list of multi plat games where the PS4 has an advantage over the Xbox One that I just came up with off the top of my head:

    1. Metro Redux (1080p Vs 912p, same FPS)
    2. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Slightly higher res textures, more AF and higher quality DoF in cutscenes)
    3. MGS Ground Zeroes (1080p Vs 720p)
    4. Call of Duty Ghosts (1080p Vs 900p)
    5. Assassin's Creed Black Flag (1080p Vs 900p)

    So that's 5 fairly high profile games which I thought of in under a minute.

    Bear in mind, 900p - 1080p is actually quite a big difference - the system is having to output 40% more pixels per frame.

    You don't have to be a "fanboy" to see pure, objective differences. I'm not making any slight against the Xbox One - hell I'm considering getting one to play the Halo Master Chief Collection. However it cannot be denied that, for multiplatform titles so far, the Playstation 4 has the advantage over the Xbox One.
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  • Cartho 09/08/2014

    Don't worry Xbox Owners. If Mister X Media's "Insider" is to be believed, in the next 12 months or so Microsoft will activate the super secret discrete graphics chip in the Xbox one and every single game will run at 1080p and v synced 60 FPS without breaking a sweat. They will also look 5 times better as well. This is because the top secret graphics chip in the Xbox One, which is so advanced that Microsoft hasn't told anyone about it for fear of them stealing the designs (even game developers) is actually 4 - 5 times more powerful than the PS4 as a bare minimum.

    This should be one of the last multi plats where PS4 has any kind of lead.

    :) :lol:
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  • Metro Redux video compares original Metros to next-gen remasters

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Just looked at some benchmarks.
    When testing the Nvidia GTX 760, Tom's hardware ran benchmarks using Metro Last Light.

    They averaged 61 FPS using a GTX 760 2GB. However this was also on a system with a 3.5GHz i7 CPU, overclocked to 4.0GHz, 16GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive. That 61 FPS average was achieved using the "high" quality preset and at 1920 X 1080 resolution - 1080p.

    I almost can't quite believe that they have managed to get it running at identical settings (1080p and high quality settings) with a 'rock solid 60 FPS' on the PS4. I'm not going to call them liars - I've not played it or seen benchmarks. But holy hell, if they have managed it that's a serious technical feat.
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Apparently the PS4 version of this at least (not sure about Xbox One) is running at the equivalent of "high" PC settings.

    If they're right, if they really have got this running at high settings, at 1080p, and a locked 60 FPS on the consoles..... That's mental, and testament to how powerful the new consoles are in the hands of actual competent game developers. It takes a pretty hefty PC to run Metro at 60 FPS and 1080p on high...
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  • Battlefield 4's next big update cleans up HUD, tweaks soldier movement

  • Cartho 08/08/2014


    I think to suggest that Destiny is going to "come and go" is perhaps being a little pessimistic. Destiny is going to be absolutely HUGE. What's significant is this:

    Hype for Titanfall was predominantly generated by the media. The Games press touted it to be the single greatest event in gaming history.

    Destiny's media hype however has been much less muted. It's there, certainly, no denying it, but alot of, well, lukewarm.

    The real, serious hype for Destiny began with the Alpha. You know, when gamers could actually play it for themselves. That's when people started hyping it properly, because, it was actually really, really good.

    Then beta came and more people played it and also found that, hey, it's a seriously good fun game.

    I mean 4.5 MILLION people played the beta. That's one hell of alot for an unfinished game which only offered a very small slice of the playable content.

    Destiny is here to stay.
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Credit to them, they haven't just let BF4 rot. They've vastly improved it since launch. They just should NEVER have launched it in the state that they did. Clearly they've learnt their lesson though, as evidence by delays to Dragon Age Inqusition and BF Hardline show - they are wary of a game releasing with lots of bugs. Reply +4
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Oh, and as an aside, EG forgot to ask the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION:

    "Which tit at Crytek thought 'Warface' would be a good name for a game?"

    I mean really, Warface? Honestly? That's the best they could come up with?
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  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Superb interview.

    Some pretty bad sounding stuff here. I really took away from it the sense that people were unhappy at not being paid, and that Cevat didn't understand why. He kept saying "it's not that they were unpaid, we just had to delay."

    Perhaps he doesn't realise how important getting paid at the end of the month really is for people with a house / family / mortgage / bills / mouths to feed. Having payment delayed can be almost as bad as not being paid at all in some situations, especially if the delay stretches over multiple months.

    I also found this morsel very interesting:

    We are not 100 per cent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current gen and next gen catches up
    Microsoft will not be happy about him saying this. He didn't say it, but was he perhaps making a subtle reference to the Xbox being trashed month for month by PS4?

    I wonder how many other devs / publishers feel this way. I bet EA were thinking along those lines this Spring when they launched Titanfall - "did we bet on the wrong horse?" "Did we get enough money for that exclusivity arrangement?"
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  • Xbox One Diablo 3 will now also run at 1080p

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    @paulf It does run at 2880 X 1800 on my Macbook Pro but the framerate dips below 30 abit too often. It can be very very variable. There's no way in hell an MBP could Vsync lock it to 60 at that res.

    That's on a late 2013 MBP with a 2.4 GHz i7 Quad, 16GB of RAM and a discrete 2GB Nvidia GT750M GPU.

    So in terms of RAM and CPU that laptop kicks the everliving shit out of the next gen consoles. You may have some blinkered "you can't game on a mac" view, but infact Macbook pros are (or at least can be) very, VERY fast.

    I Imagine if I had a full desktop GPU it would be very smooth at that res. It's playable, certainly - even fairly fast alot of the time, but in a game like D3 I want a uniform 60 FPS or at least close to it... So I drop to 1440p :D
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  • Gunpoint dev reveals new gameplay from stealthy space adventure Heat Signature

  • Cartho 08/08/2014

    Tom Francis is a legend.
    I was lucky enough to do 3 weeks work experience at PC Gamer back when he was a staff writer there, he's a genuinely nice guy and very, very knowledgeable.
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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner dated and priced

  • Cartho 07/08/2014

    So, after the fiasco of "TV TV TV!" we get this? A console which was initially sold as the "all in one media box", and which quite clearly launched in Europe with worse TV functionality than it's main, games focused competitor - PS4 launched with BBC Iplayer, 5 On Demand and now has NowTV - all of which the Xbone did not have.

    Now, to unlock this TV focused functionality you need to pay another 24.99? I could just buy a cheap set top box for that. Ok sure I wouldn't be able to bellow "Xbox go to BBC 2" at my TV to change the channel - I'd have to make the effort to move my arm several inches to the left to press a button on the remote.

    This does not seem to have the functionality to make it worth the price. If it cost abit more, but included PVR capability - allowing you to record TV programmes through the tuner onto the Xbox Hard Drive / an external hard drive when they add in support for it, THAT would be impressive.

    But this is basically paying 24.99 to allow you to change the TV channel with your voice - everyone has a digital TV tuner in the UK now as you need one to watch TV after they turned off the analogue signal.
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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • Cartho 06/08/2014

    Pump Destiny to my veins. Reply -1
  • As Table Top Racing hits Vita, WipEout co-creator turns attention to PS4

  • Cartho 06/08/2014

    Give me a proper, brand new Wipeout on PS4.
    Pump it straight into my veins, there's far too much of this fancy weather simulation authentic driving experience crap coming out at the moment. Give me hover jet cars with Quake disruptors and loop the loops taken at supersonic speeds.
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  • Nintendo of America indie chief leaves company

  • Cartho 04/08/2014

    Ah Nintendo. Stuck in the past in so many ways:

    Refusal to accept proper online gaming / the need for a good online system similar to Xbox Live and PSN (theirs isn't in the same league). It's all very well major Nintendo players saying that they believe gaming should be all about getting people together in the living room, but they need to just wake up and smell the coffee - MAKE A MACHINE THAT DOES BOTH REALLY WELL.

    Stubborn refusal to adapt to a changing games market

    Stubbornly holding on to using PowerPC architecture in the Wii U when we all know they should have done what Sony and Microsoft did

    Indeed their stubbornness is surely partly why so many 3rd party devs just stopped making games for them. With the Wii U pro controller actually being a pretty good pad - it does everything an Xbox controller does, they could potentially have a stunning system.

    I mean imagine if they released the Wii U alongside the Xbox One and PS4. Imagine they released it and its hardware specs matched those two consoles. If they hadn't been so stubborn, and kept good relations with 3rd party devs, I could easily see that Wii U being the dominant console at the moment. I mean the lineup of Nintendo 1st party games is strong, as it almost always is - they make some exceptional games. If people could ALSO play stuff like FiFa, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty etc, on a system with a good online system ala Xbox Live, then maybe the company wouldn't be in such dire straits.

    Hell if I thought I could buy a system of equivalent power to the PS4, with an equivalent online store and general functionality (trophies etc) which ran not only all the big 3rd party games that I enjoy but also all of Nintendo's stuff too.... I mean there wouldn't even be a debate, it would be sitting under my TV right now. Instead of a PS4.
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  • The Last of Us review

  • Cartho 01/08/2014

    720p and 30 FPS to 1080p and 60 FPS is a HUGE upgrade in itself. People seem to think the PS3 was a pocket calculator. It was actually a very powerful piece of kit if you coded to the metal he way ND do. The last of us was not a PS3 launch title either, it was a late era game, which took advantage of PS3's hardware to the max.

    ND have said that the architecture difference between The Cell hardware in the PS3 and the x86 system in the PS4 was huge, and immensely difficult to adapt code for.

    Don't be fooled by the upgrade seen in remastered games like Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider had been launched on PC, which means the debs already had an x86 version with highly detailed assets and advanced lightning systems and the Tress FX technology in it. So porting that to next gen consoles was quite easy. The upgraded assets already existed and x86 code did too.

    The last of us is a totally different beast. No upgraded version existed, so they had to totally rewrite lots of the code simply to make it run at all.

    TLOU Remastered looks like what it is: a great looking PS3 game running at a much higher resolution and at twice the frame rate. Uncharted 4 will show us what the PS 4 is really capable of.
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • Cartho 30/07/2014

    Love people comparing what's available on ps+ for ps4 now with what's available on gwg for 360. The system has been out for less than a year. They are NEVER going to have stuff like KZ shadow fall up for free, less than a year after launch. PS+ will get better and better as the system library gets bigger. I fully expected the first proper big name ps+ game for ps4 will be knack, maybe this Christmas. MAYBE.

    AS A PS4 power I wouldn't purchase this now. I already own battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 and the others don't really interest me. Just like ps+, this will get better as they add more games to it, but at the moment it doesn't really have anything I'd be interested in. It's a good value proposition though, and towards the end of the console lifespans it could be ace.
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  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • Cartho 29/07/2014

    That special partnership between EA and MS going full strength it seems.

    EA either still seem to think the Xbox One is a ship worth getting behind, or MS lobbed them another massive wad of cash......
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  • Crytek comes forward about its recent financial woes

  • Cartho 29/07/2014

    My word these comments are poisonous. Nabletontablet needs to calm down. If people want to play games on console then that's their choice. I personally play on PC and ps4. Calling people 'scum' and then saying that only children play on consoles makes you yourself sound highly immature and childish.

    Glad to hear Crytek might be ok, never nice to think people could lose their jobs. I still think they should switch focus to engine tech though. Or at least try to hire some more creative designers and writers. Their games have become shiny tech demos for people who've just bought new GPUs. Even Crysis 1 had a pretty weak story and the shootings never felt that tight in any of their games in my opinion.

    I mean if you think about it from a pure gameplay standpoint, no Crytek game has ever been as good as Wolfenstein The New Order. Graphically stunning but the campaigns haven't been in hone same league. They should switch to making these engines and selling them to people like machine games so they can use them to make more games like Wolfenstein TNO.
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  • Digital Foundry vs The Last of Us Remastered

  • Cartho 28/07/2014

    Never owned a ps3, I am so looking forward to this! Reply +46
  • Now TV has arrived on PS4

  • Cartho 24/07/2014

    While 9.99 is alot, I look at it this way:

    I don't have sky at home, and this allows me to watch my football team (Chelsea) play when I want to.

    A ticket for a Chelsea game would cost a minimum of 50 per game. Now obviously, part of what you are paying for at a live game is the atmosphere, the hilarious drunken singing, hurling abuse at Tottenham and the referee, plenty of boozy shenanigans and the thrill of seeing your heroes up close and personal.

    Still though, I don't buy a Sky pass very often, only for big matches such as games against other title rivals etc. When you put it into the context of the price of a live sports ticket, 9.99 per game seems like an awfully good deal. 9.99 is also only very slightly more than what you would pay for a cinema ticket in the UK, and that 9.99 gets me a full 24 hours of sporting enjoyment - if I buy the pass at mid day I could potentially watch 2 or even 3 matches if they are being shown on sky. A cinema ticket gives me ~2 hours of enjoyment, before I spend at least 6 - 10 on drinks etc.

    Yes, 9.99 is quite alot of money for 24 hours access to a TV channel. But if you compare it to what alot of entertainment activities cost, it ain't as bad as it first sounds.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

  • Cartho 24/07/2014

    More polish time is fantastic. Also more time to play Destiny :P Reply 0
  • Destiny Xbox One beta won't be 1080p, but the final version will

  • Cartho 19/07/2014

    Having so much fun with it, be patient Xbox owners, it's worth the wait! Reply 0
  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • Cartho 09/07/2014

    Don't feel sorry for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed so far on my PS4:

    Killzone Shadowfall (Not a classic but enjoyable and gorgeous)

    Assassins Creed Black Flag

    Wolfenstein New Order (Probably the best single player FPS campaign since Bioshock and arguably since Half Life 2, yes it really is that good)

    Infamous Second Son

    MGS Ground Zeroes


    Child of Light

    Trine 2

    The utterly majestic Destiny alpha - 3 solid days of joy

    Trials Fusion

    Tomb Raider (great fun)

    Fifa 14 (get on the beers, get mates round, eat pizza, play footie)

    Sniper Elite 3 (surprisingly good)

    Battlefield 4 (I never encountered most of the bugs people did, and now its all been fixed up it's very good fun)

    Warframe (Keeping me sane till Destiny)

    I don't own a PS3 or a 360 - I skipped last gen and played on PC. My PC is now old and I honestly got sick of Windows, worrying about system requirements, updating drivers and all the other bollocks that comes with PC gaming. I didn't want to look forward to a new game 2 years down the line only to eventually find I'll need to fork out another 250 to make it run properly.

    So actually, I adore my PS4. It's been one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

    Seeing as I never owned a PS3 I am extremely looking forward to The Last of Us, I am foaming at the mouth for Destiny, Assassin's Creed Unity actually looks ok, Far Cry 4 will hopefully be as excellent as Far Cry 3, Dragon Age Inquisition will steal what little of my life that Destiny hasn't already stolen and Batman Arkham Knight looks quality. Oh and Driveclub looks pretty sweet too.

    I think that lot will probably last me until 2015 when The Order 1886, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, The Witcher 3 and more arrive. I mean to be honest, from where I'm sitting, the rest of 2014 looks pretty rosy.

    Obviously people who don't like those kinds of games might feel aggrieved, but I think there's a fairly decent variety of titles there amongst the "rest of 2014 and into 2015" bracket. Should be a good few Indies as well, and my PS Vita arrives tomorrow so any spare time I have left I can lose myself in Final Fantasy X again.
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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • Cartho 08/07/2014

    To anyone here not from the UK:
    The sun is one of those shitty tabloids that prints headlines designed to scare people for no reason other than, you know, it's what they do.
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  • Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2

  • Cartho 02/07/2014

    It's going to be bloody funny if naughty dog get uncharted 4 running at 60fps and these guys can't get this to. Reply +6
  • YouTube premieres 60 fps video with Battlefield: Hardline trailer

  • Cartho 28/06/2014

    I played the BF Hardline beta..... God it's weak. To think a professional studio has been making it - not gonna lie 10 - 12 years ago modders would have made this. It's just a reskin of Battlefield 4. They had the chance to make a totally different type of game with this. The cops and robbers theme is strong - games like SWAT have proved how much fun it can be.

    I mean its not cops and robbers at all - its a fucking war in the middle of a city. Show me one bank robbery that ended up with rocket launchers, helicopters with miniguns on the side and construction cranes falling down. I mean what's the point? It's just a texture pack for Battlefield 4 - the kind that any decent mod team could have made if EA had allowed modding.

    It's supposed to be a team of robbers trying to crack a vault and then escape. Police team tries to stop them. That's a great idea for a game - it could have been fab. Massive maps would have been possible, large banks and their surroundings, with multiple floors and possible entry points - Police would need to cover the escape routes, robbers would need to try and keep the cops out - like what Rainbow 6 siege is doing.

    But NOOOOOOO. Not for EA. Oh no. If you haven't played the beta, let me explain what a match looks like:

    Cops and robbers all spawn at the same time on different sides of the map. They all rush to vehicles and charge towards the objective. Once there they jump out, start jumping about and firing assault rifles at each other. Snipers parachute out of helicopters, land on random jutting out bits of scenery on the top of buildings and just start shooting wildly down into the carnage below. Police officers with rocket launchers start shooting at robbers with AK 47s. Vehicles drive around all over the place, then get blown up by landmines / grenades / more rocket launchers. Someone lands a police helicopter in the middle of the road where some of the robbers have holed up and starts unloading a minigun into the street, wiping out cars, trucks and robbers alike in a scene reminiscent of that bit at the end of The Matrix.

    Sound like Battlefield 2 / 3? Yeah it does doesn't it? SOUND LIKE A BANK HEIST TO YOU?

    It's just ridiculous. If they wanted to make another traditional Battlefield game they should have done another 2142 type thing. Or gone to a different period of history like the American Civil war or hell even gone back to WW2. What was once a stupidly overpopulated period of history for games has now become barren - WW2 would feel fucking fresh right now. They should have done WW2 but a totally different field of conflict - say the Italian campaign, or the Pacific theatre.

    If they really wanted to do the cops and robbers thing, they should have made it a different bloody game. Remember that EA / DICE? When games could be DIFFERENT to the last one? Pathetic.
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  • The sickening side of the Steam summer sale

  • Cartho 28/06/2014

    As much as I respect Valve for basically saving PC gaming - lets face it when the 360 and PS3 arrived PC gaming was in an atrocious place, fading from the high street stores, I can't help but feel about Steam.

    Part of me is worried - if anything happens to steam, to Valve or their servers etc, PC gaming almost grinds to a halt. Lets face it, right now Steam basically IS PC gaming. You won't find many PC gamers that don't have steam installed and you won't find many PC Gamers who don't have a very substantial steam library. If something goes wrong, poof! That's it, PC gaming stops. Ok so Origin and GoG exist, but come on, Steam is the lifeblood of PC gaming. Take it away and things look bleak.

    Is it right for one company to have such a monopoly? Surely competition is a good thing?

    I also feel like the PC gaming space has lost one of its greatest development teams of all time. Valve don't really seem to be interested in making games anymore. Infact, outside of the Steam management / upkeep team, which must be pretty big, I do wonder what all of their actual developers do all day.

    I miss the days of Half Life. I miss the days when Valve would come out and blow the world away with a cinematic, story driven experience which would leave you feeling drained and exhilarated at the same time. Back in the glory days of Half Life 2 and its episodes, I would have said Valve were the kings of the story driven action game. Now though, it just seems like all of that has been lost. Naughty Dog's stuff has taken over. Now Valve just seem to be concerned with making hats for Team Fortress 2. It's no shock that they made DOTA2 - they saw where the PC games market was heading - the toxic battlegrounds of MOBAs, where aggressive misfits scream at people who've never played the game before because they've not spent 40 hours reading about strategy and a further 40 hours learning the absolute basics in game.

    Valve saw what RIOT had done with League of Legends and thought "They're making shit loads of money, we want a piece of that pie".

    It's gotten to the point now where I just WISH Valve would split from Steam. Make Steam a separate company, with its own staff. Then Valve might be free to go back to actually making games again.
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  • Mass Effect 4: everything we know so far

  • Cartho 28/06/2014

    Man modern gamers have got to be the most joyless bunch of cynical pricks on the face of the earth. Really only takes one wrong with you guys doesn't it? One game which didn't meet your personal expectations and the hardwork of hundreds is completely written off for good.

    I personally loved all three ME games. While in my opinion the first had the best story thanks to the superb antagonist in Saren, the combat was godawful, and the second and third games refined the combat to a much more finely honed state. Perhaps one of the most refreshing things about ME3 was the actually brilliant coop mode they added, plenty of depth and alot of fun with mates.

    I think Bioware get a very very unfair wrap from many people these days, and most of those people are just jumping on the hate bandwagon because it seems like the cool hipster thing to do. I also really enjoyed BOTH Dragon Age games. I respect each for what they are - Origins is a more hardcore CRPG, and DA2 is a more fast paced action RPG. I actually play DA2 like a single player World of Warcraft, using similar keybindings and applying the tank, healer DPS philosophy that I love so much to it. I enjoy it, I love the advanced scripting system for party members - no other games has made one as good - if you know how to use it properly you can make a fully autonomous party that require next to no micromanagement - leaving you free to terminate with extreme prejudice.

    Yes they recycled environments far too much - it felt somewhat rushed as a result. Yes Kirkwall didn't feel enough like a city due to clear limitations on the number of NPCs they could show on screen at any one time. Yes the waves of respawning enemies got abit annoying and the hand crafted encounters of origins felt more like puzzles.

    However DA2 fixed alot of what was wrong with DA:O - namely the slow, clunky character movement, terrible pathing and unresponsive feeling combat.

    Both games are very, very different. DA:O was doing the usual Bioware:

    "one random but otherwise normal ish person is living their life when all of a sudden circumstances force them to join secret order of badasses to save the world from a being of such raw evil that they piss malevolence."

    We've seen it soooooooo many times - it actually had a pretty generic story. What saved it was the great characters and the way it was told.

    DA2 tried something different, and I actually really applaud BW for it. They decided to not just make another "random dude saves world because it needed saving and he was there at the right time" story. They just wanted to tell a story about a guy / girl. It was basically a rags to riches tale. You arrive in a city destitute and with no status. Your primary goal is simply to make a name for yourself.
    It was actually quite an interesting story. If BW had been given more time it could have been a true classic. It was still though, in my opinion, a very very enjoyable game, which gets a heck of alot of unfair criticism. It wasn't a classic on the level of Knights of the Old Republic. It had flaws - lots, but I have still sunk more hours into it than most other games in my steam collection.

    In before I get downrated to hell by the "DA2 SUX OMG BW NEVER BUYING THEIR GAMES AGAIN YOU SUCK SELLOUTS" brigade.
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  • Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas expansion out in July

  • Cartho 27/06/2014

    Wes got abit lucky in that game, Tirion was a total game changer, he was being heavily smacked around for large portions of that match, gg though Reply +1
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing in-game trailer shows off Unreal Engine 4 visuals

  • Cartho 27/06/2014

    I think the Monster at the end might have been a Tyranid Warrior. Wasn't big enough to be a Hive Tyrant or Carnifex, was too big to be a gaunt or a genestealer. Reply 0
  • Cartho 27/06/2014

    We need more good 40k action games, Space Marine was great fun. My PS4 is ready.
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  • Have mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

  • Cartho 26/06/2014

    Dunno why these people bother. They're playing catch up in a major way, boasting about this kind of stuff when people have just watched the PS4 running that Uncharted trailer, or The Order 1886, or Sunset Overdrive / crackdown 2 on Xbox one.

    Anyway, good luck to em, you guys keep on churning out sub standard micro consoles which can run Angry birds really fucking well. I'll just go back to playing proper games on my PC and PS4
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  • Destiny beta begins late July for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

  • Cartho 26/06/2014

    To anyone who's watched it and thought "meh", I urge you to try it.

    It's utterly stellar. There is like a 15 page thread on NeoGAF, about people's opinions before the alpha and after it, and 90% of the responses were along the "interest was 6/10 pre alpha, 9/10 post alpha"

    It really is a supremely enjoyable game, it's going to be bloody HUGE.
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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content detailed in full

  • Cartho 23/06/2014

    Love seeing all the massively salty Xbox owners. Some next level moronic shit going down in this comments section.

    "Xbox players will just skip this game entirely"

    Oh really? Care to place a wager on that one?

    "Nobody's going to give a shit about Destiny a year after release"

    With Activision's marketing budget? Combined with the massively positive press it gathered from what was a superbly polished Alpha? Again, want a bet? Let me correct this 12 year old fanboy statement:

    "Nobody's going to give a shit about this exclusive DLC that is 100% unnecessary to enjoy the game a year after release"

    "PS4 has the alpha because it was the version, and only one, with problems that severely corrupted gameplay. Play it for yourself and its horrendous."

    Erm... What issues? Feedback from pretty much everyone who has played it has been almost overwhelmingly positive. I played it pretty much solidly for the entire Alpha weekend. It was very polished. I mean there are MANY full game releases which were miles worse.Battlefield 4 for example. What issues did you find? If you did find any of these horrendous issues and "severe, gameplay corrupting problems" I take it you went and checked the official alpha forums and posted feedback about what those problems were, when they occurred and what you were doing to cause them? Because, you know, it's an alpha TEST BUILD.

    SO please, do go on, we're all curious. What were these massive issues that you encountered?
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  • Crysis developer Crytek denies "verge of bankruptcy" claim

  • Cartho 23/06/2014

    They'd do better if they just made engines to license out. Their games always look stunning but most have all the depth of a wet paper bag, with frequently dull gameplay and totally appalling stories. The main exception being Crysis 1, which was genuinely a great shooter. Reply +10
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Far Cry 4

  • Cartho 23/06/2014

    @faizi1997 FEAR was gorgeous! Reply 0
  • Ubisoft explains why Watch Dogs on PC contains hidden graphics files

  • Cartho 21/06/2014

    I wish they'd release a patch for the PS4 version which makes it look like an actual PS4 game. Like Infamous, or Killzone Shadowfall, or even MGS Ground Zeroes. Seriously the textures in the PS4 version look like a kid did them in MS Paint. Ubisoft can't code for crap. Reply 0