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  • LG G5 review

  • Big-Boss 15/05/2016

    Those photos were taken in Leicester! I am from Leicester! Champions 2016 woo! Yes yes, we're on the map now and it's finally cool to say you're from Leicester :D

    Phone is alright too mind. My cousin sister has the G4 and it's awesome. I'm a bit surprised EG don't also review the Sony Xperia line considering they are up there with the best on the market. The newer Xperia X line is out soon so hopefully EG give it some love as they are fantastic phones. I've had the older Z2 for nearly two years now and it's still blazing fast and an amazing phone.
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  • You can't buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered separately

  • Big-Boss 03/05/2016

    Ha, okay Activision. This will be available to buy as a standalone title from the PS/Xbone stores eventually once the impatient have paid out the arse for the overpriced tat edition. It's free money for Activision. No one says no to that, least of all a mega corporation. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry's top ten picks for PlayStation Neo upgrades

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2016

    I honestly don't think many developers will take advantage of the Neo outside of Sony's own studios. Most will just aim for 1080p/30fps locked which is already being achieved with the majority of titles. I could be wrong of course, but outside of Sony's own games I can't see a huge difference between PS4 and Neo games developing. Few developers are going to spend the time and money it takes to update older titles for future compatibility either as they'll likely make no additional money from them.

    All in all I don't see the point of the Neo. It feels like an unnecessary mid gen refresh when the PS4 is finally hitting it's stride with some outstanding exclusives. Sony risk alienating their player base and perhaps even derailing sales altogether by splitting the market with the Neo. Time will tell if I'm correct, but I certainly won't be picking one up that's for sure.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Big-Boss 27/04/2016

    I've zero interest in a console that hasn't even been revealed or given an official name. I don't remember Sony or MS ever mentioning their unannounced machines before they were revealed.

    Plus my faith in Nintendo is close to zero at this point. Despite generally enjoying the Wii U, I bought a new game for it every 3-6 months which is an utterly ridiculous wait between titles. The near complete lack of third party support as well as Nintendo's obsession with making weird controllers since the Wii has also put me off.

    Sadly, I can't see Nintendo changing their ways and it will be their downfall. They won't make a powerful console to compete with the PS4/Xbone, it wont feature a traditional controller (practically confirmed) and unless Nintendo performs a miracle it'll once again lack third party support.

    The latter issue in particular will kill the console. The Wii U was a disaster for Nintendo but they were able to ride it out because of all the money made from the Wii. Another sales failure with the NX and they'll be in serious trouble, especially considering their 3DS is approaching retirement with no successor inbound. Definitely going to play the waiting game this time that's for sure.
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  • Uncharted 4 pops up on eBay as shops break street date

  • Big-Boss 26/04/2016

    Wasn't the game supposed to launch today anyway before it got delayed for a second time? By the looks of it plenty of retailers have recieved stock so it's quite annoying that we've been made to wait. It's even worse now because some lifeless pricks will be posting spoilers in every single thread they can to ruin it for everyone else. Reply +14
  • PS4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank tops UK chart

  • Big-Boss 25/04/2016

    My first R&C game and I'm loving it. They did an outstanding job on the near Pixar quality visuals; not seen another game that comes anywhere near close. Congrats to Insomniac!

    I suspect the game did better than expected because it launched at around 10 cheaper than a normal release. Coupled with the fact that there haven't really been many, if any, top quality family friendly platformers means they've also filled a gap in the market.
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  • Here's a new trailer for Let it Die

  • Big-Boss 19/04/2016

    Any interest I had in this was lost when it was confirmed as F2P. A shame really as I quite like Suda 51 games. Reply -5
  • Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed via leak

  • Big-Boss 18/04/2016


    HD games remastered and resold...
    *shakes head, laughing*
    Oh "next gen".:rolleyes:
    Ha, so hypocritical seeing that coming from you considering you creamed your pants and defended Twilight Princess HD in every single article. You even admitted to paying out the arse for the overpriced Amiibo edition just to get your hands on a toy and soundtrack CD you can download from anywhere on the web :rolleyes:
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  • Big-Boss 18/04/2016

    60fps or GTFO. Reply +12
  • Ratchet & Clank review

  • Big-Boss 15/04/2016

    For those who are criticising the game for not running at 60fps when the original PS2 version did - The fact is that this was a conscious change by Insomniac and one they made seven years ago based on customer feedback and sales data. Most gamers prefer pretty over smooth and that's been the case since the very beginning. Here's a link to the original EG article.
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  • Big-Boss 15/04/2016

    This game really snuck up on me. Reviews started appearing a few days ago and were extremely positive, so I decided to see what Metacritic thought and was pleasantly surprised to see it sitting so high at a score of 86!

    I've never played a Ratchet & Clank game before and since this is a remake of the original it seems like the perfect place to start. Definitely a day one purchase for me but it's a shame we get it 10 days after the Americans :(
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  • Codemasters picks up Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

  • Big-Boss 11/04/2016

    Absolutely outstanding news and a perfect fit. Here's hoping they make a spiritual sequel to DriveClub so everyone else can see what all the fuss was about. Either way we all win. They are easily one of the best racing studios around and it would have been a crying shame to see them disappear. Shame on Sony once again and a massive thank you to Codemasters. Reply +1
  • Yoshinori Ono discusses Street Fighter 5's launch problems

  • Big-Boss 07/04/2016

    It's not just single player stuff missing - online matchmaking is massively inconsistent. I don't get to play that much due to work and other commitments but when I do, all my opponents are God like. I have a paltry 2000 and a bit league points but am constantly being paired up against lifers who are on 8000+! Got my arse handed to me last night by a guy using Necalli and a double perfect. It's fast becoming a game only for the super hardcore.

    SFIV had the option to be matched against same skill players from launch. SFV desperately needs that feature as well because it's putting me off playing the game when almost every single opponent I face is tournament grade. Some of is just want to have a fair fight and a bit of fun. We don't all fork out on 150 fight sticks and spend eight hours a day practising. Sort it out Capcom.
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  • Dirt Rally console review

  • Big-Boss 30/03/2016


    Agreed. Reviews these days are more and more about the writer trying to show off their journalism degree than actually providing key information about the game. It's not just happening at EG though, it's an industry wide trend. I get far more relevent information from YouTube personalities reviewing games as they've spent the cash themselves and have really put some time into them.

    I'm certain this game is recommended; it's recieved excellent scores across the board. But this review is terrible and does nothing to justify the reward of such a badge.
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  • Twitch app finally available on PlayStation 4 in the UK

  • Big-Boss 30/03/2016

    I've had the app since last year from the US store and it's worked flawlessly. No idea why Sony have taken so long to make it available locally. Reply +12
  • Batman: Arkham Knight gave us the hero we deserve

  • Big-Boss 25/03/2016

    The most beautiful of the Batman games, but for me it was also the weakest. Asylum remains the high point and I felt it's more linear structure gave the game more focus. The series seemed to steadily decline from game to game after that and I hope they now give it an extended break before returning to it. Reply +2
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Big-Boss 24/03/2016

    Personally I think this is just going to be Sony's first slim model with a few under-the-hood improvements to make it VR ready with possible 4k support for movies. I don't think they're stupid enough to risk derailing PS4 sales by fragmenting the user base. Still, E3 is around the corner already so I'm sure we'll find out more soon. Reply +1
  • Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution

  • Big-Boss 22/03/2016

    This is a crying shame. I loved the Motorstorm games and DriveClub has slowly evolved into my favourite racing game this gen. Was fully expecting a DC2 at some point. A truly shitty move by Sony. Reply +32
  • Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises

  • Big-Boss 19/03/2016

    Oh God I'm getting sick of this. Were the women forced against their will to dress up half naked and dance? No, they did it willingly, for money and because they wanted to be seen in that fashion.

    And I don't know why Spencer is apologising. Being head of Xbox I'm sure he knew of this event and who would be hired. Regardless, he doesn't need to apologise for anything. If someone is offended so bloody what? Why don't these people criticising MS go and criticise the women who chose to dress that way for money? Because they're the ones they should be shaking their fists at.
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  • So, will Sony actually allow PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together?

  • Big-Boss 17/03/2016

    Let's be honest here, if MS weren't so far behind would they ever have proposed this? I don't think so. Like a lot of their policy reversals this gen, they all seem to have happened because they've lost their lead and are playing catch up.

    Cross-play would only really benefit Xbone gamers since they only have around half the number of owners as PS4. And hey, not a single Xbox owner was calling for cross-play between the two consoles, but now that MS have opened up to it suddenly it has to happen or Sony are knobs? Get real.
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  • BioShock: The Collection spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 17/03/2016

    I really hope these are remastered properly. Bluepoint aren't doing anything at the moment so hopefully they've hired them. 60fps would transform these games, so would you kindly give these classics the treatment they deserve? Reply +3
  • Behold HTC Vive's launch window round-up

  • Big-Boss 17/03/2016

    Regarding exclusives - if they're first-party then there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Sony and Nintendo push their own catalogue more; the latter in particular would be nowhere without their historic list of IP. The Wii U has been an absolute disaster sales-wise but just how much worse would it have done without its library of exclusives?

    So yes, I see nothing wrong with full-on exclusive titles - it's the timed exclusives, both games and DLC, that really get on my nerves.
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  • PlayStation VR will cost 349, out in October

  • Big-Boss 15/03/2016

    I personally think it's stupid that you need to purchase a separate accessory (PS Camera) to use what is itself an accessory (PSVR). There should be two bundles - one for people who do and one for people who don't already have the camera.

    Whilst it's currently the cheapest high end VR headset on the market, I still stand by my original prediction in that it isn't cheap enough for mass market penetration. It's out of impulse-buy territory for most people, myself included, so I guess we'll find out how well it does in October.

    I'd like to try out VR but not if it's going to rape my wallet. I'm happy to wait for a price drop but if it doesn't do well Sony don't exactly have the best record for supporting failed technologies. See PS Move, Vita, 3D etc.
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  • Punished Street Fighter 5 rage quitter battles back to the top

  • Big-Boss 14/03/2016

    He's clearly a Fangtastic player. Reply +37
  • Hitman's episodic approach could be a neat solution to big budget bloat

  • Big-Boss 13/03/2016

    I don't like it personally. Tbh I think this is an experiment from SE to cover their own backs and cancel future episodes if they don't sell well enough. They're planning to do the same with the FFVII Remake. If and when they release the full game on disc, that's when I'll hand my money over. I do the same with any game from Telltale as well. I'm not a fan of episodic content at all. Reply -2
  • It sounds like Gears of War 4 will come to PC

  • Big-Boss 10/03/2016

    That's good news. With MS giving up on the Xbone and my laptop giving up the ghost, I'm considering building a mid-range PC. Haven't gamed on one for over a decade but it makes sense right now.

    Was originally planning to buy an Xbone at the end of the year to take advantage of its exclusives and backwards compatibility, but now it has no exclusives left I'd rather pay a little more to take advantage of the larger back catalogue available on PC. And of course play Gears of War and Forza :D
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  • Alienation hits PS4 in April

  • Big-Boss 08/03/2016

    This looked amazing when first shown off and looks even better now. I'm a huge fan of Housemarque and this will be another day one purchase for me. Reply +7
  • Vote on Doom's alternate box art

  • Big-Boss 03/03/2016

    Option B. Option B times infinite!

    Having said that, option B should be the default cover and the black, demon one should be the reversible option. The generic space marine cover should be binned completely. It's awful.
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  • Uncharted 4 release date delayed another two weeks

  • Big-Boss 02/03/2016

    I don't think my workplace is going to like me very much - this is now the third time I'll be requesting a change to my holiday dates. I probably won't get it this time :( Damn it ND! Reply +24
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition due next week

  • Big-Boss 02/03/2016

    I'm still disappointed that they didn't release this on the 360. It was supposed to release on it shortly after the Xbone version and then they just went quiet on it. I'm sure it's cancelled now, but it'd be nice if EG could follow up with them as to why it never released. It's hardly a demanding game and there's nearly 90 million potential customers for them. Reply +3
  • It looks like Forza is heading to PC

  • Big-Boss 01/03/2016


    Having Streetfigher V on PC does not damage the Playstation brand. Having Xbox exclusives on PC does not damage the Xbox brand. There - that was easy!
    Difference being Street Fighter V is not a Sony IP. I can't remember any Sony firsty-party IP releasing on PC. They know this will devalue their PlayStation brand. MS in comparison have now confirmed practically ALL of their first and second-party IP for PC.

    They are devaluing their Xbox console brand no matter what people say. Sure more people get to play their games which is a good thing, but millions bought the console in the promise that Halo, Forza, Gears, Fable etc couldn't be played anywhere else. They've gone back on that now and if I had invested in an Xbone I'd be pretty annoyed with them.
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  • Big-Boss 01/03/2016

    Sounds like MS are testing the waters here. If an f2p Forza game does well on PC I can see them releasing all full blown future Forza titles simultaneously on PC/Xbone.

    This also strongly hints at what MS' future for the Xbox is. It was previously unthinkable for games like Forza or Halo to appear on PC. But they are now and I can see that trend continuing. We've already seen Quantum Break and Gears of War make their way across so it only seems natural.

    I believe, as many others have already predicted, that MS are rebranding Xbox from a console and into a service. They will probably still release another console, but I suspect it will be little more than a low tier digital only machine with a Windows store-front to purchase games from. Basically a Windows version of the DRM console they originally envisioned for the Xbone.
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  • PlayStation 4 to PC Remote Play coming in next update

  • Big-Boss 01/03/2016

    Nearly two and a half years to get the ability to see who's come online? Better late than never, but my God Sony are bloody slow. This should have been there at launch. No excuses. Reply +13
  • PlayStation TV has been phased out in Japan

  • Big-Boss 29/02/2016

    It's Sony's own fault. The PSTV should have played every single Vita game out of the box. The fact that it didn't play some of Sony's own big titles like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Unit 13 and a maltitude of others was Sony's biggest mistake.

    The lack of apps and PS1 compatibility with a large number of titles was another huge misstep. It's basically a glorified streamer for PS4 games and that's about the only thing it does well. I can't see Sony ever making another portable console or spin-off in the future. They should just focus on home consoles as they've always done the business for them.
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  • 10 days after launch, Street Fighter 5 online play is much improved

  • Big-Boss 26/02/2016

    Whilst the online is definitely more stable and wait times minimal I have to agree about the rage quitting problem. If you come across anyone with a win streak of 5 or higher alarm bells should be ringing. I'm not saying people can't be that good, because they can be, but when you reach the 1,500 League Points mark racking up high win streaks is nigh on impossible as the competition is of a VERY high level.

    Rage quitting is very popular right now as players are aware there's no penalty in place to punish them. I fear this will drag on for a few months yet as Capcom have always been notoriously slow at updating their online focussed titles. I suspect it'll be around April at the earliest before they put a system in place to punish the quitters. When they do eventually do it it should be severe to put people off. Any disconnect after the first round of a match has been played should be punished by an automatic loss of 200 League Points. That'll ensure people take the loss fairly and stop ruining it for all the legitimate players.
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  • Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 25/02/2016

    Way too expensive. I haven't played Resi 4 in a decade though so if they eventually release the collection on disc like Origins I might consider it. It has to run at a locked 60fps though. No excuses if they can't hit that target - the game is ancient now. Reply +12
  • Halo 5's touching tribute to player who lost his teenager daughters in a house fire

  • Big-Boss 25/02/2016


    You don't care? I'm sorry, but you care about posting lengthy novels on here about how far up Sony's arsehole you are, but don't care about a human being whose entire life just crumbled down? You really are a disgusting person. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and re-evaluate yourself.
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  • Big-Boss 25/02/2016

    Lovely gesture. I feel so sad for the father though. This has ruined my day now :( Reply +37
  • PlayStation Plus' March Instant Game Collection includes Galak-Z, Broforce

  • Big-Boss 24/02/2016

    Hmm pretty poor selection this month Broforce aside. Super Stardust, as good as it is, is absolutely ancient - I bought it way back in 2009 for under a quid in a PSN sale.

    I honestly think Sony should retire the PS Plus service for PS3 now. Its best days are firmly in the past and the Vita isn't fairing any better. By focusing on PS4 only we should hopefully get a better selection of games as well as improvements to online.
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  • Street Fighter 5 online play back on its feet

  • Big-Boss 19/02/2016

    To all those accusing Capcom of lieing about there being no future Super, Turbo, Ultra editions etc - they said the same about Street Fighter X Tekken and nearly four years later have kept to their word. Reply +11
  • Face-Off: Street Fighter 5

  • Big-Boss 18/02/2016

    This may be a little unrelated, but I've only just noticed that there is no rumble feature whatsoever in this game. I've been having a blast with it in local MP so never really noticed until I went back to SFIV briefly for comparisons sake. I do hope Capcom plan to patch it in soon. Hopefully it'll arrive with the March update. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter 5 does not punish players who rage quit

  • Big-Boss 17/02/2016

    I've only had a couple of players do this to me but it's really frustrating. You have to expect to lose sometimes as you do in all games. I was on an eight match win streak yesterday and eventually lost to a guy on no win streak at all. No biggie, took it on the chin as a fight fairly lost and gave up my League Points.

    Wish all players treated the game fairly. The only time quitting is tolerable is when the lag is unbearable. You usually notice this immediately though so quit before the first round even gets going. Quitting as soon as you lose the match? Well you're a sore loser. Hopefully Capcom can find a way to differentiate the two situations.
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  • Performance Analysis: Street Fighter 5 on PS4

  • Big-Boss 17/02/2016

    The online has completely crashed now. Couldn't find a game at all tonight yet at lunch time yesterday it was mostly stable bar the occasional laggy match. Poor form Capcom.

    Ironically, share-playing the game is the best way to enjoy it right now. Played with a few friends earlier and we had a good few hours on it with next to no lag. If you have a decent Internet connection and have friends to play with then share-playing is the best way to enjoy the game outside of local MP.
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  • Metal Gear Online will add playable Quiet in March

  • Big-Boss 16/02/2016

    Whilst I'm not a fan of MGS online you can't argue against that price. 3 or so for three maps? Fantastic value. Reply +2
  • Street Fighter 5 gets off to rocky start

  • Big-Boss 16/02/2016

    I've been fine finding a match but there is some frustrating lag at times. Hope it gets fixed soon because it's both costing me and rewarding me with League Points I don't deserve. Reply 0
  • Watch: Street Fighter 5's brilliance just about makes up for barebones launch

  • Big-Boss 15/02/2016

    A shame about the lack of offline content but gamers wanting to enjoy these modes only have to wait a month or so before they're added. You'll likely also benefit from a cheaper price.

    For myself and many others however, online is the main reason to play a fighting game and therefore I cannot wait for this game to drop through my letterbox tomorrow.
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  • No new Assassin's Creed this year, Ubisoft confirms

  • Big-Boss 11/02/2016

    Long overdue. Hell, give it a three year break - give it the time and space it needs to really evolve and come back stronger. Reply +3
  • Uncharted 4 PS4 gets a Drakeover

  • Big-Boss 04/02/2016


    I agree. So far the only game to make genuinely good use of the touchpad is Tearaway Unfolded and that's a port of a handheld game. I honestly think Sony slapped it on there to have a monopoly on the controller market. It can't be cheap for third party companies to come out with their own versions and two years on I'm yet to see one that isn't a crappy Chinese knock-off.
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  • Big-Boss 04/02/2016

    That looks beaut. The only limited edition console to impress me thus far was the MGSV one. I think this one might just have it beat. Reply +8
  • End of an era as Evo, the world's biggest fighting game tournament, ditches Street Fighter 4

  • Big-Boss 27/01/2016

    Hmm this is a shitty move IMO. I understand that they want to sell copies of SFV, but blocking out the previous, still very popular entry is still taking the piss. When you see a 15 year old GameCube game making the roster it makes it even harder to stomach. Bad call Capcom. Reply +9