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  • Retrospective: Robotron: 2084

  • Carpathian 15/03/2010

    Where twin-stick frenzy was concerned I did enjoy Robotron but it didn't come close to Black Widow for me. That was insane but with a lure like crack. Hitting the 'tubular' levels and pushing eggs off the web in the heat of flies hatching. Yeah, that was the move/fire king for me. Reply 0
  • Sony declares ApocalyPS3 is over

  • Carpathian 02/03/2010

    @kangarootoo - thanks for being clear on the second part of that post. Much appreciated and very much agreed with. I don't mind being wrong, such is life, but I do think it's a bit crazy and somewhat self-defeating to do that on purpose.

    Besides, if I acted more stupid than I am I'd not be able to type these comments ;o)
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  • Carpathian 02/03/2010

    @kangarootoo - Fair enough, I guess the problem with this is that it's all semantics.

    My take was that if you took your car to the garage one afternoon with a problem and they told you the problem was "resolved" when you picked it up the following day then you'd almost certainly credit the garage with fixing it themselves without giving it a second thought. That was the angle I was thinking from - it wasn't posted to troll/stir but simply because that's how it felt to me when I read the story this morning.

    It's probably not an accident that Sony chose the word 'resolved' in order to give that feel to the statement. They have people that look after the PR and regardless of the rights or wrongs they do it well when they need to.
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  • Carpathian 02/03/2010

    @kangarootoo, not singled-out but more just picked randomly from amongst others along the same lines

    I think where some of us feel the 'taking credit' bit sits was Sony using phrases like "we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved". Yes, I realise that this is more inferred than outright stated, but it certainly gives that impression. In the absence of anything else there will be many that see the statement without digging further into it who will take this to be the case.

    The 'waiting 24hours' was the right thing to do and probably the only thing Sony could do initially but the wording they used to explain things today could have been better, that's for sure. People give a lot of credit to those that put their hands up to errors. Honesty is still worth a lot these days.
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  • Carpathian 02/03/2010

    I'm just impressed that Sony are seemingly taking credit for fixing things by letting time pass. They've 'resolved the situation' by watching the hands move round and crossing their fingers. That takes balls the size of King Kong to pull that one. Not sure whether to be dismayed by their gall or stupidly impressed by it.

    Does that mean that if they'd not been working on it then time would have stopped?
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  • Valve teases with mystery Portal patch

  • Carpathian 02/03/2010

    More Portal = bigger win.

    Let's face it, Portal was a pretty massive pile of win to start with so a chance to dust it off and have some more time in it's universe is something I'm more than happy to hope for.

    Didn't expect a surprise ARG to kick this off , though. Props to whoever decided to do things this way.
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  • Natal will reinvent games industry - Kim

  • Carpathian 10/06/2009

    The one weak link nobody seems to be talking about is that Natal is tied to a 360.

    It's important to note that I don't say that as a Sony fanboy but as a disillusioned gamer who had so many of them red ring that it killed my gaming itch pretty much entirely. Just couldn't face stumping up cash for games when I kinda knew each next one was counting down in front of me. That's not anger but sadness from somebody who joined gaming with a ZX80 and never looked back.

    Would I want Natal? Yeah, on day one. Would I go out and buy a 360 again? Not until I know I'm not going to be boxing it up for repair again.

    If Microsoft make the equivalent quantum leap in reliability for the 360 as Natal offers for playability then I'll be there with them all the way.
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  • German ministers attack "Killerspiele"

  • Carpathian 08/06/2009

    I was going to post a long rant about the crass hypocrisy of a law like this but really, when it comes down to it, what's the point.

    Anybody with half a brain can see the problem with tarring everybody playing 'violent' games with the 'potential killer' tag and yet time after time one party or another picks it up to gain political capital. That's all it is and it's blatantly so - they don't care about games or killers or victims or even if there's a link between any of those but just something to gain an extra percentage point on the polls. It's cynical, distasteful and sadly not a surprise in the slightest.......
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  • The Path

  • Carpathian 07/04/2009

    Cheap cost + intriguing review * Jarboe audio = Purchase

    You can't argue with maths.
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  • GDC: OnLive to stream games to TVs, PCs

  • Carpathian 25/03/2009

    System launches.

    Gripes get ironed out.

    Everybody loves system and buys into it.

    Traditional consoles start to lose pull for punters.

    System gets dominant share of market.

    Monthly subscription prices go up.

    Monthly subscription prices go up.

    Monthly subscription prices go up.

    Monthly subscription prices go up.

    Yes, I'm being a little cynical but does anybody really think this latter end won't be the case?
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  • Resi Evil 5 isn't racist, says BBFC

  • Carpathian 02/03/2009

    So, it took just 15mins for Sunyavadin to fall foul of Godwin's Law ?

    Even in this place that's a startlingly poor show.
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  • Mirror's Edge DLC dated

  • Carpathian 14/01/2009

    So, we already have announcements of DLC (and paid at that) but still nothing on a PC demo.

    Good to see they have their priorities in order.

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  • Crayon Physics Deluxe

  • Carpathian 06/01/2009

    I'm torn on this. Loved the demo, even in it's early more limited style, and other physics games that game along after have had loads of time from me. Now I finally get to buy the one that started my interest and I find that it's maybe a bit on the easy side for the most part and a bit dearer than I thought it would be.

    I *know* I'll get plenty of fun out of it through general messing around in silly ways (best way to play these things) but somehow it feels a bit like they missed the goal by a yard or two.

    May still stump up for it...........
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  • That Was the News 2008

  • Carpathian 24/12/2008

    Without a doubt that's the item of the year so far AND we've still got the second part to come !

    The thing that makes this so good is that alongside the spot-on humour (genuine LOL's sitting at the desk in the office) it does actually sum up the year very well. When you hit the bullet points like this you realise just how crazy the industry is overall and how it only ever opens its mouth to change feet.

    Keep up the good work Ellie !
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  • SingStar Roundup

  • Carpathian 02/12/2008

    One of the best vids yet - that's proper class that is.

    Ellie + Wizard + wig = LEVEL UP!

    Quite made my day at work.
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  • Zelda man obsessed with besting Ocarina

  • Carpathian 26/11/2008

    Have to agree - any time a new Zelda comes out the first thing I think of is OOT.

    It's just what my brain consider to be Zelda and is always what I return back to.
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  • Celebrity Chef Showdown: Gordon vs. Jamie

  • Carpathian 26/11/2008

    A funny review that quietly packs relevant info and STILL a couple of folks whinge that it isn't to their liking because it's not like other sites and/or what they prefer. I've no idea what Ellie, or this site in general, has to do if they want to have a bit of fun with the job from time to time.

    Keep up the good work, Ellie - some of us here appreciate a bit of variety in our EG reading.
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  • Mirror's Edge - PC Launch trailer

  • Carpathian 21/11/2008

    I was annoyed at having to wait so much longer.

    I am now happy at having to wait having seen this clip.

    Happy happy joy joy.
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Carpathian 20/11/2008

    To be fair to Ellie, I think that's a perfectly good review for the game.

    Having played the demo I did very much enjoy it but it does have a lot of stupid things still very much part of it. The whole "go where you want but only where we let you" thing is pretty glaring once you notice it and for all the improved motion capture and glittery water you can't get past the fact that it should have conquered some of it's worst series traits by now.

    Partly great, partly terrible - dragged down to average from very good - and a 7 seems pretty fair for that.

    I often think some of you guys read the score first and then read the review, thus colouring her words with your own thoughts.
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  • Mirror's Edge

  • Carpathian 10/11/2008

    It's all very well with all these teasers, previews, demos and reviews for the console side but anything to do with the PC version is rare as rocking horse at the mo.

    I just want a demo, nothing more than that.

    EG, have you heard anything on that front, however vague ?
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld PC demo up

  • Carpathian 01/11/2008

    My older Nvidia card can play the Orange Box games in pretty reasonable quality but even with options turned down the TR demo stutters about so badly it was deleted within 10 mins.

    Looks like bye-bye to Lara for me then.

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  • EA forum mods to ban users from games

  • Carpathian 31/10/2008

    @KingsXKing - Do I assume you posted that in the wrong place? :o) Reply 0
  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • Carpathian 30/10/2008

    I just want to know which idiots choose to go to HMV for games anyway ?

    That's seventeenth on my list of ten places and this idea of theirs isn't going to magically promote them up the list.
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  • Greenberg: Xbox 360 will win Christmas

  • Carpathian 20/10/2008

    "Greenberg: Xbox 360 will win Christmas "

    No. The 360 will win at Christmas. It won't win it as a prize of some sort.

    Blimey - a couple of awards and a few beers and the proofing goes out of the window !

    {walks off muttering to self about standards, Americanisms and dumbing down}
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  • Golden Axe: Beast Rider

  • Carpathian 17/10/2008

    {Saw tagline of 'Pony'}

    {laughed out loud at desk at work}

    Probably got more enjoyment out of the EG titling than I would from the game it seems.
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  • SouthPeak gobbles up Gamecock

  • Carpathian 14/10/2008

    I do love your headlines here as much as the next jaded gamer with a panto sense of humour (genuinely so) but it has to be said:-

    Kotaku 08:00 "SouthPeak Devours Gamecock"

    EG 15:46 "SouthPeak gobbles up Gamecock"

    We could call that a draw but they played their joker in that they used the following:-

    "Cock head Mike Wilson swells with excitement"
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  • World of Goo

  • Carpathian 02/10/2008

    @miiiguel: {round of applause}

    I now have that playing in my head and while most times that can be annoying I'll say thank you as it's such a cracking track.

    She can play the drums in two
    and the boys say :'Hey Goo what's new?'
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  • Maddie reference spotted in Bungie trailer

  • Carpathian 26/09/2008

    squarejawhero: I've got my ad blocker off for EG, as they deserve the money to be frank.

    They're using my ad-generated cash to change their name?

    "I've read Kotaku and I'm going to have a browse of Frank next"

    Nope. Doesn't work for me.
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  • Carpathian 26/09/2008

    Yossarian: I'm surprised at EG running this story at this stage, especially as they are always harping on about the sensationalism of the tabloids using controversy in videogames to sell papers. Or, in this case, hits.

    I was going to post the very same thing. Unless the Eurogamer staff truly believe that Bungie are including the name on purpose then the only other explanation is simply pure coincidence.

    If they're making the former assumption then I'd imagine they better be damn sure of the ground they're standing on - I don't think Bungie et al will be liking that tone. If it's the latter then posting this story is poor journalism at best and gutter-level hit-seeking at worst. Either way it really shouldn't be on the site.
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  • Publishers "scared" to scrap DRM

  • Carpathian 22/09/2008

    I've been trying to "Pop over to (Good Old Games) to see what's on offer." since it was first mentioned on here but it's neither launched yet nor seems to be accepting (or at least replying to) 'early access' email requests.

    As an option, therefore, that places it fourth in a list of three.
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  • New Metallica album for GH3 on Friday

  • Carpathian 09/09/2008

    the band has recorded two exclusive versions of single "Suicide & Redemption" for the game, each with extended guitar solos to panic along to

    I can has confused.

    That track wasn't a single, "The Day That Never Comes" was and even got a video. It's also a 10min+ instrumental that was already plastered with solos so extra extended ones seem a weird thing to add to it.

    I guess only time will tell!
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  • Original 360 defect rate was 68 per cent

  • Carpathian 08/09/2008

    By the time my fourth one popped it's silicon clogs I'd decided to bail out of the 360. A damn shame as it was easily one of the best machines I'd had over the many years of gaming since my first ZX80. Best games, best online, best controller.

    Sadly, there's only so much you can forgive when your most played game was "Box Up Your Console (360 Edition)"

    To avoid confusion, my post is not a gloating one but more the exact opposite - it's a shame as I'd much rather have one running still.
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  • Xbox 360 nearing limits of capability - Epic

  • Carpathian 02/09/2008

    "We're certainly approaching the upper end of what developers are able to do with it"

    "There will be games in development that won't ship until 2010, and I'm sure they'll look killer, just because, again, they'll have more time with [the console] and learn from mistakes and optimisations of others."

    So, the 360 is all bit done but will have even better stuff still coming out until around 2010.

    Yep, it's the sound of a dev who really doesn't know what he thinks and proves this with supreme ease.
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  • Resident Evil 5 - Trailer

  • Carpathian 20/08/2008

    A portion of double WANT and chips for me, please.

    Looks a cracker.
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  • Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop - Gameplay

  • Carpathian 20/08/2008

    Wanted it to be great.

    Should have been at least good.

    Looks dreadfully rough and unfinished - poor collision detection, clunky movement, really stunted animation & ai and worst of all things like the carrying & using of the bench look wrong somehow as if the angle of view and movement don't mesh up right.
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  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • Carpathian 19/08/2008

    Xerx3s: Funny. People always cry for innovation but when somebody does it with [insert stale old title here] they want to to be just a copy of what it was.

    +1 (at least)

    Funnily enough the same thought was crossing my mind too. I'll quite happily say that there's nothing wrong with liking a good platform-em-up (or whatever game style floats your boat) but you have to bring something new to the table from time to time. It's not that there aren't other games of the desired genre out there to play instead if the latest title you were waiting for has taken another direction.

    Personally, I thought BK needed a new twist - another pure collect-em-all would have left me a bit deja-vu to be honest. I never found much reply value with the old titles either - this "build it and try it and tweak it and swap it" thing will probably have far more legs for me in that respect.
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  • Carpathian 19/08/2008

    Sounds to me like the great Banjo world design crossed with those "lose hours of your life" vehicle/puzzle/construction Flash games going about right now.

    If that's the case, even at a rudimentary level, that it's a big pile of WIN for me......
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  • Eurogamer Benelux launches!

  • Carpathian 18/08/2008

    I remember when this was the only EG outpost. How she's grown.

    /wipes away tear.

    Yeah, you turn your back for a moment and suddenly they've taken the stabilizers off and are riding off into the sunset to buy some clogs and a fluorescent orange shirt.

    Good luck, team !

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  • No Spore demo, but expansions planned

  • Carpathian 16/08/2008

    I rarely buy PC games. I rarely use pirated PC games. I tend to console for games and PC for web/utils/music/whatever.

    Spore was the first thing for a good while to make me think to buy it.

    Reading that it has copy protection means I won't and most likely not pirate it either now I'm put off the product to some extent.

    Thanks for the heads-up, EA &/or Maxis - I shall spend my money on something else instead.

    So, to recap:-

    DRM = almost certain lost sale due to principle.
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  • Warner Music videos for Xbox Live

  • Carpathian 15/08/2008

    Watched loads of videos when they started.
    Stopped getting any at all when a charge came in for them.

    The idea of paying to watch an artists promotion for a single seems wrong on many levels.
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  • Braid for PS3 is a possibility - Blow

  • Carpathian 12/08/2008

    Want PC version. Muchly. Reply 0
  • Eidos reveals new Lara Croft model

  • Carpathian 11/08/2008

    @Netweb - even if the kick in the first 'mature' rated one misses I'm sure enemies will be distracted ;o) Reply 0
  • Carpathian 11/08/2008

    I really like those carpet burns on her knees. a nice touch.

    I think you'll find they were scraped on the wall of an Aztec ruin......

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  • Doom 4 "three times" Rage visual quality

  • Carpathian 01/08/2008

    Doom 4 will be best for PC. You can adjust your own settings, tweak the game and so on and have nice fps with the best graphics.

    {adopts Geordie accent}

    Day 1 in the Doom thread. Naive or decide.
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  • Carpathian 01/08/2008

    "three times the graphics richness"

    Oh, good grief. Do sod off and take your spouty rubbish with you......
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  • Bungie talks AI and animation

  • Carpathian 31/07/2008

    I know the fact it's Bungie will bring out the pro/anti bots as usual but it's a fair point made.

    I remember a few years ago having a very similar conversation with a few people only in our case it was the "making a cup of tea" process. When you actually break down the many things involved it suddenly exposes a number of decisions and movements that you never give a single conscious thought to - suddenly it's not the motor used to tip the kettle that is the issue but instead the position relative to equipment, kettle weight & how full it is, cup position, avoiding spillage, correct pouring speed for size of cup etc etc. To have an AI driven character do this in a realistic and non-scripted manner is a goal that sounds trite and pointless but would actually yield a huge amount of progress for the industry as a whole.

    Interesting stuff.
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  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

  • Carpathian 30/07/2008

    it's a template that has been copied far too many times by lesser Live Arcade games - all of which seem to favour of mayhem and noise, missing the subtleties that make Geometry Wars so great.

    Why did the latest Minter creation come to mind the second I read that.........
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  • Cryostasis

  • Carpathian 28/07/2008

    Not entirely sure about the thermometer idea.

    Could be genius and give a new slant on health/life or could be an excuse for tenuous "get this wheel working elsewhere so you can pump oil somewhere else" type of wanderings.

    Will keep an eye on this though - will be interesting to see which way it goes.
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  • Dead Space Downfall - Trailer

  • Carpathian 24/07/2008

    So, that's Event Horizon and Alien mashed up in a poor animation style?

    Interest = Interest - 10
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  • Tomb Raider: Underworld

  • Carpathian 24/07/2008

    @butler; Thanks for your input. If you need an adult to explain any long words then I'm sure somebody can help.

    @Doctor_What; yep, that's the same sort of thing - when I think of that title it's sadly one of the first things that comes to mind for me as well.
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