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  • Broforce has performance issues on PS4

  • BonzoBanana 13/03/2016

    To think what developers used to get out of a 1k zx81 using hand assembled code and page zero memory. You could play Chess, space invaders, pacman etc. There is probably some horrible cludge inside unity like arm to x86 emulation or something. It's good that developers can concentrate on game design more than coding but..... Reply +5
  • Cyber Gadget Retro Freak review

  • BonzoBanana 17/01/2016

    You can get a 25-30 android box from somewhere like gearbest which has a S812 chipset, quad core cpu and 8 core gpu. Much more powerful than RK3066. Use a dualshock controller and download something like 'happy chick' and play all your old favourite arcade and console games upto dreamcast. I think even Dolphin is available on android although don't know how well it runs, probably badly even on powerful android hardware.

    Point is you can do better emulation for far less money than this.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • BonzoBanana 01/12/2015

    The original xenoblade was on a console with only a 11 gflops gpu and still looked amazing and the wii u is a minimum 176 gflops for its primary gpu. I don't agree this game is an indicator of the previous untapped power of the wii u. Monolith are a developer who code incredibly efficiently making maximum use of the hardware. I'm sure they developed the game to work around the wii u's limited cpu resources. I doubt the physics engine is comparable to xb1 or ps4 and the game environment looks more sterile in how much is going on.

    I stagger to think what Monolith will be capable of bringing to the NX when they finally get their hands on decent hardware.
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  • Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison

  • BonzoBanana 18/08/2015

    Definitely looks like an afternoon's work re-compiling the game for ps4 etc. Can't see any enhancements. Just an attempt by Ubisoft to recoup the wii u version development cost with 3 lazy ports. I don't have a problem with that exactly just feel it should be a very low price something like 5 Reply +2
  • After five years of Xbox exclusivity, Call of Duty switches to PlayStation

  • BonzoBanana 14/08/2015

    Timed exclusivity is much cheaper if your format is already dominating and the reduced level of sales on the other platform is less significant anyway. This is even more true of DLC where only a subset of game purchasers go on to buy it.

    As the ps4 is still pulling far ahead we will likely see more issues where a xbone version doesn't even get produced. I believe Microsoft has some clause where they insist versions of games on their console must have the same content. There may come a time where developers think its better to shift to just a ps4 version.

    These sort of situations are often an indicator of market movement away from a certain product in this case the greater importance of the ps4. I say that as an owner of a xbone as well as ps4.

    If by some miracle Nintendo's NX console actually succeeds when launched the end of next year if that happens then Microsoft's console will be under even more pressure.
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  • The murky genius of Fallout: New Vegas

  • BonzoBanana 12/07/2015

    Another vote for Fallout 3 here but both are utterly fantastic games worth many times their retail price especially if you buy the versions with the dlc included. They are gaming at its best and hugely enjoyable. Reply 0
  • 18 minutes of No Man's Sky footage shows off what you actually do

  • BonzoBanana 07/07/2015

    This looks like something i'd spend hundreds of hours in before getting bored. If its mathematically generated from a seed then I'm sure there will be many extremes. High gravity, low gravity, large suns, small suns, distant planets, planets close to stars etc. Planets that rotate fast or very slow. It just looks like an utterly amazing game but this is someone else's vision of space exploration which I'm sure won't be the same as our own and that is where the exploration comes in.

    I think Sony have done well to get this as a console exclusive for ps4 and this is exactly the type of game that justifies this generation of consoles, well ps4 at least. Elite dangerous seems to be doing similar good work for xbone.
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  • What makes Shenmue 2's open world so special?

  • BonzoBanana 05/07/2015

    Amazing games but the loading time used to annoy me. I guess with emulation perhaps you can make the games near seamless with instant loading perhaps.

    I spent many an hour enjoying the Shenmue world and there always seemed something new to do. If I got bored doing the main quest there was always something else to do. I used to love the game where you dropped the ball in from the top and tried to make money from it.

    I have such fond memories of the Dreamcast and Shenmue is probably 40% of that on its own.

    I honestly don't know how the game will stand up now though and hope Shenmue 3 gets a good update in playability. Faster running, more street fights, perhaps bicycles that they removed from the original Shenmue but would be great to see in Shenmue 3.
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  • That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order

  • BonzoBanana 04/07/2015

    It's quite possible that Fallout 3 is given away on psn plus or games for gold close to Fallout 4 launch. Often movie companies do good deals to broadcasters for earlier movies in a series when there new sequel is released at the Cinema as getting the brand into consumer's minds can mean improved sales. I.e. they license Jurrasic Park the movie to be shown on the cheap on terrestrial tv as Jurassic World hits cinemas so the cinema release gets a boost in ticket sales. Not a bad idea to get people interested in the Fallout world before Fallout 4 is released.

    I guess it would seem more likely on psn plus if they already have this promotion on xbox one. The psn plus giveaway would only be playable on ps3 so you get the Fallout brand better marketed at time of Fallout 4 release.

    I would have loved to have seen a version of Fallout 3 that runs natively on ps4 and xbone using the best assets and mods of the PC version. I hope they do this at some point.
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  • Xbox One weekly Japan sales hit new all-time low

  • BonzoBanana 22/06/2015

    When the original xbox didn't sell in Japan they put it partly down to its ugly shape and being over-sized. I'm an xbox one owner but the thing is horribly styled. It's just a chocolate coated concrete block of a console. Apple products are the complete opposite, stylish and trendy. I feel Japan takes form more seriously. Maybe if they do an xbox one later on in a smaller attractive case in a more interesting colour they may get some decent sales in Japan. Reply 0
  • These are the most requested Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility

  • BonzoBanana 19/06/2015

    Full original xbox compatibility would be nice without the need to download emulator modules for each game. The xbox one is surely powerful enough to completely emulate that console without patches.

    My preference for 360 games would be skyrim, fallout 3, fallout new vegas at the top as these are games I still go back to regularly.
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  • The Legend of Zelda still coming to Wii U - report

  • BonzoBanana 16/06/2015

    It will be hugely damaging if Zelda comes out for wii u just as the wii u is replaced by a more powerful NX console which has the same Zelda game. The gamecube and wii were basically the same core console with the wii being 50% faster with a few bolt-ons and if the NX is a faster wii u that can basically share the same development resources of wii u then Nintendo really shouldn't bother. They need to stop making over-priced under-powered hardware. Reply +1
  • Star Fox Zero finally revealed, due this year

  • BonzoBanana 16/06/2015

    I hope its at least 1080p with 60fps with graphics like that. I've seen stronger graphics on the original xbox. Reply +1
  • Project Cars Wii U stalled, may be delayed until NX

  • BonzoBanana 26/05/2015

    This early wii u build looks promising, it's a shame they couldn't have done something with this engine admittedly it doesn't match the ps4 and xbone versions.
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  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • BonzoBanana 21/05/2015

    Why wouldn't Rockstar sue the BBC, it seems highly logical to get more media attention and therefore more game sales. Seems like they are going to get an avalanche of free advertising in the News around the world whether they win or lose and if they win they get bonus cash too all at the license fee payer's expense. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft ditches Xbox 360 and PS3 development

  • BonzoBanana 13/05/2015

    Ubisoft has made a decision no doubt based on their expectations of 360 and PS3 life expectancy but this may not be the right decision. They could be premature in dropping support.

    The PS3 is still selling good numbers in Europe, not far behind the xbox one and that's in a market already saturated by PS3's. Further price cutting and bundling could keep sales high in many markets. It's already massively outselling wii u in Europe too. I understand hugely ambitious games would be too compromised on ps3 but I'm sure some titles would be a good fit and highly profitable for ubisoft.

    Why even abruptly stop anyway, seems a mad policy. Surely a slower approach is more sensible, gradually reducing the percentage of games available on ps3.
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  • Face-Off: Project Cars

  • BonzoBanana 10/05/2015

    Shame the wii u version isn't released yet, I could do with seeing a 4 way face off just for the comic value. Maybe it will look something like below;

    I struggle to see the point of the wii u version and if they are developing code for powerpc why not ps3 and 360 versions too. There isn't even analogue triggers on the wii u gamepad which surely are near enough essential for a decent driving game. It's too soon to abandon the ps3 and 360 both still great consoles and on quite a few levels technically more powerful than wii u.
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  • Playtonic launches 175k Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign

  • BonzoBanana 02/05/2015


    I have a wii u but there is sod all on it because the format has failed at retail and hardly anyone is developing for it apart from Nintendo. Mario kart and Mario World 3D are great but you can't play them forever.

    I think the motivation to support playtonic is based on their history of great gameplay but I guess the fact that they have provided many fantastic games in the past which I have enjoyed means I'm motivated to give them support even though I'm a bit on the tight side normally.

    I have to agree about the criticism of the main 2 characters though. Very generic and uninspired. It would be great if the game had a choice of main characters as these don't really cut it. They don't ruin the appeal of the game but they certainly don't add to it that is for sure. A choice of lets say half a dozen character combinations would be better. Not only do you get to choose the one you like best but it gives replay value to the game especially if they feel slightly different to play with the different characters. Also the main characters should be funnier, not just what they say but what they look like. While Conker was funny the adult humour was probably a poor fit but the general slapstick humour is a must surely and something Nintendo don't do very well. Playtonic need to focus on fun and humour and the 2 main characters don't really have that charm.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/05/2015


    That one say's steam or console version. Almost looks like you need to do it seperately, one for 10 and one for 15. I might just do the 10 steam version. I want to contribute but the reward structure looks a bit messy. I just want two versions of the game, one for pc and one for console.

    How about a 2 million stretch goal, ps3, 360 and wii. I'm sure there are many who would want a version for last gen.

    Lastly a 3 million stretch goal for VR and 3D tv support.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/05/2015

    How much do I have to pledge to get a steam edition and a console edition of my choice. At first it reads like I'd only need to pay 15 as you receive all previous rewards below but then it looks like you don't get it. I.e. only the console version for 15. Reply 0
  • Video: The Elder Scrolls Online looks like this on Xbox One

  • BonzoBanana 25/04/2015

    I'm just replaying Skyrim on 360 at the moment. There are elements of this new game that look superior but generally the 360 version could be confused with the next gen version. I'm not even joking or exaggerating either. The 360 graphics are clearly better on many levels. The xbox one graphics look like something achievable on a console between the original xbox and 360 in power. I guess because online processing takes a bit hit in resources.
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  • Video: Project CARS Xbox One gameplay breaks cover, at last

  • BonzoBanana 21/03/2015

    I'd love to know if the xbox one's vibration triggers were put to use at all. I can imagine lots of ways in which this improves teh feel of the cars. Reply +13
  • Elite: Dangerous confirmed for Xbox One

  • BonzoBanana 04/03/2015

    I do plan to buy an xbox one but have no intention of subscribing to gold so I guess this is not a game worth considering on xbox one for me. I just can't see the point in either a ps4 or xbone version of this when they both have online subscription costs and graphic detail will be paired back. Just seems like a game best played on pc. Reply -1
  • Windows on a stick: the Hannspree Micro PC review

  • BonzoBanana 08/02/2015

    The Linx tablets may have been subsidised but this clearly isn't. You can get entry level laptops for this money. Not impressed myself with this and no competition for the many android devices out there at this price. Reply 0
  • Nintendo reveals 25 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X footage

  • BonzoBanana 06/02/2015

    Looks brilliant especially the monsters. Just need to see the reviews because I'm not sure about the playability. Didn't enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles despite being amazed by the wii graphics. Reply 0
  • Alien: Isolation passes 1m sales mark after three months

  • BonzoBanana 21/01/2015

    I'm not sure I'd enjoy it so didn't buy. I hate stealth games and I imagined this would be mainly hiding. Alien Colonial Marines is much more my cup of tea if it had been a better game. Same franchise but two different types of games really. Reply +2
  • Axelay saw Konami at its 90s peak

  • BonzoBanana 18/01/2015

    I remember the amazing music and sounds effects more than the gameplay. Another one of the super nintendo's amazing titles. Reply +4
  • Alienware Alpha review

  • BonzoBanana 17/01/2015

    I don't know why they went smaller. Surely they could have made it marginally larger than xbone and gone for superior hardware inside and still made a device that looks neat under a tv. You can easily beat ps4 or xbone performance for about 300 for a pc. Even if the pc gpu didn't quite match ps4 performance it will be supported by far superior cpu performance. Combine a well priced mid range graphic card with a entry level celeron and you have something full capable of surpassing ps4. This device costs far more and delivers far less. Reply +3
  • The evolution of Xbox One - as told by the SDK leak

  • BonzoBanana 11/01/2015

    You have to tip your hat to Microsoft's recovery. Better pricing, fighting the perceived weakness of their console both in the media and it seems with developers and getting some great exclusives and bundles.

    It may not be true but I perceive Microsoft to have their development software at a more advanced state and I feel they are pushing developers to ensure xbox one and ps4 games are technically the same by pushing optimisation further on xbox one. Maybe its because Eurogamer is my main game news site and certain journalists seem to push a Microsoft agenda here with some very strange comments occasionally and bias on how articles are presented. I think Eurogamer are doing some good work for Microsoft.

    Personally I don't want a huge background operating system. Yes its convenient and means not having to load in the OS when you exit a game but I'd like to see 8 cpu cores, almost 8GB and 100% gpu performance used for games at least for major games where additional performance will benefit them. Sony need to claw back as many resources as possible for games too.
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  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • BonzoBanana 10/01/2015

    I miss the days of powerful Nintendo hardware (Super NES, N64 and Gamecube). Yes the Gamecube flopped but its childish looks didn't appeal to many.

    I'd like to see a new powerful Nintendo console with sexy looks and decent power. Even more than that I'd love to see the results of Nintendo game designers working on that hardware.

    Much of the time the wii u can't even match ps3 and 360 and that is a ridiculous situation. I didn't even realise the GPU was at 55nm fabrication, if so that shows how ridiculously cheapskate Nintendo has become. At the time the latest revisions of 360 and PS3 were already on 40 or 45nm.

    There is still absolutely no indication that the wii u gpu is powerful. It seems to be a low level mobility radeon in performance and lets not forget on the same silicon it has to make space for the original wii gpu and 3MB video memory. The wii gpu and 3MB of video memory is used for the gamepad in wii u mode where the gamepad has unique graphics. The realistic estimates on performance are between 176-352 gflops but with 176 gflops being more likely the true figure. Hardly a power house even if you allow for the feature set and efficiency being far superior to 360 and PS3 gpu's.

    Nintendo are masters at making humble hardware perform well. I'm still amazed at what the 12 gflops wii gpu can do when it comes to graphics but then cartoon graphics are far less demanding than realistic graphics that need superior lighting and more varied textures.

    I hope Nintendo come up with a decent home console next generation. Something that can run decent versions of multi-format games in addition to Nintendo's own amazing games.

    I mean the wii u gamepad doesn't even have analogue triggers. I hope their next controller is a decent design too. Especially as Nintendo sells more to children it should be a smaller more comfortable design not a whacking gert slab with short battery life.
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  • Wii U-exclusive Captain Toad enters UK chart in 16th

  • BonzoBanana 05/01/2015

    If you search around there are plenty of places with excessive prices for games. Not just 'Game'. I find them very good value some of the time and have bought many games from them. Most of the time I buy elsewhere. I do feel people need to take onboard that running a game shop on the high street is not cheap. You only have to look at hotukdeals to see how often great deals come up at Game both online and instore. Looking at the site at this moment in time 3 of the 5 hottest offers in the gaming section are from Game. I don't get the hate, no one is forced to buy from them and its great to still have a gaming store on the high street to browse. Reply -1
  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • BonzoBanana 03/01/2015

    What is the formula used for working out the positions?

    It's just some consoles have a larger installed base so they will be better represented.

    However some consoles had far more games released in 2014 so the number of games would thin the number of votes for each.

    Multiformat games would be over-represented because they exist on multiple systems and can pick up more votes.

    Unless there are adjustments made the results are pretty random surely. Not knocking Mario Kart its an amazing game which I love but I wonder what percentage of the readership out there have actually tried it considering the small wii u userbase in Europe. As a wii u owner with no interest in smash bros or Bayonetta its the only wii u game I could vote for yet for other systems I own there may be 5-10 titles I've really enjoyed.

    I think the error is compiling one list with mixed formats because in mixing the formats all meaning to the list is lost. It should be top ten by format for the year.
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  • Student-made Ukip parody game upsets Nigel Farage

  • BonzoBanana 23/12/2014

    The reason UKIP is popular with many people is because the 3 main parties have built up a total national debt/liabilities of about 150,000 per tax payer or 78,000 for every single person in the country. We have to pay interest on this debt and its a huge burden.

    Basically you have the status quo being utterly incompetent politicians and their idealist supporters and you have a party like UKIP that aren't associated with this madness.

    Even on this thread you can read comments from people who are utterly clueless about economic matters and pretend there is money for all and seem to ignore this burden.

    UKIP can be very unsavoury with regard some policies and some of their top people are clearly unsuitable for power.

    The UK is going to be much poorer in the future and its going to be a real culture shock to a lot of people. The longer we keep spending money we haven't got the more huge this adjustment will be in the years to come. I don't want to lose the NHS or the justice system or the safety net but its the stupidity of those who pretend there isn't a problem and the existing parties are ok that are creating that possibility.

    Sadly I don't think UKIP are the answer but at least they are facing the reality of the problem unlike the 3 main parties but then they caused the problem in the first place so they want to brush it under the carpet.

    So we ridicule Farage when he is the only politician pointing out the scale of the problem and the parties that have spent money we never had and lied to us over the years are seen as a sensible option despite the huge damage they have done to our economy.
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  • CVG to close

  • BonzoBanana 19/12/2014

    Still have the early issues somewhere. I remember typing in the listings and even trying to convert some games to work on different computers. I remember a football manager game which I think was for the Sharp MZ80k and I tried to run it on my Dragon 32 after altering the basic. Got it working eventually if I remember rightly but the screen was messy.

    I loved the magazine and it really should have become a major gaming site but I seem to remember problems with browser compatibility or having to signin to access content. The web site always seemed a bit poor and I guess it just died because of it. The whole web site thing seemed mis-managed and wasn't as well done as eurogamer.

    I'd not visited the C&VG site for quite some time and actually probably wasn't even sure it still existed for some time too.
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  • Last-gen revisited: Far Cry 4

  • BonzoBanana 18/12/2014

    If both ps4 and xbox one focused more on being a games console rather than all round media centres I think more could be achieved with them anyway. Imagine if a game actually had every asset available to it including the 8GB of memory, all 8 cores and every scrap of gpu performance both consoles would be a step up in power. Personally I'd be more than happy with this. I.e. you put a disc in and it plays that or it boots to a simple menu that lists games installed. If you want all the media centre stuff it has to be loaded like a separate application or game. Even the wii u loses half its memory to its OS and has to share memory bandwidth and cpu power to it. Maybe if wii u games were designed around 2GB of system memory it would have faired better. Reply +2
  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • BonzoBanana 18/12/2014

    I'm not so bothered about false claims of software resolution but what I think console manufacturers should be held up for is false claims about hardware. This was something that both Microsoft and Sony did in the past but I don't think they are doing now. However if someone buys a console like the ps4 because he has been given information that the console can comfortably produce fully 1080p graphics but in fact those graphics are actually heavily compromised to achieve that resolution then to me that is unfair. In this instance if Sony used 1080p as a major part of their marketing then it is important that they get their arses kicked legally. The trouble is though you could create a game that actually looks worse but is fully 1080p by every definition. What if you had a game that while outside in the game world the graphics were very poor but inside in small rooms they looked amazing and that was the only images featured on the box art. It's very difficult to cover all bases. Clearly Sony want to impress consumers with their hardware to get them to buy it.

    Personally I feel there should be full disclosure about the technical hardware of any console. Independently tested so consumers can always make a informed choice about performance as part of their buying decision.
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  • What today's space sims can learn from Colony Wars

  • BonzoBanana 07/12/2014

    Seemed incredibly good in its day and a visual masterpiece. Graphics still seem acceptable today amazingly. If only I had time to re-visit these classics but I've got to much current stuff sitting on the shelf to play. Reply 0
  • First-person space survival sim Adr1ft debuts gameplay footage

  • BonzoBanana 07/12/2014

    This looks like it could be well worth playing. A new angle on the fps genre. Hope its got a proper campaign and your not just floating about kicking other players arses as they float by. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • BonzoBanana 23/11/2014

    I don't understand the conclusions made. If the ps4 suffers most with fast driving then surely that is a data streaming issue. More cars do not need much in the way of cpu power. Consoles like wii u with limited cpu power perform brilliantly for games like need for speed most wanted. Normally in such an instance it is a limitation of bringing in new data at speed. Were both games digital downloads or on optical media? Was the ps4 doing any other tasks like background downloading or storing video of gameplay? How was the xbox one configured in comparison. I don't think the xbox one actually has a cpu advantage but maybe it does have a data streaming bandwidth advantage? If the xbox one had a cpu advantage we would have seem this in many other games. If the xbox one has a streaming advantage under heavy load then driving games are surely this type of a game would be a good indicator of this. For all we know the xbone has a less fragmented hard drive and the ps4 is chock a block with fragmented data. Alternatively the xbox one features a better hard drive model or is the new 1tb version of the console.

    So many variables to draw conclusions now but if digital foundry want to test streaming of data between consoles. Find out what hdd model is fitted to an xbox one and buy the same model for the ps4 and install. Then completely format both and make sure all background tasks are disabled on both consoles. Then perform the same test on download copies of this game. Perhaps then we will know if the xbone has a streaming of data advantage for downloaded games. Then perform the same test again with optical media of the same game which might assist ps4 as I believe it can stream from both optical and hdd simultaneously where as xbone only uses the optical disc for the initial install.

    The conclusions of this article seem poorly thought out at best. There are already a huge number of games that push cpu resources that show the ps4 has an advantage over xbone.
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  • Half-Life 2: 10 years on

  • BonzoBanana 16/11/2014

    Half Life, Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 they are all pretty amazing. The only thing I remember being disappointed with is the episode where you spend much of the time underground. It was visually dull and not much gameplay variation. Generally the most amazing story driven single player experiences which seems to be under huge pressure nowadays with developers happy to knock out more simple multiplayer experiences.

    In the absence of Half Life 3 I hope Bethedsa keep bringing out their fantastic single player experiences like Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

    First played Half Life 2 on the original xbox and still remember the feeling of anticipation and excitement as the train rolled into the station at the very beginning.
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  • PlayStation TV review

  • BonzoBanana 16/11/2014

    So for 85 I get a micro console with little streaming services, poor media functionality, expensive access to retro games plus vita games on a big screen tv that might look a bit rough round the edges and possibly play ps4 games with horrible lag. No controller included. Seems half-baked and destined to fail badly but then perhaps Sony's expectations are low.

    14 months from now it will probably feature in the Game January sales for 29.99. It's hard to see who the customers are for this with its present functionality. A ps3 12gb is 150 with a 40 controller included. So that's 25 real difference between them. One is hugely more powerful, also a full feature 3D blu-ray player, capable of more advanced gaming experiences, 7.1 multichannel sound, tons of other features.
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  • Apple iPad Air 2 review

  • BonzoBanana 25/10/2014

    I prefer Android and don't like getting shafted by Apple prices but it does look a nice product. I also don't see the point of a tablet powerful enough for reasonable gaming without a decent way of controlling the game. So ultimately its reduced to trivial low tech games, browsing etc which this is overkill for. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Bayonetta on Wii U

  • BonzoBanana 28/09/2014

    Still sounds like the xbox 360 version is superior if it does have more enemies on screen at certain times at least from a techincal perspective. As for the wii u being economically with electricity I don't think anyone really cares about that but the latest revisions of ps3 and 360 are quite close in power consumption. All three consoles are based on the same 40/45nm fabrication process and don't use the more advanced and expensive fabrication process of the ps4 and xbox one.

    The wii u still remains a disappointing console in some ways. Yes it has great games but from a technical viewpoint it often achieves less than ps3 and 360. There are still a lot more multiformat games that perform better on 360 and PS3 than on wii u and the 360 and PS3 have a range of technically more ambitious games than has been seen on wii u. Another limiting factor is of course developers simply aren't intersted in it. I wonder what state Watchdogs will appear on wii u. I've a feeling the 360 and PS3 versions will be easily superior.

    Nintendo made a huge mistake setting the spec so low.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

  • BonzoBanana 20/08/2014

    Maybe its the youtube compression but it doesn't look particularly good visually. Also there is little movement of the vehicles when they go on and off the track. It just doesn't look particularly well done. Not a fanboy comment just an observation. However if the gameplay is class leading then that is all that matters. Reply -8
  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • BonzoBanana 02/08/2014

    I really think Sega are a victim of Gearbox. I'm not saying Sega didn't make a mistake or two but ultimately Gearbox took their money and screwed them over. How do I know this for sure, I don't but the history, actions and statements of Randy and Gearbox seem to be those of a company who will screw over others for their own financial success. Clearly the game was poorly debugged, unoptimised and had limited resources spent on it and this is clearly down to Gearbox. Reply +2
  • Can Trine 2 on Android match Xbox 360 and PS3?

  • BonzoBanana 02/08/2014

    Its not really the all-round game that gives both gpu and cpu a workout so I don't see it as a game that is an indicator that android or any android chipset has reached 360/PS3 power. It works well on wii u which is a console that ups the gpu performance slightly on last gen but has weaker cpu performance. I'd like to see how it copes with Skyrim or another cpu intensive game. Reply +5
  • Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop

  • BonzoBanana 19/05/2014

    Surely better to release games enhanced by Kinect rather than kinect being a necessity. That way you have more potential purchasers. For example a new Conker platformer game but with a selection of kinect mini-games included that aren't essential to play to complete the game.

    Personally I feel the type of game Rare were brilliant at in the past is a better fit for the wii u or ps4 platforms. Microsoft and Rare seem a poor fit as to me Xbox owners seemed to be more geared towards fps and more adult orientated games. Clearly that type of game is a good fit for Nintendo and the playstation platform which seems to encompass the widest range of game types.

    I don't remember Conker's Bad Fur Day selling well on the original xbox despite having utterly amazing cartoon graphics for its day. It just felt like it was the wrong audience.

    I'm surprised Microsoft don't make an attempt at taking away some of Nintendo's support by getting Rare to make a new platformer or even karting game. It's clear the xbox one could achieve something well beyond wii u levels.
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  • Tech Analysis: Half-Life 2 and Portal on Android

  • BonzoBanana 18/05/2014

    Does look pretty similar to the original xbox version in assets, textures etc. Makes you wonder if that was the version used for the basis of this conversion. Great to see this classic game on more platforms though so more people can enjoy it but clearly the experience would be better on a modern PC or 360 or PS3. Reply 0
  • Plants vs. Zombies currently free on Origin

  • BonzoBanana 09/05/2014

    Makes you re-consider buying older or minor EA titles just in case they become the next free game. I'm not complaining but I don't think free games equals brand loyalty. Reply +1
  • Fan-made Serious Sam Classics: Revolution launches on Steam Early Access

  • BonzoBanana 01/05/2014

    I have the hd encounters of first and second encounters plus Serious sam 2 and 3 but no free game for me it looks like. Reply 0