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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review

  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    I'm sorry mate, but this is a conversation thats going to keep happening, not just with MGS V but with future games, until our industry matures a little and we're open to being inwardly critical. Like it or not, opinions on my side of the fence are valid and need expressing, but yours and peoples on the other side are just as valud and need expressing too. We only move forward by allowing freedom of discussion to everyone.

    But since you asked it would be rude not to offer a response; I think the word that sums the game up so far is refinement. Its the culmination, the peak of all the systems from previous MGS games, honed to near perfection. As a sandbox game it's a perfect mix of freedom and the tools to approach every mission how you want to.

    Its a benchmark game for open worlds. Its the next big leap forward for the genre.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    So she couldn't possibly be super useful and be clothed?

    Objectification has nothing to do with usefulness.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    I can understand why you'd think that. All I can do is say to you that I'd still be raising it as an issue. Speaking as someone who suffers from low self worth and is body conscious, oversexualisation/objectification of men affects me just as much if not more than women.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    Of course it works both ways! Oversexualisation and objectification isn't exclusive to just one gender! But right here right bow we're talking about Quiet, who happens to be female. If Quiet happened to be a guy in the same situation we'd be having this conversation about objectification of men.

    Just because it works both ways doesn't make it right.

    EDIT: Also, its not about admiring the opposite sex, its about reducing them to an object. Its about seeing them as just a thing, not a person. We're all guilty of doing it, its just more frequent with women.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015

    Just to point something out, because a character is oversexualised and objectified doesn't mean we're saying gamers are then going to go out and behave in a certain way. Most gamers are sensible adults who know better. Some will be kids who get an giggle over the camera panning over a pair of breasts, but most of you are adult enough not to act out what you see.

    But look at what the objectification of women in society does to *some* people. Womwn who get cat called when they walk down the street, who get unwanted attention at the bar or at work, and the guys who do these sorts of things. How often will a pretty woman walk past and you've seen a guy look her up and down? Thats objectification at work. It's not about who she is as a person, its what she looks like and what that guy wants to do *to* her, not with her.

    Most guys would never follow through with that. But some guys? Some guys do. Because it's just a woman and it's acceptable to treat her like a piece of meat. If you've ever had a friend gang raped because the guys involved saw them as just an object to use for their pleasure and not as a person you'd give a damn about it too.

    No one is saying that Quiets design is going to lead to things like this, I'm sure as hell not. But we live in a society that still lives under the shadow of a male dominated world where sexism prevailed for centuries. Yes, objectification and oversexualisation exists everywhere in our world, but we're gamers, so focusing on the issue in our own backyard makes sense to me. I'll fight it wherever I see it but I want the industry I love to be smarter. I want it to lead the way.

    That doesn't mean we rid our games of sex. Sexy characters are just fine, but lets stop making them objects and perpetuating something that, like it or not, exists in our culture.
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  • Brave27heart 01/09/2015


    This. A thousand times over.

    Trying to open up constructive discussions about this is, sadly, ineffective. If Kojima was open to the possibility of Quiet promoting the oversexualisation of women then he would have done something about it at the design level. He's not, so criticism is ineffective.

    I imagine mockery might hurt his ego just a little more and be more effective at making him take a long hard look at himself.

    And if you think its not an issue, I would say you're probably not a woman.
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  • Unpacking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's convoluted "augment your pre-order" program

  • Brave27heart 01/09/2015

    Whats really annoying is if they get enough pre orders they'll release the game four days early. Which means the game must be on a schedule that allows it to be released four days early. So why the hell not just release it early for everyone?? You're deliberately holding the game back by four days in the hope that enough people see it as a good enough reason to pre order.

    Thats shoddy treatment of your customer base.
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  • Madden NFL 16's new trailer is bats*** insane

  • Brave27heart 21/08/2015

    All video game trailers should be bat shit crazy and completely unrelated to the game they're advertising. Reply +5
  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • Brave27heart 02/07/2015

    Driveclub is a really solid game, and team races online are brilliant, because even if you're never going to be near the front, when its you and a member of the other team fighting over 5th and 6th, that still matters, it still feels like you are contributing, not just making up the numbers.

    Also,the season pass is phenomenal value. So much content, its how all season passes should be.
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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    @tomphillipsEG And I appreciate your responses. I'm aware my initial post has a rather critical, child like tone to it and it would have perfectly reasonable to have disregarded the comment, so for engaging with it like you have done is a good reflection on you. Thanks Reply +5
  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    @tomphillipsEG the destiny interview was brilliant, I have to give full credit for that. So you can maybe understand why when I see a tag line of "Even at that price" I'm disheartened.

    You called them on the practice of having to rebuy the game and expansions to get the additional content and they backed down. It could be argued they wouldn't have done that without the interview. The Taken King might be a brilliant expansion but is it worth 40? As others have pointed out they're reusing assets, just tweaking them, and thats spun as a positive in this article.

    Honestly, its that tagline that bothers me. If this was a straight up appreciation of the expansion thats fine. I still feel that the price has to be considered but if you're simply previewing the game it could stay out in this case. But you added that tagline which suggests that the price point is acceptable for the content, and I dont think thats the case nor am I alone in that.

    And yes, liking a game makes it hard to be neutral. God knows if it was me I would struggle to stay neutral. Thats called being human, we all have bias and prejudices. Just because I think you may have some bias towards destiny doesn't mean I think your articles lack merit or worth, I just bear in mind its written by a destiny fan. This article had a lot of good solid information. It has worth.
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  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    The issue here is the Eurogamer staff love Destiny. To them the expansion is worth it, the lack of story is excusable because the grind - loot - repeat aspect of Destiny is a good fit for them - it appeals.

    Thats not a problem. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    However when that opinion influences you to look at something in a biased way when you're meant to be a neutral professional, that is a problem.

    No expansion, unless we're talking about a whole new games worth of expansion, is worth 40. And no matter your personal feelings you can't skim over the price point because you like the game. Its the elephant in the room.
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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • Brave27heart 29/06/2015

    I have a secret crush on Amy Hennig.

    Don't tell my wife.
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  • Her Story makes game narratives personal - and that feels like the future

  • Brave27heart 27/06/2015

    Im secretly hoping for a console version. Or at least an android one. Looks like a gem of a game and one I could share playing with my other half. Reply 0
  • The best PS4 games

  • Brave27heart 22/03/2015

    How much of a difficult decision was it listing Destiny second instead of first like you wanted to? Reply +2
  • DICE vows: Final Stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

  • Brave27heart 11/12/2014

    Final stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

    Many would argue the launch was the end for Battlefield 4
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • Brave27heart 10/11/2014

    Reads like a fair, accurate review. Id agree with it fully. 7/10 is the right score.

    I am at the moment loving it though, so in terms of fun factor, its a 9/10 for me.

    And thats the beauty of subjectivity.
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  • Sledgehammer co-founder bemoans Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leak

  • Brave27heart 27/10/2014

    Let it go dude, let it go. Reply +2
  • Destiny has its first level 30 character

  • Brave27heart 23/09/2014

    Is it wrong that I don't care? Reply +24
  • Meet Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy's latest saviour

  • Brave27heart 23/09/2014

    If I press the attack button and it picks the best attack animation then I'm cool with that. I'm cool if it contextually chooses when to do double team attacks. I'm happy not having to learn combos or time button presses exactly in order for something cool to happen. I'm getting old too.


    I want some input in whats going on. I want enemies to need a bit more intelligence to defeat. If I can just spam the attack button all game and come out victorious then that's boring. I want to be facing flans that are resistant to physical attacks, I want to have to work out an enemies elemental weakness and then exploit it. I want to be facing a Marlborough, actually I'd be happy never facing a Marlborough ever again. Pesky blighters.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One car list revealed in full

  • Brave27heart 10/09/2014

    Speaking as a Playstation only gamer and self confessed fanboy.....

    ....I wish I could play this. Solid looking car list, quality over quantity (yes GT I'm giving you the eye), looks great and Ford Capri to boot?!
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  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • Brave27heart 10/09/2014

    Reading like an 8. Still. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Brave27heart 08/09/2014

    Read like an 8. Reply 0
  • Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

  • Brave27heart 05/09/2014

    Headline should read: "MS in sense of humour shocker" Reply +7
  • Cities: Skyline is out to satisfy where SimCity couldn't

  • Brave27heart 04/09/2014


    Possibly, but, if I had a potatostation, I could presumably play games and make chips at the same time.
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  • Brave27heart 04/09/2014

    I suppose a console port is out of the question? These sort of strategy/builder games are few and far between on consoles and I'd love something like this on PS4. Anyone know of anything in development for consoles? Reply +4
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer detailed in new video

  • Brave27heart 04/09/2014

    I'll be buying it.

    If you're buying it too, thats cool.

    If you're not, thats cool too.

    If you're bored of Cod and can't understand why people buy it, thats fine mate.

    Thats the beauty of choice, we're not all going to agree on whats good and what isn't. Slating someone for their opinion instead of understanding and accepting thats it's their right to hold that opinion makes you look like a neanderthal. And not a very cool one.
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  • Destiny dev reveals Raid details

  • Brave27heart 03/09/2014

    I'm feeling unexpectedly inflated levels of "meh" on this one.

    I think there's some interested ideas, but the developers are talking up their product so much my BS meter has needed replacement batteries. I know they have to talk their products up, that's part of marketing, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of substance to back up the hype.
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • Brave27heart 02/09/2014

    Whats gamergate? Sorry, I was too busy, you know, playing games. Reply +8
  • Everybody's Golf coming to PS4

  • Brave27heart 01/09/2014

    "Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida spoke of a new game that will offer open-world golf entertainment"

    Open world Golf?
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  • Here's what happens when you mix roller coasters and Oculus Rift

  • Brave27heart 29/08/2014

    Coming to Alton Towers 2017 Reply +3
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Brave27heart 27/08/2014

    This discussion is something that really does need to happen in the industry. Its a huge problem and we should be brave enough to confront it.

    My only issue is...I just don't like her. I can't put my finger on why exactly, maybe it's something in her voice or just the way she presents's almost...I want to say cocky? And it's not that I have any issues with strong women, quite the opposite, there's just something about her that I don't like and I find I have to try really hard to focus on what she's saying. Just my opinion, not an attack on her, I recognize the issue is entirely with me.

    This message needs spreading, if nothing else so it encourages people to talk about it.
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  • Sony confirms "reduction in workforce" at inFamous dev Sucker Punch

  • Brave27heart 20/08/2014

    That sucks Reply +9
  • Is there more to Quantum Break than run-of-the-mill third-person shooting?

  • Brave27heart 20/08/2014


    That's the beauty of gaming, it's so diverse that everyone can have their tastes catered for, there is something for everyone.
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  • Brave27heart 20/08/2014


    Some might argue Naughty Dog holds the keys to the 3rd person kingdom at the moment. :)

    Alan Wake was one of the few 360 games I actually wish had come to PS3. It might not have been technically brilliant, but it tried to create atmosphere, which you can't help but praise it for in a world of generic games.
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  • Destiny has a soft level cap of 20, but you can go beyond it

  • Brave27heart 01/08/2014


    So when they increase it in future patches the consumer feels like they're getting something for nothing. It garners some level of goodwill for the developers from the gamers. You can also guarantee that people will soon start complaining about the level cap after the games launched so by then increasing it in a patch it looks like the developer listens to the gamers.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity reveals new female character

  • Brave27heart 30/07/2014

    Still waiting for people to get it into their thick skulls that theres no reason one of the other assassins you see on screen could have been female.

    God. Damn
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  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • Brave27heart 30/07/2014

    This isnt going to be a direct competition with PS Now, however Sony should definately take a look at their pricing structure. As much as people might associate EA with greed they've got the pricing bang on here. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: The Last of Us Remastered

  • Brave27heart 29/07/2014


    Its all about prettier graphics at this point in the generation. After a year the PS2 wasn't terribly different to PS1, and same between PS2 and PS3 (probably more so).

    Once devs have stopped making cross platform games and are used to the hardware and can really go at it then we'll start to see them shine. The reality though is that probably won't be for another two to three years. Until then, it's just shinier images.
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  • Child of Light confirmed for PlayStation Vita in July

  • Brave27heart 21/05/2014

    Theres good and bad in this Ubisoft.

    The good is that this deserves to be on Vita, it's perfect for it. it's poor that you've deliberately waited until after it's released on other platforms so people like me who bought it day one on PS3 now have to face buying it a second time. Given the choice I'd have just got the Vita one.

    I won't but it again, not because it's not worth it but out of principle for shady business practices of delaying announcements to profit off people buying twice. Whats worse although I'm dying to play Valiant Hearts, I won't be buying day one, because I suspect you'll do the same again. I'll wait, and run the risk of forgetting about it or picking it up when it's on sale.

    Someone at Ubisoft needs a slap.
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  • Sunset Overdrive debuts gameplay footage

  • Brave27heart 09/05/2014

    Gutted I'm in the Playstation camp and will be missing out on what looks like a brilliantly ridiculous game. And I don't mind saying it. MS did good securing this as an exclusive. Gits :) Reply +4
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, release date revealed

  • Brave27heart 02/05/2014


    Now say CODAW in the voice of Hodor from Game of Thrones

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  • Super Mario Land retrospective

  • Brave27heart 28/04/2014

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • Brave27heart 17/04/2014

    If you build it, they will come... Reply +4
  • Rain World is coming to "PSN, PS Vita and well beyond"

  • Brave27heart 15/04/2014


    These sorts of games are what Vita is made for, those truly indie games that seem to only appear on PC.
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  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • Brave27heart 11/04/2014

    MS, take note from The King:

    A little less conversation a little more action
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  • SOE's zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1 has been detailed

  • Brave27heart 10/04/2014

    I declare the zombie genre officially done to death.

    Time to move on. So, back to World War Two?
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  • The numbers game

  • Brave27heart 05/04/2014

    Out of curiosity EG, hows it going with those reviews of games in beta/early access where you're not assigning scores? If you're not getting a huge backlash why not consider rolling it out across all reviews?

    Its not going to change until one of the big media outlets makes the first move. When it can be shown that a score isnt necessary and doesnt effect the number of hits a site gets, then others will follow suit. The amount of grief sites must get for the number given to a game alone must be reason enough to want to ditch them.
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  • Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • Brave27heart 21/03/2014

    Doesn't matter if it's a marathon or a sprint if you're not fit enough to run either. Reply +9
  • The Last of Us' film adaptation will follow the game's storyline

  • Brave27heart 14/03/2014

    Do. Not. Want.

    You cannot replicate the immediacy of being in the moment when you hear a clicker echoing off the walls, The panic when you fire off your last bullet and realise its one hit too few to kill that infected. Giraffes. That opening sequence. None of that can be translated into a film as well as a game. I'm sure it'll be decent, probably one of the better game to film tie ins we've seen, but I don't need this, dont want this and am very worried that it'll just sour the good name that The Last of Us has.

    But if it has to be done, use the same soundtrack. That was something special.
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