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  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017


    That was my reaction to this game. Another old title at an inflated price that will put many potential purchasers off who are looking for new and exciting games for a new console. Some may be happy with old games with AAA prices but most won't be I'm fairly sure.
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  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017

    Another nail in the coffin of the Nintendo Switch Reply -1
  • Performance Analysis: Sniper Elite 4

  • BonzoBanana 16/02/2017

    I was thinking about getting this but realise there is no first person mode for movement. Third person destroys a game for me like this. I want to feel like I'm there in the game world. Seems a stupid omission to not include both viewpoints. Reply -3
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of £17.99 season pass

  • BonzoBanana 14/02/2017

    I wonder if the difficulty will be set slightly below normal Zelda standards so more people will buy the DLC? As much as I like Zelda I'm a bit crap at it when it comes to precise and fast reactions so may actually benefit if they do, but on the other hand I don't want to be half way through the game on the first day. Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Switch pre-orders back 'in stock' from Nintendo itself

  • BonzoBanana 06/02/2017

    Not much point talking about value at launch. Like most consoles it starts high and then starts dropping a few months later. For those who must be the first to own a console they pay a premium but the majority of people normally buy their console much later at a much reduced price it will be the same for Switch. I'd like to own one at some point but don't need such a bulky portable so I will wait. I feel that Mario Odyssey will weaken my resolve though when it launches. I will try to resist though as not super keen on this first version of the Switch, I'd like to hold out for a better model if I can. Reply -1
  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES review

  • BonzoBanana 06/02/2017


    It's a hybrid system like Nintendo Switch. Full of NES games. Switch on play game, switch off. There's no waiting plus you get composite TV output for real retro quality TV output. None of this hdmi nonsense. Fits in your pocket easily. Battery probably lasts ages especially if your using it with tv output and not the built in screen. Really though they are systems for young children that will abuse them and too young to look after a 2DS etc. I did buy one purely because I like to have a good soak in the bath and prefer some light gaming to reading. Your not going to care if you drop it in the water.
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  • BonzoBanana 05/02/2017

    You can also get this sort of thing on ebay.

    Despite the description you can see from the image of the product it actually contains 168 NES games.
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  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • BonzoBanana 04/02/2017

    It's a powerful portable but I don't really need a portable so made the decision easy. It's a pretty hopeless home console and I doubt there will be much difference between the Zelda's. To me its either never or much later. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Portugal's new Switch commercial accidentally reveals developer-only menu

  • BonzoBanana 02/02/2017


    That wasn't my point I was just thinking the early builds of software that hadn't been optimised with possible development software in the background will need more memory. So a first batch of units destined for demonstration purposes and to run instore demos might be 4GB even if normal retail units are 2GB. I'm probably wrong but 4GB seems a lot for the performance level. Then there was a debate about possible memory bandwidth bottleneck in docked mode being a cause of lower than expected docked resolutions and 4GB just seems too much and none of the games shown look like they need anywhere near that memory level.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    I don't think 2GB would be too bad if it was. You've got 2GB main memory, the cartridge game memory and SD storage. It's possible only the development kit and demonstration models had 4GB but then maybe they had no cartridges to run code from so needed more memory. It's different to optical discs where you had to load the game into memory as you can probably run some code directly from cartridge or at least have random access to its data. It's like the Switch is connected to a SSD drive rather than slow optical.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    It's not been confirmed but it is the strongest rumour. We will soon know though because it will be easy to see with a teardown. I'm expecting 4GB but think 2GB is a strong possibility.
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  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017


    The development units had 4GB and it was stated that the retail version was 2GB but then there was a rumour that retail would be 4GB as well but then it gets difficult to develop full 4GB games if the development kit only has 4GB so not sure. Everyone seems to think it will be 4GB but seems more logical especially with Nintendo cost cutting to be 2GB. The more powerful Nvidia shield with 4k output and HDR has only 3GB and a portable console has to power the extra memory by battery so despite expectations I think it will be 2GB.
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  • Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

  • BonzoBanana 01/02/2017

    That looks Switch friendly and fit in with the other Switch games. Shit'e in other words. Only kidding actually looks good fun but it doesn't look like something people will be running arse over tit to pre-order. Feels like it needs some sort of X factor to make it stand out. Maybe some clever use of HD feedback on Switch. Reply -1
  • Xbox Games with Gold for February detailed

  • BonzoBanana 24/01/2017

    Crap, Project Cars I haven't even started playing yet and now its on Games with Gold. Great to have it always available though without having to find the disc for when I start playing it that is. Reply +2
  • 1-2 Switch is Nintendo's attempt to recapture Wii's golden era

  • BonzoBanana 24/01/2017

    Arms looks great fun although I don't think it has enough content to justify the price and the cartridge format will probably keep it at a high price for a long time but this looks so awful as a commercial product it amazes me that Nintendo would try to release it separately. Sadly they wil probably end up with such huge stocks of the game that Nintendo will end up bundling it with the console anyway instead of a decent game like Arms. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch touchscreen shown in action for the first time

  • BonzoBanana 24/01/2017

    The LCD screen looks great quality but still annoyed about the lack of analogue triggers which makes the controllers very limited to me and much inferior to the PS4 DS4 and Xbone controllers. I like to control the throttle on driving games and get trigger feedback on shooters using analogue triggers and none of that is possible with the Switch or wii u. Although considering the Switch is meant to be Virtual console compatible with Gamecube and that had analogue triggers I assume there must be some sort of solution to it on Switch unless they sell an extra Gamecube compatible controller. Just seems like Nintendo have got the basics wrong with Switch. Reply +3
  • I Am Setsuna now a Nintendo Switch launch title

  • BonzoBanana 23/01/2017

    Getting Zelda for wii u so exactly '0' games I want to play on Switch at launch. Reply +1
  • The story behind the worst game ever made

  • BonzoBanana 22/01/2017

    I think my favourite budget game was '180' the darts game. I loved that game and played it a lot more than most full price games. I also remember Thrust being very well reviewed for a budget game. Reply +2
  • Watch: Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch in one video

  • BonzoBanana 21/01/2017

    I'm only really interested in Mario Odyssey and don't actually need a portable especially one this size with an exposed screen and short battery life. Too gimmicky and over-priced for me. The wii u of 2012 was horribly under-powered and now in 2017 we still have the same performance level with Zelda only marginally improved from 720p to 900p yet the games will cost more than PS4 pro and Scorpio games. Reply +2
  • 30 minutes of gameplay from Sniper Elite 4's opening level, San Celini

  • BonzoBanana 19/01/2017

    Do you have an option for first person viewpoint when you move? I'm not into third person. Graphics look a bit dated but not awful. Playability actually looks pretty good although a bit gory which to be honest is part of the appeal. Don't think I'd pay full price for it but sort of thing that is on my radar. Reply +1
  • Watch: Chris and Johnny milk a cow using the Nintendo Switch

  • BonzoBanana 18/01/2017

    I could play this game but would need to be looking at a video of a gorgeous woman with big jugs while I'm doing it. I certainly don't want to be looking at some beardo gaming nerd while I'm playing it. Reply -2
  • £60 Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch now £50 on Amazon UK

  • BonzoBanana 18/01/2017

    This looks to me like they were hoping to sell stock at the full suggested price of £59.99 but are struggling to sell their allocation for launch and have price cut and once one retailer does it the others have to follow. Seems strange to have a price war before the console is even launched unless these retailers are seeing cancellations or low order numbers.

    I was expecting perhaps a cliff edge nose dive perhaps 2 months after launch but perhaps now we are seeing signs that even the launch itself wills struggle in the UK at least. Maybe with brexit on the horizon we are all being a bit more careful and looking more for value in our purchases and the Switch is a long way from 'value'.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • BonzoBanana 18/01/2017

    If Zelda on Switch is a digital download of 13.4GB what size is the cartridge, highly compressed on a 8GB cartridge perhaps with inferior compressed sound, a 12GB cartridge because perhaps cartridges don't have to follow normal sizing of SD cards or perhaps 16GB with wasted space which is not normally how Nintendo likes sell its cartridge games. Maybe the cartridge version will have inferior textures and sounds and downloads higher quality versions to the system memory as a so called game update.

    £60 suggested retail too and likely with Mario Odyssey the only 2 games that could ever justify this price on Switch.

    Looking forward to playing wii u Zelda anyway.
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  • How Amstrad Action changed my life

  • BonzoBanana 07/01/2017

    Needed to look at a list of Amstrad CPC games to jog my memory for games I enjoyed: First off the top of my head is Elite and Prince of Persia. Then games like; 180, 3D Starstrike, 3D stunt racer, Flying Shark, Gyroscope, ikari warriors, Nebulus, starwars arcade, starstrike II, starglider, Strike!, Tank busters (almost forgot completely about this, remember it as a brilliant battlezone clone), Thrust, Lemmings, 3D snooker.

    Didn't have a huge range of CPC games, tended to go for budget titles or the very well reviewed stuff that was more expensive. Also had a C64 at the time so unless the game made use of the 16 colour mode and was decent I'd probably get it on C64.

    Also a lot of amazing stuff done by the french demo scene.
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  • No Man's Sky changed the video game hype train forever

  • BonzoBanana 27/12/2016

    Love the game and it just seems to be getting better and better. Totally understand about the way it was mis-sold but this is exactly the sort of game I enjoy and did. Just feel the marketing hype attracted a lot of people that were never really going to enjoy this game that much. It's like somehow marketing convincing me to buy a Fifa game which I know would be pretty much unplayable for me as I have no interest in football games. Reply 0
  • Nintendo patent hints at VR support for Switch

  • BonzoBanana 15/12/2016

    No reason Switch can't do fantastic VR games but it won't be versions of the latest ps4/xbone/pc games obviously.

    Anything last gen would be capable of running on Switch in VR. All wii u games etc.

    Skyrim VR?!

    Fallout 3 VR

    Grand Theft Auto V in VR

    So many open world fps games that would be amazing in VR.
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  • Excitebike 64 powers onto Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • BonzoBanana 05/12/2016

    £8.99! 89p maybe. Nintendo pricing seems excessive to say the least. As google and apple have showed a low price means high sales. I question how many people will pay £8.99 for this. I'm sure there are some but I suspect a huge number will be put off by that price. Reply -3
  • Samsung KS7000 4K TV review

  • BonzoBanana 04/12/2016


    I guess its input lag as the signal is input into the display and the circuitry causes a delay in getting to the screen. In the same way you could say a controller has output lag using your reasoning as the output is delayed. The reality is all devices have both input and output stages as they process data be it keypresses, sound, video, communication etc.
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  • BonzoBanana 04/12/2016

    I enjoy 3D movies and gaming and this definitely doesn't seem like the ultimate tv for me. Actually looks like a very poor choice. Still lots of great 3D content being produced for movies at least and 3D drivers are available for running pc games in 3D. The immersion level for 3d games is far more dramatic than 1080p to 4k or standard contrast to hdr. Reply -1
  • Nintendo isn't replacing 3DS with Switch

  • BonzoBanana 29/10/2016

    The 3DS successor will no doubt be switch game compatible unless Switch fails. Seems pretty obvious Nintendo want to concentrate on one format that still gives them a shoe in the door with regards home consoles. Reply -3
  • There's a new report about those NX detachable controllers

  • BonzoBanana 27/08/2016

    I bought a wii u but was generally disappointed in it. There were a few fantastic games that justified it but the gamepad is awful and it is severely underpowered and struggles even against ps3 or 360 for most games. Still have a fondness for it and the few first party games I really like on it plus it gives me access to wii games with hdmi output and some of those I still play.

    However NX is not for me. I don't need a tablet for gaming. Don't really need portability nowadays and if I do phone size is where its at. It looks like wii u was end of the line for a home console unless their next generation home console comes later. Don't want or need something like the NX.

    It just looks like Nintendo have seen the success of the ipad and think they can do the gaming equivalent and wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo thinks they can also create a huge ipad like margin for themselves.

    I hope Nintendo considers doing a small NX tech tv box without screen that runs the same games in a fixed location in a format similar to amazon tv or apple tv with an ergonomic controller maybe sub £100. Otherwise I think there will be many who simply won't have access to NX games. Alternatively maybe Nintendo could go third party for home consoles and we could see Nintendo games on playstation etc.

    I might buy an underpowered overpriced home console for Nintendo games but I don't want a tablet permanently stuck under the tv wired up for Nintendo games especially with awful mini controllers I have to use to play low res games that look terrible on my 4k tv.
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • BonzoBanana 22/08/2016

    If the fabrication process is smaller which is typical for a slim version then ventilation will be reduced as the cooler running chipset won't require as much.

    I actually really like the look of this but as I'm planning to get the VR helmet and the more powerful ps4 I doubt I'll ever get one unless my original ps4 fails which will get demoted to going upstairs.

    Sadly with Brexit I doubt if the slim price will be much different to the older model despite the cost savings for Sony. They must have taken a hit with the fall in value of sterling which now they will claw back.
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  • No Man's Sky leaker claims to have reached the centre of the galaxy already

  • BonzoBanana 01/08/2016

    @mrcheesyelf For me as a big scifi and alien world nut I'm going to enjoy it for the experience of seeing the variations in life the ambience of each world and just the fun of exploring and seeing new things. Just immerse myself in it. This game is perfect for me. Reply +3
  • BonzoBanana 01/08/2016

    I think 30 hours is fine if you want to play it that way. I'm going to take a different approach to the game and will get my 100s of hours of gameplay. There are lots of games you can complete quicker than expected. I've seen games with a so called 13 hour single player campaign completed in 4 hours by doing the absolute minimum required to complete levels. To me a game is a fine wine to be savoured to others its a mcdonalds burger quickly consumed before moving onto the next game. Reply +7
  • Nintendo NX - games, specs, release date and everything we know about the new portable system

  • BonzoBanana 30/07/2016

    If the rumours are right definitely not a product for me. I don't want a tablet style console. If its portable I want it small and if its a home console I don't need the screen. For me gaming is on the big screen and the future is virtual reality not a small tablet screen. The screen size looks annoying and the controllers look basic. It's not powerful and is a format that has already failed elsewhere.

    The only way they can suck me in is with some amazing Nintendo games but I have my wii u for Zelda U and don't know of anything else worth worrying about yet. It's being launched in the deadzone just after christmas when people are paying off huge christmas bills.

    I think its quite likely to just limp out of the gates and keel over dead shortly after. The one piece missing is the price but knowing Nintendo there will be comedy value in their outrageous pricing.

    What would I pay for a tablet with 2 controllers marginally more powerful than xbox 360 and ps3, about £50 I would of thought. What will Nintendo charge probably £250.

    I mean how many android tablets are there at about £50-80 with hdmi output and bluetooth so you can play games with decent bluetooth controllers like dual shocks. May not be as powerful but you have access to the whole android library of which many games cost pence or are completely free.

    Like others have said there has to be something extra that will capture the imagination of people because the rumoured product concept is awful especially following the huge failure of the wii u.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild pushes Wii U hardware to the limit

  • BonzoBanana 22/06/2016

    At this point I'm not too hyped for NX. I keep hearing new rumours that seem to indicate it is less powerful than I hoped and overall I've been very disappointed with my wii u. However this game looks amazing and a must have for me so looks like my very last wii u game.

    To be honest though I've seen more technically accomplished games on ps3 and 360. This has a beautiful art style but looks very cartoony and non realistic with fairly basic textures. Hopefully though that will keep the frame rate up.

    I mean something like Skyrim has to do soo much more both visually and under the bonnet so to speak with a more realistic physical world.

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  • Broforce has performance issues on PS4

  • BonzoBanana 13/03/2016

    To think what developers used to get out of a 1k zx81 using hand assembled code and page zero memory. You could play Chess, space invaders, pacman etc. There is probably some horrible cludge inside unity like arm to x86 emulation or something. It's good that developers can concentrate on game design more than coding but..... Reply +5
  • Cyber Gadget Retro Freak review

  • BonzoBanana 17/01/2016

    You can get a £25-30 android box from somewhere like gearbest which has a S812 chipset, quad core cpu and 8 core gpu. Much more powerful than RK3066. Use a dualshock controller and download something like 'happy chick' and play all your old favourite arcade and console games upto dreamcast. I think even Dolphin is available on android although don't know how well it runs, probably badly even on powerful android hardware.

    Point is you can do better emulation for far less money than this.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • BonzoBanana 01/12/2015

    The original xenoblade was on a console with only a 11 gflops gpu and still looked amazing and the wii u is a minimum 176 gflops for its primary gpu. I don't agree this game is an indicator of the previous untapped power of the wii u. Monolith are a developer who code incredibly efficiently making maximum use of the hardware. I'm sure they developed the game to work around the wii u's limited cpu resources. I doubt the physics engine is comparable to xb1 or ps4 and the game environment looks more sterile in how much is going on.

    I stagger to think what Monolith will be capable of bringing to the NX when they finally get their hands on decent hardware.
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  • Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison

  • BonzoBanana 18/08/2015

    Definitely looks like an afternoon's work re-compiling the game for ps4 etc. Can't see any enhancements. Just an attempt by Ubisoft to recoup the wii u version development cost with 3 lazy ports. I don't have a problem with that exactly just feel it should be a very low price something like £5 Reply +2
  • After five years of Xbox exclusivity, Call of Duty switches to PlayStation

  • BonzoBanana 14/08/2015

    Timed exclusivity is much cheaper if your format is already dominating and the reduced level of sales on the other platform is less significant anyway. This is even more true of DLC where only a subset of game purchasers go on to buy it.

    As the ps4 is still pulling far ahead we will likely see more issues where a xbone version doesn't even get produced. I believe Microsoft has some clause where they insist versions of games on their console must have the same content. There may come a time where developers think its better to shift to just a ps4 version.

    These sort of situations are often an indicator of market movement away from a certain product in this case the greater importance of the ps4. I say that as an owner of a xbone as well as ps4.

    If by some miracle Nintendo's NX console actually succeeds when launched the end of next year if that happens then Microsoft's console will be under even more pressure.
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  • The murky genius of Fallout: New Vegas

  • BonzoBanana 12/07/2015

    Another vote for Fallout 3 here but both are utterly fantastic games worth many times their retail price especially if you buy the versions with the dlc included. They are gaming at its best and hugely enjoyable. Reply 0
  • 18 minutes of No Man's Sky footage shows off what you actually do

  • BonzoBanana 07/07/2015

    This looks like something i'd spend hundreds of hours in before getting bored. If its mathematically generated from a seed then I'm sure there will be many extremes. High gravity, low gravity, large suns, small suns, distant planets, planets close to stars etc. Planets that rotate fast or very slow. It just looks like an utterly amazing game but this is someone else's vision of space exploration which I'm sure won't be the same as our own and that is where the exploration comes in.

    I think Sony have done well to get this as a console exclusive for ps4 and this is exactly the type of game that justifies this generation of consoles, well ps4 at least. Elite dangerous seems to be doing similar good work for xbone.
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  • What makes Shenmue 2's open world so special?

  • BonzoBanana 05/07/2015

    Amazing games but the loading time used to annoy me. I guess with emulation perhaps you can make the games near seamless with instant loading perhaps.

    I spent many an hour enjoying the Shenmue world and there always seemed something new to do. If I got bored doing the main quest there was always something else to do. I used to love the game where you dropped the ball in from the top and tried to make money from it.

    I have such fond memories of the Dreamcast and Shenmue is probably 40% of that on its own.

    I honestly don't know how the game will stand up now though and hope Shenmue 3 gets a good update in playability. Faster running, more street fights, perhaps bicycles that they removed from the original Shenmue but would be great to see in Shenmue 3.
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  • That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order

  • BonzoBanana 04/07/2015

    It's quite possible that Fallout 3 is given away on psn plus or games for gold close to Fallout 4 launch. Often movie companies do good deals to broadcasters for earlier movies in a series when there new sequel is released at the Cinema as getting the brand into consumer's minds can mean improved sales. I.e. they license Jurrasic Park the movie to be shown on the cheap on terrestrial tv as Jurassic World hits cinemas so the cinema release gets a boost in ticket sales. Not a bad idea to get people interested in the Fallout world before Fallout 4 is released.

    I guess it would seem more likely on psn plus if they already have this promotion on xbox one. The psn plus giveaway would only be playable on ps3 so you get the Fallout brand better marketed at time of Fallout 4 release.

    I would have loved to have seen a version of Fallout 3 that runs natively on ps4 and xbone using the best assets and mods of the PC version. I hope they do this at some point.
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  • Xbox One weekly Japan sales hit new all-time low

  • BonzoBanana 22/06/2015

    When the original xbox didn't sell in Japan they put it partly down to its ugly shape and being over-sized. I'm an xbox one owner but the thing is horribly styled. It's just a chocolate coated concrete block of a console. Apple products are the complete opposite, stylish and trendy. I feel Japan takes form more seriously. Maybe if they do an xbox one later on in a smaller attractive case in a more interesting colour they may get some decent sales in Japan. Reply 0
  • These are the most requested Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility

  • BonzoBanana 19/06/2015

    Full original xbox compatibility would be nice without the need to download emulator modules for each game. The xbox one is surely powerful enough to completely emulate that console without patches.

    My preference for 360 games would be skyrim, fallout 3, fallout new vegas at the top as these are games I still go back to regularly.
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  • The Legend of Zelda still coming to Wii U - report

  • BonzoBanana 16/06/2015

    It will be hugely damaging if Zelda comes out for wii u just as the wii u is replaced by a more powerful NX console which has the same Zelda game. The gamecube and wii were basically the same core console with the wii being 50% faster with a few bolt-ons and if the NX is a faster wii u that can basically share the same development resources of wii u then Nintendo really shouldn't bother. They need to stop making over-priced under-powered hardware. Reply +1
  • Star Fox Zero finally revealed, due this year

  • BonzoBanana 16/06/2015

    I hope its at least 1080p with 60fps with graphics like that. I've seen stronger graphics on the original xbox. Reply +1
  • Project Cars Wii U stalled, may be delayed until NX

  • BonzoBanana 26/05/2015

    This early wii u build looks promising, it's a shame they couldn't have done something with this engine admittedly it doesn't match the ps4 and xbone versions.
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