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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Cartho 17/11/2014

    It is a very silly article really.
    I've played on my PS4 this year:

    AC 4
    Infamous second son
    MGS 5 ground zeroes
    The last of us remastered (never played it on PS3..... Wow)
    Killzone shadow fall
    Shadow of mordor
    Battlefield 4
    Watch dogs

    I've had very good fun with pretty much all of them (apart from destiny and watch dogs). Yes not many are exclusives but frankly who cares? Yes I've hardly playedmy ps4 since September but that was because of xbox ones strong autumn exclusives.

    However I've currently got GTA 5 and dragon age inquisition in my sights, and I'd be tempted by far cry 4 and maybe AC Unity too. I will probably get all of those multi plays on PS4....
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  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    No, if you read my post carefully I said:
    I had not turned it on SINCE I BOUGHT MY XBOX ONE 2 MONTHS AGO apart from to download the new update.

    It got alot of use between launch and September 2014 though :D
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  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    Prices are pretty high on the xbox store too.

    They even admitted why - I'm sure I remember one of the guys from Microsoft saying that it wouldn't be in the console makers' interests to lower prices on digital stores because it would wipe out the high street market. They need the high street market to sell the hardware itself.

    I mean lets face it, Steam destroyed the high street market for PC games. They couldn't compete with the steam sales and the convenience of digital downloads was there for all with a decent net connection.

    My issue with the current situation in terms of digital stores is this:

    They are more expensive
    Shit loads of high street stores / online retailers (particularly in the US) break street dates

    This means that the advantages of digital downloads - you are sure to get it and be playing the second the game goes live due to preload, are just non existent. It was very clear with Halo MCC - People who ought from various online retailers were paying less money for the game and also playing it 2 - 3 days earlier than people who had bought digitally.
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  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    I think this gen has so far been a fantastic example of how competition is good for the market. The troubled launch of Xbox One, combined with the PS4's sales lead, have forced Microsoft to up their game. They seem to be working extremely hard, and Phil Spencer has done a very good job since taking over.

    I bought a PS4 at EU launch last year - I bought one because I wanted a console this gen and the Xbox One at that time was... Just nope.gif

    However I bought an Xbox One this September because I had heard alot about how much they'd improved and Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC all looked fantastic.

    Since I got it, I've switched my PS4 on once, to update it to firmware 2.0. This then broke rest mode and I've not bothered turning it on since then. I probably will at some point to get the update which fixes the broken 2.0, however I can't see myself doing that till Bloodborne / The order come out.

    I play on a small TV so the difference between 900p and 1080p is so tiny for me that it almost makes zero difference. I love the Xbox One's UI, I love how my TV / media watching is all done through one remote now (The Xbox One media remote thing) and it has become my go to box. I'm not hugely bothered by small differences in resolution / GPU power. If we get a situation where a game is 30 FPS on Xbox One and 60 FPS on PS4 though I would obviously go with PS4, however I can't really see that happening much more to be honest. Parity clauses and the fact that devs seem to be getting a handle on how to develop for the Xbox now (and better APIs) mean that most games seem to be very similar - GTA V for instance is 1080p 30 on both systems and apparently Batman Arkham Knight will be equal on them as well.

    Sony need to start releasing stuff which actually makes me want to use my PS4. Just saying "Look we run at a slightly higher resolution" is simply not a worthwhile trade off for me when measured against an operating system I like better, better online systems and infrastructure, excellent exclusive games and a controller that I find alot nicer as well.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    This article gets alot wrong in my opinion. However it also makes a few quite important points, the most crucial of all, in my eyes being:

    its opponent has got its act together. Sony - and all your partners - it's over to you.
    Microsoft HAS got its act together with the Xbone. In a big way. As a media player it is light years ahead of PS4, which still has worse media playing functionality than the PS3. It has many core UI features which the PS4 almost inexplicably lacks - why can we not properly organise what icons / games / apps appear on the home screen on PS4? Why do we have to just use that huge long list? Is some form of organisational system really that difficult? PS Vita can do it, and thanks to pins, so can the Xbox One.

    No one can deny the fact that the Xbox One had a very troubled launch. Some of the worst PR that has ever been seen was laid out by MS from early last year, and the market reacted badly. Despite this, Xbox One is selling like gangbusters - it's selling faster than the 360 did at any point in its lifespan. Xbox One isn't doing badly, PS4 is doing well on an unprecedented level.

    However the Driveclub fiasco, combined with repeated downtime on PSN and very slow software updates (it took them almost an entire year to add the ability to simply pause downloads, something you have been able to do on computers since, erm, the mid 90s?) have perhaps tarnished their reputation.

    This having been said, PS4 is still selling incredibly well and showing no signs of slowing up. They are outselling their chief competitor in every region at every turn at the moment. I think the article's point about how long this will last unless they start to get some really solid 1st party stuff out of the gate is interesting though. People say that 1st party doesn't really matter compared to the big multi plat 3rd party stuff, but I'm not so sure. PS3 caught up with Xbox 360 in terms of sales against all the odds (dreadful launch, came out 1 year after its main rival, highly expensive at launch). It did this despite frequently having the worst looking and performing versions of big multiplats. However it also had some absolutely fucking stellar 1st party games. Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and many others I've probably forgotten to list helped propel it back into contention, to the point where now it has essentially caught up with or even surpassed sales of the Xbox 360.

    NO ONE would have predicted that after the way PS3 launched. It was way too expensive, had very few decent games at launch and it's rival was getting some extremely good press. Gears of War launched at pretty much the exact same time and the sales juggernaut that was Halo 3 released only a few months after the PS3 had gone on sale in Europe. Yet PS3 pulled off an incredible turnaround. Perhaps PS4 is still riding on that wave - people were clearly buying alot of PS3s late into the last gen and that good faith and belief in a quality Sony 1st party has carried through. However that 1st party need to start firing in a big way. Yes, Sony have Bloodborne coming next year. However The Order 1886 has had some of the most negative previews I've ever seen for a game so I'm not sure we should pin many hopes on that. Yes PS4 has Uncharted 4 as well, which looks jaw dropping. It also has potentially No Man's Sky and Until Dawn and lots of other promising sounding indies.

    However It's not like Microsoft are slacking - Halo 5 is going to be massive for them, Crackdown, Quantum Break, Below, Scalebound, Fable Legends, Rise of the Tomb Raider and quite alot of interesting sounding indies like Space Engineers (already out and great fun on PC).
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Cartho 17/11/2014

    As an aside, totalbiscuit has done a video on it.

    He couldn't sustain anything like 60 FPS at 1080p with everything else maxed out.
    He was testing with twin 980 GTX video cards (4GB OF VRAM each), 16 GB of system RAM and one of the latest 6 core i7 5930k CPUs (3.5ghz clock).... So yeah. Basically if you wanna max it out, forget 60 FPS.
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  • Ubisoft addresses every known Assassin's Creed Unity glitch and workaround

  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    Eurogame rcan you do an article about the travesty of microtransactions in a full retail AAA game?

    As in, can you just say "sod it, we don't care about getting early review code for Ubisoft games" and utterly rip them a new one over it? Totally savage it. Shred them, make it quite clear how filthy this is.

    You may be worried about losing hits from early reviews of Ubi games, but if you do utterly savage Ubisoft for their shit then you will win yourself a great many fans in the gamin community.
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • Cartho 15/11/2014

    Oh dear god Ubisoft.

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  • PlayStation Vue is a new cloud-based TV service for PS4 and PS3

  • Cartho 13/11/2014

    Yeah.... This ain't releasing in the UK under this name.

    Vue is probably the largest cinema chain in the United Kingdom. Not a snowball's chance in hell they will let Sony get away with calling it anything with 'Vue' in the title.

    So basically its another US only TV thing. I hear that went so well for Microsoft.

    This is a poor move in my opinion. They are doing so well pushing the games focus. Trying to compete with Microsoft as a media playing powerhouse is not. going. to. work. The Xbox One is a wildly better media player, and they have also got alot of good TV functionality in Europe / the UK thanks to the TV tuner / One Guide stuff.

    Trying to compete with them on this front is stupid, Sony should stick to just trying to pump out good quality exclusive games, especially seeing as the PS4 has had prettying ****ing dire first party games since its launch, with Resogun being the only thing that's anywhere better than average. Oh and The Last of Us but that doesn't count :P

    Give us more and better games Sony. At the moment I'm using my Xbox One way more than my PS4 because I do all my TV / movie watching through it AND I've been playing nothing but Xbox One exclusives for nearly 2 months now, with Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 being actually the two best current gen games I've played so far. Oh and Halo Masterchief Collection is ace too.

    If The Order 1886 is as much of a let down as previews seem to suggest it might be then it's only really Bloodborne that's gonna give my PS4 a workout early next year :/
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PC performance done right?

  • Cartho 13/11/2014

    The initial premise of "how low can you go" in terms of how little can you spend to match PS4 is dumb. If simply matching PS4 is all you want to achieve then what's the point - just buy a PS4. May as well spend more and get something that blows PS4 out of the water. I mean yes, you could buy an i3 etc now and match PS4 in some games but an i3 sure as hell won't be able to handle games 3 years down the line in the PS4's life cycle, so you will need to spend more on upgrading then anyway.

    If you're gonna buy a gaming PC, do it properly! WATERCOOLING OR BUST
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  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Cartho 07/11/2014

    The Commander Shepherd Collection. Gimmegimmegimme.

    Seriously though, if they did this I would want a proper remaster. By that I mean a Halo MCC Remaster - all DLC added, the ability to play it through as one huge seamless game, 1080p 60 support, updated graphics on the older titles in particular....

    I wouldn't want a The Last of Us type job which, stunning a game as TLOU is, was basically just up-ressing the original game and bumping the framerate.

    Halo MCC has spoilt me - THAT is a proper remaster, and that is how all future remasters shall be judged.
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  • BlizzCon 2014 opening ceremony

  • Cartho 07/11/2014

    Warcraft 4 announced, and a Warcraft collection with all 3 Warcraft games and their expansion packs completely remade in the shiny Starcraft 2 engine = TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZARD. HERE IT IS. YOU WANT MORE? TAKE MY FIRSTBORN TOO Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 first-person mode confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Cartho 04/11/2014

    Funny thing is, GTA V in first person is going to be a LIGHT YEARS better cops and robbers game than Battlefield Hardline Reply +24
  • Sunset Overdrive debuts second in UK chart

  • Cartho 03/11/2014

    Nice, well done to Insomniac for a truly fantastic game - deserves to do well.

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  • Advanced Warfare is the finest Call of Duty in years

  • Cartho 03/11/2014

    ...the enthralling long game of destiny
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One resolution at least 1360x1080

  • Cartho 03/11/2014

    PS4 fanboys who mock Xbox resolution are probably the same ones who said resolution didn't matter when the 360's multi plats all ran better than they did on PS3. Reply 0
  • Evolve alpha delayed on PS4 due to firmware issues

  • Cartho 02/11/2014

    This is surely less significant news than the fact that 2.0 has broken rest mode for some people and it's still not been fixed yet. Disabling certain settings and rebuilding the database (though this has not fixed the issue for some people, and in some cases its made it worse) have been suggested by Sony. As has simply not using rest (standby) mode.

    Yet these aren't proper fixes, and just because it isn't happening to everyone doesn't mean that its not a very serious issue - for some people it has flat out broken one of the core features of the console, being able to put it into standby mode for a quicker power up, downloading of updates and patches and the ability to switch it on / control it from PS Vita.

    Can't help but think that it is this issue which should be getting headlines, not the postponement of an ALPHA test which, frankly, is not the end of the world...
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  • Cartho 31/10/2014

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  • The seven year shadow left by Modern Warfare

  • Cartho 02/11/2014

    Great article. Modern Warfare 1 was absolutely sublime, one of the best Call of Duty games in the series, including the World War 2 games in my opinion.

    I do think it is a real shame that the game has ceased to be about soldiers.

    In the WW2 games in particular, you were a soldier. Pure and simple. Every mission was fought with large numbers of AI NPCs who were on your side - you felt like a simple cog in a machine. This was intensified even more in the Russian mission to storm red square - you were sent charging out across the huge square with no weapon, hurtling towards a long line of MG42s. You felt utterly helpless. This was no "you play a heroic Russian badass who is an elite commando already and is just here to support the advance of lesser men". This was "You are a guy. We don't have enough guns for all of you. Grab this ammo and when the guy in front of you gets shot, grab his gun and charge."

    I think Modern Warfare 1 still had a similar feeling. In the early American missions you were just a soldier, a marine engaged in a vicious battle with an enemy army. Even in the SAS missions, as the article points out, you are still just a soldier. Yes you are an elite soldier - the SAS are probably some of if not the most elite soldiers in the world, but you are still, at the end of the day, a soldier doing a job.

    Compare this to the ludicrous storyline of Ghosts, where you play some brother on a heroic mission to defend America and fight for your dad and other such drivel... Well it's sad how far CoD has fallen. It was never originally about that kind of guff. Skip back the the first ever Call of Duty game. Set pieces like the assault on and subsequent defence on St Mere Eglise, or Pegasus bridge. Soldiers with a job to do, fighting a war. They didn't need stupid cutscenes involving you running around in the woods with your brother. They certainly didn't need to put in a mission where you play as a terrorist conducting a massacre of innocent civilians in an airport, which has to be one of the most dreadfully misguided sections in gaming. The original Call of Duty games knew that the simple horror of what you were involved in was enough. From the handwritten diary entries on the loading screen to taking cover behind dead animals in a field, simply because it's the only thing you can do to survive.

    The original CoD games were actually quite respectful of their subject matter. Veterans from the second World War helped to advise on the game and you got a sense that the entire project was not just an exercise in the jingoistic glorification of war.
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  • PlayStation 4 sales help Sony's game division to profit

  • Cartho 31/10/2014

    It's certainly a nicer looking machine. Mine sits right next to my Xbox and it is abit dwarfed! Built in power Brick though... I can see why Microsoft went with an external one. After all the Red Ring of Death fiasco they wanted to put belt and braces on it. The thing has so many fans - it's almost totally silent, where my PS4 is pretty loud because the one real fan in it has alot of work to do.

    It is nicely designed though, I'm not a massive fan of the 90s VCR look of the Xbox One but that's just my personal preference.

    I was a fully paid up Playstation man until recently. Had a PS4 since EU launch and loved it since. However I bought an Xbox One cheap off a mate who was selling it - a Titanfall & Kinect bundle one. I was very sceptical but it was a good price and I'd never played Halo before :D

    I was so pleasantly surprised by it. The Controller is sublime, feels weighty, well built and the triggers have this wonderful soft feeling when you pull then, like there's a rubber pad behind them. The rumble in the triggers is great too.

    The UI is very advanced now after months of updates. In terms of media playing capabilities there is absolutely no contest, and the Xbox is in total charge of my setup. From TV to Netflix, plex and Blu Rays, my Xbox controls all of them. It is certainly living up to its name as an all in one media machine.

    I also notice resolution differences less because I play on a 24" TV - the difference between 900p and 1080p on a small TV like that is utterly tiny. When I bought the Xbone I thought it was going to be an exclusives only machine, with the PS4 being used for everything else.

    However, after a while of using it, I have to say I've not touched my PS4 in a while. Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 have kept me very busy, and Halo Masterchief Collection is likely going to last me well into the new year.

    Bloodborne might well change that though!
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  • Cartho 31/10/2014

    RE: Your praise of PS4's build quality:

    Does your ps4 not have the issue that loads do? Where you can press on a corner and it wobbles because one side is a different height to the others? Try it....

    PS4 also has a dreadful wireless receiver - I get far worse signal on it than I do on my iPhone. It also has no support for 5 GHz WIFI, which is very poor for a device released in late 2013. My 7 year old laptop can do that....

    The rubber on the analogue sticks can wear off very easily, the L1 button on mine is sticky, and can get stuck down if you press it near the left hand edge of the button. Many others have reported a similar issue.

    The battery life on the controller is almost laughably poor as well. Let's not even get started on that awful headset thing they stuck in the PS4 box, which is so bad it may as well not even be there. Compared to the xbox one, which actually delivers excellent sound quality, they're leagues apart.

    I love my PS4, but I also love my Xbox one. However build quality is certainly one area where the PS4 does not excel. In fact I would say it feels like it's been built quite cheaply if you consider the very poor quality of the wifi kit inside it. I think Xbox one feels like a much better built piece of kit if you disregard the obvious power difference and clear superiority of the GPU and memory system in the PS4.

    If you're going to troll, at least try and do it coming from a moderately believable starting position. Calling the PS4 "best in class" when it comes to build quality is almost laughable. Sony have created a monstrous games machine, but it's clear that the vast majority of the budget went on that GDDR5 RAM, because they clearly skimped in other areas and it does show...
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  • Cartho 31/10/2014


    Utter rubbish.
    I own a PS4, and the exclusives on it so far are pretty dreadful. Infamous second son was graphically gorgeous and had good traversal but the combat was pretty shallow, the story was weak and it was over too quickly.

    Killzone shadow fall was graphically gorgeous but an utterly bland, boring FPS with next to no character at all.

    Knack was.... Well let's not go there

    Driveclub was graphically gorgeous (can you spot a pattern here?) but it's online system is basically broken and the devs have now admitted that they don't know when it's going to be fixed.

    The last of us is truly outstanding however, and Resogun is amazing.

    I use my PS4 for multiplats at the moment but the xbox one has wildly better exclusives out right now. Sunset overdrive is, in my opinion, a much more entertaining game than infamous, forza horizon 2 is a sublime racer that has pretty much all of the features that driveclub was meant to have but doesn't, like dynamic weather and working MP. As far as pure MP goes Titanfall, while light on content, is a much better game than kill zone shadow fall.

    And in 2 weeks Halo arrives. Remember Halo? 4 FPS campaigns, remastered for high definition and 60 FPS, including some FPS campaigns which are considered by many to be some of the finest in gaming?

    To call Halo a "generic FPS" is pretty silly, when halo combat evolved gave us so many of the things which are now considered standard features in FPS games - separate mapping for a grenade button, limited weapon slots, regenerating shields.... Killzone uses all of those. It just does them less well.
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  • Project Spark is pulling in two directions at once

  • Cartho 31/10/2014

    There are some points in this article that I flat out disagree with.

    I can't help feeling that, for all its accessibility, if you're having to resort to YouTube and forums to find out how to make stuff, you might as well put that effort into learning how to use a less restrictive tool
    Minecraft says hi. The sheer amount of youtube content for Minecraft, telling people how to make stuff, is insane. Minecraft has some very complex stuff in it later on, and building that kind of thing is much, much easier with youtube guides. I'm a primary school teacher, and the kids at my school are utterly obsessed with Minecraft, and all of them watch youtube videos to learn how to do / make things.

    Project Spark is not a game aimed at hardcore game developers. I don't think Microsoft thought "lets release this so that the next big dudebro FPS franchise can be built with it!".

    It's an accessible entertainment product which allows people to get a little bit of the flavour of what its like to make a game, without learning how to code. A 9 year old would enjoy this far more than pouring over Unity tutorials, or even game maker. People who have no idea how to code, and who don't really have a huge interest in learning, can use project spark to mess about and create something fun.

    I teach programming basics to my class of 7-8 year olds. We aren't writing code though, hell no. We use a program called Scratch, which lets you drag and drop instructions, which are colour coded, into order. It contains all of the raw meat of programming - IF / THEN / ELSE commands, waits, dependencies. However it does so in a very simplistic way that young people can understand. My kids LOVE it, they are utterly fascinated by it. I can pretty much guarantee that they would be much less fascinated by typing out reams of obtuse looking code with lots of "funny symbols"

    Older kids, and those hoping to actually learn something about making real games, will have the tools they need to be more adventurous - but in a form that is only ever going to be of limited use.
    Isn't that the entire point? Project SPARK. If it can be the spark that ignites someone's desire to learn how to program games, then that's utterly fantastic. They can then make the conscious decision to switch to something more advanced if they start being restricted by Project Spark's capabilities.

    The F2P model they have used is a little more problematic, compared with something like Minecraft where everything is unlocked right from the off. That is an issue which could hurt it. As far as I am aware however, you can unlock these things without paying money? (Not 100% sure though, can someone clarify?) If that is the case, then it at least gives a kid something to aim for. They want a wolf? Play the game and earn it then.

    I do not agree with Microsoft's decision to use Microtransactions here. I really hate the F2P model. However I think that this article is abit of a "lets rag on Microsoft again because that's the cool thing to do these days" type of affair.

    When are we going to get an indepth article about how disastrous Driveclub's launch has been? When are we going to be alerted about how often PSN has gone down since the launch of Destiny? I'm considering cancelling my PS+ subscription until they can make it the slick, fast service that it should be to justify the millions of people paying 5.99 per month for it. Having said that, looking at Sony's financial results for the first half of the year, and the vast losses their mobile division has made again, it seems fairly clear that the PSN funds they are getting is needed at the moment just to prop up the other parts of the business which are haemorrhaging funds... :(
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  • Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"

  • Cartho 30/10/2014

    I think the big headline here is less that the PS+ edition has been postponed until further notice, and more that the full, connected, online experience of the main retail game is still not going to be working properly for a good while yet.

    Unfortunately, the time frames required to roll out the fully connected experience will be longer than anticipated and we do not have an exact time frame for when they will be resolved.
    That's REALLY bad. Part of the big selling point for DC was its connected nature - hell it's even part of the title, "Driveclub" referring to the clubs you can join with your mates. Now it all seems to be up in the air when that fully connected experience is going to be properly running. That isn't not good at all for a retail game. Think of it this way:

    If you were a player who loves multiplayer, bought the new version of FIFA and it's online MP wasn't working properly, and EA then released a post saying "sorry guys, but it's going to take a while for us to fix this and we don't have a timeframe for when it will be working properly" - you would be pretty darned miffed.

    Lots of people who play racing games love the online MP part of them. Hell its a joy on Forza Horizon 2. There will be alot of people who are reading this thinking "I paid good money for a product which is only half finished".

    I fear for the Driveclub brand after this to be honest. Not sure how it will properly recover from such a disastrous launch.
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  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • Cartho 30/10/2014

    I was so hyped for Destiny. It turned out to be the biggest disappointment for me that I can remember. I seriously cannot think of a time when I have been more disappointed by a game that I was excited for. :( Reply +2
  • What's new in PlayStation 4's firmware update 2.0?

  • Cartho 28/10/2014

    I love my PS4, but Sony need to seriously sort this crap out.

    From releasing an update which break Standby mode for some people to their PAID online service going down every time someone sneezes - they're in danger of losing lots of the goodwill they have earned this year.

    I REALLY hope they don't start to rest on their laurels. PS4 has been a runaway success, it would be a shame if they just assumed they'd won the war and let stuff like this become more common.

    The fact is, PSN has been up and down almost every fortnight since Destiny launched now. It has SO much downtime - even Steam doesn't have this much downtime.

    They KNOW how many PS4s have ben sold, PSN should not go down every time an update releases. I will probably get downrated to hell for this, but I do feel like I am paying for PSN now (which I didn't have to back in the PS3 days) but it hasn't got any better. They cannot keep having PSN go down. They need to start spending some of the cash they are getting from the millions of PS+ subscribers and actually buying better servers / more server capacity.

    I know that Microsoft have vastly more money and a proven history in this kind of thing, but it's a dog eat dog world and Sony need to start learning fast.

    Surely even the most ardent playstation fan (which is a category I would put myself in) can admit, Sony's online infrastructure is dreadful at the moment and, considering the connected world in which we live, that's not really acceptable.
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  • Cartho 28/10/2014

    With this update my PS4 crashes when going into "rest" (standby) mode. Orange light just keeps blinking and fans keep spinning but get "no signal" from my TV - so it half goes to sleep but not fully. People on NeoGAF seem to think it happens if you switch off your TV before it has fully gone into Standby mode.

    If so.... FFS Sony why don't you test this shit.
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • Cartho 27/10/2014

    This is an important game. It is an antidote to all of the overly serious, dour, brown, gritty realistic games that developers have thrown at us for the last 8 years.

    Finally, we have something colourful again. Finally we have something, on a non Nintendo platform, which revels in bright, bonkers madness.

    Friday can't come soon enough
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  • MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro with GTX 980M review

  • Cartho 26/10/2014

    I love how companies are still making products like this, despite the fact that they are aimed at a RIDICULOUSLY niche market.

    I mean think about it: The battery life is basically dreadful, it's big and probably heavy as well - not really suited to whipping out on a train etc. It's ironic that these gaming laptops sacrifice the one thing that makes people want a laptop - portability.

    If you are going to have this plugged into the mains all the time, well 1999 will buy you a MONSTROUS desktop setup. Who would buy something like this?

    Students, who travel between university and home? Yeah, sure, but not many students I know have 2000 to spend on a games computers.

    People who work, and travel alot? Yup, this would be perfect.

    Apart from that, there's really not many others for whom this would be a sensible purchase compared to the other options. Yet still MSI made it, and that's fantastic!
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  • COD: Advanced Warfare a mere 55GB on PC

  • Cartho 21/10/2014


    Aaaaaaah, fair play. I'd totally forgotten GR: AW,
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  • Cartho 20/10/2014


    It's not as bad as Crytek making a game called "Warface".

    Not even nearly as bad...
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  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • Cartho 20/10/2014

    Hang on a fucking second.

    The browser includes a filter [snip] but thankfully you can pay a small fee to have it removed
    REALLY? So, if you are, you know, an adult, you now have to pay money to have a content filter removed from your new purchase? Who decides what is adult content? Nintendo?

    Why not just add the filter but include parental lock tools to allow parents to put a pin code on it to activate the system? Why PAY MONEY?

    Nintendo proving once again how wildly out of touch with reality they are.
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  • PlayStation 4 system update adds USB background music

  • Cartho 17/10/2014

    Still no donwload pausing, still no real folders / proper UI customisation.

    Still miles behind Xbox One's UI.

    Before the massive "fanboy downrates" I am speaking as an owner and lover of both systems. It's a fact - Sony need to pull their fingers out with PS4's UI - Microsoft is kicking their ass.
    Reply +5
  • DriveClub dev "had confidence" servers would work

  • Cartho 13/10/2014

    Thing is, I pay for PS+, and I do kind slightly annoyed at stuff like this. This kind of thing happened on PS3 but there was always the "well it's free at least" thing. Now that we're paying for it, they SERIOUSLY need to up their game in this regard. Reply +9
  • Face-Off: Alien: Isolation

  • Cartho 12/10/2014

    Sorry but not being able to lock 30 FPS on the Xbox one is not good enough from the devs. Hell even PS4 performance doesn't sound that great.

    Not hugely surprised though. I adore the total war games, they're some of my favourite ever, but my god the newer ones run like utter crap. I just wonder whether CA aren't particularly good at optimisation to be honest.
    Reply +18
  • Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims

  • Cartho 11/10/2014

    :lol::lol:In another stunning development, MrXMedia's latest blog post (seriously, go read it if you want an insight into pure dellusion) claims that the xbox one version was actually the one that was held back due to the weakness of the PS4.

    Laughably, he claims that, with the upcoming direct X 11.3 software patch AC unity on Xbox One was hitting 100 FPS. !!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

    As an xbox One and PS4 owner, I find his delusion utterly priceless.
    Reply -1
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • Cartho 11/10/2014


    1080p30 on PS4
    900p30 on Xbox One
    4k60 on PC
    4k 60 FPS bahaha. Once you've spent 750 on graphics cards alone maybe. Pull your head out of your ass, 4k gaming isn't going to be mainstream for years.

    Of course PCs can run it at higher framerates and res. I find it hilarious how these PC Master Race people rag on anyone who owns a console just because they are incapable of running 4k games at 60 FPS. Guess what guys, your car isn't as fast as a formula 1 car either! Want to know why? One of them costs millions of pounds in both money and engineering expertise to build.

    Ultra high spec enthusiast gaming PCs can run games faster and at higher res than consoles. WOW! WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED? In other news, the sun is hotter than a cigarette lighter! Mind = blown.

    Res difference between PS4 and Xbox One is to be expected given the disparity in GPU power available on each console. Doesn't really matter though, 900p games can still look stunning. Go and play Ryse on Xbox One - It's one of the prettiest games around.

    Not decided which I will buy for yet to be honest. On the one hand PS4 version will look slightly more crisp, but on the other hand I way prefer the user interface, operating system and controller of the Xbox One. #firstworldproblems
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  • Let's have more games that show rather than tell

  • Cartho 11/10/2014

    You can turn off loads of the indicators and HUD in shadow of mordor in the options menu.....

    Also, I do find it amusing how games journalists write articles like this, but if a dev released a game with massively complex systems and absolutely no indicators about how they work I can pretty much guarantee that reviewers would criticise it for being obscure and feeling too overwhelming.

    Game devs can't win, particularly with the increasingly fickle and incredibly unpredictable games press. In one breath they will praise a game like Titanfall to high heaven for being wonderful and new and innovative. Yet It hasn't really done anything that has not been done before in other games. Then in another article they will criticise another FPS for being "just another FPS"

    Perhaps the most superb example of this is when games journalists use that ridiculous "this game is just next gen graphics with last gen gameplay" argument. They never try to back this claim up, they never offer suggestions as to what "next gen gameplay" might actually be. They instead pick and choose when to wheel out this particular criticism. Titanfall was immune to it, despite it being another small scale arena based multiplayer first person shooter with quick kill times, perks, unlockable weapon attachments, class customisation and the most generic arsenal of assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols I've seen in ages.

    Yet Titanfall got lavished with both critical hype and critical praise. Nothing about it couldn't have been done on last gen consoles. Nothing at all. I'm pretty sure that, from a gameplay standpoint, it's all but identical on 360 to Xbox One.

    However when The order 1886 gets previews, it's labelled by most games critics as "a stunning looking but otherwise bog standard third person shooter." The negative reception to it from games sites like IGN etc has been incredible - I've not seen journos be so down on a game prior to release for a long time.

    Why does the Order get singled out for being a bland third person shooter with pretty graphics, yet Titanfall gets massive critical praise despite it being basically Call of Duty Modern Warfare with robots and wall running - both of which have been done before in many other games?

    When a game like Shadow of Mordor comes along, which does something supremely well, takes a mechanic which has been sort of in some games for a while (NPC "factions" who can be made to fight each other) and turns it into one of the most supremely well designed NPC AI systems in gaming history, it rankles to see it getting ragged on for stupidly nitpicky things like "oh it gives you too much information about how its complex systems work".

    Shadow of Mordor's nemesis system is, by all accounts, pretty heavily gimped on last gen consoles - because they weren't powerful enough to handle all the calculations and emerging code etc. THIS is next gen gameplay. It's an open world game where it genuinely feels like you can manipulate the game world, play the factions against each other and be surprised by emerging situations, which grow organically from your actions. It's what The Witcher games have tried to do for years, and yet here it is, seemingly from nowhere Shadow of Mordor has gone and made the best "factions" system in gaming history.

    So when next you see games critics slamming a game for having last gen gameplay, just remember, they criticise games with next gen gameplay too, just for really petty things. Who'd be a game developer? It seems like they just can't win.
    Reply +19
  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Cartho 04/10/2014

    It'll be fine. MisterxMedia has said that the Xbox One is actually 2-3 times more powerful than PS4 as a minimum. We'll be running games in 4k 120FPS on it once they unlock the secret sauce stacked DGPU and DX12 and all the other gubbins he claims they put into it without telling anyone...

    Reply +9
  • F.E.A.R. Online gets an October Steam release date

  • Cartho 29/09/2014

    FEAR already had a F2P online standalone game. it was called FEAR Combat and it fucking rocked! Reply +3
  • Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

  • Cartho 29/09/2014

    Wait, it's coming out in December?

    Sorry Activision, as much as I enjoy Destiny (I do quite like it), there's no way your DLC of an extra strike and a couple of new missions is going to be able to compete with Dragon Age Inquisition and Halo Masterchief collection. They will have stolen me for the entirety of December.

    I will probs get the destiny DLC. Just not in December. Maybe in January. Or Febru... Wait a sec Bloodborne, The order 1886 and The Witcher 3 in February. Ok January or not for ages :D
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  • Sunset Overdrive: the Ted Price interview

  • Cartho 28/09/2014

    I hope the game pulls no punches with it's control system. I want something to get my teeth into. Something where I start bad and end up being a god through practice. I don't want Assassin's Creed style "hold this button to auto free run over anything that gets in your way" Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Ryse on PC

  • Cartho 28/09/2014

    Have you played Forza Horizon 2's demo? That looks extremely nice and is free roam. Or at least, more Free roam than Forza 5 was.

    I don't think we can use Watch Dogs to make claims about how powerful the consoles are. It looks like utter ASS on PS4, the textures look like a PS3 game in many many places. That's not because the PS4 is weak, it's because Ubisoft's coders are dreadful. Infamous gives a much better impression of how well the PS4 can run an open world game.

    From what we've seen of GTA V that also looks like a stunningly pretty game on consoles.

    Watch Dogs was one of the biggest let downs of the gen so far.
    Reply -3
  • Cartho 28/09/2014

    I miss the days when no one gave two shits about native resolution. They just played games and enjoyed them / didn't enjoy them for their gameplay. I don't remember anyone talking about native resolution in the PS2 era. Think it started to come in abit more with the 360 and PS3 but even then, nothing like as bad as it is now. I'm lucky I suppose. I own a small TV (24") and can't really tell the difference between 1080p and 900p - I thought Battlefield 4 on PS4 looked gorgeous and I thought Ryse on Xbox One was one of the best looking games I've ever played.

    As a game dev once said (can't remember who, might have been one of the Witcher devs), 1080p pushes 40% more pixels on screen than 900p, but it absolutely categorically does not make a game look 40% better.

    Resolution is less important to me than frame rate. I really don't care whether or not a game runs at 900p or 1080p. If it runs at 60 FPS on one console though, and 30 FPS on the other, then I will buy it on the quicker platform.

    Personally, at the moment, if a game runs at the same frame rate on Xbox One and PS4, even if there is a slight resolution difference, I'm buying on Xbox because I prefer the controller, the operating system and the way it can do so much more besides games than the PS4 can - like control my TV, allow me to skype with my PC games playing mates, watch proper twitch feeds and not just playstation twitch feeds, listen to my music collection. Even little things like being able to pause downloads... (Still got no clue why they've not added that to PS4, doesn't seem like a very complex feature :/)

    Both consoles are great in their own way, the difference between 900p and 1080p isn't as big as some people make out and if you are a proper games player then you should want both for the excellent looking lineup of exclusives that each boasts. (Sunset Overdrive, Halo, potential Gears, Crackdown and Quantum Break for Xbox, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Uncharted 4 and No Man's Sky for PS4)
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  • Cartho 28/09/2014

    I just finished Ryse last week. I really enjoyed it. The story is good fun, the way it blends history with Roman mythology is very nicely done. The graphics are exceptional, and prove that the Xbox One IS capable of some seriously pretty stuff. They also prove that, while much is made of 900p Vs 1080p and PS4's advantage in this respect, 900p games can look drop dead gorgeous. So far only Infamous Second Son comes even remotely close to Ryse in terms of the next gen consoles.

    Gameplay is fun but yes, it is a little repetitive. Generally following the "press A when you see an enemy swinging at you then press x until they can be executed then press RT then press the right coloured buttons"

    However beyond that initial simplicity there is actually quite a clever combat system. Timing is important, and if you time a block or attack properly then you get rewarded by momentarily staggering an enemy in the case of blocking or entering a damage boost period for a sequence of well timed attacks. The trouble is the reward isn't enough. You don't NEED to play really well, doing so just gives you abit more score which you can convert into upgraded finishing moves etc.

    There are no prompts for a the perfect time to block, you need to watch an enemy swing and hit the block button at exactly the right moment - it becomes about learning this window and playing calmly, not just mashing buttons. Similarly with attacking, to chain "perfect hits" there are no prompts, you need to attack again just as your first swing connects, and if an enemy has a shield you will need to weave shield bashes of your own in to stagger him to keep your chain going.

    Again, there are no prompts for this, it's just learning the correct timing.

    If they had made the whole game like this, where the combat system was quite unforgiving, and required you to actually learn its intricacies instead of just getting a small boost whenever you got lucky with your timing then it would likely have been a more enjoyable game.

    Yes, it's on rails. Yes, it's short. However I would say it's no shorter or more on rails than the average Call of Duty campaign, and the story was WILDLY better than anything we've seen out of CoD for years. If you like a decent fun hack and slash type game then you will likely enjoy Ryse. If you like a decent, scripted, Hollywood style action packed story experience with plenty of spectacle, you will probably also enjoy Ryse. If you love Roman history / mythology like I do, then you will also enjoy Ryse. If you like all of the above then you will REALLY enjoy it. I loved it I have to say.

    People hate on it, often very unfairly. It's not nearly as bad as people say, I enjoyed it far more than Killzone Shadowfall for example, and I would go as far as to say I thought the story was much better than Infamous Second Son too, and the combat was more nuanced. However ISS was much more freeform and open, and more entertaining over a longer period of time. A solid launch title IMO and worth playing on PC if you haven't played it. Definitely better than the dross we got at 360 launch. Perfect Dark Zero I'm looking at you.
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  • Face-Off: Bayonetta on Wii U

  • Cartho 27/09/2014

    This is part of the problem with Wii U. It has a STUNNING library of games. Seriously, in terms of the quality of its exclusives it's currently streaks ahead of both PS4 and Xbox One (of which I both own before anyone starts the fanboy accusations). The issue is, it is only slightly technically more impressive than the LAST GEN consoles, which is going to be a limiting factor going forward.

    The huge technical disparity is partly why 3rd parties just aren't really bothering to make games for it. If the Wii U was as powerful as the PS4 / Xbox One, and had access to all of the current multi plat games as well as it's library of games, it could be the dominant console. The alienation of western 3rd parties orchestrated by Nintendo over the years IS hurting them. If they had actually released a powerful piece of hardware, marketed it well and combined their onslaught of quality first party titles with the more mainstream 3rd party multi plats like Call of Duty / Assassin's Creed then they may have had a generation winner on their hands.

    As it stands though, the Wii U has great games but it is going to be limited by its technical specs as time goes by. I am sure Nintendo must be thinking about a successor. I just hope that they don't release a new home console in 2 - 3 years time which is just as powerful as the PS4 / Xbox One. if they do then we will be in the same boat down the line when PS5 and Xbox... erm... two launch.

    If they are clever, and release a system in 3 years which is technically more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One, and court western 3rd party devs to develop for it as well, then they could be in a good position.

    Until then, having games which only run as well as / slightly better than 9 year old hardware isn't going to impress anyone.

    In before I get downrated / flamed by Nintendo fanboys.
    Reply +13
  • PES 2015 demo goes live, but not in Europe

  • Cartho 25/09/2014

    PES was good back in the PS2 era. PES 4, 5 and 6 were superb.

    Now though? FIFA kicks the seven shades of crap out of it. Back in the day PES did well because, while it lacked the stunning presentation, real player likenesses, kits, names etc of FIFA, it played a fundamentally better game of football.

    Now though, FIFA is a light years better football sim, whilst still being way better in terms of presentation.
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  • Bungie nerfs Destiny's magical loot farming Treasure Cave

  • Cartho 25/09/2014

    Destiny is, at its core, a loot game. The trouble is loot drops too rarely, and when it does it's often utter garbage. Diablo 3, with it's loot 2.0 system, is MILES better Reply +34
  • Xbox One price cut by 20 in the UK, now 329

  • Cartho 23/09/2014

    329 is a good deal. 329 + Sunset Overdrive is a very good deal.

    As someone who now owns both an Xbox One and a PS4, I can say that it's getting more and more worth buying with each passing month.

    PS4 has more raw game power. That is not in question. However in terms of useability and features, the Xbox One's OS is absolutely blowing PS4 out of the water at the moment. It has a proper twitch app, unlike PS4 which only seems to let you watch other PS4 streams, it has the ability to pause downloads (which you still, for some reason, can't do on PS4), it has DLNA support, if you have kinect the voice commands work very well, you can actually organise what shows up on your main pins screen, removing games you no longer play from the main screen etc and much more.

    Big updates to the OS are coming thick and fast, every month to be precise. Games wise, while it may not have the raw technical grunt of the PS4, we are seeing fewer multi plats with BIG differences (as in 1080p vs 720p) as devs get more comfortable with it. In addition, in terms of exclusives this autumn, there's not really much competition - Sunset Overdrive looks excellent, Forza Horizon 2 plays beautifully and looks gorgeous and the Halo Master Chief Collection might be some of the best value for money we will see this entire gen if you are a fan of first person shooters.

    As an owner of both, I will play exclusives I want, and multi plats I will make a judgement call on. If there is a clear and impactful difference between PS4 and the Xbox, like one running at 30 fps vs the other at 60 fps, then obviously I will go with the superior version. If the difference is non existent (e.g destiny) or very small (900p vs 1080p - I find it hard to tell much of a difference as I play on a relatively small TV: only 24") then, at the moment, I am leaning towards playing on the Xbox as I find the operating system / core user experience to be much slicker at the moment.

    Xbox One rightly got alot of stick at launch, and it still has clear issues. However it has improved markedly in recent months. If you're after a good value console and have an interest in some of the upcoming exclusives then it's definitely worth a look.
    Reply +8
  • FIFA 15 review

  • Cartho 23/09/2014

    There are some very strange comments here.

    One guy said he wanted them to take a 2-3 year break so that they can "revolutionise football games"

    What exactly would revolutionise them? Football is football. What more do you want? Machine guns for defenders? A Multi Ball mode?
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