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  • White Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle cut to £279.99

  • BigDannyH 03/03/2015

    I haven't formed an opinion yet, other than I was surprised people liked a game that, for all the reviews I read and videos I watched, seemed totally unappealing.

    I loved Resistance 3 and own an XB1, so I was paying attention, but have never had an urge to pick Sunset up.
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  • BigDannyH 02/03/2015

    I'm surprised to hear so many people liked Sunset Overdrive, everything I saw (collect-a-thon missions, combat that appeared fun on paper but annoying in practice, triple-hipster characters) put me off.

    I think the characters were the most upsetting. Was it them who did a great trailer for Fuse, then removed all the characters and replaced them with dullards? Maybe I'm getting this twisted but, if it was them, they appeared to me to have gone overboard in the opposite direction with Sunset O.
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  • Apotheon review

  • BigDannyH 02/03/2015

    The same boss hit me through the door. I was gutted as I really wanted to fight him.

    I have to admit, I wasn't completely sold on it anyway. I may revisit in the future but there appear to be a few decent downloadable games coming out over the next couple of months that'll push it down the list.
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  • Titan Souls gets an April release date

  • BigDannyH 27/02/2015

    Well said.

    To be honest, this was a list of Vita games to me, and I'm fine with that. Happy days.
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  • Looks like Destiny is getting a new social space in the Reef

  • BigDannyH 26/02/2015

    Man, I've not played Destiny in ages. Expensive DLC killed it for me.

    Might jump on at the weekend for a quick hand cannon spree.
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  • Renegade Kid's metroidvania Xeodrifter is coming to PS4 and Vita

  • BigDannyH 26/02/2015

    Wait a second, what are these other recent Vita Metroidvanias? Because I loved Guacamelee, easily my favourite Vita game.
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  • Sony's big new three-year strategy bets on PS4

  • BigDannyH 18/02/2015

    Cool, good to know. My good experience with the tablet already had me considering Sony for my next upgrade.

    It's strange how bad Sony seem to be at selling what always feel like great products? Samsung's are all over the place, they don't have the same issue?
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  • BigDannyH 18/02/2015

    I don't think anyone here doubts Sony's ability to build a games console (PS4 is in top spot and I'm still baffled by the 3DS's dominance over the Vita) but I generally like all my Sony products. While I've never owned one of their TVs, their headphones are good and I recently traded in my old iPad mini and got myself a Z2 tablet, which is ace!

    I can't speak for their phones though. Anyone had any good (or bad) experienced since they split from the Swedes?
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  • Evolve review

  • BigDannyH 16/02/2015

    i wonder how long it'll take for us to stop commenting on EG's review score system? 90% of the comments are back and forth about the lack of number at the moment.

    While people will always think the games they like deserve to be bumped up to Recommended or Essential, at least we don't have to deal with idiots moaning over something "only getting an 8".

    Also, removing themselves from the nonsense metacritic / collusion accusations was a great call.

    Right, gonna try not to comment on the system again. I expect this to be difficult.
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  • BigDannyH 16/02/2015

    Watched a bit of the Beta on Twitch. At first it looked so good I thought there was no way I wouldn't buy it. Then, the more I watched, the more I thought I wouldn't like it.

    It seems to do so much right. A first person shooter that's co-op heavy with a new concept that looks great and really polished. But when I was watching people play, it seemed like a constant slog of a chase followed by spamming a bullet sponge and seeing who died first.

    I know it's more than that, but the pacing just seemed off. The chase-part could represent a slower pace, but it didn't seem like you could relax, you still had to be on point constantly running after something just out of reach. Then the fight looked too hectic.

    I think I'll definitely play this at some point, as they've tried something different, but I can't see myself enjoying it enough to drop £50 on it.
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  • The Escapists review

  • BigDannyH 12/02/2015

    I dunno. I had a scroll down the Reviews section and there's quite a few "nothings". Dying Light for example.

    Hopefully it's just been a good month so far.
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  • BigDannyH 12/02/2015

    This new rating system really makes sense to me.

    I'll see a review up and the Essential, Recommended or non-existent tag immediately tells me something interesting. Could be a game I know little about that is recommended, so I'll then have a read of what it's about. Or maybe it's a better known game that isn't recommended, in which case I'll have a read to find out what the reviewer doesn't like. Either way, the system works.

    Feels like a good call EG.
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  • Destiny: House of Wolves release date narrowed, major expansion this autumn

  • BigDannyH 06/02/2015

    I welcome the changes, but sounds like I'm going to have to learn the game again.

    Pulse rifles were pretty shit previously, the impact is just so low.

    I found dying to fusion rifles more annoying than the shotgun, as if you end up right next to someone with a shotty, what do you think's going to happen? Fusion rifles would intstakill from quite far away. Although if they get nerfed, they may become unusable.

    Personally I just love rocking a hand cannon, too much fun.
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  • Stylish Persona 5 trailer shows off gameplay, cut-scenes, cats

  • BigDannyH 05/02/2015

    Persona with added cats.

    Yes please.
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  • Nintendo clarifies YouTube revenue share program, asks users to delete non-Nintendo videos

  • BigDannyH 05/02/2015

    This whole thing is bit weird.

    It sounds mental that they'll ask for 40% of someone's ad revenue for a video they worked on. But, at the same time, the maker of the video is benefitting hugely from the use Nintendo's art (including the visuals, music and game mechanics).

    It's definitely a symbiotic relationship with the obvious benefit to the game publisher being free exposure / advertising. I think that makes sense and is about fair, but I can also see Nintendo's point of view.

    I'm surprised they're moving from a 0% cut to a 40% cut, but I guess they feel they hold all the cards. I think they're over-valuing their games' appeal to the YouTube audience.

    Slippery slope for those Youtubers signing up, does set a precedent.
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  • Editor's blog: Introducing Eurogamer's new video team

  • BigDannyH 05/02/2015

    Ahh, so that's where Bratt's gone. Good lad, enjoy his work. Good on a podcast, too. Reply +3
  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • BigDannyH 28/01/2015

    Never used Maps / Near, but youtube looked lovely on the Vita.

    Having said that, youtube crashed occasionally when searching subs / watch later lists.

    The Vita never quite felt right when used like a tablet. It just felt weird with the sticks and buttons on the front and the web browser isn't the best. In hindsight the tablet functionality is wasted as everyone already has a smartphone that does it all way better.

    The Vita is a great bit of kit. In fact, the only thing I'd change would be to replace the back touchpad with some kind of L2 / R2 buttons and it'd be ideal.
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  • Pokémon, Smash Bros. sales help Nintendo back to profit

  • BigDannyH 28/01/2015

    Nintendo are so frustrating. They decided not to compete directly with Sony and MS, which is fine. I'll abuts have to ccept that our paths have separated. But had they released a powerful machine with modern network connectivity that could handle current 3rd party games but with the added bonus of Zelda, I'd probably punt my PS4 out the window to make room for it.

    As it stands, I still feel too burned by the Wii to even think about buying a Wii U. They did brilliantly selling the Wii (100m units) but they're lack of support seems to have hurt them this gen.
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  • Man's basic invention levels Destiny character while he sleeps

  • BigDannyH 20/01/2015

    Destiny is a funny old game. They created a lovely looking world but didn't tell much of a story within that world? The characters were poor, un-memorable and massively lacking in wit or charm. Criminal for any story.

    However, the minute to minute shooting was so good it was still fun to play the missions, although they wore thin pretty fast. But I'm still enjoying the multiplayer a lot.

    The guns have the most character in Destiny. I Was never one for getting too excited for CoDs guns, they're all so bland. But the Destiny guns are pretty distinct with their own little quirks. Combined with the loot mechanics it made me really enjoy trying out and levelling up new legendary and exotic weapons.

    Then there's the raid.

    The first time I played through the raid was my most fun gaming in years. I found it fascinating. Felt like a genuine adventure where I had no idea what would happen next.

    So yeah, funny old game.
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  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • BigDannyH 16/01/2015

    I went against the grain, purchasing my XB1 last year and PS4 this year. Ending up costing me a few bob but I have a Kinect, which is something I guess.

    Got a decent deal on the PS4 though. Swings and roundabouts.
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  • Untangling Evolve's convoluted DLC plan

  • BigDannyH 15/01/2015

    I'm all for Devs making money off their work, but they really do make it hard for consumers to get on board when we know our £50 only gets us part of the game.

    I think, if the base game is £45-50, any DLC should only be about £5 and should be a little extra for the hardcore fans.

    Bigger expansions for £10-15 are ok, but are annoying when they come out a few weeks after launch and split the community in two.
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  • Xbox One gets tile transparency with new update

  • BigDannyH 14/01/2015

    My favourite of all the updates to the UI is being able to use the snap function without having to shout "Xbox snap friends" into the ether, which was always followed by a moment of anxiety while I waited to see if my machine was listening to me. Reply +7
  • The evolution of Xbox One - as told by the SDK leak

  • BigDannyH 11/01/2015

    I got my Xbox One at launch and I've never had an issue with how it runs games. They all seem to run smoothly and look lovely. I guess ignorance is bliss.

    I have recently purchased a PS4. Again, the games run well and look great, and the controller is so much better than the PS3 one. Can't say I notice the difference in how the games run vs. the XB1 but I doubt anyone could without running the same game side-by-side with analysis software.

    However, I have no idea what MS were thinking about by putting so many of their eggs in the Kinect basket? It's a decent mic, which means you don't have to wear a headset, and I do use the voice recognition capabilities more often than I thought I would when watching Netflix. But there's no need for the camera for gaming or UI controls. Even having Skype in snap mode, which could be good, only let's you Skype one person at a time so it's pointless for party chat.

    I can't believe they dedicated a decent chunk of processing power towards Kinect, a device no-one really wanted, and asked people to pay £100 for the privilege.
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  • Xbox avatars to get improved graphics, new features

  • BigDannyH 05/01/2015

    I thought they'd completely ditched avatars, and I can't say I miss them. Reply +5
  • Going Rogue: Christmas break in Nuclear Throne

  • BigDannyH 05/01/2015

    Superb game, tough as hell though.

    I hope it's selling well enough to support their constant development of it, Vlambeer are excellent.
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  • Destiny image reportedly reveals major Plague of Darkness expansion

  • BigDannyH 02/01/2015

    The DLC broke my Destiny addiction. I've still popped on for a few MP sessions but being locked out of daily and weekly missions helped me break free.

    I still feel it's a great game but, considering it asks you to constantly repeat missions, the DLC needed to be a lot bigger. I think each one needs to add about 4 strikes, not 1 (if you're an Xboxer).

    I'll still read the articles though, Wes. Keep up the good work.
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  • Games of 2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • BigDannyH 29/12/2014

    Just finished this at 1.30am last night / this morning. Fantastic game.

    I think I must've stuck 20 hours into it because I just got caught up in wanting kill or brand all the captains. I can't imagine how much time they spent recording dialog and creating all the unusual looking Uruks, but the result is fantastic! It feels like unlimited bad guys all who have character and are therefore interesting. Most games struggle to make one interesting bad guy who you genuinely want to stop, they're 10 a penny in Mordor.

    Also, while the combat is clearly copied from Batman, some credit should be given to how well they pulled it off (I can't think of any other game that's done this well). In fact, I'd say that it trumps Batman due to there actually being some consequence to you dying. Watching those bastards celebrating while they levelled up and got promoted left me cursing. Especially when it was some little grunt with a spear who literally makes a name for himself by getting the final blow on you.

    I sunk more hours into Destiny, and I do really like that game, but I think Shadow of Mordor might be my personal GOTY.
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  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • BigDannyH 26/12/2014

    I agree the Tower has a lot of potential. You need to go there regularly and are often stuck waiting there for 5 mins while your team are getting bounties etc. The area is ripe for pissing about in.

    Kicking the ball about and jumping on the fan is fun, but only the first couple of times. Not sure what the solution is though?
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  • BigDannyH 26/12/2014

    I really enjoyed Destiny, until the Internet told me I shouldn't. Reply +2
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets Halo 4's Spartan Ops

  • BigDannyH 23/12/2014

    So, is MCC working now?

    Seemed like such a good deal that really went wrong.
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  • Last-gen revisited: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • BigDannyH 17/12/2014

    I can confirm that Destiny is excellent on the 360, only falling short of its XB1 brethren in clarity of image. There's no doubt the XB1 looks prettier, but the 360 version is still a looker and plays exactly the same. The lobbies feel more populated, too. I'm often the only guy on XB1 in a PvE area which makes the public events either very hard or impossible.

    It's a shame Mordor doesn't follow suit but I guess Bungie have got a lot more resources available. Credit where it's due, though.
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  • Trine: Enchanted Edition is due this week on PS4

  • BigDannyH 16/12/2014

    I've got Trine 2 through PS+. I've played the intro a couple of times but not for long, worth sticking with?

    Does it need to be played in MP?
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  • First Street Fighter 5 match reveals new mechanics

  • BigDannyH 15/12/2014

    I hadn't thought about the fact it needs to be local. Lag is a reasonable issue at all levels.

    I think the speed of the game is one of its strengths at all levels, and the Japanese play a lot of 1st to 5 or 7 games which may satisfy the sponsors. Just a game brimming with potential.

    I love the character specialist who pop up and dominate for a period. Wolfkrone, Poonko, and more recently Smug & Pepeday.

    Also, talking of comebacks and character specialists, Snake Eyez' reverse OCD for team WNF earlier this year was one of my sporting highlights. Fantastic!
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  • BigDannyH 15/12/2014

    Sorry, didn't quite communicate what I meant. I'm a regular viewer of all the tournaments, I'd say it's the "sport" I watch most of outside of football. I just don't understand why it's viewing figures aren't anywhere near that of League, Dota, Starcraft and Hearthstone.

    To be fair, the only one of the above I've ever played is Hearthstone, which is a good game. Doesn't come close to Street Fighter as a sport/game to watch for me though.

    I feel I t's far easier for an uneducated viewer to understand on a base level who's winning and shifts in momentum than most competitive games, too. You won't understand the insane skill the top players have until you know the game better, but you can at least follow the general action.

    I can't really explain, but I just feel it should be even more popular than it is.
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  • BigDannyH 15/12/2014

    While Street Fighter V is a very exciting prospect to me, I didn't think the demo looked like a huge graphical improvement. Early days I guess.

    I have no idea why Street Fighter isn't more popular in the competitive gaming scene, it's fantastic. I feel it's one of the best 1-on-1 competitive games about, but doesn't have anywhere near the following of the big PC powerhouses (League etc.). Still seems to be a niche within a niche. I think it doesn't do a good enough job explaining it's systems to new players and there ends up being quite a big barrier to entry.
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  • Destiny: The Dark Below review

  • BigDannyH 15/12/2014

    Thanks for confirming. Although I didn't like the answer!

    Some of the decisions Bungie have made with this DLC release seems to be to the detriment of those who've played it the most? Making older gear out-of-date is annoying. You'd be better off not having levelled up exotics as, when you re-base them, it makes no difference to the new start point. And, had I not played the game the way I was supposed to and levelled all the factions up, it'd be easier to get commendations.

    The annoying thing is, all the changes they made in the months before the DLC dropped were great. They had improved the game.
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  • BigDannyH 15/12/2014

    The need for Crucible Commendations to buy new gear is winding me up. I've got over 150 marks but can't buy the shiny new weapons as I don't have another new form of currency.

    Do you get these commendations randomly as drops when you hand in bounties? I heard you get them from levelling up vendors which, having gotten all but the FWC past level 3 makes me feel I'm going to have to wait a while for my first commendation.

    They did fix the material farming, can't complain about that. Adding another new currency is annoying though.

    Also, price of the DLC ruled me out. I don't mind DLC but not supporting this price model.
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  • Which is the better media player? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One revisited

  • BigDannyH 14/12/2014

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Fanboys of any console seem to lack perspective. How sensitive must you be to feel the need to defend your console purchase against the slightest criticism?
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  • BigDannyH 14/12/2014

    We should all be thankful that super smart people like Otis_Inf are about to explain to us simpletons what's "really going on".

    The brass balls on some people in these comments sections will never cease to amaze me. I always wonder whether the likes of Otis are as patronising to people face to face and how often they get decked for doing so.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • BigDannyH 12/12/2014

    The only thing I don't understand about your comment is how a handful of people have down-voted it?

    Well said.
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  • The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

  • BigDannyH 10/12/2014

    I've no real issue with the DLC itself, and I'm not against DLC for games I love at all, but the price has forced my hand so far. Too much for added content, especially when the Americans don't have to pay as much vs. the full price game.

    As for Destiny as a whole, I still think it's a good game. Undeniably thin and repetitive for how the loot is set up. The loot expects you to grind for 100s of hours but the game doesn't have enough content to support that.

    The PVP is great fun though (if a little short on maps). I love how the varied arsenal of weapons change things up and genuinely feel different. I'll keep playing but reckon the DLC is going to split the userbase.

    Bungie get a lot of flack
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  • The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

  • BigDannyH 09/12/2014

    Bore off. 2 articles and a video about the newly released DLC. Why does anyone care how many articles there are for a popular game?

    OT - 7 people completed it? I wonder who dropped out and got replaced?
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  • BigDannyH 09/12/2014

    While I agree with most of your comment, I can't let the £15 bit go.

    £15 and I'd have downloaded it, easy to rock this evening. £15 is probably the equivalent the Anericans have paid. Why is it £20?

    I'm starting to understand what's been winding up the Aussies and Euro-region for years.
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  • BigDannyH 09/12/2014

    I've not played WoW, but didn't you have to buy the game and pay a monthly subscription?

    While I have my issues with the UK pricing of the DLC, and the amount of content Destiny provides doesn't seem enough to satiate the crazy high demands of those who want every item of loot they get in the game to be fully levelled up, I'd say WoW asked for as much money as the "money grabbing c*nts" at Bungie will over the first year.
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  • Destiny's PVP mode now breaks up teams if they're too good

  • BigDannyH 05/12/2014

    My experience is the complete opposite, my group's interest in Titanfall dropped off way quicker than Destiny. I think there's more variety in Destiny (which says a lot about Titanfall) even if they don't have enough content to support the way they want you to play.

    The funny thing is, they've timed the DLC well. We're all just about done with the game. The price has pretty much killed any chance of us buying it straight away though. If it was a shed load more content I'd pay the price. Instead it seems like not a lot for what they're asking.

    If good reviews come in for The Dark Below I may reconsider. On a definite "no-buy" at the moment though.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just received its "biggest title update yet"

  • BigDannyH 05/12/2014

    Have people got a feel for how popular this version is? Has the over saturation of CoD led to fatigue or is the juggernaut rolling on?

    The group of guys I know who used to play religiously didn't even pick it up this year. Obviously not the fault of this game, but not sure if this is the common feeling about the series.
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  • Limbo launches for everyone on Xbox One this Friday

  • BigDannyH 03/12/2014

    I have the Kinect for XB1 (was still bundled in when I bought it) and, as a camera, mic and voice control box, it's pretty good. Pricey but good.

    As a controller for games, well ...
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  • Here's the PlayStation-exclusive content in Destiny expansion The Dark Below

  • BigDannyH 02/12/2014

    I'm well into Destiny and, usually, it'd be one of the few games every couple of years where I might she'll out for some DLC. The price is just too much though. They have me interested, practically reaching for my wallet and then BAM, £35. I couldn't believe it!

    The thing is, this lack of conversion seems to be the killer blow. Had it been £15, £25 for the pair I'd have probably already pre-ordered it. I feel like they're testing the waters with the UK and I think I'm going to have to sacrifice a game I've been enjoying with my mates out of principle.
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  • BigDannyH 02/12/2014

    Agreed, pricey before you get one less strike.

    I hadn't realised that PS owners already had a bonus strike. Even with the additional two PS ones, I still think it falls way short of the ideal amount of strikes.
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  • Destiny update makes sweeping changes to its most powerful weapons

  • BigDannyH 01/12/2014

    They've given us other ways to get materials! For that I am truly grateful. Reply +11