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  • Left Joy-Con issues resolved for future units, Nintendo claims

  • Brave27heart 23/03/2017

    Makes my decision to wait feel a little more justifiedetails.

    Zelda though....ooh...the pull is strong...
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  • Destiny's final event sees Vault of Glass return

  • Brave27heart 07/03/2017

    I think this probably sums Destiny's up for me. Granted it's a free update, but it's basically a rehash of something they've already done.

    As a playstation only gamer for my whole life I never got to experience Bungies work before. They were given a lot of hype going into Destiny but frankly they were a huge let down - biggest disappointment for this generation for me.
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  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • Brave27heart 28/02/2017

    Over to you Sony. Reply -2
  • Night in the Woods review

  • Brave27heart 28/02/2017

    Colour me intrigued. Any idea on price? Reply 0
  • World in Motion: Horizon Zero Dawn 4K time-lapse

  • Brave27heart 23/02/2017

    Alright just stop it now! I don't have any free time to play this and you keep tempting me to get it! Reply +11
  • Here's our first look at FIFA on Switch

  • Brave27heart 15/02/2017

    Just give me Mario Striker Switch thanks Reply +2
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4 headlines PlayStation Plus February lineup

  • Brave27heart 01/02/2017

    Really not interested in anything this month, but that doesn't mean that the offering is rubbish.

    Thats what happens when you don't confuse opinion with fact.
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  • EA community chief tweets #Skate4, internet loses its mind

  • Brave27heart 30/01/2017

    All the people posting comments of "Skate 4" eveeywhere, almost guarantees rubbish day one sales doesn't it? Nobody really wants it, they're just mass trolling EA. Reply 0
  • Cave Story and 1001 Spikes are coming to Switch

  • Brave27heart 19/01/2017

    If we're talking about switch being an indie console (which it has great potential for) there's one game that would be perfect for it.

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  • £60 Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch now £50 on Amazon UK

  • Brave27heart 18/01/2017

    Prices were always rrp and we're bound to settle to the average price between £40- £50. I thought they might keep the high price for launch but I'm happy they're not doing. Reply 0
  • Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

  • Brave27heart 17/01/2017

    The hardware looks amazing and it's the first Nintendo console I've really wanted for a long while, but the barriers to entry are many and as such I'll be waiting until the end of the year to see what Nintendo does about addressing these. Reply +2
  • Watch: Here's how switching the Nintendo Switch works

  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    "Clickery trickery dock"

    The car crash that has been the last 24 hours for Nintendo is almost worth it for that little gem alone. The only thing on a Nintendo news article today that's made me smile.
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  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    Five?? Five???

    Have a word with yourselves Nintendo.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    Those people saying that it'll drop in price, how much is a Wii U these days? Game are asking £234 still for the Mario kart package - more expensive than a comparable XB1 or PS4 bundle.

    Nintendo hardware rarely drops in price, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Not unless it absolutely tanks on launch.
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  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    Looking at the current top three rated comments in this thread is really telling: Each person has a different issue that's dampened enthusiasm - price, subscription and battery life.

    Right now there's just too much that isn't clicking for Nintendo, and that's not great with a launch around the corner. If they'd nailed this they'd have created hype, a month and a half before launch, which would have seen them through with strong sales. As it stands they're turning people off and they have very little time to turn it around.
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  • The Nintendo Switch paid online service doesn't sound great

  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    Just like with Microsoft, do you think if the reaction is loud enough they will change this? There's still months until it's due to be rolled out. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch out 3rd March for £279.99

  • Brave27heart 13/01/2017

    Dropped the ball there Nintendo.

    Too expensive by about £30. £279.99 with a game would be okay but making it over £300 by the time you've bought something to play is too much.

    And seriously you're going to charge for online gaming?? You know your online functionality never matches up to Sony or Microsoft and you could have been the last bastion of free gaming. That's the worst news from this for me.

    Too expensive to be a second console, not powerful enough to be a first choice by having access to the top end games. You screwed the pooch I fear.
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  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered is now free on PlayStation Plus

  • Brave27heart 04/01/2017

    Didn't realise Titan Souls was part of this month's offerings. Between that and the utterly depressing yet captivating looking This War Of Mine I'm happy. Reply +14
  • Eurogamer's game of the year 2016

  • Brave27heart 31/12/2016


    I literally only get 1 or 2 hours a week to play video games due to work and family commitments, but the beauty of Overwatch is that the diverse cast of characters means that it's easy to find a character you can play and be reasonable with right off the bat. Soldier is a typical FPS character (and is currently one of the more powerful ones) so he's easy to pick up and play, as is Lucio. You can jump straight in with these guys and straight away feel like you're contributing and being useful.

    If you have more time the depth of characters like Zarya or Genji means you always have something to aim for, to get good at.

    Because you don't unlock perks or weapons people who have been playing for hours and hours don't have any distinct advantages - you're all using the same characters with the same skill set - so getting into the game months after launch isn't a daunting prospect as in other games. Seriously I'd recommend Overwatch to anyone, it's easily my GOTY.
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  • Stephen's Sausage Roll review

  • Brave27heart 25/12/2016

    Well played EG, yet another example of why you rank above every other gaming publication.

    Merry Christmas EG, Neilka and everyone out there.x
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  • Super effective: The year of Pokémon Go

  • Brave27heart 23/12/2016

    I live in the countryside, so there was literally NOTHING for me to catch, even if I did have a signal.

    Shame, because the concept was good.
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  • Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

  • Brave27heart 20/12/2016

    Sell the Timesplitters license and use it to pay your staff for Christmas. Holding onto valuable IP when you have no in tension of using it and you can't pay your hard working staff as it is makes no sense. Reply +5
  • Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed

  • Brave27heart 19/12/2016


    That's the sort of thing I'm hoping to hear. I'm not even looking for the big graphical powerhouses on Switch, I'd argue that Overwatch is hardly a graphical beast, but it's the smaller games such as Rocket League, Journey, Rayman Legends and Valkyria Chronicles that I'm just as keen to see come to Switch. If it's difficult to port over I can see it not happening.
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  • Brave27heart 19/12/2016


    I'm not forgetting that, I just don't care. I'm not looking for a handheld console, I game predominantly in the living room. My Switch will never be used outdoors, and would only leave the house to take to a friends (to be immediately docked). So while I can appreciate that yes, there are third party developers who will bring games to the switch they're less likely to be ones I'm interested in.
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  • Brave27heart 19/12/2016


    It doesn't have to be as powerful as a PS4 but it needs to have good third party support. If it lacks the ability to port over games cheaply and easily developers will shun the Switch and all that will be left is first party games. While that may still include some great IP it's not good enough after whats happened with the Wii U.
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  • Brave27heart 19/12/2016

    How easy will it be for a developer to take their game that they've made for PS4, XB1 or PC, and port it to Switch. Can someone cut through the technical bits that I'm simply not smart enough to understand and answer this question?

    I think it's a given that they won't look as good, but given the specifications we've got here, is it possible to port over a game like Titanfall 2? Would it be a simple port or would it mean re-writing the code all over again specifically for Switch?

    That for me is the crux of the issue. I can take a hit in graphics and not be too upset by that, but if the process of porting current generation games over to switch becomes so difficult that it's not a feasible option for development teams, then third party support is going to be non-existent.

    Can anyone say, now that we have specs, if we have a better idea of whats possible now? I'm making no secret that I'm hoping for Overwatch on Switch, at which point I would drop my PS4, with it's expensive online multiplayer, and go Switch only.
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  • We've added a new article recommendation system to Eurogamer

  • Brave27heart 16/12/2016

    Would Eurogamer consider doing a patreon style service that removes ads altogether? Does that require too much coding though? Reply 0
  • Nintendo patent hints at VR support for Switch

  • Brave27heart 16/12/2016

    Here's what I don't get - if it does VR it doesn't take away from anything else it does as a console. It still plays games, is still portable and dockable, it's still the same thing. So why would you not want it to do something additional?

    Oh the experience will be poor quality! Well, buy a vive, or Occulus, or PSVR. It's not like it's the only VR option out there. You have options that meet what you want, and then there are other options for those who want a similar experience at a lower price point, even if it's not the same quality. But to snub something that would be essentially a free bonus because it's not good enough is ridiculous to me.

    I swear some of you decide that just because it doesn't meet your exacting standards that something therefore has no value to anyone else. When did we stop being amazed at what's possible and start becoming so self entitled??
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  • Brave27heart 16/12/2016

    Switch could easily match the VR experience you get with Samsungs Gear VR for example, but would be well behind the experience of Occulus Rift or PSVR. But, for those of us who arent convinced the games and experiences are going to be there to justify £350 + for the tech, being able to slot the Switch into a headset and get a taste of VR is hugely appealing.

    If you want to get the cutting edge technology and experience the best that VR has to offer then you have options for it. But offering VR right out of the gate, even at a lower resolution, with the only extra cost being the headset, that's a huge huge selling point. It makes the entry price for VR lower than ever (if you don't include Google cardboard).

    If Nintendo can pull that off I'll be impressed.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 is a decent attempt at an impossible job

  • Brave27heart 14/12/2016

    "The golden age of sci-fi is 12"

    Strangely that coincides with FFVII for me, which I would say is the best FF game. Maybe there's something in that theory?
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  • The Overwatch Christmas event begins next week

  • Brave27heart 07/12/2016

    Bastion tin soldier Reply +3
  • The Last of Us fans have a huge Part 2 theory

  • Brave27heart 06/12/2016


    "Plus The Last of Us is firmly grounded in its fictional reality. I don't think going all supernatural would really fit"

    Hearing voices/seeing people isn't necessarily supernatural, and is actually quite a common occurrence for people who've suffered trauma. if it's done well it could be a really good exploration of someone having a breakdown. Ellie is quite clearly not right; who massacres a house full of people and stops to play the guitar? Plus her hand shaking is a physical symptom of her possible fragile mental state.

    Whatever happened prior to this it must have been really bad. Like Sarah bad in TLOU....
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  • The Last of Us: Part 2 announced, Ellie and Joel to return

  • Brave27heart 04/12/2016

    I think they ended so perfectly that going back, unless the story you have to tell is amazing, is only going to devalue it.

    Not saying I don't trust naughty dog, but for me uncharted 4 was one of the biggest disappointments of the year story wise, basically because it did nothing new that hasn't been done before. It didn't surprise me. The actual writing for the character dialogue was still top of the class, but the overall story was...well I'm not going into spoilers so I'll just say it was predictable and took no risks.

    That makes me worried for TLOU 2. The character dialogue will be top drawer because ND always does that better than anyone, but I fear for the story they want to tell. I'm willing to wait and hold off on judgement, and I have to say regardless of my doubts this will probably be a day one purchase for me.
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  • PlayStation Plus December freebies includes Invisible, Inc.

  • Brave27heart 30/11/2016

    Is there any chance that Eurogamer could start doing ps plus (and xbox gwg) reviews for titles that they haven't already reviewed? You've given Invisible inc. A recommended so I'm looking forward to that but there's no review for Stories. For someone like me who has an Internet connection that is the equivalent of Aldis own brand products it would take me at least a day to download any of these games and knowing what's worth my time and what isn't would be great. Reply +18
  • Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters arrives next week

  • Brave27heart 22/11/2016


    All valid points and together probably explains why we don't see too many of them. Which is a shame because I'd love something like Cities:Skylines on PS4.
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  • Brave27heart 22/11/2016

    There are next to no games like this on consoles (Tropico 5 is the only one that comes to mind). I wonder why that is? Reply 0
  • Gone Home is free this weekend on PC, Mac and Linux

  • Brave27heart 12/11/2016


    I'm getting a sense that you really don't like this game :)

    That's cool, and moreover you give your valid opinions as to why so I'm certainly not going to hold that against you, heck I'll even +1 someone who can explain why they feel the way they do in as clear a way as you have. We don't share the same opinion about the game, I happened to really enjoy it myself but that's the beauty of everyone being different.

    Whilst it may not move the discussion about sexuality in gaming forward much, I do still think that once it's been done once in a mainstream way (and I would argue that Gone Home is mainstream, in so much as it's well known) it acts as an enabler, meaning other games can follow suit. For that reason alone I think it's important.

    That won't necessarily translate to fun for some people though! I had fun with it, others will have been bored and others will have taken exception to the game on a fundamental level so will have strong feelings of dislike. I don't think you should be negged for that if you're presenting valid reasons why you feel that way. Each to their own.
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  • Brave27heart 12/11/2016


    You might not have liked how they tackled sexuality, but you know what, give them props for actually bringing the conversation to the table. They may not have handled it perfectly, but the fact that they were willing to bring the subject up at all means that one day someone will come along and do it better. That's how progression is made, step by step.

    Also: "For people that need something about hope and love right now" - do console owners not need hope and love? :(
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  • The importance of games in difficult times

  • Brave27heart 12/11/2016


    Thanks for providing an accurate demonstration as to what a lack of empathy - seeing things from another's perspective - looks like. It really backs up the article.

    I assume that's what you were going for?
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  • Overwatch voice actors goofing around at Blizzard should make you smile

  • Brave27heart 09/11/2016

    That's the best thing I've seen all week. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo is finally opening its eyes to the wider world of racing games

  • Brave27heart 09/11/2016

    "we're considering a system when you pit in with the car the time of day might change again"

    That does not in any way make up for not having a day night cycle. It's a terrible idea and really immersion breaking.
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  • Robinson: The Journey review

  • Brave27heart 08/11/2016

    Crytek make beautiful looking, relatively bug free games, but boy do they have zero ideas how to make an actual game thats fun.

    I rather suspect this is why they've done nothing with the Timesplitters license - like my mum with a smart phone they simply have no idea what to do with it.
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  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

  • Brave27heart 07/11/2016

    Rise of the Tomb Raider has real issues coping with sub-pixel detail, resulting in shimmering and pixel-popping that severely attracts from what is otherwise a simply beautiful game"

    Shouldn't that be detracts rather than attracts?

    Aside from that good article and good breakdown.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review

  • Brave27heart 07/11/2016

    I've enjoyed what I've played of the campaign. It's pure Saturday night action movie stuff - I don't have to think about it, just shoot stuff and enjoy the big explosions. Sometimes that sort of fun is a welcome break.

    Probably wont touch multiplayer but looking forward to zombies with friends too.
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  • Watch: Hands-on with Overwatch's Sombra

  • Brave27heart 05/11/2016

    I think we'll probably see less Tracer as a result of Sombras toolkit. Sombras just as agile, more health, one button press get out jail teleport and a more effective ultimate. Sorry love!

    I wonder about Reinhardts shield too. It seemed like hacking enemies was quite quick to do, but maybe it's like McCrees dead eye where it takes longer depending on the character? So hacking Tracer should be quick to do (sorry love!) but hacking Reinhardt takes 3-4 seconds. If you have to be within a certain distance (like Symmetras lock on for her main weapon) and keep line if sight that means hacking Reinhardts shield needs a bit of risk taking to do it.

    It would also only make sense to hack abilities where electronics are used. So Symmetra, Dva, Zarya, Winston etc would be effected completely but it shouldn't impact on Road Hog, Reaper, Widowmaker (ultimate aside) and McCree. McCree seems to be a direct counter to Sombra. Interesting to see the effect on Bastions.
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  • GT Sport on PS4 Pro will be the first Gran Turismo to accurately show Ferrari red

  • Brave27heart 03/11/2016

    Is this the GT Sport that was postponed and currently doesn't even have a release date? Reply +1
  • EA committed to Titanfall series for "many, many years" to come

  • Brave27heart 02/11/2016

    "We believe that Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, while they have some overlap, fulfill very different motivations in what a player is looking for."

    That may be the case but I imagine most people are in the same boat as me and buying two full priced £40 games in a month isn't a viable option. EA not thinking about its customers again.
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  • Here's everything in Watch Dogs 2's £29.99 season pass

  • Brave27heart 02/11/2016

    This is one dog that can keep walking....I'm not throwing you a bone. Reply +10
  • Picture of new Overwatch character Sombra found on Blizzard servers

  • Brave27heart 01/11/2016

    Just release her already. And if she's not the second coming of Jesus and people are underwhelmed you only have yourselves to blame Blizzard. Reply +5
  • DriveClub's final update is also its most generous

  • Brave27heart 31/10/2016

    Can we give it an honourable mention for best season pass too? The amount of content given pretty much doubled the game in size for what was it, £20? Reply +5