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  • Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel review

  • BigDannyH 28/10/2016

    @Creamysmooth Yeah, it's definitely a case of multiple quality options, all of which are massive games.

    I started playing DS as I could download it free on the XB1 (must've been a freebie one month on 360 - crazy value). Not sure if it's the backwards compatibility or just how the game runs, but can get choppy at points.

    Does anyone know if the original runs well if purchased through Steam? I'm sure it'll be reasonably priced at some point but I seem to remember being told it needed mods to run well, but I'm a little concerned I'll bugger the game up if I download mods.
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  • BigDannyH 28/10/2016

    I'm beginning to understand why people jump around between Souls games. Mainly because they're huge!

    Played Bloodborne when it came out last year and loved it, but wasn't really tempted by the DLC (I'd moved on by then).

    However, I started playing Dark Souls for the first time a few weeks back and, even though I wasn't too far in, saw DS3 on sale and picked it up. Now I'm 10 hours into that and for some reason have the urge to pick up the Bloodborne DLC.

    I'm also thinking I perhaps didn't appreciate Bloodborne properly the first time, so considering another go with a guide.

    Why can't I just stick to one game at a time? I'm usually really good at that.
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  • Street Fighter 5 sales grind to a halt as community calls for revamp

  • BigDannyH 28/10/2016

    I thought the PC version was supposed to be the best version?

    I think they definitely released a half-baked package, but the basic 1-on-1 fighting, including the net code, has been really good from day one.
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  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • BigDannyH 21/10/2016

    Even as a lapsed Nintendo-er, as a fan of the Vita, I'm game for this.

    I don't think it needs a touch screen or media apps, much as the Vita doesn't really need either, although I'd be surprised if it didn't.
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  • Doom's free update today adds a score-attack Arcade mode

  • BigDannyH 20/10/2016

    Somewhere along the line, they seem to have accidentally made an awesome single-player game while someone in charge thought they were making a multiplayer monster.

    To be fair, I haven't tried the multiplayer, so for all I know it's as great as the campaign. I can imagine a horde mode being fun.

    Also, I imagine take-up rate of DLC in MP focused games have a higher attachment rate. I often find I don't have the urge to pick up the DLC for SP games I've really enjoyed, I've often moved on by then.

    To be honest, a Wolfenstein style expansion a year or so later feels about right. Don't claim it's a sequel, so you get some leeway in re-using assets. Maybe try something a little different, keep it short and price it accordingly (£15).
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  • Dark Souls 3 patch will adjust the game's "poise" stat

  • BigDannyH 18/10/2016

    @jabberwocky 150 each!

    Not gonna lie, I went straight to to see what I've gotten myself into. Sounds like you're a completionist when it comes to Dark Souls.
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  • BigDannyH 18/10/2016

    @jabberwocky cheers.

    That's one helluva convoluted Dark Souls journey you went on!
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  • BigDannyH 18/10/2016

    @StollenSpider Thanks.

    I think that's where I am at the moment, continue playing the original which I gather is the "must play" game in the series.

    I get the impression that people in general aren't as fond of DS2 but DS3 gets the thumbs up. I'll get DS3 on the wish list and grab it next time it's on sale. I feel like the original game might keep me busy for a while (it seems huge!) so no rush. My only concern is I'll be souls'd out by then ...
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  • BigDannyH 18/10/2016

    @Rogueywon What's been the general reception for DS3? Positive?

    I'd not played a Souls game until this weekend (noticed Dark Souls on my XB1 - 360 backwards compatible list, must've been a freebie one month) and it's got its teeth in me. Not sure whether to stick with it or jump to the more polished looking DS3.

    I've played through Bloodborne and really liked it, I think that opened my mind to give Dark Souls a go. I expected not to like the Souls combat as much, but I'm quite enjoying the methodical pace.
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  • Mafia 3's in-game statement on its depiction of racism

  • BigDannyH 07/10/2016

    Not played the game but I agree with the message.

    If handled correctly, showing racist behaviour can definitely play a role in telling a story.

    I really hope this game is mature and sensible in its storytelling.
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  • No Man's Sky subreddit shut down, community erupts

  • BigDannyH 05/10/2016

    I don't really understand how this has become such a big problem.

    I read EG every day and listen to a few gaming podcasts. So a gamer, but not particularly hardcore. I got the impression early doors that NMS wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea and was perhaps being over-hyped.

    I would say almost every person who has gone on reddit is a way more serious gamer than me. How are all these people so surprised and shocked by how NMS turned out?

    I'm sure there were plenty of less serious gamers who got a little deceived by the marketing, and they probably realised they made a bad call and with swallowed the £40 error of judgement or traded it in.

    I don't judge people for spending £40 on a game that didn't turn out how they expected, we've all learnt that the hard way, but some people's reactions are, to put it politely, disgraceful.
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  • Street Fighter 5's Urien is making people knock themselves out

  • BigDannyH 27/09/2016

    He's not feeling too bad ATM, but it's early days.

    The reflector uses his V-meter. Means he can only create two per match and only after he's taken a bit of a beating.
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  • Street Fighter 5's stages just got a lot better

  • BigDannyH 23/09/2016

    Good game, I think people have been hyper-critical about it.

    I think Capcom themselves will be hurting most from the lack of single-player options at launch. I think they, like most of the long-term SF players, underestimated how many people will buy the game simply to blast through arcade mode with all the characters.

    Although I never write-off the possibility of a vocal minority hurling criticism around in this modern era.

    More concerning for us long-term SF players is the amount of negativity towards the game amongst the pro players. It feels like it's a balance patch or two away from being fully appreciated at that level and I feel Capcom have ham-strung themselves a little by appearing to refuse to patch until the end of the Pro Tour season.
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  • Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

  • BigDannyH 23/09/2016

    So, the Oculus was created by a pillock who has let his money go straight to his head.

    Can't say I'm surprised to learn who he's voting for.
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  • Capcom addresses concern around controversial Street Fighter 5 DLC

  • BigDannyH 20/09/2016

    Capcom seem to be trying to run before they can walk.

    This DLC format is similar to something DOTA has done, right? But DOTA is free to play to start with and hugely popular.

    I feel like Capcom really wanted to try the F2P route but bottled it. Understandable, as I'm not sure it is the right path for a 1-on-1 fighter, but they seem to be trying to ask for money up front and incorporate some of the F2P mechanics. Has to be all or nothing for me.

    To clarify, I love SFV, but I know it's not perfect. Fight money has been a mess. It's not easy to introduce an in game currency that can be used instead of real money. I guess they're learning as they go though.

    I wonder if it will go F2P in the future? Will pass a lot of people off, even though they've probably only spent £30 and the result will be more people to play against, which is always good!
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  • British FIFA YouTuber charged with promoting gambling

  • BigDannyH 19/09/2016

    Sounds pretty shady.

    Hopefully the authorities are getting involved to protect the kids, not just so they can get a piece of the pie.
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  • BioShock's fascinating but inescapable failure

  • BigDannyH 16/09/2016


    Agreed. This article did seem to be telling us all "you know that thing you like, here's why you're wrong".

    Nothing's perfect in this life. Let's at least enjoy the good stuff rather than analyse them to death.
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  • Every PlayStation 4 to be made HDR capable via a patch

  • BigDannyH 08/09/2016

    I know people claim they can't tell the difference between 30 & 60 frames per second, which I can never understand as it's obvious when a game or video I s running at 60, but I can't really believe I'd be able to tell if a game has HDR without a side by side comparison.

    For the record, I don't think games need to run at 60 FPS, a solid 30 is usually fine, I'm just saying I can tell.
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  • The state of video game TV

  • BigDannyH 05/09/2016


    You should try the Eurogamer YouTube channel, definitely less screaming on there (until they play Overcooked).
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  • BigDannyH 05/09/2016

    I think this article drops a few hints as to why YouTube is better at videogame "TV shows". The fact they have script writers referring to joypads and disparaging digs at "people screaming at Five Nights at Freddie's". With the money and skills required to make a broadcast TV show comes a lot of different opinions and a lot of people who don't really know what they're talking about.

    Thankfully Ellie's there to put them straight and seems to understand what they're up against.

    While I agree that watching people scream at jump-scares won't cut it on TV, that's not the only thing on YouTube. There are loads of content producers making tons of thoughtful & funny videos all the time and, while they may not have production teams polishing it all up, they have the advantage of knowing & caring about the subject matter.

    I often get the impression that TV producers think they know what people want, whereas YouTubers tend to make what they themselves want. If that happens to make other people laugh, then they tend to rise to the top.
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  • After a wave of fan outcry, Respawn is making big changes to Titanfall 2

  • BigDannyH 25/08/2016

    I know what you mean, being an XB1 exclusive near launch was never going to help its sales figures, but it definitely seemed to be missing something.

    I'm not saying it was a bad game, but I know it failed to grab me and seemed to lose a large share of its audience pretty quickly. It fizzled out quite dramatically after such a lot of hype.

    Personally, I thought the Titans lost their appeal way too soon. I remember the developers appearing bemused when talking about testers immediately jumping out of their Titans and using them as a glorified turrets. But that ended up being not the worst strategy and, emphasised that zipping about as a pilot was actually really fun.

    I think I'd prefer the Titans to be hard to get but really powerful. By making them constantly popping up they had to balance their destructive ability.

    You know what though, talking about it makes me remember how excited I was for the original! I may have to boot it up again, see how it's evolved over the last year or so.
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  • BigDannyH 25/08/2016

    "Movement had been slowed to make firefights less chaotic, while Titans are now granted to those who play the objective rather than being doled out to players on a timer."

    Funny that these changes are annoying people, as they sound good on paper.

    Chaotic is exactly how I'd describe Titanfall's firefights, especially when 6 Titans fell on to the map. Also, having to earn a Titan might make them feel special.

    I had high hopes for Titanfall, put a decent amount of time into it, but it just never grabbed me.
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  • The King of Fighters 14 review

  • BigDannyH 24/08/2016

    I guess it's just the shock of it. The drastic change.

    I used to think of KoF as being "the one with the lovely looking sprites". Now it's the one where the characters look unwell.

    I guess it's not fair to judge it against its big budget brethren, but that's unfortunately what it's up against (as referenced in the review) and that first impression is a shocking one, so I'd be surprised if it's mechanics alone carry the wider FGC interest beyond a few months.

    It's weird, as I have no personal stake in this (and defo don't want to see it fail), but I am worried it may have taken a massive mis-step.
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  • BigDannyH 23/08/2016

    @benshambrook Totally agree that they've gone 3D because it's cheaper. And hopefully the fact they can do alt. costumes easily is just a bonus rather than an incentive, but I guarantee it was something they thought of.

    Personally I think it looks so ugly that it'll put off a lot of people. That's not just because it's 3D, but because they seem to have rushed it.

    Apparently it plays well, but I feel like they'd attract more sales by having half as many characters that looked twice as good.
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  • BigDannyH 22/08/2016

    @Dysisa I'm not sure 50 characters at launch is necessarily the right way to go. I'm not saying it's wrong, but learning your character's moves is usually about 10% of the battle, learning all the other characters' strengths and weaknesses is the rest of it. Having 50 match-ups to learn is pretty daunting.

    At the other end of the scale, SFV could use a handful of extra characters to spice things up a bit. But I was glad the roster was manageable for the first 6 months.

    Also, if the choice was between a big roster and the hand-drawn art style, I think they picked the wrong one.

    I heard that part of the reason the 3D models were popular is because alt. costumes are easy to create. I really hope they didn't ruin their lovely looking game to chase after costume cash.
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  • Street Fighter 5 finally gets a meaningful rage quit penalty

  • BigDannyH 16/08/2016

    I get the impression that Capcom understand that they have quite a good eSport style game, but don't really know how to make the LoL or Hearthstone style money out of it.

    For me, I think it will never be as popular as there's nowhere to hide when you lose. In team games, you can cling to your own performance stats to feel like you contributed but were let down by your team-mates. In HS you can blame luck, a bad draw, people with better cards etc. In SF, there are fewer excuses when you lose.

    For me, SF is very rewarding when you figure certain things out and improve your game (I've only recently come to appreciate the value of a v-reversal when under Mika-style mental corner pressure). But there are no short cuts. There's no tangible reward when you lose (which you will do, a lot). There's just graft and personal improvement.

    This leads to a tight, dedicated (if slightly elitist) community but limits its mass-market appeal as an eSport. That's my theory anyway.
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  • BigDannyH 16/08/2016

    They defo underestimated how many people enjoyed playing single-player vs. the CPU. I have to admit, I didn't think it was that popular either. Even more reason that I have such a personal bug bear with the survival mode.

    Honestly, if you were just unlocking things as you went along (either through no. of wins or score) I think it would be a decent mode. Seems like an easy fix too.

    Of all the things in the world that should wind me up, for some reason the design decisions for this mode are right up there. What's wrong with me?
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  • BigDannyH 16/08/2016

    I've said "never again" a few times, and haven't done survival mode in months, but I thought I'd try it out now I've picked up Alex just so I had more than three colours to choose from. I'm a fool.

    If it was a 10 round thing, with the first four easy to get some points in the bag (to spend on health later), three medium difficulty where you should win but at least have to know a bit, followed by three more difficult bosses, I'd be fine with it. Especially if you unlocked a colour after five and eight wins.

    Yeah, it would mean it is easier to unlock colours, but when have colours been that big a deal!?! I like the idea of putting them behind a special challenge, make you feel like you've earned it, but not when that challenge takes a massive time investment, has crazy difficulty spikes that jump out and catch you off guard, and are all or nothing.

    What summed it up to me was Evo. Ordinarily, the pro players have "their" colour (i.e. Smurf Urien) but these guys, the best players in the world, were flicking though the colours before the match as they'd clearly not seen them before! These guys play every day and could not be bothered with survival.

    The game mode is just broken.
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  • BigDannyH 16/08/2016

    So is that alt+tab thing for real? I wasn't sure if that was a myth.

    I do think it's a very good game. I think it's pretty well balanced (I still think Gief is scary!) and looks really good. But I think it's a handful of changes away from being excellent.

    Structually they need to change the FM situation. I don't mind them keeping some stuff in the real money only store but, if they want to encourage online play as an incentive to earn currency, they need to suck it up and understand that people will be getting things for free that they would have previously paid for.

    Gameplay wise, if they can get the input delay down a couple of frames without ruining the game, they need to do it. But my main beef is with the anti-air situation. It doesn't make sense to me that a late standing jab is most characters best AA. I play characters with dedicated AA moves that only hit airborne characters and you have to do them ridiculously early to avoid (at best) trading. I understand that jumps would be insane without the jab, but my solution would be to buff characters dedicated AA moves (but make them more punishable if you miss to stop people just spamming them).
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  • BigDannyH 15/08/2016

    Better late than never! I hate the complete lack of sportsmanship.

    You don't have to remind me of the colour fiasco. I thought I'd knock out Alex's normal survival mode on Saturday, waltzed thought 28 stages and then out of nowhere Necalli decides to go HAM! Crush countered me twice and it was game over. I could have smashed my monitor I was so annoyed.

    Thing is, it's not even the difficulty that's annoying, it's the 28 punching bags that completely waste your time and sucker you in to playing a bit reckless. Should be harder in general, way shorter (hard mode you have to win 50!!!) and have some rewards for getting 96% through.

    Again, it's annoying as it's almost good. You don't need to do it for characters you don't use and, for those you do, having some single-player content to play while you're waiting for a match is fine by me. And cosmetic rewards for doing it is fine. But the implementation has been atrocious!

    And having to do it all again for a new costume is beyond a joke!
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  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • BigDannyH 08/08/2016

    "What about people without the internet? How will they read the review?"

    Nice! +1 from me.
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  • Sonic boom: Ellie Gibson on nostalgia, novelty, and that 9/10

  • BigDannyH 06/08/2016

    Time heals all wounds, except those inflicted by 7/10 reviews apparently.

    Another funny article Ellie, perfect remedy for my Saturday morning hangover.
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  • Yes, Battleborn flopped, but 2K vows to stick with it

  • BigDannyH 05/08/2016

    @7M7 I think League of Legends is the current golden goose that everyone wants a piece of. How it's managed to create such a huge fanbase is a mystery to me (and apparently quite a few production companies).

    I'm sure we'll see a few more failed attempts to topple the King before the new hotness turns up.
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  • BigDannyH 05/08/2016

    Not sure there's been that much marketing? All I know about Battleborn is it's "from the creators of Borderlands".

    I literally have no idea what the game is like, but imagine it's a multiplayer shooter that requires time and/or friends to play with to get the most enjoyment out of. Two commodities videogames continually overestimate it's audience has an abundance of.
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  • Street Fighter 5's Balrog is not the Balrog I know and love

  • BigDannyH 04/08/2016

    @omniscient I find Survival mode more annoying because I feel it had some potential. The idea is sound, fighting with one health bar that you can top up etc., but the implementation was awful! The combination of all or nothing results (die on level 29 and get nothing) and mental difficulty spikes (Bison on level 24 or something was rock solid) meant it was just plain frustrating.

    They seem to have shit the bed with the implementation of fight money too. Another potentially good addition but these kind of economies within games need to be really well thought out. This one feels half-baked and seems to have been dropped post-release. Where are the daily challenges?

    I still think the game is great, but some of the systems outside of straight up versus could have been so much better.
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  • BigDannyH 04/08/2016

    @wyp100 I'd say gold rank is pretty damn good!

    More importantly, who wins out of you and Martin?

    Have you considered training up Bratterz? I see potential in the young man!
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  • BigDannyH 04/08/2016

    @SuperSoupy I know what you mean about Gief, gutting to see the likes of Snake Eyez dropping him (at least for certain match-ups).

    I swear he's still super scary at the lower skill levels though.
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  • BigDannyH 04/08/2016

    @wyp100 Great article Wes, enough depth without going too far down the rabbit hole (I.e. discussing specific frame data and confusing everyone).

    I play Laura, and I also miss having an invincible wake-up move, but I think it's fair given her solid anti-airs, awesome cross-up, fireball and command throw.

    Out of interest (not as some sort of legitimising measure as you clearly know what you're talking about), what sort of level do the EG lot play at? I got to around Super Silver (3,200 LP) which I think represents my skill, so wondering if I'd have a chance. Although I think I'm going to sack off the points grinding, it's a bit of a nasty addiction that doesn't improve my enjoyment of the game (quite the opposite). Going to try and learn a new character (Alex?) and happily wave goodbye to the Silver rank for a while.
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  • Salt and Sanctuary dev pleads people calm down over delayed Vita port

  • BigDannyH 04/08/2016

    @redcrayon Complaints about game delays are tedious, but this situation is just bizarre.

    Ordinarily I'd question how they are unable to find a different game they hadn't played in the meantime. Or suggest replaying a different game. Or, you know, if you've exhausted all videogsmes, read a book or watch a movie.

    But in this case, the game is available!?! If you're that desperate, play it on PS4.

    Ironically, I'm actually holding off playing this as I'm waiting for the Vita version. Now I'm wondering if Vita owners in particular are entitled arseholes. I always thought we were an alright, supportive bunch.
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  • Darkest Dungeon lights up PS4, Vita next month

  • BigDannyH 03/08/2016

    I really enjoyed this game, but it's pretty brutal and the progression felt excruciatingly slow. I played for quite a long time and seemed to barely dent it. God knows how long I'd have had to play to finish it. Reply 0

  • BigDannyH 02/08/2016

    This has made me so happy.

    I'm not even an Overwatch player but the sheer indignation the cheaters feel for being banned is amazing.

    It's crazy how they feel abused as they paid £40 to Blizzard to play the game so they should be able to do whatever they want. But when you decide to interact with other people, you can't piss on everyone else's chips and not expect consequences.

    I wonder if Blizzard can help Capcom figure out how to stop rage quitters in Street Fighter V? They are another group of scumbags that need dealing with.
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • BigDannyH 28/07/2016

    Even having skipped the Wii U and only dabbled with the 3DS, I'm getting the feels for this.

    To be honest, there's more room in my back pack for a good handheld then there is under my TV for an underpowered console.
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  • We Happy Few is a bit of a downer

  • BigDannyH 27/07/2016

    Yeah, I'm not sure what I think about meter management.

    On the one hand, I'm quite a fan of health packs (like in Doom) vs. regenerating health (like in most other FPSs). It works well in Doom because health packs aren't ever too hard to come by, but at least makes you think about how to tackle combat rather than finding a space to hide in for 15 seconds.

    But I find the survival stuff a little tedious. It's fine if that's clearly the genre of game you're making, but I don't think it improves non-survival games. Stuff like starvation are hardcore mechanics.
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  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • BigDannyH 26/07/2016

    Yeah, that sounds like my cup of tea.

    Don't get me wrong, I love a gorgeous game that pushes the graphical limits, but it's not the be-all-end-all, and definitely not once you take away the HD TV.

    I owned a 3DS for a while and it was decent, but I preferred the Vita. Not for the Sony exclusives, purely as an indie game machine.

    I'll defo keep an eye on the NX (probably won't be an early adopter) because it should be right up my lane. Plus, my Vita must be pretty old now. Bought it at launch.
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  • BigDannyH 26/07/2016

    As a big fan of the Vita (I only recently finished Severed and have been playing Steamworld Heist on my commute this week), I'm interested to see what Nintendo are up to with a new handheld based system.

    My initial thought was "a powerful handheld system with Nintendo games ... sweet" but I don't actually think I'm Nintendo's market anymore.

    Having said that, the new Zelda does look ace.
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  • Nintendo shares dive as investors realise it doesn't own Pokémon Go

  • BigDannyH 25/07/2016

    There's a Fire Emblem mobile game coming in Autumn? interesting.

    Could theoretically be excellent. But depends how much care is put into it and how much "mobilisation" is involved.
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  • Why No Man's Sky fans are worried about a patented Superformula

  • BigDannyH 21/07/2016

    It's an interesting patent argument (unlike previous stuff like games with the word "edge"). It does seem odd to patent a formula modelling something in nature, but I also feel that if you've done the hard work and discovered something, you should get some credit when it's used.

    I think it feels more relevant given there seems to have been a company and patent set up specifically for the use of this formula in generating 3D graphics. Whether that is a legitimate thing to do is another matter (and I agree with you that I am not the person to answer this).
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  • Song of the Deep review

  • BigDannyH 12/07/2016


    What are you prattling on about?

    You sound like one of those paranoid lunatics worried about the feminists and White Knights coming to steal all your toys.
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  • How to fix the shooter campaign? Dig in

  • BigDannyH 08/07/2016

    You know Doom must be good when it's inspiring so many think pieces about single-player FPS campaigns.

    I've noticed how much fun the platforming / exploration side of Doom is. I enjoyed that element of Destiny too. In the first Destiny raid there's a bit where you descend and platform over a chasm for a good few minutes which really gave me a sense of adventuring down into a weird and dangerous place. Absolutely loved it! Added some nice pacing between the boss battles.

    Ditto the sneaky bit in the first raid. Was more annoying, especially if it was your first time and you were playing with a load of people who just sprint off in the right direction without explaining what to do. But the feeling of sneaking past stuff with your squad was cool, and a bit different to just blowing up everything in your path.
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  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • BigDannyH 07/07/2016

    I played this during a try-it-free weekend and was well up for it, but it just doesn't click for me. I think the DLC balls up, which definitely was a balls up, is perhaps being used as a scapegoat for deeper issues.

    When I played as a hunter the game felt like constantly chasing shadows for a good 3-4 mins before you even had the opportunity to attack the beast. Then, for the 30 second manic battle before it inevitably escaped, we seemed to do little more than tickle the monster.

    I think it's great that they tried to work the 4 vs 1 angle, but it resulted in some quite dull gameplay. I think it would've worked a lot better as a straight up co-op shooter where you could properly co-ordinate attacks and feel like your actions had an impact on the monster. At the moment there's zero feedback other than a health bar slowly going down.

    It's disappointing as the game looks so good and I love a co-op game, but the frustrating chasing parts didn't lead up to a satisfying pay-off, just a clusterfuck of a battle.
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