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  • Everything new in the Nintendo Switch trailer

  • Brave27heart 20/10/2016


    I'd accept 250 for the console and a pack in game - something like Splaroon or Mario Kart 8. I think that's a sweet spot. 250 for a base console without a game leaves the possibility of still getting a game and console for less than 300 which would be the upper limit of what I think they should be aiming for.
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  • Brave27heart 20/10/2016

    Concept is good. Design isn't bad.'ll probably grow on me.

    Three big big questions remain.

    1. Cost - anywhere north of 300 to reasonably get gaming (including games and peripherals) and I think it'll struggle.

    2. Battery - how long does it last on the go? Less than 2 hours and that's a problem.

    3. Games - can we expect the latest call of duty, fifa or final fantasy on this console or are we reduced to last gen remasters? It's not a huge deal breaker but I won't be trading my time on my ps4 if there isn't the latest games available.

    I think the games point is also inexcusable in some regards. Almost all indie games outo in the last couple of years should be easy enough to run on Switch, so no reason not to get them on board. While something on the scope of battlefield 1 or witcher 3 might be a push I can't see something like overwatch being too taxing.

    Also, bonus point 4 - make sure online is free.
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  • Overwatch team working on two new heroes and six maps

  • Brave27heart 06/10/2016

    @wildbillch good spot!! Must have been quick play! Very very frustrating regardless!! Reply +3
  • Brave27heart 06/10/2016

    @The_shlaaaag_returns - "Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting a Symettra main in your team for a competitive match."

    I played a competitive match the other day with TWO Symettra's on offense. On freaking offence! Needless to say it was a disaster.

    I don't know if seeing a Symettra in your team is as heartbreaking as seeing an Ana, a Hanzo and a Widowmaker all together. The amount of times I've seen three snipers on one team is truly heartbreaking.
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  • Blizzard reveals fix for Overwatch thumbstick acceleration control

  • Brave27heart 26/09/2016

    Can only be a good thing.

    Now if they could just tweak the amount of points you get/lose in competitive I'd be happy. It's better this season but still not there. I lost ten games in a row and dropped from 2200 down to 1500. I win 9 of the next ten and I'm up to 1800. And I'm scoring at least one or two gold medals and one or two silvers each game so it's not like I'm playing poorly and getting my wins through luck.

    Also I drew a match and picked up two gold medals and a silver and my rank score didn't move, so I wonder if it's not even attached to personal performance at all? A bit of clarity on how it's calculated Blizzard would go a long way.
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  • Face-Off: BioShock: The Collection

  • Brave27heart 22/09/2016

    The remaster we wanted, but not the one we deserved....

    Edit: as in we wanted a Bioshock remaster but we deserved better than this
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  • FIFA 17 doesn't have Iceland because of a row over money

  • Brave27heart 22/09/2016

    There are 47 national teams in Fifa 17, so if 11,000 is the average figure (and it's possibly higher) then they spend over half a million a year on licenses for the international teams alone. When you factor in the top leagues in Europe, Americas, Asia etc they must spend several million on licenses sure. I never realised the figures were so big. Reply +7
  • Battlefield 1 beta had an enormous 13.2m players

  • Brave27heart 15/09/2016

    I played the beta and decided it wasn't for me, I'm going to skip buying it. So beta's can go either way really.

    Let's be honest though - "EA might have a hit on it's hands" - it's Battlefield, it's one of those intellectual properties that will be a multi million seller regardless.
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  • What if Uncharted 4 on PS4 Pro ran at 60fps?

  • Brave27heart 13/09/2016

    I'm happy with 1080 30fps, as long as the game play is fun. Hell I'll take 900 30 fps if the game play is fun.

    Remember that thing? Game play? It used to be the reason we all bought games before we needed something to feel superior about.
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  • Forza Horizon 3: still the only racing game for everyone

  • Brave27heart 12/09/2016

    As a playstation only gamer this is one of those games that I look at and go green with envy. Reply +19
  • Life after console generations has one big upside

  • Brave27heart 07/09/2016

    Let me explain what I mean by cash grab. These consoles are not something that was needed. If you think of the couple of years before this generation launched it was clear that the ps3/360 gen had gone on too long. Here we're only just getting into the swing of things and already there are new models with more power. And while the games coming out will play on original ps4s do you think that will last long? How long before we get Neo editions of games with added content/features?

    I won't be buying Neo (in case anyone was uncertain) and I have no issue with people who do, but my fear is that this leads to the same type of market as mobile phones, where a new console is required every 3 years in order to enjoy certain experiences. For example I'd be gutted if say the next final fantasy was optimised for Neo and was consequently unplayable on old ps4s because of poor performance. That's the possible kind of market this sort of thing might create.

    My issue isn't these consoles per se, it's where they might lead. And yes, it might not end up that way but people said that about things like dlc and season passes. Money talks.

    When I say money grab it's like if you go to buy a north face jacket. You can get one for 50, one for 90 or one for 150. The cheapest one tends to be cheaper materials, but once you get to the 90 you're using the best materials there are. The 150 exists for one reason only - because if North Face don't sell one at that price their competitors will and people will buy it. Ypu dont get anything more over the 90 one. Neo exists because of Scorpio, which exists because of Neo. If one doesn't do it the other will and will make money from it.

    If nothing else I've given you a buyers tip about jackets (same goes for walking boots too).

    Edit: don't get me wrong if the new consoles have zero impact on those with the older models I'll happily eat my words, do the game of thrones walk of shame and proclaim to the world I was wrong.
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  • Brave27heart 07/09/2016

    Utter nonsense in my humble opinion. All my previous consoles fit I to one box under my bed, games included (granted it's a big box but it fits under my debit just fine). If I want to play any of the classics it takes five minutes to pull out and plug it all in. Hardly the struggle of the ages is it?

    Also "It is a quite reasonable hope that this policy will extend to their eventual successors, too." Really? You really think so? Because I think backwards compatibility has become so ingrained in the culture now that no one will do it any more. Why spend money on a feature few people with use?

    Neo and Scorpio are money grabs from Sony and Microsoft for those who want the latest cutting edge hardware. If that's your thing then great, but I'm not happy about it.
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  • Watch: 15 minutes of Infinite Warfare multiplayer gameplay

  • Brave27heart 03/09/2016

    My anticipation for this game just went from "zero" to "if you gave me a free copy I'd feel ripped off".

    And yet I keep coming to these articles in the vain hope that things change, that new game play will convince me it won't be that bad. Cod was my go to game with friends back in the day but they're pandering to a different crowd now it seems.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will contain all 16 multiplayer maps

  • Brave27heart 03/09/2016

    I so want this game but I'm not supporting shoddy business practices like this one. Reply 0
  • Overwatch Competitive Season 2, and Eichenwalde, are live

  • Brave27heart 02/09/2016


    You're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

    Since I only *just* managed gold my target is mid-gold tier for season two. I did my placement games and got a starting rank of 41, then promptly dropped in the space of the next ten games down as low as 34 I think. Took me the rest of the season to recover to 41 again.

    Quick play has certainly felt different in between seasons. Much more serious, and to be honest I prefer it to remain the mode you can just dip into and have a bit of fun. there needs to be a less serious place to counter the ultra seriousness of seasons mode.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2016

    Do we have any idea what the level groupings are for each compared to season one? For example I finished on 41 in season one, would that equate to bronze tier? Silver? Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 is one of the best war games there's ever been

  • Brave27heart 28/08/2016

    I literally picked this game up yesterday afternoon. Haven't touched it yet and am about to set my first footsteps into this world later this afternoon. I'm a bit worried all the hype has set a bar that is going to be impossible to reach so I'm trying to temper my expectations.

    This article does not help.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront's incoming new mode sounds incredible

  • Brave27heart 17/08/2016

    I'm afraid for me I've already moved on. That (star)ship has sailed. Reply +1
  • PS4's next big update adds folders

  • Brave27heart 15/08/2016

    Good update! Now....about MP3 playback... Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

  • Brave27heart 11/08/2016

    Alternative headings:

    The secret to No Man's Sky's ending - you won't believe what you need to keep hold of!

    When No Man's Sky players reached the end they made a shocking discovery - I wasn't ready for this!

    i believe that's how it's done isn't it?
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • Brave27heart 28/07/2016

    For me it needs two things to succeed:

    1. price - currently on Game's website the Wii U with Mario Kart 8 is 235 new, almost four years down the line and following weaker sales than expected. It was too much at launch. it's still too much now. NX needs to hit the right pricing from the get go. 200 would make me consider it but I think much more than that and people will baulk at it.

    2. Games - it needs a decent launch line up, with at least two big games from the get go. I would also expect them to look at re-releasing Wii u games on the NX as remasters - games like Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 would provide an extensive launch line up that most people won't have played before

    Do those two things and I'd trade in my PS4 for one. This generation has been a let down for me to be honest.
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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Brave27heart 26/07/2016

    None of this makes a blind bit of difference if the software isn't up to scratch.

    Wii U wasn't a bad console but the lack of software made it a none starter for many.
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  • The Walking Dead's third season screens shows off Telltale's improved engine

  • Brave27heart 22/07/2016

    Will it fix the gosh awful loading times?

    I've always thought that a perfect partnership would be someone like Teltale (who write good stories and characters but struggle with performance) and Crytek (who make beautiful looking but rather dull games).
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  • The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

  • Brave27heart 11/07/2016 Reply 0
  • Overwatch updated to address Competitive Play skill rating issues when people leave games

  • Brave27heart 09/07/2016


    This! It should be based on skill not who wins.
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  • Brave27heart 08/07/2016

    Not happened on consoles yet as far as I can tell. No difference tonight to last night. Reply 0
  • Overwatch patch fixes Zarya, Winston and Mercy bugs

  • Brave27heart 07/07/2016

    Competitive mode is downright broken. Lose a match and you lose a whole rank. Win and you gain between 1/4 and 1/2 of a rank. I can't tell why that would be the case. Players dropping out and not being replaced is just unacceptable. In a tightly balanced 6 vs 6 match up losing just one player makes it so much harder. Losing 2 makes it impossible. However you want to fix it is up to you but just do it - normal play works brilliantly with drop out drop in game play. Competitive mode is ruined by not having it.

    How about whatever percent take of the match I play I get that reward/loss? So if I play 100% of the match I get all the rewards or all the loss of rank, but if I only play the last 10% I get 10% of the gain or loss of rank?

    As frustrating as competitive mode is, I'm still having a blast with this game.
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  • Destiny's Moments of Triumph Year Two is now live

  • Brave27heart 07/07/2016

    25 years in this industry is good going. Congratulations for that.

    Unfortunately as a playstation gamer who's only experience of your work is Destiny, I dont get what all the hype behind your company was about. Sorry, biggest let down of this generation is Destiny for me.
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  • Overwatch basketball hoop now spews confetti when you score!

  • Brave27heart 30/06/2016


    Except that gaming can provide a release and a sanctuary from the horrors of the real world, as well as bring people from all different cultures and backgrounds together in a fun and engaging way. A lot of the time. The fact that it's a slow news day doesn't mean the medium as a whole should be written off as superficial.
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  • Sony has nearly 21m PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • Brave27heart 29/06/2016

    Cue the debate about whether PS Plus games are actually worth it.... Reply +17
  • Torbjorn's turrets being nerfed in Overwatch - but only on console

  • Brave27heart 27/06/2016

    I'd have gone for a slight delay in locking on, or reduced turn speed (or both). Once you know where a turret is the old peek-a-boo tactics work for Widowmaker, Hanzo, Pharah, a Junkrat if the location is level, Symetra, Soldier 76...etc. etc.

    Damage output wasn't an issue, but that lock on speed meant you'd always take a hit or to, as well as giving your location away to the opposite team. I think they might have turned the turrets from OP to redundant with such a reduction in damage though.

    Also why is there no cool down on them? I think a ten second cool down from when the turret is destroyed would be fair. that prevents one being destroyed and another popping up straight away.
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  • Bungie: We're trying to build Destiny content quicker

  • Brave27heart 22/06/2016

    Build better. Not quicker.

    You know, unless you can do both.
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  • PlayStation Plus open weekend kicks off this Friday

  • Brave27heart 22/06/2016


    Exactly, space magic and unicorn dandruff doesn't power servers. They power the air conditioning at Ubisofts offices I believe.
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  • 1080p Project Scorpio games "will look different" and some "run a little better" than on Xbox One/S

  • Brave27heart 17/06/2016

    I wasnt sure Microsoft knew what they wanted Scorpio to be, except that they just want the title of "most powerful console". Essentially most people won't have a 4k tv so the main plus point of the console is negated, and people will be buying it for minor performance upgrades - so basically you're looking at 1080p 60fps instead of say 900p 60fps. Incidentally the things people have been saying don't matter with the Xbox one, but now make enough difference to justify a new 300-400 console. This is of course assuming Microsoft are true to their word and "no one gets left behind" with Scorpio exclusives....Microsoft wouldn't do a bait and switch would they?

    I thought the idea was a silly one and they didn't know what they were doing but then I read the comments and people are lapping it up. The idea of buying a new machine for a minor performance upgrade feel ludicrous to me, but it looks like I'm in the minority. I guess it's the iPhone mentality - gotta have the newest one, slightly better than the old one.

    If it's all the same I'll be skipping Scorpio and Neo, enjoying my games on my current PS4 (and if the only difference is they're 30fps instead of 60, or 900p instead of 1080p I can live with that) and saving my money for a proper new generation.

    Currently I'm loving Overwatch. Would this game be any better on a Neo or Scorpio? Unlikely.
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  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • Brave27heart 14/06/2016

    Nintendo to launch a mid budget console with the specs of a PS4 Neo or Xbox One S that focuses on fun, innovative games and they clean up the market.

    Not likely I know but the reality is no one actually cares about the horsepower. Sure, Playstation fans use it a a way of justifying superiority over Xbox owners, but honestly if the situation was the other way around they would care that if a game was "only" 900p instead of 1080. So much has been made of raw power by fanboys (and the gaming media too) that both Sony and Microsoft think that's the measuring stick to go for. It isn't.

    The Xbox One is a pretty good console now. And I'm speaking as a Playstation fan. If they took the money they were spending on the Scorpio and poured it into making more games like Sea of Thieves or Cupcake then they'd be in a much stronger position in my opinion. I'm not looking for a hardware upgrade, quite frankly this generation has been a disappointment with too many let downs (I'm looking at you Destiny) lack of innovation (COD) or endless remasters.

    The company who can consistently put out new gaming experiences next generation gets my money. I'm not convinced by Sony or Microsoft at this point.
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  • Battlefield 1 multiplayer misses out two key countries

  • Brave27heart 14/06/2016

    Because America.

    Seriously you miss out France? I was never expecting realism but actually getting the main countries right would be something.
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  • Microsoft announces new console Project Scorpio for holiday 2017

  • Brave27heart 13/06/2016


    If the specs of PS4k don't stack up to Scorpio, yeah I do.
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  • Brave27heart 13/06/2016

    Anyone who thinks this announcement means anything must be under 20 years old. Too young to understand how the game is played.

    Expect Sony to announce a new console in early 2017 for launch early 2018. Similar specs to Scorpio. And it's as you were ladies and gentlemen - two consoles where the differences are marginal launching within 6 months of each other.

    This isn't a killer blow from Microsoft or the end of Sony as some fan boys would have you believe. What it does mean is if you were thinking of picking up a console this year might be worth waiting 12 months - see what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are bringing to the table.

    It was the good solid move that Microsoft needed to make.
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  • Blizzard balancers looking at Overwatch heroes McCree and D. Va

  • Brave27heart 01/06/2016


    Mei is a pain in the ass character to play against if controlled by even a semi skilled player. I hold my hands up and say that the issue is totally with me not being able to counter her, not an issue with the character itself.
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  • Overwatch Competitive mode to return roughly end of June

  • Brave27heart 01/06/2016


    The article has been updated - when I posted my comment it was on launch day and the review wasn't up.
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  • Brave27heart 24/05/2016

    Any time frame on a review going up? I appreciate that you need time to test the game "in the wild" so to speak, just wondered if there was an idea when that might be?

    I'm not waiting on your review before committing to a purchase you understand, it's just that I'm insecure and need a news outlet to back up my opinion of Overwatch so that I can feel good about myself. Plus I think there should be more Overwatch articles*. I need something to read to pass the time at work before I return to the game.

    *I find it interesting how the constant Destiny articles bugged me, but now that the same treatment is given to a game I really like I don't mind at all. Yes, I am shallow.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport ditches one of the series' big features

  • Brave27heart 31/05/2016

    Seems like GT Sport is trying to do something different by going down the hard core online only racing, trying to implement "real" racing into a videogame.

    That's all well and good but not the Gran Turismo I loved, so it's a pass from me.
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  • Overwatch Review

  • Brave27heart 26/05/2016

    When the core multilayer experience is THIS good, I don't care about single player. Reply 0
  • The madness of Gran Turismo Sport

  • Brave27heart 25/05/2016

    Not feeling much love for this game. I want a GT game that gives me the feeling of the first two. You touched on it in this article - the thrill of taking mundane cars and making them spectacular, as well as having the option of extraordinary cars as well. Those first few games were gems in a world with little competition. That world has move on, and GT doesn't have a "hook" any more - it has no unique selling point. other games look better, have better physics, are more fun, more realistic. It has the FIA license thing, which is at best bragging rights down the pub, but if you want a great racing experience, however you define that, it's available from other games in a better way I feel. Reply +2
  • Don't expect to be blown away by the new Gran Turismo on PS4

  • Brave27heart 19/05/2016

    GT4 for me was the pinnacle too. Since then it's been stale, uncompromising (in a bad way) and unable to redevelop or redesign itself to stay relevant.

    I'll be sticking to Driveclub I think.
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  • Overwatch cheaters will be banned for life, Blizzard says

  • Brave27heart 13/05/2016


    I'm glad you double posted. Down voting this once didn't feel like enough...
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  • Can Battlefield 1 help us see The Great War with fresh eyes?

  • Brave27heart 11/05/2016

    I think expecting DICE to use this as an opportunity to educate people is probably wishful thinking. They're about making a product that is fun and is financially lucrative first and foremost.

    But....any learning that does come from the game, or more likely, the amount of further reading people will do as a result of this game is certainly something that should be welcomed. I can't be the only one who Googled Harlem Hellfighters after that trailer, or world war one tanks to see just what the hell that big bloody bar was the driver seemed to rotate to engage the tanks propulsion. Ancillary learning as a result of a piece of entertainment can only be a good thing and that for me justifies the setting more than anything.
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  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • Brave27heart 09/05/2016

    I would literally kill someone to be able to play this, but I have my dissertation due in on the 3rd of June and if I buy this that's it, I'm done for.

    Trying to avoid spoilers like the plague.
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  • Overwatch open beta extended by a day

  • Brave27heart 09/05/2016


    Admittedly that three player combo in the right circumstances would be very hard to overcome. I've not seen that combination or level of coordination yet, but I can see that it would be hard to deal with.

    My only suggestion would be using Reinhardt to block Bastions fire, slowly building up his ultimate (while drawing fire away from the others who could possibly outflank to the objective) and then use the shield to get in close and his ultimate to knock them all down.

    Two Bastions and a Reinhardt on the moving payload is a killer at times.
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  • Brave27heart 09/05/2016


    I think it's hard because we're so ingrained now to have a constant dangling carrot - level up, prestige, unlock new weapons, perks etc. Overwatch is very old school in that everything is open from the start, so there's no unlocking anything other than cosmetic. The hook to keep playing is meant to be that the game play is just really really good fun.

    Personally I'm hooked on it. The bright summery colours, the sounds, the variety in characters. It's my next gaming purchase and I can't wait.

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