Carrybagma Groups

  • All New Bargains Group

    Like the 'All New Bargains Thread' but split into multiple
    threads for ease of navigation. It's the future! 555 Members

  • AllAboutTheGames

    All About The 144 Members

  • Anarchy

    In the distant future, at the edge of the universe, lies the
    planet Dan Star. Here Riki Makishi works for the
    People's Police. Listen up kid! The SF Kozmo… 17 Members

  • Astronomy

    It's full of stars... 29 Members

  • Eurogamer Expo

    The official group for the Eurogamer Expo. 547 Members

  • FOD

    2 Members

  • Frag Dolls UK

    Home of Frag Dolls UK 28 Members

  • Gay gamers

    A group for the gays, bisexuals or the 'just curious'! 144 Members

  • Gears of War: Revenge of the Fenix

    Group to discuss the recently leaked Gears of War 3 3 Members

  • HiDef Shizzle

    Fo Nizzle mah drizzle. 28 Members

  • Independent Gaming

    A group for people who are into indie games. Free, shareware,
    PC, Mac, Linux, even console stuff. If it's indie, it is *in*.
    Being emo not a requirement for ent… 133 Members

  • Industry Discussion

    Something in your blurb field and profile picture are membership
    application requirements. 113 Members

  • Some like it RARE

    For the advancement of the science of making time seem short, a
    group for worshippers of the developers formally (and fondly)
    known as Ultimate Play The Game.… 5 Members

  • The discussing people who aren't in this group discussion group

    A private group dedicated to the purpose of discussing whether
    people who aren't in this group should be allowed to join it or
    not, should said non-members appl… 1 Members

  • The Gardening Club

    77 Members

  • The Great Outdoors

    Get out! 56 Members

  • Utter Scumm(VM)

    Play Monkey Island and more for free- see the "New Members"
    thread inside 869 Members