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  • Celebs named for Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV video game show

  • Bravestinsane 28/07/2016

    As much as i like Dara he's being milked so badly.

    I mean robot wars he was good but why the fuck is he wearing a suit, I expect he will be in one in this as well. It just doesn't fit with the "gamer" I don't know anyone who wears a suit while playing games it's just weird.

    It's not going to be a show for gamers its going to be a show for non gamers to laugh at crap.

    I'd like to see a real show about games that talked about hardware, games had competitions etc.

    I might watch one episode but that will probably be up.
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  • Fallout Shelter out now on PC, here's how to download it

  • Bravestinsane 14/07/2016

    There any differences between this and the mobile version?

    I got bored within a day so i'll probably not bother if its the same.
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  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • Bravestinsane 18/06/2016

    Do gamers really want extreme resolution displays? AMD's next-gen GPU launch - RX 480 - aims squarely at the mainstream audience gaming at 1080p or under. And based on this stat, it's not hard to see why.
    100% wrong

    480 is aimed at 1440p, AMD is on record saying that is a 1440p card.
    470 is aimed at 1080p
    460 is aimed at low resource games such as League etc.
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  • PayPal says Steam Summer starts next week

  • Bravestinsane 17/06/2016

    TBH I don't care I used to spend so much on games ill never play, but for the past 2 years both the summer and Christmas sales have been lame, I have bought about 2 maybe 3 games in total.

    The thing is most of the games on sale are so bloody old that I have them all or too new that they're only 30% off and if I wanted them that badly I would have got them right away at full price.
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  • PC Gaming Show E3 2016 live report

  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    @kamakazilucas, 480, 470 and 460 Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    no 490... gutted Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    What I like about this is that even though AMD are sponsoring this it isn't shoved down my throat every 5 minutes and the focus is on the games. Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    It feels way less scripted and more natural I quite like it. Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    They said Polaris will be priced between $199 and $299, 480 is $199 so they have announce something at some point, hope it's now and the 490! Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    After AMD's twitter saying we shouldn't miss this I'm hoping they announce the RX 490 Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 2016 conference live report

  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    6Tflops... is this a AMD 480 confirmed in the new xbox then? Reply +1
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    Play-everywhere sounds good, now they just need to make it with steam and not windows store Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    I can understand cheering, but the guy in the audience screaming should be shot Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    This dude reminds me of that bald guy from Little Nicky Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    Wow, for once the comments have united in general agreement that this part was shit Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    Is minecraft still a thing? Not seen anything about that in ages Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    What time is the PC one? After MS right? Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016


    Depressingly you are probably 100% accurate on that lol
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  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    @Sammoore Sorry for wanting to watch something as announced and not wait through a 90 min conference to see 1 new thing because every other thing has been leaked. Reply 0
  • Bravestinsane 13/06/2016

    Is it necessary to go on about leaks 2 hours before the show starts, can we not have an option to not see these, I'd rather watch the show. There's no point me watching it if you spoil everything... Reply 0
  • How to take Fallout 4 base building to the next level

  • Bravestinsane 19/11/2015

    I've figured a few things out with trial and error, it's annoying that on the broken houses you have to have a box on the wall outside of each room then run a wire to each one for power.

    Not watched this yet but I will when I get home hopefully there will be a different way of doing it.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege open beta kicks off next week

  • Bravestinsane 19/11/2015

    Too many people are complaining about this being too expensive.... why don't you move that mouse cursor up to that "Instant Gaming" button at the top of the page and buy it for 20... I did and ill be enjoying it on release.

    As it surprised me how fun it was for an online only game. (Especially from Ubi)

    EDIT: Just realised that this is coming out on console..... where you have to pay full this was more aimed at other PC gamers.
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  • So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?

  • Bravestinsane 14/11/2015


    Standard forum bullshit to be honest.

    Funny really how the other guy called me out saying how a Core2Duo still out performs a PS3 when i was talking about PS4 and XBONE
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  • Bravestinsane 11/11/2015

    These are so pointless

    The cheapest are more expensive than a console for the same performance.

    Consoles get better over time, the last games that come out on a console look better than the launch titles.

    PC is the reverse, I started on High and Ultra... now i'm on Medium/Low... another year or two and ill be on Low.

    As much as PCs are superior mine is now on 7 years and can still run Fallout 4 on roughly PS4 levels.

    However I spent 1500 to get that longevity 8/9 years life out of it by the time i'm forced to upgrade.

    For 500 you will be lucky to get 3/4 years life out of a steam box. With different you're best buying a bloody console or just getting a good PC, it's not difficult to build a small form factor, or just get steam link.
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  • Faster hard drives boost Xbox One Fallout 4 performance

  • Bravestinsane 11/11/2015

    Would be interesting to see PC loads on there with a 5400, 7200 and a SSD.

    I have a 1TB Samsung EVO.

    I'm loading faster than those PS4 times.

    It would be helpful if you said what SSD you used they all have different read and write times.

    I suspect an the Intel pro one would perform faster on PC than my Samsung, like wise with a PCi SSD.

    Likewise it would be interesting to know the make you used in your test, because if it's a cheaper on and I shoved in a Samsung Evo it would probably load even fast on both a PS4 and XBONE
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  • Yes, Fallout 4 can take a while to install on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Bravestinsane 11/11/2015

    Was only 26gb on PC and that's with higher textures =/

    Mind you that was the download not checked the install size may have been compressed
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  • Rainbow Six Siege PC system requirements revealed

  • Bravestinsane 11/11/2015

    I was in the Beta and it's very well optimized, i'm playing on an 8 year old PC. Core2Duo, 7790, and 4gb DDR2 Ram.

    Admittedly i was running medium settings but i was able to get roughly 50fps in 1080p.

    Game is very smooth and very very few FPS drops.
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  • Radeon R9 390X 8GB review

  • Bravestinsane 22/06/2015


    30 a year is an extreme example under the assumption that both cards will spend 100 hours each per month under full load.

    Few games ever cause cards to draw full power at all time, combined with idle time where power draw is negligible on both cards.

    In real world use I would doubt that the difference would be 100 over 3 years.

    You said you were on 3 cards in 10-15 years, that's a new card every 3-5 years. It would take 3 years to make the saving so based on the more average user 3-5 years to make up the difference sounds reasonable.

    Of course this is based on 100 hours a month, some may play less which others more so you never know really.

    Also this is based on UK Tarifs, so in America where costs are cheaper the savings will take even longer to reach.

    (Not sure if that makes sense busy atm so not had time to think it all through before i type =P)
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  • Bravestinsane 22/06/2015


    I think the best way to summarise it really is that the cost does make a difference but it all balances out in someway.

    Best just to get the one that performs the best based on the games and the resolution you're playing at.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/06/2015


    He's slightly out, I used gocompare to get tariffs of how much you would actually pay.

    Worked out a 90 a year on AMD, 59 a year on Nvidia, (based on 100 hours a month of full load)
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  • Bravestinsane 22/06/2015


    If you game for 100 hours a month the difference is 30 a year in cost to run.

    Hardly breaking the bank I would say, if someone can afford the top tier cards chances are they worry very little about electric cost.

    Even then the difference per month works out as less than a pint of beer.
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  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • Bravestinsane 22/06/2015

    Shouldn't it be easier on PS4?

    PS3 had Steam for Portal 2.

    Would be great if you could log into Steam on the PS4 and go straight to the workshop.
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  • WoW Tokens launch tomorrow in Europe

  • Bravestinsane 20/04/2015


    Ah nice i didn't know that not played Eve (Well other than the 1 month free trial) think the Runescape one has been going for nearly 2 years now not sure.

    But it's great really, pisses some players off because people are effectively buying in game gold, but at the end of the day, bots and buying from illegitimate sites are too common and this is a great way of controlling it to be safer and better for the companies. (Not like WoW needs the money though lol)
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  • Bravestinsane 20/04/2015

    This is taken directly from Runescape. They done it on there a while ago now and it proved to be quite successful and reduced the number of bots around in the game by quite a large amount.

    I think all mmos should do something like this to remove people from botting.
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  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • Bravestinsane 16/01/2015


    Yes but the PS4 is already 350, they just added games.

    MS CUT the price of the Xbone AND added games.

    If they had put the PS4 to 300 - 350 with decent games I would have got one, but the only deal I saw was 350 with Drive Club and TLOU, I already have TLOU on PS4, I wasn't interested in buying re-release of a game that's only a year old and a driving game that's broken.

    I was up for buying one, but I will probably wait another year lol.
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  • Bravestinsane 16/01/2015

    Not to take anything away from the success of Xbone here, but it would have been rather pathetic if they DIDN'T win, I mean seriously did anyone honestly expect the PS4 to win over xmas?

    If US was anything like here in the UK then PS4 had no chance of winning, the Xbone was on CONSTANT discount, every website had slashed like 50+ plus off the price and added in more games. Over Black Friday and the after Xmas sales there was a Xbone deal almost daily, GAME, Argos Currys' all the high street retailers had massive discounts and offers on Xbone and fuck all on PS4.

    This isn't trying to take away from the success i'm glad it's doing better more competition but lets be fair it was obvious it would win based on the amount of offers around it.
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  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals physics-based multiplayer game Worlds Adrift

  • Bravestinsane 20/12/2014

    Am I the only one, who likes the place-holder art? I think it has a quirky look to it, a touched up version of that is all it needs imo Reply +3
  • Sony's H1Z1 enters Steam Early Access in January

  • Bravestinsane 09/12/2014

    Hmm... i guessing this may be free with the Sony All Access Pass, on the website it says you will get extra features if you have it, just don't know what yet. Reply 0
  • This War of Mine review

  • Bravestinsane 25/11/2014


    Look at it on steam, User reviews are "Overwhelmingly Positive" and lets be honest since players actually take into account bugs and whether the game actually works, they will probably be a better representation of the actual game.

    I would have bought it already if i didn't have so many other games to play.
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  • HBO GO is now go on Xbox One (in the US)

  • Bravestinsane 20/11/2014

    I don't understand why you prioritise HBO GO in the article over iPlayer... you have your sister site USGamer ,this is EURO....

    We will NEVER have HBO because BskyB has the rights to most of the shows....
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn hit by DDOS attack

  • Bravestinsane 19/11/2014


    The thing is this is genuine news unlike a lot of crap, customers and users will want to know what's going on if they can't access their game, this is one way to find out. Personally I think it's better to inform people what's happening, i was about to log into FF14, now I know there's a DDoS attack I won't be annoyed by connection problems as it's not their fault.
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  • Guild Wars 2 gem store kerfuffle irritates community

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014

    Devs update
    Players complain
    Dev promises to fix it to make players happy...

    non story -.-
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  • Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth review

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014

    I would say sold... but I bought it 2 weeks ago.... come 00:01 all I do is click play! Reply 0
  • CeX accepting Bitcoin in 30+ UK shops from today

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014


    Well that's if they want cash... they can still trade stolen goods in for credit, like you said you don't need ID, they can trade it in for a game or something.

    I agree both companies can get stolen stuff, and you can't accuse me of knowing nothing when I have experienced this first hand, the CEX clearly didn't give a shit near where I worked, maybe others do.

    I've never worked for CEX so I obviously don't know the system as well as you do, but that's not to say i'm incorrect for the above reasons that i have personally experienced.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014


    I'm not accusing CEX of anything, I'm simply stating shed loads of Skylanders were stolen, and the closest CEX to us had shed loads of new boxed skylanders.

    Perhaps it's coincidence who knows.

    I don't care either way anymore, I don't work at game now, and I don't see either company being around for a long period of time anymore, everything I buy is online now.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014


    I worked at game during the height of the skylanders craze, the amount of them we had nicked, and in the CEX around the corner they had a load of "Pre-ownded" boxed ones lol.

    A lot is nicked, they hardly check ID, in game we have to take down Drivers Licence, or Passport numbers. They don't care about that in CEX at all. We actually had something flag up as nicked in store and put it to one side thanks to the id checks.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014

    I tried to sell my graphics card at my local store, they told me they couldn't test it because it didn't have the correct connections... despite it having VGA, DVI, HDMI and DP (which the guy behind the counter thought was a Firewire port) they're morons lol. Reply +14
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest

  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014

    GTA Vice City and you have a deal, best Soundtrack, best story, best city, best GTA Reply +37
  • The Flame in the Flood meets its Kickstarter goal in a week

  • Bravestinsane 15/10/2014

    Damn that video! One of the best looking games I have seen, loving that art style Reply +2
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth makes the space race a marathon effort

  • Bravestinsane 11/10/2014


    I don't think the AI in Civ is perfectly fine. PLaying on high difficulties such as Deity and the AI is just logical.

    If you are weaker then them why would they agree to anything you say? Unless they need you to take on someone else they don't care about you because to them you're nothing.

    If you're stronger they are more likely to accept agreements, I have so many defensive pacts on higher difficulties just to protect myself. Each Civ plays in it's own self interest.

    There's only 1 dodgy thing with he AI and that's then they ask for a luxury resource, yet if you every ask for them for something then they ALWAYS say no.
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