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  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • Boyatsea 03/10/2012

    @chrisola It's more a comment on the reason game firms continue to hire them rather than the girls themselves. Reply +6
  • Boyatsea 03/10/2012

    @sherpa1984 There's a shirtless man advertising Nescafe?

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  • Boyatsea 03/10/2012


    A rab column I agree with, wholeheartedly.

    It had to happen at some stage, I guess.
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  • PSone Classics Vita download problem with FF7 and FF8 has been fixed

  • Boyatsea 30/08/2012

    Umm, nope, it's working fine for me. Downloaded MGS last night. Methinks things weren't quite up to speed from the word go, but everything appears to be running smoothly now. Reply +1
  • Analysed: lifetime PS3 and 360 sales

  • Boyatsea 09/02/2011

    Yeah, if this article proves anything, it's that an analyst's view is bizarrely rooted in the past. Before this generation, they all had PS3 streaking away with it, based on PS2's success.

    When Wii took off and 360 built a bigger lead over PS3 pre launch than they'd expected, suddenly PS3 was downgraded, but it was still considered it would surpass Microsoft's userbase within a year or two.

    Almost 5 years on, and they're still saying the same thing, though most completely underestimated the success of Kinect, so have bolstered 360's chances accordingly.

    They basically know nothing, and can see no further than the end of their noses, so we're all better off making our own guesses about who will come out 'on top' rather than listening to them.

    (Also, Robert, I think you're opening figures refer to shipments, do they not? Rather different than sales.)
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  • 3DS eStore will be ready on day one

  • Boyatsea 21/01/2011

    The fact eShop wasn't going to be available at launch didn't come from Wired. Nintendo Europe president Saturo Shibata said himself at the press conference in Amsterdam that it would be 'added at a later date via a software update'. Reply +1
  • MS increases Arcade 360 price in UK

  • Boyatsea 17/08/2009

    What are you lot talking about? Jesus, it's like the mob mentality in The Simpsons in here.

    They're surely about to lump a hard drive on there, no? Hence the price increase.
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