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  • Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • Blakester 21/03/2014

    People who use the marathon analogy are almost always losers Reply +171
  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • Blakester 20/03/2014

    Borderlands on the commute.....take my money now! Reply +25
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 720p on Xbox One

  • Blakester 17/02/2014

    The reason we put up with mediocre games during the console launch window is because we expect the graphical upgrade to help justify our hefty investment.

    Not only are Xbox users getting badly stiffed on the graphics performance, they're also having an unwanted peripheral forced down their throats. Double whammy!
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  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • Blakester 25/11/2013

    99% of Kalel's posts were in June & July when Spurs "won" the transfer window. Reply +19
  • Update: Blaze clarifies NeoGeo X Gold Christmas stock situation

  • Blakester 20/12/2012

    Looks like a lovely bit of retro kit, but I'd be concerned about the quality of the final build, especially with that premium price tag. Reply +4
  • Jet Set Radio release delayed on PlayStation Vita

  • Blakester 16/10/2012

    Ah well, there's too many great new games to play on Vita at the moment anyway.

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  • SNK NeoGeo X Gold handheld arrives worldwide in December for $199

  • Blakester 13/08/2012

    Something about the NeoGeo still captures my imagination all these years later. Maybe because it was a mythical console in the 90's that you only saw in magazines.

    Part of me still craves one, and the pictures in the article look fantastic. Is the joystick wirless I wonder?
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  • Wreckateer Review

  • Blakester 23/07/2012

    So basically it's the same as Catapult King on iOS? Reply +2
  • App of the Day: Burnout Crash

  • Blakester 18/04/2012

    Excellent little game and the cheesy musical notes really make it.

    More games with Spandau Ballet please !!
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  • Jet Set Radio HD out this summer on PC, PSN and XBLA

  • Blakester 28/02/2012

    The thought of pissing around Tokyoto on my Vita during the commute is making me moist all over.

    If this isn't on Vita I will cry.
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  • reveals Vita launch game prices

  • Blakester 19/12/2011

    Another nail in the coffin of non-iOS hand-held gaming?

    I know the games on Vita will offer a more detailed and potentially absorbing experience than something that costs 69p from the app store, but am I really expected to believe it will give 50x the enjoyment? Of course it won't.
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  • Mega Drive Strider coming to European Virtual Console

  • Blakester 16/11/2011

    Why the Megadrive version and not the arcade original? Reply +10
  • Sonic Generations Review

  • Blakester 07/11/2011

    Maybe I'm being a bit hard on the Eurogamer staff, but this review does seem a little brief, almost as though it's gotten lost amongst the many hours devoted to the AAA releases this time of year.

    In my opinion Sega have really lavished a lot of care and attention on this title and it shows in the presentation. It's a game that rekindles your love for the 'edge of the seat' twitch gaming of old, but massively enhances the visuals. I think they're staggeringly good in places.

    I hate to bring up an old review, but I seem to remember Sonic and Sega All Star Racing getting the same treatment. A very brief, and possibly rushed review that didn't represent the hours of fun that could be had from the target audience.

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  • Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event today

  • Blakester 04/10/2011

    I notice Samsung have upped their marketing of the Galaxy S2 in advance of the iPhone announcement.

    They must be pretty confident that the iPhone 4GS/5 won't offer any significant technological improvements.

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  • Rage

  • Blakester 04/10/2011

    If I've played the free iPad version, do I need to play this? Reply -1
  • Radiant Silvergun

  • Blakester 16/09/2011

    I'd love to play this, but in my opinion 1200 MS points is pricing it out of the market.

    800 would have been the sweet-spot.
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Blakester 12/09/2011


    That cartoon is spot-on. I know my reluctance to spend 2 on an iPad game is irrational, especially when you consider the number of times every day I pay the same for some trivial service or perishable good.

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  • Blakester 12/09/2011

    I've been lingering over buying Draw Race 2 HD all weekend. As with all iPad games, my sense of value goes completely out the window and I begrudge being asked to pay 1.99.

    How dare they ask me to pay more than 69p.

    My resolve is weakening though.
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  • Valve's Gabe Newell

  • Blakester 25/08/2011

    I'm sorry but his attitude really pisses me off.

    Valve made one of the greatest games of all time in HL2 and therefore he must expect gamers to be eager for more. The silence = stupidity to me.

    Either tell us it's being worked on but will take time, or tell us it's not happening. Not difficult.
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  • iPad 3 coming this November - report

  • Blakester 28/07/2011

    As a recent owner of an iPad 2, I will obviously be a bit miffed if a 'better model' comes out in November.

    But only if it has the alleged retina display and ram upgrade for the same price.

    If they chuck an extra 100 on the price I won't be bothered at all.
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  • Apple sells 9 million iPads in 3 months

  • Blakester 20/07/2011


    If only you focused a fraction of your energy on those real-life issues you mention instead of on a gaming forum you might actually made a small difference in the world.
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  • Blakester 20/07/2011

    Good grief, an Apple story on EG really does bring out the weirdos doesn't it.

    Irrational hatred for an inanimate object just freaks me out.

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  • Blakester 20/07/2011

    I really struggle to understand the hatred.

    It's a product, therefore the individual has the opportunity to assess its relative merits and make an informed decision.

    If a law was introduced tomorrow that stated all people must use iPads or face life in prison, then the anger and hatred you see on threads like this would be an apt response.

    I can only summize it's the green-eyed monster, or the individuals were personally interfered with by iPod-wielding rapists.
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  • LucasArts promises to make better games

  • Blakester 02/06/2011

    How about improved versions of the SNES SW games as a compilation on the 3DS?

    I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Blakester 19/05/2011

    In the same way Jaws invented the summer blockbuster, can it be argued that OOT pretty much invented launch day hysteria?

    I along with thousands of others queued at game shops up and down the land to bag a copy on release day morning. Most of us hadn't pre-ordered and therefore most of us were sorely disappointed. I remember spending the entire weekend trawling across the south east desperate to find a spare copy, bumping into the same people all whom had that look of desperation etched on their faces.

    3pm on the Sunday (it was raining), I trudged into my local Game to get a copy of V-Rally. It was a consolation game as I'd resigned myself to not getting Zelda for a considerable time. Taking the box to the counter, I asked the girl behind it if by chance anyone had decided not to pick up their Zelda pre-order.

    She looked around, put her finger to her lips and said "shhhh", as she pulled that black and gold box from a drawer under the counter.


    I can't remember any other game generating that same kind of reaction. Unbelievable to consider it also exceeded expectation.

    That's why I'll be pre-ordering the 3DS version :-)
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  • Valve confirms E3 no-show

  • Blakester 18/05/2011

    Valve are basically the Terence Malik of the games industry.

    I hate them and love them in equal measure.

    No matter what they do (or don't do), that first play through of HL2 on PC will always remain my gaming pinnacle. *sniff*
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  • Podcast #68

  • Blakester 18/05/2011

    Much better podcast this week, even if there remained a fair amount of 'selling' throughout.

    The discussion around Enslaved was both interesting (I'm using that work now Christian) and cringe-worthy. I think it's generally regarded as a valiant failure - a studio that took a risk on a new IP that just didn't catch the public's imagination.

    I'm not entirely sure why the Namco Bandai guy found it so difficult to openly admit it hadn't generated enough revenue, but it made for a good listen anyhow.
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  • Podcast #67

  • Blakester 13/05/2011

    The Eurogamer podcast is one of those small weekly pleasures, but I must admit my heart sinks a little when I see the guest(s) is the developer or their PR.

    To be honest, I'm not sure if their participation this week was a 'paid-for' spot (possibly as part of their huge ad campaign), but it firmly came across as an advertorial for the game. The devs dominated the conversation, so there was little debate and discussion which is what makes the podcast great in my opinion.

    I appreciate the podcast is free, but it should be there as a way of engaging with the audience, not actively selling to them.

    Rant over, looking forward to next weeks.
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  • Being Nathan Drake

  • Blakester 09/05/2011

    Am I going thick or did they say he provided voice acting in Portal 2?

    Who or what exactly?
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  • Gaming for God

  • Blakester 03/05/2011

    I'm not sure what He'd play, but there's no way He'd use a controller as horrid as the DualShock.

    Only the Gamecube or N64 controller is worthy of God.
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  • Consenting Adults Play We Dare

  • Blakester 06/04/2011

    Hard to believe that gaming is now an activity used to attract the opposite/same sex.

    When I were a lad, admitting to playing videogames was akin to walking around town wearing a sign saying "I have genital warts".

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  • Game of the Week

  • Blakester 06/12/2010

    Gah! Every time I see Ant & Dec playing DK on the telly, I have the strongest urge to go out a buy my 3rd Wii.

    It's definitely a case of rose-tinted specs, having played the original DKC on the SNES throughout my first year at Uni.

    I really need to get a grip. I was overcome with the same feeling when Mario Galaxy was released. Bought a Wii, played the game for a month and then sold both realizing I'd made a big error or judgment.

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  • Games That Define Developers

  • Blakester 12/11/2010

    No love for Half-Life 2?

    A game that launched amidst a wave of unreasonably high expectation and surpassed it with ease.

    I think it stands should-to-shoulder with Mario 64 and Occarina of Time as the most playable games every created.
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  • Game Dev Story

  • Blakester 02/11/2010

    Really nice to see a full review of this fabulous game.

    My only gripe is that it only got a 9. Would like to understand what more the game would need to do to secure the 10 considering it offers hours and hours of blissful entertainment for under 2.50
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  • Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

  • Blakester 13/10/2010

    I'd be certain this means a push back to 2011 for the UK. It will be interesting to understand the nature of the delay. Hope it's not connected to flags again :-) Reply +9
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Blakester 19/08/2010

    It's so hard to get excited by this game as it seems to have been in development for as long as Duke Nukem Forever.

    The course maker does sound cool though...
    Reply -33
  • Download Games Roundup

  • Blakester 16/07/2010

    Damn that 59p 'instabuy' price point.

    Probably best not to add them all up :-)
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  • Assassin's will be as big as GTA Ubi

  • Blakester 12/07/2010

    To be honest, who cares about GTA or Assassins Creed when RDR has raised the bar beyond both of them.

    RDR has a believable, living, breathing world that you have to tear yourself away from. Assassins Creed has never had that.
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  • Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

  • Blakester 02/07/2010

    What I want to know is why this guy is being given the right to reply?

    No other developer gets the chance to argue against review scores via a convenient and timely interview...
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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

  • Blakester 01/07/2010

    The series that 'Meh' was made for. Reply -2
  • Alan Wake

  • Blakester 05/05/2010

    Interesting that both Alan Wake and Heavy Rain have turned out to be flawed gems. These types of games are always likely to divide opinion because they rely on emotional investment, and different things affect people differently.

    A 7/10 review suggests to me that it should be played to see if the content matter resonates with the individual. A 10/10 review would have been more disturbing IMO.

    Still, it's kinda funny that a game that's been in development for 5 years is likely to be stinking up 2nd hand bins in a few weeks time.
    Reply +3
  • GTA IV is most expensive game ever

  • Blakester 25/02/2010

    So GTAIV is the Avatar of the games world.

    Hyped to death, fun at the time but ultimately forgettable.
    Reply -36
  • Heavy Rain

  • Blakester 10/02/2010

    I haven't watched any videos and have no plans to play the demo. I just get the feeling that playing with no expectations is the best way forward with this.

    Alas upon reading the review I kept thinking "It sounds a bit like Condemned 1 & 2" . Shudders
    Reply -4
  • Dark Void

  • Blakester 18/01/2010

    I don't see the point of this game.

    A HD update of Amiga/ST classic Rocket Ranger for less than a tenner would be more favourable.
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  • SSFII Turbo HD Remix for PS3 on Thurs

  • Blakester 18/02/2009

    Worst.Timing.Ever. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 2 back to full price at Tesco

  • Blakester 14/10/2008

    I got my order in minutes before the price changed. I sincerely hope they honour it.

    Even if I don't like the game I can trade it in safe in the knowledge I'll get more than 16...
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  • MS on why FFXIII is coming to 360

  • Blakester 08/08/2008

    MS "throwing money at a problem" shocker. Seriously, does anyone believe that Square Enix initiated this discussion?

    Real shades of GTAIV for me. Microsoft anxious about the output of their own development team get out the chequebook to secure another license.

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  • First Half-Life 2: Ep 3 picture surfaces

  • Blakester 11/07/2008

    Best game series ever !! Reply 0
  • Golf: Tee It Up!

  • Blakester 10/07/2008

    TBH, I wouldn't even mention this in the same breath as Everybody Golf World Tour. Not even for 800 points. Reply 0
  • No PAL Paper Mario date yet

  • Blakester 04/04/2007

    "* Heatseeker (Codemasters) - April 2007

    * Eledees (Konami) - April 2007

    * Mario Strikers Charged Football (Nintendo) - 25th May 2007

    * Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Activision) - May 2007

    * Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway) - May 2007

    * Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Ignition) - Q2 2007

    * Metal Slug Anthology (Ignition) - Q2 2007 "

    No offense, but there's nothing here that makes it worthwhile owning a Wii.
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