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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: a great console title is a handheld revelation

  • BonzoBanana 20/04/2017


    Surely a keyboard warrior like yourself would take that crown. Your type are a dime a dozen. I only say it as it is, still loving Zelda BOTW but as ever Nintendo hardware is very underpowered and that limits possible future games, their scope and ambition. I don't think I'm being unfair criticising Nintendo pricing or their hardware performance level, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy the games just was hoping for better hardware. Bought a wii u at launch but still criticised the console, I don't do that fanboy bullshit.
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  • BonzoBanana 20/04/2017


    The Switch isn't a huge amount more powerful, wii u about 9,000 mips, Switch 12,000 mips (1 core taken by operating system which was run by an arm chip on wii u). Portable gpu power 150-200 gflops compared to 176 gflops for wii u. Memory bandwidth 12.8GB/s +60GB/s (32MB memory pool) for wii u and 25.6GB/s for Switch. Docked gpu of Switch is about 400 gflops but still has same memory bandwidth of 25.6GB/s and has to run the same code as portable so really just boosts resolution and adds anti-aliasing if possible. Doesn't have different graphic assets between portable and docked because it has to switch on the fly back and forth. You can play wii u games like Mario kart at 4k 60fps on PC emulated.

    Which is far beyond the technical performance of both wii u and Switch. Still a very nice powerful portable but an incredibly weak home console. There is no basis for believing the Switch is a powerful console that is currently being under utilised. In fact from all accounts its development software is incredibly good and the hardware is very easy to develop for.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs 35

  • BonzoBanana 20/04/2017

    I must admit I thought the Switch pricing for console, hardware, games and online would have been hugely negative and damaging especially as there are so few exclusive games and the performance level is so low. It amazes me it has sold as well as it has. At least with the original wii game pricing seemed more reasonable and there was a wider range of exclusive games. It will be see if the Switch can maintain momentum at retail with these prices. For a portable gaming system I'd rather have Vita, 3DS, windows, ios or android devices. Reply 0
  • Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in the US

  • BonzoBanana 15/04/2017

    @Les Don't get me wrong I love cartoon graphics and games like Zelda windwaker which you could emulate on the Linx tablet such is the low performance requirements. The Linx is actually quite successful at running such pc games because the graphics hardware requirements are less. Reply 0
  • BonzoBanana 15/04/2017


    I can't really argue with that. You'd have to be selective with games. I think Fallout 3 for example works really well on it but you have to install an old app to give windows 10 compatibility I think. Once setup its fine but it definitely doesn't have the straight out of the box functionality of the Switch but then the value level of the Linx tablet is huge in comparison and personally I'd rather have the range of games and apps of Windows. The thing most of all that makes the Linx better for me is battery life. I could be playing skyrim or something else probably twice as long as the Switch with a bigger screen and better controls even if I did have to fart about to get it to work well. Not forgetting I can use my existing steam library I just have to be selective on the games I install.
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  • BonzoBanana 14/04/2017


    But what have you got for Switch that pushes performance. A game that marginally works better than wii u or maybe a basic futuristic racer. I haven't actually seen anything on Switch that pushes both the cpu and gpu. Skyrim will be a good test I'm sure. Most of the Switch games have very low performance requirements and could be easily achieved on the Linx tablet and probably less powerful tablets too. I honestly think people are in for a shock when they see how Skyrim performs on Switch especially if it uses the 150 gflops standard portable mode and not the 200 gflops boost mode.

    Zelda is a good game but its not a good indicator for realistic graphics or a cpu intensive game.

    Clearly with the Linx Vision you can try thousands of games. I think Skyrim requires all low settings and a sub native resolution to work at a 30fps on the chipset but does run and there are further patches to increase speed. I would say Skyrim is at the maximum possible level for the Linx tablet but the same could be true of the Switch version when you see it. Earlier games run much better and still look miles better than most Switch titles.

    At the moment we are still in the hype period where people's expectations are high for the Switch despite the reality of the Switch performance level we have seen.
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  • BonzoBanana 14/04/2017


    Not sure what you mean, comparable doesn't mean it has to be superior in all areas just in the same ballpark area. It's has more power cpu performance, a improved more advanced fabrication process (14nm vs 20nm). Runs for 5 hours easily up to 7hrs. GPU performance is just under 100 gflops, compared to 150 gflops for Switch in portable mode. Larger sceen, better controls, better build quality, includes dual cameras, larger battery capacity, hardware level 4k decoding. Only 2GB compared to 4GB of Switch. Many games easily outperform the current crop of Switch games. Yes the Switch has more gflops for docked mode but it's only used for upscaling and anti-aliasing as it doesn't reload different assets and there is a memory bandwidth limitation in Switch. Games that are cpu bottlenecked on Switch could perform better on Linx Vision.

    Not forgetting the ability to remote play ps4, xbox one and pc so you can run many great quality games in your home as well as running slightly older pc games when away from home using the xbox controller setup or use it easily as just a tablet with a huge range of apps. Does a huge amount more than Switch and can even emulate Nintendo systems up to Gamecube.

    Why wouldn't that be comparable? Sits between Vita and Switch in performance terms although exceeds both in many areas. Not pocket friendly but neither is Switch although Vita is. More bag size. Use a standard tablet dock and hdmi cable with a wireless keyboard and its a full functioning pc for web browsing, office etc of reasonable performance. Just like an entry level desktop computer of 2013.

    Switch offers about 360/ps3 performance on the go as does Linx vision with the ability to run comparable games.

    Maybe the Switch level of performance will be more clear to all when we see how Skyrim runs with 150 or 200 gflops and quad core arm processors at 1ghz.
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  • BonzoBanana 14/04/2017

    I'm glad Nintendo have done well on this as love Nintendo games but the Switch looks fairly poorly constructed, underpowered and overpriced and its games look like mainly minor indie titles with extortionate prices and it will be the first portable with paid online. The value level of the product looks absolutely abysmal. I wanted and bought a wii u at launch and don't have any desire for the Switch currently. Like the wii I'm a bit amazed by its sales but still unsure if the Switch will have sales momentum. I've seen quite a few in CEX. There is nothing on the system I will be interested in until Mario Odyssey and by that time the system may be emulated anyway such is the low performance level and standard technology of the Switch. Frankly I may never need a Switch. Surely people will come to realise the system has both limited games and performance level and their money would be better spent elsewhere.

    I mean you can get something like the Linx Vision for 64.99 which offers comparable performance overall, a huge number of games and can probably emulate up to gamecube level. You can remote play xbox one, ps4 and pc games on it plus run a lot of stuff natively.

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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Switch retail release confirmed for Europe

  • BonzoBanana 11/04/2017

    I understand people are doing a fair comparison with the price elsewhere but for me this game is nowhere near worth that asking price. That to me is a big AAA title with great reviews not a game genre which has more enjoyable variants on android for free which are also on a similar technical performance level.

    I'm amazed at just how much people are willing to pay on Switch and its games. I love Nintendo games and bought Zelda for my wii u and it's easily worth its cost but I just can't see the point of Switch currently and games like this really put me off it. The fact is the vast majority of Switch games are poor games with weak technical performance and high prices. If I had a Switch unless I double dip with Zelda I wouldn't know of any other games to buy. Fast RMX would be the only other game worth buying except its not really my type of game. On android, ios, windows and even vita 40 will buy you practically a software collection with a mixture of low prices and free games plus with the exception of vita that software will work on your future hardware increasing their value even more. Your steam games of today's PC can be your Windows tablet games of tomorrow. I read a developer comment that with android he makes a small amount of money from advertising and a small number of users pay for the full version but hopes the Switch can massively increase his income if it takes off but the Switch version offers no benefits over the much cheaper android version. As a end user what is my motivation to buy the Switch version?
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  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • BonzoBanana 24/03/2017

    Tried it on outside wifi away from home which worked good enough for everything else but couldn't have been enough bandwidth for this game as it wouldn't work. Wasn't a great first impression of the game to say the least. Reply 0
  • A Switch is for life, not just for Zelda

  • BonzoBanana 24/03/2017

    Love Nintendo games and enjoying Zelda at the moment on wii u but I just can't seem to want the Switch, it's such a small increase in performance over wii u as a home console and its not a size I'd want as a portable. The games mostly look terrible and the prices are sky high for everything with even chargeable online to come. I can't help thinking a windows tablet, android tablet, 3DS or Vita are far better options as portable gaming systems and as a home console even old ps3's and 360's are far better. In fact with so many Switch games being tiny retro games I think even the generation before those is still better. I don't get the it's new and therefore good mentality. If I'm paying out 280 for a console and around 50 a game I expect something amazing. The performance level of Switch is a high level android tablet and that will keep dropping as the month's pass but already many tablets have far better screens than Switch. Android offers 1000s of games many of which easily beat the non-Zelda Switch titles. Reply +4
  • Left Joy-Con issues resolved for future units, Nintendo claims

  • BonzoBanana 23/03/2017

    I hope the revised model with improvements has some sort of box number that identifies it from the inferior first production run. I doubt the second batch has the improvement but I guess its possible any batches received May or later should be ok. Second-hand purchasers later in the year will have to be careful too. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • BonzoBanana 20/03/2017

    I just can't seem to get into the Mass Effect games and this seems even less worth bothering with going by the review. Reply +2
  • Standard Tegra X1 'confirmed' as Switch's processor

  • BonzoBanana 20/03/2017

    @Doctor_MG 1280x720 by 32bit colour (4 bytes)) is about 4MB I think. So plenty of space in 10MB for double buffering a 720p image and a little extra workspace. Not ideal of course but certainly a huge boost for 360 and why it punched above its weight. I understand about how moving data between different memory would be slow but I'm sure its designed so that is minimal. Generally the gpu will be processing data from video memory and the cpu's from main memory but I think the cell processor's have clever access to both anyway. It's how dedicated gaming pc's work ensuring optimum use of memory bandwidth. Honestly the Switch memory bandwidth is very low but accept its later architecture, greater texture compression and tile based rendering will make good use of the limited bandwidth but even humble games like Zelda are struggling with frame rates and this surely has to be down to memory bandwidth. It's the one area where the wii u is competitive with Switch.

    We shall see how this all shapes though. The Switch is super easy to develop for yet is performing to a very low level. I don't see how this can dramatically improve. It's a familar Nintendo story that we have seen with wii and wii u before. Memory bandwidth utimately sets how much data can be moved and the maximum performance level. Personally I think the Switch would have been much stronger a design with only 2GB memory but 51.2GB/s double memory bandwidth that would work much better with its performance level and give much improved performance when docked.
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  • BonzoBanana 20/03/2017


    The Switch is still much slower than 360 and ps3 for memory bandwidth so not sure what you mean. PS3 memory will be operating concurrently with all memory bandwidth utilised I'm sure especially with all those cell processors. 360 will be making heavy use of the 10MB in fact where the 360 goes beyond 720p resolution the system performance can drop significantly due to the frame buffer not fitting in the 10MB. The ps3 for example has a lot more 1080p and 3D games than 360. So like the xbox one and wii u this small pool of ultra fast memory can make a real difference its just a smaller pool of memory on 360.
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  • BonzoBanana 19/03/2017


    Your completely wrong about memory bandwidth. PS3 had its memory split into 2 banks, video at 25.6GB/s and main memory at 19.2GB/s so it is roughly double. 360 had 22.6GB/s but also had a 10MB ultra fast 256GB/s memory for its frame buffer etc. Tegra doesn't have that.

    Lets also not forget that if you have 4GB at 25.6GB/s and you have 512MB at 25.6GB/s the first will take 8 times as long to fully write or read memory. Normally you expect memory bandwidth to go up as memory capacity increases.
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  • BonzoBanana 19/03/2017

    With the information that developers have access to 3GB and 3 cores of the cpu that puts the Switch at about 14,000 mips I think for games and both the background operating system and game must share the 25.6GB/s memory bandwidth.

    So even at best you are looking at 360/ps3 performance but more memory but both 360 and ps3 had a lot more memory bandwidth.

    As beautiful as Zelda is I don't think technically its that impressive. Much of the graphics have no or simplistic textures and it looks like an update on Zelda windwaker which was on a console with 8 gflops gpu. Don't get me wrong I'm loving it on wii u but when I look at the graphics especially if you use the zoom feature they are super simplistic.

    Also Fast RMX drops to 900p and even 720p under load in docked mode and may drop resolution in portable mode too. Pretty much the same scenerio as Wipeout on ps3 which was 1080p at 60fps most of the time but had a dynamic resolution under load.

    Skyrim will be a good test as its much more cpu intensive and goes for more realistic graphics and textures. Assuming well programmed this will be a good comparison game because its widely available on other platforms.
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  • Switch loading times tested: MicroSD vs carts and internal storage

  • BonzoBanana 16/03/2017

    Compression may also be a factor on cartridges, If the sizes range from 1 to 32GB with a doubling of size in between 2,4,8,16GB then maybe extra compression is used to reduce the size. Many parts of games compress quite well. Maybe we are thinking Zelda is a 16GB cart because of its 14GB file size but maybe its actually a 8GB cartridge using heavy compression. I mean puyo puyo tetris is a 1.09GB file size and you just know that will be a 1GB cartridge not 2GB but how far can you stretch this and how much compression could you expect to achieve on a modern game. I tried compressing a game in my steam folder and it became 66% of it's original size so a 14GB game could be reduced to about 9GB but what if certain files related to online functionality was actually downloaded. Maybe even so called patches are actually missing parts of the game. Could Zelda be a 8GB cartridge. Cartridge costs are expensive so I feel its more likely games will be shrunk to fit a cartridge size below rather than having wasted space on a larger capacity cartridge. Reply +1
  • The original Xbox turns 15 in Europe

  • BonzoBanana 15/03/2017

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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • BonzoBanana 14/03/2017

    Wonder if Skyrim will be 540p portable with simple pixel doubling for 1080p in docked mode so it can run with good detail levels? Reply +2
  • Fast RMX showcases Switch's technological leap over Wii U

  • BonzoBanana 13/03/2017


    Well there are a lot more than those you have listed and the performance level is improving all the time. Fast RMX doesn't seem particularly good in playability looking at the reviews. I have to say I don't find Fast RMX particularly impressive visually but can see its just about the 2nd best launch game after Zelda. I can see my comments aren't popular though. It just feels like there are a lot more playable racing games on Android for a fraction of the money that actually perform to similar technical level.
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  • BonzoBanana 11/03/2017

    Still looks a little un-refined with a lack of anti-aliasing and don't think it should be compared to Zelda which is a complex open world game and not a simple left/right on rails racing game. I personally don't think the graphics look that good they are mainly simplistic with often repeated textures and lack of textures in many areas. 1080p dropping to 900p or 720p under load isn't particularly impressive, 720p is a big drop from 1080p. Still looks like the best 2nd choice game after Zelda for new Switch owners though especially at the competitive 20 price. I can't help thinking this should be locked at 1080p with AA. Even in the tiny youtube window aliasing looked pretty obvious.

    There are so many decent android racing games now both free or cost just a tiny fraction of this that are close to or beyond this performance level and every 6 months the graphics are improved it seems.

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  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • BonzoBanana 13/03/2017

    Don't understand why this isn't 60fps on Switch as well. Looks easily achievable on more humble hardware than Switch. Looks to be poorly optimised to say the least. Reply +1
  • No Man's Sky on PS4 Pro delivers the 1080p60 dream

  • BonzoBanana 12/03/2017

    Another reason to get the pro upgrade for me. I have a 4k tv but no HDR although has a brighter panel than many so called HDR sets. It's great to see the work they are putting in after release. I guess they are keen to make it the game they promised before release. Reply 0
  • I played five indie games on Switch and they were all good

  • BonzoBanana 10/03/2017

    Vita has loads of great indie games and if you've got an early Vita they are displayed on a glorious OLED screen but I got most of my games from psn plus plus a few offers. I don't really play them and when I do I don't play them for long. I don't want a Switch for that sort of experience, nor do I want it for wii u ports as already have a wii u. I don't want rubbish versions of multi-format games either. I just want a Switch for its exclusive content that makes decent use of the hardware so for me its Mario Odyssey with perhaps additional purchases of ARMs and Xenoblade 2. These indie games will create a large catalogue of games for Switch but I question how well many of these games will sell on Switch especially if there are better versions on other formats at lower prices. Reply -2
  • Rime comes out in May, costs 10 more on Nintendo Switch.

  • BonzoBanana 08/03/2017

    Cost of cartridge and then the fact the digital version has to be the same price. Makes commercial sense but poor value for the end consumer. Looks like a game that will be on psn plus or xbox games for gold in a year give or take anyway. Reply 0
  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • BonzoBanana 08/03/2017

    We don't yet know the long term prospects of the Switch it could find a huge audience or the sales could drop off quite strongly as per the wii u which also had a successful launch. Marketing has been much better than wii u and Zelda is the strongest launch game for any console for a long time. However saying that its brilliant to see the Switch get a firm footing as it launches I'm just not convinced we have the full story yet on the long term success of Switch. Reply 0
  • Super Bomberman R shows a side of the Switch that's a little unloved at launch

  • BonzoBanana 02/03/2017

    As a 10 download only game great but as a dedicated premium price cartridge it seems unlikely to sell to say the least but with the weak launch line up its possible it could do well. A huge number of android bomberman clones and all the greats can be easily emulated. I dread to think how many PC versions there are. When I get a Switch I can't imagine buying this at any more than about 5. There are so many amazing games you can get for so little money nowadays. I've spent 20 hours plus on some android games that cost nothing. To say games are competitively priced nowadays would be a huge understatement. This just doesn't look like a game most people will put a wad of cash down for. Reply +2
  • The Nintendo 64 turns 20 in Europe

  • BonzoBanana 01/03/2017

    I cannot accept criticism of the N64. Mario 64 was utterly incredible as was Pilotwings 64 and there were so many other amazing games that loaded instantly and pushed the hardware. Pricing was bad but gameplay was amazing. Such fond memories of an amazing system. The controller was a little awkward but brilliant when you got used to it. For me Nintendo's best ever console. Reply +2
  • New performance mode boosts Switch mobile clocks by 25 per cent

  • BonzoBanana 26/02/2017

    I think that chinese teardown is actually a development Switch. It doesn't have the normal Nintendo branding on the chipset or pcb and clearly is a early version.

    I guess we will have to wait until launch before someone tears down a retail Switch.
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  • Watch: Breath of the Wild is the bravest Zelda ever

  • BonzoBanana 24/02/2017

    Hope the wii u version isn't forgotten with all this Switch launch nonsense. Reply +4
  • Nintendo sues company that let you race Mario Karts in real life

  • BonzoBanana 24/02/2017

    As legal matters go this looks like an easy win. Right under their noses on their home turf as well. Reply +2
  • Meet the man camping for a month to get the Nintendo Switch

  • BonzoBanana 24/02/2017

    Only thing I ever remembering queuing a long time for was the original Star Wars movie. I think I was in the queue longer than the duration of the film. Didn't even like the film that much or perhaps that was just annoyance about the queue. The only entertainment in the queue was a lad happy to tell and show us how all his teeth had been knocked out. Then we did a fake fight where I pretended to hit him and he would pretend that I'd knocked his teeth out there and then just to get the attention of other people in the queue. His swallowed his teeth routine soon lost its magic though and only dented the waiting time by about 5 minutes at best. Reply +2
  • We finally unbox the Nintendo Switch

  • BonzoBanana 23/02/2017

    Don't like the micro sd slot being protected by the kickstand. Would have preferred a slot like the cartridge slot with its own cover. Just doesn't seem right having the microsd slot exposed whenever you use the kickstand. Reply +4
  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will no longer be a Switch launch title

  • BonzoBanana 22/02/2017

    I seem to remember this was 79p on steam at one point but still didn't buy it. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017


    That was my reaction to this game. Another old title at an inflated price that will put many potential purchasers off who are looking for new and exciting games for a new console. Some may be happy with old games with AAA prices but most won't be I'm fairly sure.
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  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017

    Another nail in the coffin of the Nintendo Switch Reply -1
  • Performance Analysis: Sniper Elite 4

  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017

    I was thinking about getting this but realise there is no first person mode for movement. Third person destroys a game for me like this. I want to feel like I'm there in the game world. Seems a stupid omission to not include both viewpoints. Reply -3
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of 17.99 season pass

  • BonzoBanana 14/02/2017

    I wonder if the difficulty will be set slightly below normal Zelda standards so more people will buy the DLC? As much as I like Zelda I'm a bit crap at it when it comes to precise and fast reactions so may actually benefit if they do, but on the other hand I don't want to be half way through the game on the first day. Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Switch pre-orders back 'in stock' from Nintendo itself

  • BonzoBanana 06/02/2017

    Not much point talking about value at launch. Like most consoles it starts high and then starts dropping a few months later. For those who must be the first to own a console they pay a premium but the majority of people normally buy their console much later at a much reduced price it will be the same for Switch. I'd like to own one at some point but don't need such a bulky portable so I will wait. I feel that Mario Odyssey will weaken my resolve though when it launches. I will try to resist though as not super keen on this first version of the Switch, I'd like to hold out for a better model if I can. Reply -1
  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES review

  • BonzoBanana 06/02/2017


    It's a hybrid system like Nintendo Switch. Full of NES games. Switch on play game, switch off. There's no waiting plus you get composite TV output for real retro quality TV output. None of this hdmi nonsense. Fits in your pocket easily. Battery probably lasts ages especially if your using it with tv output and not the built in screen. Really though they are systems for young children that will abuse them and too young to look after a 2DS etc. I did buy one purely because I like to have a good soak in the bath and prefer some light gaming to reading. Your not going to care if you drop it in the water.
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  • BonzoBanana 05/02/2017

    You can also get this sort of thing on ebay.

    Despite the description you can see from the image of the product it actually contains 168 NES games.
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  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • BonzoBanana 04/02/2017

    It's a powerful portable but I don't really need a portable so made the decision easy. It's a pretty hopeless home console and I doubt there will be much difference between the Zelda's. To me its either never or much later. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Portugal's new Switch commercial accidentally reveals developer-only menu

  • BonzoBanana 02/02/2017


    That wasn't my point I was just thinking the early builds of software that hadn't been optimised with possible development software in the background will need more memory. So a first batch of units destined for demonstration purposes and to run instore demos might be 4GB even if normal retail units are 2GB. I'm probably wrong but 4GB seems a lot for the performance level. Then there was a debate about possible memory bandwidth bottleneck in docked mode being a cause of lower than expected docked resolutions and 4GB just seems too much and none of the games shown look like they need anywhere near that memory level.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    I don't think 2GB would be too bad if it was. You've got 2GB main memory, the cartridge game memory and SD storage. It's possible only the development kit and demonstration models had 4GB but then maybe they had no cartridges to run code from so needed more memory. It's different to optical discs where you had to load the game into memory as you can probably run some code directly from cartridge or at least have random access to its data. It's like the Switch is connected to a SSD drive rather than slow optical.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    It's not been confirmed but it is the strongest rumour. We will soon know though because it will be easy to see with a teardown. I'm expecting 4GB but think 2GB is a strong possibility.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    The development units had 4GB and it was stated that the retail version was 2GB but then there was a rumour that retail would be 4GB as well but then it gets difficult to develop full 4GB games if the development kit only has 4GB so not sure. Everyone seems to think it will be 4GB but seems more logical especially with Nintendo cost cutting to be 2GB. The more powerful Nvidia shield with 4k output and HDR has only 3GB and a portable console has to power the extra memory by battery so despite expectations I think it will be 2GB.
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  • Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017

    That looks Switch friendly and fit in with the other Switch games. Shit'e in other words. Only kidding actually looks good fun but it doesn't look like something people will be running arse over tit to pre-order. Feels like it needs some sort of X factor to make it stand out. Maybe some clever use of HD feedback on Switch. Reply -1
  • Xbox Games with Gold for February detailed

  • BonzoBanana 24/01/2017

    Crap, Project Cars I haven't even started playing yet and now its on Games with Gold. Great to have it always available though without having to find the disc for when I start playing it that is. Reply +2
  • 1-2 Switch is Nintendo's attempt to recapture Wii's golden era

  • BonzoBanana 24/01/2017

    Arms looks great fun although I don't think it has enough content to justify the price and the cartridge format will probably keep it at a high price for a long time but this looks so awful as a commercial product it amazes me that Nintendo would try to release it separately. Sadly they wil probably end up with such huge stocks of the game that Nintendo will end up bundling it with the console anyway instead of a decent game like Arms. Reply 0