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  • No Overwatch Competitive Play during open beta

  • BlastPhoenix 06/05/2016

    @Beva78 bear in mind, Team Fortress 2 was a fully priced game (for the time) when it came out. It was only when it became self sustainable with all the extras you could buy that the game went free to play. Reply +2
  • You can't buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered separately

  • BlastPhoenix 03/05/2016

    I guarantee they will sell it separately at a later date. It just doesn't make sense financially to lock to specific versions of Infinite Warfare Reply +1
  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • BlastPhoenix 22/04/2016

    I'm a member of prime, but no locking the purchase of certain items to prime members is horseshit. This will only succeed in making people buy these items from somewhere else.

    No store should ask you to pay them money for the privilege of buying certain items. Vote with your wallet and go somewhere else.
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  • Final Fantasy 9 arrives on Steam with 'no encounter' mode

  • BlastPhoenix 14/04/2016

    You just know someone out there is going to try and beat the game while only doing boss fights Reply 0
  • Former Rockstar North boss is suing Take-Two for $150m

  • BlastPhoenix 12/04/2016


    It makes you wonder just what exactly happens in the game studios. I wonder if this situation is similar to what happened with Richard Garriott and NCsoft.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition eBay scalpers criticised

  • BlastPhoenix 04/04/2016

    Is anybody surprised by this, I'm not. It happens every time any sort of special edition comes out. What gets me is that they aren't actually selling a product at the moment, they are just selling a pre-order for the product. Anything can happen between now and launch, what if there is an issue with production and the pre-order gets cancelled like those Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile editions?

    Personally I would like ebay to enact a rule where you can't sell a product you don't actually have yet.

    That being said, is there really anything stopping Square Enix from making more of these. I know they want it to be limited edition but come on, surely they could make a few more.
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  • Resident Evil - 20 years on

  • BlastPhoenix 22/03/2016

    Although the story of Resident Evil interested me, I was always too much of a wimp to play through the games (the first 4 anyway). Everything about the early games freaked me out. The eerie quiet rooms had when there was no enemies about, how the game opened doors so you never knew what was on the other side, too much for me.

    Probably the scariest moment for me was during Resident Evil 2. Early on in the game you get to the police station and meet a police chief who is on the floor and injured. When you leave the room he locks the door behind you. Much later you can get back into the room another way and you see him in what I assume is his office. He suddenly gets up and you see a close up of him slowly turning into a zombie. I was watching a friend play at the time but that scene freaked me the hell out. Didn't play another Resident Evil game until number 5 which felt less like a horror game and more like an action game with horror elements.
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  • GAME shops want £100 deposit for PlayStation VR pre-order

  • BlastPhoenix 16/03/2016

    I know exactly why Game are charging a £100 deposit for preorders. It is so they end up with a lot of unsold units in store. That being said, the issues they had last time won't fill people with confidence. There is also the issue that the £100 deposit isn't refundable. So if you decide you no longer want it you are basically stuck with credit. Reply +3
  • Gears of War 4 stars Marcus Fenix's son

  • BlastPhoenix 08/03/2016

    Horror themed?

    Yes Gears of War was dark but I don't remember any part of that game being horror themed. I do love that split screen coop is coming back though. Many fun times were had when me and a friend tried to finish Gears of War


    Ah good times.
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  • Metal Gear Solid fan remake cancelled

  • BlastPhoenix 05/03/2016

    These fan projects should get permission BEFORE they start any work. At least that way several weeks, months or even years worth of work won't end up down the drain.

    People will probably fault Konami for shutting this project down, but they have every right to do so. Most companies in their position would do the same so the creator of this fan remake should have known better.
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  • Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too

  • BlastPhoenix 12/02/2016

    The fad has passed and people are now bored of it and have moved on to other things. Speaking as someone who has worked in video game retail I am not surprised it happened. I reckon there are a few reasons though.

    1. High barrier of entry in regards to cost.

    £80 is a lot of cash to ask people to spend on a single game. RB4 was even worse at around £200. What can you do with all of those plastic instruments once you are bored with the game as well. They all end up collecting dust in a cupboard or in a skip.

    2. Genre is no longer interesting

    I honestly think the novelty of rocking out to your favourite tunes on a plastic guitar has passed. People just don't find it interesting anymore and have moved on to other things. Sure you will always have the diehard fans. But joe and Jane average are bored and would rather play the next popular thing.

    It's a shame really as from what I have seen neither GH Live or RB4 were bad games. It's just nobody wanted to pay the high cost to play them. In my opinion they would need to completely revamp the whole genre to get people interested again.
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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • BlastPhoenix 12/02/2016

    All those people whining are just being melodramatic. As Phil rightly said, a high End PC costs way more than a console and not everyone has the time to build one of those.

    This kind of arrangement is a benefit to the consumer in my opinion. Now more people get to play the game, which in turn means more money for the Dev (and publisher) which then means they get to make more games in the future. The guy who cancelled his pre order just because Quantum Break is coming to PC is either just plain silly or incredibly insecure in his purchase of an Xbox One.
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  • Dying Light Spotlight Edition costs $10m

  • BlastPhoenix 12/02/2016

    I'm sorry but if I had that kind of money and wanted acting lessons I would pay to attend an actual school for acting. What's more likely is this Spotlight edition is some poor attempt at getting funding for the film (if one ever gets released, there is no guarantee it will and films get cancelled all the time). Reply +2
  • The Angry Birds Movie is still a thing, here's a new trailer

  • BlastPhoenix 27/01/2016

    I always wondered if the Angry Birds hype train would run out of steam before this film came out, seems I was right. The movie itself looks like it could be a decent animated film tbh. Will it be Pixar level of quality, probably not but most animated films that get released every year aren't and a lot of them do fine.

    Question is, will this film be enough to get people invested in Angry Birds again, I don't personally think it will. It will likely drum up interest with kids and you'll get a small surge in Angry Birds stuff being bought again. But once the film has come and gone it will taper off and Rovio will be back where they were (unless the film becomes a mega hit, but I don't personally see that happening). What Rovio needs to do is create something new for the franchise.
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  • Shock, horror: Mighty No. 9 delayed - again

  • BlastPhoenix 25/01/2016

    he is being honest, can't fault him for that. There has been a lot of Kickstarters for games where when crap hits the fan the devs seemingly disappear for months on end, only to reappear to say the project is cancelled. Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster is coming to the west

  • BlastPhoenix 25/01/2016

    Had this game since it came out on the PS3, but never got round to playing it. I suppose this gives me the excuse to pick it up again. Reply +1
  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • BlastPhoenix 06/01/2016

    The Oculus Rift was always going to be something that only PC gamers with high end machines or tech enthusiasts were going to buy to begin with. Joe or Jane average wouldn't have bought this to begin with simply because so many people haven't really experienced VR yet. So, at least in the beginning anyway, only folks that already knew about the device or is a major tech enthusiast would have bought one.

    The price is very expensive, but not unexpected. I knew it would be high priced, maybe not as high as £500 but definitely over £300. I don't know much about the Vive, but if it is of a similar spec as the Oculus Rift and HTC/Valve want to make a profit from it I can't see it being that much cheaper. Not unless they plan on going down the loss leader strategy and somehow I don't see that happening.
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  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • BlastPhoenix 23/12/2015

    @Mathusualin The cost of eshop cards are largely dictated by Nintendo and not the retailer. Reply +1
  • BlastPhoenix 23/12/2015

    Didn't work for GAME, but I did work for a very similar retailer who went the way of the Dodo and it seems GAME may be going down the same path. The problem I see is that GAME doesn't really know how to position itself in the market. With more people becoming comfortable in buying their games online or wholly digital versions, store like GAME are starting to become less and less popular. This is especially true since they price themselves way above their competitors.

    In regards to why they price themselves so high, I think that is a consequence of being a high street store as opposed to an online one. Amazon can price themselves so low because all they need is a large warehouse and staff to maintain the site and send stuff out. Supermarkets sell so many other things they can afford to sell games for a lot less, hell most of the time they only do so in the hope youíll buy something else. That being said, if you can buy a product for £10 less online, why spend more in store.

    The staff that work there is also an issue. The problem with getting a job in a place like GAME is that you are given very little incentive. When youíre working very few hours for minimum wage, there is very little incentive to do extra research so your product knowledge is up to scratch. There is also no real long term prospects, unless you plan on becoming a manager. So in the end, no real reason to stay there long term and really build your knowledge and skills.
    There is also one strategy I really hate that GAME employs and thatís attach. Anyone who has shopped at GAME will tell you, bring a GAME to the counter and you are guaranteed to be asked if you want disc care, warranties, season pass, digital currency, merchandise and a multitude of other things. Some stores are better than others for this, but no one wants to have stuff they donít want pushed on them when all they want is a game. It makes for a frustrating experience and can leave you feeling resentful if you do end up buying something you didnít really want.

    The last thing is, in general brick and mortar stores, as far as games are concerned, are becoming less and less relevant as time goes on. Sure I can spend £50 and buy the game in store, or I can spend £40 and get it from Amazon, and if you happen to be a part of Amazon Prime you can use Prime now and get it in less than two hours. With all the different websites and online publications out there, finding out about a game before you buy it is no longer an issue. Hell look at PC games, GAME barely sell them now since most folks just buy them digitally. With all these things in mind, what reason have you got to go to a store. Well you can still trade stuff in at GAME, but even when you do that the savings can still work out less than buying it online.

    What GAME really needs to do is look at other areas they can make money, or seriously change up how they are doing it now. Blockbuster refused to change when streaming and downloading films just came in, now they are no longer around. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen to GAME sooner rather than later if something doesnít change.

    (Wow that was a bit longer than expected).
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  • Ken Levine's next game is a "small-scale open world"

  • BlastPhoenix 18/12/2015

    It's not so much that gamers want an experience that lasts more than 10-12 hours. They want a game that provides an experience worth the $40, $50, $60 they are spending on it, and that isn't directly related to the time it takes to complete it. Take for example Uncharted 2, it took me just over 7 hours to finish that game and I loved every second of it. I paid full price for it and don't regret it for a moment. On the other hand I played FFXIII for 20 hours and felt I wasted my time as it was so boring.

    Quality is not directly related to quantity. I'm sure a gamer would be perfectly happy spending $60 on a game that lasted less than 10 hours if it was really good. Likewise, I'm sure they would be annoyed if they spent that money on a mediocre game that lasted 50 hours.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • BlastPhoenix 12/12/2015

    @nickbonkersperry Alright then let me ask you this.

    How many of those fans are still playing games and would buy the remake.

    How big is the budget required to do the remake compared to the original (bear in mind Square Enix are having to build most of the game from the ground up).

    If were to ask someone from the current generation to play the game, would it hold up against other more recent RPGs like say The Witcher 3 (graphics aside).

    Yes, the gameplay is great for someone like you or me who grew up with the game, but you have to admit it is dated. Could the gameplay honestly hold up to the likes of Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. Hell the gameplay of the Final Fantasy series in general has moved on since then. If you gave the game to joe or jane average can you confidently say they would like the gameplay as much as we did back in 1997.

    Its also a completely different landscape, as far as games are concerned, than it was 18 years ago. FF7 was cutting edge stuff when it came out, not so much now. Also, those 10 million+ copies sold are what has been achieved to date. They didn't sell that much in one go.
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  • BlastPhoenix 11/12/2015

    @Sandman83 Problem is all those reskins were for for a handheld, where the budget is considerably less. I don't think there is enough fans to justify the cost of just making a reskin of FF7 with current graphics. Reply 0
  • BlastPhoenix 11/12/2015

    There are three things I want to know about this remake before I pass judgement.

    1. How many episodes are there going to be?
    2. How much is each episode going to cost?
    3. At what frequency will each episode be released.

    Can't really pass judgement until I get answers to those questions.

    As for why they are releasing the game as episodic content, of course it's down to money but I don't think it is simply "they want to make more money from us". I think doing it this way allows them to somewhat mitigate the damage if the remake turns out to be a flop. Contary to what some gamers think, this game isn't guaranteed to be a sure fire hit. Bear in mind the original FF7 has sold around 11 millions units total after being originally released nearly 19 years ago (christ that makes me feel old). GTAV has managed 54 million units in 2 years and I'm fairly certain COD Advanced Warfare managed 11 million in a week, and sales for that game were considered "slow" by COD standards. Costs the game development are much higher as well so can you still be certain FF7 will be a sure fire hit and make money?

    Personally I'm gonna wait until I see more. I have no doubt I'll bu y the first episode whn it comes out and a guarantee most of the folks whining will as well.
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  • A guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals

  • BlastPhoenix 25/11/2015

    @VideoGameAddict25 Use to work at a retailer that was right next to a Brighthouse and we always use to joke about how our prices were sometimes £700 cheaper than them. Its a wonder to me why anyone bothers going there. Reply 0
  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • BlastPhoenix 21/11/2015

    In general I don't mind re-releases. They give people the chance to play games they might have missed in the previous generation. This is especially true for folks that didn't have the previous version of their next gen console. If you already played the game then you have the choice of simply not buying it.

    That being said, if they are going to re-release a game then the publisher/developer are going to have to justify why I should pay a higher price for it. Games like The Last of Us or The Uncharted Collection are great because they are improved versions of the game, and in the case of the latter you are getting 3 games for the price of one. However, if they just take the game and repackage it with very little improvement then they deserve nobodies money. To call a game an HD remaster would imply significant improvements have been made to it, and I don't just mean in visuals.
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  • Watch: Fallout 4's Pip-Boy edition - what's it like?

  • BlastPhoenix 01/11/2015

    @Mucker2002 I'm more of a Watson myself Reply 0
  • BlastPhoenix 30/10/2015

    It looks exactly the way I imagined it, hence why I cancelled my order months ago. Not to fault anyone who is buying one, but I just don't think it looks all that impressive. I would have liked to see a better paint job on the think rather than the bland colour it is now. I also have a feeling that the only phones that will be able to fit in the thing are iphones or galaxy phones simply because they are the best selling. Reply 0
  • Steam Halloween Sale is a monster, has Slender for £1.50

  • BlastPhoenix 30/10/2015

    I'd love to buy more games on steam. Pity my account is locked and steam have yet to get back to me regarding the issue Reply 0
  • Watch: How many of his voices can Nolan North do in 60 seconds?

  • BlastPhoenix 15/10/2015

    I wonder if it's going to get to the point where Nolan North has done so many voices he can't remember his own one. Reply +10
  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.10 gives PS4 the boost it's been waiting for

  • BlastPhoenix 13/10/2015

    @ShankThTank Where is the price for the CPU? Reply +26
  • Guitar Hero Live developer explains its track DLC model yet again

  • BlastPhoenix 06/10/2015

    "We looked long and hard at the way it used to be in past music games - you pay a few bucks for a song to add to your library. It's a big financial commitment up front and a tough decision to make, and it has always left me feeling like I have to replay that song until I'm bored of it to get my money's worth.
    Not really, from what I remember a track use to cost around £2 which is hardly a big financial commitment. Plus I only ever bought the tracks I liked anyway so I never felt like I had to constantly replay it to get my money's worth.

    So, from the looks of things you earn in game tokens through normal play and those tokens can then be used to play DLC songs. That sounds okay on the surface, but then the big questions I have would be:

    At what rate can I earn token through normal play.
    How many tokens would it cost to play a song once.
    How many tokens does this party pass cost.

    Naturally I expect them to sell in game tokens for money once the game is out. But what I'm afraid will happen is that the in game currency is skewed in such a way that you have to play for large amounts of time to in order to afford anything (or paying for currency is the only way to get stuff in a reasonable time frame).

    They sites Spotify, Pandora and Netflix are used as examples but really they aren't the same. I can't speak for Spotify and Pandora but with Netflix you pay a monthly premium to access and watch as many movies in the catalogue as many times as you like, within that month. There is no token system where you pay to watch a single film.

    I also don't like the idea of not being able to permanently own a song I like. If we were given the option to do both (pay per play or pay to own it permanently) then I'd be more open to the idea but it doesn't look like that is happening.

    I guess we will see some come the release of the game. But unless they get the balance right I see this system being heavily criticized at launch.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 just got one of the craziest microtransactions yet

  • BlastPhoenix 06/10/2015

    Freaking in-game insurance

    You couldn't make that crap up. This is a whole new level of low.
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  • Watch: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a bit of a glitchy mess

  • BlastPhoenix 30/09/2015

    Is anyone really that shocked, I'm not. The game has gotten very little fanfare and the original screenshots and what not didn't spark anyone's interest.

    I also find that the fact that the day one patch is bigger than the game itself as a perfect example of one of the many things wrong with today's gaming industry.
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  • Here's what the Angry Birds movie looks like

  • BlastPhoenix 23/09/2015

    Gotta admit I chuckled a little. I'm not expecting Pixar level of quality but looks like it could be a fun watch.II guess we'll see. Reply +2
  • An ultra hard Mario Maker level beaten - after over 11K failed attempts

  • BlastPhoenix 21/09/2015

    I'm curious to know how many attempts it took the creator to finish the stage before uploading it.

    I created a short stage that involed the player making some very well timed jumps on enemies in order to make over a pit and to the flag. I tested the level at every stage to make sure it was doable but it took me a good half hour to finish it all in one sitting so I could upload it. God knows how long the creator spent finishing this one.
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  • Need for Speed will be locked at 30fps on consoles

  • BlastPhoenix 15/09/2015

    If you can play solo then I really wonder why that persistent internet connection is really necessary. Also statements likes this are very vague:

    "as Need for Speed is committed to being a live service so we can deliver an ongoing experience that is constantly changing and evolving"

    Changing and evolving in what way. Will there be more cars, more playable areas, more missions perhaps.They haven't really been forthcoming with information regarding this game. I barely know anything about it and release day isn't that far away really.

    The 30fps is unsurprising as the last few Need for Speed games have also been 30fps. But with it being the new generation and with stuff like Project Cars and Forza 6 running at 60fps, it is disappointing to see this trailing behind at 30fps.
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  • Video: These Cuphead bosses will ruin your life

  • BlastPhoenix 12/09/2015

    I'm a big fan of the Bullet Hell type games you normally see in Japan so this looks right up my street. Loving the animation style as well. Reply 0
  • Club Nintendo signs off with Goodbye Coin

  • BlastPhoenix 02/09/2015

    @MrBeast Oh sure nobody spent £30 on a game just to get the Nintendo points. I used that example to point out that the stuff you were getting wasn't really free.

    While they did have the occasional good item, most it was just tat. Nintendo really could put a bit more effort into the club overall.
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  • BlastPhoenix 02/09/2015

    I have always thought Club Nintendo has been a bit rubbish in general. Most of the stuff on there isn't really exclusive (a ringtone...really guys) and the things worth having always cost a crazy amount of points.

    Oh but it's "free" people say. No it isn't, you can only get points by buying Nintendo games and consoles. To put things into perspective, the average Nintendo WiiU game would usually net you 250 points and say each games costs an average of £30 (assuming it's new). Lets say you wanted that coin they have just released, that's £240 you'll have to spend just to get that coin. Granted you can get points from doing survey's and such but it still adds up. Imagine how much money you will need to spend in order to get that statue of Link and Epona for 15000 points. Or maybe you can use them on Wii points, which are completely useless on the WiiU or the 3DS. There is also the survey you had to fill out every time you entered a code. So no, it was never free, they were just charging you indirectly.

    Then we come to now where, after Nintendo have stopped giving out points and told everyone to spend their points quickly before they expire, they put more stuff on there after months of nothing.

    I love Nintendo and I love the games they develop, but they make some curious decisions sometimes. Here's hoping I won't have to spend £240 to get the soundtrack of Mario Galaxy in the new system later this year.
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  • The Witcher 3 sells 6m copies in six weeks

  • BlastPhoenix 26/08/2015

    All you publishers out there take note. Not only did this single player experience sell well it sold better than most multiplayer games release this year.

    So the next time you decide to tack on multiplayer because "multiplayer games sell better" think about The Witcher 3.

    Also, take a picture out of CD Projekt's book and be honest with your consumers. It'll work out a lot better for you in the long run.
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  • All the instruments compatible with Rock Band 4

  • BlastPhoenix 24/08/2015

    Have to give props to Harmonix for making so many of the older peripherals compatible. Makes me glad I picked up the Guitar Hero World Tour drums off a friend for free (he was going to throw them away).

    While I do look forward to the game and plan on buying it when come release day I think Harmonix and Mad Catz are going to have an uphill struggle in selling it. I've worked for a store that does trade-ins and for the past two years we've had lots of people come in and try to flog their old Rock Band/ guitar hero instruments. Even when we've told them they are literally only worth pennies, they just want o get rid of them. Bearing that in mind, asking people to cough up £80 for the game and guitar (or £200 for the "band in a box" version) is going to be tough. Especially given that PS4/Xbox One games are already quite expensive.
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  • Chinese console crowdfunding project manages to rip off PS4 and Xbox One

  • BlastPhoenix 17/08/2015

    Boss Man Dan "Okay everyone now do we copy the design on the Xbox One or the PS4?"

    Employee man Han "Why not take elements of the desgin from both?"

    Boss Man Dan "BRILLIANT"
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  • Wii U lifetime sales pass 10 million, Splatoon sells 1.62m

  • BlastPhoenix 29/07/2015

    The wii u has always been a console I've kind of wanted but wasn't willing to pay the cost for one. £180 always seemed a bit steep for what it was.

    A friend offered me a new one for £130 with a game the other day. But Im wondering if it's really worth it. I don't want another case like the Wii where I play the occasional Nintendo exclusive then it sits unused for the rest of the year.
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  • Splatoon's big August update raises level cap

  • BlastPhoenix 27/07/2015

    Was thinking of buying a Wii U this week and this game might push me over the edge Reply +9
  • Video: The most Kojima moments in Metal Gear Solid 5

  • BlastPhoenix 26/07/2015

    This is actually one of the things I loved about the MGS series. Even though the plot and setting are very serious, you can still find elements of silliness in the game. I wonder if future MGS games will retain that. Reply +5
  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes Easter egg suggests Kojima predicted his fallout with Konami

  • BlastPhoenix 20/07/2015

    At the time It seemed like it was alluding to Kojima finally hanging up the reigns and voluntarily leaving the Metal gear franchise for good. The Kojima productions was a similar thing, the fox is gone as it is associated with Foxhound in the MGS series, but Kojima productions will live on and continue to do other things (probably would have been Silent Hills). But it's a bit much to say he was predicting getting his name scrubbed from MGSV and having Kojima Productions dissovled. Reply +1
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 arrives next month

  • BlastPhoenix 14/07/2015

    @KDR_11k That sounds like the basis for eithier a very creepy horror or a very dirty fanfic Reply 0
  • BlastPhoenix 14/07/2015

    Wait, so they're in the character's home now.

    Nope, I draw the line. I'll play Sonic instead.
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  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • BlastPhoenix 14/07/2015

    It seems to me that Konami want to dissociate the Metal Gear Series from Kojima as much as possible so they can continue the series without him and not have it negatively affect future sales.

    That being said, striking his name and his development team from the boxart completely gives off very negative feelings regarding the situation. I feel they could have done a far better job in distancing the series from Hideo's name than making it look like they're trying to scrub it from existence.

    Of course there are two sides to every story and maybe there is a very good reason for what is happening. But it's a reason we will likely never find out. So Konami really needs to look at how it's current actions are being viewed by the public. Because right now they aren't doing themselves any favours.
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  • CoD: Black Ops 3's Juggernog Edition includes a functioning mini-fridge

  • BlastPhoenix 09/07/2015

    To be honest, I can see myself using that fridge far more than the tat they put in previous special editions. That being said, if you really wanted a mini fridge you could probably get a decent one and the game for less than the cost of this collectors edition. Reply +6