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  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • Bravestinsane 16/01/2015


    Yes but the PS4 is already £350, they just added games.

    MS CUT the price of the Xbone AND added games.

    If they had put the PS4 to £300 - £350 with decent games I would have got one, but the only deal I saw was £350 with Drive Club and TLOU, I already have TLOU on PS4, I wasn't interested in buying re-release of a game that's only a year old and a driving game that's broken.

    I was up for buying one, but I will probably wait another year lol.
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  • Bravestinsane 16/01/2015

    Not to take anything away from the success of Xbone here, but it would have been rather pathetic if they DIDN'T win, I mean seriously did anyone honestly expect the PS4 to win over xmas?

    If US was anything like here in the UK then PS4 had no chance of winning, the Xbone was on CONSTANT discount, every website had slashed like £50+ plus off the price and added in more games. Over Black Friday and the after Xmas sales there was a Xbone deal almost daily, GAME, Argos Currys' all the high street retailers had massive discounts and offers on Xbone and fuck all on PS4.

    This isn't trying to take away from the success i'm glad it's doing better more competition but lets be fair it was obvious it would win based on the amount of offers around it.
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  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals physics-based multiplayer game Worlds Adrift

  • Bravestinsane 20/12/2014

    Am I the only one, who likes the place-holder art? I think it has a quirky look to it, a touched up version of that is all it needs imo Reply +3
  • Sony's H1Z1 enters Steam Early Access in January

  • Bravestinsane 09/12/2014

    Hmm... i guessing this may be free with the Sony All Access Pass, on the website it says you will get extra features if you have it, just don't know what yet. Reply 0
  • This War of Mine review

  • Bravestinsane 25/11/2014


    Look at it on steam, User reviews are "Overwhelmingly Positive" and lets be honest since players actually take into account bugs and whether the game actually works, they will probably be a better representation of the actual game.

    I would have bought it already if i didn't have so many other games to play.
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  • HBO GO is now go on Xbox One (in the US)

  • Bravestinsane 20/11/2014

    I don't understand why you prioritise HBO GO in the article over iPlayer... you have your sister site USGamer ,this is EURO....

    We will NEVER have HBO because BskyB has the rights to most of the shows....
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn hit by DDOS attack

  • Bravestinsane 19/11/2014


    The thing is this is genuine news unlike a lot of crap, customers and users will want to know what's going on if they can't access their game, this is one way to find out. Personally I think it's better to inform people what's happening, i was about to log into FF14, now I know there's a DDoS attack I won't be annoyed by connection problems as it's not their fault.
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  • Guild Wars 2 gem store kerfuffle irritates community

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014

    Devs update
    Players complain
    Dev promises to fix it to make players happy...

    non story -.-
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  • Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth review

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014

    I would say sold... but I bought it 2 weeks ago.... come 00:01 all I do is click play! Reply 0
  • CeX accepting Bitcoin in 30+ UK shops from today

  • Bravestinsane 23/10/2014


    Well that's if they want cash... they can still trade stolen goods in for credit, like you said you don't need ID, they can trade it in for a game or something.

    I agree both companies can get stolen stuff, and you can't accuse me of knowing nothing when I have experienced this first hand, the CEX clearly didn't give a shit near where I worked, maybe others do.

    I've never worked for CEX so I obviously don't know the system as well as you do, but that's not to say i'm incorrect for the above reasons that i have personally experienced.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014


    I'm not accusing CEX of anything, I'm simply stating shed loads of Skylanders were stolen, and the closest CEX to us had shed loads of new boxed skylanders.

    Perhaps it's coincidence who knows.

    I don't care either way anymore, I don't work at game now, and I don't see either company being around for a long period of time anymore, everything I buy is online now.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014


    I worked at game during the height of the skylanders craze, the amount of them we had nicked, and in the CEX around the corner they had a load of "Pre-ownded" boxed ones lol.

    A lot is nicked, they hardly check ID, in game we have to take down Drivers Licence, or Passport numbers. They don't care about that in CEX at all. We actually had something flag up as nicked in store and put it to one side thanks to the id checks.
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  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014

    I tried to sell my graphics card at my local store, they told me they couldn't test it because it didn't have the correct connections... despite it having VGA, DVI, HDMI and DP (which the guy behind the counter thought was a Firewire port) they're morons lol. Reply +14
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest

  • Bravestinsane 22/10/2014

    GTA Vice City and you have a deal, best Soundtrack, best story, best city, best GTA Reply +37
  • The Flame in the Flood meets its Kickstarter goal in a week

  • Bravestinsane 15/10/2014

    Damn that video! One of the best looking games I have seen, loving that art style Reply +2
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth makes the space race a marathon effort

  • Bravestinsane 11/10/2014


    I don't think the AI in Civ is perfectly fine. PLaying on high difficulties such as Deity and the AI is just logical.

    If you are weaker then them why would they agree to anything you say? Unless they need you to take on someone else they don't care about you because to them you're nothing.

    If you're stronger they are more likely to accept agreements, I have so many defensive pacts on higher difficulties just to protect myself. Each Civ plays in it's own self interest.

    There's only 1 dodgy thing with he AI and that's then they ask for a luxury resource, yet if you every ask for them for something then they ALWAYS say no.
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  • Bravestinsane 10/10/2014

    Don't Care! I always play on the higher difficulties anyway so that factor doesn't bother me.

    You say there's loads of similarities.... ask any of us who play Civ 5 and have followed this game as it's been developed I think you will struggle to find any of us who are surprised about this. I got dozens of hours out of Civ 5, when the first expansion Gods and Kinds came it got another 100 hours from me, and a further 150 hours with Brave New World.

    Even if it is a re-skin, they make there re-skins pretty damn well so I ill get plenty of hours out of this.

    Either way for me every company gets one, they got so many hours out of me for Civ 5 they can have my money for Beynod Earth, fuck it up and it wont happen the next time as i'll wait for the reviews.

    As for me I own it, it's waiting and come the 26th I will be binging on this game.
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  • Let's have more games that show rather than tell

  • Bravestinsane 11/10/2014

    Personally I like skipping tutorials, and while I used to love a manual, (Would read them on the bus while coming back from town after buying the game) I never read them now.

    For me, RPGS all control very similar, Shooters controls are the same for every game, Left Click for PC, right trigger on console, right click aim on PC, left trigger to aim on Consoles.

    I would rather there would be a splash screen with a picture here's the controls, and focus tutorials on game mechanics that I need to know.

    The amount of FPS's I have played where it's "Soldier we need to set up your HUD"... "Look up"..."Excellent"..."Look down".... "Very good"... and so on, seriously fuck of I know this shit 90% of people know this. If I want to invert my controls I will do it in the settings... the same as ANY other game.

    The first stage of tutorials should be skip-able if they are similar to other games and they should focus on mechanics which are exclusive or uncommon. For the basics a splash screen is always enough... for me anyway.
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  • Xbox One's Japanese launch musters half sales of Xbox 360

  • Bravestinsane 10/09/2014

    How much you betting that those sales are mostly from expats, would be interesting to see how many Japanese people actually bought one. Reply +11
  • PS4 leads US console sales for seventh month running

  • Bravestinsane 15/08/2014


    How do you continuously fail to post numbers with these news stories, but people in the comments find them within 5 minutes of you posting....
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • Bravestinsane 12/08/2014

    Well they fucked themselves over, well for my money they have anyway.

    I refuse to play sequels unless I have played the previous ones.

    I loved the reboot, but if the 2nd isn't on the PS4 but the 3rd and 4th are, I will be skipping them all until the next reboot in 10 years!
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  • Universum: War Front is an RTS/MOBA/shooter hybrid developed by one guy

  • Bravestinsane 10/10/2013

    One Person?

    Holy shit that looks very impressive for what's there so far!
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  • Digital Foundry vs. the Battlefield 4 beta

  • Bravestinsane 08/10/2013

    I have been playing the PS3 beta, and I understand it's a Beta but devs need to start realising that these "betas" are also game demos' yes they are still being tested but these are not TRUE beta's these are glorified demos so they can say "ah yeh but it's not finished"

    If it was a beta we would be seeing updates to fix frame rates, bugs and glitches etc but we don't devs expect us to test stuff for them but not show us the fixed products... and expect us to buy the game saying "ah but it's fixed now"

    Beta's really need to go the way of MMOs, test > patch, test > patch rather than the current system test > buy (oh but we patched it) > patch > test etc etc
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  • Letting off Steam: Dissecting Valve's announcements

  • Bravestinsane 28/09/2013

    I'm a big fan of Valve... but i can't help but feel underwhelmed...

    I mean Steam OS... pretty cool but from there it's obvious a Steam box would be released along side that... and with big picture mode being released already it was obvious they would be thinking up some new control scheme.

    Yes they were all big important announcements, but how obvious they tied in together leaving 2 days between each one seemed a little silly to me.
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  • Watch what Namco's canned Snake Plissken game looked like

  • Bravestinsane 28/09/2013


    I Disagree

    I think it looks great considering this was slated for 2005 only as the 360 was being released and PS3 was a year away.

    These graphics are probably internal and not reflective of final graphics... but even then... look at the animations!!!!

    Even early 360 and PS3 games didn't have animations that looked that good.

    TBH to me that looks like a PS2 title rather than this gen.. but even then considering this footage is from 2003/2004 i think it looks pretty damn good.
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  • Microsoft names next free Xbox 360 Games with Gold title

  • Bravestinsane 24/09/2013

    To the people complaining about PS+ sub... do you realise how it actually works.

    It's a rental yes... but its tied to your account PERMANENTLY

    You could stop paying for a year come back then redownload them all again at no cost.

    Also renting isn't a bad thing, once I complete the game I usually don't go back to it unless it's exceptional.

    Would you rather a 2 free games that are 4/5 years old a month that you will play then never play again.

    Or would you rather 5 new games a month of which 1 is usually a massive recent release.

    Finally.... WHY THE FLYING FUCK WOULD YOU CANCEL PS+!!!!! Have you seen the games?

    I will soon be without my PS3 for 2 years due to moving abroad, but ill probably pay for PS+ buy all the games online and have over 100 saved up for when i get it back!!
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  • Ordnance Survey maps Britain in Minecraft

  • Bravestinsane 24/09/2013

    Ooo Stonehenge!!!

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  • Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects

  • Bravestinsane 22/09/2013


    I have to admit, I'm a little perplexed to all the hate directed at you.

    All you have said is that a article with a quoted and named source is more reliable that a article with an anonymous source... which by all accounts is a correct assertion to make.

    Now there are two reasons behind this, either the article about PS4 being 50% more powerful is a lie, or the anonymous developers a bound by NDA so speaking would risk their jobs.

    Personally I am inclined to believe the latter due to the common knowledge of how strict NDA's are in the gaming industry if developers were allowed to talk about how powerful each console was lots more would have.

    However when it comes to the journalism of this article the thing I call into question is the lack of aggressive interviewing by @Richard Leadbetter, this was the perfect chance to ask several questions, such as "Was it down to Sony's reveal as to the performance increase", "Was it due to the inclusion of kinect that resulted in less powerful technologies being used" The probably wouldn't have answered but we don't know until we ask.

    So the main question for me is why were these tough questions not asked. A while bet credibility was brought into question surrounding game reviews, as such Eurogamer now tells us if publishers fund trips to events etc.

    I think a similar thing should be done in interviews, for example in this interview was Richard bound by some sort of agreement to not ask certain questions (The interview definitely seemed very passive on his part)
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  • Can Knack be PlayStation 4's Crash Bandicoot?

  • Bravestinsane 19/09/2013

    I just love the art style Reply +1
  • Samurai Gunn is another PS4 indie to get excited about

  • Bravestinsane 16/09/2013


    Because MS would rather throw money at EA and Acti for a few weeks of exclusivity on their games despite it all coming to Sony eventually.

    Sony on the other hand are bendingover backwards to get as many games as possible on their platform from Indies and and just not getting in the way. All Sony basically does is say "here's a devkit and here's a A4 sheet of rules to follow other than that do whatever.

    Why it's not going to be on PS3 I have no idea =/
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  • Questing for heroism in MMOs

  • Bravestinsane 07/09/2013

    I usually stop playing MMO's when i hit the level cap.

    Just becomes a vicious cycle of crap,....

    Why are you doing raids?
    To get better armour....
    Why do you want better armour?
    So i can do better at raids...

    That's all a MMO ends up being towards the end of the game it's not fun it's a boring grind and i usually cancel my subs as soon as I reach level cap... give it a week to try things out but after that i'm done.
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  • RuneScape 3 attracts over 300,000 new players

  • Bravestinsane 06/09/2013


    Yeh, recent promotions have just enhanced that, currently "Super September" encourages those to play every day to complete a challenge for an entire month. Those who don't miss out on a reward... even those who have missed 1 of only 5 days so far can't get the top reward.

    I would recommend DC Universe to you i just started playing it again (though lost my old account as i missed the migration)i find the combat very fun, and after only 3 days i'm level 20 (max is 30) you will level up very fast.
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  • Bravestinsane 06/09/2013


    No MMOS are like Battlfield lol, everyone of them requires you to level up to get more powerful and you can't just beat someone who is higher than you.

    Saying that different MMO's handle this differently Runescape is on one side where grinding and time are essential, then games like DC Universe and Guild Wars are on the other side where you level up ridiculously quickly putting you on par with others in a short space of time.
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  • Bravestinsane 06/09/2013

    Actually I log in daily and that is very misleading.

    3 years ago there was over 100k people online at anyone time

    Last year after the EOC release that dropped down to about 60 - 70k average.

    Now since RS3 it's lucky to be over 50k at any one time.

    I have has an account for 8 years, I don't EVER recall player numbers online at the same time ever being this low.

    Changes they are making take the piss, and a lot of older players (age of account) are getting pissed off and quitting, Jagex now prioritise money over their gameplay and players so I don't see it lasting long.

    Also that 200million account statistic is a complete farce, the amount of botting that goes on in that game I could bet less than half of that number were genuine accounts. The majority of that number will be banned accounts from botting and players second accounts.

    Figure I want to know is how many unique accounts.
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  • PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime looks lovely in new extended trailer

  • Bravestinsane 04/09/2013

    The thing i love about this is that with Graphics like that it will NEVER look old.

    Lots of animation today has graphics like that and has done for years. Whereas games that go for the realistic look always age faster.
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  • Xbox One supports up to eight controllers at once

  • Bravestinsane 03/09/2013


    I have never connected more than 4 controllers to my PS3... I don't even know what games support 7 people (how many the PS3 has) but oh well... guess more are available if it's needed.
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  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Bravestinsane 02/09/2013


    I will probably do the same, this will be the first Total War game i have NOT bought day 1... and not got the special edition either..

    Though partly to blame for me having a laptop with a Intel 4000...

    My PC can't be set up :'(
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  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Bravestinsane 20/08/2013

    Fucking camera man is a prick Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts has dedicated servers on Xbox One

  • Bravestinsane 20/08/2013

    I don't fucking understand half the crap...

    you can lean left and right...

    dedicated servers....


    These should have been in there ages ago why only on the 8th iteration (is it 8 now i dunno?) the series have mad enough money to do this ages ago.
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  • Face-Off: PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation Vita

  • Bravestinsane 17/08/2013


    I would love to, but the amount of games i have installed would require a 1tb SSD, and i'm not pissing about installing steam twice to have some games on HDD and some on SDD
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  • Bravestinsane 17/08/2013

    The thing that still impressed me about the vita is essentially the tabbing in and out of games.

    My battery died 2 days ago turned itself of put it on charge turn it back on just now and continue from where i left off.. it's instant as well. PC's may have done this for years but they don't resume from shutdowns and they don't tab back in as fluidly as the vita does. (Wish mine did though its a pain -.-)
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  • Bravestinsane 17/08/2013

    Ill be honest, playing Uncharted I have never noticed it dropped to 20fps, i always found it rather smooth.

    Guess that goes to show the importance of the 30fps 60fps arguments in my case
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  • Nintendo's Skylanders-style Pokémon figurines reach the UK

  • Bravestinsane 15/08/2013

    Fuck me it must have been years I only recognise 3 of those! Reply 0
  • BioShock Infinite dev talks Burial at Sea DLC

  • Bravestinsane 08/08/2013


    Think that would piss me off if they just used that as a reason...

    The amount of thought they put into Infinate if that is the answer then they got lazy in my opinion.
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  • Bravestinsane 08/08/2013

    "She is very much Elizabeth, but also has a character. She's affected. She's definitely changed by what she's done. I will say certainly you are picking up after the events of Infinite, and this is a person who has seen all the things you've seen in Infinite, and that's had an effect on her."
    Well if this DLC takes part after Infinate... they best explain how booker survives -.-
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  • Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 spotted during tour of Valve's office

  • Bravestinsane 06/08/2013

    I didn't realise until I checked my steam account but L4D2 was in 2009... so to be fair 4 years between games I am perfectly happy with. Reply +1
  • Sony explains lack of Planetside 2 PC and PS4 cross-platform play, teases character transfers

  • Bravestinsane 05/08/2013

    All I took from this was that thanks to the PS4, PC gamers running AMD chips will be getting better quality games thanks to devs being forced to make games truly multi-threaded.

    Fuck that's awesome
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  • Microsoft is retiring its Xbox Live Rewards program

  • Bravestinsane 11/07/2013

    Probably retiring it because getting 20msp sounds a lot better than 7 fucking pence Reply +3
  • Runescape 3 release date announced

  • Bravestinsane 03/07/2013


    I still play it, Considering it was originally in Java and still runs in a browser the fact it's so large is impressive.

    I like to play it due to being able to snap it to 1 half of the monitor and watch iPlayer or read websites on the other, tbh i treat it more as a afk game these days.

    Though i do have to say the continuous bombardment of them trying to get you so spend money on cosmetics and paying for an advantage are grinding on me more and more.
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  • Saints Row 4 banned in Australia for including alien anal probe

  • Bravestinsane 26/06/2013


    Its PEGI 18... regardless of our opinions of these kinds of weapons (Personally i think it's a gimmick)

    There is a reason these games have 18 ratings, i just wish parents stuck to them...
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