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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Big-Boss 18/04/2014


    I do wish people who make ridiculous claims such as yours would check the facts first. Sure Sony owns the movie rights, but it's different when it comes to games licenses. Apart from PlayStation consoles the game is also being released on the Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS and PC. Notice there isn't a Vita version either, so if this was Sony's doing then why are they ignoring one of their own platforms? This is a problem specific to the Xbone and it has nothing to do with other companies "blocking" it as you falsely claim.
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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • Big-Boss 17/04/2014

    Congratulations, now can we please get some updates to the system firmware please? MS get a lot of hate but one thing you can't fault them for is providing regular updates. They've already provided a lot of what gamers asked for and are still planning features as we speak. We haven't had a meaningful update for the PS4 for a while in comparison. We don't want a repeat of last-gen where the PS3 was consistently behind the 360 feature-wise.

    I'm still surprised how both consoles launched without at least matching the functionality of their predecessors. It just shows that the consoles launched 6-12 months early. Anyway I'm rambling now, it's quite late and I need sleep so I'll shut up. Well done Sony! (But please do give us some firmware updates!)
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  • YouTuber recreates The Phantom Pain's nine minute trailer in GTA5

  • Big-Boss 16/04/2014

    Hahahahahaha brilliant!!! :D Reply 0
  • Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting disc-based launch next month

  • Big-Boss 16/04/2014

    After playing the hell out of this on my 360, another home console version doesn't interest me. I'd snap up a Vita version in an instant though :D Reply +4
  • Tech Interview: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Big-Boss 13/04/2014

    I was already very impressed with these guys when they did the MGS HD and Ico/SotC conversions. This Titanfall port just further enhances their reputation and I hope it leads to bigger and better things for them (: Reply +8
  • Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Big-Boss 12/04/2014

    Bought this on my 360 yesterday and it is indeed excellent. The screen tearing can be quite off-putting at times but I've engaged the 30fps lock to lower it and it's a smoother experience overall. After watching this video I'm not surprised MS blocked out all media coverage of the game; the two console versions look almost like-for-like minus a few extra effects here and there on the younger console. It's also quite obvious now that the delays were nothing to do with polishing the product further but to help boost Xbone sales. There are plenty of reasons to own an Xbone but Titanfall isn't one of them. Reply +4
  • Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to 349

  • Big-Boss 11/04/2014


    There's nothing wrong with having a preference, everyone does. What I think most people take issue with when it comes to you is how you constantly claim to be impartial yet almost every time you post a comment you are exclusively fighting with Sony fanboys. You are also always defending MS. You have attacked other members for using anecdotel evidence and have now just gone and used your own regarding stock in NZ, and in general you're normally found at the pits of dead threads arguing others into the ground. And it's ALWAYS Sony fanboys. I've never, not once found you attacking MS or Nintendo fanboys. Why is that? And please dont say it's because they're the loudest, because as a 360 owner I saw just how loud MS fanboys were last gen.

    Last gen in face-off articles you always stated you picked the 360 version of games because they looked and perfomed better. That's fine, I and many others with a choice did the same. This time round however you pick all your games on the Xbone and cite "preference" as your reason. Why? You claim to not using your PS4 much even though every single multiplatform game looks and runs better on it, as was the case with the 360 last gen. So last gen performance took top priority for you yet this gen it's preference? I think it's more than preference when you're choosing to play inferior versions of games when you own the more capable machine.

    Personally I find it odd why you spend so much time online arguing with idiots anyway; your comments history is littered with childish bickering with fanboys on opposite sides but it's always one particular group. You can't claim to be impartial just because you own all gaming consoles, it's the things you say that determine that. I, and I'm guessing many others don't see that impartiality from your comments. In my opinion you're just as big an MS fanboy as the Sony fanboys you attack all the time. If it didn't bother you you'd ignore them. Just like I and many others ignore them.

    Finally, you are following and being followed by cloudskipa, the biggest MS fanboy on the site and someone you have regularly agreed and sided with on many occasions. I think most people can see how transparent you are now which is why even when you generally make some good points you are negged to oblivion. If you want a great example of impartiality then check out the user dogsmanstaruk on this site. He's regularly seen posting positive and negative comments about all platforms as well as mocking all the brand warriors that represent them. When you start posting comments like he does, and not ones that are so heavily leaning towards MS and against Sony, only then will others start to believe you're impartial and not an MS fanboy in denial.
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  • inFamous: Second Son breaks 1m sales in nine days

  • Big-Boss 10/04/2014

    Just sold my copy today after Platinuming it. Looked amazing but was far too short and the missions were very repetitive. Every "zone" had the exact same secret agent/hidden camera/audio file structure and it got boring after an hour or so. Still though, the combat was fun and the powers looked fantastic, particularly at night time so I agree with EG's 7/10 score but still found their constant bashing and comparisons to GTA V a bit silly and unnecessary. Reply +5
  • EA makes Dead Space free on Origin

  • Big-Boss 28/03/2014


    With Games with Gold you need to pay a fee (at least 25 a year) to get your "free" game. For this you just need to register with Origin and get the game without paying a single penny.
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  • PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more

  • Big-Boss 28/03/2014

    I think the fact that most of us are underwhelmed by this update is testament to how high a bar PS Plus has set. You can't get must have titles every month, but having said that, I'm personally very happy to be getting Sly Cooper and an up to date football game having skipped buying one last year (: Reply +40
  • Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

  • Big-Boss 27/03/2014

    To be honest I felt EG levelled the same unfair gameplay criticisms at Killzone: SF. COD has been stale for years now with an installment every single year yet still scored a 7/10. Beyond a 1080p resolution it pushed no gameplay boundries and to be honest neither did BF4. In fact BF4 is still broken beyond belief 6 months after launch yet that didn't stop critics throwing out scores ranging between 8-10s did it?

    Killzone had none of those problems but in almost every review/article I read about it there were people moaning about the "last-gen" gameplay instead of focussing on the positives. The gameplay was far more engaging than what we saw in either of the other big name shooters. Plus there was barely a mention made of the fantastic MP in the EG review for K: SF. I'm sorry but bar Half Life what other FPS has actually innovated in the gameplay department in recent times? As long as they do their job well they're a good game.

    Sorry for going off-topic. Anyway I feel Infamous: SS falls into the same category. It's a very solid game and looks fantastic. Why can't that be enough?
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  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • Big-Boss 27/03/2014

    Hmm I'm torn on this. On one hand TLoU looks so good on PS3 it's pretty much a current-gen title anyway, but on the other, the load times, controller response and particularly the frame-rate were pretty awful at times. I'd only consider buying again if it was full 1080p, locked to 60fps and priced at 20. But even then I can't get too excited for it because it still feels too fresh and last-gen ports are happening a little too soon for my liking.

    With the PS3 it wasn't until 2009 that we saw the first HD collection but they made sense last gen as some PS2 games looked absolutely awful on HD screens. I don't see the point in porting a game which is still relatively young to a new platform. Maybe I'm just not the target audience for this port but at the same time it devalues Sony's upcoming streaming service. What's the point if you're just going to port last-gen games over?
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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • Big-Boss 20/03/2014

    Do people really think 7 is a bad score? Honestly? If the majority of you only play 8+ rated games then you've missed out on hundreds of gems. Reply +7
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • Big-Boss 18/03/2014

    Honestly, after watching EG's 10 minute run through the main mission of the game I have lost all desire to purchase this. I was initially planning on buying it at 10 or so second hand, but now I think I'll just wait for the full game next year where this "prologue" will no doubt be included as part of the package.

    It's also rather shameful that Konami are adding the "5" in the title to make people think this is a full game. I can already see CEX being flooded with hundreds of copies within the first week. Be patient chaps, the price on this will drop by at least 50% in less than a month. Pick it up then if you really must, at least you won't be paying Konami and supporting what is nothing more than a glorified demo.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made

  • Big-Boss 05/03/2014

    I'm a huge MGS fan (see my avatar and EG handle) but this is going to be a 9.99 pre-owned purchase for me. This is the first time ever I won't be supporting Konami with an official sale which is a shame, but they really don't deserve our money this time. I only hope others follow suit as supporting paying such a high price for such an incredibly short, one-level demo will tell these publishers that we're okay with being shafted. We don't want it to become the norm. Reply +5
  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Big-Boss 24/02/2014

    Considering Titanfall is MP only it's going to force everyone to buy a Gold membership which will hike the price up by another 30 anyway. Not really much of a price drop when you consider that. I also find the line about Titanfall being a system seller rather amusing considering millions of gamers already own a 360 and PC which will run the game almost identically. There are already strong rumours floating around that the reason MS don't want to show the 360 version is because it resembles the Xbone version so closely when it comes to graphics.

    The latter platforms will also see the biggest sales. I strongly doubt there'll be many people buying an Xbone just for Titanfall. I myself still own a 360 so will be picking it up once there's a price drop as I think it's a bit cheeky of MS/EA to charge 40+ for an MP only game.
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  • inFamous: Second Son will require a 24GB install

  • Big-Boss 19/02/2014

    This is actually positive news considering all three of the disc based games I own on the PS4 are 40gb+ in size. Also , it's not like we have to wait for the game to be fully installed before playing. Each of the disc based games I own installed a small portion onto the hard drive first (less than a minute for each title I might add) before I was able to start playing and the rest installed in the background within 5-10 minutes.

    I'm glad that game install sizes are already being cut in half. 500gb hard drives are fine for now as software is a bit barren but if the 40gb+ sizes for games are kept up then each and every PS4 will run out of storage fast. Developers really need to start optimising their software better for future titles.
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  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition release date confirmed

  • Big-Boss 04/02/2014


    PS Plus doesn't offer F2P games though does it? They're full retail titles. F2P games can be downloaded and played for free WITHOUT a PS Plus subscription on both PS3 and PS4 otherwise.
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  • Assassin's Creed dev questions Shadows of Mordor similarities

  • Big-Boss 24/01/2014

    Have to admit it does look quite similar, but at the same time it looks quite brilliant. This is the first I've heard of the game and the gameplay video was awesome. I'll be keeping an eye on the game's progress (: Reply +5
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is 60fps on PS4 - report

  • Big-Boss 23/01/2014

    It's interesting that SE's response is almost exactly the same as Activision's when they were asked about the resolution of COD. They've basically been told by MS not to say anything negative until after release. Whilst this is understandable as they don't want to lose sales it's also unfair on the customers as they're being lead to believe both versions are identical when it's becoming quite clear that they aren't. So inadvertently, SE's evasive response pretty much confirms that the PS4 version runs at near 60fps whilst the Xbone runs at closer to 30fps. Reply +11
  • Big-Boss 23/01/2014

    Hmm if this ends up being true then I'll definitely be interested. I know that some people don't care about 60fps but c'mon guys, its hardware that's ten times more powerful. Pretty graphics alone aren't enough anymore, it needs to have a buttery smooth performance to match. I already completed this on last gen though, so I'll be waiting for a sub 20 price point before picking it up. Reply +3
  • Square Enix details Tomb Raider Definitive Edition's fancy new effects

  • Big-Boss 21/01/2014

    No 60fps, no sale. Even if it was, they'd have some nerve charging near 40 for it. The fact that it's only 30fps makes it daylight robbery. Reply +5
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo out now

  • Big-Boss 21/01/2014

    Tried the demo. Deleted it after finishing. Looking forward to FFX HD in March (: Reply +1
  • 13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

  • Big-Boss 20/01/2014

    I find it quite funny that the usual familiar face is OK with this update yet constantly slated the PS3 for its big update files. Whilst the PS3 updates could take the piss (they were one of the main reasons I did 90% of my gaming on the 360), they were no where near this big in size. In fact I don't think even a single PS4 game comes anywhere near this size when it comes to patches. Sony and MS have reversed positions completely when it comes to user convenience this gen. Reply +6
  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • Big-Boss 06/01/2014

    I agree with all who have posted; I was regularly playing GT5 online up until the release of GT6 and almost every single game was full. I don't play Resistance online so not sure what the activity was like on those games but Resistance 3 is just over two years old so to turn off the servers so soon is silly. Bad move Sony. Reply +12
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • Big-Boss 31/12/2013

    A great list full of quality and diversity. But I don't know if I should be happy or sad after adding another thirty or so games into my "must play before I die" list. It's already 300 strong! ):

    Looking at the list it's getting increasingly harder to ignore the Wii U. It's turning into a great little console and a perfect compliment to my PS4. When Bayonetta 2 releases I'll bite. Hopefully there'll be at least one more price reduction by then and there'll also be a healthy library of games for me to catch up on on the cheap.

    Anyway, all in all it's been a fantastic year for gaming and a brilliant send off for last-gen. Here's hoping next year is even better and E3 delivers some great new games. Happy New Year everyone (:
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2013

  • Big-Boss 30/12/2013

    The Last of Us was my personal GOTY, but I played Mario at a cousin's place and it was bags of fun. I think people need to remember that all of these choices are subjective. Plus these aren't actual awards are they? There's no prizes handed out for what EG thinks is best so why all the childish comments? If differing opinions upset you guys this much I'd hate to meet any of you in person :\ Reply +2
  • Eurogamer's 2013 alternative awards

  • Big-Boss 29/12/2013

    Sony actually added a button on the DS4 - the Touchpad doubles as a button. EA could quite easily have assigned music track skipping to that button but it just seems like laziness to me because pressing the Touchpad button during gameplay switches to GK control, so EA clearly know it exists yet it does nothing when in the menus. More an oversight from EA really, as the button is pretty much a like for like replacement for the old Select button Reply +23
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is more than a facelift, dev insists

  • Big-Boss 18/12/2013

    See, I loved the last-gen version, so much so I bought it on both my PS3 and 360. I loved it enough to have bought it a third time on PS4, but as many have already mentioned the game looked pretty damn good the first time. If this upgraded version had a rock solid 60fps in addition to the prettier graphics and launched at a much more sensible 25 I'd have been there day one no questions asked. As it stands, it's a shinier port we're being asked to pay out the arse for. I hope this one is a real sales failure this time (the first sold very well you morons!) so that SE realises it can't screw over its loyal fans by rehashing the same thing at an inflated price point. Reply +1
  • Vita version of Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster has a release date

  • Big-Boss 16/12/2013

    A bit silly that FFXII isn't included, but I'm guessing that'll get its own separate release eventually on the PS4. At least SE are putting some effort into their HD remasters; the ones released by Capcom have been shambolic. Reply -7
  • PlayStation 4 outsells the Xbox One in US retail

  • Big-Boss 13/12/2013

    Good numbers for both Sony and MS, but I think the real story here is that the Wii U is in serious trouble. It's selling slower than the Dreamcast and we all know what happened to that console. Nintendo needs a rescue plan for it and fast. They need to rebrand it and relaunch it. There are very few games that actually take advantage of the screen-pad controller, so they should drop it and make it an optional purchase and bundle a Pro controller to bring the price down and make the console more appealing.

    Even though I'd buy one if they made those decisions I still can't see Nintendo turning the console around. They have some excellent games but their accounts and network system is stuck in 1999, whilst staying a generation behind hardware-wise twice in a row was a terrible decision. Their next console needs to be on par with Sony/MS to stand a chance otherwise they'll be relegated to making handhelds only or, dare I say it, be forced to go multi-platform.
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  • GTA: San Andreas is coming to iOS tonight

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2013

    Bring it to the Vita and we'll talk. I tried playing Vice City on my iPhone and gave up after ten minutes because of the awful controls. Reply +29
  • GT6 glitch gives you 20 million credits in three minutes

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2013

    Karma. Reply +9
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition confirmed for PS4, Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2013

    This was my second favourite game this year after The Last of Us. I'm hoping for a 60fps update in addition to the slightly prettier graphics, otherwise there isn't much point in me double-dipping. Reply +6
  • DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2013

    The game should have been released in a fixed state, so whether this is EA's fault or Dice's, they should both be ashamed. Everyone who bought the game should be demanding refunds as the game is clearly not fit for purpose. Reply +7
  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2013

    To be fair, the reward structure is exactly the same as in the last five games. You still get money AND cars so I'm fine with that. As long as they haven't changed the reward structure like Forza 5 has to encourage paying for micro transactions I don't see a problem. Martin Robinson has already confirmed that they haven't so I'm happy with that. I'd rather there weren't any micro transactions at all mind you but at least they haven't changed the game to force them on us. If they negatively altered the progression system I'd be steering (hehe) well clear, but as it stands I'm fully looking forward to receiving my copy on Friday. Reply -5
  • The Steam Autumn Sale is now live

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2013

    3.74 for Skyrim - that's a hell of a lot of quality AND quantity for such a small price! Too bad I don't own a PC ): Reply +3
  • O2 will sell PlayStation 4 this Friday

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2013


    Phone contracts are a rip-off I agree but sim-only contracts are quite good. I'm currently on a rolling one month contract with Three and get 300 minutes, 1gb of data and unlimited texts for just 6.90 a month. Been on it since October of last year and if I was to use the same amount on pay-as-you-go I doubt I'd spend that little!
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  • PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2013


    I wasn't aware that all PCs aren't backwards-compatible, my mistake. I was just going off what my PC gaming friends have told me, not to mention what PC gamers say on public forums. How a small inaccuracy like that translates to me chatting shit I don't know. There are more polite ways to disagree with people mate.
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  • Big-Boss 27/11/2013


    I was arguing against high digital pricing when compared to retail as well as digital content eventually expiring. Sony and MS using the Cloud for backwards-compatibility has nothing to do with my statement. Plus I'm not silly enough to pay extra for an unreliable streaming service to play games I already own.
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  • Big-Boss 27/11/2013

    Pricing adjustments or not, you'd have to be a complete mug to buy a retail game digitally at the same or higher price of a boxed copy. Anyone that says "digital is the future" is deluded. Unless digital game pricing is at least 50% cheaper than a resell-able boxed copy, this digital future the greedy corporations dream of will never be a reality. Not just that, but servers eventually being shut down for older consoles are an inevitability we can't avoid. PCs are backwards compatible so older titles can live on, but on consoles digital games and content will all have an eventual expiry date. For that reason alone I will continue to buy a boxed physical product of every game that I want. The day that choice is taken away from me is the day I stop gaming. Reply +25
  • Crackdown retrospective

  • Big-Boss 24/11/2013

    Absolutely brilliant game and even better in co-op. That is all. Reply +11
  • Digital Foundry vs. Forza Motorsport 5

  • Big-Boss 23/11/2013

    Game runs as smooth as butter like always, but I'm really not impressed with the graphics at all. Everything looks "shinier" but nothing looks spectacular. The jaggies, the cardboard cutout trees and crowds, the lack of shadows - very disappointing. After seeing the E3 videos of how the game looked originally I'm even more disappointed.

    To be fair though I don't blame Turn 10; I blame MS for forcing them to rush the game for launch. They could have learned something from Sony (not for the first time!) and delayed the game for a few months for extra polish.
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  • Faulty Xbox One disc drives emit loud, terrifying noises

  • Big-Boss 22/11/2013


    There is no evidence to back up your claim that having an integrated power supply will lead to long term issues. All of Sony's launch consoles have come with integrated power supplies and none have had high failure rates.

    Anyway, here's hoping those with faulty units get a replacement fast. It must feel horrible to have a $500 console die on you at launch. Here's hoping mine and everyone elses PS4s arrive safe and sound next Friday.
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  • BBC iPlayer confirmed for PS4 launch

  • Big-Boss 21/11/2013


    I have both my 360 and PS3 plugged directly into my router as when I originally had my cable installed, I had the engineers install the modem right beneath my telly. I'm on 60mb and both consoles download data super fast, especially the PS3 with its Gigabit Ethernet port. My PS4 will be hooked up in the exact same fashion.

    In my opinion, no matter how good your wireless antenna is, you'll never get the same blazing speeds you'd get with a wired Ethernet connection. They're also far more reliable in terms of stability in that you're unlikely to get disconnected unless it's an issue with the servers of the respective console. Ultimately, if you want the best, most reliable and stable online experience with any console then a wired connection is the way to go.
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  • Video: Five Launch Titles You've Probably Forgotten

  • Big-Boss 21/11/2013

    This has to be a new low for EG. Not only was that (once again) completely unfunny, but the Vita dig at the end was just stupid on so many levels. Wipeout 2048 was a better game than Golden Abyss. Then there was Everybody's Golf which was fun and challenging in equal fashion. There was also Motorstorm RC which despite being on PS3 is still far more suited to the Vita. Oh and there was Super Stardust Delta. And Mutant Blobs Attack. And I'm sure Unit 13 was released a couple of weeks after the Vita launched and was actually a pretty good game. EG themselves awarded it a 7/10 - the same score they recently awarded Forza 5.

    I have absolutely nothing against Ellie, but she needs to stop doing these videos because it's bringing the quality of the site down. Both this and her previous "worst launch games ever" videos are terrible. Whereas the previous video unfairly mocked the 360's line-up, this does the same to the Vita. There's no need for that.
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  • Next-Gen Now: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2013

    Any chance you could provide mirror links again? Would love to download these straight to my PS3 like the Battlefield 4 videos (: Reply +9
  • Microsoft congratulates Sony on its PS4 launch

  • Big-Boss 15/11/2013

    If only the fanboys on both sides had this much respect for one another. Some of the things they've come out with have been ridiculous. You guys should be embarrassed, especially when the companies making the damn machines have more respect for each other. Reply +5
  • Face-Off Preview: Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 15/11/2013


    Sorry but I have to disagree with you there. This is new hardware so why should they carry last-gen baggage? NFS: Rivals is 30fps on current-gen, so why can't it achieve much better on hardware that's ten times more powerful?

    Plus in racing games 60fps makes a huge difference. Racing is all about speed and a higher frame-rate greatly adds to the experience. Regarding DriveClub I'm pretty sure I read an interview somewhere where Evolution said they're delaying the game to hit a rock-solid 60fps and add proper next-gen effects. I'm typing this on my phone from work right now so can't dig up the article but when I get the time I'll try and find it.

    Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that we shouldn't accept sub-par performance on significantly more expensive hardware. They're charging us 50 for the game yet the current-gen version is almost 100% identical and can be found online for as low as 30. That extra 20 on the next-gen version is giving us nothing better so what's the point?
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  • Big-Boss 15/11/2013

    1080p? Brilliant! 30fps with drops? Get out. This game is pushing no technical boundaries whatsoever and looks almost exactly the same as current-gen versions. They could have very easily achieved 1080p AND 60fps for this game on next-gen systems.

    I won't be so quick to blame the devs though because I think it's quite obvious that EA pushed them to get all versions out at the same time. I'm sure an extra couple of months would have had them running up to scratch. Just look at how Sony treated DriveClub; Evolution wanted more time to complete the game so they could release it at a solid 60fps with proper next-gen visuals. Sony could have easily forced them to release it unfinished and rushed for launch (like a certain other company on a rival platform is doing), but instead they decided to delay it so it has extra work put into it to make it as best it can be.

    I know delays are annoying for us because we're an impatient bunch, but they generally result in better games. I really wish more companies realised that.
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