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  • Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas, has ridable elephants

  • BiscuitPowered 21/03/2014

    Just had a real feeling of emperor's new clothes about it for me.

    Doesn't surprise me to read that as Boycie86 says above, the people who made it weren't expecting it to be as highly rated/successful as it was.
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  • BiscuitPowered 21/03/2014

    @A_FAN cut n paste from somewhere else I had this discussion:

    Mainly the mechanics of the game.

    Itís a big island but actually itís quite empty - thereís not that much to do outside of the main quests.

    There are loot chests and collectables scattered all over the island. The exact location of every single one is marked on your map. Whatís the point of that? Why should I bother to go and find any of them?

    The loot chests themselves normally give you two things Ė a bit of cash and some random piece of junk. The only thing you can use the random junk for is to sell for a bit more cash. Whatís the point of that? I never even needed money anyway, all the guns were given to me just for climbing the towers. Pointless.

    I gave up doing the Path of the Hunter/Rakyat trials/assassination or whatever they were called, they were all basically the same. Pointless.

    I donít think I ever used any of the drug crafting, other than a couple of vials of health potion. Never had any need for them. Pointless.

    Despite not bothering with most of the side challenges I was basically maxed out on XP/skills before I got anywhere near the end of the game, which was actually a bit pointless because half the skills I never even saw an opportunity to use, let alone actually do so. E.g double ledge kill from below. Yes, I was looking for/trying to engineer a chance to use it. Pointless.

    The combat/gunplay wasnít that much fun. Enemies were erratic and on occasion displayed very poor AI. Accidentally touch an allied vehicle while driving along? Oh well, the occupants and anyone else within range is now your sworn enemy and youíll have to kill them all before they kill you.

    Also the narrative was laughable, the 2D characters pathetic. The enemies repeat the same half dozen idiotic phrases over and over and over.

    Solid 8/10. 10/10? Nah.
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  • BiscuitPowered 21/03/2014

    Far Cry 3 was one of the most overrated games of the last gen IMO, but I remain open minded about a number 4.

    /don's neg protection suit
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  • Quake Live out of browser and standalone by year's end

  • BiscuitPowered 08/11/2013

    Quake Live... still the best after all these years :)

    Anyone who liked the Quakecon video and wants to see more, Dreamhack Winter is coming up in a couple of weeks on the 28th Nov - 1st Dec and the Quake Live tournament promises to be a monster... pretty much all the top players will be present.

    The matches will be streamed on Faceit's Twitch channel. Tune in.
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  • Watch Epic explain Unreal Engine 4's fancy pants visual effects

  • BiscuitPowered 23/10/2013

    @jayc1 Who cares? Reply -21
  • First-person sci-fi horror roguelike Routine debuts gameplay

  • BiscuitPowered 25/06/2013

    Looks intense, sort of like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in space.

    Love the VHS style Lunar Software splash screen too
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  • Oh look, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut no longer Wii U exclusive

  • BiscuitPowered 12/06/2013

    Free update as per CD Project RED with The Witcher series please

    Yeah, right.
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  • Sony details final PlayStation 4 tech spec

  • BiscuitPowered 11/06/2013

    What I still want to know is: does either the PS4 or the XBone allow us to use proper input peripherals for FPS games (ie a mouse) this time round? Reply -1
  • The big Battlefield 4 interview: DICE leaves technology behind

  • BiscuitPowered 28/03/2013

    I read the whole 'We're not interested in/we've not spent much time developing/we don't want to talk about the tech' as 'Battlefield 4 will basically be another Battlefield 3 DLC marketed as a new full price release' Reply +5
  • US Senator calls video games "a bigger problem than guns"

  • BiscuitPowered 30/01/2013

    What the...

    This reminds me of those youtube clips of Miss America contestants being asked about something and immediately starting to witter on about world peace instead.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming

  • BiscuitPowered 26/01/2013

    I absolutely love Dead Space, but I don't love it enough to pay for it twice so this time EA can f*** right off. Reply +48
  • Why the Magic of Independent Stores Should Never Be Lost

  • BiscuitPowered 14/04/2012

    Growing up and spending my first 19 years of life in rural Kent, the joys of retro stocking indie stores was always denied to me, would have loved to have a local hangout. The closest in the mid 90's was probably Computerworld in Maidstone, but even that if I remember rightly only really stocked the mainstream stuff.

    At one point that had an upstairs with rows of megadrives and SNES consoles and you could pay to play on them per half hour and select from any of the games they had in stock. They didn't have a second hand section so I never quite worked out if they were then selling those carts in the store (as new) or whatever. Or the general legality of the endeavour as a whole.

    My girlfriend is from Ryde on the Isle of Wight though and there's a little place called Outland which I usually make a trip to when we're down there... a real little aladdin's cave.
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  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • BiscuitPowered 06/02/2012

    Can't contain my inner grammar pedant here....

    "It does have it's faults that would have to ironed out,"

    ... no apostrophe in possessive pronouns

    That is all.
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  • Fear of Failure

  • BiscuitPowered 28/01/2012

    I got double-negged in comments last week for suggesting that Bioshock Infinite is a bit like Dark Souls with its no-turning-back option. Reply -7
  • Fan feedback prompts BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode

  • BiscuitPowered 19/01/2012

    So, like Dark Souls then Reply -3
  • Peter Moore didn't order Dreamcast's death alone

  • BiscuitPowered 09/12/2011


    Yep, even my little brother loves Shenmue and he's never played it, he used to sit and watch me play when he was about 7/8.

    We both firmly agree that if there's one thing we need more of in our lives that nobody out there right now is providing, it's forklift driving sections.

    Come on Sega, get to it.
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  • Valve employee spotted in Half Life 3 shirt

  • BiscuitPowered 03/12/2011

    @Blacqwolf First, that wavy effect inside the orange parts of the logo? Doesn't look very pro at all, and doesn't seem like the sort of thing Valve would do.

    I think it's pretty clear that the 'wavy effect' is an optical effect caused by reflections off the print and the crumpled-ness of the shirt.

    Otherwise, agree totally.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

  • BiscuitPowered 03/12/2011

    Moral of the story: Perhaps, just perhaps, doing 2h16m speed runs might not be the absolute best way to utilise QA time on a game like Skyrim. Reply +73
  • Total Recall MMO announced

  • BiscuitPowered 09/11/2011

    Remaking Total Recall? That's sacriligious enough... but to cast Colin Farrell as Quaid? COLIN FUCKING FARRELL??? Reply +4
  • Microsoft: play Modern Warfare 3 early, risk an Xbox Live ban

  • BiscuitPowered 04/11/2011

    Oh come on, if it's on record, in writing that Live's Director of Policy and Enforcement said :

    "For those asking about MW3 pre-release play: If your copy is legit and obtained legitly, have fun. It's a great game."

    They won't have a leg to stand on banning anyone who plays a bought and paid for copy early.

    Even without the statement, casual gamer goes into shop, knows nothing about release dates, picks up MW3 off the shelf and buys it, takes it home, plays online and gets banned?

    Yeah, that'll fly.
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  • Blizzard sells server blades for charity

  • BiscuitPowered 13/10/2011


    A company thinks of a way to turn a pile of its old junk into money for charity, and people still find something to moan about.
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  • Retrospective: Quake

  • BiscuitPowered 10/10/2011

    Peregrin - " school we'd copy the directory from the CD to a network share, all run from there and then delete the share.

    It wasn't long before I started making my own maps - including modelling our school, which would probably get me detained under anti-terrorism laws nowadays."

    Are you me? :D

    Maps featuring highest on our 16 player after school LAN session (it ran great on a bog standard school issue RM Nimbus Pentium 120!!!)playlist were DM3 (still the greatest FFA deathmatch map ever IMO) followed by community maps Andromeda 9 and Titan 2 (both by Slayer) and another one called Moonglum's Base. Oh, and UKCLDM2

    I got pretty seriously into online QW, vividly remember the days of loading up quakespy, setting up my Qizmo proxy, dialling into Barrysworld late at night and fragging away until the early hours on the Barrysworld servers or my other regular server - 'Quake til Dawn'

    No modern FPS can match the sheer frenetic pace and twitch gameplay of QW.

    Happy days.
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  • Anderson: directors don't know games

  • BiscuitPowered 11/08/2011

    Case in point for me is Doom.

    Changing the interdimensional hell portal/demons flooding through premise of the game to the usual generic science lab experiments/accidental virus/zombies guff just removed the central magic of the game's setting.
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