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  • PS4 Play As You Download "makes a digital library a practical option in the real world"

  • C0mmander 11/07/2013

    @podgek293 Is it? Reply 0
  • Sony: PS4 will rekindle diversity of PSone era

  • C0mmander 10/07/2013

    @geordiek I've always been confused as to why Microsoft have never had someone who works heavily in the field to be the lead. Cerny has developed, produced and supervised some great projects. Reply +4
  • Grand Theft Auto 5's first gameplay footage revealed

  • C0mmander 09/07/2013

    @Graveland PS3 (There's an 'X' button and 'R2' in the video. PC is yet to be announced. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 10 HD and 10-2 HD support cross-saves

  • C0mmander 05/07/2013

    @Mogwha Sadly its not Sony's decision :/ Reply 0
  • So long, Don Mattrick

  • C0mmander 02/07/2013

    @Soton4084 Its people like Cerny that have pushed my passion further to learn how to program and create games and I cannot wait to be good enough to make my own game and be proud of it. Cerny is super talented and has a big view on the Games industry, from production, development, console architecture and so on. It is inspiring the amount of cult franchises he has worked on and the level of knowledge and understanding he brings to the field. Microsoft need someone like him or Shuhei Yoshida who really connect with gamers. Reply +7
  • Is this the closest we're going to get to Final Fantasy 7 HD?

  • C0mmander 02/07/2013

    @bats The problem with this comment is they don't really want to its what fans want sadly. Have you not seen all the fans that moaned about XIII with its complete disregard for nostalgia. Also have you not seen the fans that beg for a VI or VII remake. Like it or not nostalgia sells. P.s. I don't think this game looks that bad the hate for the 13 series is a ball of hyperbole, won't be buying this though as will likely be playing Infamous:second Son. It launches at an unfortunate time. Reply 0
  • Lovefilm ditches game rentals

  • C0mmander 02/07/2013

    @joesploggs They did have Wii U and Vita games on Lovefilm I mainly used them to test Vita games they are under the 'PSP' section. I will be leaving them though as the games are the only reason I signed up. Their streaming is worse and so is their selection. I'd rather rejoin Netflix for streaming. Reply 0
  • Microsoft names next free game for Xbox 360 Gold subscribers

  • C0mmander 01/07/2013

    @Cobalt_Jackal It is in July from the 3rd of July! Those games are switching out in a couple of days for new ones except UC3, Xcom and LBP Karting stay for the PS3. In other words you will get Saints Row if you are a Plus member just like the US had it this month.
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  • C0mmander 01/07/2013

    PS Plus in July (ALL TITLES INCLUDING ANNUAL) = £173.64 (according to amazon)

    Excluding ANNUAL = £80.63 (Approx Value)

    Xbox Live = 25.27 (AC2, Halo 3, Defense Grid)

    For any one who's interested in this kind of thing!
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  • C0mmander 01/07/2013

    Not to mention July on PS Plus introduces Battlefield 3, Payday: The Heist, Saints Row: The third and on PS Plus for Vita Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13. These join LBP:Karting, Uncharted 3, Xcom on PS3 (which are up for a year), also on PS Vita these join Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. Not to mention there will be discounts throughout the month. Reply +68
  • Xbox 360 set to overtake Wii in UK in matter of days

  • C0mmander 27/06/2013

    @arcam as of right now they are about 22.1M behind the Wii worldwide so they've still got a LONG way to go on that front. Reportedly they are also now .2M behind the PS3 which isn't MAJOR but kind of is in the sense it shows 360 sales slowed worldwide as the PS3 of course launched at a high price and a year later, so it could be read to be of grave significance to the strength of the markets Microsoft is not targeting. Reply 0
  • EA: "We don't have a problem with second-hand sales as they are today"

  • C0mmander 12/06/2013

    @PlugMonkey http://www.computerandvideogames.com/412976/sony-clarifies-no-crackdown-on-disc-trading-but-online-drm-is-possible/ Reply +1
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3, and LittleBigPlanet Karting are coming to PS Plus' year-long Instant Game Collection

  • C0mmander 08/06/2013

    @madjim Well that's what's great about this its not even our next month games! These are just additional bonuses for June which I believe also got ICO and Shadow of the colussus HD and Demon's souls also (I dunno if this onr was last month now :/) Kingdoms of Amalur. So we get 6 new PS3 games for June on Plus with a Vita thst brings my count up to 8 games in all with my Vita included though I had Rayman Origins Vita from launch! Reply +2
  • Planetside 2 is PlayStation 4 bound

  • C0mmander 06/06/2013

    @darth_paul I wonder if PS will support mouse and keyboard again though like they did on PS3. For example you could play Counter Strike:GO (which never realesed in Europe) you could use move, the dualshock 3 or the mouse and keyboard! Reply 0
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 slips to 2014 in Europe, US

  • C0mmander 06/06/2013

    @jabberwoky But it didn't bomb. It's like COD people bitch about how its the same every year and still buy it, the sales of FFXIII were good with XIII-2 satisfactory. I personally don't mind this series but I'll probs have my PS4 by this point! Reply 0
  • Watch us play The Last of Us from 7pm BST

  • C0mmander 31/05/2013

    @gooner77 Well embargo lifts on June 5 (I believe) so not too long to wait for those reviews! Reply 0
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD due next week on iOS

  • C0mmander 30/05/2013

    I really want this on my S4, its a shame and I don't think my old iPod touch will run this well :/ Reply 0
  • PS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games

  • C0mmander 29/05/2013

    This had basically just been confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida.

    Shuhei Yoshida
    @MrDaWe Yes, it's true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita.
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  • C0mmander 29/05/2013

    @Mr-Writer It indeed could to some extent. You could set up your PSP/VITA to turn on your console through remote play (through internet connection) and play compatible software/ enter the dashboard. I reckon it will be able to do this but latency will probably be higher if this method is used. Reply 0
  • C0mmander 29/05/2013

    @CatWeazle I can't remember if they said thi at their conference earlier the year (I believe they did) but eventually with Gaikai it should also end up gaining access to PS2 and 3 games on top of the PS4 remote play and the natively supported PS One, PSP, PS Mobile and PS Vita games. By the time this handheld meets its full potential there should be no lull in what you can play. As a Vita owner I'm very happy with this,although I do hope they show off some great Vita exclusives at E3 or thereafter to show off the great exclusive content it gets as well. Reply +3
  • C0mmander 29/05/2013

    @mintgreen I'm gonna take a stab at it and say £559.99 - 699. Basically I see PS4 being 359.99 or above. Obviously I'd love it to be around the £250 mark but its never gonna happen (Sony might make me look like a fool for believing this) so together I reckon the above values. Reply -2
  • The Last of Us' Season Pass and DLC detailed

  • C0mmander 29/05/2013

    For people to say they're not buying the game for this is a bit too much hyperbole for me. If you were gonna buy the game buy it. If you don't want the DLC don't buy it and they will know you don't want DLC why miss out on the whole game because of DLC you don't even need ? This game went Gold at the start May they've had a month to work on DLC using existing assets, its just the way the industry works now, as a developer you work on your game til it goes gold (After R & D), it goes through marketing, then when finally finished and checked for bugs it goes Gold. At this point Developers now usually start working on any DLC that didn't make it into the game usually (some developers don't) and take a short break afterwards before coming back sorting out any updates needed for the game and then eventually discussing their next project. My point here is its no use getting up in arms about this, yes its frustrating to have to almost always pay more for a game but this is likely all optional the story will probably end. The DLC is there for those who DO want more from the experience. My views might not be the popular one but I needed to state them because it confuses me how you won't buy a game because of DLC you don't need (With SF, SSF and SSFAE fair enough, you have the right to be pessimistic) but with this meh. Reply +1
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • C0mmander 21/05/2013

    Plus if they were trying to gain market share in Europe or Japan it won't work when a lot of the TV services and the special NFL partnership will not be that big a deal in these markets. Reply 0
  • C0mmander 21/05/2013

    I am utterly underwhelmed. There was little talk of exclusive titles, the partnership with EA and Activision is meh especially Activision's which was predictable. I think the console itself is hideous, they've ruined the almost perfect formula they had for the 360 controller, and didn't speak about games for 32 mins of a 1 hour conference. I know E3 is coming up but Sony got a lot more out of the way at their reveal and had a laser sharp focus on games. I think at the moment PS4 is for me. Reply +1
  • Beyond: Two Souls to be streamed this Saturday night

  • C0mmander 29/04/2013

    @dcangel I believe LA Noire was also shown at this film festival a few years ago and that was a game so its just to show how story telling in gaming has evolved and can be taken seriously by those interested in cinema. Reply 0
  • Nintendo ditches E3 press conference in favour of behind-closed-doors events

  • C0mmander 25/04/2013

    @dogmanstaruk The thing is we can't possibly be in the nieche with the figures of people supposedly watching E3 live stream on just Gametrailers last year. Also E3 has the potential for social media sites to go crazy with people announcing what's just been shown at the conference. I mean a lot of games related stuff was trending on Twitter worldwide during the respective E3 conferences last year. Nintendo Direct is nice but E3 is your chance to get a HUGE fanbase talking. I never feel the anticipation for Nintendo Directs that I feel for stage shows Like E3 or GamesCom. Nintendo needed to be there to show off their big hitters and get some mind share. Because believe me after E3 is over Next Gen news for Sony and Microsoft will be through the roof and that's not even mentioning Sony's recent love of Gamescom and appealing to their Japanese audience likely a month or two before release at TGS.
    This is a big risk, but then again Nintendo have never exactly been that predictable.
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  • Fire Emblem: Awakening review

  • C0mmander 15/04/2013

    Nooooooooo. In a month where I have no money for it :( Reply 0
  • Ex-Inside Xbox members launch new project Thank You For Playing

  • C0mmander 11/04/2013

    @danielmaher Sounds pretty cool. I was thinking something should have been programmed into code to stop people doing that! Kickstarter one made me laugh a lot 'Girls Gun Wild' Reply -1
  • C0mmander 11/04/2013

    @danielmaher Haven't really skipped through many of the unlock points wasn't sure if they would actually unlock so have just watched all of the videos through really. Then gone back to the ones I hadn't watched to the unlock points on. Reply 0
  • C0mmander 11/04/2013

    @danielmaher I just wanna say its superb. I'm hoping to break into the industry and love to see a show which delves into the multiple facets of games and what surrounds them. Plus the hub and the unlocks are really good fun! Can't wait to see what will be in world 2! (P.s. love the master of unlocking reference as well :) Reply 0
  • Resident Evil: Revelations will get a Season Pass

  • C0mmander 11/04/2013

    Had really great fun on this on 3DS, its actually the best RE game I've played in this entire gen of consoles. As long as they don't try and nickel and dime too much out of consumers with extra DLC might pick this up again down the line. Reply +2
  • Former BioWare boss: PS4 and next Xbox unlikely to cure "sick market for old-school gaming"

  • C0mmander 10/04/2013

    @ring_piece I think Nintendo's issue is the fact they continued down the 'innovation' first 'games' last attitude. What I mean by that is they didn't have enough ready on release and so therefore the console thus far (Wii U) has taken a steep decline into a pool full of trouble. They could very well get out of it at some point but even if they announce superb software to go along with it at E3 it probably won't work that well as the mind share will probably be shared something like 40% Sony (PS4), 40% Microsoft (Xbox New) and only 20% Nintendo (WiiU). This is excluding handhelds which I place in a different mindshare. I love Nintendo for its willingness to try and push the envelope like it did with DS and Wii especially but at this point I think they're in danger of becoming third best, not because of content but because of wasting the few months it had to really establish itself in the market and turn peoples heads away from saying I'll wait for PS4 or Xbox New. Reply +5
  • Media Molecule's papercraft platformer Tearaway dated for October

  • C0mmander 09/04/2013

    @OJSlaughter Because EU retail releases are Wednesday and UK is Friday and to round it off US is Tuesdays! Reply +9
  • Batman: Arkham Origins announced for PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360

  • C0mmander 09/04/2013

    @samezac Agreed. I love my 3DS but games like this I prefer on my Vita will defo pick up the Vita game if its any good. Reply +13
  • Next Xbox won't be backwards-compatible, report says

  • C0mmander 09/04/2013

    @kevinboyle82 I completely agree I thought I was going crazy for thinking this. When PS4 said backwards compatibility would probably work in the cloud I was just like 'neat'. Its not a feature I expect from new consoles but rather one that is a cool addition. However this isn't a deal breaker if I'm gonna drop anywhere in the region of £400+ I'm damn well gonna play the life out of the games I'm buying the console with. I am leaning more towards PS4 because I prefer Sony's Exclusives however whatever console I get BC will not be a deal breaker for me! Reply +3
  • New Square Enix boss promises "fundamental review" of the entire company

  • C0mmander 03/04/2013

    @SheffAl I dunno about that. It's despite its problems very popular still I still like them even if they've gone off track. Their problem is too many though in hat they haven't completed their projects like FF Versus XIII and KH III games that both rely on he same division and were heavily anticipated have become essentially vapourware and these would have been big hitters for the company. What I've always liked about FF is each iteration changes up the formula and story that's why XIII had a problem with its 'saga' which will end later this year. Reply 0
  • C0mmander 03/04/2013

    @Cosmopolitan I think it is. I know everyone says 'remake this remake that!' but I have to say if they give FF VI the HD treatment for Vita or whatever else and add some new dungeons or whatever they might remember the kind of games they made in their best days. I say FF VI rather than VII because its easier to create HD assets in 2D. Overall though what they need o do is strip down the franchise and say gameplay first, story then cinematics last, they're nice to have but not the be all and end all of a good JRPG. Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 million copies, failed to hit expectations

  • C0mmander 26/03/2013

    @Quixz I mean Square's best selling PS2 games sold 6.6 million units (FFX) in the PS2 lifespan so surely 3.4 million is quite a significant amount regardless of the costs of this current generation as opposed to PS2. Black Ops sold 12 million on X360, I think even getting a quarter of that so fast is extremely impressive. Reply 0
  • Every PlayStation 4 game, every developer announced so far

  • C0mmander 21/02/2013

    @Daniel_Spencer Yep Witcher III has been announced to be coming to PS4! Reply +1
  • Ubisoft "hurt" seeing Rayman Legends Wii U fans upset at delay, extends new olive branch

  • C0mmander 19/02/2013

    @SuperSoupy They probably are 'hurt' because they aren't the publishers in this video but the developers, and it is openly known that they were angry at Ubisoft's decision to not release the game. Plus they're probably even more hurt by the fact they thought the game had gone 'gold' only to find out they want to now compromise by making a challenge mode. To be honest its not their fault, its the higher ups in suits. Its unfair to say the developers aren't hurt as they could be working on something new or getting a break, but now they have to develop a game they thought finished. Reply +4
  • Original DMC creator a fan of the reboot

  • C0mmander 15/01/2013

    Wow, I had no clue he was at the helm of MGS: Rising. That's crazy it will essentially end up being his current work versus a reboot of a piece of work he helped create 12 years ago! I will be giving this game a rental as I played it recently and I think the game is alright and I like the New Dante's don't give a damn attitude. However at the moment after playing rising at a few conferences and the demo in ZOE HD I'd prefer to actually buy that game, but that might just be because I love MGS settings in general! Reply +2
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

  • C0mmander 06/12/2012

    For me Defo the Walking Dead, my other choices were other things I had the most fun with so far this year! Gave Gravity Rush and LBP Vita some love on the handheld side too. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Vita signs of life

  • C0mmander 03/11/2012

    @discoriggall Have to agree about the store I think it needs a redesign to add a few tweaks. To be honest the store update the PS3 got I think would suit the PSV touch screen more than it does the controller aas you could just swipe across each section and tap the letters on the search section. Reply +2
  • C0mmander 03/11/2012

    I absolutely love my Vita, I got it on release and I have played it twice as much as my 3DS this year. My Vita has not gathered any dust at all really, particularly because for me games on the PSV have more longevity, the reason for this is the trophy support attached to each. I had a big lull in buying games for it at the start in its launch but this didn't really affect me too much as I was still trying to receive all the bounties on UC:GA to finally get that platinum. Then there was the faithful port of UMvC 3 to tide me over when I just wanted a 5 minute gaming session. Then some big hitters came out MGS HD, Gravity Rush, Rayman Origins (Looks great on the OLED screen), Escape Plan, Super Stardust Delta, LBPV not to mention my PSP downloadable library as well as (eventually...) PSOne Classics, and now PS Mobile. I think there are a lot of incentives to buy one - but does the mass market know about its features or the games?! Sony's advertising (or lack thereof) is quite honestly abysmal. I've seen so many Xbox 360 and 3DS adverts in the last week and only seen 2 PSV adverts. Plus for me what put me off slightly and kept me hesitant when I bought mine at launch was the memory card price - I have a 16 GB and was least than amused by it. Sadly Sony's biggest struggle will be just that PRICE. It will struggle against 3DS because I can pick up a 3DS for about £159 cheapest and for PSV £199 - 229 for a bundle with a few games - which TBH isn't that bad but people want a bigger memory card than 4GB so you would have to shell out an additional £30. Although on the upside those who start buying cross buy products will start getting essentially FREE Vita versions if they buy enough of these games it will be a huge push for the handheld which will make me very happy as its a great piece of kit, with some good software and I want to hear less doom and gloom about it! Reply +4
  • A dip in PlayStation sales but also a dip in Sony's losses

  • C0mmander 01/11/2012

    @ozthegweat I completely agree with this they need to streamline their products. Have a couple of huge premium and mid range handsets per year and put the money saved on developing other handsets to R & D, marketing and development of the new handsets - with the same going for some of their other lines such as their cameras having a low, mid and premium range released each year rather than about 10 a year!
    This way the savings they make would be larger for the fiscal year and on top of that if they felt the need they could put it to divisions such as PS mobile software or Playstation software for its gaming division to seal some great games. While it could be risky there's of course always the consideration of demand according to supply. Sorry for my essay guys!
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  • EG Expo 2012 Attendees' Top 10

  • C0mmander 05/10/2012

    For me personally COD and Halo 4 would be down the list to 10 and 9 and Far Cry 3 would not even be there based on the demo I played at the expo. That is all. Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita dev offering month's internship

  • C0mmander 25/09/2012

    Well we've only really started to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to user creation after a month the levels will just get better and better as more people understand the 'dev kit'. Reply +5
  • Sony's TGS 2012 press conference

  • C0mmander 19/09/2012

    @wattsn26 I mean they could have at least announce a Monster Hunter or bar that a Final Fantasy or some kind of well established JRPG or any solidified franchise I mean after all this is for Japenese audiences but they hardly even catered for them. Reply 0
  • C0mmander 19/09/2012

    That was disappointing! Does SQEnix have a seperate event i'm hoping they'll announce something for PS3 or Vita. I mean it was like here you go ps plus and mobile now we'll have many recaps and a few games no one in the west remotely cares about. Not to mention some of them are PSP ports! I'm just gonna pretend there's a good JRPG coming to my Vita soon as I play LBP Vita when I receive my pre-order until then WTH SCEJ, what happened to your passion for the industry?! Reply 0
  • The entire Final Fantasy 7 story recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2

  • C0mmander 11/09/2012

    Just played LBP Vita trial (From Japenese PSN - Although its in full english) and it was fantastic.From the looks of it we could get many more levels as great as this one on the go as well, can't wait. Now wish I could just make a basic level! Reply 0