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  • EA to unveil six new games at E3

  • Boki 07/05/2014

    "What that means is it's gotta do great and it's got to do really well"

    Was Bender helping him write that statement? 
    Great is ok but amazing would be great 
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  • World of Warcraft was a defining game of its generation

  • Boki 29/10/2013

    Ah to be young again.
    I remember not knowing much about the game, didn't really care about it at all, my brother bought it but couldn't even launch it without a credit card (game time cards were virtually impossible to come by back then). I kept on hearing about it, so one day I decided what the hell and went to the nearest store that had stock which was an hour away by train to pick it up and a game card. Came home, tried an orc. I had no idea wtf I was doing (I picked up mining but couldn't even figure out how to set the minimap to display ore nodes or even figure out how to mine) I kept on getting lost in Durotar and all I could think about was "damn I spent 3 hrs on the train and a 100 euros for this crap?!"

    Then I made a dwarf. Something about those snowy hills in Dun Morogh just really got me, I was awestruck when I got to Ironforge
    I levelled until about 37 and looking back I was still an idiot (I had int on my rings ffs as a warrior and wore leather) then made a Shaman and wouldn't let go for 6-7 years.
    First AV I tried was amazing seeing 40vs40 ppl running about. I began raiding with him at the end of Vanilla, began with BWL, cleared AQ40, and a few wings in Naxx. My god killing Nefarian and C'thun for the first time was a magnificent feeling with 40 ppl all cheering and shouting on vent.
    Then came TBC that was an amazing time. All the new content, mechanics. Cleared everything again and went into WoTLK which was fun at the beginning but the new setups 10-25-10heroic-25heroic versions were beginning to put a strain on the guild and it fell apart just before heroic Lich King.

    Kept on playing a little after that, trying out alts, exploring and whatnot but it just wasn't the same. Stopped after that didn't even buy Cataclysm until about half a year later (and even then I only bought it cuz I found a cheap Collector's edition then I figured since I have it I may as well give it a try). Didn't really like it that much.
    Bought the Panda one again which I actually liked, got to 90 did a few LFRs but it was just missing something I couldn't be bothered to continue after my gametime expired.
    Nothing compares to spending 6 hours in BRD trying to regroup 4-5 times to get that stupid MC key and still laugh about it all the way through.
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  • Microsoft unveils more powerful, efficient Surface Pro 2

  • Boki 23/09/2013

    I don't understand why they don't just drop the RT already? I'd kill for a tablet that can run normal office and do whatever my computer does in tablet form, but I'm too cheap to dish out 900 euros for it.
    Give it a slower intel or AMD cpu with an IGP that lets me do work stuff and watch videos, maybe play some older games on it and that's it.
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  • Back on the farm again: How Enemy Within redefines XCOM

  • Boki 21/08/2013

    More Xcom is always awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on this. Firaxis seems to be the only few companies who still do and know how to do expansion packs.
    Just wish they added an option to play in coop (sort of like in dawn of war 2) where you control a few of the squaddies and a buddy controls the rest.
    Also boggles my mind why the Bureau doesn't have coop mode, seeing as most of the complainfs are about how allied AI leaves a lot to be desired.
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  • Ł6 SimCity Airships Set adds hot air balloons and blimps

  • Boki 01/07/2013

    Quite a hefty price for one building...

    Sure I'll buy the overpriced amusement park dlc, but oh wait it takes up half the size of the map and I have no room as it is... Gah, at this point I'd pay Ł6 to expand my city's boundaries ffs. Though I'm guessing if/when that becomes an option it'll be the price of a full blown expansion pack, going by how things are priced atm.
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  • Microsoft names next free game for Xbox 360 Gold subscribers

  • Boki 01/07/2013

    While I don't know what it's like on PSN, it pisses me off to no end that just because I am living in Austria all the content I download is in German. Fable 3 not only with german text but also voice over and I'm pretty sure Halo is going to be the same (hell even the disc version of Halo3 is in full on German).
    So an option to change language (even though my console and everything is set to English) would be welcome, otherwise the whole system is useless.
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  • Blizzard delays Titan MMO, will now launch 2016 "at the earliest"

  • Boki 29/05/2013

    @Commander_Kryton 3D realms? Reply +4
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Boki 21/05/2013

    I'm pretty sure the original Far Cry had fish swim out of my way too. No need to add that bulletpoint to the box Reply 0
  • Boki 21/05/2013

    great, they haven't forgotten how to make CGI, how about some gameplay videos? or even a screenshot... Reply 0
  • Boki 21/05/2013

    Looks like they taped half a 360Slim and an 80s VCR together. Reply 0
  • THQ auction rumours: Relic to Sega, Volition/Saints Row to Koch, South Park to Ubisoft

  • Boki 23/01/2013

    Relic to Sega to work with Creative Assembly, then we could have Total War: Warhammer /drool Reply 0
  • BioWare quickly rethinking, improving F2P SWTOR restrictions

  • Boki 05/12/2012

    @magicpanda Not only that, you have to pay if you want to hide your helmet, want to recolor your armor, or display your titles or even legacy name.
    i.e. F2P you're doin' it wrong
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic re-review

  • Boki 27/11/2012

    A few more things that baffles me about the way F2P was done:
    - no fleet pass
    - only 2 of your 3 tradeskills are usable, so basically you can't craft unless you buy materials from the AH
    - no f2p coin trade for money and vice versa like in guild wars
    - only 2 action bars, which in a game where the character has 20+ skills is filled up pretty fast

    then there are other oddities that don't really have an impact on gameplay such as
    no titles
    no legacy name display
    can't unify gear color

    All in all feels very restricted at times, especially on higher levels
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  • Dudebro 2 stars Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John

  • Boki 17/10/2012

    Oh wow this is real? I read the forum entry of it, thought it was just poking fun at modern games. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft has endured a 93-95% piracy rate on PC

  • Boki 22/08/2012

    93-95% of statistics are made up on the spot Reply +46
  • Gamescom: Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 mentions "a mistake"

  • Boki 14/08/2012

    And I decided not to go this year :( /wrist Reply 0
  • FarmVille maker Zynga hits out at Facebook as shares plummet

  • Boki 26/07/2012

    I was always puzzled how a crappy company that makes Farmville has the audacity to value itself higher than EA, Take-Two, Ubi, THQ and Konami combined, and always facepalmed when people were hyping their stock up because they had that 1 hit that 1 time that was piggybacking on something that lost relevance a while back. Reply +21
  • Shadowrun Online turns to Kickstarter

  • Boki 19/07/2012

    @Benno That won't take off unless you make it automatically tweet and post on facebook whenever a toast pops out Reply +6
  • EA previews "landmark update" Origin 9.0, which is days away

  • Boki 17/07/2012

    How about an update allowing me to view the store in the language I set Origin to, instead of defaulting to the language they think is most suitable for me based on my ip? Reply +10
  • Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut ending DLC measures 1.9 GB

  • Boki 26/06/2012

    I like what I see in the 2nd picture Reply +2
  • BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN

  • Boki 28/05/2012

    Guess someone just typed UNSC for UN Security Council in google images and copy pasted the first image that came up. Reply +2
  • Retake Mass Effect 3 protest claims victory after BioWare vows to address controversial ending

  • Boki 23/03/2012

    @misterdoctor I'd like to believe that is the case but then the game is not finished! If you're dreaming that whole part then the Reapers are still alive and well, and you got even less closure than you do now. Reply +1
  • Boki 23/03/2012

    The complaints are not that it's not a happy ending, it's that the ending (I mean come on there is one ending in different shades of colors) is out of place and does not make any sense.
    Just off the top of my head how crew members from Earth ended up on the Normandy? How/why did the Normany escape? How come they are alive after all the relays explode essentially wiping out everything -which was btw the starting point of ME3 and the reason for Shepard's hearing? What happened to the rest of the galaxy?

    Then there is the completely useless Military strenght that has absolutely no effect on anything except if you have it maxxed and you pick one particular decision you get an extra 2 seconds of animation.
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  • BioWare vows to answer Mass Effect 3 ending questions

  • Boki 22/03/2012

    I don't understand how they can come out and say this is a case of people misunderstanding/needing more closure.

    If the intended ending was meant to be the indoctrination theory, then fine, it's a great twist, not something people would have expected. In that case however the game is not finished, because the reapers are still not dealt with, Earth is still under attack and Shepard is under a pile or debris. Though their original plan was to make DLC that takes place before the conclusion of the game, so I still don't understand if the indoctrination was the real ending how they meant to actually finish it.

    If however the ending is as it is intended, then it goes against everything they've been saying for the past months and everything the series stood for i.e. choices that matter and are taken into account to shape your story. Not to mention the inconsistencies.

    It's easy to come out and say we wanted it to be bittersweet, and unexpected, when you put in a sequence that has nothing to do with the previous 30 or so hours of the game, or the rest of the series. It's like watching a movie and right at the end, you sit on the remote and you get Teletubbies or something [unexpected] and miss the real ending [ah well at least the rest of the movie was great - bittersweet].
    That's how out of place the ending sequence feels currently.

    [edit]: also like the way they're switching it around from 'please buy our DLC' to 'Allright fine, if it makes you shut up we'll make more DLC'
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  • Batman: Arkham City PC patch fixes save corruption

  • Boki 20/03/2012

    Finally! I've not touched the game since January when I lost my 60% completed save game. Was hoping maybe I could get it back with a patch, but I guess knowing (hoping?) it won't happen if I start it up again is the next best thing. Reply 0
  • Maxis GDC announcement sparks SimCity talk

  • Boki 16/02/2012

    me too I spent ages on simcity3000 (and don't even get me started on simfarm :), never really got into simcity 4
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  • BioWare explains why PC Mass Effect 3 doesn't support gamepads

  • Boki 16/02/2012

    Back when ME2 came out they said it was because the GUI wasn't made with a gamepad in mind as the console has a radial wheel and the pc doesn't. Seeing as that didn't have pad support I don't get why this is suddenly such a big deal.
    If it works better with a pad it's " damn dev hating on pcs" if it's made for m/k it's "stupid devs don't know their audience"
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  • World of Warcraft universe recreated in Minecraft

  • Boki 09/02/2012

    @aequis The goblin cannon in the eastern part of azshara I believe Reply +2
  • Updated Mass Effect Liara statue has smaller breasts

  • Boki 11/01/2012

    And here I was hoping they'd do something about that creepy face too. Why even call this Liara, looks nothing like her Reply +46
  • BioWare: "most" people aren't having SWTOR performance issues

  • Boki 10/01/2012

    weird. e8500 4GB and a 5850 and have no problem anywhere. Running it on 1980*1020 everything on high with vsync on. Sure sometimes it drops to 30-40fps but never bad enough that it's unplayable. Though I've not been to warzones yet Reply -3
  • Bobby Kotick questions Star Wars Old Republic's economics

  • Boki 29/11/2011

    Having played the beta I cannot wait for it to launch. Yes the Ui is a bit clunky at times, nameplates make targetting a bit difficult, but they can be patched/ modded and some quest hubs are easy to get lost in and are too big for their own good, but the story/conversations/lightsabers more than make up for it. Wow was a bit of a no frill game when it came out so I cant put tor down for that. The bounty hunter was also great fun having to use cover, craftig is also nicely implemented.
    I played the esseles instance 4-5 times, the way the dialogues played out was always different making for a very enjoyable experience. Running through RFC 4 times in a row for example would be torture.
    3 more weeks to decide what class to play \o/
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  • Angry Birds studio rejected $2.25b Zynga takeover - report

  • Boki 28/11/2011

    Stock options sounds nice, but considering Zynga's IPO was first said to be valued at $1bn which later the analyst frowned upon saying the company has nothing to back such claims, as it relies heavily on facebook, I wonder how they'd have gotten the money to pay for it.
    From Rovio's perspective they seem to have made the right call I'd say. Even if the money is less it's tangible instead of some "hopefully in the future it'll be worth a lot" shares. Whether it's good for EA is another story...
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  • Fils-Aime: 3DS launch "lessons learned" for Wii U

  • Boki 10/11/2011

    Not much of a marketing director if this is news to him.
    they are called "system seller" for a reason
    High price + no games = low sales
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  • EA denies spying on Battlefield 3 Origin users

  • Boki 01/11/2011

    Why do they only update the German EULA? What about the rest of us? Reply +8
  • Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed

  • Boki 10/10/2011

    I could totally see a co-op option where you have Shepard plus an AI team member, and your buddy choosing to be one of the other characters playing side by side + sort of that conversation randomroll from ToR deciding who'd say what, but that might be going a bit too far seeing as Shepard is the hero. Nevertheless if by coop they mean story related stuff not just the usual horde/beast/shooty-shooty mode, then color me intrigued Reply +1
  • Xbox 360 S to Xbox 360 S transfer cable

  • Boki 27/09/2011


    When I bought my 250Gb HDD to replace my old 20Gb, the transfer kit that came with it didn't work: the console wouldn't recognise the new hdd. Customer service guy was clueless, read out the steps written on the transfer kit in the wrong order, asking me to turn on and off my console 3-4 times in a row. Then actually questioned the originality of the product asking me to check if there is a holographic sticker on it, if it's genuie Microsoft and wanted me to take pictures and send it to them. I just hung up on them, moved my files to a USB stick and onto the new hdd. Worked perfect ever since.
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  • Diablo 3 will support PayPal

  • Boki 15/09/2011

    I was under the impression that blizzard takes a small % after every transaction and the money will be added to your battlenet account but you can't actually withdraw it because of legislations in some countries and because blizzard isn't a bank.At best you can pay your WoW subscription with it or buy diablo items. Reply 0
  • Brink dev bellows Portal praises

  • Boki 22/07/2011

    I still can't play online (pc) it's always a hit or miss scenario when I try to join a game. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get disconnected as soon as I join a game, sometimes during the loading screen or time out straight away. When it works it's fine but it's very rare that it does Reply +2
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • Boki 06/06/2011

    O M F G Reply 0
  • Boki 06/06/2011

    disneyland adventure = kinect adventure Reply 0
  • Boki 06/06/2011

    yeeey liara, garrus and mordin \o/ plus an omnitool transforming into a sword Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 to "push genre forward"

  • Boki 24/05/2011

    looking at that trailer there is going to be scripted car chase segments, nukes being dropped, shooting from an AC-130 (or whatever it'll be this time), shooting from a helicopter and escorting a vehicle through suburban landscape. None of which we have seen in the last 2 modern warfare games, using the exact same engine
    The only 'pushing the genre forward' seems to be in that they added the UK, France and Germany to the locations where you can shoot infinitely respawning dudes.
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  • Acti: MW3 leak became marketing win

  • Boki 19/05/2011

    He's talking about it as if the trailers had any meaningful information, some super secret info was uncovered. The only thing it showed was the MW3 logo which everyone knew was coming anyway. Also cue Cave Johnson's lemonade rant :P Reply +2
  • Activision: You've got us all wrong

  • Boki 14/04/2011

    Hmm is it this time of the month already? I seem to read this kind of statements from random Activision execs every month.
    Also the part where he says
    "...allows them to retain their own culture, their own visibility, their own leadership, really to drive the stewards of the brand. I think that's an important part of people coming in and having a passion and being able to exercise that passion as opposed to going in and being called publisher's name plus location. That takes some of the individuality away from that studio, and maybe some of their ability to personalise, to put in passion and ownership into their studio process. So I think we've done a good job of that through the years." - is quite the opposite of what Bizarre and other studios said
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  • New Fable III DLC announced

  • Boki 25/02/2011

    Probably not, especially with LA Noire, Brink and witcher 2 coming on the same day. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed strategy title planned?

  • Boki 21/12/2010

    While I can't possibly imagine how it would transfer into an RTS World in Conflict was pure awesome so I guess I'm intrigued Reply +1