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  • Sci-fi horror Dead Space is currently free on PC

  • BigDannyH 13/02/2018

    @tacc I played a bit of the third one late last year and the crafting system was so poor. Not in the sense that I felt I needed to spend money, just too much going on and had no idea what I should be making.

    Thing is, it still looked pretty good! I just found the weapon building really confusing.
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  • BigDannyH 13/02/2018

    Great game.

    I remember it being really polished and atmospheric when I played it (which was apparently 10 years ago!!!!).
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  • Overwatch, Pokémon dominated Pornhub's most popular game characters of 2017

  • BigDannyH 10/01/2018


    That comment did make me chuckle, good work!
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  • Jelly Deals: GAME is selling PlayStation VR with Resi 7, GT Sport and more for £350

  • BigDannyH 25/10/2017

    @Wayne Aye, which is much better than Sky Sports SD.

    Sky wanted me to subscribe to everything (entertainment, kids stuff etc) in order to get HD - would’ve been about £35 extra a month pushing it up towards a ton. Fook that. 720p is fine by me.
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  • BigDannyH 25/10/2017

    @MrLovePump Agreed, I’ve gone NowTV. Way better quality picture than SD Sky Sports too. Reply +3
  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite review

  • BigDannyH 19/09/2017

    @Number1Laing man, MvC3 really did look great.

    The only problem with MvC3 was that they apparently had issues patching it because they had to run stuff past Marvel.

    I honestly think if they had been able to nerf a few moves so we didn't see the likes of Doom in every bloody team and had realeased some DLC characters they could have extended the life span of that game (beyond the dedicated hardcore) by years.
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  • Capcom accidentally reveals its entire Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite esports business plan on YouTube

  • BigDannyH 09/08/2017

    While the video leak is a dumb thing to do, I'm not sure why it's harmful. They're trying to make their game into a sport so that they can make sponsorship money ... not sure who's being hurt by this.

    Whether they can succeed is another matter. The game needs to be good for the FGC to take it up. But if there's money to be made by the players, it's a win for them.
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  • The hackers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  • BigDannyH 01/08/2017

    @andyhair My thoughts exactly, they're just so self-centred.

    Can you imagine playing 5-a-side with someone and, every time you were about to shoot (everybody's favourite bit), they grabbed you or pushed you out the way just so their team wouldn't concede because "that's not enjoyable for them". I guarantee they wouldn't get invited back to play again.
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  • Here's a brand new card from Hearthstone's next expansion

  • BigDannyH 28/07/2017

    Top story, no comments.

    Seems an alright card to me.
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  • The past, present and future of Battlegrounds - according to PlayerUnknown

  • BigDannyH 26/07/2017

    Currently studying for an exam and had Ian, Aoife and Bratterz' stream replay on in the background last night. Was very funny when Aoife and Chris ran after one guy, laughing hysterically as they had no weapons and couldn't catch him. Ian rolls up with a scoped rifle, proceeds to hit thin air before the guy finds a car and runs them all over.

    Not their finest run be one of their funniest!
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  • The more I see of Street Fighter 5's Abigail, the more I love him

  • BigDannyH 20/07/2017

    I'm sure Capcom would agree, as I do, that no arcade mode was a shocker. It's surprising they haven't added something in yet.

    Also, the horrendous difficulty spikes killed the survival mode.

    I think they fancied they could crack esports and get some of that crazy LoL following. Personally I think they struggle because there's no one else to blame when you get walloped. The only other single-player game I can think of that gets that sort of following is Hearthstone, but that's less brutal and you can blame luck (either the draw or the RNG).

    They defo made mistakes, but I think the underlying game is far better than it's reputation.
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  • BigDannyH 20/07/2017


    I dunno, the game worked for me off the bat and I've put in a ton of time since it released. I never felt I'd been ripped off.

    The fight money is rubbish, but I don't think they fully committed to it. I think it's a stretch to call it a free to play game.

    The absence of arcade mode is a bit of a mystery. Ok, they didn't release an arcade version of the game, but it doesn't seem like that difficult a mode to throw in.

    Also, while lots of people voted with their wallets, there has been a hell of a lot of whinging too!
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  • BigDannyH 20/07/2017

    I know it's hip to hate on SFV, but I love it.

    I think it's biggest problem is it's different to SF4. I feel it's far more set-up heavy, although that may be because I wasn't as good at SF4. It can feel horrible when you're pinned in, scared to press a button.

    The additional input lag doesn't help things, but the l pros seem to be getting on with it. I'm not sure why it's there, but I suspect it may have been to try and equalise online and offline play (most of the best players now can be seen at the top of the online leaderboards).

    Also, they have managed to balance the roster well. Loved seeing Gief & Sim in top 8 as they have very unique play styles. I like that you can win with defensive players like Guile & Nash, but ultimately Tokida stormed through them with his aggressive glass-cannon Akuma.

    I'm not sure what Capcom need to do in order to get the general punter on board, and I suspect it may never happen, but I do think they've made a good SF game.
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  • Tokido crowned Street Fighter 5 Evo 2017 champion

  • BigDannyH 17/07/2017

    Even though I avoided EG today for explicitly this reason, I'm surprised by the headline.

    It's inconsistent with the site in general (it's not an esports site) and in previous years where you've been conscious not to spoil the result.

    I understand your reasoning, but I don't think EG's there yet.

    Cracking top 8 though.
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  • Watch: The video team fights to the death

  • BigDannyH 09/07/2017

    I had no interest in this game until I saw you guys play. Looks like a laugh. Reply +2
  • Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

  • BigDannyH 06/07/2017


    You're not wrong, but it's hard to begrudge the developers wanting their game to have another chance to find an audience, or the producers weighing up the lower risk porting costs with a chance to make a bit of money.

    More to the point, is this worth a non-Wii U owner taking a punt on? Definitely looks a bit different.
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  • Jelly Deals: Steam Link discounted to its lowest ever price, Steam Controller available for £28

  • BigDannyH 22/06/2017

    Steam link is ace when wired up (wouldn't even begin to work on my not great WiFi).

    I recently purchased power line adapters based on someone here's recommendation and it's a bit of a game changer. My PC is decent enough to run most current games well so, now I have the option to easily stream them to my living room TV, I've been purchasing single-player games from Steam rather than on my PS4.
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  • The E3 Bulletin: Monday

  • BigDannyH 12/06/2017

    What was the game at the Xbox conference with the really cool pixel-art style graphic?. It was part pixel-art, part 2.5D, had awesome lighting and looked a bit Blade Runner steam punk.

    Very pretty.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda patch makes Jaal bi

  • BigDannyH 07/06/2017

    I've not played Andromeda, mainly because I've been put off by the marketing focusing on how you can shag everybody.

    I've no problem with same-sex romances etc., it's just the marketing came across as though the producers thought Mass Effect was popular because of the ability to have sex with other characters. It was so much more than that for me.

    Don't get me wrong, my Shepherd wasn't celibate or anything, but the best bit about ME for me was building non-romantic relationships with all my crew.

    The buddy missions in ME2 were ace. They built the characters up well and made it really sting when a couple of them snuffed it later on. You don't have to bonk someone to care about them.

    TLDR - I thought the Andromeda marketing made it look like they'd missed the point of ME crew relationships.
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  • HTC Vive now offers two-year £35 monthly financing option

  • BigDannyH 16/05/2017

    @tennocyte EG have mugged you right off today, three reviews in a few hours!

    Or maybe they read your comment and knuckled down.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • BigDannyH 28/04/2017

    I thought it was a good series.

    From memory, she says at the beginning that she's a fan of games and not trying to slag off the quality of the games themselves, just trying to highlight the tropes that everyone might be able to do better to avoid in the future. That's how I remember it coming across at the time.

    For me, the hate she received was absolutely insane. Regardless of whether you agree with every single example she gave, surely people can see that lots of female characters are over-sexualised, often treated as damsels in distress, female versions of male characters (with a bow in their hair) etc. Not sure why people got so upset.
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  • Dawn of War 3 review

  • BigDannyH 28/04/2017

    Quite the spectacle, even if my friend did have to 'suddenly leave' soon after.

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  • Capcom tweaks Street Fighter 5 Thailand stage due to "unintentional religious references"

  • BigDannyH 27/04/2017

    I'm not sure who they're worried about offending, Muslims or non-Muslims?

    Is it blasphemous to include Islamic chants in an entertainment product?

    Or are Capcom worried people will claim they're trying to project religion on to them?

    I imagine a corporation like Capcom just have a policy to remove any religious references to avoid the possibility of offending anyone. Not the worst idea.
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  • Eight new characters confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

  • BigDannyH 25/04/2017

    "When's Mahvel?"
    "When's Mahvel?"
    "When's Mahvel?"

    It's coming out later this year and you'll need to pay for some DLC if you want to play all the characters.

    "Fuck you Capcom!"

    Ok, not gonna argue that announcing DLC now is a great way to get people on board, but was pretty inevitable and I'd rather know before buying the vanilla version.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs £35

  • BigDannyH 19/04/2017

    I own a Switch. Love Street Fighter (including SFV which the general gamer seems to hate). Was even defending the pricing of DLC on SFV earlier. But £35 is way outside my budget for this title.

    I guess it would only be a bit of fun for me, not gonna be my SF game or platform. I think £10 is more my price.
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  • Street Fighter 5 gets iconic Thailand stage as DLC

  • BigDannyH 19/04/2017

    @StanDarsh I think they ballsed up the fight money. I don't think they fully committed to it. In theory, anything purchasable through fight money can be purchased for free I guess.

    They gave us "story mode", which apparently people were desperate for. No idea why they've not done an arcade mode?

    I'm in agreement that the launch was mishandled, but I don't think that means everything should be free forever. I don't think they're quite as desperate for players as an FPS that stumbles at launch, not as much extremely similar opposition.
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  • BigDannyH 19/04/2017

    @StanDarsh Arcade mode I'll give you, but not everything needs to be free. Reply +11
  • British terror hoaxer charged after US gamer shot by cops

  • BigDannyH 11/04/2017

    He's 21? That's way too old not not fully understand the consequences of his actions. Reply +1
  • Watchdog bans Mobile Strike ad featuring curvy models in bikinis

  • BigDannyH 05/04/2017

    This is an odd advert?

    I agree it doesn't ogle too much, and could be argued as slightly progressive by using plus size models, but, ultimately, what do bikini clad women have to do with the game?

    It really is difficult to imagine a future where advertisers stop using attractive women to get the viewers attention. A very sad thought.
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  • The anatomy of a Street Fighter

  • BigDannyH 04/04/2017

    I remember them saying the exaggerate the bits you're supposed to be watching out for.

    Explains why Laura's hands and feet are like Shaq's!
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  • Meet the volunteer coaches making the world better at Street Fighter 5

  • BigDannyH 04/04/2017

    Great article Wes.

    The Fighting Game Community has a bit of a bad reputation for some reason, yet all I ever see is lots of players continually trying to help others improve.

    The online shooter community always seems much worse to me. I think because it's easy to blame your team when you lose. Not much to hide behind in a 1-on-1 game.
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  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • BigDannyH 03/04/2017

    @muro I wonder if the fact they release on Windows 10 & Xbox is supposed to be an incentive to the publishers (bigger audience)? Although the higher prices and lower pirating incentive of console gaming is lost.

    I agree that it doesn't really hurt the consumers. Kind of a second-order impact on XB1 owners of less people buying XB1s as they can use their PC, which means less incentives for developers to make XB1 games etc. But there appear to be loads of XB1 games released, I don't think it's the Wii ghost-town just yet.
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  • Zelda patch improves frame-rate on Switch

  • BigDannyH 01/04/2017

    That's my whole point though. The game's massive and complex and they've been working on it for probably 5-6 years, yet they can improve something so fundamental in just a couple of weeks?

    I imagine there are probably developers begging for some time to optimise, but they're only given permission once the game's been shipped and it becomes apparent to the top dogs that it's more of an issue than they thought. Then they probably get all hands on deck.

    Must be frustrating to the developers.
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  • BigDannyH 31/03/2017

    @peterfll yeah, I can kind of understand oddities and bugs as you've gotta ship it at some point, but they must've seen frame rate dips ages ago.

    I don't think the frame rate dips are game breaking, especially given how much amazing stuff you can do in the game, but it's weird to hear they can significantly improve the performance so soon after release.
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  • BigDannyH 31/03/2017

    Defo don't want to complain, but I find it crazy how they can make improvements to games this big in just a few weeks. Then you have to question why they didn't do it prior to release.

    Obviously must be a reason, just baffling.
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  • Fake news! Did Final Fantasy 15's reworked Chapter 13 just get political?

  • BigDannyH 27/03/2017


    It feels to me when a bully at school gets called something he doesn't understand (let's say, pretentious), goes away, discovers what it means and then comes back shouting loudly that the person who accused them of being pretentious is actually way more pretentious.

    Basically the weakest comeback possible.
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  • BigDannyH 27/03/2017

    I find it weird that, all through his campaign, Trump was sending out loads of unverified statements that turned out to be false. But, now he's in office, it's his team that keep complaining about "fake news". Reply +59
  • Left Joy-Con issues resolved for future units, Nintendo claims

  • BigDannyH 22/03/2017

    @MrDurandPierre I'm in that faulty group.

    It's not impossible to cope with, just can't hold it in my lap with my beefy legs between the controller and the unit, but it'd definitely "faulty".
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  • BigDannyH 22/03/2017

    I love my Switch, but this is bull shit.

    I'll get by with the left controller I've got, but don't tell me it's not faulty.

    Bull shit.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • BigDannyH 20/03/2017

    This reviewing poorly is a shame. Still, when the recent marketing kept mentioning how you could "bang" certain squad mates, it did ring some alarm bells. Yes, of course everyone did it in the original ME trilogy, but that wasn't the whole point of the game?

    The best I can hope for now is that people start looking at ME3 in a better light (I thought it really wasn't a bad game at all).
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  • Breath of the Wild shows Nintendo is learning from PC games

  • BigDannyH 16/03/2017

    "A lighter tone suits the immersive sim" - couldn't agree more.

    I find games like Skyrim, as BOTW has been compared continuously, intimidating and bleak looking (although I understand they have a great sense of humour when you play them). Disguising BOTW as a fun Zelda game, with all the charm that comes with it, has tricked me into playing and enjoying this type of open-world game.

    I enjoy most Zelda games, but this is by far the most fascinating!
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  • Nintendo investigating Switch Joy-Con issues

  • BigDannyH 13/03/2017

    I've played quite a bit of Zelda on the big screen, only came across this issue last night.

    Was sat back on the sofa, feet on the coffee table and the controller in my lap, so was just not able to get the signal through my thigh.

    It's very poor but, in reality, not actually that big a deal for me. Only cut out for a second or so and I just took my feet off the coffee table.

    Sounds like a hardware issue, so I think I'm going to have to live with it.
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  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • BigDannyH 08/03/2017

    The "hastily launched hardware" reputation going around is a shame. Obviously if people are having problems then they should let everyone know but, as someone luckily without left joycon issues (yet), I'm thoroughly impressed by the hardware.

    If someone is expecting PS4 power and demands 1080/60 for all games, then it's not for them. But I reckon most people would be quite impressed if they tried one out.
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  • BigDannyH 08/03/2017

    It's a great handheld. I bought it as Vita fan rather than a Nintendo fan (although I've always loved Zelda games).

    I would be playing it on the train right now, but the bloody travel cases are sold out!
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • BigDannyH 02/03/2017

    Wow, what a great review!

    I defy anyone to read that and not want to give the game a whirl.

    Good work Oli!
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  • Yes, Nintendo Switch games really do taste bad on purpose

  • BigDannyH 02/03/2017

    My favourite Switch launch article yet! Reply +4
  • Super Bomberman R shows a side of the Switch that's a little unloved at launch

  • BigDannyH 02/03/2017

    @PinktotheLast Yeah, I need the grey one if I'm going to whip it out on the the train (the Switch, that is).

    I reckon (or at least hope) they're redistributing all the cancelled pre-orders among the newer pre-orderers.
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  • BigDannyH 02/03/2017

    @PinktotheLast Ditto

    I didn't order it until a week ago, so I'm assuming
    I'm bottom of the queue. When did you order yours?
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  • Jelly Deals: A PS4 Slim with Nioh or Horizon: Zero Dawn and an extra controller costs you £230 today

  • BigDannyH 27/02/2017

    @gillri I skipped the Wii U as it didn't seem like a great home console, whereas the Switch looks like a really good handheld.

    I'm not 100% getting the Switch on launch, but I think I'll get one eventually and can't see the price going down significantly any time soon. So, as a fan of handheld consoles, I'm thinking I'll do the early adopter thing.
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  • BigDannyH 27/02/2017

    I'm refusing the let this put me off buying a Switch for £280. Although I may have a little cry afterwards.

    I really hope the pro controller isn't a necessity for the Switch, it's £20 more than a DS4 (which I'm sure is also a superior controller).
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