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  • Amiibo unlock extra racing suits in Mario Kart 8

  • CallousB 05/11/2014

    I don't quite know why they are creating costumes for the Mii's...when they could have allowed you to unlock the actual Fox, Captain Falcon and Samus characters instead. It's not like they'd have to create the character models from scratch. Reply +2
  • Hands-on with Nintendo's final Amiibo designs

  • CallousB 04/11/2014

    I think half the problems come from them wanting to keep their Smash Bros poses alongside the flat Smash Bros trophy base.

    Give them a more normal pose or allow them to stand on bits of rock/angled surfaces (as you see on some skylanders/infinity toys) and you'd do away with the need for unsightly plastic supports.

    I think I'll wait for the non-Smash Bros branded they'll likely be designed with both feet on the ground.
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  • EGX 2014: Game of the Show

  • CallousB 03/10/2014

    @MrTomFTW Er..there is an option use a stick to look if you prefer. You don't have to use tilt..that's just the default option. Reply +9
  • Here's the first wave of Nintendo Amiibo figurines, due by Christmas

  • CallousB 29/08/2014

    The big question for me is in regards to Mario Kart 8. If amiibo's are the only way to unlock certain characters/tracks/vehicles (Samus and Fox based ones specifically) then I'll buy them...otherwise I doubt I'll bother. Reply -2
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • CallousB 13/08/2014

    Someone really should sue one of these companies that says a game is "exclusive" when it's timed exclusive (ie not exclusive).

    It's deliberate false advertising.
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  • UK court rules against Nintendo in Wii patent battle

  • CallousB 23/06/2014

    "The '498 and '650 patents were held to be invalid as originally granted, but Philips Electronics were permitted to make validating amendments during the course of the litigation. " the hell is that possible/allowed?
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  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • CallousB 10/06/2014

    @CrumpledPaper It'll be similar to how Samus's ship controlled in the Nintendoland Metroid game. Complex but rewarding when you got used to it. Reply +6
  • CallousB 10/06/2014

    From the looks of it these are 3 small experimental titles rather than full budget games (not that there's anything wrong with that) expect them to be eshop only, budget priced or in a Nintendoland style package. Reply +1
  • Pullblox World and Chibi-Robo! Nintendo eShop release dates announced

  • CallousB 28/05/2014

    It would be nice if they included a mode for 3DTV's..but I doubt they will. Reply 0
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will make use of NFC toys

  • CallousB 23/05/2014

    I'd be annoyed if you're forced to buy a figure to unlock on disc content in Smash...

    ...on the flipside I'd have no problem if they included exclusive figures with future software releases to allow you to download a new franchise character/updated skin for a current it's a good way of both boosting the sales of a new retail releases and having an ever expanding/updated Smash Bros.

    I also quite like the idea of potentially scanning a Wind Waker Link figure and then being able to play as him in the next Mario platformer as an extra.
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  • It looks like Nintendo is working on Wii Music for Wii U

  • CallousB 23/05/2014

    @melnificent There's a good chance Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and X will be out before Smash Bros in the west. Reply +2
  • CallousB 23/05/2014

    I'd have no problem with this if it had a full music editor and even some Tomodachi life vocoder stuff for your own weird vocals (that alone looks far better than Wii Music ever did). would largely be useless to me as my tv's lag is bad enough that the Gamepad sound is slightly ahead of my tv's sound no matter what I a game that has music coming out of the tv and gamepad speakers will be out of time unless they add an audio delay option to the gamepad to make it as laggy as my tv.
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  • Philips wants Wii U banned for patent infringement

  • CallousB 15/05/2014

    @Umang well they want a jury that'll probably be an advantage if they get it. I could see Philips winning by jury and then overturned when Nintendo push it to a higher court. Reply +6
  • Nintendo reveals Skylanders-style figurine platform for Wii U, 3DS

  • CallousB 08/05/2014

    Good to see it's cross format and cross title. I'd not really have much interest in buying a Skylanders game that required a bunch of figures....

    ...but if they let you scan a Fox McCloud figure to unlock him in Mario Kart or a scan a Link figure to replace your main character in Fire Emblem..then I'd buy them.
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  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • CallousB 08/05/2014

    @jabberwocky That was a falsehood. There was an error that when transferring Mii's from the DS/Wii the data would be scrambled and those Mii's would randomly be shoved into already existing relationships..which broke the save ability of the game. The same sex relationship images posted here are still possible..they were created by changing the gender of a both male and female Mii's use exactly the same body parts and clothes in the game.

    The only thing to stop you having a simulated gay relationship in the game is how much you resent having to press the button that says female for gender. If you wished you could fill the game entirely with male looking Mii's and as long as you don't resent clicking the female gender button for half..have an entirely gay town (albeit with male pregnancy).
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  • CallousB 08/05/2014

    "I want to be able to marry my real-life fiancé's Mii"... I'm pretty sure you can't choose which characters marry in the game anyway....even if they are straight. As far as I'm aware the characters do what they want,choose who to marry. You don't really control them (you can mark a character as a family member so you don't get any creepy incest scenarios..but that's about it).
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  • Xbox One launches in Japan 4th September

  • CallousB 23/04/2014

    I think it'll do even worse than the 360. More expensive, even more focus on online play/subscription based gaming...probably fewer exclusives. Reply +8
  • Sega announces Sonic Boom for 3DS and Wii U

  • CallousB 07/02/2014

    Although I don't much like the character redesign.....I actually have more faith in Big Red Button and Sanzaru in making a decent game...than I do Sonic Team.

    Sonic Team are to Sonic...what George Lucas is to Star Wars. Good when they started..but now I'd rather they stayed as far away from the franchise as possible.
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  • This piracy-enabling 3DS flashcard tried to prevent itself from being pirated

  • CallousB 20/01/2014

    GATEWAY "We do not answer rumours, speculations and other tactics from people who are not even real competitors, but simply companies stealing our hard work"..

    ..HAAAAA. The nerve.
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  • CallousB 20/01/2014

    @Chickenzilla Yeah...the DS being region free sure stopped people pirating DS games.:-/ Reply +3
  • Wii Sports Club will download to your Wii U automatically

  • CallousB 30/10/2013

    @abeeken Boxing might have some potential if they have a mode for two motion plus controllers (which could happen..Wii Fit U has some modes that use two). Reply +1
  • CallousB 30/10/2013

    @Pandy Nothing has been mentioned in regards to new courses yet.Here's the current info on the new Golf stuff- -

    Use the GamePad and the TV screen
    - Place the GamePad on the floor first, as shown in Wii U’s concept video back at E3 2011
    - Ball is shown on the GamePad screen by your feet
    - Fairway is on the TV screen
    - Play like real golf
    - If you face the Wiimote Plus toward the GamePad by your feet, the head of the club appears on screen
    - If you twist the Wiimote Plus controller, the club head also turns
    - Hit in that position and you can hit a fade and so forth
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  • CallousB 30/10/2013

    @LunaticPandora ...I'd imagine it will be the online play, motion plus controls, region vs region club play and Miiverse in game messaging that will appeal more than the "uprezzed graphics". Reply +7
  • These Super Mario 3D World screenshots will brighten up your day

  • CallousB 16/10/2013

    Well it should move systems...provided Nintendo don't balls up the marketing as badly as the E3 reveal(although I suspect they will based on the last few years of shoddy ad campaigns). Reply 0
  • This is what the 2DS' huge single LCD screen looks like

  • CallousB 16/10/2013

    Nintendo really missed a trick here.

    If they put the screen on whole without the bezel and then had a full screen browser, full screen art academy and ebook shop..they'd have a nice,child friendly tablet that also played DS/3DS games.

    It could have been a good 3rd pillar for them..with very little effort.
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  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader retrospective

  • CallousB 29/09/2013

    @bencompston Won't happen. EA owns Star Wars now.... which means you can kiss goobye to anything Star Wars related on Nintendo platforms. Reply -2
  • 3DS FIFA 14 has "no updates to gameplay or modes"

  • CallousB 23/09/2013

    Makes you wonder why they didn't make a Wii U version to be honest.

    I mean if they are so cheap that all they are doing with the 3DS version is updated kits and rosters...'d have thought they'd at least try and rip-off Wii U owners with the same shitty treatment.
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  • Wii Sports Club is Wii Sports mini-games in HD for Wii U

  • CallousB 18/09/2013

    Maybe they should have charged £3 each ...and £35 to play online each year. People seem accepting of that pricing model. :-P

    I'll happily pay £8.99 for Wii Sports Tennis for HD and online play/leagues.
    Same for Golf if it's enhanced to use the gamepad like the original Wii u demo.

    £1.79 for a day pass seems great value considering most people only play when there's a family group.
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  • Nintendo announces Nintendo 2DS handheld console

  • CallousB 28/08/2013

    It's for kids and parents who worry about/don't care about 3D and just want the cheapest machine. It's not for us. Reply +6
  • Pokémon Rumble U's Skylanders-style toys iffy for Europe

  • CallousB 17/07/2013

    Just put the game on disc, include it in a bundle with 6 NFC figures and sell it for £20- £25. Reply +2
  • GAME pulls mention of SNES emulator from its Ouya advertising

  • CallousB 04/07/2013

    I don't honestly know why GAME are selling Ouya.

    Game stores were supposedly up in arms at the thought of used games being blocked (as that's where they make the bulk of their money)..

    ..yet they are willing to sell a device where they make no money from software at all...and happy to promote that the games are "free". That would piss me off if I was Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo.
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  • EA and Nintendo: the collapse of the "unprecedented relationship"

  • CallousB 26/06/2013

    Sales may be causing lack of support now..but EA can't say with a straight face they ever strongly supported the Wii U.

    Madden and Fifa were half assed on the Wii U and missing major features.
    EA chose to promote smartglass on 360 sports games at last years E3 and snubbed all mention of Wii U gamepad use.They announced a budget priced Mass effect trilogy... before Mass Effect 3 hit Wii U at full price.

    Need for Speed was the one game with any effort..and that was a very late port at a price more than double that of the other versions then available.

    There's far more to this than poor support and promotion for Wii U features/software was killed dead by EA long before it hit retail.
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  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS story mode won't be like Brawl, creator says

  • CallousB 17/06/2013

    @melnificent I'd imagine they start with the high end character models they have in the cut scenes and scale for the Wii U and scale again for the 3DS (although with the 3DS they may well use the character models from the GC/wii game).

    There may not be much sharing of assets as both versions have completely different levels. The 3DS game will focus more on levels based around handheld games, the Wii U version around console games.
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  • That difficult second screen

  • CallousB 15/06/2013

    The early Wii Sports U demo seemed to make the best use of the two screen structure in both single and multiplayer with golf and the Wiimote=batter/Gamepad=catcher in baseball...but that's nowhere to be seen.

    I was surprised Retro didn't make Metroid Prime 4 over Donkey Kong as that seemed tailor made for scanning etc with the second screen.

    The second screen may come into its own with a deep rpg like X....other than that there's certainly potential for the pseudo VR a combined gamepad/Wii U Zapper would have..but again that's MIA.

    The gamepad would also be very useful as a creation tool for thing like a track editor in Mario Kart..but that has been te case since the DS days and has yet to come to fruition.

    Pokemon Snap, Endless Ocean and Fatal Frame would also work well (using the gamepad as a camera) but they don't appear to be in production at present either.
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  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • CallousB 10/06/2013

    I was expecting £329 max for a lower end model. I didn't think it would be over £400..not with all the DRM shit. Reply 0
  • Rare announces Killer Instinct for Xbox One

  • CallousB 10/06/2013

    @Spong Their most recent games were tie-ins for Green Lantern and Battleship.

    If Microsoft takes it from Rare and gives it to Double can't help but wonder what state Rare are in.
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  • CallousB 10/06/2013

    RARE aren't even making it according to other sites.

    It's by Double Helix games.
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  • Wii U Wii U Wii U: Is it time to call an ambulance for Nintendo's console?

  • CallousB 25/05/2013

    One would think a Eurogamer article in regards to Microsoft's anti-consumer bullshit would have been more fitting the week after Xbox Ones reveal..but no..Wii U gets it in the throat again..

    ..I bet Eurogamer didn't even report the "Mysterious Cities of Gold" game coming to Wii U (even though it will probably be shit). Heathens.

    On a more serious note. There's nothing that a price cut, more marketing,better marketing and strong games (which will be here this year) can't turn around...

    ....although some shelf space at retail would help. There's ony 1 Wii U game at my local Tesco Superstore..vs a whole section for Vita.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • CallousB 24/05/2013

    No more private sales,no more giving the games to friends/charity.

    Forced to sell to retail who only give low prices for trade-ins now..which will be even lower.

    The consumer selling gets far,far less.....the consumer buying pays far more.

    Even online passes were better than least you could still sell the games privately with those and choose if you wanted to play online or not or save the pass for someone else.
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  • Xbox One will not be backwards compatible

  • CallousB 21/05/2013

    So Wii U is the only console where all your physical and digital purchases from last gen can be played on this gens machine from day one...

    ...yet they are the one who gets the most shit for their accounts system.
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  • Denis Dyack: "I'm sorry for X-Men Destiny"

  • CallousB 20/05/2013

    They are asking for too much money..and aiming far too high..

    They'd be better off starting small and asking Nintendo if they could port Eternal Darkness to the 3DS and then consider making Shadow of the Eternals 3DS with a lower budget using that engine..

    ..although I doubt Nintendo want to get involved with this new game as they are probably wary of some of the legalities of assets going from Silicon knights to Precursor Games. I could see that causing some problems down the road.

    Even if they do want to make this for a home can't help but question the financial wisdom of licensing Cryengine 3 when Nintendo would likely have given them a Wii U dev kit with Unity pro 4, Havok and a bunch of other middleware for free.
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  • The next Xbox: everything we know so far

  • CallousB 20/05/2013

    @redcrayon More likely they are trying to hook you into a subscription service by making the $299 model look better value.

    They want people to get the subcription once people are tied into a subscription service/account few people will bother cancelling.

    It's a way of stinging consumers for hundreds of dollars more..without them noticing (worked for 360..and will likely work even better now).
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  • Madden NFL 25 the latest EA game to skip Wii U - what now for FIFA 14?

  • CallousB 17/05/2013

    Interesting that both Eurogamer and (owned by the same people I believe)..have decided to print 2 negative Wii U articles DIRECTLY after a Nintendo Direct.

    This one containing a repeat of information we already knew (no EA games on Wii U was pretty explanitory without needing this follow up)..and the other telling everyone how doomed Nintendo is.
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  • Nintendo confirms Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 UK release dates

  • CallousB 17/05/2013

    I'm hoping that Sonic: Lost world is decent..and fingers crossed it'll have plenty of dinosaur action. Reply +2
  • CallousB 17/05/2013

    Europe is getting Wonderful 101 almost a month before the US..and Pikmin 3 a week before..well done NOE! Reply +11
  • Secrets of the Wii U GamePad

  • CallousB 15/05/2013

    The stuff on the streaming tech is nice...but it would have been good to see a full breakdown of everything included like the NFC reader, motion tech used, camera/speaker/mic type etc. Reply +3
  • Shadow of the Eternals launches an actual Kickstarter "due to overwhelming popular demand"

  • CallousB 14/05/2013

    If Nintendo themselves had done a kickstarter for the game ...I'd have backed it. But I'm struggling to muster the will to give Denis Dyack money matter how much I loved Eternal Darkness. Reply +2
  • Ace Attorney 5 will be an eShop-only offering

  • CallousB 14/05/2013

    What's wrong with just calling it Ace Attorney 5?

    Pricing will be interesting.

    £15-£20 and I'll probably bite...but I refuse to pay more when you don't get a physical copy with trade-in value. Same goes for all eshop games that have a retail release. When I can get the physical copy at launch for about £27, I sure as hell won't pay £39 for an eshop version.
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  • Wii U to miss out on 15 EA games using Frostbite Engine 3

  • CallousB 08/05/2013

    This was known months ago to be honest. Reply +1
  • Sony launches indie game category on PlayStation Store

  • CallousB 07/05/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Nintendo has done a fair bit actually. They have removed all their past restrictions in regards to needing an office (anyone can make a game for the Wii U now..provided they have released 1 title elsewhere and can promise to keep a dev kit secure).

    They worked with Unity to get an excellent version of Unity Pro 4 which is given away free with every Wii U dev kit (as well as free havok and a number of other middleware products at no extra charge).

    They've created the Nintendo Web Framework which is also included with the dev kit to allow ports of HTML5 and javascript based games and Apps. They have also loaned a number of Indies full dev kits without charge. .

    ...and yes they allow self publishing,self pricing, they can have sales whenever they wish...and no fees for updates.

    You hear little from gaming sites about it ...but hundreds of indes have signed up to become Wii U devs since GDC.
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