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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • Brave27heart 23/11/2015

    Remastering classics is one thing.

    A Prototype 2 remaster though? Beyond Two Souls remaster? Really?

    A lot of time and money could be diverted into making the next classic game instead of wasting time with games that really don't deserve remasters.

    Now a Timesplitters remaster though...
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 40 Season Pass contents partially revealed

  • Brave27heart 16/11/2015

    Buying the core game. Then I will decide if it's worth the season pass when the first pack is fully detailed and released. I don't have to buy it on day one. It's not like the season pass is going to go up in price right?

    Er, its not right....?
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  • All Star Wars Battlefront's blasters, Traits, Star Cards revealed

  • Brave27heart 11/11/2015


    "This seems to have all the depth of a shallow puddle"

    And all the fun of splashing around in one with wellies on :)

    There are plenty of games out there that have depth to them, give me something FUN!
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review

  • Brave27heart 10/11/2015


    PS4 bias? On a multi platform game??

    You're dismissed.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • Brave27heart 09/11/2015

    Seems a fair and balanced review. The reviewer praises it's strengths - it sounds like it's a very polished game, smooth controls and with quite a range of different genres blended together well (the action adventure, rpg and semi open world elements). The reviewer also states their negative reactions - it feels like it was designed by committee, something you can level at a lot of games these days, and that it's trying hard to be all things to all people and in doing so loses the sense of it's own identity.

    In fairness this echos my feelings about the reboot in 2013, so I can believe these are genuine points. But overall the tone is that it's a good game. It read like an 7/8 if you want to put a score to it. I'm a bit gutted as a PS4 owner that I won't get to play this for a year.

    To accuse the reviewer of bias is ridiculous. Anyone who can't accept that the reviewer is sharing their honest assessment needs to look at their own reasons for thinking so. Accusations of bias tend to come from people harbouring bias of their own...
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  • Hard Core: A look at the original Tomb Raider games

  • Brave27heart 08/11/2015

    "As Britain's third-most relevant woman in games"

    I'm sorry but if you insist on making inaccurate and misleading statements like this how can we take you seriously?

    You're top two at least. Don't sell yourself short.
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  • Alexis Kennedy on: Three reviews of unreviewable games

  • Brave27heart 07/11/2015

    Where can I find Gaslight? Some links to these games would be nice. Reply +2
  • New Star Wars Battlefront footage shows Emperor, Han, Leia and Fett being played

  • Brave27heart 07/11/2015

    Buying it.

    I hear all the arguments about how it's not got as much content as previous Battlefront games and the BF reskin comments, but I had fun in the beta and this video looks fun. And all I want is fun.
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  • Forza 6 gets Fallout 4 cars

  • Brave27heart 04/11/2015

    Brilliant crossover. Take note other developers, this should become an industry standard practice!

    Now all it needs is every time you go off track you get the radioactive static noise and a radiation meter on the right side of the screen.
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • Brave27heart 03/11/2015


    Are they competing with Activision for the most ridiculous poor value story of the week?
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  • The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again

  • Brave27heart 03/11/2015

    "It's really hard for me to subject players to that" - talking about the impact of players quitting.

    So it's better to essentially bar some players from experiencing the Raids at all rather than subject them to players possibly quitting? Really?

    Really Bungie?
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Nuketown looks like a blast

  • Brave27heart 02/11/2015

    I hear the line "Haters gonna hate" in a video game and I know instantly I'm about a generation too old for the target audience... Reply +26
  • Watch: Should games be made about 9/11?

  • Brave27heart 01/11/2015

    I think all topics should be open to development, gaming is an art form after all. I'd even go as far as to say that how they're approached is down to the game developers too, we shouldn't put shackles on what is and isn't allowed. Of course if you make a game where the objective is to fly a plane into one of the towers I'm not going to play it and I will think you're a bit of a twat.

    Gaming is unique as a medium in that it gives the players agency. No other medium does that. That gives us an opportunity to tell stories in ways that films and books can't. A game about being in the towers on 9/11 could be very powerful and go some way to documenting the experience of that horrific event.

    Capturing that experience is important, because time erodes the human tragedy of events. When we think of the holocaust we think of the factual elements, the numbers killed, the names of the concentration camps where it happened, how it happened as opposed to what that must have felt like. With time comes distance. In 50 years time will we look back at 9/11 and remember the human elements of that day? Or just remember what happened? Gaming can put you in the immediacy of those events and evoke an empathy thats so important to keep hold of.

    I think this attempt at a 9/11 game fails because it was a school project aimed at whether they could recreate those events rather than what story should they be telling. I applaud their courage to tackle it and it could be very valuable if it was done right. I don't believe we should knock people who attempt things like this, we should encourage healthy debate so we can find the right way to explore these difficult but sUchida important topics
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  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • Brave27heart 30/10/2015

    Because your target audience is young men.

    That's all you need to say. Let's not create a backstop for it, if you're going to appeal to a young male audience at least have the balls to be honest about it. And if you can't have the balls to be honest about it (I'm looking at you Kojima) then maybe you need to ask yourself why that is and if itso really a good thing to be doing in the first place.
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  • Massive PS4 sales continue

  • Brave27heart 30/10/2015

    Sales figures - factual information

    Who has the better games - opinion

    That's why we expect pay attention to sales figures. Because people saying XBO has better games or PS4 has better games are just posting opinion. Sales figures show which is more popular, giving an accurate representation of a consoles selling appeal.

    Incidentally Wii U has the best games ;)
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  • Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7

  • Brave27heart 28/10/2015


    Strong sense of denial there. It's a prologue with an online championship mode. Acceptance is the first step...

    That's not to say this is going to be terrible. Quite frankly if they offer half a dozen tracks and 50 cars and it's 19.99 I'm up for that. It'll give me an idea of what direction GT7 is likely to go in.

    But the bit about the online being recognised but the FIA. ..what does that even mean?? Are they just allowed to use the FIA branding? In which case surely they mean licensed by? Recognised by suggests that GT Sport is going to become an officially recognised form of racing. So we can all put down "race car drive" on our CVs then?
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  • Watch: When should we review games?

  • Brave27heart 24/10/2015


    I think in rising tides case you make it known that you encountered this issue, the developer is aware and a patch forthcoming. Then it's the discretion of the reviewer if they take it into account when they give a score.

    For example I would have mentioned it in a review, considered that a patch was incoming and reviewed it based on this being patched. I might have said the bug impacted on my enjoyment of the game, but with the patch incoming I expected it would be resolved quickly.

    It's possible to review the game and integrate any issues into that review.
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  • Brave27heart 24/10/2015

    No. No. No.

    "I think you get one shot at releasing a game and getting a number"

    "A game should be reviewed well after release when bugs are ironed out and patches released"

    Its one or the other mate. It cannot be you get one shot, which is 12 months down the line when you've ironed out the kinks. All that does is give companies the freedom to release broken unfinished games. That's not fair to consumers who have a right to know at the point of release if a game is worthy of their money.

    If you allow developers the time to fix mistakes before reviewing their work it gives them no encouragement to release a proper working game.

    Review at launch. After all, they're releasing the game for sale. As a consumer I want to know what exactly I'm buying at launch and what my experience is likely to be with it. Afterwards yout can do a retrospective review which could include a change to score if you felt it was deserving of one. But the whole point of reviews are they advise consumers and that needs to be at the point of release and reflective of the product as released.

    The industry standards for releasing full unbroken games do not get raised by allowing reviews after the games are patched. It hurts our industry and we do not accept it from films or books, we should not accept it from games.
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  • Watch: Star Wars Battlefront is a bit shallow (and that's alright)

  • Brave27heart 14/10/2015

    I'm not a Star Wars fan. In fact...I've not seen the films...

    I know I know...

    But, I had a lot of fun with the beta. It's like a Saturday night film, it's not clever or full of depth, but that's okay. It was fun. And that's all I want from a game.

    No lengthy unlock trees or levelling up, no killstreaks to earn, just basic run and gun, pick up and play game play with collectibles thrown round the map.

    It actually reminded me of Timesplitters in a lot of ways, minus the zany characters. Not complicated, but made me smile and looked good. It doesn't have depth, but honestly I don't need that.
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  • "I don't want you to get a second-rate experience…"

  • Brave27heart 12/10/2015

    "I don't want you to get a second rate experience"

    I wouldn't worry mate, I won't get a second rate experience. Im not buying it.
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  • PlayStation Plus October line-up revealed

  • Brave27heart 30/09/2015

    Really wanted AC: Black flag this month. :( Reply 0
  • Wattam is Katamari creator Keita Takahashi at his gleeful, goofy best

  • Brave27heart 21/09/2015

    Day one purchase. For those moments when you're sick of following objective markers and talking to npcs and you really just want to swing from a cloud, dance with a flower or poop out a donut.

    We all have those days right?
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  • More than an expansion, Destiny: The Taken King is a relaunch of Bungie's vision

  • Brave27heart 15/09/2015

    Make it 20 then we'll talk Destiny. While you're still charging the same as a full price game for an expansion we're not friends. Reply +7
  • Video: Eurogamer plays the intro to Until Dawn

  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015

    Trashy B movie scripting. Every horror movie stereotype going and cheap jump scares.

    Sounds like pure Friday night heaven. Count me in.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review

  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    I'm sorry mate, but this is a conversation thats going to keep happening, not just with MGS V but with future games, until our industry matures a little and we're open to being inwardly critical. Like it or not, opinions on my side of the fence are valid and need expressing, but yours and peoples on the other side are just as valud and need expressing too. We only move forward by allowing freedom of discussion to everyone.

    But since you asked it would be rude not to offer a response; I think the word that sums the game up so far is refinement. Its the culmination, the peak of all the systems from previous MGS games, honed to near perfection. As a sandbox game it's a perfect mix of freedom and the tools to approach every mission how you want to.

    Its a benchmark game for open worlds. Its the next big leap forward for the genre.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    So she couldn't possibly be super useful and be clothed?

    Objectification has nothing to do with usefulness.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    I can understand why you'd think that. All I can do is say to you that I'd still be raising it as an issue. Speaking as someone who suffers from low self worth and is body conscious, oversexualisation/objectification of men affects me just as much if not more than women.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015


    Of course it works both ways! Oversexualisation and objectification isn't exclusive to just one gender! But right here right bow we're talking about Quiet, who happens to be female. If Quiet happened to be a guy in the same situation we'd be having this conversation about objectification of men.

    Just because it works both ways doesn't make it right.

    EDIT: Also, its not about admiring the opposite sex, its about reducing them to an object. Its about seeing them as just a thing, not a person. We're all guilty of doing it, its just more frequent with women.
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  • Brave27heart 02/09/2015

    Just to point something out, because a character is oversexualised and objectified doesn't mean we're saying gamers are then going to go out and behave in a certain way. Most gamers are sensible adults who know better. Some will be kids who get an giggle over the camera panning over a pair of breasts, but most of you are adult enough not to act out what you see.

    But look at what the objectification of women in society does to *some* people. Womwn who get cat called when they walk down the street, who get unwanted attention at the bar or at work, and the guys who do these sorts of things. How often will a pretty woman walk past and you've seen a guy look her up and down? Thats objectification at work. It's not about who she is as a person, its what she looks like and what that guy wants to do *to* her, not with her.

    Most guys would never follow through with that. But some guys? Some guys do. Because it's just a woman and it's acceptable to treat her like a piece of meat. If you've ever had a friend gang raped because the guys involved saw them as just an object to use for their pleasure and not as a person you'd give a damn about it too.

    No one is saying that Quiets design is going to lead to things like this, I'm sure as hell not. But we live in a society that still lives under the shadow of a male dominated world where sexism prevailed for centuries. Yes, objectification and oversexualisation exists everywhere in our world, but we're gamers, so focusing on the issue in our own backyard makes sense to me. I'll fight it wherever I see it but I want the industry I love to be smarter. I want it to lead the way.

    That doesn't mean we rid our games of sex. Sexy characters are just fine, but lets stop making them objects and perpetuating something that, like it or not, exists in our culture.
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  • Brave27heart 01/09/2015


    This. A thousand times over.

    Trying to open up constructive discussions about this is, sadly, ineffective. If Kojima was open to the possibility of Quiet promoting the oversexualisation of women then he would have done something about it at the design level. He's not, so criticism is ineffective.

    I imagine mockery might hurt his ego just a little more and be more effective at making him take a long hard look at himself.

    And if you think its not an issue, I would say you're probably not a woman.
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  • Unpacking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's convoluted "augment your pre-order" program

  • Brave27heart 01/09/2015

    Whats really annoying is if they get enough pre orders they'll release the game four days early. Which means the game must be on a schedule that allows it to be released four days early. So why the hell not just release it early for everyone?? You're deliberately holding the game back by four days in the hope that enough people see it as a good enough reason to pre order.

    Thats shoddy treatment of your customer base.
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  • Madden NFL 16's new trailer is bats*** insane

  • Brave27heart 21/08/2015

    All video game trailers should be bat shit crazy and completely unrelated to the game they're advertising. Reply +5
  • Is DriveClub finally up to speed?

  • Brave27heart 02/07/2015

    Driveclub is a really solid game, and team races online are brilliant, because even if you're never going to be near the front, when its you and a member of the other team fighting over 5th and 6th, that still matters, it still feels like you are contributing, not just making up the numbers.

    Also,the season pass is phenomenal value. So much content, its how all season passes should be.
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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    @tomphillipsEG And I appreciate your responses. I'm aware my initial post has a rather critical, child like tone to it and it would have perfectly reasonable to have disregarded the comment, so for engaging with it like you have done is a good reflection on you. Thanks Reply +5
  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    @tomphillipsEG the destiny interview was brilliant, I have to give full credit for that. So you can maybe understand why when I see a tag line of "Even at that price" I'm disheartened.

    You called them on the practice of having to rebuy the game and expansions to get the additional content and they backed down. It could be argued they wouldn't have done that without the interview. The Taken King might be a brilliant expansion but is it worth 40? As others have pointed out they're reusing assets, just tweaking them, and thats spun as a positive in this article.

    Honestly, its that tagline that bothers me. If this was a straight up appreciation of the expansion thats fine. I still feel that the price has to be considered but if you're simply previewing the game it could stay out in this case. But you added that tagline which suggests that the price point is acceptable for the content, and I dont think thats the case nor am I alone in that.

    And yes, liking a game makes it hard to be neutral. God knows if it was me I would struggle to stay neutral. Thats called being human, we all have bias and prejudices. Just because I think you may have some bias towards destiny doesn't mean I think your articles lack merit or worth, I just bear in mind its written by a destiny fan. This article had a lot of good solid information. It has worth.
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  • Brave27heart 01/07/2015

    The issue here is the Eurogamer staff love Destiny. To them the expansion is worth it, the lack of story is excusable because the grind - loot - repeat aspect of Destiny is a good fit for them - it appeals.

    Thats not a problem. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    However when that opinion influences you to look at something in a biased way when you're meant to be a neutral professional, that is a problem.

    No expansion, unless we're talking about a whole new games worth of expansion, is worth 40. And no matter your personal feelings you can't skim over the price point because you like the game. Its the elephant in the room.
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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • Brave27heart 29/06/2015

    I have a secret crush on Amy Hennig.

    Don't tell my wife.
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  • Her Story makes game narratives personal - and that feels like the future

  • Brave27heart 27/06/2015

    Im secretly hoping for a console version. Or at least an android one. Looks like a gem of a game and one I could share playing with my other half. Reply 0
  • The best PS4 games

  • Brave27heart 22/03/2015

    How much of a difficult decision was it listing Destiny second instead of first like you wanted to? Reply +2
  • DICE vows: Final Stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

  • Brave27heart 11/12/2014

    Final stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

    Many would argue the launch was the end for Battlefield 4
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • Brave27heart 10/11/2014

    Reads like a fair, accurate review. Id agree with it fully. 7/10 is the right score.

    I am at the moment loving it though, so in terms of fun factor, its a 9/10 for me.

    And thats the beauty of subjectivity.
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  • Sledgehammer co-founder bemoans Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leak

  • Brave27heart 27/10/2014

    Let it go dude, let it go. Reply +2
  • Destiny has its first level 30 character

  • Brave27heart 23/09/2014

    Is it wrong that I don't care? Reply +24
  • Meet Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy's latest saviour

  • Brave27heart 23/09/2014

    If I press the attack button and it picks the best attack animation then I'm cool with that. I'm cool if it contextually chooses when to do double team attacks. I'm happy not having to learn combos or time button presses exactly in order for something cool to happen. I'm getting old too.


    I want some input in whats going on. I want enemies to need a bit more intelligence to defeat. If I can just spam the attack button all game and come out victorious then that's boring. I want to be facing flans that are resistant to physical attacks, I want to have to work out an enemies elemental weakness and then exploit it. I want to be facing a Marlborough, actually I'd be happy never facing a Marlborough ever again. Pesky blighters.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One car list revealed in full

  • Brave27heart 10/09/2014

    Speaking as a Playstation only gamer and self confessed fanboy.....

    ....I wish I could play this. Solid looking car list, quality over quantity (yes GT I'm giving you the eye), looks great and Ford Capri to boot?!
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  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • Brave27heart 10/09/2014

    Reading like an 8. Still. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Brave27heart 08/09/2014

    Read like an 8. Reply 0
  • Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

  • Brave27heart 05/09/2014

    Headline should read: "MS in sense of humour shocker" Reply +8
  • Cities: Skyline is out to satisfy where SimCity couldn't

  • Brave27heart 04/09/2014


    Possibly, but, if I had a potatostation, I could presumably play games and make chips at the same time.
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  • Brave27heart 04/09/2014

    I suppose a console port is out of the question? These sort of strategy/builder games are few and far between on consoles and I'd love something like this on PS4. Anyone know of anything in development for consoles? Reply +4