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  • Retrospective: Animal Crossing

  • Bobby_P 14/08/2011

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely. Reply +3
  • 3DS eStore Games Roundup

  • Bobby_P 13/06/2011

    I'm absolutely dumbfounded by Nintedo's pricing strategy for the eStore. Seven-odd quid for many of the DSiWare titles? I was all set to go crazy on bitesize purchases, and now I'm getting none of them. I'm sure there are a hell of a lot of other owners feeling the same. Reply +15
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

  • Bobby_P 20/05/2011

    "Flotasm sounds like hell, right?"

    I'm having a flotasm right now. In my pants.
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  • Retrospective: Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Bobby_P 01/05/2011

    Christian Donlan you do write the loveliest retrospectives. Reply +1
  • Digger Simulator 2011

  • Bobby_P 12/04/2011

    Ta duck. Got more on my blog World One-Two if anyone's interested. Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobby_P 12/04/2011

    What the winner gets is a prize not entirely dissimilar to, say, Digger-Simulator 2011. Thanks so much guys, ever so made up about this. And congrats to the other two reviews, they were ace-cakes. Reply +1
  • We Dare

  • Bobby_P 08/04/2011

    Having sex after drinking pints of sherry for 17 hours is the only viable way to have sex. Reply +3
  • GAME staff told to buy 3DS from Tesco

  • Bobby_P 29/03/2011

    If Game didn't feel there was anything underhanded or duplicitous about their actions, why did they close their internal letter with a message effectively saying "Shhhh! Don't tell anyone about this!"? Reply +3
  • 3DS vid shows new Zelda gameplay

  • Bobby_P 25/03/2011

    Footie for the boys; cute animals for the girls. Glad they've got all their bases covered. Reply 0
  • Bulletstorm

  • Bobby_P 23/03/2011

    This article is erroneous and should be ignored entirely. There's another now linked to the correct game. I'd delete this but there's some kind of force field surrounding it that my user-editing lasers can't penetrate. Nothing is simple, huh. Reply 0
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Bobby_P 07/01/2011

    Thank you sir/madam. Your Vanquish review was excellent, and makes me want to pick up the game, for the only thing I enjoy more than shooting robots to prevent global war is smoking cigarettes while hanging in precarious positions.

    And I agree about the combat in Mirror's Edge feeling wedged in -- it wasn't necessary for the game, and made the developers look like they didn't have the resolve to follow through with a concept. I guess they'd have been under tons of pressure to include the shooty-shooty though, so I'll cut them some slack.
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  • Bobby_P 06/01/2011

    Yay dicking around! Vice City was superior to San Andreas in this regard, because dicking around is clearly more fun when you've got Cutting Crew playing in the background. Also I've just realised I barely dicked around in GTA IV at all, which is probably indicative of how staid the game was overall. Reply +2
  • Bobby_P 05/01/2011

    Thanks ForestRed, your GT5 review was tippety-top as well. Good work. I've got a blog over here by the way, if no one minds me linking to it. Reply +2
  • Bobby_P 05/01/2011

    Thanks guys, properly made up about this. I'll get working on that "Tony Hawk's Ride -- the New Candide" right now. Reply +12
  • Mirror's Edge

  • Bobby_P 22/12/2010

    The Pure time trial maps do cost a bit of money, but they're well worth it. If you were put off by the lousy dialogue of the main game I'd say give em a go. Reply +1
  • Bobby_P 13/12/2010

    Here's hoping that sequel goes ahead, eh. A bit of work and it could be something really special. Reply +3
  • Jonathan Blow in his own words

  • Bobby_P 16/12/2010

    @Shinetop : Abscido is saying he feels Braid is an important game in championing the designer as creator of an artistic vision. Whether you find it "emo" (like, what do people even mean by that anymore?), it's clear that Blow made a game that emotionally affected him, hoping it would emotionally affect others. He set out to make art, rather than simply to develop a product. It's a different, more nebulous approach, and I think it's totally valid to call Blow an auteur to help make the distinction. Reply +4
  • Retrospective: Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Bobby_P 29/11/2010

    Christian Donlan you make me so happy to be alive. I never comment on articles but I'm commenting on this one, because you're such a fab video game writer. And I'm only on the first page! You're great. Really. Now to Page 2! Reply 0
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

  • Bobby_P 19/11/2010

    Thank you muchly.

    You're right that Sonic was always about speed and flow -- probably to the extent the rush of excitement glossed over the fact the games themselves were pretty basic. That puzzle in Sonic 4 feels like it was made by someone who's seen what games are, but doesn't really know how they work. Shifting down a gear and breaking the flow would be fine, providiing solving the puzzle was an enjoyable pause in the action. But it's not, so it isn't, and therefore the designers have just wasted their -- and our -- time. The numpties.
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  • Bobby_P 19/11/2010

    It was a damn fiddly puzzle, and not at all apparent whether you were on the right track solving it. I want a puzzle to initially flumox me, then make me curious, and finally bring out my creativity as I set to work testing theories I've come up with. The essence of play, really. Also I want constant feedback during the process to let me know I'm doing the right thing.

    There's a lot of trust behind good game design. As a player you agree to invest time and brain power in this pre-made system, assuming the system will be built in a way to reward you for intelligent actions. When you fail and you can see it was because you were stupid, or clumsy, it spurs you on to try again. But when you feel you've taken a logical course of action and you still don''t succeed, it makes the game seem like a cheat -- as if the system has been built unfairly. Your faith in the designers is shaken and you begin regretting your investment with them. I felt this too often with Sonic 4.

    Hope that makes sense. Long day at work.
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  • Bobby_P 10/11/2010

    Cheers, fella. There's more on my blog, World One-Two, if you're interested. Reply 0
  • The Sims 3

  • Bobby_P 19/11/2010

    ...Until the next morning, when you'd awake to the anguished moans of your belly, and realise you were actually in hell. Cheese hell.

    Going back to topic, the original PC Sims was the only game I found I couldn't play -- because my sister was always on it first. She used to play it as a kind of aspirational interior design game, putting in an infinite money cheat then making luxurious houses she wished she lived in.

    I suspect this was the draw of the series for many people -- not to vicariously experience simulated lives as hectic and frustrating as your own, but roleplaying your virtual self as if you'd won the lottery and had a blank canvas to begin your existence with.

    On a side note, my sister and I once made a swimming pool and deleted the ladder when our Sims were inside, forcing them to paddle around until they died. It was funny at first, then it made me feel so horrible I had to turn the game off. Lesson of that story: if you ever become God make sure all submerged areas come with ladders attached, otherwise you just won't be able to live with yourself.
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  • Bobby_P 19/11/2010

    This is great. You've got a really clear and friendly writing style. Although if you think free pizzas never materialise on kitchen floors, you've obviously never called Domino's with your debit card. You read out a long number, then a date, then a short number, and they give you free pizza! Bloody bargain. Reply 0