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  • Vanquish

  • Bluetribe 04/03/2010

    I think it's sad to see one of the greatest Japanese game designers give in to the idea that a western style action game that is influenced by Gears of War and Call of Duty is going to sell better (and probably will).
    Then again I read people saying that RE was heavily influenced by Alone in the Dark.
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  • A Boy and His Blob

  • Bluetribe 16/11/2009

    Can anyone tell me if the European release supports widescreen and 480p/60hz like the US version does? Reply 0
  • Plants vs. Zombies

  • Bluetribe 05/05/2009

    Steam tells me "sorry, we couldn't add your item!"


    edit: Steam was under maintenance...
    and still is I guess, oh well
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  • Wii leading market as second system a "good problem to have!" - Carmack

  • Bluetribe 02/08/2008

    good to hear he's interested in developing for the Wii Reply 0
  • MadWorld

  • Bluetribe 01/08/2008

    Well, not much we didn't know already, except for some control infos. I actually didn't expect so much waggling action, I really hope it will support a classic controller scheme. Also I'm not sure what to make of "pretty simple action game", I was hoping this would have a lot of God Hand influence, which I don't think is a "pretty simple action game", well maybe it looks that way ofcourse it's only about beating up people so that may be considered "pretty simple", but the fighting system and difficulty sure as hell wasn't. Reply 0
  • Ghostbusters drops off release schedule

  • Bluetribe 29/07/2008

    I don't know why people are so hyped over Ghostbusters, other than it being based on Ghostbusters. Haven't we learned from the shitloads of crappy licensed games to at least be a bit cautious. Sure the graphics are quite good, but I think the gameplay looks mediore & bland in the footage I've seen so far, I really can't tell what makes it so special. And it's not like Terminal Reality has made such great games in the past. I guess Blizzard noticed... Reply 0
  • Okami needs to sell or no sequel

  • Bluetribe 29/07/2008

    Don't care for a sequel without the original dev team, I'm sure Platinum Games will eventually come with some quality action-adventure title that could surpass Okami (actually I'd rather see a new horror survival game done by Mikami). Reply 0
  • Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse - First exposure

  • Bluetribe 17/07/2008

    They say Wii is all about casual, party & waggle... and boom here comes the latest in the series that is widely considered the most scariest in the survival horror genre, for the Wii, exclusively, co-produced by Suda Reply 0
  • Wolfenstein

  • Bluetribe 16/07/2008

    Really "meh"... Reply 0
  • Dead Rising beheading to Wii?

  • Bluetribe 16/07/2008

    Yeah I checked the scans earlier as it was posted on Kotaku, I think it's looking good and a few pics show a decent amount of zombie mobs. It's funny that the graphical limitations actually make the environments look more gritty which I think is a plus. Reply 0
  • Bluetribe 16/07/2008

    Looking forward to this, considering this is Capcom this should be a quality port, although I'd much rather see a RE2 Remake or new game based on RE5.
    Lol @ brining Alone in the Dark into this...
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  • Chrono Trigger DS - Japanese trailer

  • Bluetribe 16/07/2008

    I'll stick with Chrono Trigger on my Wii + HDTV... Reply 0
  • MadWorld - Gameplay trailer

  • Bluetribe 16/07/2008

    "Trust Sega to come up with the goods!!!!"
    Sega is just publishing this game.

    "Isn't this by ex-members of the Okami dev team ?"
    Yes, formerly known as Clover, with Resident Evil prodigy Mikami, who also made the blissful Viewtiful Joe and God Hand.

    "Definitely appears to be a case of style over substance."
    Clover games all had a unique graphical style (except maybe for God Hand), but the gameplay was always top notch. God Hand is considered the king of 3D beat 'em ups, it's probably one of my most replayed games too. Considering the quality of their previous titles, have faith Mad World's gameplay will be fine.
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  • Square Enix releases iPod game

  • Bluetribe 08/07/2008

    I bought and downloaded the game yesterday, uploaded to my Nano this morning, went thru the intro story and a little bit of the tutorial, story was nothing interesting, gameplay seemed like typical SRPG fair, couldnt get myself to play it more in the bus because of the moving/shocking, will play it when I get home. Reply 0
  • The Wii is a novelty console, says MS man

  • Bluetribe 07/07/2008

    Let him think it's a novelty while more and more third party developers will release quality gamer games for the Wii... Reply 0
  • Wario Land: The Shake Dimension - Intro and gameplay

  • Bluetribe 06/07/2008

    I love me some true 2d quality platforming, this looks great! And from what I understand of the official Japanese site, motion controls are only used for shaking, as you hold the Wiimote as a classic controller. BTW this has been made "Good Feel", made up by ex-Konami developers.
    I hope there will be more oldskool games like this, would love to see a Metroid or Castlevania with similar upgraded 2D graphics.
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  • Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS

  • Bluetribe 03/07/2008

    Thanks, but I'll stick with the original, not sure why I would want to play this on a handheld. Reply 0
  • Castlevania Judgment coming to Wii

  • Bluetribe 03/07/2008

    The scans didn't show a Powerstone like game though, it showed a close up side view combat ala Soul Calibur, but with crappy designed characters, seriously Simon looks like a kinky manwhore, this Alucard is Alucard's gay brother & Dracula has tits all over his body. Reply 0
  • Bluetribe 02/07/2008

    What do you do when every Castlevania gamer would like to see a true 2D Castlevania classic on a console again?..... FFS
    I hope Megaman 9 and Warioland Shake will bring Konami back to senses.
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  • Chrono Trigger travelling onto DS

  • Bluetribe 02/07/2008

    "Anyone else a bit dissapointed as surely this means we won't see the original on VC any time soon."

    The whole VC deal is dissapointing! The library of games is too small and not enough quality titles are being added to it . And Nintendo doesn't even care for giving us 60hz versions of the games. Why would I even pay for such? I'm glad there's the option to use a SNES emulator on my Wii.
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  • Bluetribe 02/07/2008

    Don't really care for ANOTHER remake or port, give us a true sequel already (yes, I'm not counting Cross). Reply 0
  • Mega Man 9 confirmed for WiiWare

  • Bluetribe 28/06/2008

    This is great!
    It hasn't been mentioned here, but there's also a new Adventure Island done in the old style coming to WiiWare! I hope we'll get to see more of these new retro games.
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  • Conan is "steak" to WOW's "McDonald's"

  • Bluetribe 27/06/2008

    Lovely to see a developer make such a cocky statement when Funcom is on the verge of losing the majority of their current players. Reply 0
  • BioWare looking into PSP, Wii

  • Bluetribe 20/06/2008

    Yes, keep on making fun of Wii and party games, while the next half of 2008 and 2009 will see your favorite development team make serious Wii exclusives. :)
    And I higly disagree a good Bioware RPG needs to be on a HD console, a Neverwinter Nights or Baldur's Gate (with 3D graphics) style RPG with Wiimote controls can be just as good. It's not state of the art graphics that create immersiveness, it's the setting, story, dialogues and interesting NPC's that create it. Fallout 2 is an excellent example of this, to this day there aren't many RPG's that surpasses it immersiveness, even though the graphics can be considered a bit primitive.
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  • Bluetribe 20/06/2008

    and so more and more companies are starting to realise that HD game production takes too much resources and time to survive and will make serious efforts of bringing quality titles to "safer" platforms like the Wii

    I would love to see a Neverwinter Nights kind of RPG using the Wiimote as a mouse pointer
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  • BioWare's MMO due in 2010/11

  • Bluetribe 20/06/2008

    waste of talent, resources and time, GG Reply 0
  • Hellgate: London worries "inaccurate"

  • Bluetribe 17/06/2008

    I predict Mythos, and Asian HGL sales won't even save their asses and more employees will leave this sinking flagship. Reply 0
  • WOW's Arena Season 4 dated

  • Bluetribe 17/06/2008

    I feel sorry for the many poor souls who continously fall for Blizzard's cheap baits. Reply 0
  • Nintendo looking into Wii storage issue

  • Bluetribe 17/06/2008

    With serious third party support and extra storage the future of the Wii is definitely looking good.

    JunoBlaster, sure here are some upcoming Wii exclusives made by some well respected development teams, and all seem to be aimed at gamers rather than the casual/party crowd: Fatal Frame (Project Zero) IV, Mad World, Fragile, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers, Soul Eater, Sky Crawlers, Little King's Story, Monster Hunter 3, Tales of Symphonia, Rune Factory Frontier, Tenchu 4, Shiren the Wanderer 3, Wario Land Shake, Rygar, Spyborgs & Deadly Creatures. Then there's a new Kid Icarus supposedly being developed, a Kingdom Hearts Wii exclusive being heavily rumored and Capcom just recently announced making a Wii exclusive that is a spin-off of a "next-gen favorite". And what has the Zelda team been up to since 2005??? Also Hideo Kojima stated that he will be working on a different platform other than PS3 after MGS4, and mentioned being very interested in the Wii (there were even rumors about him working with Suda on Project S, a new Snatcher game, just imagine...)
    And then there are numerous interesting and innovative WiiWare titles like World of Goo, Space Invaders Get Even, Eternity's Child and a high possibility of a new 2D Castlevania.
    And there will be only more quality third party love to come seeing how Wii sales are doing so well and HD console game production is too expensive and takes too much time for most companies to survive.
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  • Metal Gear Online

  • Bluetribe 17/06/2008

    "Hideo Kojima: I always include it to bring to mind the avoidance of war and violence. The harder it is, the bigger is the satisfaction if you make it: playing without killing. The hurdle is very high, yet if you jump over it, it is an experience that the player may remember for a long time. That it was a huge accomplishment to avoid violence. This is the message I want to communicate. However, you also get better equipment, bigger rewards, a better rating in the game itself, if you make it without killing."

    And then this comes along... riiiiight
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  • Developers underestimated PS3 - Sony

  • Bluetribe 17/06/2008

    "they massively underestimated the effort that was needed to re-architect the game to properly take advantage of the PS3's multi-core architecture."

    "they" (developers) should be replaced with "Sony"
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  • Nintendo man sorry for "geeks" comment

  • Bluetribe 14/06/2008

    owned...... by geeks and otaku's Reply 0
  • Rising Star unveils Wii-exclusive RPG

  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    The US publisher is holding an UMA (unidentified mysterious animal) art contest, 1 will be an in-game character, while 99 other selections will be featured in the in-game museum, I think that's quite neat. Reply 0
  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    Nikanoru, a company that is willing to publish this promising title in Europe is big news, to me at least. Reply 0
  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    Charming graphics, interesting concept, and a dream team staff (see wiki entry). Looking forward to this.
    My Life as a King is just a "light" version to what Project O will offer, and Project O was earlier in development than My Life as a King.
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  • Sony making "break apart" PS3 pad

  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    It's going to fail... hard. Reply 0
  • Platform holders respond to NPD figures

  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    Good to see Wii dominating. As the tides seem to have turned when it comes to third party support (including some very respectable developers) with promising upcoming Wii exclusives like: Mad World, Fatal Frame IV, Fragile, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Sky Crawlers, Rygar, Little King's Story, Monster Hunter 3, Tales of Symphonia, Rune Factory Frontier, Tenchu 4, FFCC: the Crystal Bearers, Mushroom Men and Deadly Creatures, not mentioning some interesting & innovative WiiWare titles. The image of Wii being a casual/party system will be destroyed, just like the misconception that gamers want the latest state of the art graphics. I expect more game developers to start noticing and create more quality titles for the Wii. More companies will start to realise that PS360 game development is just too expensive/intensive in cost and time, as they can create an equally good game for the Wii, albeit with less shiny graphics. Just like gamers who don't accept the Wii for being a quality games console that is open for all kinds of games instead of just casual/party and a handful of Nintendo games will see games based on their favorite franchises and genres get released on the Wii and go "WTF?!". So Nintendo will continue to dominate and companies that won't broaden their scope and only put their money on PS360 will have a hard time surviving. Reply 0
  • Star Ocean 4 to be Xbox 360 exclusive?

  • Bluetribe 13/06/2008

    I would love to see Tri-Ace develop titles for non HD consoles, namely Wii. Sales wise this should be a good idea too, since I don't think a JRPG like Star Ocean released exclusively on X360 will sell well. Reply 0
  • Capcom unlikely to bring Resi 0 West

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    You would have to be handicapped or have Parkinson's disease. Reply 0
  • Bluetribe 10/06/2008

    I really don't care for Resident Evil 0 for Wii...
    What the Wii should get is an exclusive remake, a true remake like the masterful and scariest of all Resident Evil for the GameCube. And what better game to pick than the sequel. Resident Evil 2 done in the same style would kick ass and it only makes sense to have this on the Wii. This would also keep the RE franchise in balance with their original pre-rendered backgrounds, backtracking, puzzles and zombies, because since 4 RE has become a survival action adventure game (5 doesn't look much different).
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  • The Conduit aiming for early 2009

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    It has very good graphics for a 3rd party Wii game, but it looks like generic FPS fare. And I don't think the gameplay will be outstanding either judging by their mediocre list of games and ports on the Wiki entry. Still, I think this might set off another company to create an innovative, original and immersive FPS with at least the same quality of graphics. Free Radical Design comes to mind, although their latest effort isn't a good example. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII on show this summer

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    I don't care so much for a new FFXIII trailer, last time I checked Japanese insiders said it's delayed to spring 2010. I'll be interested in a possible Kingdom Hearts Wii exclusive, not because I like Kingdom Hearts, but I love to see Wii getting more exlusive gamer games and get rid of the silly misconception that Wii is casual/party only.
    Hm, why is FFCC: the Crystal Bearers missing from this event?
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  • Turok movies in the works

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    Yes, I deleted my post, I just checked a trailer of the animated movie, it resembles the comics, however it doesn't seem like anything I would enjoy watching. I expect the live movie to be in the same vein, but full of Hollywood fast paced action scenes and probably of the same quality as crappy movies based on games. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    Looks like the same game with slightly updated graphics. I really wonder how much different the gameplay will be... Reply 0
  • THQ ignores analyst's pomposity accusation

  • Bluetribe 11/06/2008

    Why should we even care about some "analyst's" opinion and why is gaming media giving exposure to these people like they're some kind of important figure in the industry? Let developers, gamers and sales do the talking. I'm getting the impression these non-gamer analyst's have an agenda to influence public opinion. I'm thinking Janco Partners "Full service investment banking firm" is a business partner of Take Two. I also find it suspicious how he refers to the metacritic reviews, when the general concensus in the serious gaming community (take NeoGAF for example) is that GTA IV, even though a good game, is overrated and overhyped, it's considered limited compared to it's last-gen efforts and has a lot of useless features tacked on to it, that is the reason why there's game like Saints Row 2 that adresses these issues. Also lately it's becoming more apparent that deals between game companies and major gaming sites are made, especially with a bigtime game; we'll give you exclusives/bonusses if you give us a super review, it's about business, not opinions anymore, resulting in unreliable and dishonest reviews, so what's metacritic worth then.
    And I agree that Hickey's own comments are pompous at least.
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  • Achievements coming to WOW?

  • Bluetribe 10/06/2008

    Why this is considered news worthy boggles me. Reply 0
  • Conan shipments hit 1 million

  • Bluetribe 10/06/2008

    Underneath the face of state of the art tech, tits and gore, resides a shallow, boring, unimmersive MMORPG, without proper PVP, filled with technical issues where all comes down to same ol' grinding... I expect the majority of the current players will not subscribe to this game (so all this Funcom bigtalk lately doesn't mean anything to me), because they will either get disillusioned by the gameplay or don't want to put up with the current issues. I expect the playerbase will consist of fanboys, newcomers to the genre and some REALLY tired WoW players and MMORPG veterans who will most likely move over to Warhammer when it's released, because it seems like Mythic is aiming for that crowd. By that time I wonder if gaming media will pick up on the low amount of subscribers compared to the large amount of buyers, like they have been doing so much on the glory & success of this overhyped and overrated "game" (or is it mere Funcom PR?). Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV not planned for Wii

  • Bluetribe 03/06/2008

    big surprise... Reply 0
  • Capcom unveils Spyborgs for Wii

  • Bluetribe 03/06/2008

    Given their credentials I have faith this will be a quality game. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour - Viral

  • Bluetribe 02/06/2008

    I saw it before, it reminds me of the extreme corniness of videogame commercials from the early 90's, but terrible length of it make me not ever want to see it again... Reply 0