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  • Free-to-play version of PES 2016 announced

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2015


    What does this game have to do with Sony?
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  • Big-Boss 27/11/2015

    So, after just one year of a return to form with PES 15, they immediately fuck up all their hard work by releasing a broken follow up in PES 16. They then add further salt to the wounds by releasing a F2P version rather than fixing the biggest issues in the full game that fans have been complaining about for nearly three months. Konami really have gone to shit this gen. Reply +9
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has finally been updated

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2015

    Stop. It's suffered enough. Let it die. Reply +2
  • The Crew: Wild Run review

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2015

    This seems likely to follow UbiSoft's track record with new IPs - Mixed first game which over-promises and under-delivers, fantastic second game/expansion, playable but familiar third game and then downhill from there. Reply +19
  • PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals go live

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2015

    I do not understand why ANYONE would buy digitally on consoles. It's always more expensive, sometimes upto double the price of a physical disc copy, there's no resale value and you have to wait hours on end for the bloody thing to download. Not to mention some of the biggest releases this year (Fallout 4, CoD) have had problems when buying digitally. Why would anyone willingly restrict themselves like that?

    I have managed to get every single new release I've wanted this Christmas for 35 or under. All the games I purchased are 54.99 or higher for a digital copy. You also almost always get your games earlier by ordering online. My copy of MGSV turned up a whole week earlier than the official release date and it only cost 34 to boot.

    There will be no glorious "digital only future" some folks keep preaching about when the negatives far outweigh the benefits when compared to good old fashioned physical copies. They can both co-exist, and they'd better make sure they continue to give us a choice because there's no way in hell I and many, many others are paying those stupid prices.
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  • PES 2016 finally gets latest transfers on 3rd December

  • Big-Boss 26/11/2015

    Did they fix the goalkeepers? Reply +5
  • Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games

  • Big-Boss 25/11/2015

    Dear God that's an awful list. The heyday of PS Plus from 2012-2013 feels so far away already. If it wasn't for online I'd have stopped paying long ago. Such a huge fall from grace for what was once such an amazing service. Now to await the apologists trying their best to paint this in a good light. Reply +14
  • Star Wars Battlefront biggest ever Star Wars game launch in UK

  • Big-Boss 23/11/2015

    Played the beta and it sure looked pretty and ran really well. But no single-player means no buy for me unfortunately. Congrats either way. Reply +8
  • Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

  • Big-Boss 22/11/2015

    I fear EG and it's readers are set for heartbreak regarding backwards compatibility. I just cannot see Sony offering it in the capacity people are expecting. I expect it to be used in similar fashion to the PS3 - a handful of popular titles released digitally with no disc support whatsoever.

    I would LOVE to be proven wrong of course. Nothing would excite me more than to purchase WWE: Here Comes The Pain for 50p, boot it up on my PS4 and play the greatest wrestling game of all time again. But I just can't see Sony being that generous :(
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4's PlayStation 2 emulation

  • Big-Boss 21/11/2015


    Give it a rest you moron.
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  • Big-Boss 20/11/2015

    Unless we can use discs to play our games I'm not interested. I have a local Indie store that stocks tonnes of PS1 and PS2 games with most going for 2 or less. I'd much rather buy from there than download for the 5+ prices Sony are likely to charge on the PS store. Reply +6
  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • Big-Boss 21/11/2015

    I don't mind them. Not one bit. They are an addition to - not a replacement - for new games. Plus it's a good for people who owned a different console last-gen to catch up on highly rated exclusives like Uncharted or Halo etc. Or people like me that want better versions of old favorites :)

    No one complains about old films being released at a higher quality on Blu-Ray; in fact it is actively encouraged. I don't see why it's a problem with games. Your existing copies won't suddenly stop working once the newer ones are out so it's a good choice to have.
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  • Resident Evil 6 PS4 and Xbox One listings spotted on Korean ratings board

  • Big-Boss 20/11/2015

    Would have preferred Resi 5. Whilst it was a poor Resident Evil game it was a fun as hell co-op action game. Resi 6 was a mess in comparison. Reply +7
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2015

    Pedoblade Chronicles X may have been a more appropriate name in Japan. Reply -20
  • Need for Speed's first big update will fix one of players' biggest bugbears

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2015

    Until they patch out the forced DRM I've no interest in their game. Reply +17
  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360

  • Big-Boss 15/11/2015

    Yeeeeep, screw waiting a year for the shinier PS4 version, I'll have some of this thank you very much :D Reply +3
  • Bethesda shipped 12m copies of Fallout 4 for launch

  • Big-Boss 13/11/2015

    When people happily continue to pay for unfinished, bug ridden, stuttering messes of a game these companies will continue to churn them out. I don't care how good your game is, if it launches in such a state it deserves to be called out.

    People should stop complaining about day one patches and the "release now, fix later" attitude when they're actively encouraging it. I refuse to contribute to, or congratulate Bethesda on their success when they're treating their customers with such contempt.
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  • Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now

  • Big-Boss 12/11/2015


    "A lot of the fanboys on here are so far gone they don't even know what they are."
    Like you?
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  • Black Ops 3 bucks Call of Duty's recent sales decline with $550m launch

  • Big-Boss 11/11/2015

    This is the first proper CoD game I've played online since Modern Warfare 2 and I'm loving it. Everything feels so balanced right out of the box. I can see why some others might feel jaded with the franchise as I went through the same thing six years ago.

    But returning after so long, and having no expectations, I'm left pleasantly surprised. Haven't even touched the campaign or zombies modes yet as the MP is eating up all my time. I'm aware this won't be a popular opinion but this is a great game. Thoroughly recommend it to any shooter fan, especially ones like myself that have been away from the series for a while.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5's latest update brings new tools and tricks to FOBs

  • Big-Boss 10/11/2015

    Being able to access resources that were rudely forced online is welcome, but the fact they're online anyway is ridiculous. I played the FOB mode maybe three times, and it got boring pretty fast. Haven't even bothered trying the online modes because Konami servers are just so poor. It's a shame really because it seems that Konami made the game worse and worse with each new patch.

    Personally not too bothered about regaining Quiet either as the missions just felt like they were on autoplay when using her. She makes everything way too easy once you max out your bond with her and equip her with a silenced tranquilliser rifle.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review

  • Big-Boss 10/11/2015

    Get over the Tomb Raider review seriously. Different reviewer, different opinion and completely different game. Stop acting like babies. Reply +15
  • Tech Analysis: Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Big-Boss 10/11/2015

    Have to agree with John about the 360 version of ROTTR. I was watching some comparison videos last night and it does indeed look fantastic for a game running on ten year old hardware. If DF would be so kind and do a performance analysis for it I'd very tempted to pick that version up, provided the frame-rate is stable, rather than wait a whole year for the PS4 version. Reply +30
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015


    Jealous? Cool, if you say so. I could pick it up for my 360 if I really wanted to but I'd rather wait until it comes to the PS4 and play a current-gen version of the game. Whatever helps you sleep at night though :)
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  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015

    The stupidity continues. Just read a few more comments and the meltdown from Xbox fanboys is rib-ticklingly funny. What makes it even more hilarious is that this game isn't even exclusive to their system of choice. It's coming to other platforms within a year, but I'm certain that if this game had launched as a multiplatform title from day one the reaction in here would be far more level-headed.

    The only other times I remember there being this kind of uproar was for the Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 3 reviews. But at least they were actual full-on exclusives and had real score numbers to vent about - there is no score for this game and people are still crying. In no other medium have I seen people get this worked up about another persons opinion.

    There's no right or wrong way to have fun. That's right - you can still enjoy this game even if Oli didn't. Enjoy what you enjoy and let others do the same. Oli isn't forcing you to dislike this game, therefore why are some of you Xbox fanboys frothing at the mouth and trying to convince everyone that his opinion is wrong and the game is the second coming of Jesus? Get a life fellas.
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  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015

    The comments in here are hilarious. It's clearly not a bad game, but it's so funny how some people are bringing up Metacritic (and IGN and Gamespot LOL!) when EG no longer give out review scores. Why not actually read the text and see if that influences your purchasing decision?

    But I will say this - MS were silly to pay for timed-exclusivity for this and even sillier to tie up an advertising deal for the monster that is Fallout 4. They're both releasing on the same day and it doesn't take a genius to work out which game is going to dominate sales.

    Crystal Dynamics had to release the game on five different systems just to start making a profit on the original reboot (which I thoroughly enjoyed, Uncharted clone and all). That was when the PS360 install-base was at it's peak in early 2013. How well do they think they'll do on a console with under 15 million user-base?
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  • Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility games revealed

  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015


    I'd rather have backwards compatibility in some capacity than none at all. Granted, MS will likely stop caring a couple of years down the line but I'm sure they'll use it as a marketing feature over the next 12 months at the very least. Hopefully some of the good stuff is made compatible in that time.
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  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015

    The feature is just being rolled out so I'm sure the games people are voting for will be made compatible in future updates. Got to love some of the complainers though. I'm guessing most are PlayStation fanboys even though they have no backwards compatibility whatsoever on their system of choice.

    Anyway, if this list grows to include most of my favourites then picking up an Xbone next Xmas seems like a no-brainer. The games library will be quite healthy by then too and I'll be able to pick up some of the best exclusives on the cheap.
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  • Performance Analysis: Fallout 4

  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015


    I know you prefer PC gaming but please don't blame the hardware for the shoddy work of a developer. IMO both The Witcher 3 and MGSV look far superior to Fallout 4 yet both run perfectly fine on consoles. MGSV in particular runs at a pretty rock solid 60fps and had practically zero bugs, glitches or performance issues.

    The Witcher 3, for all its faults, also launched in a far better working state than Fallout 4 has. I think it's high time PC aficionados stopped blaming the console hardware for poor performance. Just look at Batman: Arkham Knight on PC - you could spend a million pounds building a rig but nothing will get that game up to an acceptable standard. Is hardware to blame there? No, it's clearly lazy development. There are plenty of examples, a couple of which I have provided, where a talented developer can really make console hardware sing.

    Bethesda have a track record of poor programming (PS3 Skyrim being the lowlight) so they have no excuse. They always release their games at least six months before they're ready and like with CDPR, it's remarkable how they're allowed to get away with it just because their games are awesome (when they choose to work of course).
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  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015

    As with all Bethesda open-world games I'll be waiting at least six months before purchasing to ensure a smooth experience. Should be a significant price drop by then too so I'll also be paying less for a game in better working order. I've given the same treatment to The Witcher 3 and I'm sure I'm in for a treat at some point next year. Reply +46
  • Fallout 4 fans furious as GAME cancels Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders

  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015


    Hopefully a lesson learnt for next time though right?
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  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015


    Sorry, but that's entirely your own fault. You could have got the amount put onto a gift card to use as store credit at a later date. Or you could have refused to purchase the season pass - which you should have done anyway because you wouldn't blindly pay for something in any other area of your life would you? How is gaming any different?

    You can't complain of a bad experience when you're part of the problem and willingly encouraging it. You had the choice of refusing to hand over your money because of GAME's lack of professionalism. You chose to hand it over anyway. Therefore you told them it's okay for them to write your email address on a piece of paper in exchange for a significant amount of money, for an unspecified amount of content, releasing at an unspecified date. You got what you deserved I'm afraid, as do most who shop at GAME.
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  • Big-Boss 06/11/2015

    It does make you wonder how GAME keep getting hold of exclusive merchandise and DLC when they pull stunts like this in addition to being the biggest rip offs in gaming.

    I was instore a few days ago out of curiosity and saw a couple of women wanting to buy a DualShock 4 controller. They were all going for 54.99 (!) and the ladies were rightly questioning the high price. The amount of spiel coming from the manager's mouth trying to justify it made me sick in the stomach. Still, little Timmy would get disappointed so they were going to bite the bullet.

    But just before they were about to pay at the till I intervened. I went on HUKD and searched for DS4s and found a good deal which I quickly informed them of - they could purchase a controller, in a variety of colours, from for 34.95.

    The customers were ecstatic and could not thank me enough for saving them a hard earned 20. As the store manager memorised my face and put me on the GAME blacklist, I walked out of the store looking like the smuggest bastard you've ever seen.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tops UK chart, 91% of physical sales on PS4/Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 09/11/2015

    91% of physical copies sold for the biggest franchise in gaming after GTA. Yet we'll still get people claiming digital is the future. We have a choice so let's keep it that way thanks.

    Edit: scuffpuppies has pointed out my lack of reading ability. I blame it on the lack of coffee and breakfast *sits on stupid chair*
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  • Bethesda warns: you may need to redownload your Fallout 4 Xbox One digital pre-order

  • Big-Boss 06/11/2015

    All hail the digital-only future :rolleyes: Reply +23
  • Halo 5 the "biggest Halo launch in history"

  • Big-Boss 04/11/2015

    All of this means nothing unless they reveal figures for the game alone and exclude all the consoles, controllers, headsets etc that they've lumped into this press release. Giving random numbers like 21 million hours played or whatever doesn't tell anyone anything about how much the game actually sold either.

    This is an area where I give Nintendo credit over MS and Sony. They've been getting their arse kicked with the Wii U (software sales for key franchises still remain high though) but have always been honest with how bad it's doing and provided sales numbers.

    I don't get why MS feel the need to artificially inflate figures. Them also refusing to release any further Xbone sales numbers is sad as well. They were quick to trumpet sales last-gen despite being in second place (and possibly third by the end of it). Again, Nintendo is doing far worse with the Wii U but they're not hiding anything.
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  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition

  • Big-Boss 04/11/2015

    Any remaster not running at 1080p/60fps is automatically one to avoid in my book. After the superb remasters that Bluepoint and 4A games did with Uncharted and Metro the bar has been set. If you can't hit 60fps you're not trying hard enough.

    I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again - the only time 30fps is okay for a remaster is if the game has been rebuilt to take advantage of the more powerful hardware. Only GTAV has managed to do that convincingly thus far.
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  • Uncharted 4's multiplayer sees Naughty Dog at its wildest

  • Big-Boss 03/11/2015

    I'm hoping it follows the UC2 template. I loved that game online; one of the few online shooters I've been able to get into without needing ninja reflexes. UC3 went a bit mental though. I hated that they added a sprint button (you couldn't sprint in single player!) for starters but there were also those annoying "kickbacks" which unbalanced things a bit.

    I'll give the beta a try in December and judge it from there. Will still be picking it up day one though as the single player alone will be worth the price of entry.
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • Big-Boss 03/11/2015

    Seems a tad pricey. I'm still waiting for the promised Bluetooth audio support that Sony said would be patched in after launch yet has gone completely silent on. I don't like to use headphones for audio and prefer mono headsets. I still have my official PS3 wireless mono headset lying around in the hope they'll finally let us use it with the PS4. I'm starting to think it's never going to happen now though. Reply +16
  • The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again

  • Big-Boss 03/11/2015

    Give people a choice Bungie and stop being so stubborn. People paid you for your game, now let them play it how they choose and not how you think they should. There's no right or wrong way to have fun. Adding a matchmaking option won't suddenly stop people playing with their friends if they chose to. Reply +24
  • Konami sorry about incomplete PES 2016 transfer update

  • Big-Boss 03/11/2015


    Agreed, but with PES16 I noticed it on day one. I tried to ignore it at first when playing against the AI and figured it was an attempt by Konami to add realism by making the keepers prone to an error every now and again. But then in my first match online I put 8 past Neuer and my opponent put 5 past my keeper - De Gea. Both are the top two keepers in world football and for them to concede that many is ridiculous.

    The game has become pure arcade and the poor keepers are the biggest factor in that. Going back to PES15 felt like that was the latest game as opposed to PES16! Sure it has its faults too, but it plays so much closer to real football. Oh, and the keepers and referees actually do their jobs.
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  • Big-Boss 03/11/2015

    Regardless of the incomplete transfers this is a poor game. The keepers and refereeing are completely broken and Konami has no plans to fix them. Sold my copy the same day the first patch was released as it fixed absolutely nothing, despite Adam Bhatti posting tweets that it would address fans biggest complaints.

    I still have no idea what the press, EG included, were thinking awarding the game high scores. Just how long did they play it? Whilst on the field the play may seem fine, any time the ball enters the penalty area it's mayhem. Keepers cannot hold onto the ball - it almost always gets parried for a rebound or deflected into their own net. Heck yesterday I saw a video where the damn ball ghosted through a keepers chest and into the goal! Referees also let countless horror tackles go unpunished and barely issue yellow cards, let alone red. Oh, and the AI NEVER fouls. And I mean NEVER. It's so unrealistic.

    This is a broken football game in too many ways. I'm personally sticking with PES15 and hoping next year's title actually works. I'll also be avoiding all reviews, including EG's as it's clear they cannot be trusted.
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  • Halo 5 tops chart, outsells Assassin's Creed Syndicate launch by 50%

  • Big-Boss 02/11/2015

    I don't own an Xbone but I've always enjoyed Halo on the 360. This one looks awesome in MP from what I've seen so far, although the campaign footage hasn't really impressed me. Reach was my favourite.

    The sales numbers must be worrying for MS though when you put it into perspective. The Xbone has roughly the same or slightly higher install base that the 360 had at the same point in its life. Halo 3 sold 370,000 in a week (UK) and by comparison Halo 5 has sold around 150,000. That's a drop off of more than 50%.

    Granted, digital sales aren't included in those figures but I can't see them being high enough to offer a significant bump to sales numbers. It must be a concern for MS that their biggest exclusive isn't doing the business for them anymore.
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  • There are a few things you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Big-Boss 02/11/2015

    It should have been cancelled altogether. Doesn't look like they're even going to bother supporting it with DLC after launch. Whilst I believe it's high time people moved on from last-gen, it is quite annoying when developers choose to half-arse their games onto the PS360. If you can't get it to work properly don't force it and just cancel them. I'd be very surprised if we see another CoD title, or any other big release minus annual sports titles on last-gen after this. Reply +2
  • Uncharted, VR and what was absent from Sony's show: The Jim Ryan interview

  • Big-Boss 30/10/2015

    I'm on 150mb Virgin and have never had a problem with download speeds. All games, demos, patches etc regularly download at between 10-15 mb per second but then I am hooked up via ethernet. I know wireless is noticeably slower so maybe that's where most people's complaints arise from.

    It's all dependent on the speed of the service you have and how you're using that service - wired or wireless. Personally I can handle everything on wireless apart from gaming. Playing wired is the fastest and most secure way of enjoying games. If you're able to, try hooking up your consoles via ethernet (preferably using a Cat 6 cable) and you'll notice an immediate difference.
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  • Konami shifts 5m copies of Metal Gear Solid 5

  • Big-Boss 30/10/2015

    Hmm all things considered this doesn't seem like that much. MGS2 was exclusive for a whole year and remains the highest selling game in the franchise at 7 and a bit million (excluding Substance and other HD re-releases).

    That MGSV was on FIVE different platforms from launch and had the biggest budget, yet is still failing to outsell it's 14 year old predecessor speaks volumes. I can see why Konami want to leave AAA game development.
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  • Rocket League match mutators to arrive in free November update

  • Big-Boss 28/10/2015

    Nobody got this game for free - a portion of the PS Plus fee paid for it so I don't understand why some people are buying DLC to "support the developers." They have already seen our money, so by all means purchase DLC - but only if you really want it. Reply -9
  • Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7

  • Big-Boss 28/10/2015

    Hmm my interest has dampened after reading this. Looks like it's a slightly more expansive prologue with a focus on online racing. If the beta is early 2016 I expect a full release by the end of the year. So a proper GT7 isn't likely until Xmas 2017 I'm guessing.

    Just speculation of course, but a four year wait for a proper new Gran Turismo title is too much. They did the same on PS3 but surely Sony aren't going to let them take that long again?
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  • Sony mentions new PlayStation 4 Gran Turismo title

  • Big-Boss 27/10/2015


    I only own a PS4 this gen and I was bored shitless throughout that whole conference. Absolute piss poor showing IMO. All they had to do was show the new David Cage game and go home as that's the only real new game they showed off. We'd already heard of pretty much every single other title in the past.

    Not everyone has to be a raging Xbox fanboy to not enjoy a Sony conference. Although given you're the Sony equivalent of Xbox's Cloudskippa I'm not surprised you think like this.
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  • Xbox One backwards compatibility dated for November

  • Big-Boss 27/10/2015

    I may pick up an Xbone next Christmas so hopefully by then more games have been made compatible. The MGS HD Collection is one of the main reasons (the other being PS1 classics) that I'm still holding onto the PS3. If PS1 compatibility comes to the PS4 and MGS HD is made compatible with the Xbone I'll be one happy gamer. Reply +1
  • Watch: Doom multiplayer gameplay rekindles memories of id Software's best

  • Big-Boss 22/10/2015


    Much appreciated :D
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