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  • GDC: Mm is "halfway through" LBP

  • Canadian_Mike 26/03/2009


    Fartwhatever is getting so pissed. Hilarious!! You guys are cracking me up!!!

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  • Euro Killzone 2 demo on Thursday

  • Canadian_Mike 03/02/2009

    Just wow Sony, amazing game after amazing game! They're on a huge roll.

    Sorry, euro' gonna have to borrow some bandwidth Thursday since i ain't preordering shit from those crooks at GS/EB. Oh and how did you like your little taste of canadiana the other day.....remember, we have to live in that almost 5 months a year! LOL

    You should have a 5 hour head start until i get off work ;)
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  • Flower

  • Canadian_Mike 20/01/2009

    Wow, what a beautiful and innovative title this has turned out to be.

    Can wait to play this one!!!

    Good job Sony...keep the fresh games coming!
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  • More Resistance 2 details emerge

  • Canadian_Mike 15/01/2008


    40 player Resistance games and 32 player Warhawk games work fine for me as well with zero lag 98% of the time.

    Don't enjoy Resistances multi play as much though...i thought it was too easy as a Chimera and too hard as a Human in MP. The Chimera can look through walls, run super fast and it only costs half of your health bar. But im really loving the sound of the huge feature set for this one sine its online system was (and still is) by far the best on PS3!

    These guys will deliver in spades, believe it.
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  • Killzone 2 shots 'touched up'

  • Canadian_Mike 10/12/2007


    You need to get laid bad buddy.


    You know to much about some dudes on a forum.

    Some poor (but probably ugly) lady could take up some of this time you seem to have on your hands.

    ...are videogames really worth this much energy?
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  • Canadian_Mike 10/12/2007


    Apologie is killing you wankers. This is fun to watch.

    He is 100% right though.


    EDIT: This game should be fun! !

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  • MGS4 must sell 1m on day one

  • Canadian_Mike 30/11/2007

    Wow, some pissed off xbot's in this thread.

    It's funny watching you all twist and turn between....."they are so stupid for not putting this on 360 waaaaaa....waaaaaa" and the smug "but, but....our user base is soooo this and blah blah blah"

    ....Then there's the guys who pretend to never really have paid much attention to it with the "Well, this game is below my standards....splinter cell this....watching cut scenes that"

    Lets not forget the deer in the headlights group *shock* "They can't ignore us! They would be just stupid to not release it on xbox...just stupid i tell you, this will be on my 360...i knows it!"

    Please continue.

    Salt.....check! :)
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  • Halo 3

  • Canadian_Mike 23/09/2007


    Better than Sega Rally Revo?
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  • SEGA Rally

  • Canadian_Mike 23/09/2007

    This game is total shit....

    9 out of 10 for this terrible shallow product? Wow, does this site ever suck nowadays.
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  • Heavenly Sword

  • Canadian_Mike 30/07/2007

    30-Jul-07 17:17:39

    Its had a very troubled development this one, bad sign. this is not going to sell the PS3 no way.
    ignore poster

    Who the fuck are you? Yoda?

    Put up a link, or shut up. LOL
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  • Canadian_Mike 30/07/2007

    i guess you were one of them ROFLMAO Reply 0
  • Canadian_Mike 30/07/2007

    OK, im going to tell you exatly what was said above me without even reading the forum posts.....

    "well now im not going to buy it since (after playing for 5mins) it's just qt event's", or "what, no jump? I'm not buying it".

    ...lets not forget the xbot cry, "it can't touch Ninja Gaiden's combat" and now since it's being release on the 360, Devil May cry as well.

    Then there's the obligatory dipshit with the, "oh! it's in 720p? Well my TV is this and that...Sony why, whine whine whine"

    right? right? So Fuckin predictable. *rolls eyes*
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • Canadian_Mike 11/05/2007

    The original TG16 version of Ninja Spirit does not contain a 2 player simultaneous mode. Just a alternating one.

    I know because i played this so many times on my TG that i have it memorized.

    .....Yes, including the last stage where you're falling down, by hundreds of Ninjas that deal out 1 hit deaths.

    This and "Gates of Thunder" were my fav games back then.
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  • Europe gets new PS3 hardware

  • Canadian_Mike 23/02/2007

    here's the back compat list for you guys.....

    ...shit! sorry guys, sites not ready untill the 23rd of March.
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  • Blast Factor

  • Canadian_Mike 07/02/2007

    06-Feb-07 11:58:23

    To some extent this is because the PS3 game's leaderboard system isn't neatly integrated with the main console interface the way Xbox Live Arcade's has been

    This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder what the hell the online strategy is over at Sony Towers? If relatively small DLC cannot be integrated into the main console...........

    Except, the game does (and a few others like Lemmings for one) have a score board system intergrated into your PSN's friends list. I guess the reviewer never hit "select" or maybe it's "R1" to cycle through the different scoreboard lists in the game.

    Also, Resistance is the only game to "not" use the PSN buddy list for online.

    Just a little FYI.
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  • HMV refuses PS3 pre-orders unless you buy a PSP too

  • Canadian_Mike 02/02/2007

    02-Feb-07 21:05:34
    Thanks for caring enough to go though my forum posts.
    And also thanks for not wanting to listen to informed opinions about real-life experiences.
    I guess that means you are a perfect target audience for Sony branded products, right?"

    All of that crap came out of your hole because some kid wanted to know if his headset would work.

    You sir are just an internet loud mouth.

    ...and i didn't have to go far, that was your most recent. LOL
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  • Canadian_Mike 02/02/2007

    22 Jan '07 14:34

    How would this work then? The mini (charge)port on the front of the controller?


    You really have no idea what you're talking about do you?

    All PS3's have 4 USB ports.

    Hang on - so you have a wireless controller to free up your living room, then you tether your head to the console?


    I like wireless as much as the next bloke, but all of that 2.4 ghz stuff floating around will cause problems at some point:

    imagine playing split-screen co-op over the Internet with a friend -

    both have wireless controllers, both have wireless headsets, you're using the built-in wireless adapter, you have a cordless phone nearby, maybe you both have bluetooth on your phones switched on.

    That is one HELL of a load of interference, all on the same frequency. Something has to give.

    Being forced to go back to wires (if you did get problems), which you would have to attach to your console, seems a mite silly to me, to be honest...

    Edited by bioreit at 14:34:35 22-01-2007

    Edited by bioreit at 14:35:20 22-01-2007

    PS...... you try waaaaay to hard buddy. Get a life
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  • Canadian_Mike 02/02/2007

    Gerr: "There are over 80 comments on this thread. Point out 1 in favor of this bundle. They were blinded by greed."

    Yeah, 80 comments by the same 10 people....cough cough
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  • Canadian_Mike 02/02/2007

    "over-priced and questionably designed products that get me a bit riled..oh, that and immoral sales tactics."

    ...and why do you own a 360 again? ROFLMAO!!!
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  • Canadian_Mike 02/02/2007


    I see alot of insecure 360 owners in this thread trying to sell as many 360's as they can before big bad Sony hits.

    You can try, but it's not gonna help.
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  • Gran Turismo HD Concept

  • Canadian_Mike 31/01/2007

    No, FFB in GT:HD. The wheel is supported for steering though.

    The strange thing is the F1 demo supports FFB on the Driving Force Pro 2. I know...weird eh?

    ...oh and currently ranking 24th' ish in the world on the G35. ;)

    PS, Haven't checked if they fixed that with version 1.1, but i doubt it.
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  • Sony admits Emmy confusion

  • Canadian_Mike 11/01/2007

    So was this for Sony's Dual analog sticks?

    ...and nintendo got one for their D-pad.

    Both sound pretty important to me. Good job Sony and Nintendo.
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  • MotorStorm

  • Canadian_Mike 05/01/2007

    I have mastered the tilt functionality for this game and actually think i prefer it overall. You just have to realize that only very slight tilting motions are needed.

    You'll find yourself fighting to do this a first, but now i just kinda hold the controller on my fingertips and gently lean in left/right. When you get spun out or all messed up in a corner you just gotta remember not to start twisting like crazy, just a gentle lean (or i just kinda orient the controller from a -- position to a | position to pull myself back around sharp, it's a little extreme but you know you're turning at the max for sure) and back on the gas/turbo.

    The real beauty is when you get air born, it's so easy a natural to just gently lean and tilt the controller forward/back left right to make your landings perfect and readjust after taking a bump in the air or taking a jump wrong.

    It's very nice and shouldn't be ignored.

    Sorry to run on a bit there.
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  • Silent Hill 2 movie confirmed

  • Canadian_Mike 03/01/2007

    Having worked on the VFX for the original film i'm glad to see some of you really enjoyed it.

    Cristophe is a pretty good guy too. Wonder if we'll see any of Pt2 here at work again.
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  • GT Concept demo contents

  • Canadian_Mike 21/12/2006


    Now will my Driving Force Pro 2 work with this Sony??
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  • Loads of PS3s available online

  • Canadian_Mike 20/12/2006

    PS3 games are going for 59.99 CDN on average at Walmart. Reply 0
  • Canadian_Mike 20/12/2006

    Where are these "loads" of PS3's. There a a few people i know still trying to get one.

    I've been checking the online stores and can't find one.
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  • flOw delayed

  • Canadian_Mike 19/12/2006

    I have to say i don't quite "get" this game yet.

    I've played the flash version, is this supposed to be a non-gamers game? I fail to see the draw.

    Yet anyways.

    I've been wrong before.
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  • Sony boss Reeves dismisses talk of PS3 delay

  • Canadian_Mike 13/12/2006

    13-Dec-06 20:28:07

    "The PS3 is clearly more expensive than its' competitors, but I remember when I bought my Euro-launch PS2 it was £300"

    ...but the PS2's only rival at launch was the Dreamcast which was almost dead by the time the PS2 came out. The Xbox and GameCube didn't come out until a year later. And £300 is substantially less than £425.

    For the record the Dreamcast was selling quite well when the PS2 came out.

    I remeber hearing a few months prior to the PS2's arrival that it had already sold over 5 million units and i was considering picking one up myself.

    It was months after the PS2 came out that the Dreamcast just fell apart.

    At least that was the way it went down in NA anyways.
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  • More titles on PS3 Store

  • Canadian_Mike 11/12/2006

    Yep, loving this new Lemmings. Hell of a price to boot!

    The reworking of the original options screen music made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
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  • Tekken going on PS3 Store

  • Canadian_Mike 07/12/2006

    Hey! Now thats a comment!

    Yeah, some updated models and BG's would be a nice touch (ala TTT). Either way, i doubt we'll be seeing PSP quality assets since there is already a PS2 version.

    But it is a nice way to introduce the series to people who otherwise might not be looking for it in a game store. Prep them for 6.

    ...and for guys like me. Who just wanna play it in HD. Hehe.
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  • Canadian_Mike 07/12/2006

    Nobody is forcing you to buy it dipshit.

    *rolls eyes*
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  • Canadian_Mike 07/12/2006

    Yes! Sold.

    Tekken is the shit. Been playing this series since the beginning.

    ....aahhh yes, running the JPN import of the original on my NA Playstation. Anyone remember using some putty to start the system with the CD door open and then swapping in a import game after you got a boot code in the CD player menu from the US one? Yes i'm old. lol

    Wow, considering the rate i was losing braincells back then (and still am), i'm surprised i remember that.
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  • PS3, PSP firmware updated

  • Canadian_Mike 07/12/2006

    I updated.

    Everything works better. The order of resolution is now right for me. 1080i->720p->480p and will change to the right rez depending on the game.

    Before 720p was priority.

    Allot of shit TV's out there apparently.
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  • Resistance to be patched

  • Canadian_Mike 06/12/2006

    Own it.

    Don't listen to the haters. This game is georgeous and only gets better as the game goes on.

    Nice and hard too.

    Loving this.
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  • Gran Turismo HD shots

  • Canadian_Mike 24/11/2006

    Just bring it out already!

    I've got my Driving Force Pro 2, PS3 (just got it today, no lineup's or camp outs thank you) and credit card ready to rock.

    ...geeeze, Sony is gonna make a killing off me this gen. lol
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  • We want to go head to head with PS3 - Microsoft

  • Canadian_Mike 10/11/2006

    It must be nice to just lose money for 5+ years straight and still be able to pretend you've got a sucessful product on your hands. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer TV Show episode 2

  • Canadian_Mike 09/11/2006

    Don't forget us Canadian's too.

    Britan isn't England?

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  • PS3 titles to use single online sign-in

  • Canadian_Mike 08/11/2006

    08-Nov-06 13:43:15

    It sounded to me like you have one identity, but you attach different sub accounts for different games to that, So when go to login, it would use the relevant id for that game. If you wanted to sheen over that, you could say it is a "single login".
    ignore poster"

    Ummmm, right. *rolls eyes*

    This is from the article you're commenting on....

    "wishes to be clear that Resistance uses the PlayStation online ID to sign into the game. There is no separate login for Resistance and the online ID you create will be the same you use for all titles."

    ...sounds pretty clear to me.
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  • Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

  • Canadian_Mike 07/11/2006

    Thx RFT,

    Got my yaw's combined with my pitches.
    ...either way, i don't see the PSP needing another stick for this game.
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  • Canadian_Mike 06/11/2006

    Excelent point Hughes!! lol

    " herod
    06-Nov-06 09:19:51

    Partly that's due to the limitations of Sony's hardware: the game is more difficult to control than previous Ace Combat games, primarily because the lack of a second analog stick means that it's difficult to yaw and pitch or roll at the same time.


    Except, real jets are "also" flown with one stick.

    Left - right, banks.

    Up - down, pitch and yaw.

    This reviewer is a moron, sorry. It's obvious he's digging for anything bad he can find.

    Shame on you Eurogamer.

    BTW it's currently an 8 on gamerankings.
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  • Price explains Resistance online

  • Canadian_Mike 02/11/2006

    So, will the system (the PS3) show you as being "online" (on the XMB) while you play Resistance? Reply 0
  • Canadian_Mike 02/11/2006

    " disc
    02-Nov-06 18:09:27

    Yes but I'm not an Xbot.

    Also, they can easily patch this later."

    ...thats actually a good point.
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  • Final Fantasy XII

  • Canadian_Mike 01/11/2006

    " darkphoenix
    01-Nov-06 01:42:06

    Great game, but the lack of a 480p option makes it unplayable in a big plasma or lcd display."

    Naw, the game is pretty good as far as aliasing goes. It holds up good on a big screen.

    Although theres no 480p support (i know i was pissed too) there is widescreen support (yay!!) and an option called "Flicker Filter" that helps smooth things out quite a bit, don't ask me why theres an option to turn it on or off, it makes quite a difference on and you'll want toleave it. i said the game is looking beautiful on my 42 inch plasma. Don't be scared.
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  • PS3: Ask Us Questions

  • Canadian_Mike 30/10/2006

    Wow, 4 pages of the shittiest attempts at jokes I've ever heard!!

    Some of you need to get out more if you think you're actually funny.

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  • Xbox bloke slags off PS3 online

  • Canadian_Mike 23/10/2006

    23-Oct-06 15:58:51

    I agree that the vast majority do not have the PC hooked up to the telly.
    But I don't think that matters a great deal. MS's dream of the 360 taking over the whole entertainment of your life is a long way off.

    I don't see MS "ever" doing this.

    They'd be killing their cash cow, Windows. Remember the xbox makes them no money...and would never give them the money their OS'es have.

    This is one of the reasons i think MS will never update our dashboards to have a web browser or make the Xbox do anything that would make the PC obsolete
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  • Canadian_Mike 23/10/2006


    Out of everyone i know, none of them have their PC's hooked up to a TV. i'd say out of your 90%, 98% of those PC users don't have a TV hooked up to their PC or have home networks to stream it all over the media center "bs" MS is pushing.

    I'm sorry, it's just a better soloution that Sony has.
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  • Canadian_Mike 23/10/2006

    " penhalion
    23-Oct-06 15:26:36

    If sony deliver a free service to rival Live, then I'll bet a quid that it'll be provided at a loss!"

    But by the same token, Sony has content people really want to buy. MS on the other hand has to go around begging for content, make a deal here or there...but no constant flow from their Film, TV and music divisions.

    Sony stands to make a ton of money off content transactions and they know it.
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  • Canadian_Mike 23/10/2006

    Uh oh.

    Sony's got it's own little online store and MS is scared.

    ...and they should be cause Sony now has a place where it can make millions off it's full array of media holdings.

    Film, TV, Music.

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  • PS3 multimedia details

  • Canadian_Mike 19/10/2006

    Oh man, this thing is looking amazing!!

    Can't wait!
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