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  • Cleary charged with e-crime offences

  • CalmBlueOcean 22/06/2011

    this whole story feels like bullshit to me...

    First of all, to the best of my knowledge, Anonymous have never had a member caught. Real hackers don't get caught. Gobby script-kiddies who shoot their mouths off and try and piggy-back on the fame of others, on the other hand...

    Secondly, I'm not sure I even buy that Lulsec are a splinter from Anonymous... Clearly's story just doesn't make sense. Anonymous don't HAVE a leadership structure to disagree with, and they don't have a concept of "membership" such that there would be any NEED to splinter from them.
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  • Cliff Bleszinski hits out at Kinect hate

  • CalmBlueOcean 07/06/2011

    "what's the problem? If you don't like it, don't play it."

    Or, based on this years E3 showing, plan on buying any games in 2012.
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  • Forza 4 Kinect head tracking footage

  • CalmBlueOcean 07/06/2011

    Kinect doesn't know which way your head is pointing, and will never know which way your head is pointing without a significant hardware update.This tech will be about tilting your head, not turning it. Reply 0
  • F1 2011

  • CalmBlueOcean 05/06/2011

    I love it when gamers notice a thing and get their pants in a bunch

    No racing game ever properly tracks the cars when they are off-screen... it would be a ridiculous waste of resources.
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  • Rock and a Hard Place

  • CalmBlueOcean 07/05/2011

    an interesting article (although it seems to spend most of its second half just restating it's first half, but never mind) followed by one of the most depressing comments threads I've ever read.

    If I had to form an opinion on the industry based solely off EG comment threads, I'd be left in little doubt that the customers loathed developers with a passion. Some of you are so eager to blame devs for the problems, and never look at your own games shelf.

    New ideas don't sell, because gamers, en masse, don't like new experiences. They will always put their £40 next to something they already know how to play rather than learn something new. If creativity and radical new ideas sold well, we'd all be drowning in a sea of innovative and creative new titles. The industry isn't stupid, and has access to the real sales figures, not just what people "reckon" is selling.

    You get the games industry you vote for at the tills.
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  • Minecraft man: "Piracy is not a theft"

  • CalmBlueOcean 04/03/2011

    wow Murton, that is a bizarrely hostile response, and one that bears almost no relationship to the post it was responding to.

    He didn't invent the car analogy, so people calling him an idiot for making the comparison are, at best, being a little harsh. FACT has been using the "car theft = copyright theft" for decades, and he's absolutely right to point out that the two acts are clearly not morally equivalent.

    Stealing deprives someone of property, piracy only deprives someone of the rather nebulous concept of "a potential sale". This is the point he is making and simply knee-jerking an ad-hominen attack rather than attempting to address his position just makes you look bad.

    I take you would consider yourself amongst his "intellectual superiors"... so how's your massive indie game hit coming along?
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  • CalmBlueOcean 04/03/2011

    This is quite an interesting thread to compare to the arguments re: pre-owned games sections of high street retailers. It seems very odd to me that most posters on this site (and indeed any other site you care to read) will defend to the hilt their right to purchase the game in a way that gives the developer nothing, but will happily condemn piracy.

    As a developer, I'd actually prefer my game was pirated over sold pre-owned. The pirate was unlikely to ever give me his money, but the pre-owned buyer WAS happy part with cash for my game. I won't see any money from either one of them, but the latter feels a lot more like a "lost sale" than the former.
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  • CalmBlueOcean 04/03/2011

    To be fair, the analogy with the stolen car isn't his invention. The argument that "you wouldn't steal a car, so don't steal games" has been doing the rounds forever. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Freespace 2

  • CalmBlueOcean 12/12/2010

    Still my favourite game ever. Bought £70 worth of force feedback joystick to play it, back in the day when £70 for a peripheral was INSANE money.

    The mission after you finally take down the Sathanas (a feat which spans three missions in itself) and TEN MORE of the bastards turn up...genius. I genuinely couldn't imagine how the storyline was going to defeat those odds, and was astonished and delighted as I discovered that it doesn't. You spend the rest of the campaign missions overseeing a desperate evacuation process against genuinely impossible odds.

    Just the most amazing narrative I've ever experienced in a game.
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  • UK teen arrested for Call of Duty DDOS

  • CalmBlueOcean 10/12/2010

    Why was he DDoSing though?

    It's easy to call him a little shit, but there's easily a million COD players who I'd like to see get much worse treatment than just a DDoS attack.

    For all we know this guy might have been the greatest net vigilante of all time, keeping sploiters and racists off COD with his uber-hacker skillz?
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  • Microsoft raises Kinect sales projections

  • CalmBlueOcean 04/11/2010

    "Those who've never played it seem to be the main haters. funny that. reminds me of the wii launch."

    I have played on Kinect.... prior to experience with it I was excited and intrigued... unfortunately half an hour with the laggy, glitchy, unresponsive sack of shit that is Kinect made me want to weep. It barely works at all, is confused by damn near everything. At one point we put a pot plant in front of it and watched it label said plant as player 2?!

    Kinect reminds me of the Wii as well with one crucial difference. The Wii doesn't HAVE to do motion control, you have d-pad and buttons as and when you need them, so even if the waggle-trash winds you up, you can still make proper games for it as well... Kinect doesn't have that luxury, its far MORE casual than the Wii.
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  • Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

  • CalmBlueOcean 02/09/2010

    It's definitely true that the two groups, people who like DR and people who hate DR, are identical to "people who attempted to complete the storyline on their first playthrough" and "People who just fucked around for a few playthroughs first".

    However, that just underlines what a shocking bit of game design the structure of the game is. When sizeable hordes of people are driven away from a game because they don't understand how it works, that's some pretty epic failure on the part of the designers. It's not like the multiple play-through structure is really granting the game any nice benefits, it's just acting as a barrier to entry for the many gamers who have been conditioned to follow the narrative of a game.
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  • Zampella: Reviewers should finish games

  • CalmBlueOcean 15/08/2010

    Stu - your two arguments work against each other a bit there. Are the journo's reviewing games they haven't completed because they are shit, or because the deadlines are too tight?

    There's a flipside as well... plenty of games get a raft of 9s and 10s on review because, yes, the first two hours are great, but they then turn into repetitive pap afterwards. Kung Fu Panda is a great example of this. It was so heavily lauded in the reviews it's become a benchmark of sorts for making a good kids game. Unfortunately, as soon as you are past the third level cut and paste level design, under implemented mechanics and tedious pacing really start to hurt the experience.

    I'm sure its hard on reviewers, I'm sure deadlines are too tight and they can't possibly complete every game they are assigned, but then that's surely quite a big problem with games journalism in general, isn't it? It's not unreasonable for developers, who work some brutal hours to vicious deadlines themselves, to want their end result to be judged based on its entirety rather than just the first impressions. Especially when you consider the damage that a poor review can do to their financial returns on that work.
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  • CalmBlueOcean 13/08/2010

    The ultimate problem behind all of this is that reviewers don't realise the power they wield.

    The finger of blame could be pointed in three different directions, admittedly, but inside the industry at the moment your studio's average metacritic rating is EVERYTHING. I can't count the number of projects my employers have lost at the last hurdle because a publisher's marketing department went to metacritic and decided our average score was too low.

    Bear in mind that metacritic scores are ALREADY an average, so we are talking about an average of an average there... It's insane, but the upshot of all this is that ONE bad review can significantly damage the future of a studio. Is it any wonder that devs get bitter and twisted about reviewers when their one "subjective opinion" can put them out of the industry for good?
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • CalmBlueOcean 10/06/2010

    I would pay £100 to experience Deus Ex again for the first time... 5.99.... BUY IT NOW!

    Dare I believe this game will be good? Just seeing the name "Tracer Tong" again gave me a massive nerdgasm... please please please be good!
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  • Blur

  • CalmBlueOcean 03/05/2010

    Blur for me, all the way - Mario Kart with fixed weapons, no rubber banding, and COD style multi player leveling up.

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  • Dead to Rights: Retribution

  • CalmBlueOcean 23/04/2010

    Bit surprised at how harsh this review is... some of the criticisms are simply untrue.

    For example the enemies quite blatantly and deliberately shoot to miss you if you are engaged in hand to hand combat with another enemy. Bit odd that the review claims the opposite.
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  • Splinter Cell: Conviction

  • CalmBlueOcean 18/04/2010

    yeah have to say I think EG might have dropped another clanger here... some of what they say is fair criticism (the iraq level is bobbins) but to say it becomes too shooty stinks of a bad player who can't handle the larger numbers of guards and enemies that are present in the later levels.

    You can't do the entire game undetected, but you can do the vast majority of it and even in the last level I was sneaking around and snapping necks quite happily.
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  • Football Manager for iPhone tomorrow

  • CalmBlueOcean 12/04/2010

    Sorry Subquest but you are talking utter nonsense... and I'm going to keep calling people out who whinge about pricing until everyone knows the arguments off by heart.

    If you HALVE the price of your game, the sales need to MORE THAN DOUBLE as a result for it to be anything other than a huge mistake....does a £4.50 price tag for Iphone FootMan double the sales? I'd be astonished if it did.
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  • PrimeSense: Beyond Natal

  • CalmBlueOcean 06/04/2010

    I can't help thinking some people are going to be awfully disappointed with the actual capabilities of Natal.

    Naturally this will be the dev's fault
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  • F1 2010's career mode detailed

  • CalmBlueOcean 20/03/2010

    Just to offer the opposing point of view on the off-track/PR side of this game...

    I love Moto GP, and I have enjoyed the recent Moto GP games, but however interesting you find the racing, doing a 16 race season, with the constant qualify - race - next track - qualify - race - next track sequence, gets really REALLY boring after a while. You do need to put something in there to break up the monotony.

    Games like Forza or GT or whatever do it with the car tuning to an extent, and I guess thats kind of available to F1 and GP games but other racing games never put you into full length racing seasons. Every four races you can jump into a radically different type of car and change the experience enough for yourself that you don't get bored.

    So, tentatively I am in favour of those off-track distractions... balancing your media profile, picking fights with Hamilton and co, getting into a feud with your team mate... could be a nice break in the pace
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  • Rockstar denies San Diego accusations

  • CalmBlueOcean 23/01/2010

    quite torn on this story... I'm sure the allegations are true (unless there's more too them than just shit wages and mandatory crunch overtime?) but to be honest thats pretty much in line with working at any dev studio. The hours and working conditions are shit everwhere, and they are the same on "Kiddywink Platformer Wii Adventures" as they are on a AAA title.

    I know what I'd rather slog my guts out to make, and no one lies to you when you join the games industry and says its gonna be easy or at all pleasant. Making games is hell most of the time, and then some IGN twat calls you lazy because you didn't manage to make MW2 in the nine months your team of twenty had to make your game, and you go home and cry yourself to sleep.

    It's still better than a proper job :)
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  • Games of 2009: FIFA 10

  • CalmBlueOcean 23/12/2009

    Worst thing about this article is liking that bloody awful baby goal celebration.

    1) It is the WORST piece of animation that has ever been shipped in a game. Jerky, wooden, unnatural, no sense of momentum or weight to the motions... its truly dreadful

    2) It is, without exception, the sole preserve of chavs, sploiters or the other subhuman breeds of scum who infest Xbox Live like a cancer. As a result I strongly urge that under no circumstances should you ever EVER do the baby, unless you are celebrating another shot from the halfway line goal, or a "block the goalkeepers kick out of his hands ha ha ha" goal, or the one where you do a long throw against the crossbar, or the goal direct from a corner...

    Wow there's a lot of glitch goals in FIFA 10....
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  • New Borderlands DLC detailed

  • CalmBlueOcean 11/12/2009

    stop moaning about this sounding sparse... to be coming out so quickly they must have knocked it up in a matter of days after the first wave of feedback from their player base. There has been constant demands for horde mode and a storage box on their forums since the day of release.

    They are doing exactly what you want developers to do. Responding quickly to player requests.
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  • Borderlands

  • CalmBlueOcean 21/10/2009

    "I don't know anyobdy on Live and I'm not interested in playing with EG people really, as I don't really know them."

    Reap the benefits of 5 years of posting negative whiney crap on this site :P
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  • Gridrunner Revolution

  • CalmBlueOcean 01/10/2009

    If you don't think Space Giraffe was "new" then you simply didn't understand it. Fair enough to not like what it did but to accuse it of being a rehash is very wide of the mark.

    Can't wait to play this, as soon as I get my PC sorted :)
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  • Blood Bowl

  • CalmBlueOcean 15/09/2009

    see I can't object too much to this review as an account of a new player, especially if they are trying to learn the rules from this game as its a fairly harsh master compared to a friend who can make allowances for a newb, let them take back moves and such forth.

    I do think its worth saying that "its too random" is a common complaint amongst inexperienced (or just plain bad) players, one that tends to fade off as they get better. There is a lot that a good player will do to mitigate the effects of randomness and whilst you can't always prevent a run of bad luck from causing you problems, you can strongly minimise the damage it will do to your strategy and if your carefully laid plans don't allow for failure, then in Blood Bowl terms they are pretty bad plans. You KNOW that you are relying on chance so you make allowances for it. Don't try and pick the ball up without surrounding it with defenders as best you can first, leave the fighting until last unless its vital its done earlier, etc etc.

    I guess overall the problem with a review like this one is that if you read the text its a fair enough review, but Metacritic won't read the review, it will just trash the games average, and that seems kinda unfair, despite the reviewers honest intentions.
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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • CalmBlueOcean 01/06/2009

    methinks PM has forgotten how to bullshit it at E3... you are supposed to claim to be two or three years ahead of the curve, not pretend to have invented the greatest technology in the history of the world! (which is what conversant AI would be)

    Milo is a good test for which forumites you should listen to... anyone who thinks that is credible has NO IDEA what they are talking about and should be disregarded forever
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