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  • Meet the professional video game boss killer

  • Cartho 02/12/2017

    @saxxonde That's the beauty of the Souls games though. Everyone has certain fights they find particularly hard. My mates and I often discussed Bloodborne when it first came out. One of them one shot Blood Starved Beast and couldn't understand why I found it so brutally tough. That same guy, however, hit a brick wall in Father Gascgoine, who I killed in 3 tries.

    The difficulty of a Souls boss can be enormously dependent on your playstyle. Some people have a natural playstyle which works well against certain bosses and not well at all against others.
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  • FIFA 18's first big patch tackles goalkeepers and shooting

  • Cartho 03/10/2017

    They've made semi pro easier? That's an utterly moronic change. The gap between semi pro and pro was already WAAAAAY too big, now it's going to be worse. I find it tricky to score on pro, and have to seriously work to win games. It's really quite challenging. Yet semi pro I can, fairly regularly, win 8, 9, 10, 11 or more to 0.

    Winning most games 9-0 then really struggling to win at all suggests there is too big a gap in difficulty. Now EA have made that gap wider. How ridiculous.
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  • Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are coming to Switch

  • Cartho 15/09/2017

    DOOM 2016 can hit 60 FPS on PC on pretty ancient, shitty hardware. Even Celeron CPUs with Intel HD graphics can hit 60 FPS with console tweaks so I guess the developers, with direct access to the hardware and leveraging the Vulkan API could hit 60 without too many difficulties.

    Don't forget that, while it may lack brute rendering power compared to, say, a PS4, it's got a very modern GPU which is capable of the fancy modern graphics tricks and optimisations.
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  • Monster Hunter XX is getting a region-free Switch demo next week

  • Cartho 03/08/2017

    Haha Capcom are so stupid. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • Cartho 31/07/2017

    Even if PS Now was included in the sub, it wouldn't be worth it. The fact is, PS Now is a dreadful service and an appalling solution to a problem. The input latency is high and most people simply don't have anything like the net connection to make it an enjoyable experience. Even if you do, it is 100% objectively worse than downloading the title and actually running it on the console.

    Microsoft's solution, with both Xbox backwards compatibility and with their new Game Pass thing is HUGELY better. Game Pass, if you don't know, is a similar subscription service which lets you download games from a "vault" type thing and play them. New games are constantly being added and you can keep them on your console and play them for as long as you are subscribed. It's basically EA Access but for more than just EA games.

    The key thing here is that it lets you DOWNLOAD THE TITLES and play them natively on the console. Streaming games isn't going to be a thing until everybody has gigabit fibre connections. Even then it won't be as good as actually playing the title on dedicated hardware - there will still be input latency unless you live next door to the data center. Games and movies / TV shows are so different, it amazes me that companies still think a "Netflix" style streaming solution is a viable option. Movies don't require input from the user, they are enormously less complex to stream than a game is, which not only needs to send very complex data, but also receive it too.

    If they're including PS Now as a means to justify this price hike then that is disgraceful. They know PS Now is not doing well at all, so I guess they think that by bundling it and increasing the sub fee they will end up making more money. Trouble is, they don't offer subscription tiers and for the vast majority of people this £10 price hike won't give them anything extra (if it is because of PS Now being added) as it's a service they won't be able to make use of.

    Sony need to be careful. They have a massive market lead but this isn't always a good thing. We all know what happened with the disastrous PS3 launch following the success of the PS2 and I can feel a similar thing starting to happen here. They're over confident and are making anti consumer choices on the back of "we're in the lead so it's all ok." Just look at their stubborn refusal to allow cross play for stuff like Minecraft and Rocket League. Look at their continued refusal to allow EA Access on the system. They may have a massive lead and consumer goodwill, but you only need to look at what happened to Xbox following the XB1 announcement - they fell massively behind and it's taken them the best part of 3 years to claw back some of that goodwill.

    Moral of the story: "Great kid, don't get cocky"
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  • GAME blames deep-rooted financial issues on Nintendo's lack of Switch stock

  • Cartho 30/06/2017

    GAME's problem isn't lack of Switch stock. It's their ludicrously out of touch price structure. They charge more for pre owned games than many of brick and mortar chains like Tesco and sainsbury's charge for brand new copies. They also refuse to price match.

    They simply need to wake up and taste some reality - GAME is wildly more expensive than the majority of other outlets so people are not buying from them any more.

    My local GAME is selling DIGITAL CODES for Minecraft on Switch (it doesn't even have a physical version yet) for £24.99 when you can get the very same code on the e- shop for 19.99.

    That's just GAME gouging customers who don't know better.
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  • Minecraft is getting cross-platform play

  • Cartho 12/06/2017

    Fantastic that Sony is protecting us from evil value like this and EA Access.
    JK buying it on Switch.
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  • Xbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

  • Cartho 12/06/2017

    Or you could, for pretty much the same money, buy a Switch and a PS4 Slim / Xbox One S in November. Granting you vastly more variety. The trouble with this machine is, there's nothing been shown which is jaw dropping enough to make me want to part with £450. If Sony price cuts PS4 Pro this autumn, which they likely will, this is going to be a very hard sell for MS. Sony has pretty graphics with Pro, the marketing deals and the killer exclusives. Nintendo has the buzz, the portability, the overall interesting concept and its own superb lineup of games you won't find anywhere else.

    Microsoft has..... Slightly more pixels?
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  • Colour your own official Xbox One pad for £70

  • Cartho 12/06/2017

    I love this system. Hey Nintendo, let me do a custom Switch pro controller please! Reply +2
  • Xbox E3 survey mentions Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

  • Cartho 01/06/2017

    For this, read:
    "We're slightly concerned that our highly expensive mid gen refresh won't have enough truly first class exclusive titles this autumn when it releases and that Nintendo could well hit us with a Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Smash Bros deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and Pokemon Stars quadruple cluster bomb, what can we do?"
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  • Watch: The video team plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  • Cartho 08/05/2017

    Loved this video. It perfectly encapsulates the joy of Mario Kart - moments of hilarity and laughter combining with moments of pure, ferocious anger. The sort of anger which you never knew you held, simmering within you. Reply +1
  • The YouTuber who mastered the creative kill

  • Cartho 24/04/2017

    This guy's Dishonoured videos make me look at the way I play it and weep. Reply 0
  • Super Bomberman R Nintendo Switch update adds free levels

  • Cartho 21/04/2017

    30 FPS - 60 FPS. Sold. Reply 0
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review

  • Cartho 21/04/2017

    Do it. Give in to your urges.
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  • LG OLED B6 4K TV review

  • Cartho 17/04/2017

    There's no way on god's green earth that I'm spending this much on a TV. £1650 is £1000 too much. I'll be waiting on 4k until it drops to sensible prices, which it will. Now that we've heard Scorpio is going to support the superb variable refresh rate "freesync" mode, there's even less reason to upgrade yet. Absolutely 100% zero point in buying a TV until things have calmed down on the tech side and prices have dropped to a sensible point. I'll be sticking with my perfectly good, cheap and cheerful £400 46" Sony Bravia 1080p TV until I can buy a 4k, OLED, HDR, Freesync supporting TV without remortgaging my house. Reply +1
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2's campaign will take players to the dark side

  • Cartho 15/04/2017

    There isn't going to be one.
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  • Splatoon 2 release date slated for July

  • Cartho 14/04/2017

    Yes to Salmon Run.

    Left 4 Squid.
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  • Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in the US

  • Cartho 14/04/2017

    If Eurogamer's Pokemon Stars rumour is true then those numbers could skyrocket over Christmas. Pokemon is the biggest system seller Nintendo has - it was entirely responsible for large scale stock shortages over the Christmas period in the UK last year after Sun and Moon launched. Reply 0
  • There was a weird thing in last night's Japanese Nintendo Direct

  • Cartho 13/04/2017

    1, 2 Tits. Coming Holiday 2018. Reply +6
  • Jak and Daxter games are coming to PS4

  • Cartho 03/04/2017

    Oh sweet god yes. Jak and Daxter was so good. Reply 0
  • Dishonored 2 is getting a lengthy free trial this week

  • Cartho 03/04/2017

    That's an outstanding trial. As Jeff pointed out, the first mission may be short but the next two are both very meaty. Cracking game, if you haven't played it and are in to swords, stealth, being a totally overpowered asshole, throwing severed heads at people, pushing people off high ledges, setting packs of ravening rats on people, setting fire to people, pushing people into electric zappers, choking people, using choked people as human shields and first person combat then you will adore this.

    Play it as a sneaky ghost game where no one dies, play it as a predator sim where people die and no one is quite sure why or how, or play it like a medieval, magical Rambo sim, where the question isn't how many people are you going to shoot, slice, dice or feed to rats; it's how many are you going to do at the same time and how stylishly.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda and the quest for great facial animation

  • Cartho 29/03/2017

    What annoys me is that this game is getting a HUGELY bigger backlash for stuff which Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim do WAY worse.

    Facial animation in those games is flat out disgusting. They are also crammed full of bugs, many of which full on break quests and require numerous community patches to solve. Yet those games don't have anything like the kind of backlash that Andromeda is getting. Seriously go play Fallout 4. The main character's face looks like melted wax, their animations are awful and their dialogue is very poor as well.

    Didn't stop Fallout 4 being showered with praise though. The same can be said of Skyrim and Oblivion when it came to character animations and voice acting. I mean Oblivion and Skyrim have both got pretty much the same 8 people doing every voice in the bloody game.
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  • Cartho 29/03/2017

    I'm really enjoying Andromeda, but it could do better, I agree.

    It is a little disappointing when a huge studio like Bioware, who have so much experience in making RPGs, are totally outclassed by a company who have, up until now, only made corridor shooters. I am referring, of course, to Horizon: Zero Dawn. As a story focused game it succeeds in many areas where Andromeda does not - writing, character animation and, it has to be said, plot.

    Now I am by no means saying I hate Andromeda. I think the backlash it has received has been hugely out of proportion to its overall quality. However, it is definitely a "7/10" game for me. It's decent. Good even - the combat is a lot of fun and it has some excellent moments. However it is disappointing because it should have been more. After 5 years of development AND the fact that it is NOT Bioware's first time using Frostbite, it should have been the culmination of everything they have learned up until this point. It should have taken on board negative feedback from all Bioware games until this point and corrected it.

    Sadly, in some areas it feels less good than it's predecessor Mass Effect games, and that's not right. They could, perhaps, have been thrown more of a bone if it was a cross gen game and their first attempt at working with Frostbite on next gen hardware. However, it's not. They've had Frostbite tools and current gen hardware for years now - they shouldn't be having the kinds of issues they are having. Perhaps their ambition for voice acting etc simply got the better of them and they ended up biting off more than they could chew in terms of animations and VA.

    Still fun for me though. They've definitely improved the combat since the first games.
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  • BioWare mulls Mass Effect Andromeda animation, character creator improvements

  • Cartho 22/03/2017

    Oh so the game is being criticised for having bugs and poor animations?

    Remind me why Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim are never picked up on for these things then? Despite them often requiring numerous community made patches to fix many vast and progression halting bugs and some of the most hideous animations and character models in gaming? It doesn't seem to stop them being showered with "Game of the Year" awards and glowing reviews.

    The internet's over reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda's flaws has been embarrassing.
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  • Developer hits back at claims his Steam game rips off Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee

  • Cartho 27/02/2017

    That youtube video was so funny. The intro narration for the levels was on a whole new level of genius. "I don't want to be here but it's my job so lets make this quick". Reply -1
  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    So when 70 people love the game it's dishonest, but 4 people don't like it that means those 4 must be right and are the only ones who should be trusted.

    That's basically what you just said. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

    Having said that, this is exactly how BREXIT happened. Loads of experts telling us it was a bad idea, then some twat in a pub called Nigel, a toff with stupid hair called Boris and an incompetent git called Michael said "don't listen to those guys, what do they know? They're only professionals who've worked in the field for their entire lives, vote for our merry band!" and everyone lapped it up.

    Still bitter.
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  • Cartho 20/02/2017


    So 70 great to glowing reviews mean nothing to you, but 4 reviews, including one from Metro, a free daily newspaper which doesn't even specialise in games has suddenly made you reconsider?

    Are you like this with other aspects of life? 80 people say that a film or TV show is worth watching, 4 random blokes tell you it isn't so you sack it off?
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  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    @AlchemistGnome BOTW will likely be showered with praise from all sources becsause it's a Nintendo title and they're often exempt from various criticisms which get sprayed at other games.

    For example, game A on Xbox might get criticised for not trying anything new, but Mario Kart 8, which is basically any Mario Kart game ever but with better graphics was heaped with praise with no mention of it not doing anything new.

    So where some games might get slated for having "open world towers" because "been there, done that", BOTW reviews will totally ignore this aspect. Other games might get criticised for their open world being abit barren, with not much to do. BOTW will likely avoid this criticism because it's Zelda.
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  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    That's fair enough, but I'm not sure I agree. It is MUCH harder to get a good meta score these days than it used to be, and reviewers have become way more difficult to please.

    Back in the days of PS2 it was very easy to get extremely high scores from all sources. However nowadays critics are hugely less forgiving of technical issues and much tighter with their perfect scores.

    I will agree that 8/10 has become a little too common, it feels like most big games that come out get 8/10 or thereabouts, but perhaps that's to be expected. Big game devs have gotten alot better at producing games, and 8/10 to be signals a game that is great. Not superb, not a masterpiece, just great.

    I totally agree that people become hysterical over scores like 8/10 when in reality that's a very good score for a game. However I would argue that it is much, much harder to get 9/10 or 10/10 now for games than it ever used to be.

    Think of the games this gen which have got a 90 meta score or above:

    GTA V
    MGS V
    The Last of Us
    The Witcher 3
    Uncharted 4
    Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition
    Shovel Knight
    Rayman Legends
    Tales from the Borderlands
    Forza Horizon 3
    NBA 2k 17

    That's just for PS4 / Xb1. 17 games in 3 years since this gen began is not alot. Then factor in that 6/7 of those are actually quite small scale indie projects or at least aren't the classic AAA mega game. I also wouldn't look at that list and think "what rubbish, none of those deserve 9/10!"

    I would argue it has got far harder for big AAA games to get perfect scores this gen.
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  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    This is a ridiculous comment.

    Firstly, how do you know the other articles are "gushing" and "heaping EXAGGERATED praise on the game" if you've not played it yourself?

    If it was looking like a 50/50 split of good reviews and bad, or that the major sites were all scoring it low but random places like Cheat Code Central were showering it with praise then you might have a point.

    However you're suggesting that this review was harsh only to act as some kind of bizarre devil's advocate. That's not what a review is for. If 64 different critical sources say something is extremely high quality and 4 disagree then it's pretty clear who's in the minority. IF you were looking at buying a car, and 64 different sources told you it was utterly fantastic and 4 didn't, you'd probably act on the 64. You would likely read the 4 that didn't, but then you would probably think "well these other sources can't all be barking up the wrong tree."

    The point of reviews is to give a critical assessment of the product. It is NOT to just say randomly controversial things like "it has no spark", without any kind of detail about what that actually means, in order to be different which is what you and several others on this comment section are suggesting.

    People are saying "why get in a fuss over a recommended badge?" Well it's not that there's a fuss, but that's the system EG have adopted. So we can infer from the "recommended" badge system that Martin would advise you to purchase Sniper Elite 4 instead of Horizon Zero Dawn. Therefore he thinks SE4 is an all round more accomplished game which is more worthy of your time. That's what the system tells us, seeing as he "recommended" SE4, but not HZD.

    Luckily I can make my own mind up, and I know I'm far more likely to enjoy HZD than I am another 3rd person shooter involving stealth and sniping enemies with rifles. Give me an electric tripwire, a catapult and some robot dinosaurs any day.
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  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb hasn't really liked ANY of the PS exclusive software this gen. Or much of it last gen either so this is high praise coming from him! Reply +1
  • Cartho 20/02/2017

    Not putting much stock into this review. Some incredibly harsh critics like Jim Sterling, Jeff Gerstmann, Colin Moriarty etc have showered the game with praise, particularly for its story, and EG and USG didn't seem to like it.

    Colin Moriarty said the story is "second only to The Last of Us in terms of PS exclusives".

    The thing is, it's getting huge praise from pretty much everyone. If Jim Sterling (who delights in utterly shredding big, hyped games), Colin Moriarty, Polygon, Giant Bomb and many others say it's utterly fantastic then I'm in.

    Also we SERIOUSLY need to ban "it lacks soul" and "it lacks spark" as comments in reviews. It's an utterly meaningless comment which just reads as "I can't think of a proper criticism so I'll throw this in there".
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  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • Cartho 10/02/2017

    Theyre too busy making hats and skins for CS GO / DOTA / TF2.

    Why spend the money on making a truly quality sequel to a much loved series like Half Life when they can rake in easy cash selling random rainbow AK47 skins?
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  • This iPhone and iPad controller looks a lot like a Switch

  • Cartho 25/01/2017

    So they're basically the same price as joycons but without any of the things which make them worth that, so no HD rumble for proper haptics, no IR sensors, no gyros, fewer buttons and no ability to use them as 2 separate controllers.

    Why are they so expensive again? The joycons aren't that expensive if you consider what's actually inside them.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda lets you craft and name weapons

  • Cartho 19/01/2017

    Gonna create the biggest, most phallic weapon I can and name it the Star Fucker 9000. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's 2017: momentum at last, and a golden opportunity

  • Cartho 07/01/2017

    All this speculation is ridiculous until we know Scorpio's CPU. It doesn't matter how much GPU power they put into it; if it's still using a crappy Jaguar CPU then it is going to deliver moderate IQ increases and that's about it - just like PS4 Pro.

    PS4 Pro is pretty severely held back by its CPU.

    IF, however, and this is a big if, they have managed to get some form of Zen based CPU into it then we could be looking at a very substantial upgrade. Even then though, will developers actually use the power? MS have said it won't have exclusive games so everything will still be tied to the OG Xbox 1. That's going to drastically limit what we will get from it.
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  • Suicide Squad game reportedly canned as Warner focuses on new Batman

  • Cartho 21/12/2016

    Was going to make a joke about Arkham Oranges but I got pipped to the post. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect Andromeda will leave some familiar alien races behind

  • Cartho 25/11/2016

    Disappointment: no elcor. Reply +14
  • Star Citizen FPS Star Marine gameplay demoed ahead of impending arrival

  • Cartho 21/11/2016


    It's not that people are necessarily "hating" on it (though I am sure they are in various places - people hate on everything). It's more that it's on the way to having one of the biggest budgets in gaming history and is skirting dangerously close to what might be called "feature creep".

    It's been so delayed, and it is so enormously ambitious that people are, perfectly reasonably, very skeptical whether it can even be achieved. There's pushing the envelope, and there's being insanely over ambitious. If someone started a kickstarter to build a working warp drive, with a stretch goal to build a real, working Starship Enterprise, that wouldn't be "pushing the envelope", it would be insanely over ambitious. I'm worried that SC is starting to fall into the latter category.

    I do own a PC which can run it. My GTX 1080 will enjoy it greatly I'm sure, however there is no way in hell that I'm giving them a penny of my money until I have a clear idea of what I'm going to get and when.

    I don't envy them though. The pressure they must be under is huge - if this goes tits up it's going to be one of the biggest stories in gaming history - the sort of thing which could fundamentally alter the way in which kickstarter / early access games are viewed.
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  • Cartho 21/11/2016

    So, aside from visuals, what is Star Marine doing which is really inventive or unique to it?

    Titanfall 2 has taken the whole concept of movement in an FPS and carved a niche fr itself. Very few games have ever managed to produce the kind of slick, responsive movement that is found in Titanfall. The addition of the grappling hook in TF2 has only increased the fluidity with which you can move round a map.

    Then you can totally change the feel of the game by hopping into a Titan whereupon the style of play changes almost entirely.

    The footage of Star Marine shown above shows a load of dudes running about in extremely pretty corridors shooting each other. When their HP gets to zero they die. Oh and it shows them capturing control points.

    Being able to float about in space to fight is not some mind blowing feature. CoD Ghosts did that several years ago. Sure, this is probably going to be well done zero G combat, but my point stands - what is Star Marine doing which is sets it apart from any other generic space FPS?

    You called me ignorant, which implies you know alot. Do tell - i'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong, so please, if I've missed something extraordinary which Star Marine is doing (note, I said Star Marine, not Star Citizen as a whole. I am fully aware of how groundbreaking the overall game is. This post was about the footage shown of Star Marine) then do tell.
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  • Cartho 21/11/2016

    Joke post? This looks like a very simple arena shooter in space. It looks pretty, but in terms of ideas and interesting mechanics? It's got nothing on Titanfall 2.
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  • Digital Foundry: the best 4K TVs for HDR gaming

  • Cartho 19/11/2016

    The simple fact is, the tech isn't there yet to deliver good quality hdr and 4k to the mass market. Even these 'mid range' TVs are starting out around £850 - £1000 which is way, way more than the average consumer wants to spend on a TV. I'm sticking with my 1080p screen until this sort of tech comes down hugely in price. When 4k screens which offer good quality HDR10 support start hitting the market around the £500 - £600 mark then I may bite. Reply +8
  • PS4 Pro gives Battlefield 1 gamers a multiplayer advantage

  • Cartho 15/11/2016

    Why are we getting worked up? This has been the case on PC for years and the difference between a PS4 pro and a PS4 OG is WAY less than a hugely powerful gaming PC and a weak one.

    The difference is small enough that player skill will be the deciding factor 99 times out of 100. Anyone getting worked up is just bad at the games and wants an excuse.
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  • GAME to open concessions in WHSmith

  • Cartho 12/11/2016

    GAME's main issue is their pricing is utterly pants on head stupid.

    I walked in the other day, and saw Deus Ex Mankind Divided, PRE OWNED, selling for £38.99. That's a USED COPY.

    I then walked 1 minute further down the street to Tesco, where they were selling the Day One Edition of Mankind Divided, brand new, for £34.99.

    I went back to game and asked if they would do Price match as I have some money left on my reward card. "No, we don't do price matching".

    "Ok" I said, "I'll just go buy it from Tesco."

    Their loss. That kind of this is just dumb in this day and age. They wonder why their losing business? It's because you can buy brand new games from Supermarkets and Argos for less than they're selling preowned, second hand copies of games. There's also this thing called Amazon - which sells games for way less than they do.

    Their trade in prices for games are awful too and CEX, I find, tends to give better deals albeit without the ability to slap the cash on a reward card and buy something brand new. I will say their reward card app is very good.

    GAME are in serious trouble unless they change the way they handle pricing. At the moment the only people who I can see buying stuff in GAME are ignorant people / parents who simply don't know better.
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  • Skyrim on PS4 Pro runs at native 4K - but there's a catch

  • Cartho 10/11/2016

    And yet the Final Fantasy devs are targetting 1080p 60 FPS for the pro patch for full HD tv owners. The difference? They're taking their time over it to do a proper job - they aren't releasing the pro patch till December.

    Bethesda are running into limits of a dreadful ancient engine which needs to be thrown into a fire. The only way you get good performance on a PC is by brute forcing it.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing survey leaks

  • Cartho 31/03/2016

    Can't wait for this. Into my veins please. Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead 2 added to Xbox One's backwards compatible library

  • Cartho 30/03/2016

    further proof that competition / "losing a console battle" can be very positive. Sony got incredibly lazy and cocky after PS2, hence the awful PS3 launch. They worked bloody hard through PS3's lifepsan and turned it around into an amazing console with great media features and some sublime games like The last of Us. Microsoft had gotten lazy after the success of the 360 - hence the disastrous Xbox One launch.

    They were forced to work hard and they are doing just that - Xbox One is selling more and faster than the 360 ever did, it's a massive success despite what the sales figures may reveal - PS4 is just selling crazy crazy numbers.

    I REALLY hope Sony doesn't become lazy Sony again. Let's face it, their OS updates have been dreadful, PS Plus game collection is getting worse, with still no sign of even launch window games showing up and PS Now is a very poor backwards compat solution for the majority of people who don't have a ludicrously fast internet connection. Even with a ludicrous net connection there is still noticeable latency. Microsoft's solution is flat out better and getting better all the time.

    I've just got this horrid feeling that Sony is slipping back into that "we're selling masses and handily beating our main rival, so who cares" mentality that they had after PS2. We all know what that will lead to.

    Oh and apparently this year the Xbone will be getting an update which lets me turn it into a PVR to record over the air TV. Fab, now I don't need to buy one of those either!

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  • Far Cry Primal beats Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 in UK chart

  • Cartho 01/03/2016

    I just got Primal on PC this evening, played about an hour - excellent so far. Runs like butter maxed out at 1440p, gameplay feels similar to earlier Far Cry games but with a subtle twist - I like the slightly slower paced combat with more restricted ranged ammo - shooting an angry bear full of arrows then getting your spear out, drawing it back and waiting, waiting for it to charge nearer - it gets close and you throw your spear at the last second, knowing a miss will be fatal. You nail it right in the eye and it drops, inches away from you. You bash your chest proudly and yell a warcry before cutting it open and using its fur to make a fancy new arrow quiver. ME BIG MAN. ME HUNT GOOD. ME SMASH. Reply 0
  • Cartho 29/02/2016

    Or maybe, just maybe, people actually enjoy the games? I know hating Ubisoft is the cool thing to do these days but I really enjoyed FC 3 and 4 - both were excellent fun with some of the best central villains we've seen in ages.

    In addition, AC Syndicate was arguably the best AC since Brotherhood / AC2 and Rainbow 6 Siege is absolutely fantastic.

    Damn those pesky people, liking different things to you!
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  • It looks like there's going to be a Knack 2

  • Cartho 15/02/2016

    Praise be to Knack, our rightful overlord. Reply +3