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  • Steam and Early Access: To curate or not curate?

  • CaptainBinky 06/08/2014

    @MrNinjaSquirrel Well of course they do. As I've said in previous comments, my statement was addressing people's opinions on what should or shouldn't be on the store, not Valve themselves who have every right to say yes or no at their discretion.

    Given their experiment with Greenlight, they clearly want to move away from that responsibility and instead step in when users report issues with false advertising, etc.
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  • CaptainBinky 06/08/2014

    @OneManAndHisDroid :) Thanks. Also, if it were entirely up to me, I'd make demos for Early Access games mandatory. Reply +1
  • CaptainBinky 06/08/2014

    @GajKnight Define what this "bar of quality" would represent?

    Since stuff you like and stuff I like, and stuff any other random person likes are going to differ quite massively, how exactly do you propose setting this quality benchmark?

    Or do you propose that Valve themselves should curate every single game on their store? Every employee will have differing tastes, what if a good game gets given to someone who just doesn't like that type of game? Should every member of staff involved in curation curate every game and then a consensus be reached? How much time will that take between submitting a game and it being accepted or rejected? Should Valve employ journalists qualified to judge a game objectively, or will you just trust whoever they assign to fulfill that role objectively?

    There's not a single review on Eurogamer which doesn't get a bucket load of disagreement in the comments, this same issue will happen with curation except it will be invisible to us. If a reviewer doesn't put in 50 hours or so into a game before determining it's 7/10 there's outrage. Do you believe that Valve will be able to afford 50 hours or so for *every single game* submitted? Or will they decide based off a cursory glance and reject some incredible games which have a weak opening? Do you *really* want someone else deciding all this on your behalf? When reviewers do it, it's just to make a recommendation - Valve's role would be even *more* important since it's way beyond just recommendation it's *preventing* you from even knowing about the stuff they reject.

    If by "bar of quality" you mean that you would exclude games which do not work, games which are fundamentally broken, or games which mis-represent themselves then I agree with you.

    Just because I don't think subjective things like how "good" a game is should be used to determine what should or shouldn't be on the store doesn't mean I'm advocating fundamentally broken or deceitful games getting a pass.
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  • CaptainBinky 06/08/2014


    "Is this guy really saying that developers have the right to go to some publisher and say "Hey! We just made some game. So you must release it, whetewer you like it or not! Who do you think you are, that you believe you can decide how to run your own bussines?!?!""

    Hey :) No, I wasn't really talking about Valve themselves. Of course *they* have the right to decide what games should be in their store.

    However, we were talking in the context of Early Access, Greenlight, all that jazz. So I was responding to how consumers/developers set their own personal quality bars for entry, "this game isn't good enough for Steam" etc rather than Valve themselves who can, of course, do whatever they like.

    We were talking about the concept of *rejecting* a game for not being "good enough". But "good" is a ridiculously muddy term. What constitutes good enough, beyond the personal preferences of the person making that statement? What you regard as good, I may regard as awful and vice versa. I've seen people complain, "urgh, this looks like a Flash game - it shouldn't be on Steam". The game has not hit their personal benchmark of "good enough" and therefore they'd deny people who like that sort of thing access to that game on Steam if they had the power.

    No, "good" is not a benchmark to use in determining what should or shouldn't be in the store - it's subjective so should be used *only* to determine your own personal purchasing decisions. If something is fundamentally broken, that is a different issue entirely. Rejecting games or removing them because they do not work as intended, this is fair. But heading into subjective territory is not, imo.

    This is why I like the idea of more community-driven things on the Steam Store. Like having a "how complete do you feel this game is" bar on Early Access games which the community, rather than the developers, can influence. Then all these personal subjective feelings towards the games can manifest themselves in a broad *on average* kind of way which would then serve as a yardstick for those thinking about buying. Things like the user reviews help in this regard, but at the moment they don't really get enough prominence. I'd like to see all this stuff get much more visibility on the game's store page.
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  • Big developer sessions update for EGX Rezzed

  • CaptainBinky 25/02/2014

    @TheCleft The Spilt Milk is wee? That certainly explains why the carton in your logo looks so ill :D Reply 0
  • Project Zomboid shuffles to Steam Early Access this week

  • CaptainBinky 06/11/2013


    You can get your Steam Key right now via Desura if you want. Go here: enter your username and password from your email account.

    Then, once logged into Desura, click here to get a Steam key
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  • CaptainBinky 06/11/2013


    You can get your Steam Key right now via Desura if you want. Go here: enter your username and password from your email account.

    Then, once logged into Desura, click here to get a Steam key :)
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  • CaptainBinky 06/11/2013


    Yeah good point. We didn't consider how that looked - the forums are such a primary point of contact for us that we felt they (with a prominent button linking to them on the blog) were sufficient.

    But I can see how it looks to an outside observer without us being clear. Linking from the blog posts to a forum thread would be a good compromise - we'll look into doing something like this when we get a bit of time :)

    As Batsphinx says, we would definitely advise trying the demo first, since with anything still in development and on Early Access, even though we're striving for as stable and compatible a build as possible there's ineveitably going to be some issues crop up for specific hardware configurations.
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  • CaptainBinky 06/11/2013


    We didn't disable comments to silence comments, it's just that after a while it becomes impossible to manage providing feedback in a million places.

    It's true that immediately surrounding that bad time we disabled comments for the sole reason of preserving what was left of our sanity, but since then it's simply that we prefer people to post on our forum where we can respond - it keeps everything in one place so we're not hunting around the internet to find feedback or bug reports.

    If we were doing this to silence anyone, then the blog reposts on Desura, ModDB, and Steam would also have comments disabled, which they don't. It's simply that when we got the new website made, we didn't feel the need to have comments on the blogs when we have the forum.

    We have an extremely open policy to forum posts. We don't delete anything unless it's actively hostile / offensive to other forum members, and even then it'd probably just get locked. The last time we deleted a thread that I remember was because it was porn spam.

    And yeah, I agree that this game has taken longer than we'd have liked ;) Still, can't change the past :(
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  • EA to waive Origin distribution fees for all Kickstarter games

  • CaptainBinky 19/05/2012

    @Renato84 EA's PR plan B: Project "Appease the Indies"

    It's not really appeasing the indies when they're only supporting one very specific indie funding model that's predominantly US-centric.

    Agree that it's baby-steps, but still.
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  • Notch: funding Dungeon Keeper 3 "would be fun"

  • CaptainBinky 13/03/2012

    @disappointed Where can I pre-order this Bungeon Beeper of which you speak? Reply 0
  • CaptainBinky 13/03/2012

    I believe I've already solved the licensing issues when I suggested that he should make "Dungeon Creeper". I'll take 15%, ta :) Reply +6
  • 3DS update to add 3D video recording

  • CaptainBinky 13/09/2011

    Woo! More Streetpass Quest please! And more hats. :) Reply +4
  • Skyrim's Todd Howard: Actors come to us

  • CaptainBinky 21/04/2011

    @MaybeLater: Sean Bean is probably just pleased to be in anything nowadays where his character doesn't get horribly killed within the first act ;) Reply +3
  • Is Fiv5 David Cage's next game?

  • CaptainBinky 21/03/2011

    More like a prequel to 6ix ;) Reply 0
  • CaptainBinky 21/03/2011

    @Pinebear No it's okay, nowadays it's acceptable just to substitute any number for a letter, apparently. May as well just call it 5173 - see? it says "five". Reply +1
  • Minecraft man: "Piracy is not a theft"

  • CaptainBinky 03/03/2011

    The thing about lending a book though, is that you have to give back the book you're lent. If you loved it, you might later buy it. This isn't the same as with games, it's more comparable to free 30-day trials which I dare say also work pretty well at attracting new customers... until they download a crack off the internet. Reply +1
  • CaptainBinky 03/03/2011

    What a strange argument. So data theft isn't theft either providing you only copy it? Good news everybody! Quick! Everyone hack Valve's servers and download the source code to Left4Dead!

    I don't think you can really argue that taking something which is not yours to take is not theft regardless of its impact (or lack of) on your sales.
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  • Duke: Pitchford welcomes feminist anger

  • CaptainBinky 23/02/2011

    This might be satire, but it's pretty blunt simplistic satire. Still, who cares as long as it's fun? Reply +1
  • PC Fable III still in the works

  • CaptainBinky 17/11/2010

    Be "in the works" faster, please ;) Reply +2
  • Nintendo goes ape over DK slang

  • CaptainBinky 10/11/2010

    This news makes me down like Charlie Brown.

    /awaits Peanuts trademark claim
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  • Octopus: Move will outsell Kinect at Xmas

  • CaptainBinky 10/11/2010

    "Thats the best strapline in yonks! +100"

    ...and then -101 points because Octopus have 'arms' ;)
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  • Apple sells three million iPads

  • CaptainBinky 23/06/2010

    Surprised nobody's seized upon this quote to make "satirical" porn apps ;) Reply +3
  • Eurogamer partners with

  • CaptainBinky 15/06/2010

    Eurogamer.stopmoaning , I think :p Reply +5
  • Countdown clock appears on Rare site

  • CaptainBinky 09/06/2010

    Funny how now they're all Microsofted up, they couldn't have made that site look any more Wii without slapping a Nintendo logo on it. Reply 0
  • Games for Android

  • CaptainBinky 07/06/2010

    Whee! That's a round-up and a half :) Reply +8
  • MS didn't think Halo was a good name

  • CaptainBinky 03/06/2010


    Reply +2
  • Fable III confirmed for PC

  • CaptainBinky 21/05/2010

    Yeah, I knew it too. And lots of other stuff you don't. :p Reply 0
  • CaptainBinky 21/05/2010

    Bah, would have much preferred a Steam release but... well, would rather play on my PC than my 360 so looks like I'll just have to suck it up. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 Equaliser Pack live

  • CaptainBinky 04/05/2010

    A bit odd this, I agree. I'd be quite happy to shell out for additional bits and pieces of customisable armour, but where's the fun in using a predesigned set which you can't make pink? Reply 0
  • Facebook Games Roundup

  • CaptainBinky 26/04/2010

    Good Lord you guys are grumpy. No-one forced you to read this, the clue was in the title. Reply +19
  • Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver

  • CaptainBinky 06/04/2010

    Sorry, what?!? The little kids who had Pokemon are in their *twenties* now? Cheers for making me feel old ;) Reply 0
  • Civilization V's Jon Shafer and Dennis Shirk

  • CaptainBinky 09/03/2010

    As long as you can make cool events happen in multiplayer without getting horrible out of sync errors, I'll be happy. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

  • CaptainBinky 08/03/2010

    The thing is, is back when this came out it was literally the most edge-cutting thing ever. So all that confusion about how on Earth you could be arsed to play it as a kid needs to take into account what else there was to play, and what your expectations were. In this age of refined (arguably) gameplay and whatnot, these horrible decisions sound like THE WORST THING EVER by compaarison. Back then, it was just "the way things were". Not a lot around better.

    Plus the theme tune rules. 10/10, so there.
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  • Endless Ocean 2 dated for Europe

  • CaptainBinky 08/01/2010

    I'm a bit bothered by the "danger" bits that flash up in the video. Strikes me like they're pandering to the wrong people - I want to poke a fish in the eye and not get eaten by it afterwards like the first. Still, judgement reserved 'til I play it, obviously. Reply +2
  • Killerspiele

  • CaptainBinky 04/11/2009

    :o) GAH the old "people without children are not allowed opinions on parenting" clause again. Flipping heck I hate that. People are allowed to form opinions based on what they observe, you know. Reply +2
  • CaptainBinky 04/11/2009

    A friend of mine showed an adventure game (old LucasArts style) to his younger brother, a few years ago. He took one look and said in all seriousness, "how do I shoot?". He couldn't quite wrap his head around the concept of a game where the objective was to SOLVE your way out of a crisis - he kept asking "how do I kill him? Can I shoot him?" as if that was the answer to everything.

    Just one kid, I know. But kind of sad none-the-less.
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  • CaptainBinky 04/11/2009


    I think the issue is a bit more complex than just is there shooting people or not? It's the way that it's handled - how much taste is involved. There's a huge difference between saving the world shooting some VERY BAD MEN and a game endorsing KILL THE INNOCENT. And then there's shooting someone, and sawing their head off with a rusty file.
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  • CaptainBinky 04/11/2009


    Oh definitely, there's a parenting issue involved. I mean, how many times do you see a mother/father walk into a shop to buy GTA for their 7 year old kid? I remember when I was a kid, my Grandmother was concerned about buying me Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on C64 for Christmas because the box art had skulls and demons on the cover. My mum had to re-assure her that it was fine. THEN it was a case of, "don't worry about the game, it's fine. The box makes it look bad". Now it's the other way round, it's "look, that 18 rating is there for a reason. The in-game content is much worse than the box implies".

    So yes, a parenting issue combined with responsibility from vendors (which largely does seem to be the case nowadays). But at the end of the day, kids are always going to get their hands on them, so for developers to hide behind a "hell, it says 18 on the box" stance is a bit irresponsible when I question whether there is REALLY any need for some of more extreme acts you can commit in a handful of games.
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  • CaptainBinky 04/11/2009

    Excellent article :o)

    I don't know what effect violent videogames have on kids. I suspect it's somewhere between "none" and "some" depending on the kid but I tire of the brush-off "well it didn't effect ME" arguments when the sort of games we played as young impressionable children had 3 colours and were made out of blobs. Even the graphic nasty films I would sneakily watch in the 80s were pretty tame compared to some of the gore and violence you get nowadays.

    While I think assigning all blame to games and condoning bans and what-not is ridiculous, to deny any responsibility and brush off arguments as "it's JUST a game" is also equally wrong.
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  • EG rocks with Pixie Lott at GH5 launch

  • CaptainBinky 11/09/2009

    Methinks she can't, perhaps, sing that well live..? Whoever she is, that is. Reply +8
  • XNAC dev depressed by size of MS' cut

  • CaptainBinky 30/03/2009

    This all smells of "buy my game" advertising to me. ;o) Reply 0
  • CaptainBinky 30/03/2009

    Surely they knew the size of the cut before going in - it was quite clear in the MS documentation for CGs how much they will take. So are they not simply saying, "we are disappointed by our sales"? Reply 0
  • Let's Tap - Game modes

  • CaptainBinky 04/02/2009

    That looks completely awesome! Reply 0
  • Independent Games Festival finalists

  • CaptainBinky 08/01/2009

    Good luck, Dyson!!! Wooooo!!! Reply 0
  • Fable II wins animal rights award

  • CaptainBinky 07/01/2009

    Difference is though, in Fable2 it's all nice and easy to shove celery and tofu down your character's gob to get the -5.0 fatness stat over and over again, whereas in real life it would taste flipping awful. Reply 0
  • Spore - Galactic edition

  • CaptainBinky 26/08/2008

    Gosh, that all looks rather splendid! Can I have it now please? Reply 0
  • Sea Life Safari

  • CaptainBinky 17/06/2008

    I find it intersting that Endless Ocean on Wii looks considerably better than this. I appreciate that this one is more cartoony, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of detail on the sea bed or anything. Will wait and see though - I'd be quite happy to play through another Endless Ocean-y game. Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • CaptainBinky 17/06/2008

    Last Ninja Remix was better as it had the awesome Reyn Ouwehand music.

    Nebulous on the other hand... gah! What an infuriating game! Destroyed 2 joysticks on that one cos it was so bleeding annoying.
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  • Tension - Gameplay (features nudity)

  • CaptainBinky 14/04/2008

    Not that I in any way object to a bit of random and gratuitous nakedness or anything, but doesn't this kind of feel like two completely different videos somehow edited together?

    You know - like the guy editing the trailer thought, "Jesus - I'm 4 minutes in and I've just realised that this trailer is mind-numbingly dull. Hang on, I think I've got a video or two I can splice in here, in this-old hidden folder."
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