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  • Playing games before bed is bad for you, according to science

  • BuntyHoven 23/10/2012

    ya, but after a quick shufty, I'm out like a light.
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  • DayZ: The Best Zombie Game Ever Made?

  • BuntyHoven 26/05/2012

    There is a surrender animation in Arma 2 where you put both your hands up (also a salute animation and a 'lower weapon' one for primary weapon).
    Though I don't think the surrender one has a key binding by default.

    You have to be brave to use them, though! You're giving the other play those crucial extra few seconds to line-up a headshot if they're the treacherous sort ;)
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  • Way of the Samurai 4 to see Western release

  • BuntyHoven 04/04/2012

    I dearly loved the first Way of the Samurai game, I was put off the sequels by poor reviews but I do yearn for some of that multiple-story magic, so I hope this is the business :) Reply +2
  • GeoPOT! PlayStation 3 hacker arrested

  • BuntyHoven 15/03/2012

    kangarootoo wrote:

    Lets be rational here. If cannabis was legal, taxing the profits of small holdings would be a none issue, as the farming of cannabis would become a large scale industry.
    Not sure if it was intentional or not but it made me chuckle anyway
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  • Stream games with Gaikai on Eurogamer.net right now

  • BuntyHoven 20/12/2011

    @miiiguel True, but with the current broadband infrastructure in most countries, it's going to be a relatively niche product for a while yet and the pricing reflects that.

    When that's no longer an issue (and by then I'm sure the server-side costs will be much less prohibitive), I envision a service like this, perhaps in the form of a pay-per-view gaming channel, would be perfect for people who want to play one or two blockbuster games per year without the hassle of investing in specialised hardware.
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  • BuntyHoven 20/12/2011

    Early doors yet, testing the waters an' all that, but make no mistake about it, this is the future of gaming - perfect for casuals who would just have to connect a controller to their TV and play the latest FIFA/COD online. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  • BuntyHoven 18/12/2011

    Nice retrospective of the series. I still hold out hope that Stalker 2 will continue development.
    It seems odd that there is no link from this article to the previous Eurogamer retrospective on the first game, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. (In the 'You may also like...' section, for instance)
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  • Inazuma Eleven heading to Europe

  • BuntyHoven 23/11/2010

    I've always liked the sound of this since I first heard about it on EG, good to hear it's making its way to Europe as well as the US.
    Now, I just hope it was worth the wait. I'm looking forward to finding out.
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  • Digging for Victory: Minecraft Explored

  • BuntyHoven 19/10/2010

    Does this game demand long periods of time thrown into it? I would love to play it, but concerned that you really need to be putting hours at a time into it. Can you save at any point and return whenever you like?

    You can choose to 'Save & Exit' the game at any time and you'll start the next time exactly where you left off. I think the game saves automatically at regular intervals too.
    I don't think the game necessarily needs you to set aside a large amount of time to enjoy it.
    Although, when you start in a new world in survival mode, between the impetus to make a shelter from the night-time monsters and the curiousity to discover what lies beyond just over that hill or down in that cave it is quite compelling and easy to get sucked in for hours.
    However, if I'm building something big that involves monotonous work, I might just play for 10-20 mins at a time.
    I generally wouldn't recommend saving and quitting the game when you're exploring deep in a cave system, it's easy to lose track of your way back out unless you've been organised in marking a path (with torches or signs, etc.).
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  • ChampMan media scandals "would be fun"

  • BuntyHoven 20/09/2010

    I'm sure i had a manager game that came with the PC years ago where you got messages saying such and such is off ill for a week due to an alergic reaction to his pink hair dye, and so and so is off due to an injury caused by a car crash.

    I think it was the same game where you could try to fix matches as well.

    Was it On The Ball 2, Mkwone?
    "On the Ball 2 is better known in Europe as Ansto 2 and is the sequel to a previous European football (soccer) title that was very popular, especially in Germany. It is not an officially licensed game and features parodies of all the famous stars, teams and stadiums of the time."
    "You can dope your players, have a black account for money to bribe referees, or teams. You can order your players to deliberately play foul on an opponent. You can give directions to delay the game in certain instances, like when you are leading and there's only few minutes left to play."

    The core team behind 'On the Ball' are now working on the Fifa Manager series, wish there was another management sim like it these days that doesn't take itself too seriously.
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  • Guillemot urges "patience" with BG&E2

  • BuntyHoven 20/08/2010

    What a great Christmas that was, back in '03. BG&E and Prince of Perisa:SoT. Two great games and at a cut price on release too.
    If only those numpties at Ubisoft had used a bigger marketing budget and really got behind the games, they could have ended up with two solid franchises.
    Instead they cast BG&E aside and dicked around with PoP's winning formula, trying to second-guess what was 'in' and going all dark, brooding and meh.
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  • Retrospective: The Operative: No One Lives Forever

  • BuntyHoven 22/11/2009

    I've been replaying NOLF 1 in Vista (32-bit), so it still works (win98 compatibility mode). There's a solution to get the music working properly in Vista here.

    I think it's aged pretty well, a damn sight better than Deus Ex which I've also been replaying (although, tbh, I was always more fond of NOLF).
    It's up there with Half-Life as one of my fave FPSs, I still enjoy the enemies dodging and ducking for cover - it was quite a novelty at the time.
    I'm looking forward to playing NOLF 2 as well because my PC couldn't run it back in the day.
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  • Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut

  • BuntyHoven 28/03/2009

    I enjoyed reading that, very well written review. Reply 0
  • Level 5 doing football RPG

  • BuntyHoven 31/08/2007

    Ha! I had an idea very similar to this the other week and thought the DS would be perfect for it.
    Good to know the game devs are in tune with the consumer :)
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  • Wii: 2007's Most Wanted

  • BuntyHoven 11/08/2007

    "Wii Zelda has been, gone and, on reflection, disappointed a little bit."

    For lazy people like me, who don't want to trawl the forums, what was disappointing about it?
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