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  • Blowing the Candles

  • BroonBottle 05/12/2010

    I'm a 360 owner and I love mine and hate it in equal measure. It does some things brilliantly and yet even after five years there's so many niggles and frustrations, mostly around the very clunky interface that Microsoft have created for it. Xbox live is the jewel in the crown and probably the single reason why the red ring of death has been largely forgiven by many owners. But the interface is dire. It should be a home media hub and yet look how fiddly music management is on it. You have to load actual CDs on to it...Come on Microsoft, it's 2010, or are you just a bit bitter that Apple has kicked your backsides in this area and it's feeble revenge against those who bought iPods over your Zune (RIP)? Then there's the half-hearted Facebook integration - why don't games have the option of posting achievements to my Facebook wall? It's perfectly possible on an iPod or iPad. Why hasn't XBLA been pushed more? 5 years in and barely a handful of properly good games on it. What there is, is hard to navigate through, over-priced and under-promoted (which is probably why many developers have shunned it).
    Come on Microsoft, how hard can it be?...
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  • Xbox Live gets new update

  • BroonBottle 29/10/2009

    Hang on, so my 360 is currently undergoing 30 minutes of updates (yes that's broadband) for a wireless adaptor that I don't have? Are they going to send me one in the post? or just wasting my damned time? Thanks for nothing Microsoft Reply -1
  • Harmonix's Rob Kay

  • BroonBottle 09/04/2008

    I won't be buying it either. Sadly history tells us that other people will buy it despite the price and EA will grow richer. People grumbled about the price of DLC for GH2 on the 360 and yet it still shifted in sufficient numbers that there was no price cut. The idea of an EA boycott is nice but good luck in organising it, people say one thing and do the opposite. Reply 0
  • Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

  • BroonBottle 01/10/2007


    I know what you're saying, but I don't think so. Either a game is playable or it isn't. Playability and addictiveness should always make up the major part of any review score unless you are comparing two very similar games that are only distinguishable by the sound and graphics. CT is good arcade gaming and doesn't have a lot of direct competitors on the PSP (I don't think so anyway).

    I think the EG review was seriously flawed and I can back this up by shooting down some of it's major criticisms (rather than just calling it bollocks), such as dodgy controls - use control set B and don't use the analog stick cos it's rubbish, and dismissing CT2 is a serious error. The addition of the crazy hop/jump is more than just cosmetic, opening up a whole heap of short-cuts to explore. I've not even looked at the multiplayer modes yet, so they might be good too. Given that EG rarely give scores below 4/10, they're effectively saying that CT is one of the worst PSP games ever released, again nonsense. I think a fair score would have been around 7/10 (as awarded by most review sites) and as a fan of the series it's worth an 8.
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  • BroonBottle 30/09/2007

    What's this with needing to be psychic to play CT? The crazy dash is in the manual or is being able to read a dying art? Reply 0
  • BroonBottle 30/09/2007


    Completely agree with you. Crazy Taxi plays at a completely different pace once you've mastered the crazy dash and mastered sliding to a halt. The other thing that makes a difference is how you place the car to pick someone up, vital seconds disappearing if you get it wrong. Part of the appeal of Crazy Taxi is trying to nail all of these elements all in one game because it's tough not to make a few mistakes along the way.

    It seems harsh marking down a retro game when they've done a faithful remake (yes complete with pop-up), given you 2 games instead of one and done it at budget price. On this basis, no retro remake should ever score more than 5/10 as the graphics will be invariably rubbish.
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  • BroonBottle 29/09/2007

    I've been playing it and the review is harsh. There are 2 sets of controls in the game, and if you use control set b and use the d-pad (not the analog pad which is rubbish in many psp games) then there are no problems with the controls. Sure the pop-up in the graphics is lazy from Sega, but when you can pick this up from around Ł15 it's not a showstopper. Reply 0
  • Judge PS3 in 2009, says EA

  • BroonBottle 25/04/2007

    If that's what the man says, I'll avoid both PS3 and EA games for another 2 years.

    Reading between the lines what the guy has said is don't buy any EA games for PS3 before 2009 because up until then you'll be paying for sub-standard, half finished software.
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