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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing survey leaks

  • Cartho 31/03/2016

    Can't wait for this. Into my veins please. Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead 2 added to Xbox One's backwards compatible library

  • Cartho 30/03/2016

    further proof that competition / "losing a console battle" can be very positive. Sony got incredibly lazy and cocky after PS2, hence the awful PS3 launch. They worked bloody hard through PS3's lifepsan and turned it around into an amazing console with great media features and some sublime games like The last of Us. Microsoft had gotten lazy after the success of the 360 - hence the disastrous Xbox One launch.

    They were forced to work hard and they are doing just that - Xbox One is selling more and faster than the 360 ever did, it's a massive success despite what the sales figures may reveal - PS4 is just selling crazy crazy numbers.

    I REALLY hope Sony doesn't become lazy Sony again. Let's face it, their OS updates have been dreadful, PS Plus game collection is getting worse, with still no sign of even launch window games showing up and PS Now is a very poor backwards compat solution for the majority of people who don't have a ludicrously fast internet connection. Even with a ludicrous net connection there is still noticeable latency. Microsoft's solution is flat out better and getting better all the time.

    I've just got this horrid feeling that Sony is slipping back into that "we're selling masses and handily beating our main rival, so who cares" mentality that they had after PS2. We all know what that will lead to.

    Oh and apparently this year the Xbone will be getting an update which lets me turn it into a PVR to record over the air TV. Fab, now I don't need to buy one of those either!

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  • Far Cry Primal beats Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 in UK chart

  • Cartho 01/03/2016

    I just got Primal on PC this evening, played about an hour - excellent so far. Runs like butter maxed out at 1440p, gameplay feels similar to earlier Far Cry games but with a subtle twist - I like the slightly slower paced combat with more restricted ranged ammo - shooting an angry bear full of arrows then getting your spear out, drawing it back and waiting, waiting for it to charge nearer - it gets close and you throw your spear at the last second, knowing a miss will be fatal. You nail it right in the eye and it drops, inches away from you. You bash your chest proudly and yell a warcry before cutting it open and using its fur to make a fancy new arrow quiver. ME BIG MAN. ME HUNT GOOD. ME SMASH. Reply 0
  • Cartho 29/02/2016

    Or maybe, just maybe, people actually enjoy the games? I know hating Ubisoft is the cool thing to do these days but I really enjoyed FC 3 and 4 - both were excellent fun with some of the best central villains we've seen in ages.

    In addition, AC Syndicate was arguably the best AC since Brotherhood / AC2 and Rainbow 6 Siege is absolutely fantastic.

    Damn those pesky people, liking different things to you!
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  • It looks like there's going to be a Knack 2

  • Cartho 15/02/2016

    Praise be to Knack, our rightful overlord. Reply +3
  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • Cartho 12/02/2016

    Mister X media made all of those twitter accounts. Reply 0
  • Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible on Xbox One... for a few hours

  • Cartho 08/02/2016

    Red Dead Redemption coming to backwards compat. There is a god.

    Now Release an HD version on PC please.
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  • The XCOM 2 mods you can play from day one

  • Cartho 01/02/2016

    Warhammer 40,000 mod please. Reply 0
  • Looks like The Division will get an open beta this month

  • Cartho 01/02/2016

    Omg during my half term. Fuck yeah. Reply 0
  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • Cartho 29/01/2016

    Yet more proof - Xbox One is not doing badly at all. It's handily beating its predecessor which sold amazingly well. PS4 is just a force of nature. It's selling PS2 like numbers and this si making its very well selling rival look like its doing badly, when it simply isn't. It you'd have asked Microsoft before the Xbox One Launch if they would be happy with it selling more than the 360 did at the same point in its lifespan after just over 2 years they would have said yes, absolutely.

    If you asked anyone on the planet if they thought PS4 was going to sell PS2 like numbers they would have thought you were totally insane...
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  • What The Division's world map does - and doesn't - include

  • Cartho 19/01/2016


    Get used to it people, that's called game development. Things change all the time. They might have planned that map size. Then they might have realised in the follwing year and a half of testing that it simply wasn't going to be viable without feeling empty so they cut it down. That sort of thing happens in game development ALL. THE. TIME. Hell Blizzard released a video a few weeks back about Overwatch, saying they built and implemented 2 entire player progression systems, tested them internally and threw both in the bin and started over. Because, after testing, they realised they didn't work. Features changing / being cut is not new in game development. The real issue in the case of The Division is, it was just shown off way too early. They shouldn't have shown such a jaw dropping trailer if A) they knew it probably wasn't going to look like that on consoles at launch, B) it was still so far off done that large aspects were very much in a state of flux. Despite this, I can see why certain changes were made.

    It's just a shame the standard internet hate brigade feels the need to start spouting off.

    Also please stop saying the game "looks like shite".

    1) You're looking at the Xbox One version. What, you really thought that E3 demo was running on a console? There's been a downgrade, but lets wait for the PC version first shall we?

    2) Watch Jackfrags 1440p60 50 minute gameplay vid on Youtube. It most certainly does NOT "look like shite". It's one of the better looking multi plat Xbox One games out there. Shitty compressed Youtube videos of an Xbox One game are NOT indicative of what the game is meant to look like.
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  • Metal Gear Solid fan remake looks lovely in Unreal Engine 4

  • Cartho 18/01/2016

    It's a shame that this is gonna get shut down hard. You only need to look at bullet points 2 and 5 of Konami's 2015 strategy planner to see that.

    They could possibly cite bullet point 4 in their decision as well.

    Still, this is a reminder of how farcking stunning UE4 looks.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2015

  • Cartho 01/01/2016

    Well deserved in my opinion. A truly majestic, gothic game. Stunningly well crafted in almost every way. I hope, no, PRAY that Dark Souls 3 is as good. Not necessarily because I want more souls, but because people who don't own a PS4 need to play something as sublime. Reply +3
  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • Cartho 31/12/2015

    They forgot to mention the elite controller. Which is the best controller ever made. Reply +12
  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • Cartho 24/12/2015

    Sharp decline in sales of hardware that is now 10 years old. When its successors have been out for 2 years.

    More news at 11.
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  • Blizzard: why we won't sell Overwatch heroes

  • Cartho 14/12/2015

    You say you 'worked'.
    Was it your charming personality that led this this now being a past tense situation?
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  • Cartho 14/12/2015

    @roflcaust Oh I'll answer.

    1. I'm not 17 or 18. I'm 26.

    2. I have not set foot in a "corporate environment", nor do I have any desire to.

    3. I'm actually a teacher. Someone with vast amounts of responsibility who is entrusted with ensuring that today's children don't end up growing up into arrogant, rude and aggressive people like you. It is also my job to ensure they have a better command of basic sentence structure than you do.

    4. Your point about "shame on anyone who spends money on x, y and z" is ridiculous. People are perfectly entitled to spend their money on whatever they wish (within reason of course). Who are you to lecture on the difference between a "fake expansion", as you put it, and a "real" one?

    5. You thought you'd put me in my place eh? Well thank heavens for that. I'd be like a ship without a rudder were it not for your guidance.

    6. I know plenty about the gaming industry and plenty about the world in general.

    Are you always this aggressive? You are coming across like a candidate from The Apprentice. I.e using aggression and bravado to try and prove your point. Accusing anyone who argues with you of being a teenager is not the way to get ahead in this world. It simply reveals you to be a pathetic human being.

    Right, I'm off to go and finish The Witcher 3's "fake expansion", Hearts of Stone.
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  • Cartho 11/12/2015

    "And let's be honest: a peek at every single Blizzard game (besides Diablo III and that was because of the backlash of the Real Money Auction House) and they are monetized in some way or another."

    Is this a joke? Of course the games are monetised. That's how companies make money, which is how they pay their employees. Where you expecting them to just release everything for free?
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  • Fallout 4 mods are already changing the game in cool ways

  • Cartho 14/11/2015

    Actually, you could argue that, indirectly, it started life as a mod.

    Desert Combat was a mod for Battlefield 1942, developed by Trauma Studios. It took BF1942 into a modern, Gulf War setting, adding Helicopters and many other things which weren't present in any form in BF1942.

    The mod won awards and was insanely popular. It was so popular that it was used as a baseline platform for Battlefield 2, and Trauma Studios were bought by DICE to work on BF2.

    So while BF2 wasn't a mod, it was a mod that spawned and heavily influenced its development.
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  • Cartho 13/11/2015


    Counter strike
    Red orchestra
    Battlefield 2
    Team Fortress 2
    Capture the flag as a game mode.

    All of these started life as mods. you are a rare case: a case where an opinion can be 100% wrong. Especially as CS, TF AND DOTA are three of the most heavily played games on steam.
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  • Blizzard's Overwatch is a full-price game, not free-to-play

  • Cartho 07/11/2015

    Nothing wrong with it being b2p in my opinion. It hasn't hurt CSGO. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Batman on PC is still a disappointment

  • Cartho 31/10/2015

    Completely disgraceful port. Iron Galaxyshould be completely ashamed of themselves. Reply +1
  • Massive PS4 sales continue

  • Cartho 29/10/2015

    Where's Pachter with his "consoles are dead, this will be the last console gen" predictions?

    PS4 is an absolute sales monster. The fact that it's outselling PS2 is extraordinary.

    What I find telling is that it's making the Xbox One look like it's doing really shittily... When it isn't. No one would ever have said that the Xbox 360 was a poor performing (from a sales POV) system - it sold like hotcakes and was a superb console with a great library of games. It was a system which ended up shipping more than 80 million units and people are STILL buying them!

    Nobody would have said that the 360 had disappointing sales figures. Yet the Xbox One is selling more and faster than the 360 did at any point in its lifetime. If this gen goes on as long as last gen, they will have sold more Xbox Ones than they did 360s last gen. Yet people all go on about how badly the Xbox One is doing. It's not that the Xbox One is doing badly at all. It's doing very well. However the PS4 is a total sales phenomenon. I mean hell it's only 5 million sales less at an equivalent point in its lifespan (quite alot but still not that much in the grand scheme of things) than the fricking Wii.

    Let's not get into "x console is better than y, y console has better games than x" arguments. They're pointless. The Xbox One is doing very, very well. It's a great system and it's handily beating it's exceptionally well selling predecessor. The PS4 is selling absolutely stupid numbers, why? Because it's a great system with great games.

    I own both - they're both awesome consoles. Mainstream gaming is far from dead.
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  • Halo 5's campaign goes back to basics - and it's all the better for it

  • Cartho 26/10/2015

    Throughout it all, I couldn't help but notice this nagging feeling that Halo 5 was old-fashioned. In the age of open worlds, hub and spoke designs and persistent, experience point-powered shared-world shooters, Halo 5's linear, cut-scene-packed campaign just doesn't cut it. There's no levelling up here, nor are there materials to farm, public quests to soldier through, or talents to unlock. At first, I thought, Halo could do with all these things. I enjoy these things, and Halo doesn't have them.
    Thank god it doesn't have all that RPG lite open world rubbish. I am so sick of it. "Open World" games almost always end up having inferior stories (unless they're made by CDPR) and crap level design - exchanging the craft of a well made, linear campaign for "you see those mountains? You can go there. There's nothing really on the way but hey, OPEN WORLD!!!"

    RPG Lite systems are often unnecessary. Give me toys. Let me use them. Don't make me have to collect exp to do it unless you're making an RPG.

    nor are there materials to farm
    I just....

    nor are there materials to farm
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  • Watch: Cor blimey, Ian's streaming Assassin's Creed Syndicate!

  • Cartho 24/10/2015

    It was gennuine good advice. SO why have they not repeated it? Why did The order get singled out when stuff like AC Unity did not?

    Far Cry 4 and Unity were both more of the same from Ubi - collectathons with radio towers to unlock maps - pure box ticking game design. They also did very little different from their predecessors.

    Why were we, the gaming public, not warned about that?

    His complaints about it being buggy were also moronic - telling people not to preorder a game because an unfinished preview build had bugs is almost laughable, especially when the final game did not have them.

    The Order article was great in that it set a precedent for games journalists actually informing the public about a game's problems before release. However it was utterly DREADFUL in that they have never repeated that style. So it just seems like one random game was singled out. That's bad journalism.
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  • Cartho 19/10/2015

    I wonder if we'll get a video after this from Ian where he gives us all the reasons why people shouldn't preorder it. You know, like he did that one time for The Order and has never done again... Reply +10
  • The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone review

  • Cartho 19/10/2015

    What does then? If the quality of the story alone, in a piece of STORY BASED addon content for a SINGLE PLAYER STORY game does not make it deserving of a recommendation then what does?

    Length has a very strong relation to value. That's partly why The Order 1886 was criticised so heavily - it was seen as poor value because it was VERY short. MGS Ground Zeroes also came in for alot of flak for being too short - many were incensed that Konami had released "a very expensive demo".

    Hearts of Stone is alot longer than Ground Zeroes and has a highly involving story. If the quality of the story is entirely subjective then how does one review a story based game anyway? The quality of the writing is high and the main characters are well constructed. I was genuinely thinking about the ending and what the story was really about for quite a time after finishing it. I don't mean what it was about in that it was poorly constructed and nonsensical, more that it keeps with The Witcher's trademark - storylines that are very much not clear cut.

    This is a sublime piece of DLC for a sublime game. If you enjoyed The Witcher 3 then this is a complete no brainer. For 8.99 you will be hard pressed to find anything which gives you as much content and as involving a storyline.
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  • Cartho 18/10/2015

    @Cyber6 It's not "a pretty average DLC for the price"

    It's longer than ALOT of full retail games and has a better story than the vast majority.
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  • Cartho 18/10/2015

    This does seem like abit of an... odd review. Surelym for ANYONE who played and enjoyed The Witcher 3, this must carry a recommendation. Indeed I would argue that, for people who loved TW3 it might be worth an "essential" mark. It's a very, very well delivered piece of DLC which delivers memorable characters, challenging new encounters, new gear to increase Geralt's power, a new gear upgrade mechanic which has some interesting and fun bonuses / trade offs and a lengthy story arc.

    HoS is by far and away the best side quest to TW3's main campaign. If you liked TW3 there is very little not to like here. If you didn't like TW3 then... Well this is a piece of DLC - if you didn't like TW3 this won't convert you, but who was expecting anything else? It's not a new Witcher game, it's an addon to the original game. A new chapter to an already big book if you will.

    It also represents excellent value for money. This is, from a value for money standpoint, DLC done right. I'm abit over halfway through so far and it's very engrossing, leaving me wondering where the story is going and how it might end up playing out, like any good story should.

    So, if you found that review to be abit less than helpful, here's my mini one:
    If you enjoyed TW3, get this, it's a complete no brainer.
    If you didn't enjoy TW3, then I frankly don't know why you're reading this article anyway, as a piece of addon story DLC is never going to change the way you feel if the base game wasn't to your taste.
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  • The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone walkthrough and guide

  • Cartho 18/10/2015

    Toad boss is very easy with fully upgraded Igni in alternate - Firestream mode. It utterly wrecks him.

    The fight against the Caretaker I didn't find too bad. He hits hard but is very predictable too. His main mechanic to watch for is the same as the one used by Jenny O' The Woods - he summons small enemies who walk towards him, and if they get to him he eats them and regens health. Just fast attack them quickly and you'll be fine.

    By far the hardest one I found was Iris's Nightmare in the painting section. THAT was VERY hard until I worked out the trick to it.

    All in all I loved HoS. Interesting and challenging bosses, good story, great characters and a nice, lengthy quest arc. Left me hungry for Blood and Wine but I kind of hope that B&W is a more "human" type of story. As in, humans being twats, court intrigue, politics etc. HoS was great but was very "supernatural" focused. Which is fine, but now I'd like HoS to have more of a human, grounded tone to contrast it!

    I'm not sure whether HoS scales to your level. I started at 35 and the intro quests were 32, leading up to about 36 by the end. I know they set the entry bar at 30 but I could see it being extremely hard if you start it below about 34 or so. There were some pretty challenging encounters in my game and I was permanently about 2 levels beyond the recommended...
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  • The making of Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection

  • Cartho 18/10/2015

    Ladies and gentlemen... THIS is how you do a remaster. Reply +39
  • PS4 will get its own Twitch App next month

  • Cartho 27/09/2015

    Finally! To be honest this should have happened AGES ago. Like many things with the PS4 OS. They are getting left in the dust in terms of non gaming functionality by Microsoft on the OS side. Why the hell can we STILL not organise the main menu bar? Why can't we have folders to organise our game collection? Why can't we remove unused / rarely used games and apps from the menu? It's very, very weak when you consider that, next year, the Xbox One will be able to record live tv, effectively turning it into a PVR as well... Reply +1
  • Konami ceases triple-A console production on all but PES - report

  • Cartho 21/09/2015

    Reply 0
  • Nintendo patents controller with shoulder scroll wheels

  • Cartho 19/09/2015

    Waiting for Nintendos next silly controller gimmick which no one will really like but fans will desperately defend anyway. Reply +1
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • Cartho 22/08/2015

    Going back to carts? Reply -1
  • PS4 gets its own preview program

  • Cartho 20/08/2015

    So we can TEST the stability updates. TO see just how stable they really are. Reply 0
  • Video: Where's the hype for these huge games?

  • Cartho 14/08/2015

    AC Syndicate lack of hype is obvious - the game hasn't really changed except for the worse in years. They dumbed down the combat hugely in AC3 and Unity was a complete technical mess on pretty much every platform it launched on. Also, people really fricking hate Ubisoft right now. Reply +1
  • PS4 to get YouTube broadcasting, Communities and more

  • Cartho 12/08/2015

    Still, this kind of thing is exactly why competition is great for the industry. Sony had a dreadful PS3 launch and spent the entire rest of the gen working hard to regain goodwill. BY the end of the gen, thanks to huge OS improvements which turned the PS3 into a media playing powerhouse and exceptional exclusive games they turned it around. They followed this up by launching a console which was powerful, cheap and easy to develop for.

    Microsoft had got lazy. The Xbone had an AWFUL unveil and sales were poor compared to its main rival. They have been forced to change things. They have. They've clearly worked very hard to turn things around. Phil Spencer seems like a great guy, the OS is going from strength to strength and they have a very strong looking lineup of exclusives. I PRAY Sony isn't going to rest on their laurels. PS4 is selling ridiculously well - it's on track for PS2 style sales numbers and. It says alot that the Xbox One is selling faster than the Xbox 360 did at any point in its lifespan, and has been since launch, yet it is still being roundly outsold by PS4.

    I'm really hoping that Sony doesn't just sit back and coast. Arrogant, lazy Sony, buoyed by the success of the PS2, gave us that dreadful PS3 launch. I fervently hope that they don't make the same mistake again. The PS4 is a superb games machine, however it is becoming increasingly clear that the Xbox One is a very very good games machine as well - we're seeing considerably fewer major technical disparities between multi plat titles now. However the simple fact is, at the moment, the Xbox One does most other things apart from playing games much better than the PS4 does.

    People may say "oh but it's a games console I don't give a shit about media features", but you need to think about it from a mass consumption point of view. If someone doesn't have alot of money, they will look at the PS4 and think "this will let me play games at a slightly higher resolution." Conversely, if they look at the Xbox One they will think "this will let me play games, watch, control and RECORD TV (this is a big deal, PVR boxes cost a decent amount of money) as well as having access to netflix and BBC Iplayer etc etc.

    Fact is, the Xbox One is more and more becoming the "One box under your TV that does everything you need". PS4 is still very much just a games machine. That's all well and good but they need to back that up with strong OS features to boot. I mean SOny had this amazing idea with the Share button - it really is superb. BUT it still takes pictures in shitty compressed jpeg formats. Xbox One screengrabs are high res png files. Plus the community area on Xbox Live is alot better - it's wildly easier to see screenshots and videos taken by your friends on XBL - it's right there on your homescreen. SO even though Sony gave us the share button, frankly their main rival is better at it.

    I mean they still have a shitty 1gb of cloud save storage for PS+ subs - Xbox Live is almost unlimited. It's SO easy to hit that 1gb cap, many game save files are very big. There is STILL no sign of friend log on / off notifications. That feature was in the PS3 OS so why isn't it here? You still can't change your PSN ID, there's still no dedicated Twitch app, there's still no external hard drive support. Microsoft have an entire website thing dedicated to sending them suggestions for Xbox OS improvements. They also act on the suggestions and have implemented loads of them. It just feels at the moment like Sony really don't give a shit.
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  • Cartho 12/08/2015

    Wait, and we STILL can't organise the home screen? Still can't properly remove icons for stuff we don't want on there? STILL can't create folders to better organise our game collection?

    Sorry but Sony are seriously taking the piss with the PS4 OS. I mean Microsoft are kind of making them look silly in this department. It is best illustrated by this:

    Next major Sony OS update adds a new layout for the messaging screen. A week earlier Microsoft announced that you will be able to turn your Xbox one into a PVR TV recorder as part of an update in 2016. Along with a total OS redesign to improve current flaws and backwards compatibility that doesn't require you to have a mega internet connection to stream games.

    I thought charging for PS+ was going to give them more money to make improvements in areas like this? PSN is still down far too often.
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  • Blizzard Gamescom 2015 media briefing live report

  • Cartho 05/08/2015

    We've got 30 mins till kick off, let's get hyped by watching all of the cinematic cutscenes from Warcraft 3. Because they're so fracking good.
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  • Cartho 05/08/2015

    I would kill for a remaster of WC3 and TFT. I honestly can't think of a better story in many games, let alone an RTS. So many sublime moments, and those cinematics...

    "what are you doing?"

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  • Cartho 05/08/2015

    Warcraft 4 please. For the love of God. Or Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne remastered in the Starcraft 2 engine. Seriously blizzard, those were the best stories ever told in an RTS. JUST TAKE MY MONEY. Reply 0
  • Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

  • Cartho 04/08/2015

    Sod changing the voice, they need to change the shit mission structure. They could have fucking will Ferrell doing the voice, it wouldn't change the fact that basically all of the base games missions are: "go here, kill robots / zombies / ogres in power armour / generic aliens, reach ancient computer terminal / giant door, wait for floating robot to hack terminal / open door while killing waves of robots / zombies / ogres in power armour / generic aliens.rinse and repeat 20 or so times.

    It also won't change the fact that the small 3 man group content (strikes) consists of nothing more than "shoot robots / zombies / ogres in power armour / generic aliens, then shoot a giant robot / zombie / ogres in power armour / generic alien non stop for 10 minutes while also shooting waves of smaller robots / zombies / ogres in power armour / generic aliens. Do this and get a useless piece of loot that you didn't even need.

    Seriously, outside the good core shooting mechanics, the game is utterly dreadful. It's a great shooter trapped in a stupidly shit game. The strikes are almost embarrassingly poor, and display a total lack of imagination in boss design. Bungie need to look at WoW's 5 man dungeons, and the interesting boss mechanics in them, for inspiration, because at the moment it is shocking. The fact that they have to add waves of enemies just to make every boss encounter difficult betrays how unimaginative they are. Strikes should be an exciting way of gearing up by taking on tricky and interesting bosses with a small group of people. In the end the gear rewards are shit and the bosses are hopelessly dull.

    How this game gets so much media attention baffles me: it's terrible.
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  • MGS5: The Phantom Pain bumps PC release forward to match consoles

  • Cartho 03/08/2015

  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition is half-off if you own the original

  • Cartho 22/07/2015

    Such a classy game. Reading this makes me want to play dishonoured remastered on my PC. By that I mean playing it at higher settings than I could at launch and higher frame rates. All without spending a penny on a new copy! Reply +1
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC will stay broken until this autumn - report

  • Cartho 18/07/2015

    When a game on PC launches in this state console fanboys call PC gamers entitled for complaining. If this game had released in this state on Xbox One or PS4 there would have been total uproar. Mark my words. Reply +2
  • Prototype's HD Biohazard Bundle is a big disappointment

  • Cartho 18/07/2015

    Meanwhile, on PC you can buy both games for less money and play them at massively higher frame rates and at hugely higher resolutions. If you already own the games, guess what? Shocking news! You don't need to buy them again to gain access to higher resolutions, better anti aliasing and higher frame rates? You just go into the options menu.

    I swear the culture of re masters has done PC gaming he world of good - it actually illustrates how superb it is.
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  • Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch out this week

  • Cartho 14/07/2015

    Just give me Dawn of War 3. FUcking pump it into my veins. Make it set in the Damocles Crusade - I want a big, story driven campaign where I can play as the Tau, defending their empire, or the Imperium, fucking it up because racism. Reply 0
  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • Cartho 14/07/2015

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  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • Cartho 10/07/2015

    Previous cover stars of FIFA have included: Pep Guardiola, Edgar Davids, Thierry Henry, Scholes, Totti, Van Nistelrooy, Dennis Bergkamp, Ronaldinho and Eden Hazard.
    Now Jordan Henderson joins that list. I think I just threw up abit.
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