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  • PlayStation Experience 2017 live report

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  • Here's where to watch the EGX developer sessions

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    @smiler225 Somebody asked a very similar question to this.
    You can see Rich's response towards the end of the video here:
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  • Fans pick apart canonical errors in Mass Effect: Deception book

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    I can't quite understand why the majority of comments here are so self deprecating and condemning of this response. Surely as gamers, we should be proud enough to voice our opinions on shoddy/poorly researched/badly QA'd media. If so many canonical mistakes were worked in to Mass Effect 3, I'd expect reviewers and the community would hold Bioware to account.

    Personally, I really enjoy novels based on video games and I'm all for them as outlets for writers to supplement and extend rich narratives in franchises such as Mass Effect. To allow numerous lazy mistakes to creep in without challenge is a bit puzzling; given that it insults the effort that went in to building the coherent, engaging universe in the first place.

    People saying that this is "nerdy" or "embarrassing" isn't conducive to the popularity of story driven games going forward.
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  • BioWare: SW:TOR to last for "decades"

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    Completely agree! He said it as a throw away joke and there were laughs from the audience who took it as such. I would have thought EG would only report from reputable sources; as it stands this is a non story aside from the third paragraph. I wonder if EG will be attending Comic Con next year considering they've been slow to the table with the news.
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  • Eurogamer Expo 2010 announced!

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    To people moaning about train ticket prices: National express offer some really cheap deals on coach journeys. Although you can only book 6 months in advance, I just checked out getting a return from Leeds (leaving at 5AM on 01/09/2010 and returning at 11.30AM on 02/09/2010, roughly 5 hour journeys ) and it came to Ł24.60. Tweaking these days/times may make the price go up/down, but you get the picture. I'd say spend the savings from a train ticket on one of these, a hotel room and drinks in the EG expo after party. :) Reply +2
  • Halo: Reach

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    Hm, I guess the waypoint idea seems most viable really. The feelings I've gotten from other Halo: Reach news stories (I can't remember which) is that this is a bit of a 'best of' in terms of gameplay; that serves to hone and polish everything that Bungie has done so far without really breaking out and innovating. Like Twilight Princess was to the latest Zelda games.

    That said, If Microsoft managed to persuade Bungie into putting a Natal mode in, it really would solidify their promise that Natal is for more than just netting casual gamers.

    As for sprint mode - that could be interesting but really doesn't roll with my feel of Halo. Who knows!
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    Uhmmm... On the first person screenshot, the red 'crosshair' seems to not be off to the left and very thin... Can anyone spot a proper crosshair?

    Perhaps the crosshair was removed in some later editing for aesthetic effect... The red cross thing being off center and looking that thin really reminds me of some Wii FPSs - 'super fun' Natal mode? Let's hope not.
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  • Editor's blog: Not The Top 50

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    I enjoyed reading the old list over the holidays. It put a bit more of a face and personality on the Eurogamer team.

    Being able to have a brief summary of the actual opinions of the team as gamers as opposed to the critical appraisal found in reviews used to be a good way to target hunts in the January sales.
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  • Xbox 360 attach rate is a record, says MS

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    To be fair, even 4.64 seems quite high for Wii. I'd expect Microsoft's generally more hardcore audience to have at least doubled the Wii's attach rate, given the recent explosion of AAA titles on the system.

    I guess I've been underestimating Nintendo's new market way too much...
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    These are figures for all consoles..

    Not sure where you got your info on 8 games for Wii, Raya. Especially considering that a good few Wii owners are content with Wii Sports :/ - unfortunately.
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