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  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • Bru-Man 22/01/2015

    Imagine a Paintball/LaserQuest style setup with this - a company sets up a huge warehouse with a few easily moveable physical objects, creates an AR landscape that all the players can see simultaneously. Players can drop virtual waypoints on the landscape to direct movement and commands, AR objects could be programmed to 'occlude' physical players e.g. trees and grass, and obv. you have laser-quest style guns to shoot with.
    You could change settings e.g. weather, fog in seconds - change the location from Ancient Egypt to Jungle. Then pause the game, rearrange the physical objects to pre-set locations, load the next 'level' - I'd pay for that :D
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  • "Definitive spiritual successor" to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. hits Kickstarter

  • Bru-Man 25/06/2014

    What was the name of that game, I'm sure also by ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs, that released a video a year or so back of a guy picking a red flower from a grassy landscape, a mag-lev train whooshing overhead, then took it back to a shed with the head and torso of a female robot and put the flower into a plastic block and linked it to a computer ... that sounds like a cheese dream reading it back, but I remember watching it!

    Anyway, yeah, this looks interesting too :)
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  • Always Sometimes Monsters review

  • Bru-Man 21/05/2014

    And in the game!! :D ...oh :( Reply 0
  • Hooah! When games speak like soldiers, are they missing part of the message?

  • Bru-Man 30/04/2014

    @TelexStar I'll just leave this here...
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  • Footage leaks of canned Star Wars game starring Darth Maul

  • Bru-Man 09/04/2014

    At this rate there are going to be more canned Star Wars games than ones that were released. Reply +2
  • Dark Souls gets its own themed cafe in Tokyo

  • Bru-Man 08/01/2014

    Sir Onion rings? To go with your Sir Loin steak I presume? Reply 0
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D review

  • Bru-Man 17/05/2013

    I'll give you ripe for pounding... Reply +2
  • Nintendo shutting down Wii channels and online services

  • Bru-Man 13/04/2013

    They should have let the users vote on which channels to keep on, oh I don't know, if only there was some channel they could do that on... Reply 0
  • I saw it with my own eyes: Woodcutter Simulator 2013

  • Bru-Man 19/12/2012

    Thanks EG for searing that image into the back of my brain :( Reply 0
  • Why are we stuck with games being released on a Friday?

  • Bru-Man 23/11/2012

    @killuminati2911 It works the other way round too: I ordered Dishonored PC from Amazon, arrived Wednesday but couldn't install it because it's tied to Steam and all I got was a 'This game is not released yet' error message.
    "But... but, I have it in my hands!" :(
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  • Sony on the new PS3, Vita sales, the decline of 3D and the threat of the Wii U

  • Bru-Man 29/09/2012

    I'll put your "face into peak" if you use that nonse-speak again. Reply +2
  • UK Top 40: FIFA 12 back top while Lollipop Chainsaw scores fourth

  • Bru-Man 18/06/2012

    @shortyluke2010 For retail sales there are only a handful of stock/sales tracking software (such as EPOS) and all major retailers already share data with GFK (the people who compile the charts).

    For digital sales there are dozens of download sites all with their own ways of tracking sales (Steam, Origin, GameStop, Amazon, iStore, Google Play, the 3DS and Vita download stores etc, etc.) not to mention direct digital sales from actual publishers and developers websites and the ever growing 'bundles' out there.
    Compiling this would be a heck of a nightmare (although GFK say they are prepared to do it) but the main issue is that a lot of these publishers don't want to release this info as they keep saying it's 'sensitive business information'.
    However the more digital sales increase, the more the official sales chart no longer reflects what's actually selling so eventually it will get to a point where the major digital sales portals are going to have to share data to keep it relevant.
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  • Nintendo Wii U supports 1080p, CPU and GPU confirmed

  • Bru-Man 05/06/2012

    @photoboy and every other spec fiend:
    1. how many simultaneous threads can the CPU run (assuming its like the 360 it will be 2 simultaneous threads)?
    I believe it will be 2 threads, because with 1 thread you could only have one plot or quest chain or combat sequence in memory at one time. With two you could have the controls on one thread and the fun on the other, so more threads = more fun!

    2. Is the CPU in-order or out of order execution?
    Got to be in-order, if it's out of order then you would be playing all the levels the wrong way round and that would greatly dimish the gameplay experience.

    Hope that helps :)
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  • Arty platformer Pid announced for PC, consoles

  • Bru-Man 07/12/2011

    This does look like it has some character rather than being achingly stylised for the sake of it. Also let's hope the mechanics are used cleverly and expanded as the game progresses and aren't just one interesting idea stretched beyond endurance.
    My pet peeves at the moment - last year it was the avalanche of 8-bit 'retro' styled indie platformers that thankfully seems to have settled.
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  • Sex education PC game Privates wins a BAFTA

  • Bru-Man 28/11/2011

    BTW, the first game in the final sentence should be "Ben There, DAN That", as in the main characters Ben and Dan. Play on words you see :)

    Oh and I'm sure Microsoft will be well chuffed for the mention in this article as the platform holder who refused to allow a BAFTA-award winning game on their console :D
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  • Skyrim PC system requirements announced

  • Bru-Man 25/10/2011

    Woo, go Windows XP! Was very worried I wouldn't be able to play this without having to upgrade first, but looks like I can save several hundred pounds and still find a reason to ignore the girlfriend over Christmas and New Year :) Reply 0
  • Kinectimals E3 2010 trailer

  • Bru-Man 22/06/2010

    Aaw, that's just outrageously cute! :) Reply 0
  • Kotick wishes COD was sub-based MMO

  • Bru-Man 22/06/2010

    "I think our shareholders are clamouring for it."
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  • Quantum Theory

  • Bru-Man 17/06/2010

    Yeah, the art diection on this has always looked wrong. Far too many detailed swirly bits, too many things the same/similar colour that all blend in to each other mixed with some rather plain-looking level design (from what we can see). So yeah, odd. Reply 0
  • Ocarina of Time 3DS on show at E3

  • Bru-Man 16/06/2010

    Sweet - might actually finish Ocarina in this incarnation! (In the N64 one, got to the 'Drum' boss and gave up after many deaths and annoying trudge back to him from the dungeon entrance).
    All-in-all 3DS is looking like a a day-one purchase.
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  • Kid Icarus: Uprising comes to 3DS

  • Bru-Man 16/06/2010

    wtf? An avocado with legs? :D
    Looks pretty good though.
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  • Retrospective: Startopia

  • Bru-Man 07/06/2010

    Tried to play this twice, but there always ended up being too much to do - clearing up, hiring, new arrivals all on multiple decks and I just couldn't keep up with it all. Was funny and intresting though, just wish it could have kept the pace down a bit! Reply 0
  • Epic takes 25% royalties for UDK

  • Bru-Man 22/04/2010

    "I think actually the last thing they need is running out of money developing an engine of their own and going out of business :) "

    True :D

    I agree with you that smaller devs really should look towards the range of free/opensource and inexpensive middleware out there. There are so many great 2D and 3D engines now that they should surely cover what any dev would need, unless they are going for something really esoteric. But I would personally beware of anything that included royalty terms.
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  • Bru-Man 22/04/2010

    "That 40% figure for steam is rubbish "

    I'm sure it probably is, but that was the last figure I read (can't remember where now and it just stuck in my head). As an example Stardock quite openly tell you that their ImpulseDriven store takes 30% cut from developers.

    Anyway, the actual % isn't important - that point is that indie devs will already have a % taken by their distributor or own website store provider. The last thing they need is another party taking another 25% cut from what's left.

    Edit: Haha, can't believe I've forgotten how to do link tags ...
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  • Bru-Man 22/04/2010

    Doesn't seem bad at first glance, but is quite a bad deal compared to the other 'pay once' game engine deals, especially when you consider you've also got to figure in everybody else's cut depending on how you distribute it.
    Try and sell through Steam: (rumoured) 40% cut per sale, Impulse: 20%, your own store: varies depending on how you set it up but can be a monthly payment to a storefront or %+change cut per sale. Also credit card payments will strip off their own fee...
    Personally, I'd rather a single up-front cost (e.g. Unity Pro) with no further licensing fees.
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  • Hydrophobia - Reveal

  • Bru-Man 26/03/2010

    One of the worst VOs I've ever heard. Hope you don't have that same guy talking to/at you throughout the whole game as he will get very irritating very quickly.
    Nice tech though.
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  • Special edition GRID due next week

  • Bru-Man 05/03/2010

    | Why is The Prestige pack exclusive to PS3, not even 360 is getting it!?!?

    Because they hate you. And I don't mean '360 owners', I mean *you* personally. It was that thing you did when you were on holiday two years ago. Remember? Codemasters do.
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  • Xbox Live ditching Xbox 1 support

  • Bru-Man 05/02/2010

    Was reading recently about this videogame archive in New York, then spotted this bit of news.
    It's fantastic that someone/organisation is archiving and keeping playable old videogames, but how do you preserve the multiplayer aspect when the multiplayer service is bespoke like Xbox Live or PSN? When those services inevitably disappear, so does an entire aspect of that game. Then who will be willing and have the money to employ people to create similar open systems that can be used to play them on - and would that even be legal?

    FYI, the place is called the National Center for the History of Electronic Games, or NCHEG and is in the Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, NY.
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  • Dead or Alive: Paradise

  • Bru-Man 24/01/2010

    I'm sorry, these just look like posed love dolls. And some of that foliage you would expect to see on last gen. Underwhelmed. Reply 0
  • BioShock 2

  • Bru-Man 12/01/2010

    Very well written preview. My interest-o-meter has gone up a notch, despite his reservations. Reply 0
  • Dead to Rights: Retribution

  • Bru-Man 16/12/2009

    'testicle attack!' - I thought it was called the 'Testikill'? Which made me smile when I heard it :) Reply +3
  • Half-Minute Hero

  • Bru-Man 11/12/2009

    To me this feels like the most pointless game ever. It removes all the joyful depth and story of an RPG while adding in the dreaded, gut-clenching "timed scenarios" mechanism which ends the whole game. I think I'll be giving this a very wide berth.

    And I suddenly fancy some UGG boots for some reason...
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  • 50 per cent off Crysis and Warhead

  • Bru-Man 13/11/2009

    Sweet! Haven't got these yet. Fun weekend ahoy... oh, I'm visiting girlfriend :( Reply 0
  • MW2 doubles GTAIV first-day sales

  • Bru-Man 12/11/2009

    Oh, and also the first videogame release since WoW: Lich King to achieve national news coverage (as far as I can recall). First for a non MMO title? Or has Halo had similar coverage in the past? Reply 0
  • Bru-Man 12/11/2009

    "These first day sales figures are astonishing and clear evidence that videogames are now mainstream in the UK," said Michael Rawlinson, boss of data collector ELSPA/GfK-ChartTrack.

    Nonsense - you can't extrapolate from the most highly anticipated software sequel release ever (one which other publishers deliberately moved their own titles away from so as not to lose sales) to the entire industry. I wish it were true, but that's pure hyperbole. Still incredible sales though!
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  • Epic teases mysterious Unreal reveal

  • Bru-Man 23/10/2009

    Maybe they're licensing ID Tech 5? Reply +3
  • Activision: Love "signed" Cobain deal

  • Bru-Man 11/09/2009

    Obviously Ms Love and Cobain's estate didn't properly realise/understand the implications of what "fully playable" meant. Whether that was a lawyer's fault for not explaining it properly, their fault for not interrogating the contract deeply enough or everyone's fault for not "getting" videogames.
    Either way, if that's what the contract says, they signed it! Unless they want to admit to not being clued-up enough to what they were signing, in which case they could argue it wasn't explained to them properly...
    Anyway, I don't care, don't even like guitar music :)
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  • First DSi-only cartridge game surfaces

  • Bru-Man 02/09/2009

    Wouldn't it be great it you could photograph 'actual' monsters with it and make them fight - Phillip Garrido vs Josef Fritzl ftw! Reply 0
  • Hudson unveils first-ever WiiWare FPS

  • Bru-Man 05/02/2009

    So Metroid Prime doesn't count then?

    Caught me out for a second too, but they're talking about the downloadable WiiWare catalogue.
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  • Bru-Man 05/02/2009

    Looks like a cross between Metroid and Armorines/Starship Troopers. Could be average... Reply 0
  • Players question WAR systems

  • Bru-Man 26/11/2008

    The PvP XP/RvR score is something I worry more about..

    I know what you mean. That and the increasing instability of the financial sector both keep me awake at night.
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  • JoWooD revokes Gothic 4 date

  • Bru-Man 14/11/2008

    Yup - 3.99 in GameStation a couple of weeks ago. Just got to finish Fallout 3 first. And The Witcher. And... Reply 0
  • Cheerleader reviews cheerleading game

  • Bru-Man 04/11/2008

    I'm still waiting for "Wii Poledance" with the required peripheral - massive crossover hit ahoy! :D Reply 0
  • Riccitiello: "I personally don't like DRM"

  • Bru-Man 16/10/2008

    "99.8 per cent of people don't even notice it."

    Is that because it breaks their DVD drive before they can install the game?
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  • EA "will kill a game a year", says bossman

  • Bru-Man 16/10/2008

    Well that's going to get dev teams frantically trying to get deals with EA isn't it?

    "So there may be a chance that by some arbitrary internal quality standards that you compare the game against at some (quite possibly advanced) stage of development, that you will can the game and leave us hanging out to dry? Where do I sign!"
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  • Jack Thompson kicked out of the law

  • Bru-Man 26/09/2008

    Why does the headline use "legal man" instead of lawyer?

    Because he is no longer one?
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  • Braben: pre-owned is "damaging" market

  • Bru-Man 11/09/2008

    I've not been in many book or record shops where I've tried to buy a new item and the assistant has offered me a second hand version of the same item for less cash and thus converted a new sale into a second hand one, and ensuring all the money goes to the retailer and none to the dev/publisher.

    This is the main point of this whole second-hand game selling for me. Woolworths and HMV don't have racks of traded in books, DVDs and CDs (or games for that matter) because they are not allowed to. Now I don't know exactly who it is that doesn't allow them - whether it's individual music/dvd companies, or some overarching industry group, or whether there is some general agreement that they won't do it (I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me can insert info here). So my question is why does nothing like this exist for videogames? Is it a 'specialist store' exemption, or has the games industry just not got its act together on this matter?

    And for those whingeing about "it's mine I can sell it on if you want to" - well, "yes you can"! No-one is stopping you making a private sale to friends, in a car boot sale, in the paper or on eBay. This is specifically about being able to trade-in at a retailer and that retailer being able to then resell the item.
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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO announced

  • Bru-Man 04/09/2008

    I'm a big fan of Buffy but I really don't see the point in this. I'd much rather a brand new IP than digging the slayer out of her grave how many years after the series ended? The world has moved on since then and new original ideas would be more welcome.
    Then again, Willow ... mmmm ...
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

  • Bru-Man 02/09/2008

    Would love to have played the first game, but only ever got 2-3 hours in due to the constant crashing to desktop. And this was on two different PCs with different gfx cards, updated drivers, latest patches, trying different settings etc. etc. just pissed me off in the end.
    Think I'll be avoiding this one too, unless there is an engine bug fix for "Hang every 15 minutes"?
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