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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • Brownstudy 22/05/2015

    And there's me thinking there's no point reinventing it. Reply +2
  • Neon Struct review

  • Brownstudy 20/05/2015

    God that's clever.

    An 80s aesthetic and starring Julian Clary.
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  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • Brownstudy 05/07/2013

    Great article.

    The thing I don't understand is why games don't feature more women who appeal to men like me. I absolutely adore women who are beautiful, intelligent and make me laugh. Why is it that we have to either respect or fancy female protagonists? Why can't we do both?

    Women are basically better than men and I don't know why this isn't reflected in games.
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  • Diggs Nightcrawler dated for Europe this May

  • Brownstudy 17/04/2013

    Incy Wincy Spider, surely? Reply 0
  • Farming Simulator on PS3 and Xbox 360 the first week of September

  • Brownstudy 05/04/2013

    Why did the scarecrow win a Nobel prize?

    Because he was out standing in his field.
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  • Plastic Soul: One man's quest to build an AI that can create games

  • Brownstudy 03/04/2013

    Ok, first things first.

    Christian Donlan: Fucking fantastic article.

    Michael Cook: Fascinating research. You also come across as an incredibly modest genius, and someone I'd love to chat with over a pint.

    Eurogamer users: We are starting to look like people capable of having reasoned, non-trolling debates. This excites me no end.

    Finally, my point. SClaw: I agree with much of what you say but I believe a successful society requires both entrepreneurs and scientists. Entrepeneurs drive proven ideas forward and provide employment. Scientists, however, provide much of the knowledge that is later used by the more savvy businesses. Also, this knowledge tends to be publicly funded and therefore publicly available. We can't know how useful this knowledge will be until we find it but...

    Life generally gets better, for us all, over time. And I believe that this is because we learn more over time. Huge generalisation but generally true. Society needs people to work on finding answers before we know how valuable those answers will be. This is why cern exists.
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  • Meet Kenya's indie gaming pioneers

  • Brownstudy 01/04/2013

    I'm glad the racist comments have been removed. I came to this story a bit late so I haven't seen them.

    I have to say something that's slightly bothering me though. A lot of the messages of support seem slightly...dare I say it? Patronising.

    These are computer programmers looking to make a living. Try the game and give them some feedback if you're interested. Can we have less of the 'It's great that this is happening in Africa! You'll probably be the next Notch!' type comments?

    It makes me squirm.
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  • Wii U external hard drive required to download Lego City Undercover, Nintendo says

  • Brownstudy 15/03/2013

    Ok, it's time to Lego of the block jokes. Reply +2
  • Machinarium due on Vita this month

  • Brownstudy 15/03/2013

    This looks great. I absolutely love steampunk. It's such a beautiful aesthetic and I can't resist it games! Reply +2
  • Saturday Soapbox: No Consolation

  • Brownstudy 09/03/2013

    I just hope Sony really are moving in the right direction. My gaming life is changing; I'm starting to lose interest in the huge blockbusters and relish creativity in games. I'm also not going to buy a PC for games. It is really is too much hassle for me. I know some people love PC gaming, and that's fine but it's not for me.

    If Sony deliver a brilliant PS4 which nurtures creativity, they'll be a huge hit with the likes of me.
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  • Apple's Gala Christmas: 48 million iPhones, 23 million iPads sold

  • Brownstudy 24/01/2013


    Sorry, your post wasn't showing when I started mine!
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  • Brownstudy 24/01/2013


    Many apps in that 40 billion downloaded will be free, which will affect the average you've worked out.
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  • Pirates in your browser: swashbuckling MMO Kartuga sets sail for beta

  • Brownstudy 23/01/2013

    Too obvious? Reply +3
  • Brownstudy 23/01/2013

    I've already got this game but it's a pirate copy. Reply +6
  • Games of 2012: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

  • Brownstudy 24/12/2012

    @ED209 Of course you mean to be rude. What you wrote was incredibly rude and you know it. I see this guy's point of view. He doesn't like the fact that you have to earn the right to create stuff. He wants Minecraft to be an infinite Lego set in which all the bricks are instantly accessible. He could create anything he wanted and the only limit would be his imagination.

    Now, that wouldn't suit me. I like earning the valuable bits. I enjoy the mindless grind of mining, especially when I'm tired. Finding the rare stuff gives me a buzz. I don't want Minecraft to be what Spong wants it to be, but he has a valid opinion.

    I think your post was a tad spiteful because someone attacked a game that you enjoy. That says more about you than him.
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  • Brownstudy 22/12/2012

    This article has literally nothing to do with Minecraft. Is this some kind of ironic hipster angle that I'm too old to understand? Reply +7
  • I saw it with my own eyes: Woodcutter Simulator 2013

  • Brownstudy 19/12/2012

    I wood. Reply +2
  • Motorola Razr I review

  • Brownstudy 14/11/2012

    Are you sure you've got the HDR demo pics in the right order? The ones on the left look like they've been taken with HDR, especially the grim market scene. On the left, the highlights, such as the sky are correctly exposed while on the right they're blown out. Reply +2
  • The rise of Sackboy, the mascot PlayStation has been searching for

  • Brownstudy 10/11/2012


    First of all +1000 for 'knobody'.

    Yes, we do have lots of rules but one of our national pastimes is breaking them. We can't rely on the sea for defence anymore so we like to confuse foreigners by tripping them up with weird spellings, pronunciations and grammar. You will never hear a sane Brit saying 'I could care less' when they mean that they don't care. Only the Americans do that and they should be shot.

    By the way, your sense of humour reminds me of a German friend of mine. You don't happen to live in Valencia, do you?
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  • Brownstudy 10/11/2012


    I'm pretty sure you can spell it both ways, can't you?
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  • Brownstudy 09/11/2012


    'Button eyes' would have been better, yes. 'Knob' is slang for 'penis'.

    On a more serious note, are you actually German or do you just live there? Your English is fantastic; where did you learn?

    A bit of a weird comment, I know, but I teach English as a foreign language and I take a geeky interest in this sort of thing.
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  • Brownstudy 09/11/2012


    I know you're German but did you really mean, 'I, for one, can't resist his knob eyes and his smile'?

    I mean, you really should try to resist them; you could end up in prison and none us want that.
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  • How are video games like a French Dip sandwich?

  • Brownstudy 01/09/2012

    I love this article; really well written and a good, valid argument. I'm not sure I completely agree though.

    To me, when relics of the past are preserved beyond their normal lifespan, they lose something crucial. The act of preserving them makes a mockery of what they were. To me, the turkey French Dip, while delicious is not the sandwich it used to be. You explain in the article that it was once 'ritzy', ie exciting and new. It's not now though, is it? The sandwich and the cafe serving it are museum pieces. By eating in Phillippe's, you are not having the same experience your ancestors might have had. They were experiencing the present in a world where it made sense; you are experiencing the past.

    I'm not, in any way, disparaging the need to preserve memories, or Phillippes, which sounds cool. I do think, though, that the essential elements of context are always missing when we attempt to recreate the past, rather than just remember it. To continue your metaphor, Phillippe's would be a more authentic experience if it evolved with the world around it, with walls adorned with photos from every decade of its existence, in order to preserve memories of it's whole history, rather than adverts from the time of its conception.

    Yes, let's preserve our memories, that's what photos and stories are for; but trying to recreate the past is a fool's task.

    Live in the present; it will the become the past soon enough.
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  • The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono

  • Brownstudy 12/06/2012


    I agree completely. There are massive amounts of money for a few in the industry, but most work far too hard for not much reward.

    Even sadder, I'm writing this on my beloved iPhone which was made by people who work under even worse conditions for far less pay. The world is a shit place and I'm not sure if I'm helping.

    So, there's no real point to this comment except that I feel really fucking guilty for enjoying the hardware and software produced by people who have awful lives. Maybe I should just go back to books for my entertainment.

    / goes for a little cry.
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  • UK govt officially decides to scrap boring school ICT lessons

  • Brownstudy 11/06/2012

    I'm not sure why anyone would think the picture of Britney Spears as a bored schoolgirl is sexist.

    The joke, as implied by the 'and look what happened to her' caption, is that, she might have been bored in class but then went on to become massively successful. The barb in this joke is that Spears later developed drug and health problems partly because of her success. There's nothing sexist about it.

    If you think that it's always sexist to make a joke about a woman who happens to be/have been attractive, then I think you're really struggling with the concept of gender equality.

    I'm sorry if anyone feels patronised by this comment, but I can't stand confused white knights.
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  • Nintendo lists Wii U games line-up

  • Brownstudy 06/06/2012

    These games probably won't set the world on fire but I'm pretty excited about the Wii U. I love the way Nintendo's games make me feel and am one of the few people who thinks the controller is a great idea.

    The additional info on the second screen is an excellent way to maintain the flow of gameplay while checking maps, inventories etc. I'm pretty sure Nintendo will implement it brilliantly even if the 3rd parties don't. I used to have a Wii (didn't sell it, too boring to explain) and really liked the way Mario Galaxy and other games used the controller.

    I'm no fanboy, either; I love my 360. I just think that, given the crisis, and the fact that the Wii U will probably be quite reasonably priced, this could be a great time for Nintendo-flavoured gaming.

    We've all been waiting so long for a new console, and Nintendo are the only company offering some shiny, new hardware. For that reason, I'm in.
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  • Star Wars 1313 footage shows off combat

  • Brownstudy 06/06/2012


    Another REASON!?! your getting negged (I imagine!?!) is the hysterical, manic style of YOUR COMMENTS!??
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  • Doctors use Kinect in keyhole surgery

  • Brownstudy 31/05/2012

    'Are you ready for your next patient, doctor?'

    'Sure, roll her in. Name?'

    'Ninja... F Ninja. I've already loaded the software, doctor.'

    'Great, let's make a start, shall we?'
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  • Mass Effect 3 update 1.03 patch notes

  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012


    Which publicly owned company doesn't answer to its shareholders?

    I know I'm going to be negged for this but gaming is a business. And it's not just the 'suits' that make all the money. If you have a pension, there's a chance it's partly invested in EA.
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  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012

    Ok, last one I promise.

    What exactly do hipsters stand for?

    Because their jeans are too tight to sit down.
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  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012



    I went for a date with a dolphin last night. It was great, we just sort of clicked.
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  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012

    I race snails. I tried to make my best snail faster by removing it's shell but, if anything, it only made it more sluggish. Reply +7
  • BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN

  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012


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  • Brownstudy 29/05/2012


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  • Brownstudy 28/05/2012

    Meanwhile, the UN is sending The Arbiter to resolve the conflict. Reply +158
  • Sonic Team gives 2D platformer Hell Yeah! its blessing

  • Brownstudy 28/05/2012

    It really makes me cringe, the way non-native English speakers over-use Americanisms.

    Quit it already y'all!
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  • Silicon Knights vs Epic lawsuit only worth $1

  • Brownstudy 22/05/2012

    Reply -12
  • Would an Apple TV kill the console business?

  • Brownstudy 21/05/2012

    Gamers can be a surprisingly conservative bunch, and I think some commenters here are off the mark on a few points.

    'Apple don't do buttons': Apple didn't do tablets for years, and then they decided to produce one which turned out to be a huge success.

    'Apple don't do games': see above.

    'People don't update their TVs every year, and Apple's business model relies on that.': No. A smart TV doesn't need particularly sophisticated hardware (apart from the screen) and need only rely on decent firmware updates. Apple don't need their tv to have the hardware in the box, as we'll increasingly be playing games from online servers. This change has already begun to happen.

    The truth is, from mp3 players to phones to tablets, Apple have a history of changing markets in ways that no one could predict. The only predictable thing about Apple is that they will continue to do that.

    We may hate or love this, but to refuse to see it is short sighted.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

  • Brownstudy 18/05/2012

    I'm saying nothing. Reply -4
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition breaks 1 million sales

  • Brownstudy 16/05/2012


    Cheers! See you online.
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  • Brownstudy 15/05/2012


    Oh, and I promise to be good and not touch anything.

    Wow... Minecraft has made me use my favourite chat-up line on a gaming website. Weird.
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  • Brownstudy 15/05/2012


    I'd love to see your Theme Park OF DEATH. Friend me on Xbox live if you don't mind me having a look round. My avatar has the same name as my Eurogamer profile. My farm is probably rubbish in comparison, but you're welcome to see it.
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  • Brownstudy 15/05/2012

    Stupid phone!

    Bricks into different bricks, with moving parts, and the ability to walk round your creations. If that sounds cool to you, you'll love Minecraft; if it sounds lame, you won't. We're all different and there are other games which I respect but don't enjoy. I would suggest giving it a good few hours play though. If you like it: great. If not, well, it happens.
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  • Brownstudy 15/05/2012

    ... Purpose. No points, leaderboards, xp, missions, quests, nothing.

    Except your imagination. It's amazing what you can do with a few different blocks, a crafting table and a furnace.

    I downloaded Minecraft a few days ago, and this is my first exposure to it. I've built a little farm with a cottage. The next step is to build a farm shop and a boat ride around the farm, if I can work out how. That's the pleasure of Minecraft, in my opinion: imagine something cool, and work out how to make it happen. This game is about pure play, you know, what. children do. Imagine having an absolutely enormous Lego set and building whatever you want, but wih the added ability to turn the br
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  • Brownstudy 15/05/2012


    I understand your point of view. Compared to other games, there is no real
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  • Jade's Empire

  • Brownstudy 11/05/2012

    I think we need a bit of balance here. Jade Raymond/Redmond (which is it?) is obviously attractive and clearly clever and ambitious. So far so good.

    We don't, however, need the disgusting comments about eating poo, tits etc. On the other hand, I do think that there is nothing wrong with commenting on a woman's attractiveness. Jade is very attractive and clever, and may even be a decent person, for all I know. What I'm saying, or trying to, is that she may well be better than me in every way.

    If I were to be featured on a website mainly populated by women, I would have absolutely no problem wih most of the members talking about how gorgeous I am, in fact I would love that! But let's not give the impression that all gamers are sexually frustated, socially inept wankers. I know we're all anonymous here, but some of us have some self respect.
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  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review

  • Brownstudy 09/05/2012

    I've spent a lifetime missing zeitgeists so wasn't particularly bothered about Minecraft. After your glowing review, Oli, I'm now quite intrigued.

    If it turns out to be shit, there'll be an angry, internet hardman after you!
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  • Joy Ride Turbo announced for Xbox Live Arcade

  • Brownstudy 27/04/2012

    This is totally off-topic but I've just made-up a joke and I need to release it into the wild, so here goes:

    What do hipsters stand for?

    Because their jeans are too tight to sit down.

    You're welcome.
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  • App of the Day: Bug Princess 2

  • Brownstudy 27/04/2012


    A wife and a girlfriend? Next you'll be telling us you've got the new iPad, you lucky sod!
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  • Brownstudy 27/04/2012


    I plussed you for the imaginative, no, inspired way you hijacked this thread so that you could mention the fact that you've got a girlfriend.
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