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  • Horizon Zero Dawn shifts a whopping 7.6m copies

  • Big-Boss 28/02/2018

    My 2017 GOTY. Utterly superb game and one I bought twice just to play through the DLC as I sold it after originally completing it. The first couple of hours where the game is setting the scene are a little slow but once it releases you into the wild it really comes into its own. I've never seen an open world look this good before.

    I can't wait for a sequel. Guerrilla were clearly fatigued with their Killzone games and took them as far as they could go. It's refreshing to see a publisher support their developer with a brand new IP despite them having zero experience in the genre. This game is proof of what can be achieved when a developer is let off the chain and allowed to express their creative talents. MicroSoft could learn a lot from this games success. Their single player and exclusive output in general has been utterly dire this gen.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport gets new cars and a fix for online griefing

  • Big-Boss 28/02/2018

    Can't fault PD's support for their game. The updates have all been excellent. If these additions were on another console they would have been car packs costing 7.99 each. Reply +6
  • The new God of War hits PS4 in April

  • Big-Boss 23/01/2018

    Awesome, day one for me. The God of War games have some of the best combat around. Reply +6
  • Gran Turismo Sport's update brings back the game you thought you wanted

  • Big-Boss 05/01/2018

    After hearing about the update I decided to purchase a copy before Christmas at under 18. With the generous amount of (free!) content that's been added, it really does feel like a more complete GT game and the one I wanted in the first place. The graphics, especially with HDR are simply stunning and the game feels so much better with all the bloat of previous games removed.

    The only negative I can level at the game is that you need to be connected to the servers to save progress. Hopefully that'll be rectified in a future patch as they've already issued one which allows us to play single player offline. Honestly speaking though even that small caveat hasn't stopped me enjoying this game. I haven't touched Forza 7 since the GT League update and that says it all.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 30-21

  • Big-Boss 28/12/2017


    The only games people are saying should be higher are the PlayStation exclusive titles.
    Nier nioh persona hzd Yakuza keep getting listed by dissapointed people.
    The fact a game is exclusive is irrelevant, the quality of the game is what matters. Whilst opinions are subjective, you can understand the readers surprise at this list when games EG themselves have heavily criticised are higher up the list than games they've lauded.

    It doesn't bother me personally, it's just a list after all with no awards being handed out. But I do question whether EG is in touch with its readership when their outlooks are so wildly different compared to them.
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  • Jelly Deals: Bayonetta 2 Special Edition up for pre-order

  • Big-Boss 12/12/2017

    That is an utter rip-off! Two ports, one of which is a download code plus a bit of extra tat for nearly 70?! Fuck off. Reply +6
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2017

    I'd buy this just for Alpha 3 alone but are the full games included or just the Arcade versions? If I can't play the World Tour mode in Alpha 3 I'm not interested. Reply +1
  • Sakura and Sagat headline Street Fighter 5 season three DLC characters

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2017


    It's been confirmed that SFV: Arcade Edition is just the vanilla disc plus codes to download season 1 and 2 character passes. You'll also need to download all the updates as they won't already be on the disc. Personally, I find this massively disappointing. What makes it worse is that they're releasing character pass 3 on the same day the Arcade Edition comes out.

    Surely they could have included season 3 as well to sweeten the deal? I should know better though. This is the same company that releases HD remasters of their Resi games on individual discs rather than a collection. Offering good value is not their forte.
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  • Capcom announces Devil May Cry HD Collection

  • Big-Boss 07/12/2017

    Already have these on PS3 so unless they're redone at 4k I'm not interested. Reply +3
  • PS4 hits 70m sold

  • Big-Boss 07/12/2017

    Deserved, it's a fantastic console and easily in my top three of all time. Here's to another two or three years of gaming greatness from it. 2018 already looks phenomenal and that's just counting the exclusives. Reply +5
  • Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

  • Big-Boss 07/12/2017

    Don't both Sony and MS have a rule where the Platinum/1,000 GS has to be unlockable with just the base game? I'm pretty certain I read about it somewhere years ago. It must be true because Destiny 2 is the first game that's broken that rule. If Bungie have any sense they'll fix it in the coming days. Reply +5
  • Need for Speed Payback review

  • Big-Boss 08/11/2017


    Can we not just have a road based circuit racing game? Pick car, pick track, race. Career mode. Unlockable cars, colours and tracks. Like the original Burnout and NFS games. Is... Is that not fun any more?
    If you have a PS4, DriveClub offers exactly what you're looking for.
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  • Should you buy an Xbox One X?

  • Big-Boss 07/11/2017

    This article pretty much sums up what most people are thinking. The lack of exclusives has been MS' achilles heel this gen. Sure, most multiplatform games will look great there's no doubt about that. But that will likely last a couple of years at best until the next gen starts.

    450 is a lot to pay for a console that will likely be replaced in two years and doesn't have enough must have titles on it. Then there's the PS4 Pro which has recently been selling for 300 with Fifa 18 thrown in. The 150 saving plus a game thrown in for free just looks far more appealing to most people.

    Those are just some of the reasons why it's not for me. In fact, perhaps due to the X's impending arrival retailers have been doing some fantastic deals on the Xbone S. I decided to pick one up again after selling my original purchase earlier this year, mainly as I have a 4k TV now so wanted a 4k Blu-ray player.

    After selling all the bundled games (CoD WW2, Shadow of War, Forza 7, Doom, Dishonored 2, Fallout 4) it brought the price of the console and controller down to 95 total. The bundle originally cost me 209.99. Well, well worth it IMO - that's less than a quarter of the price of Xbone X!
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  • Tech Analysis: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

  • Big-Boss 21/10/2017

    Whilst GTS does look quite lovely and the HDR shines, this is the first GT game I haven't picked up at launch. The lack of a proper single player career and the DRM nature of the game has completely put me off. After playing the beta I was originally very excited for the game, but news slowly started to trickle out that this was pretty much an online focussed sim and I really don't have interest in something like that. I've instead picked up Project Cars 2 and will wait for a proper GT7 which I expect will probably launch on the PS5 now. Reply -1
  • Street Fighter 5 will finally get an arcade mode in 2018, big Amazon leak reveals

  • Big-Boss 05/10/2017

    Might double dip if there's substantial single player content now. I originally loved the vanilla release but quickly lost interest after how inaccurate the matchmaking system was. I consider myself an average player and after around 50 fights I was being matched with people ranked in the top 20 in the world. I enjoy a challenge but no one likes losing match after match against opponents far more skilled than you.

    Single player is usually the fallback for me if I lose interest online but no decent single player modes meant I traded it in after a couple of months or so. Now there's a lot more characters and (hopefully) content, I'd be interested in an updated version at around the 20-25 mark.
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  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting a Complete Collection this December

  • Big-Boss 04/10/2017


    Sony don't release their games on PC. Only MS do.
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  • Big-Boss 04/10/2017


    That's incorrect, you need the original game to access the DLC. You can't just download and play it on it's own. It says so on the description page for the DLC on the store.

    Left Behind for TLoU originally required the original game to play it as well. They released it as a standalone a few months later. I'm hoping the same happens with this Horizon DLC.
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  • Big-Boss 04/10/2017

    I wish they'd release the DLC as a standalone like Left Behind. I finished the game months ago and have no plans to re-purchase it. Oh well, maybe later down the line then eh? Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed Origins is the series you remember, back yet again

  • Big-Boss 04/10/2017

    I dunno, apart from really nice graphics nothing seems to have been improved. Was hoping this would be a return to form with some true gameplay innovations but it all just seems a bit more polished and shiny. That's fine if it's the third game in the series but when you've had around ten installments it isn't enough, not for me at least. Reply -1
  • The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro update has arrived

  • Big-Boss 04/10/2017

    I bought the GOTY edition last November but haven't had time to play it. Purchased a 4K TV a few weeks back so this will be the perfect time to jump in. Looking forward to the DF analysis :) Reply +31
  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner remaster headed to PS4

  • Big-Boss 19/09/2017

    Hmm, so Konami is finally porting their work to current gen? Surely Metal Gear Solid remasters at 4k/60fps aren't far behind? I remain quietly positive.

    Oh, and this is great news about ZOE also! Hopefully the first game comes out soon too.
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  • LA Noire coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and a spin-off to VR

  • Big-Boss 07/09/2017

    Nice. Never played it originally and I just bought a 4k TV a few days ago. Should be nice on my PS4 Pro. Reply 0
  • Solid Snake sneaks onto Android in Metal Gear Solid 2 HD for Nvidia Shield

  • Big-Boss 22/08/2017

    I expect the games to come to Android (and Apple I guess) phones soon enough, but I'd be ecstatic if Konami brought the entire saga (including the black sheep The Twin Snakes!) to current gen consoles at 4k/60fps. I'm currently playing through the HD collection on PS3 and as good as that is, I can't help but wonder how good they'd look and feel on more powerful hardware with a better controller.

    Konami really are lost these days. Their only good ongoing franchise is PES yet they are sitting on a treasure trove of older classics just begging to be re-released. I know people frown upon the likes of Capcom for releasing their games on every single new console that comes out by I personally applaud them for it.

    It allows fans to play their favourite games at higher resolutions and frame rates without having to keep their old console lying around. It also opens the games up to an audience who may previously never have played them. The MGS saga is the sole reason I still have my PS3 plugged in. The second Konami announces a current gen port it's going on eBay. I never expected it to happen with us being at the half-way point of the current gen, but the announcement of this mobile port has given me a fresh ray of hope it'll happen. Fingers crossed!
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  • Angry Gameseek customers call aggressive discount promotion a "scam"

  • Big-Boss 18/08/2017

    Gameseek are a terrible company. The first and last game I bought from them was Tomb Raider Definitive Edition which was cheaper than elsewhere and advertised as new and sealed. It arrived nearly a week after dispatch and was a foreign copy (had a clear stamp on the back saying "not for sale in the UK") and unsealed.

    I immediately contacted them about this and asked to be refunded after the item had been sent back because it was falsely advertised. Whilst they agreed to refund me, they did not bother refunding my postage charges despite agreeing to this in their email. All follow up emails were ignored. Stay well clear of this shitty company.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn: the making of PS4 Pro's best 4K game

  • Big-Boss 02/08/2017


    Horizon ZD certainly has a number of technical highlights but I've always found it to be exceptionally ugly from an artistic standpoint, which is kinda par for the course with Guerilla Games.
    Classic Skippy :rolleyes:
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 review

  • Big-Boss 31/07/2017


    you should try the Sony xz premium, it has the same guts as the s8, a proper 4k hdr screen with no curves, great fingerprint scanner placement and battery conditioning software.
    In short it's brilliant and I can't recommend it enough 😁
    Agreed. I've had my current phone for close to three years now and have been doing a tonne of research with both written and video reviews for all of 2017's flagship phones. Pretty much every single one narrows it down to the XZP or the S8. The screen on the S8 looks stunning but since I watch a lot of videos and can't stand aspect ratios that aren't native, it kind of defeats the point for me.

    With black bars on the top and sides when opting for native aspect ratio it pretty much makes videos the same size as on every other smartphone. The XZP has larger bezels but I honestly don't mind them because it gives me somewhere to rest my fingers and thumbs when watching videos and also incorporates front facing stereo speakers. Both plus points in my book.

    Not only that, but in every single speed test I've seen the XZP is just quicker at opening and running almost all kinds of apps. Samsung are also notorious for having deteriorating batteries within 6 months of use, something reviews and people here have highlighted so that's another reason to be skeptical.

    For those reasons, and a few others I've decided to purchase the XZP as my next phone in the coming weeks. It'll be three years in September since I bought my current phone and I'm sure I'll see a noticeable difference, especially with that 4k screen. It's a shame most people will opt for the popular choice in the Samsung, but Sony aren't without blame as they have been notoriously poor at marketing their phones even though their Xperia Z line has been largely fantastic.
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  • Tekken 7 pre-order bonus Eliza now standalone DLC

  • Big-Boss 28/07/2017

    Hang on, I pre-ordered the disc version and didn't receive any DLC code for Eliza. Has anybody else had this? Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • Big-Boss 28/07/2017

    Whilst this is a shit move from Sony I've always managed to get my subs for around the 25 mark from various offers that online retailers regularly have. Even during the whole 360 era the RRP was 39.99 but I managed to get annual subs from anywhere between 17-25 per year. I have never purchased a sub directly from Sony/MS and neither has anyone of my family or friends as we always tell each other when offers are on.

    For that reason, and I know this won't be a popular opinion, the price hike doesn't really bother me all that much. Online sellers will likely hike their prices up by between 5-10 for annual codes which still equates to between 30-35 a year. That's not bad at all. I'd urge anyone that currently subs directly through Sony/MS to buy codes for a lot cheaper from online sellers like CD Keys, and others. They are ALWAYS cheaper.
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  • PS4 opens beta registration for next system update

  • Big-Boss 20/07/2017

    As a relatively new PS4 Pro owner and with no interest in purchasing a 4k set until next year, it would be nice if Sony followed MS and offered support for supersampling at a system level. Oh, and it'd be nice if I could just turn the Trophy notification sounds on whilst keeping all other notification sounds off. Right now it's all or nothing so a bit more customisation would be welcome. Same goes for sounds and music for themes - I'd love to mix and match or perhaps even use my own from a USB stick or something. Reply +1
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - the genesis of today's open world tech?

  • Big-Boss 16/07/2017

    If there was one game besides FF VII that I'd want a remake of, this would be it. Easily one of my favourite games of all time and the original still stands up today bar a couple of creaky mechanics. Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo Sport gets a new (and final) release date

  • Big-Boss 13/07/2017

    Been a long time coming and I really can't wait for this. I was starting to lose faith in it after the delays but after playing the beta a month ago the release date just cannot come quick enough. I bet you there's one more last minute delay though and we're kept waiting until Xmas! Reply +3
  • Tekken 7 gets Tekken Bowl - the greatest Tekken mini-game ever - in August

  • Big-Boss 06/07/2017

    I'm guessing this is one of the new modes included as part of the season pass? Nowhere in the article does it mention this is free DLC. If that is the case then no thanks. Stuff that used to be included on the disc is now chargeable. I know I should be used to it by now but fuck that shit. Reply +4
  • Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

  • Big-Boss 06/07/2017

    If a new PlayStation or Xbox had just been released and the majority of titles in the launch window were ports and remasters, everyone (including websites) would be tearing them a new one. Nintendo is somehow immune to that treatment though.

    This is a 280 console and the best games on it are ports from a much cheaper, older console. That's neither right nor normal. There's nothing wrong with ports and remasters, but when they're the sole reason to purchase a new machine then serious questions should be asked.

    It's funny how much uproar was created over a non issue like cross platform play by EG, who saw it fit to claim people were "upset" over it in an actual interview based on comments largely made by vocal Xbox fanboys, yet there's not a peep of negativity or questions being asked about the fact that a new 280 console has barely anything but ports.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins on Xbox One X: can third parties hit 4K?

  • Big-Boss 14/06/2017

    So wait, if the Xbone X is literally going to use the same techniques as the PS4 Pro to checkerboard upscale, why exactly does it cost so much more if the results are going to be practically identical? I thought the entire point of this console, as some have already mentioned and Spencer has been harking on about onstage, was to hit native 4k in all games? Since checkerboard 4k on the Pro is already so hard to tell apart from native according to DF, what is the point of all that extra power? It's wasted as an upscaler IMO. Reply +3
  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan

  • Big-Boss 14/06/2017

    Quite a jaded interview. It's like Wesley forgot just how many exclusives the PS4 had at the start of the year or just chose not to play them. Only MS seem to shove all their big hitters into a 3 month Xmas window. Sony and Nintendo never have, their releases are always spread out across the year.

    As for everything looking like The Last of Us - with Days Gone I can definitely see the similarities. But I don't see how Spiderman (open world superhero game), Detroit (narrative based QTE style game with decisions the player gets to make), God of War (over-the-shoulder hack n slash), Uncharted (action/adventure), Shadow of the Colossus Remake (action/adventure) and finally GT Sport (driving simulator) looked anything like TLoU.

    It was a stupid thing say. But then again, after Wes' awful article at the start of the year where he believed MS' Xbone upscaler somehow gave them more momentum despite a barren 2017 release schedual, I'm hardly surprised at his tone in this interview.

    Finally - no one cares about cross platform play. Literally no one. It's never been a discussion amongst gamers or journalists. If it was on PS4 I wouldn't care and in all honesty it's not like you can communicate with these people on other systems or add them as your friends on your own console. So what exactly is the point? Both MS and Nintendo's user base combined is still only half that of the PS4s alone, so I can see why those companies would allow it.

    But it's funny, no one seems to mention how the guys who made Defiance were talking about cross-play last gen between PS360 and MS flat out refused to allow it. They're only choosing to do it now because they're so far behind and are trying to create this "good guy" image for themselves. I can guarantee that this time next month not one single person will mention cross platform play or care about it. It's a non issue and I'm certainly not upset we don't have it on PS4 Wesley.
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  • Sony's flat E3 conference shows signs of a mid-generation lull

  • Big-Boss 13/06/2017

    Whilst I will agree that E3 was a little quiet and not as bombastic as previous years, to suggest a mid-gen lull is ludicrous. The year isn't judged by an E3 briefing and this year the PS4 will have had its strongest exclusive line up since launch. It's easy to forget just how many quality games have been released on PS4 this year and there's still Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot and GT Sport to come along with a few others.

    So yes, whilst I will agree that E3 was not as exciting as previous years, we were shown a boat load of quality games. 2017 has been a vintage year for PlayStation and 2018 looks set to be even better. Plus I LOVED that they focussed on single player games. I lost count of just how many they showed. I've always been a lone gamer apart from the occasional football or fighting game so this was a great thing to see.
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  • Original Xbox games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • Big-Boss 12/06/2017

    BC is one area where MS are absolutely killing it. Sony should be ashamed, especially since they were the original company championing BC with the PS2. The PS4 has done it's job in delivering top quality, new experiences but as a legacy machine it's awful. There's hardly any PS2 classics available on the store (and you have to pay for them anyway!) and the PS4 remains the only console in the entire PlayStation family to not have PS1 compatibility. I doubt Sony will bother implementing the feature now, but hopefully they've been paying attention to the response MS has got and do it at a system level at launch for the PS5. Reply 0
  • Xbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

  • Big-Boss 12/06/2017

    Damn, I hope Frazzl (MS zealot) and Grassy (Sony's very own Michael Pachter) are getting paid overtime and a decent bonus this summer. They're both going out of their way to defend their respective masters since last night's show. It'd be entertaining if both weren't such sad sacks :rolleyes: Reply +2
  • Big-Boss 12/06/2017

    The console will be fantastic for third party games, no doubt about it. At 450 though it's way out of my impulse buy territory. Will definitely pick it up in a couple of years once the price drops and I've invested in a decent 4k set. First-party games wise there was practically nothing interesting outside of Forza 7, which itself has strong competition this year anyway with Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo Sport.

    Crackdown 3 looked like utter shit and just shows how much bull MS were spouting when they showed it off a couple of years ago with the promise of 100% destructible environments and the "powah of the cloudz."

    The announcement of Xbox compatibility being added, and rightly generating the loudest cheer, was a great addition though. In fact MS' commitment to legacy software is to be applauded and the one complaint I have against Sony. They've done practically fuck all to add any significant legacy classics to the PS4 library. When they do add a PS2 game every blue moon you have to pay for it. That's bullshit.

    Anyway, the only real game from MS' show I'd love to play is Ori 2. Loved the first one but I no longer own an Xbone console. I might just steal my brothers for a week when it releases just to play it :D
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  • Free Titanfall 2 trial this week

  • Big-Boss 12/06/2017

    Just finished the Titanfall 2 campaign last week. It is OUTSTANDING. On par with how good the original Modern Warfare was a decade ago, but since it's made by most of the same team that's not really a surprise. I urge anyone with even the slightest interest in FPS games to at least give the game a try. You really have no excuse now and will not regret it. It's the best FPS campaign I've played this gen. Reply +15
  • Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499

  • Big-Boss 11/06/2017

    Dead on arrival if that price is confirmed. Only the hardcore will pay that much. It's the PS3/Xbone launch all over again. Granted, we never expected it to be cheap but nobody wanted it to hit the $500 mark either. That'll translate to 430 minimum just like the original Xbone launch price - and we all know how well that went after the launch hype died down. Reply +3
  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • Big-Boss 06/06/2017

    Shit, the Vita is over five years old already. Time flies, I still remember unboxing it as a late birthday present back in 2012! Brilliant machine, some great games on it. I don't understand the whole "Sony didn't support the Vita" comments. For the first three years of its life Sony released a tonne of top quality games on the machine. The launch line-up in particular remains the biggest and best line-up of any console ever, home or portable. But the console just didn't sell massive numbers for them to justify creating more AAA content on it.

    It's no surprise that I sold my Vita around the same time Sony stopped supporting it with big, exclusive releases. I sold mine in 2015 and now in the UK it's practically impossible to find any trusted retailer selling the console as new and sealed. There's a handful going about on eBay but naturally they cost as much as a PS4 because of their rarity. The Vita is all but dead everywhere except Japan where I'm sure it's on life support now too.

    It's a shame the Vita wasn't a success because for the three years that I owned mine it was easily my most played portable console ever. I don't think the lack of games was it's downfall though; that seemed to happen halfway through its life when people stopped buying the machine. I'm pretty sure the exorbitant memory card prices, expensive launch price, the general size of the machine (not exactly portable friendly) and only being able to use one profile at a time and having to factory reset your console to use another were more to blame.
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  • Need for Speed Payback is EA's next racer

  • Big-Boss 02/06/2017

    I find it a little sad that the last driving game that actually had a good story AND gameplay was Driver way, way back on the PS1. Nothing has come close since and neither will this judging by that unintentionally hilarious synopsis. Reply +1
  • Tekken 7 review

  • Big-Boss 02/06/2017

    I have issues with this review. It doesn't even mention the that there's a large chunk of brand new characters or how they play. The online part is almost completely ignored as well. For those wondering, I've had the game since Wednesday and as long as your opponent has a connection of four out of five bars or above it's generally an excellent experience with no lag at all. I suspect the majority of players time will be spent either playing offline versus or online so you're covered in that respect.

    There's ranked matches, unranked player matches and even a mini tournament to fight in. So far I've only played matches in the ranked and unranked modes and I've not had any lag, disconnects or network errors. I'm sure this also depends on your Internet speed so YMMV. The only thing I have noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a penalty to players who quit before the end of a match. This is disappointing and I'm surprised that a fighting game launching in 2017 hasn't launched with some sort of punishment to penalise quitters. Hopefully Namco addresses this asap. On the plus side there's a welcome revenge match option if you lose which let's you fight your last opponent one more time in an attempt to...well...gain revenge! Your opponent can choose to decline your request but if s/he agrees then win or lose, you are disconnected from your opponent and sent back to the lobby at the end of the fight.

    One thing I am very happy about is the replacement of the bound system with the new screw attack. Not only does it look more natural it's also less easy to abuse. I despised the bound system in Tekken 6. If someone got you into an air combo you might as well have put the pad down and gone and made yourself a hot drink whilst your health bar depletes. The health bar in Tekken 7 also depletes slower with air combos which gives everyone a fighting chance even when losing.

    Whilst not a huge fan of the new Rage Arts they look cool and are completely blockable without doing a stupid amount of damage if they connect. It's a good balance. In fact, after playing every single Tekken ever released for hundreds of hours, I'd say this is THE most balanced Tekken ever made.

    One thing I will agree on with Wes though is that the single player content does seem more limited compared to previous entries. As far as I can tell there's no survival mode, no team battle, no throwaway Tekken Ball, Bowling or Force mode and the Arcade mode is a lot shorter than previous entries. This is disappointing if you are a single player fighter but for me, I've always played either the offline versus modes or online MP in fighting games so it doesn't really bother me. Still, it's worth mentioning because all previous Tekken games had a lot more single player content.

    All in all it's a fantastic fighting game which changes enough to feel different without breaking anything. It's incredibly balanced and there's a character for everyone, new or old. My biggest complaint against the game is that Lei and Michelle/Julia are completely absent. They are the two characters that for me have the most unique fighting styles so why they have been left out is a mystery. Hopefully they're added to the roster for free at a later date but I doubt Namco will be that generous.

    Conclusively if you like Tekken you'll enjoy Tekken 7. Even newcomers will find something to enjoy with Katarina and Shaheen in particular very noob friendly characters and good starting points. They're not button bash spam like Eddy either and that's always a positive! Overall a solid 8/10 from me and highly recommended to fighting game fans.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport may well be the series' first real racing game

  • Big-Boss 23/05/2017


    Frazzl upset that a PS exclusive gets a positive write up. SSDD all the way :rolleyes:
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  • In Theory: Could Sony release PlayStation 5 in 2018?

  • Big-Boss 13/05/2017

    I reckon Xmas 2019 is the earliest we'll see the PS5. Sony have never launched early even when they were behind for a while with the PS3, so I certainly don't see them launching early when they're butchering MS.

    Whenever they do launch the PS5 though I do hope they make it fully backwards compatible with at least PS4 games. They were the ones that originally popularised the functionality with the PS2 and it's quite disappointing that the PS4 is not natively backwards compatible with any system before it.

    Anyway, the PS4 is hitting it's peak years with it already getting some blockbuster releases this year and some very healthy releases to follow in the coming months and years. They don't need to release a new console when they have so many top quality games still to come. And a new console is nothing if it has no games to play; no matter how powerful it is.
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  • EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

  • Big-Boss 10/05/2017

    I've been hearing similar comments since 2010. Digital isn't going to match physical sales on consoles for a while yet. Not when they cost nearly 30% more at launch, take a year to download and have zero resale value.

    Then there's the issue of HDD space. It's far easier to delete an installed game and reinstall it via disc at a later date than to redownload all 50gb again. Then finally of course there's the not so small issue of ownership. I can own a disc for life and it will work for life. A bunch of code on an HDD will not. For these reasons I'll remain a buyer of discs for as long as the option is given to me.
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  • Capcom tweaks Street Fighter 5 Thailand stage due to "unintentional religious references"

  • Big-Boss 27/04/2017

    I love how everyone is annoyed it's been changed because of Islam. Does it really matter what religion it is? I'm an atheist but it seems like a hell of a lot of similar minded people like putting the boot in for people that believe in something different, especially when Muslims are involved. It wasn't like this ten or fifteen years ago, but now just because a minority have done some despicable things it's trendy to hate on an entire religion.

    I wouldn't want to meet a lot of the people commenting in here in person with this kind of shitty attitude towards different beliefs. A game company changed a small detail in a game to avoid offending anyone. It doesn't hurt anyone, it doesn't offend anyone anymore and it really isn't a big fucking deal. I just sent this article to a Muslim mate and he laughed saying he couldn't care less. But naturally, it's Islam, so let's jump on the bandwagon and show how bigoted we really are eh?
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  • PlayStation Plus free games for May detailed

  • Big-Boss 26/04/2017

    I'm actually glad we're getting Alienation instead of Abzu. It's an actual game which can be replayed with mates again and again as opposed to Abzu which is an "experience it once and forget about it"' kind of game. Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that changed everything for PS2

  • Big-Boss 23/04/2017

    Whilst not the best MGS game (MGS3 will forever have that crown), I've not finished another game as much as MGS2. The gameplay was leagues ahead of most games of its time and holds up even today. The sheer amount of mischief you could get upto with the guards was pure joy.

    If they spot footprints or blood? They'll follow them until they find you. They find a dead body? They'll call it in and a replacement guard will be called to the area as well as an attack squad to search the area making tensions rise even higher. Been spotted? Shoot their radio and cut off communications. Then there's hiding bodies in lockers, throwing them off platforms into the sea or torturing them by holding them up and shooting their limbs one by one until they finally perish. Then there's the dog tag collecting which was a game in itself.

    The story may have been all sorts of nonsense but for me, it's still one of my favourite games ever. I still play it at least once a year and the gameplay never gets old. I really wish they'd port the MGS HD collection to PS4 because these games are literally the only reason I've still got my PS3 lying around. Do it Konami - it's free money for you.
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