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  • Assassin's Creed Unity's Dead Kings DLC will now be free

  • Big-Boss 26/11/2014

    I've given UbiSoft a lot of stick for their Unity failings and am not a fan of season passes, but if the above isn't a typo and it is indeed Far Cry 4 and not 3 that they are offering as one of the incentives then it is outstanding compensation. With their quick patches and regular updates for AC: Unity, and now this very generous offering they're definitely making a big effort to win back disgruntled fans. Good on them. Reply +31
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection dev issues "heartfelt apologies" as matchmaking issues continue

  • Big-Boss 25/11/2014


    Halo MCC - a collection of old games where the staple of the franchise, the MP, is completely broken and wasn't tested on live servers for a week like CoD: Advanced Warfare. Also plagued by bugs and technical issues such as campaign progress not saving, an unstable framerate and tearing. Scores 9/10.

    LittleBigPlanet 3 - new game in franchise, reviewer calls it is the best game in the franchise; 10/10 then? (LBP 1 & 2 both scored 9/10 here). Nope, he knocks off three points from the score to a 7/10 because of bugs and technical issues.

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  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014


    Yes, let's compare childish fanboy wars over pieces of plastic to terrorist attacks......
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  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014

    People are complaining about some of the fanboys on here which is fair enough, but let's be honest - it was the Xbox fanatics that dished it out in every single face-off for nearly eight years and now can't take that the shoe is on the other foot. You can't blame the PlayStation crowd for getting some payback this gen.

    And for those of you who've forgotten, regardless of how many PlayStation fanboys are in here, none of them have come out with something like this comment I found in the Red Dead Redemption face-off from 2010. It's from a user called LeD, and I'm surprised he wasn't banned for posting something so disgusting:

    "Once more, the 360 feeds the PS3 its huge cock before ramming it up its arse, then rince/repeat, leaving the PS3 dilated and humiliated. Oh the agony! Sucks to be a PS3 owner!"

    And that comment was made because the PS3 version had a slightly lower resolution, less foliage and minor framerate drops, akin to what the Xbone is experiencing this gen. Maybe the Xbox fanboys can pipe down now about how bad some of the PlayStation crowd is when they've got someone like that representing their corner.
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  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014


    C'mon DF where is the PES comaprison???
    PS4 - 1080p
    Xbone - 720p

    Seems to be a curiosity with the way the FOX Engine works. MGS Ground Zeroes was the same.
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  • LittleBigPlanet 3 review

  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014

    I can't get along with LBP games. I tried very hard to get into the first two but they just didn't click with me. This will be no different, however, I find it extremely dodgy that this title has been marked down for having bugs by EG and IGN yet both sites slapped a 9 and 9.1 at the end of the broken mess that is Halo MCC. There are clearly double standards at play at these two websites.

    Even yesterday one of the EG staff gave a pretty weak excuse for re-posting an old GTAV review. He said that the core of the game was the same so didn't warrant a new review. Why then was there a new review posted for the Halo MCC? They are exactly the same games that have been prettied up yet are broken in so many ways. Unlike Cod: Advanced Warfare those games weren't tested on public servers either to see how they fared. Why not?

    There's no point in deducting points for games being broken if the rule is selective. It has to be applied across the board. Extremely poor EG.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • Big-Boss 18/11/2014


    The core gameplay of the Halo MCC didn't change either yet you posted a whole new review for it and slapped an inflated score on the end even though it's a broken mess. Yet you chose to re-post an old review for GTAV even though it has a brand new, never seen before perspective to play the game with. Double standards much?
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  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Big-Boss 18/11/2014

    GTAV is taking an age to install on my PS4. It's easily the longest any game has taken to install. It's only just hit the 50% mark after around 10 minutes. Oh, and there's also a 1.13 GB day one patch. Lovely. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart

  • Big-Boss 17/11/2014

    As expected, two utterly broken games make the top three. Sad times. Reply 0
  • PlayStation TV review

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2014

    I agree that it's overpriced; you can buy a pre-owned OLED Vita for 85 and under most places these days. They should also have thrown a DualShock 4 in and at least an 8GB memory card. Sony don't have to worry about a battery or screen with this device so should have included the controller and memory card as substitutes.

    Perhaps the biggest crime of all though is that most of Sony's own exclusive games aren't compatible with the machine. Surely it wouldn't be that big of an issue to patch support for games like Uncharted, WipeOut and Gravity Rush in? It would also help if Sony added a built-in app on the PSTV that conveniently listed all compatible titles for the device. The list could be updated automatically when a new title was made compatible.

    I have to say though that I don't get the "under-specced" label Leadbetter has smacked in the article sub-header. This is a repackaged handheld device; did he really expect Sony to improve the innards? It would make absolutely no sense.

    Anyway I just think Sony have had too many missteps with the Vita. Both the PSTV and handheld are commercial failures and the blame for that rests purely at Sony's door. For the past 18 months they have made zero effort and given the Vita no stage time and no love in general.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2014

    I agree that 2014 has been a mediocre year for PlayStation but to put it into perspective, these are the exclusive games that came out on the PS family of consoles in 2013 and will never go to the PC:

    Ni No Kuni
    God of War: Ascension
    The Last of Us
    Beyond: Two Souls
    Gran Turismo 6
    Killzone Mercenary
    Killzone Shadow Fall

    And those are just exclusive games off the top of my head, excluding the excellent line-up of third party titles and other exclusives I may have missed. Those expecting 2014 to immediately equal that level of quality (minus Knack!) are crazy. 2014 was always going to be a quieter year following such an outstanding release schedual.

    People also seem to forget that MS had a pretty dire year exclusive-wise in 2013 - Gears of War: Judgement was the only retail release on the 360. On the Xbone side games like Ryse (as bad as Knack) and Dead Rising 3 have made their way to the PC. Forza 5 was their best release last year and even that was a pretty big step back after the near perfect Forza 4.

    Even this year, where I keep reading that the Xbone has a stellar line-up I just don't see it. It has had Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2 and a Halo remaster collection which are all available on the 360. In the case of Halo it actually works online on the 360 - with zero tearing and a locked framerate.

    That leaves us with Sunset Overdrive which MS themselves have already confirmed, albeit accidentally with their ad "mistake," will be coming to the PC in the future.

    So all in all 2014 hasn't been kind to either console on the exclusive front. The Xbone line-up looks better on paper but when you break it down there are only one or two games you can't play elsewhere. It's the third parties that have really been keeping the PS4 and Xbone going. The real battle will start in 2015 where both Sony and MS will be releasing their big guns.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • Big-Boss 12/11/2014


    You really don't have any manners when communicating with other members do you? This isn't the first time you've been rude to myself and other posters on the site. If you head here you'll realise that it is in fact YOU who are chatting utter rubbish. The article is dated 22/2/2013 where Vita games were being handed out with Plus for a few months. Scroll down and you will find the following quote:

    "Thanks to PlayStation Plus, millions of gamers can enjoy top-rated* PS3 and PS Vita games at no extra cost. We add new titles regularly as well as providing you with tons more special offers on some of the hottest titles around.

    * Top rated is based on a Metacritic rating of 70+."
    So they didn't change the rule when they started giving Vita games out did they? It also doesn't mention anywhere that the rule was temporary. As others have already politely pointed out (and I have acknowledged in a later post if you bothered to read), the rule no longer stands but this wasn't communicated through any official channels. There was no "promise for the first year" like you claim.
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  • Big-Boss 12/11/2014


    Ah I didn't actually notice that. Now that you mention it they gave out Malicious a while ago and even that is on 67 on Metacritic. I'm guessing they allow exceptions when it suits them which kind of defeats the point of having the rule in the first place. Like you said though it could be broken again but I hope they don't drop as low as the 54 that Knack stands at!
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  • Big-Boss 12/11/2014


    Knack will never come to PS Plus. Sony have a rule where only games that score 70+ on Metacritic will be given out to maintain a high level of quality. I'm actually surprised more people aren't aware of this.
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  • Bloodborne delayed by a month

  • Big-Boss 12/11/2014

    Rather it was delayed for extra polish than end up with the mess that AC Unity is. Reply +10
  • Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Big-Boss 11/11/2014

    A shambles all-round. No one should be celebrating here because we all lose with this one. Just how many broken, unfinished games have been released this year?

    DriveClub - performs at a rock-solid 30fps but plagued by ridiculous connectivity issues and missing basic features like replays, photo mode and weather at launch. PS Plus version was delayed when Sony could quite easily have offered us the offline version until server issues were sorted out. Unacceptable.

    Halo MCC - rushed to market for an Xmas launch so MS decided to lump half the game on the servers for a whopping 15gb download. Games themselves run very inconsistently and for Halo: CE to have tearing and dropped frames 13 years later, on vastly more powerful hardware is absolutely unacceptable.

    Unity - where do we start? Rushed to market like the aforementioned releases and a microtransaction infested, broken mess. I seem to recall AC3 was similarly broken but the framerate was never as bad as it is in this game. Not just that but seven games in and the core structure of AC is completely unchanged. There's no point in adding more pretty when the entire game is nothing more than a re-skin.

    The worst part is that I expect Unity to top the sales chart next week so UbiSoft won't give two shits. 90% of people pay no attention to performance articles like these and buy the game anyway. It's a massive shame, and it's making me dread the release of Far Cry 4 next week.

    UbiSoft can safely take their place on my blacklist alongside EA. They'll see no money from me until they start treating me with respect as a customer and not some dumb mindless drone who'll lap up any old shit they release.
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  • What works - and what doesn't - in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Big-Boss 11/11/2014


    DF has been analysing resolution and framerate for years now. It has existed for pretty much the entirety of last-gen and carried on into the current-gen. Why do their articles only start to bother you now that your favoured company's console isn't winning? If you don't like reading the truth then stay away from future DF articles. There is plenty of other content available on the site for you to enjoy.

    And 1080p/60 has nothing to do with Sony - it was MS that was "banging the drum" yet failed to deliver on their promises with this collection.
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  • GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes songs, breaks some save files

  • Big-Boss 10/11/2014

    I am completely against an all digital future for gaming. Stories like these only reinforce that stance. Reply +16
  • PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December

  • Big-Boss 04/11/2014

    That's more like it. Been a couple of disappointing months for Plus recently but this is a nice return to form. Reply +54
  • Sony remains "committed to providing Driveclub PS Plus Edition"

  • Big-Boss 04/11/2014


    Think it's a running joke at EG where they use Project Cars/Forza screenshots in every DriveClub article.
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  • Big-Boss 04/11/2014

    Before people start demanding a replacement PS Plus game as they have been doing in all the DriveClub disaster articles, Sony already provided one at launch last year. That title was Contrast. Since then, DriveClub was always intended to be an extra game they gave out when ready. Reply -7
  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Big-Boss 04/11/2014

    Haven't bought a COD game for years and I doubt this new one will change my mind as I'm just not a fan of the franchise anymore. It's a bit rich though that certain Xbox folk are gloating over the minor frame rate advantage, yet are happy to brush the more inconsistent framerate of the Halo Master Chief Collection under the rug. And that collection is made up of last and last-last gen games don't forget.

    It's not like minor performance issues can't be patched; we've already seen it happen with Diablo 3 and The Evil Within. There's no reason why Advanced Warfare on PS4 or Halo MCC on the Xbone won't get a similar patch in the future.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues

  • Big-Boss 03/11/2014

    A bit cheeky of EG to only mention problems with the PS4 when the Xbone is experiencing the same issue. Although considering that both consoles are experiencing the same problem I think the blame lies at Activision's door. This is yet another example why a digital-only future should never happen for gaming. Reply +29
  • Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion

  • Big-Boss 29/10/2014

    Based on the content on offer I'd be willing to pay 10-12 max. Activision are taking the piss. In America this is being sold for $20 and that should translate to around 12 which would be just about reasonable. I still can't believe the DLC is being set in the same old areas gamers have gone through a hundred times already. The game is in dire need of at least one new planet to explore but I'm guessing they're saving that for the inevitable sequel.

    I came very close to selling Destiny last month when I got annoyed with its loot system but Bungie seemed to fix that pretty fast so I persevered. This DLC is offering nothing new though and isn't worth the price of entry, so it looks like I'll definitely be selling Destiny now. I only play the multi-player part nowadays and since there isn't a way to just download those maps separately I see no reason to hang on to the game.
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  • Destiny's Vault of Glass raid more difficult from today

  • Big-Boss 29/10/2014

    Fixing exploits is fine, but I'm getting rather annoyed at how Bungie is telling us how to enjoy our games. The Raid is supposed to be hard? There's a separate hard mode for it so leave it at that thanks. No need to make changes to the game's regular difficulty. Reply +1
  • Big-Boss 28/10/2014


    No worries, no offence was taken. Yeah I probably got lucky, but in all honesty Sony are taking the piss with PSN. In all my years as a 360 owner I have never experienced Live being down more than once a year, if that. PSN has been down at least ten times since the PS4 launched and that is unacceptable.

    They need to pull their finger out and invest in more servers and fast. I expect loads of PS4s to shift at Christmas and if they use that as an excuse for PSN being repeatedly affected by issues, then I shan't be re-subbing to PS Plus. I want a portion of that money to go towards making online more reliable, not just free games.
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  • Big-Boss 28/10/2014


    Sorry, my bad then. Must be an intermittent problem as I'm honestly not experiencing any problems on my end.
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  • Big-Boss 28/10/2014


    PSN isn't down - Bungie's servers are playing up. I'm signed in and have just finished my fourth straight match in a row of Fifa 14 with zero problems.
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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest

  • Big-Boss 23/10/2014

    Will it also run at 60fps and have updated controls? If so I'm all over this, it's the only proper GTA game (excluding PSP spin-offs) that I haven't played. So glad I resisted the temptation to buy this on my phone :D Reply +1
  • FIFA 15 patch addresses shooting and goalkeepers

  • Big-Boss 21/10/2014

    Fifa 15 is awful. The dribbling is extremely overpowered, even with average paced players and this has made defending almost impossible as a result. Career mode is exactly the same with not one single improvement. All the players seem incredibly floaty, they all glide across the pitch as if they're weightless and the comical, glitchy impact engine from Fifa 12 has made an unwelcome return. I've noticed players run into each other randomly and do backwards flips before crashing to the ground way too many times. Then there's those god-awful booking animations that can't be skipped.

    Not only that but online is plagued by intolerable lag. I have a very good Internet connection and Fifa 14 worked near flawlessly online, as do most of my other games, so it's clearly an issue on EA's end. I've sold my copy as a result and bought Fifa 14 again on the cheap which is far more playable. If PES 15 can follow up on its rather fantastic demo then I'll be picking that up next month.
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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Big-Boss 20/10/2014

    Oh fuck off with this bullshit. They're basically forcing the user to download a large chunk of the game because they didn't want to spend an extra 30-50p on including another disc. There were plenty of games on the 360 that required an initial install from disc two and then the entire game could be played off one disc thereafter. Halo 4 did exactly that! There was nothing impractical about it.

    But it's okay, MS are the masters of inconvenience this gen after all. Forcing users to download large Xbone updates before the console is usable when first unboxing it? Check. Forcing the user to then download full games because they didn't include a physical copy in the box? Check. Forcing users to install disc based games fully before getting to play them? Check. Ridiculous "patches" for Forza 5 on day one that you're forced to download and install or you can't play the game? Check. Even more ridiculous 13gb patch for Dead Rising 3 because the developers force everyone to download the latest expansion even if they don't want to buy it? Check.

    The PS3 was never that bad yet 360 owners gave it a tonne of shit, yet it's much, much worse on the Xbone now. MS should absolutely be called out for this and deserve every bit of criticism they're getting.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 20GB day one patch to unlock multiplayer

  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014

    20gb?! That is absolutely ridiculous. Providing an additional disc that you can just put inside the Xbone to install all assets would have been far, far quicker and convenient. They did the same for Forza 4, Halo 4 and GTAV. So why not this? Reply +17
  • Project Cars delayed until March 2015 to avoid competition, raise quality

  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014

    That's a shame, was really looking forward to it. Hopefully the delay means it's a better game and is locked at 60fps rather than targeting it. Ah well, not like there's a lack of games to play this Christmas is there? :) Reply +8
  • Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales

  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014


    You have serious reading comprehension issues my friend. I think you should go over what I said a few times before replying next time.
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  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014


    wrong, at least my xbox actually updates.
    Funny, Xbox only owners were saying the exact opposite last gen when the PS3 got regular updates :rolleyes:

    Your friend needs to get better internet.
    Yes, because everyone can just magically "get better Internet" can't they? My friend lives in a newly developed area where he's lucky to even get 5mb speeds. I'm pretty sure most normal human beings don't move house to get better Internet; things like location and quality of life are far higher in the list of priorities.

    I've had an xbox since January, no problems at all updating and getting new features??
    Where did I mention updating and getting new features was a problem? My argument was focussing on new Xbone owners being forced to update their console which can take a very long time if Internet speeds aren't blazing fast, as well as forcing download codes on them.

    You only have to read this review from an Amazon customer who has had pretty much the exact same experience as my friend did. I'm sure there are thousands more out there who are annoyed about this.
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  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014


    Why would you include a physical copy with inherent value and extra cost in both packaging for the console bundle box and the actual keepsake case when you can include a sheet of paper instead?

    Also prevents resale of the bundled game...

    From a business sense, it would make no sense, at all.
    Bundling physical copies of games since day one certainly hasn't affected Sony's console business. If anything their decision to give their customers a choice is paying off massively. Plus it's a throwback to the classic days of gaming where a console "just works" out of the box.

    When I bought my PS4 on day one last year, I refused all updates for both the console and games. It was literally plug and play and probably took less than five minutes from me receiving the package and setting everything up to playing my first game. I then let the console and games update when I had other things to do.

    Compare that to what new Xbone owners have been doing since day one - staring at a long update bar before punching in some numbers and waiting even longer to download their first game which has zero resale value. That isn't what playing games should be about. The Killzone copy that was bundled with my console was sold after a couple of weeks to help fund another purchase.

    When my friend, or the countless other gamers who were forced download codes on them get bored of their games how can they sell them on? How can they help fund a new purchase by getting rid of their old game(s) which is either outdated like Fifa or has been played to death? They can't.
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  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014

    Curiously, Destiny sold more physical copies on Xbox One than on PlayStation 4, US numbers company NPD reported.
    Can you imagine how badly the Xbone would be doing right now if it hadn't dropped its original policies? I really don't buy into this "digital future" everyone keeps going on about. There have been surveys proving that a huge majority of gamers prefer physical over digital.

    Both forms of distribution can co-exist and there's no need to push one over the other as MS tried so hard to do. Digital prices on consoles are absolutely ridiculous anyway so it won't help push adoption rates. Hopefully these Destiny sales figures will knock some sense into MS and make them bundle physical copies of games with their consoles as opposed to download codes.

    A friend of mine bought the Fifa Xbone bundle recently and only has a modest Internet connection. He was furious that he had to spend the first couple of hours updating his console as it wouldn't work out of the box and then had to wait a further 3-4 hours waiting for Fifa to download. That's inconvenience at its finest.
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  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014

    5k on a 27" screen? Why? :confused:

    Surely only a projector needs that kind of resolution?
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  • PlayStation 4 system update adds USB background music

  • Big-Boss 17/10/2014

    Argh! See this is what frustrates me most about Sony. All these cosmetic improvements are fine, but not if they're holding back essential functionality like friend notifications. Honest to God how hard can it be to implement such a basic feature that both that both the PS360 had at launch? I have a lot of games installed on my hard drive now and we also badly need a folders option.

    These improvements are nice, but when basic features we have been used to for nearly a decade aren't included or being talked about by Sony then something isn't right. I still can't believe it's coming up to a year since the PS4 launched and we still have to manually check when a friend goes on or offline. That is shocking.
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  • Xbox One Assassin's Creed: Unity bundles announced

  • Big-Boss 15/10/2014


    I'm pretty sure MS are doing a Master Chief Collection bundle. Forget last-gen that's a last, last-gen bundle :lol:
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  • Standalone Glacier White PS4 goes on sale in the UK this Friday

  • Big-Boss 14/10/2014

    You can buy the white PS4 with DriveClub for 349. Pretty sure Amazon are selling that bundle as well. Reply +8
  • Vita FPS Killzone Mercenary gets PlayStation TV support

  • Big-Boss 13/10/2014

    I wish Sony add this kind of support for all Vita games. I have recently sold my Vita as I rarely used it out of the house and when at home I much prefer the big screen experience. With PlayStation TV I could have access to all my PS Plus games as well as whatever else hits the system.

    Some of the Vita exclusives look stunning and rival some of the PS3 games being released today, so I'd have absolutely no qualms about playing them on a big screen. Here's hoping now the PSTV is being released in bigger territories it sees a greater interest from both gamers and developers.

    I'd love to see games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush patched to remove rear-touch controls. Hopefully Sony can also persuade third party developers to patch out rear-touch controls for their games. I say rear-touch as they are the only controls that are problematic; the DualShock 4 touch-pad is a natural substitute for front-facing touchscreen games.
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  • DriveClub dev "had confidence" servers would work

  • Big-Boss 13/10/2014

    I know this might sound ridiculous considering it's already been delayed a year, but it should have been delayed further. Most of the reviewers didn't even get to play the online side as servers weren't up in time so they only had the mediocre single player races to plough through.

    The weather update is still being worked on. There are also no replays in a racing game for God's sake! The blame for all this rests strictly at Sony's door. Yes, it would have meant having fewer exclusives at Christmas but it would have resulted in a better game. What we have right now is basically a paid-for beta of the game with updates expected over the next few months to bring it up to 2014/15 standards. That's not on at all.

    I mean almost no one can even take part in racing for their club right now so why is the game called DriveClub again? There's still far too many issues surrounding the game which was already plagued by development problems. Sony may as well have cancelled it as I suspect the money they have spent on development won't be recouped.
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • Big-Boss 10/10/2014

    I'm sure Xbone owners wouldn't give two shits if they had to wait to play a game. It's better than not getting to play a game at all. Plus isn't he kind of contradicting himself here? There's quite a few indies that have come out on both PC and PS4 that have either been ported last (Outlast), or have yet to be ported at all (Transistor, Oddworld) to the Xbone.

    None of them are expected to offer any kind of exclusive content for arriving last to the platform. So yeah, why does this parity clause still exist again? And why is Spencer going to such lengths to explain it when indies aren't really paying any attention to it? And is it just me or is he starting to sound like a complete bellend now?

    With his nonsensical explanation regarding the exclusivity agreement around Tomb Raider, which actually makes him a massive hypocrite with what he's saying now mind you, and the rubbish outlined in this parity clause he's quickly accelerating his way to the top of the gaming hate list.

    One last note - he wants Xbone owners to feel first class? Where was that sentiment when MS rammed Kinect down the early adopters throats and gouged an extra 120 out of them? First class citizens my hairy arse.
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  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • Big-Boss 08/10/2014


    Sorry but I call bullshit. They already knew the servers would be busy on day one and should have prepared accordingly. I can bet my savings on it that Sony has postponed the Plus version because of the lukewarm reviews and want to get as many sales as possible at retail. If the server issue was true they would have announced the delay in advance of the release of the game, not on the actual day of release.
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  • DriveClub review

  • Big-Boss 07/10/2014

    The Xbox fanboys need to pipe down. According to Metacritic Forza Horizon 2 is just 12% better than DriveClub. 12. Fucking. Percent. Eurogamer's opinion is not the be all and end all and is amongst the lowest scores awarded by the various publications. There are only seven scores out of 42 that have awarded the game below 7/10.

    So currently, and what looks set to be the final aggregate, DriveClub is a 7/10 racing game. Anyone who thinks 7/10 is a shit/poor/rubbish/low (just some of the words used by Xbox fanboys to describe the game) score is just that, an Xbox fanboy. But we already knew that didn't we? :rolleyes:
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  • Big-Boss 07/10/2014


    Did you even read what I wrote? I said both the PS4 and Xbone only have one exclusive title each this Christmas as the rest are available on other consoles. Ori and the Blind Forest is not an exclusive either - it's coming out on the 360 and PC as well. An exclusive is not an exclusive when it is available on other hardware no matter how much money a platform holder throws at it.
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  • Big-Boss 07/10/2014

    All these people saying the Xbone has a better line-up of exclusives this Christmas - how so? If we're talking strictly Xbone vs. PS4, as in true exclusive games and not ports or cross-gen titles, then there's nothing in it. The Master Chief Collection is a buffed up collection of games already available on older consoles, Forza Horizon 2 is cross-gen so that only leaves Sunset Overdrive as the title that can't be played on other hardware. There's no guarantees it'll remain an Xbone exclusive either as Insomniac Games is third party and they can do whatever they want with the IP after release.

    On the PS4 it's a similar story; LittleBigPlanet 3 is cross-gen and DriveClub is the only real exclusive on PS4. Strictly speaking then the whole Xbone vs PS4 battle boils down to Sunset Overdrive vs DriveClub. Hardly an inspiring battle between the two platform holders is it? The real fight starts next year when the Halo 5s and Uncharted 4s come out. This year is a non-event in terms of exclusives for BOTH consoles.
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  • Big-Boss 07/10/2014

    That's a shame. But it also confirms my earlier suspicions that the game was pushing fancy graphics over gameplay. I'll stick to the PS Plus version and if it seems playable enough maybe pick it up once it hits the bargain bin.

    Edit: Just read a few more reviews and it really doesn't sound quite as dull as EG makes it out to be. EG's own sister sites around Europe have all awarded the game 8/10. Just shows further that it's all about opinions, so I'll give the PS Plus version a good go as originally planned and then decide if I want it badly enough.
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  • Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 07/10/2014


    Ubisoft DID NOT target the lowest common denominator for their AC games last-gen. The 360 versions were consistently better looking and performing right until the end of the generation until the PS3 versions of AC3 and Assflag sort of achieved parity. They did not downgrade the 360 versions just because the PS3 couldn't keep up. They ARE downgrading the PS4 version so that the Xbone can keep up.
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