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  • Uncharted 4 PS4 gets a Drakeover

  • Big-Boss 04/02/2016


    I agree. So far the only game to make genuinely good use of the touchpad is Tearaway Unfolded and that's a port of a handheld game. I honestly think Sony slapped it on there to have a monopoly on the controller market. It can't be cheap for third party companies to come out with their own versions and two years on I'm yet to see one that isn't a crappy Chinese knock-off.
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  • Big-Boss 04/02/2016

    That looks beaut. The only limited edition console to impress me thus far was the MGSV one. I think this one might just have it beat. Reply +8
  • End of an era as Evo, the world's biggest fighting game tournament, ditches Street Fighter 4

  • Big-Boss 27/01/2016

    Hmm this is a shitty move IMO. I understand that they want to sell copies of SFV, but blocking out the previous, still very popular entry is still taking the piss. When you see a 15 year old GameCube game making the roster it makes it even harder to stomach. Bad call Capcom. Reply +9
  • The Witness review

  • Big-Boss 25/01/2016

    I'd love to try this, but I still feel the 30 asking price is too steep. I would definitely pick it up if they released a physical version though. Reply -23
  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • Big-Boss 25/01/2016

    To answer the question - no. SSDs cost way too much right now and offer an improvement that is practically unnoticeable on PS4. When a 2TB (double the maximum size of an SSD) mechanical HDD can be bought for around 60 it makes the decision an easy one.

    I fit one into my PS4 in August 2014 and I'm set for the rest of the gen. Despite having nearly every single PS Plus game installed on there and around six retail games I still have 1.3TB free. I almost alwaya delete games when I've finished them so large chunks of space are regularly freed up.

    I'd recommend anyone looking to upgrade go with the 2TB option. It's so easy to upgrade as well - it took me around 15 minutes max to swap the stock HDD out with the new one and install the firmware on it. I'm not very good with opening stuff up, especially electrical items so if I can do it anyone can!
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  • Cancelled Saints Row PSP game unearthed

  • Big-Boss 23/01/2016

    2009 was seven years ago?! What.The.Fuck :| Reply +18
  • Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

  • Big-Boss 20/01/2016


    The mass market only buys Nintendo consoles in significant numbers when they're cheap.
    The GameCube launched at 130, the cheapest out of the three consoles for its gen and second most-powerful. It sold the least at 20 million which was abysmal.

    The Wii was a fluke - it was in the right place at the right time. Nintendo will never sell another console that matches its numbers.
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  • Mortal Kombat XL includes all the DLC

  • Big-Boss 20/01/2016

    Cool, I'll finally pick this up then. Not paying more than 20 though. Reply 0
  • Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann on why Uncharted has to end

  • Big-Boss 20/01/2016


    You're deliberately trying to read far too much into his comments. All Druckman has said is that for them, this is the end of the line in terms of future Uncharted entries. Bungie wanted to stop being a Halo factory which is why they bought themselves out of their contract with MS.

    ND are under no obligation to make endless Uncharted sequels. They have been given near complete creative freedom by Sony, and a good example was when they wanted Ellie in the foreground on TLoU cover. Sony wanted Joel, alone, but eventually trusted ND enough to let them have their way. ND have also been allowed to come up with a new IP on every single PS platform since the PS1 and I'm sure they'll release another new one before the PS5 releases.

    But anyway, why do you care? You claim to own a PS4 when it's crystal clear you don't, so what difference would it make to you if they released games on the Xbox? You'd still be able to play them. Stop being an imbecile and deraling the thread. If you want to play an ND game buy a PS4.
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  • Big-Boss 20/01/2016


    I completely agree with you. Making a trilogy out of a successful franchise is the way to go before giving it an extended break, or better, retiring it. After the Ezio trilogy I just didn't have the enthusiasm or energy for another AC game. You just feel exhausted with a new game coming out each year.

    With Uncharted it was different as we got a new game every two years and Golden Abyss aside, this will be the first ND developed Uncharted game in four and a half years. That's a fairly significant gap between new titles and enough to generate excitement from fans.

    I'm glad they're choosing to retire the characters and I do hope Sony don't get a different developer to make another sequel/prequel. But with Uncharted being as popular and successful as it is I can't see that happening. My guess is we'll see at least one more Uncharted game on PS4 in the future but I fully expect ND to focus all their efforts on TLoU2 once UC4 is done. And as much as I love Uncharted, I really cannot wait to see what they do with TLoU.
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo features detailed - report

  • Big-Boss 20/01/2016

    Happy to see that not all people are blinded by Nintendo branded spectacles. It's about time both gamers and the press started to call them out for their practises. The Amiibo crap is scandalous as it is yet they have the nerve to charge near full price for a single HD remaster which doesn't even see a frame-rate bump.

    I doubt I'll be buying Nintendo's next console in a hurry if this is the path they're heading down. Captiosus' post is right on the money - if this was EA, Activision or any other "evil" corporation, all the Nintendo fanboys and gaming press would be united in their criticism. Stop pretending like Nintendo are all goody goody; they're not donating ponies or feeding the poor and they certainly don't care about their customers. They are just as bad, if not worse than Sony and MS.

    They are fast becoming irrelevant in the wider gaming space and the poor sales numbers of the Wii U are proof of that. They've lost the third parties and despite what Nintendo fans think, no amount of good exclusives will save them if they continue to make poor decisions everywhere else.
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  • Resident Evil Zero review

  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016


    Haha brilliant! :D
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  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016

    Hell, the commercial failure of 0 and REmake is why the franchise went the way it did in the first place.
    The originals were released on the lowest selling console of its gen in the GameCube. That's the reason why they sold poorly.

    These ports are being released on five platforms at the same time, both digitally and on disc. Whilst you may be right in terms of sales matching Resi 6 (I didn't know it sold that well), I still expect this port to sell far better.
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  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016

    Today this style of game design has vanished.
    Which is a shame. Yet I bet this sells as well as, if not more than the more "modern," shambles of a game that was Resi 6.
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  • Metal Gear Solid fan remake looks lovely in Unreal Engine 4

  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016


    Even if that might explain Mei Ling's accent change it was still jarring. And there's still no explanation for why Naomi went from English to American. So I doubt the changes were made for accuracy.
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  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016


    Agree with you about the ports. I'd personally prefer a HD, 60fps version of the PS1 game with trophies/achievements.

    The Twin Snakes took too many liberties and offered little outside of better graphics. The updated gameplay didn't fit the original level design which was planned around a top-down view. The Revolver Ocelot fight in particular lost all challenge in TTS. You could literally stand on the spot when the fight begins, go into first person mode and shimmy left and right to dodge his shots whilst shooting him. He wouldn't even move!

    It also had poor voice acting and even most of the returning cast phoned in their lines. Naomi and Mei Ling were completely ruined and it's a crying shame that Kojima let the characters continue to use those American accents in MGS4. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous cut-scenes!
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  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016


    So what you're actually asking for is a remaster rather than a remake. As good as the game was for its time it's incredibly dated now. The limited field of vision in particular was born more out of the hardware limitations than an actual gameplay feature. It made no sense that the guards couldn't see beyond five feet in front of them.

    Each to their own, but I'd personally want the MGS games to remain in the past. Tarted up ports are fine, but anything new just wouldn't be the same, especially without Hideo Kojima.
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  • Big-Boss 18/01/2016

    I'm a huge MGS fan but that footage didn't look all that impressive IMO. Either way Konami will shut him down now that his project has been given exposure. In all honesty MGS doesn't need yet another remake. It was already remade too early when The Twin Snakes was released just four and a bit years after the original.

    Then we had the best locations of Shadow Moses remade(and slightly altered in some cases) AGAIN in MGS4, so do we really want another remake? Konami should just port the existing games to newer platforms. Let them live on for what they are rather than bastardising them without their original creator.
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • Big-Boss 14/01/2016


    As opposed to the shovel load of one year old remasters that Sony and Microsoft and all and sundry have been putting out for 50?
    I picked up the Uncharted collection on disc for 34 at launch. I also picked up Tearaway Unfolded brand new for just over 10 from Amazon over Christmas - reduced from 25. I don't own an Xbone but a friend of mine also picked up Halo MCC for less than 40 at launch. Both the Uncharted and Halo collections include three and four games respectively. MS also released a Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which is more a remake than a remaster yet it launched at 25 on disc complete with multi-player running at 60fps.

    So I'm assuming you pulled that 50 figure from digital pricing - digital is a rip off no matter which company it is. If you willingly pay more for less then that's your prerogative. The majority of gamers will look for the best price.

    In contrast it cost 35 at launch for The Wind Waker HD on disc, which just offered widescreen and a higher resolution. No frame-rate improvements whatsoever. It still sells for that price on eBay, whether the game is sealed or not. It's not the first time Nintendo have done this either. You only have to look back to a few years ago where they charged an inflated price for some old Mario games just because they came in a pretty box. Even EG's very own Simon Parkin lapped it up and was rightly called out for it in the comments.

    So yes, Nintendo are absolute rip-offs when it comes to re-releasing their old games. Their prices rarely, if ever, drop and they've been done for price-fixing in the past as well. It wouldn't surprise me if they still engage in the practice considering the ridiculous prices both the Wii U and its games still sell for.
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  • Big-Boss 14/01/2016

    Typical from Nintendo and I can't say I'm surprised. They fleece their loyal fans more than any other company. Not only is this Amiibo stunt they're pulling a huge bunch of shit, but they're also charging 30+ for one decade old remaster.

    When their competition are selling genuine HD remaster bundles like Uncharted and Halo MCC, which include multiple games running upto 60fps all for 40 or less it really shows up Nintendo for the twats they are.

    For a company that supposedly values gameplay over graphics I doubt they've even bothered to put the effort in to get this running at 60fps. The Wind Waker HD was the same which is why I stuck to my original Gamecube version.

    It's also no surprise to see our resident Nintendo zealot vert1go defending this. That guy would lap up a Mario shaped turd and be proud to have paid for the privilege.
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  • Ratchet & Clank PS4 out April 2016

  • Big-Boss 12/01/2016

    I've never played an R&C game, so if this reviews well I might just pick it up to try something different and see what all the fuss is about. Reply +2
  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • Big-Boss 09/01/2016

    Ah game manuals, how I miss thee! Back in the day they were less "manuals" and more an encyclopedia of the game you were about to immerse yourself in.

    I think my first proper game manual memory is Final Fantasy VII. I had consoles before the PS1 but growing up in a low income household, all my parents could afford were game cartridges from market stalls and they usually didn't come with cases. So anyway, when I opened up and read the manual for the first time it felt like a short story. Detailed images and biographies of all characters, explanations of all the various items and weapons in the game, descriptions of the world map which made the game seem absolutely huge - those were the days man.

    And then I got Metal Gear Solid. It was the first brand new and sealed game my parents had ever bought for me and the first time I experienced that hot off the press, new game smell. Oh it was glorious. I sat reading about the backstory on the way home, all the character background, the weapons in the game and all the different stealth mechanics. Even when I got home I was so into the manual that I put off playing the game for a further 30 minutes until I was finished!

    Such fond, fond memories. Manuals have pretty much finished now and whilst I can understand the need to be green, it has taken away one of the best feelings of buying a new game. Now when I buy a new game and unwrap it it rarely gives off that nostalgic scent. My younger brother catches me sniffing the inside of a case sometimes and thinks I'm a weirdo. He'll never know how good it was :(
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  • Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw leaves Valve

  • Big-Boss 08/01/2016

    The Half Life 3 jokes will never end but in all seriousness I can't see it ever happening. Valve are rolling in money with Steam and have little incentive to craft a third game. I'd love to see it happen, but realistically it most probably won't. Anyway, good luck to Marc Laidlaw in his future projects :) Reply +14
  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • Big-Boss 06/01/2016

    As originally predicted, VR is going to price itself out of the market. It's not like you can just take it home and play, you also need a decent PC to use it. So you're looking at a minimum of 1,000 total.

    Unless Sony price their VR headset at 300 (still too high IMO) then theirs will follow the same route. I also don't understand why people are comparing the price of VR to smartphones. Phones have become an essential part of daily life and used from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed.

    Plus the majority of people get their phones through a much more affordable monthly contract. In comparison VR is straight up 500 and a luxury. I can see the price being slashed quite aggressively before the end of the year as I just can't see that many people picking one up.

    I was never really that excited about VR, but now we have a price point I'm definitely out. Like 3D, this looks like another fad that will come and fade away without many people caring all that much.
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  • PS4 sells over 35.9m units

  • Big-Boss 05/01/2016

    Isn't this outpacing PS2 sales? That's ridiculous. I never believed any console would ever match it, but with the PS4 showing no signs of slowing down it just might do it.

    Sony are also releasing their big guns this year (at last!) so let's hope they don't rest on their laurels and get complacent.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider comes to PC 28th Jan

  • Big-Boss 05/01/2016


    TR: DE was a port of a last-gen game. ROTTR is a current-gen game. You're kidding yourself if you think it will run at anything above 30fps on PS4.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • Big-Boss 01/01/2016

    A lot of upset posters in here, mostly Xbox fans mind. I can see where they're coming from a bit as EG awarded both Forza and Halo Recommended badges yet have included games that didn't win any badge (Just Cause 3) ahead of them.

    Still, these lists are ultimately opinions and as well we all know everyone has one and they're always wrong :P Some people here need to stop taking everything so seriously and just enjoy what they do and let others do the same.
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  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • Big-Boss 30/12/2015

    Whilst the lack of quality exclusives for PS4 in 2015 was disappointing, I'm still happy as there was so much quality released across the board and I'm already playing catch up. I still haven't played The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Bloodborne, Star Wars Battlefront, Until Dawn and probably a good few others. My backlog is teeming and it is only going to get worse in 2016.

    I agree with what other posters are saying in that a lot of people place far too much importance on exclusive titles. Yes, they are important but third party games are the main reason to own any console. My 360 was my main console last-gen and the only exclusive I really cared about was Gears of War. Sure I played a few others like Halo and Forza but I could live without them. But it was the superior online, general convenience and better multiplatform games that made the 360 my console of choice.

    The tables have completely turned this gen. The PS4 is now the gamer friendly console. I also don't know where the myth has arisen from that PSN isn't stable. I barely used it on the PS3 so can't comment, but on PS4 it has been absolutely perfect since day one bar the solitary week of Christmas in 2014.

    I'm perfectly happy with it and if I didn't buy an Xbone later down the line I could live with that. As it stands Gears of War 4 and backwards compatibility are the only reasons for me to pick one up and that doesn't justify dropping 250+ IMO. I'm sure there are Xbone owners who are perfectly happy with their choice as well and have no need to buy a PS4.

    Let's face it, most people buy one console and it's usually the one that most of their friends and family own. Multi-console ownership isn't as common as some people like to claim and there's ALWAYS one console that is relegated to exclusive-only status. For a lot of people that kind of luxury just isn't affordable.
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  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 3: Splatoon

  • Big-Boss 30/12/2015

    I reckon Bloodborne is a strong contender for number one GOTY. Both the game and it's expansion received Essential awards from EG so it would be a little surprising if it didn't.

    MGSV is also pretty certain to take the number two spot. The story may have been weak but you can't fault the playground Kojima created. There's so many fun and creative ways to tackle your enemies it's ridiculous. It too received an Essential badge from EG.

    I'd put MGSV as number one if it were upto me, but I haven't played Bloodborne much so would be a little biased :P
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  • Uncharted 4 release delayed until April

  • Big-Boss 24/12/2015


    Read the second paragraph of my response to Suarez07 :P
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  • Big-Boss 24/12/2015


    I agree. After playing the trilogy again on PS4 the original has aged badly. Graphically it looks the part but it's otherwise a non stop shooting gallery. The pacing is way off and there's little to no variation between locations. Don't think I could play through it again as it's just too relentless and gets repetitive and tiresome after a while.

    Agree about UC2 as well. Brilliant game but it dragged on in the last couple of hours and the two boss fights were awful. The train guy midway through the game was a bullet sponge and don't get me started on the final fight. It's been a few years now but I'm pretty certain I lost a controller to him on Crushing difficulty. Running around endlessly in circles whilst shooting respawning weeds is poor design. Thankfully they learnt that lesson for the third game which got rid of bosses completely.
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  • Big-Boss 24/12/2015


    Yeah, UC3 had the best puzzles IMO. The one I got stuck on was in the basement of the Chateau. There's a grid with some animals on and you have to align them correctly for the tomb to open. I took so long trying to figure it out that Sully offered to solve it for me! Had to look at a guide afterwards to find out how to solve it and felt embarrassed. Oh well, I'll make sure I try harder before giving up for when UC4 rolls around :D
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  • Big-Boss 24/12/2015


    See, I disagree on all fronts. I thought UC3 nailed the pacing and it was the only game in the series where I embarrassingly had to have one puzzle auto-solved.

    The level design was superb IMO. The Chateau escape, the sun drenched streets of Syria, the ship set-piece and the eventual Atlantis of the Sands - all expertly designed. The soundtrack was also sublime.

    It also had the most varied gameplay ranging from vertical shooting, battles in the water and also evolved the hand to hand combat to perfection. It was finally quick, aggressive and fluid with the slow, gimmicky combos of previous games abandoned.

    As for hand holding well, maybe you didn't play the first two because they were just as bad. You can't criticise the third game for a trait that's been present since the beginning. UC4 will be the same.

    We clearly have opposing opinions on the game so let's leave it at that. But critics and sales figures still strongly disagree with your statement that the game is "diabolical."
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  • Big-Boss 24/12/2015

    Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception was Absolutely Diabolical
    Speak for yourself. Uncharted 3 is the best in the franchise IMO. A 92 score on Metacritic also rubbishes your hyperbolic statement of it being "diabolical."
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  • Big-Boss 23/12/2015

    Whilst disappointing I'm personally okay with this. It gives me more time to enjoy Street Fighter V and Alienation :) Reply +5
  • PlayStation VR's external processor revealed

  • Big-Boss 22/12/2015

    Even if this works it's going to price itself out of the market. Can see it costing more than the PS4 itself which takes it out of impulse buy territory. If sales bomb it'll lead to less support and end up being abandoned.

    I can't help but think this is Sony's "Kinect phase." They're throwing a lot of money at what is definitely interesting and innovative tech but I just can't see it being hugely successful. Kinect launched at 150 and despite strong early sales it fell away after just two months on sale. I can see VR going the same way, but it's going to cost at least double the price of the original Kinect.

    If I'm wrong I'll hold my hands up, but history suggests this is destined to fail. It's a niche product aimed at those with disposable income.
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  • Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Rare Replay discounted in biggest ever Xbox sale

  • Big-Boss 22/12/2015

    *Episode13 in Sony digital sale article*

    "OMG such shit sale prices!!! Sony are evil!!! 4thepayers right lollllll!!!*

    *Episode13 in MS digital sale article*

    "Oh wow, thank you my beautiful Microsoft for allowing me to overspend yet again on these games I already overspent on at launch because I prefer digital. Cheers MS!!! Keep up the awesome work Phil Spencer!!!! Xbox for life yo!!!"

    We have Dumb, now let's see if we get his pal Dumber (ClemFandango) in here mocking these prices like he was in the Sony article. He's a multi-platform owner don't you know? That gives him the magical halo of objectivity! :rolleyes:
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  • Face-Off: Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4

  • Big-Boss 21/12/2015


    Goddammit, why wasn't Silent Hill 2 HD given to these guys? Oh yeah, Konami was in charge of that decision.
    Konami are also in charge of Metal Gear Solid but they handed duties over to Bluepoint for the HD Collection. Bluepoint probably weren't available at the time Konami wanted to do the Silent Hill ports.

    Also, the original team that did the Zone of the Enders remasters really messed up part 2. Konami then hired a more talented studio (Hexadrive I think) to fix it and bring it upto scratch.

    See I know Konami have a bad rep right now, but their track record suggests that they do seem to genuinely care about the quality of their games. Silent Hill HD seems to be an anomaly and I really don't know why they didn't give those games the treatment they deserve.
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  • Kojima: "My role in this world is to keep on making big games for as long as I can"

  • Big-Boss 18/12/2015


    All of his main MGS games have scored 90+ on Metacritic. The only exception is Peace Walker - it scored 89. Each installment has sold multi-million copies and the series has a huge global fan base. Your opinion that MGS is merely "OK" is in the minority.
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  • Has PlayStation 4 been hacked?

  • Big-Boss 18/12/2015

    Well that was some utterly pointless clickbait. You used to be better than this EG. Reply +102
  • Report: Kojima starting up new studio, in talks with Sony

  • Big-Boss 16/12/2015

    Having played and loved all the MGS games I'm very interested in seeing what Kojima does next. I've got a feeling it'll be something totally different and unexpected. Whilst he'll forever be known as the "Metal Gear guy" a lot of people forget he's made other excellent games, with one of my favourites being Snatcher.

    He clearly has the talent to do the horror genre justice as well and I wouldn't be surprised if the Del Toro partnership is revived under a new name. Given Kojima's history it'll be a good few years before we see his next project come to life though. Excited either way :D
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  • The evolution of Final Fantasy 7

  • Big-Boss 16/12/2015

    I'm not a fan of the new look Barret. The shades are way off considering the line of work he's in and the fact that Midgar blocks out the sky because of the plate that holds up the sectors. He reminds me of Blade and not in a good way.

    Barret was a foul mouthed, impulsive nutter in the original game. He was also a racial stereotype but they're more than welcome to drop that part of his personality. I just hope to God they don't make him all dark and edgy in the remake.

    Cloud and Vincent were miserable whilst all the others were generally cheerful individuals. Nailing each characters personality is going to be one of the hardest jobs SE has with the remake and I really am hoping they don't fuck it up.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2015

    Damn. Looking at that list has made me realise just how much I've still to play :/

    I'm actually still catching up on last-gen stuff so bought a few remasters this year. So with that in mind my personal list is:

    1. Metal Gear Solid V
    2. Tearaway Unfolded
    3. Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition
    4. Batman: Arkham Knight
    5. CoD: Black Ops 3

    Can't wait for the sea of negs I get for daring to enjoy a CoD game :rolleyes:
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  • The Last of Us, Until Dawn are BOGOF on PSN

  • Big-Boss 10/12/2015

    The Digital Future! At those (sale!) prices? Nah. Reply +5
  • Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster release date set for January

  • Big-Boss 09/12/2015


    You're making excuses for them. Capcom is hardly a small independent dev that can't afford to port over such an old game and bring it up to modern standards. It is completely reasonable to expect 60fps in a static environment game like this.

    The majority of the PS360 HD collections ran at 60fps when the developer gave a shit and wasn't trying to make a quick buck ala Splinter Cell/Prince of Persia trilogy.

    Oh, and if their resources are stretched as you claim then how are they getting the PC version running at 60fps? Surely they need to scale it back since they can't afford it judging by your logic? The PS4/Xbone are mid-tier PCs after all, so why can't they optimise the PC code for these consoles and have them running the game at 60fps? It's laziness. Pure and simple.

    Capcom are one of the worst offenders when it comes to re-releasing their old work. They never give it the love it deserves. It took them nearly a decade to release a supposed "ultimate" version of RE4 on PC for crying out loud. And 60fps was the headline feature - something that should have been present day one. It didn't even have 4k support - in 2014 - for a supposed "ultimate" PC edition. Laziness.
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  • Big-Boss 09/12/2015

    The fact that Capcom didn't put the work in to get this and RE1 running at 60fps on consoles is shocking. All console versions could easilly handle this game at that frame-rate, but Capcom are pure lazy. I'll stick to my Gamecube originals thanks. 16 for bare-bones, decade old ports? Fuck off. Reply -1
  • Fallout 4 patch 1.02 boosts PS4 performance

  • Big-Boss 09/12/2015


    I still would be surprised to see a new console in 2019 as that would be a 4 year cycle.
    The PS4/Xbone launched in 2013 so it would (hypothetically)be a six year life cycle. That should be the absolute limit for a console gen IMO.
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  • Big-Boss 09/12/2015


    Shuhei Yoshida said he expected the PS4 platform to have a life span of around a decade.
    A console lasting ten years and a generation lasting ten years are two different things. The PS2 was getting releases well into its 13th year with football and wrestling games. But it was replaced way sooner in 2006 with the PS3.

    The same goes for the PS360 - their gen has come to an end but they're still getting new releases two years into the PS4/Xbone era. It's nothing new. Although I am hoping this gen won't be as long as the last one. New consoles in 2019 would be welcome and more in line with pre PS360 gen life cycles.
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  • Big-Boss 09/12/2015


    Why has the PS4 got a patch and not XB1, explain someone please??
    To break your little heart.
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2015

    Whilst I have no interest in these PS2 games, I'd recommend anyone wanting to play older games purchase from the US store. As a kid growing up I played the handicapped PAL versions of PS1 games for years and had no idea what I was missing out on. But when PS1 games started appearing on the PS Store I was advised to purchase from the US one. You can imagine my delight when I found every single PS1 game running faster and without borders. Games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy felt transformed. The boss fights in the former were much more satisfying at the higher speed.

    It's a shame that Sony has chosen once again to upload titles by region rather than provide the best version of the game to everyone. As a rule I always purchase games pre-PS3 era from the US store to ensure I get the best version. Everyone else should do the same to avoid issues like the ones mentioned in this updated article.
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