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  • 1.92GB Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch live

  • BigHairyBear 12/03/2013

    Ok can someone clear this up.. Haven't downloaded Endgame yet..out of HD space..(20gb) was going to wait till i upgrade to bigger HD.. This patch..will my Battlefield run online without it? Have all other DLC and was prepared to wait couple months for Endgame, can I still go online tonite without this patch? (1.2gig left on HD..Not good..) Reply +1
  • WarHawk

  • BigHairyBear 30/08/2007

    I've only had a lil play, but what i saw it was very good.....Going back on tonite, can't wait! Reply -2
  • PSN WarHawk on Thursday

  • BigHairyBear 28/08/2007

    gonna wait for boxed version.....need a headset!!! Reply 0
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

  • BigHairyBear 06/02/2007

    If only they had changed the location then it would be a definate buy.....but as has already been said, mexico again? Expansion at full price..don't think so :( Reply 0
  • GC: WOW Factor

  • BigHairyBear 25/08/2006

    Here's a thought....would MS or Sony want WOW on their consoles?

    I'm thinking in terms of how many Live users would start playing and stop playing any other games...therefore stop buying any other games.

    This has happened to me, tbh the only game I play on PC is WOW,i just don't have time to play any other pc games...what with my pretty active Live account as well, there's only so much gaming one geek can do!

    I seriously think WOW on xbox360 would do big damage to all other 360 games, just because of the nature of the game.
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  • Dead Rising

  • BigHairyBear 19/08/2006

    Sold!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Grid Wars author's reflections

  • BigHairyBear 18/08/2006

    Hmmmm.....Rockstar vs THQ anyone?

    Where will it end?
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  • No Gears demo pre-release

  • BigHairyBear 06/08/2006

    @Bodybuilder....good points,mate, we shall see.....Personally I would have rather had Viva Pinata(or whatever it's called) and Forza2 released at the same time as PS3 just because those two would appeal to a wider I said, looking forward to GOW but I can see it being engulfed with the PS3 razzamatazz unless MC start making more people aware of it's goodness............ Reply 0
  • BigHairyBear 04/08/2006

    Tell you what.....if I was in Epics/Microsofts Marketing Dept. I would be showing teaser trailers for this game NOW on much as I'm looking forward to this game, I just can't see it denting PS3 on launch day.....for example, my 2 sproggloids love games..they won't be the slightest bit interested in GOW when the PS3 is's to,um, Adult Sci-Fi? that the word? Yep, that'll do.....GOW needs to be rammed down everyones throat starting now..Think about it, WE will probably love it but as a Flagship title up against PS3 does it stand a chance with Joe Public?

    Don't think so, my workmates haven't heard of it......they have heard of PS3,though..

    Get advertising ala DS adverts on Channel4.......I'm wasted as a Shoe Repairer, i tells ya!!!
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  • Dead Rising demo out now

  • BigHairyBear 04/08/2006

    Oh c'mon Bob, that's not true..I quite like Darren, raises some good points and has a healthy passion for games......and he's the same age as me and still loves gaming..we are very rare so don't knock us (we might fall over!) ; ) Reply 0
  • BigHairyBear 04/08/2006

    All this talk of V-thigie and framerates will probably be redundant next year when devs get their heads around the hardware.....remember the 360 has not even been out a year, so surely this is down to teething problems?

    Not trying to make excuses...honest! Next year things will be better, chin up!

    Personally I hardly notice this stuff( to busy trying to stay alive!!) when playing on my SDTV but don't be downhearted...look at the last gen first wave of games...hardly pushed the boat out, eh?

    Things will only get better.....
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  • FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

  • BigHairyBear 07/07/2006

    To lose the "smeary vasoline" look on Flatout1 just....shove it in your 360!!!! Looks fantastic and people are still playing it online!

    Hope they make Flatout2 backwards comp as well....
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  • Xbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

  • BigHairyBear 15/06/2006

    Tried Flatout yesterday....looks lovely on the 360 and there's still people playing it online(mostly american)!

    So, c'mon you EG types, grab a cheap copy and get online!
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  • MotoGP '06

  • BigHairyBear 12/06/2006

    God, this is depressing reading....I was going to buy this on Thursday(Payday..), but you buggers have put me off..dunno whether to hug you lot or give you all a dry slap....

    confused Bear....
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  • Forza E3 demo in-game

  • BigHairyBear 05/06/2006

    It would be lovely if they put in a cockpit view as in PGR3 and the upcoming Test Drive but i spose with 300 cars it's asking to much...shame i dunno if i could go back to "car on track" mode and i found the bonnet cam difficult to judge distance between you and the opposition( as lots of swearing online Forza players let me know...), would everyone prefer 150 cars with a cockpit view?

    I would!
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  • PlayStation 3 to cost Ł425

  • BigHairyBear 19/05/2006

    This comments section is pretty interesting....It seems quite a few people want Sony to fail this time round.Fair enough, I'm no Sony fan at all (my ps2 went ages ago in exchange for my xbox..) but I know they have been pretty much totally responsible for the gaming industry's success over the last few years.
    In fact, thinking about it, everyone of my friends/work buddies has a console of some sort in their home..whether it's for their kids or themselves, they are all pretty savied up when it comes to games...and yes,most are ps2's. I remember when I was the only one out of our "crowd" who owned a the industry is huge and lot's of people enjoy gaming as much as film or sport. Now think back a minute...Isn't this what us gamers always wanted? Who bought this about? MS?Sega?Ninty?....

    My point is this...I really hope you lot are wrong and Sony don't fail..if they ended up doing a "Sega" as far as gaming consoles go, who will we be left with?

    Could we Really trust MS and Ninty with the future of our hobby?

    Don't get me wrong...I'm not getting a PS3, but only cos I would be strung up by the other half( the 360 purchase was a tactical masterpiece which i couldn't get away with again!!) but I think the gaming world would be in a poor state without Sony..The success or failure of the PS3/Blue-ray is going to have a dramatic effect on our much loved hobby...."you mark my words,youngsters!"

    I know I've gone off at a tangent a bit, but it's always worried me how many gamers want the biggest gaming company to destory itself..I dunno just seems daft to me....
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  • WoW: The Burning Crusade

  • BigHairyBear 13/05/2006

    Looks old now.....Just started my first month on EQ2...blimey,looks soooo much better and seems to have a lot more depth...we shall see! Reply 0
  • Valve pledges support to 360

  • BigHairyBear 26/04/2006

    Half-Life 2 xbox version-CS:Source=Bad Sales.....nuff said ,silly Valve, what were they thinking?

    Anyway....thinking about it, a really good 1st game for 360 would be their Multiplayer package, CS:S,DoD:S and HL2:Deathmatch..reckon it would sell Buckets!

    Or maybe their new Sin episodes?
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  • Perfect Dark DLC, demo soon

  • BigHairyBear 25/04/2006

    I'm well pleased a demo's coming out! Just picked up my 360 last Sunday and although I got 4 cracking games with it (GRAW,TL:Legends,PZ3 and Oblivion) I need an online Deathmatch type game soon and can't choose between this and Quake4...

    The reviews about both games on the 'net are very confusing...some love them,some hate them, it really is 50/50.....can anyone here recommend which one?

    Played the Q4 demo and the multiplayer was great fun,pure Deathmatch madness,which is what I'm after...but is PDZ busier/better?

    Completly skint( not suprised!!) so it's a pretty Big decision......

    ta for any input..
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  • Prey

  • BigHairyBear 25/04/2006

    You miserable old buggers!!!

    Looks great!!

    I dunno...seems the EG collective is becoming very jaded lately...where's the passion gone, guys?

    Moan,Moan etc etc.... :P

    loves Bear

    ps....enjoy gaming for what it may even have a bit of fun!
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  • Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

  • BigHairyBear 31/03/2006

    Haven't got a 360 yet but was looking to see the reviews of this game before I treated myself to a Planegame for my humble xbox....not good it seems,so....on xbox1 we have Crimson Skies,Weapons over Normandy and Heroes of the Pacific...which one to get? Eh?Eh?

    Is Crimson still busy online?Or how about Heroes?SWON isn't online I take it?


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  • Try out Savage 2 for free

  • BigHairyBear 29/03/2006

    Hang on..../checks pc games shelf.......I've got the first Savage, which I bought ages ago for a couple of quid in a sale, but Ive never installed it, let alone played it!
    Is it any good then? Does anyone play? Eh?Eh?
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