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  • Nine ways the the 8-bit era made gaming what it is today

  • Blerk 15/05/2016

    Sunday morning pedant 2: While the ports of Elite were indeed handled by Firebird, the original Beeb version was published by Acornsoft.

    Otherwise a fun Sunday morning read, cheer up you moaning buggers. ;-)
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  • "A future that has a history": Introducing No Man's Sky

  • Blerk 09/12/2013

    Quite the most exciting thing to come out of that execrable VGX show, fantastic to see a game with this kind of ambition from such a small team, it's like the "olden days".

    A shame this seems to have already descended into a "No Man's Sky" vs "Elite Dangerous" vs "Star Citizen" bitch-fest, though. Surely the fans of each should just be bloody glad the genre's suddenly out of its niche box and back in the spotlight again?

    I'm still waiting for that Elite sequel that I imagined as a kid, and after so long waiting I don't much care who gives it to me. Bring 'em all on!
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  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • Blerk 26/11/2013

    Nice to see some lapsed old-timers showing up here! Hello, chaps! :) Reply +1
  • Blerk 25/11/2013

    @El_MUERkO Twitter? :D Reply +1
  • Blerk 25/11/2013

    @Baggies1879 48211, trailing otto by just over 1000. I blame all those other spammers, I only have quality posts. :)

    'grats, EG!
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  • X-COM creator Julian Gollop has announced a sequel to Chaos

  • Blerk 02/11/2012

    One of the greatest games ever made. End of. Reply +3
  • Eurogamer's favourite Halloween games

  • Blerk 31/10/2012

    Atic Atac! Reply +3
  • Okami HD review

  • Blerk 31/10/2012

    A truly wonderful, classic game which I urge everyone to buy - especially if you haven't played it before.

    I'd be buying it again myself if I had a PS3. I'd love to know why Capcom decided to single-platform this one, seems a bit of a shame for what is at the end of the day a niche title. :(
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  • Manic Miner 360: Revisiting a Classic

  • Blerk 26/07/2012

    @ron_aldo That's right, but it's to activate the level-skip rather than infinite lives. :) Reply +3
  • Blerk 26/07/2012

    It's a pretty well put together package, if a little expensive for a single game - it'd have been nice if they'd bundled the other two Willy games in there as well.

    My only gripe is that it runs a little faster than the original did - I surmise this is probably something to do with the 60hz refresh rate on modern tellies as opposed to the 50hz CRTs we had back in the day. A shame they haven't accounted for that, it takes a little of the shine off.
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  • Spectrum Made Me

  • Blerk 23/04/2012

    @StooMonster Pretty sure I've seen John Pickford post on here in the past, so that's one at least.

    The Spectrum lead to my career and made me what I am today. A skiver, basically. :D
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  • Blerk 23/04/2012

    @StooMonster We are not worthy, etc!

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  • Blerk 23/04/2012

    Ha ha, I remember the Frank the Flea review from the time! Awesome sauce! :D

    I'm going to go and play it now.
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  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

  • Blerk 07/02/2012

    What's the final game like for bugs? The demo was absolutely terrible, it was more like a jumbo package of bugs and lock-ups with an occasional snippet of game accidentally included.

    Which was a shame, because the bit I actually got to play seemed pretty good.

    Edit: Oops, somehow missed the boxout. That'll teach me to read the review on a phone.
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  • BASIC Instinct: A New Golden Age Of UK Development?

  • Blerk 23/01/2012

    I can forgive them the "Elite was written in BASIC" gaffe purely because of that awesome picture of the Darlings. :) Reply +6
  • Portal 2

  • Blerk 19/04/2011

    Gah! Stop making me buy it at full price! Reply +8
  • Peter Harrap wants new Monty Mole

  • Blerk 13/04/2011

    Please take the random element out of the "crushers", Peter! Damned things used to get me all the time! :-D Reply +1
  • Capcom's MaXplosion is "complete theft"

  • Blerk 12/01/2011

    Wow, that's shameless! :-o Reply +11
  • Why I Hate... The Saboteur

  • Blerk 30/11/2010

    Personally I thought it was a great game, seriously under-rated by most reviewers.

    Is it historically accurate? No. But does it matter? It's obviously pulp stuff rather than a serious attempt to document the war.

    I believe Wolfenstein isn't historically accurate either. Unless Hitler really did have a twin-gunned mech-suit that I hadn't previously heard about. :-)
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  • The Story of X-Com

  • Blerk 29/11/2010

    What a nice surprise for a Monday morning - the Gollops are personal programming heroes of mine, right back from the Speccy days. :-)

    Nice to see that there's more stuff on the way. I'd love to see something X-Comesque come to XBLA/PSN, though.
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  • Prince of Persia HD Trilogy

  • Blerk 18/11/2010

    I still think Warrior Within is a better game than The Two Thrones.

    Although neither are fit to lick the boots of Sands of Time.
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  • Face-Off: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Blerk 07/10/2010

    Wasn't there supposed to be a 'special' install for the 360 version which cut out the need for swapping the discs? What happened to that?

    Regardless, I'm a little surprised to see DF gushing so much about the visuals. Yes, they're very high quality but they're absolutely ruined for me by the lack of AA, depth of field effects, etc. Everything's so sharp and jaggy and nasty that it just ends up looking cheap. Plus their 'wet' effect makes everything look like it's made out of rubber.
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  • Naughty Bear

  • Blerk 29/06/2010

    And the other one was Hyper Active. Reply 0
  • New Game Room games delayed again

  • Blerk 29/04/2010

    The little cynic inside me is guessing that this is because the games they've released so far have sold like crap. Possibly because they appear to have decided to release the worst possible selection of games in the history of retro gaming. At hugely inflated prices. Reply +9
  • New Tomb Raider to get motion controls?

  • Blerk 18/03/2010

    Oh Christ, no. :-( Reply +1
  • Yakuza 3

  • Blerk 09/03/2010

    By the looks of it nobody's going to buy the third game either. Such a shame that hardly anyone will even give it a chance - such a brilliant series. :-( Reply +4
  • Eurogamer Expo 2010 announced!

  • Blerk 03/03/2010

    I managed to get the fare down to £78 with a bit of creative travelling. Still hilariously expensive, there's no wonder people drive everywhere. :-D Reply +4
  • Blerk 03/03/2010

    Zoinks! My return train fare would be £127. That's me out then, I'm afraid. A shame too, 'cos I enjoyed last year's event. :-( Reply +9
  • Digital Foundry vs. ApocalyPS3

  • Blerk 02/03/2010

    There's no way Sony knew about it ahead of time, it's been a complete PR disaster and there's no way they would have ever wanted that. Their handling of the issue was nothing short of diabolical, though - without the community's work there'd have been practically no information at all. Burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best is not really a "solution". Reply +6
  • Yakuza 3 has been edited for West

  • Blerk 24/02/2010

    What are they thinking? Taking a niche product that appeals to a small but dedicated group of fans and then gimping it so that even they don't want it?

    For shame, Sega! :-(
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  • Mass Effect 2

  • Blerk 26/01/2010

    Mass Effect was totally amazing, despite what appeared to be the wonkiest engine in existence and a number of glaring irritations. I'd have bought the sequel even without all of that stuff fixed. Given that it is fixed.... no brainer. Reply +17
  • Fez

  • Blerk 22/01/2010

    Oh, nice! I really hope this turns out to be as brilliant as it looks. Especially after the long wait... Reply 0
  • Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

  • Blerk 20/01/2010

    Still torn on this one. Loved both of the originals (yes, even the second one) but.... ugh. This is "beyond ugly". Hateful, hateful art style. Given the bad reactions to this when they first revealed it you'd have thought they'd have used that six month delay to make some changes. Apparently not.

    I'll give the demo a whirl, but.... ugh. :-(
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  • Podcast launches!

  • Blerk 12/01/2010

    I dare you to use Razz's song for the theme tune. I double dare ya! :-D

    So... podcast. A bit too quiet, a bit too rambly, some minor spoilers for stuff I haven't played, English people still somehow sound weird doing podcasts. On the plus side, quite funny at times, short enough to listen to without growing old and dying, contains 'free stuff' that I can't be bothered to type in because someone on HotUKDeals will have already claimed it before the podcast was even up, and offers me the chance to get a mention every time I suggest something 'perhaps could've been a little better'' in a classic Nintendo franchise.

    Obviously you should pull some stuff from the forums rather than from out here, though. Here be mentalists, whereas over in yonder forums there are a few people who can actually string a sentence together!

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  • Editor's blog: Not The Top 50

  • Blerk 23/12/2009

    Leaving the numbers off should make for a much more pleasant experience, I'm sure. Although this is the comments section so you should always expect the worst. :-D

    Merry Christmas, EG staffers! And you lot as well, I suppose. ;-)
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  • Eufloria

  • Blerk 11/11/2009

    A little harsh on the game, I feel - although I can quite readily accept most of the criticisms. I think part of the problem is that you can't really treat it as (and therefore compare it with) a traditional RTS, it's almost like something else entirely. I find it superbly relaxing to play and it makes a great lunch-hour filler. Reply +2
  • A Boy and His Blob

  • Blerk 04/11/2009

    I'd somehow gotten the idea that this was a WiiWare game rather than a full retail release, but apparently I was wrong. It sounds like the sort of thing that might be fun to play with the kids, so I might pick it up if I see it on the cheap. Shame you can't get a demo. Reply +2
  • JAW dates Gravity Crash for PSN

  • Blerk 29/10/2009

    It was on one machine at about 6pm on Tuesday night, so I was pleased to actually get a go. It's pretty good, too - like a cross between Thrust, Oids and Geometry Wars. Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain

  • Blerk 28/10/2009

    It's really not 'traditional' QTEs, there's no 'press this button sequence exactly as presented or you're dead'. More often than not there's a sort of 'floating cloud' of potential options and you select from them to decide what your character will do, each leading to a slightly different outcome. I played through a couple of scenarios on the demo yesterday and it's certainly interesting, although I can't imagine it having a very wide appeal - it's very slow-paced and super-heavy on the dialogue. Graphically it's gorgeous in a lot of places but 'kind of weird' in others, and the movement controls are very odd and take some getting used to. Quite unlike anything else at the show, though and worth a look just for that. Reply +16
  • Retrospective: Steambot Chronicles

  • Blerk 04/10/2009

    Whatever happened to the sequel for this game?

    A true classic of its time, so off-the-wall that if you couldn't completely unhinge your brain and go with it you probably wouldn't have liked it at all. Great memories of building up my mech, playing songs on street corners, running around town in just my underpants, leather driving gloves and cowboy boots, and getting off with my girlfriend via the age-old romantic medium of removing ear wax.

    They say they don't make 'em like this any more and... in this case it's true. They don't.
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  • EA petitions to have Edge marks canned

  • Blerk 29/09/2009

    Feels odd to be rooting for the 'big guys' in such a case. :-D Reply +3
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy

  • Blerk 08/09/2009

    I agree the pre-boss lack of save point is idiotic, but the boss fights themselves in Echoes were just amazing.

    I always used to dread them - they were just irritations in the way of the exploring and puzzling. I think I'd have enjoyed both games a lot more without them, tbh.
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  • Blerk 08/09/2009

    I found Echoes cripplingly old-fashioned in places - unfair for the sake of being unfair, especially with the positioning of and time between save points. The controls were pretty much at their limits with the first game and for me it just got too much in the second one - specifically the dodge/jump being on the same button. I got stuck on some boss or other that I couldn't beat because of controller nightmare and the save point was a good ten minutes away so I had to keep repeating the same bit over and over every time I wanted to retry the boss battle. So in the end I just quit. :-( Reply +4
  • Blerk 08/09/2009

    The first game was excellent aside from the final few hours (Gods, did I hate Meta-Ridley). The second one, however... that annoyed me so much that I never actually completed it. And as a result I didn't bother to even try the third one.

    Was 3 better than 2?
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Lifetime Top 50

  • Blerk 04/09/2009

    Edit: Quit doing that, you double-posting thing, you! Reply +3
  • Blerk 04/09/2009

    9 of my choices are on the list, 5 of which are in the top 20. I'm so mainstream. :-D Reply +2
  • Blerk 04/09/2009

    Edit: I definitely didn't hit that button twice. Definitely. Reply +2
  • Blerk 04/09/2009

    I thought that was a pretty good list, actually. Usually when you ask people to vote on their favourite stuff ever you end up with a list of games that were released in the last month. Reply +6
  • Eurogamer's Lifetime Top 10

  • Blerk 04/09/2009

    John Bye! Man, it's like the olden days.

    /wipes a tear

    An interesting list, and not one I would've picked. But that's the thing about favourite lists, isn't it? They're sort of... personal.

    Actually I think we're supposed to start talking about sheds now rather than the actual article, if we're really doing that 'good old days' thing. :-D
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  • Resonance of Fate

  • Blerk 14/08/2009

    It's a little odd that they say they went out of their way to remove stuff that would annoy Western gamers and then in the next sentence say that they've gone back to random encounters.

    It sounds like a curious mish-mash, to be sure. Some in-game footage might help clear things up a little.
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