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  • PS1 at 20: Tekken and a devastating counter in a Dulwich living room

  • BigDannyH 01/10/2015

    This is very similar to how I got into fighting games.

    Me and a mate started playing SF4 and we were both absolutely crap. Didn't matter though because, as long as you're equally matched, you can have fun and learn what to do.

    I figured out how to cancel low MK into fireball and instantly started winning until he picked it up. He then figured out how to do the raging demon and, for a good 10-15 games, it was Akuma vs. Akuma and whoever pulled out the demon first would win, as we had no clue how to stop it. Eventually one of us jumped it and we could move on, but for s good while that one move seemed unstoppable.

    I now love fighting games and, while I'm no expert, I can at least put up a fight online. But I can also see why they're difficult to get into. If you start by playing someone who is competent at fighting games you'll lose almost every time, and it's difficult to continue as you can't even imagine being able to beat them. But if you find someone on your level you'll progress together.

    I think that's why most of the guys I know who are great at Street Fighter have a couple of brothers and cousins around their age who all played together.
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  • Xbox One gets 12-person party chat

  • BigDannyH 30/09/2015

    I'm one of the silly people who bought an XB1 while the Kinect was still bundled in. About the only thing I'd be interested in using it for would be to Skype with mates I'm playing online with, unfortunately it's not the best for that.

    Unless I'm missing something, there's no picture in picture mode or an option to make the snap section a little smaller. Means using Skype makes the game screen quite significantly smaller. Also, if I'm going to use the full snap bar, why not allow more than one person's image on there? If two people join Skype it doesn't work.

    I know they seem to have killed Kinect but picture in picture and being able to change the size of the picture are such standard functions of Skype it surprises me they're not available on the XB1.

    Anyone know how this sort of thing works on the PS4?
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  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • BigDannyH 24/09/2015

    I've jumped back in and really enjoying it.

    Having characters with a bit of character helps a lot. I love that the other characters recognise that the Crota quest woman (Erin?) is a bit full on and poke fun at her for it. For some reason, maybe just that slightest interaction between them, it made her more endearing too (rather than just a mentalist screaming in your ear).
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  • League of Legends team owner embroiled in drug price hike controversy

  • BigDannyH 22/09/2015

    I read about this elsewhere, had no idea he was linked to LoL.

    I really don't see how rising the price will benefit the patients. Insurance companies will insist an alternative is used, which I assume will with cost more than the original price and / or be inferior.

    I'd be interested to know how regularly users need to take the drug and what the current side effects are. The fact the doctors are reacting the way they are suggests something dodgy is going on.
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  • Video: See Street Fighter 5's all-new character Rashid in action

  • BigDannyH 17/09/2015

    I love a character with a roll, I'm defo gonna try him out.

    In fact, most of the characters look interesting to play. Not too keen on R. Mika, partly as she looks a little more complicated to play but mainly because her outfit is embarrassing.
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  • Destiny's most powerful gun may return, but not before Year Three

  • BigDannyH 15/09/2015

    @tomphillipsEG @Netz_Ausg
    Thanks for confirming. Not sure what it was about the article that made it sound like they were being removed from the game (which didn't sound likely).
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  • BigDannyH 15/09/2015

    Do you know if the old exotics will be selectable in Crucible? If so, have they just been nerfed a bit or are they now so bad as to not be worth picking?
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  • Fallout 4's big Season Pass promise

  • BigDannyH 09/09/2015

    Got to play Evolve while it was free to try over the weekend. I really wanted to like it as it sounded like such an interesting idea but was massively disappointing.

    I think the 4v1 element was too hard to balance. We played a bit of 4 player versus a bot monster and got destroyed.

    The pacing was rough too. A lot of chasing shadows before a manic fight that was tough to understand how you were influencing it.

    The thing is, the DLC was all included in the free trial. Seemed to be a ton of it! Lots of interesting looking characters with cool weapons. It seems like they put the effort in to all the additional stuff but the underlying game just didn't support it.
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  • Looks like XCOM is coming to Vita

  • BigDannyH 03/09/2015

    PS+ has been very generous to the Vita recently, good stuff.

    Has anyone tried PS Now on the Vita? It's an interesting idea, even if I can't really think when I'd use it. In theory I f I was somewhere on holiday and the internet was good it'd be perfect, but I'd rather not be playing games while on holiday.
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  • Let's talk about Street Fighter 5

  • BigDannyH 28/08/2015

    Damn, I didn't realise wanting to play as Charlie made me a hipster.

    To be honest, I was getting my arse handed to me, so maybe best I stay away. Although if I can figure out a consistent anti-air I'll be right back in there.
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • BigDannyH 26/08/2015

    "Of course experience and understanding the details of every single card helps you, but then again, isn't that the whole point of every game."

    Totally agree. Similarly do people expect to pick up a guitar and immediately know how to knock out a few chords.

    I remember when I first played CoD, having never played an FPS before, getting smashed all over the place and thinking I'd never be able to aim fast enough. But once you start understanding the maps, anticipating opponents when going round corners, and stop running / reloading all the time you start getting better results. I still can't aim for shit by my knowledge of the game means I don't get destroyed.

    In HS, knowledge is very valuable. I don't do net decks but I do watch players like Kripp and mainly play arena which lets you try out loads of cards. The most important thing I've learned is that having enough 2-4 cost minions in your deck is vital to keeping in control of the board.
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  • Pokémon World Championship players arrested over alleged gun plot

  • BigDannyH 24/08/2015

    This happened at a Pokemon tournament?

    Yet there are still some politicians who would sooner ban the sale of video games than the sale of guns.
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  • Street Fighter 5 beta returns today

  • BigDannyH 21/08/2015

    Worked well for me last night.

    Picked up Ryu quite easily, helped by his target combos that seem to do a lot of damage for very little effort (which I quite liked, lower barrier to entry).

    My mate, who mains Bison in SFIV, managed to get a few wins straight away, even with the slower walk speed.

    Nash was more difficult, as I didn't realise he has a ton of different target combos. No idea what his anti air is though.

    Net code seemed ok. Couple of crazy lag games but, tbh, my internet is shit so I'm part of the problem.
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  • Spelunky completed in 101 seconds, a new world record

  • BigDannyH 18/08/2015

    Yeah, I mean, it's not like it's a modern classic or anything.

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  • Volume review

  • BigDannyH 18/08/2015

    "virtual burglaries of the rich, corrupt and powerful in order to inspire the populace into rising up against Gisborne, the brilliant and malevolent private sector bully who has taken over Britain and is running it as a corporation."

    Hmm, wonder what that is alluding to?

    I'm also wondering how they pronounce Gisbourne?
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  • PS4 to get YouTube broadcasting, Communities and more

  • BigDannyH 13/08/2015

    I think it was during Evo and my girlfriend had left the Chromecast at a mates house. I just thought I'd whack Twitch on the PS4 but couldn't find an app. Was a little surprised.

    I tried the browser and I think it worked ok, so wasn't the end of the world.
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  • BigDannyH 12/08/2015

    I seem to remember not being able to find a Twitch app on the PS4, is that still the case? I think I successfully used the browser but a dedicated app is easier to navigate with a controller.

    I assume there's a YouTube app although I'm not sure I've used it on PS4.
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  • Larian heads back to Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • BigDannyH 12/08/2015

    I think it's fair game to go to kickstarter. Regardless of the success of the first one, it still feels like a niche game. I think it makes sense for them to get a feel for how many sales they're likely to make before scoping out the size of the project.

    Also, happy backers will probably feel comfortable kickstarting another game by them. I know it backfired on the Mighty No. 9 guys but it was madness for them to launch the 2nd kickstarter before the first was finished. Might be how businesses work but it's not how consumers purchase stuff.
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  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional review

  • BigDannyH 11/08/2015

    Yeah, I feel the same. The freshness does fade after playing games like Spelunky a lot.

    I think I'm lucky to have played well crafted rogue likes. I reckon there's an art to creating parts of levels that gel together well when generated randomly.

    So far in Galak-z (stayed up until 1.30 to complete chapter 2 last night) I'd say the randomness of the level design is less pronounced than other rogue likes I've played. More of an emphasis on learning the mechanics which are great.

    As well as the feeling of exploration, I do like the combined feeling of danger in rogue likes. Weighing up the urge to investigate areas for more loot against the possibility of losing that last bit of life. Galak-z definitely shares that with Spelunky and Rogue Legacy.
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  • BigDannyH 10/08/2015


    I'm not entirely sure why I really like the rogue like games I've played (Spelunky & Rogue Legacy), they just seem to work. I also loved Meat Boy but that ratchets up the difficulty so much it ends up feeling much more like a chore.

    Most sections of Spelunky aren't that hard, and if you knew what was coming you could nip past it pretty easily. The chaos and unpredictability are the hard bits.

    Also, the fact that you're never quite sure what you're going to come up against makes it feel like you're genuinely exploring the area.
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  • BigDannyH 10/08/2015

    Another website also made the Spelunky comparison, which helped sell me on it. Played the first of the five chapters at the weekend and it is ace!

    Glad to see its recommended here too.
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  • Blizzard announces new Reveal mechanic for Hearthstone

  • BigDannyH 06/08/2015


    So, did you play with all the new cards available? I'm well up for the expansion and hoping, somehow, Blizzard are going to help the high cost cards become more viable.
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  • BigDannyH 05/08/2015

    Does reveal show you a card each and then shuffle them back in the decks?

    Does the opponent see the cards too?
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  • Hearthstone's next expansion is all about the Hero Power

  • BigDannyH 23/07/2015

    Also, just to clarify, I'm not disagreeing with you that HS and CC have similar pricing models (as I have no experience with CC). In fact, I've not played any other free to play game.

    I have thought many times that I could have played HS forever and never spend any money on it. I ended up spending money as I wanted to give some money to the devs, not because I needed to. That's why I'm left feeling it's generous.
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  • BigDannyH 23/07/2015

    I've not played Candy Crush, so can't compare. But I still think HS is generous.

    Recently I was comparing it to stuff like Evolve. Both need a large userbase to stay relevant but Evolve doesn't appear to have achieved that. I think one of the reasons (but far from the only reason) HS succeeded where Evolve failed is its more generous pricing model.

    The £35 thing is misleading, as no one needs to buy that (and I won't be).
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  • BigDannyH 23/07/2015

    I feel like Hearthstone is pretty generous, in fact I'd say the secret to its success is that it's extremely generous and therefore has a really strong userbase.

    The £35 bundle is a little expensive, but completely optional. I think it's only there for the serious players who play everyday and want to get the new cards as soon as possible. That's not the majority of people and, to be fair, if you play a game every day then dropping £35 once a year isn't too crazy.

    I reckon most people never pay anything to play HS. Probably then a large group of people that have paid £5-20 over a couple of years and then a smaller group of hardcore guys that will have paid £100 over the same timeframe. I'm not sure why you'd need to spend more than that, although I'm sure there are a few nutters out there who've spent a fortune on HS.
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  • BigDannyH 23/07/2015

    Ahh, set to one not reduced by one, that makes sense. Would still be an ace combo but would need to survive until your next turn to get full value.
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  • BigDannyH 23/07/2015

    If these are going to be the new Arena reward decks, suits me.

    I don't quite understand how the legendary that grants multiple hero power use will interact with the card that reduces the cost of hero power? I must be misunderstanding it as, otherwise, that's potential for infinite zero cost hero power? Maybe multiple use means twice?

    I hope they try and address the powerful low cost cards. At the moment it feels like lots of the interesting high-cost cards can never be used as games are often over by turn 7 or 8.
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  • A dramatic controller disconnect, shirtless shenanigans and one hell of an epic fail

  • BigDannyH 21/07/2015

    The controller disconnect was brutal. I thought, as it made it 1-1, they'd just start the game over. The one round shoot out killed the excitement.

    Awesome tournament though.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • BigDannyH 15/07/2015

    I'm not against DLC at all, happy to give a little bit extra to developers of games I like in exchange for more of that game. People need to get paid for their work.

    But why would I ever buy a season pass before the content is known? Or, even worse, at the same time I buy the game (so I'm not even sure if I like it). That's crazy?

    I'm surprised they're still even a thing, as it implies people are buying them.
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  • Lizard Squad attacks PlanetSide 2, H1Z1, more

  • BigDannyH 10/07/2015

    How dare this Smedley guy express his anger at being continually harassed by a Finnish teenager with too much time on his hands!

    Let's get him!

    I wonder if any members of Lizard Squad ever think "you know what, he may be part of our squad, but that was out of order". The impression they give is "if you say anything bad about one of us, we'll get you". Pathetic.
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  • Canadian teen who harassed female League of Legend players jailed

  • BigDannyH 10/07/2015

    Like most people, I look back at my teenage years and cringe at how much of a penis I was. Cocky as you like when I really knew very little about society and my place in it.

    Even so, I feel like it takes a special kind of arrogant teenage arsehole to do this kind of shit.
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  • Lizard Squad hacker who helped bring down PSN and Xbox Live at Christmas avoids jail

  • BigDannyH 09/07/2015

    Do we know why he targeted Smedley? He might have done something deserving of continued personal harassment like, I dunno, work for a company that charged a fiver for some DLC. Reply -13
  • A year on the Throne

  • BigDannyH 05/07/2015

    Nice article.

    Tell me that I wasn't the only one worried that, when A. declared she was done with the game, she was also done with the relationship? That seemed like the subtext.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • BigDannyH 25/06/2015

    Destiny's really annoying. They've created a very good looking game and the mechanics are great, but the business model has killed it for loads of us (especially due to the lack of exchange rate).

    The seem to have undervalued the need for a userbase. People will only stick with a MP game of their friends continue to play it (see League of Legends etc.). Bungie appear to want people to play every day, but the variety of content dried up pretty quickly.

    I agree that the original game did feel quite light for a game they want you playing for hours every week. I'm sure it's a little better now but they've asked for about £100 for all the content so far. It's just too much.
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  • BigDannyH 25/06/2015

    Can people who didn't but the MCC (me) buy ODST for a fiver?

    If so, it seems rude not to.
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  • Bungie: extra Destiny content for all platforms when Sony timed-exclusives launch on Xbox

  • BigDannyH 24/06/2015

    When it's all laid out, is a reasonable chunk of content us Xbox players have been locked out of. Especially in a game where you're supposed to repeat missions over and over again.

    And, let's be honest, the way most MP online shooters work, locking people out for a year is pretty close to never giving it to them.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends £40 expansion price tag

  • BigDannyH 23/06/2015

    I like his comment about not understanding the UK's weird foreign currency. Now things are starting to make sense.

    While I'm no FX expert, I'm aware that 1$ does not equal £1.

    If they'd priced the original DLC or this in the UK at the equivalent price to the U.S., me and my mates would've bought it. Just saying the word value over and over isn't what the phrase "giving your customers value" means.

    Also, just give the dances to the people who originally bought the game. Simple solution.
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  • Evolve is getting a second Season Pass next week

  • BigDannyH 18/06/2015

    I was just commenting to my mate today about how smart the Hearthstone business model is, which is pretty much the opposite of Evolve.

    They must've understood early on that the most important part of the game is to have a constant stream of opponents to play online and built their model on rewarding you for playing. The incentive to me is always to get enough gold to do another arena run.

    Evolve just looked like a chore to play, 5 mins of running for every minute of manic combat.
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  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • BigDannyH 17/06/2015

    Wait, 5,000 people decided they didn't like the look of a game so signed a petition for it not to be made? Wow.

    I've long since realised Nintendo aren't really after my custom anymore, no need for a petition though, I just stopped buying their consoles.
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  • Minecraft to receive HoloLens support

  • BigDannyH 15/06/2015

    A cool idea, but it didn't look like you could use it to play a game. Looked as laggy and unresponsive as Kinect.

    MS seem intent on creating something cool. Good luck to 'em, I'm just not sure gaming is the place to do it. Games tend to need far more precise control. This looks more suitable to something part way between watching a movie and playing a game.
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  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • BigDannyH 12/06/2015

    What were the exclusives this year?

    PS had Bloodborne (awesome) and The Order (not played but sounded average).

    XB had Sunset Overdrive (reviewed quite well but looked horrible to me) and what else?

    I own an XB1 and think the difference between the two consoles is minimal. I've never played a game on it and thought it looked or ran poorly. But I also don't know what exclusives have come out recently? Are we counting Tomb Raider already?
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  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • BigDannyH 11/06/2015

    Ha, that'll teach you to make a rational comment. Neg'd to oblivion!

    I don't think the month long prices are that mental (it's only a tenner, and I'm sure they'll do sales), it's just that they're currently for old games. Although I also imagine, even with a really solid connection, the quality will be inferior to a proper download / disc version, which isn't the case when streaming films.

    The two day rental is an odd one. Why don't they just make it a week? If you buy a two hour movie they usually give you two days to watch it, surely most people take longer than two days to play a 15-20 hour game like Uncharted 2?
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  • The Witcher 3 sells 4m copies in two weeks

  • BigDannyH 09/06/2015

    Great game.

    I was thinking last night that the use of Witcher Sense was getting a little old, but I can't think how else they can get around it. It also helps with the pacing.

    I made the mistake of deciding to see what this Gwent thing was all about, now I'm back in Velen asking anyone and everyone for a quick match. Getting my arse handed to me by anyone half decent though, I still have loads of rubbish 1 minions in my deck.
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  • The first Video Game Hall of Fame selects its inaugural class

  • BigDannyH 05/06/2015

    I was a little surprised Angry Birds made it as high as the runners up list.

    I was hoping it was just a fad that had died out.
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  • Looks like Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller in June

  • BigDannyH 28/05/2015

    Funnily enough, I do use the swipe up thing in the Witcher, but surely you're pulling my leg about this typing thing!

    BTW - I do actually really like the DS4, especially as I found the PS3 pad way too small. Massive improvement in most departments and the headphone jack is ace.
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  • BigDannyH 28/05/2015

    Wait, are you saying you don't love the giant touchpad that cheapens the controller and is used to do something interesting by precise zero developers?
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  • Evolve now has a free Arena Mode update

  • BigDannyH 27/05/2015

    I thought Evolve sounded great on paper and, when I first logged on to Twitch to see what it looked like, my immediate impression was it looked fantastic.

    Then I continued to watch for another 20 mins.

    Seemed like an awful lot of chasing after the monster. Even watching was frustrating. Then, when they eventually caught the monster, it was a manic battle against the ultimate bullet sponge until it either ended or the chase started all over again.

    For me, the main issue seemed to be that the chase portions didn't seem enjoyable and weren't the change in pace they were perhaps supposed to be. Chasing seemed active and stressful rather than a bit of respite before the fight kicked off again. Also, the fighting parts didn't seem to have enough feedback.

    I guess this arena mode is an attempt to curtail the chasing portions. I hope it's not too late to work.
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  • Destiny: House of Wolves review

  • BigDannyH 26/05/2015

    I'm not too bothered about DLC in general, just gives players the opportunity to reward the makers of the games they enjoy with a bit of extra cash and they get a bit more of their game in return. Season passes are a joke though.

    Firstly, they're usually cost almost as much as the main game. Also, there's often very little information available about what they will contain, and the quality of the content, at the point you're encouraged to buy the pass (at launch).

    I understand the desire to have people keep hold of the game while waiting for the DLC to drop, but if they were that concerned about trade ins they'd make the digital download prices a bit more reasonable. I'd gladly pay £30 for the digital version instead of £40 for the retail version, would guarantee no trade in and mean I keep the game. Regardless of DLC sales, surely people owning their game is good for developers and producers?
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • BigDannyH 22/05/2015

    Being young and doing something wrong or stupid is one thing, deliberately harassing people is completely indefensible.

    Also, the stupidity to use the police to perform the harassment ... and put it out on YouTube ... it's just unbelievable.
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