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  • PlayStation 4 gets 3D Blu-Ray support next week

  • Big-Boss 29/07/2014

    I just wish we had the basics really, such as friend notifications and the ability to manage our downloads. You know, features both the 360 and PS3 had at launch. And I don't know about you guys but I quite liked being nosy and being able to tell how long it's been since my friends were last online. I can't believe that neither the PS4 or Vita (which has been out for over two years!) let us see that information.

    It's been eight months since the release of the console, it should at the very minimum have the basics nailed down. The Xbone is now edging very close to matching the functionality that the 360 had. The PS4 is still miles off. Since the last major update around three months ago all we've had is stability patches and this 3D Blu-Ray patch. That is piss poor. Given Sony's current snail pace I predict it'll be at least two years before they manage to implement such features.

    The fact that Sony fanboys are ok with such ignorant behaviour speaks volumes. I mean who the hell actually suggested better audio quality in 1.5x mode? Or to switch the bloody notifications to the left side of the screen? Do Sony update their console based on least requested features or something? Because that's what it looks like.
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  • Digital Foundry vs The Last of Us Remastered

  • Big-Boss 28/07/2014

    Just watched the gameplay demo on my PS3. It looks glorious and a noticeable step up from the original release. Frame rate alone makes the whole experience feel brand new. I envy the gamers who will be experiencing TLoU for the first time on PS4. The definitive experience by a country mile. Reply +5
  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • Big-Boss 17/07/2014

    Thanks for the quick responses! Think I'll wait until tomorrow to get my code considering how both Bungie and the PSN are getting battered under the load.

    Doubt I'll get a game in tonight anyway so will give it a shot at the weekend when all the chaos has calmed down a bit :)
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  • Big-Boss 17/07/2014

    I haven't even received my beta code yet. Are they emailed to us or do we have to login to the Bungie website to get access? Reply 0
  • No PS3 to PS4 upgrade discount for The Last of Us Remastered

  • Big-Boss 16/07/2014


    Yup, that's where I've ordered it from as well. It's even cheaper if you trade in a selected game. Mines is working out at 24.96 after trading in a copy of Thief I bought from Grainger Games for 14.99.
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  • The Last of Us Remastered lets you lock frame-rate at 30fps

  • Big-Boss 16/07/2014


    Gamestop currently have an offer where you can buy TLoU on PS4 for 9.97 when you trade in a selected game.

    The cheapest game I could find from that list was Thief for 14.99 from Grainger Games. So after sending that off for trade my TLoU copy only works out at 24.96. Hope that helps you (:
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  • Big-Boss 16/07/2014

    Managed to order this for 24.96 so decided to go for it as my PS3 version sold for just 5 less on eBay. I do hope we get some clarification on the frame rate though. Tweets from various ND staff have been raving about 60fps, and I'm pretty sure Corinne Yu said the game was running higher than 60 so that it could be locked to that figure. Hope it's a locked 60fps and not an inconsistent unlocked. The higher frame rate and low price in my case are the only reasons I'm picking this again up so it'll be quite disappointing if they haven't lived up to their promise. Reply +2
  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • Big-Boss 12/07/2014


    Your fanboyism knows no bounds. You describe Forza Horizon 2 (a title being released on both Xbone and 360) as being "ground-breaking" before dismissing DriveClub as merely "decent," even though recent previews for both games have been highly positive. You then go and describe playing through GTAV and TLoU again as "grim" before expressing delight at the prospect of playing through four Halo games again. If Martin's opinion is total bollocks then yours is a special kind of stupid.

    Moving onto the subject at hand well it's all a matter of opinion. Some can see the value in remasters and some can't. TLoU on PS3 still sells for around 20-25 new and that's without the 16 Season Pass. If Sony were to release a hypothetical "complete edition" with all the DLC on PS3 for 30 I would imagine there would be a lot of positivity surrounding it. This new PS4 version is that very same "complete edition" plus it comes with 1080p resolution, better character models and 60fps. And it's 29.97. So what's the problem? The PS4 version is the definitive experience and if anything it represents far better value when you consider the content you are getting as well as all the improvements.

    The same can be said of the Master Chief collection, which IMO represents even better value with four games, all looking and running better than they ever have as well as over one hundred multiplayer maps. That's staggering, and anyone that says it's a rip-off needs their head checking. The Halo games on 360 (minus Halo 2) all sell for around 10 each for a new copy and don't come with any extra map packs. So is paying 10 per Halo on Xbone, which has all the map packs thrown in, has better graphics and higher resolution, as well as 60fps really bad value? No chance.

    If people dislike remasters that's fine, no one is forcing you to buy them. But there are far more people out there that enjoy replaying their favourite games at a higher quality and when the value is as good as it is they are hardly wasting their money. I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fan and after playing the HD collection I can never ever go back to my old PS2 versions. The HD resolution, full screen cut-scenes, 60fps as well as cloud saves, trophies and DTS surround sound make these versions the definitive editions for me. Remasters have a place and they are offered as a choice. If people don't want to buy them that's fine. After all it's not like the original versions will suddenly stop working once newer editions are released right?
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  • Watch the full Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 demo right here

  • Big-Boss 19/06/2014

    Looks outstanding and I cannot wait for the full game! 2015 looks set to be a an absolute belter for big game releases and MGSV will be a strong GOTY contender along with the usual suspects of Halo, Uncharted, The Witcher etc. I still hope that Ground Zeroes is included in the package as that has held its price surprisingly well. I fully expected it to be down to at least 10 pre-owned by now but that hasn't happened. Anyway roll on 2015! Reply +2
  • How to play the Trine Enchanted Edition beta

  • Big-Boss 19/06/2014

    This is cool and all but I think it's time they stopped releasing prettied up versions of their existing games and made a full sequel in Trine 3. I've played the crap out of the second one in particular across the 360, PS3 and most recently PS4 after they gave it away via PS Plus. I want a sequel now damn it! Reply +7
  • DriveClub could be the racing game to beat this year

  • Big-Boss 18/06/2014

    Sounds promising and looks and plays far better in the latest videos compared to the ones released last year. I'll admit that I'm still skeptical as the frame rate and micro transactions have put me off, but I'll definitely give the PS Plus version a go and if it impresses me enough then I'll certainly consider a full priced purchase. Reply +8
  • Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin joins Oculus VR

  • Big-Boss 10/06/2014

    Think it's a bit cheeky associating him with Naughty Dog as he left them exactly ten years ago. He was most recently employed by THQ. The article headline makes it sounds like ND have lost a top dog or something. Reply +49
  • Why PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 was delayed to early 2015

  • Big-Boss 27/05/2014

    Does Sony have anything decent coming out this year? Neg me all you want but they're going to get battered at E3 by MS. Yeah sure, they'll announce some new stuff but I strongly doubt any of it will be coming out by Christmas this year. If all they're going to give us is ports of PC games and last-gen "remasters" then I'm seriously going to consider selling my PS4 and repurchase it in a couple of years time when there's actually something decent to play.

    MS have gotten their biggest title announcement (Halo 5) out of the way before E3 has even started and they'll be going for Sony's throat next month. Sony are dropping the ball big time with these ridiculous delays for both their games and firmware updates and MS are closing in fast. They've been resting on their laurels. I can't believe people are saying they're happy with this delay. Yes delays can mean that a game can be better but it's ridiculous when you consider that it's now two (DriveClub being the other) of Sony's main exclusives that have missed release dates. They'll need to have a stonkingly good E3 if they want to keep me on board because I'm really not happy with this constant dilly-dallying from them.
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  • "Approximately half" of PlayStation 4 users now have a Plus subscription

  • Big-Boss 23/05/2014


    The only reason the 360 was so finacially successful for MS was because people bought it multiple times since they were built so poorly and the motherboard would always crap out after 18 months or so.
    Fixed that for you. You're welcome (: *ruffles your hair*
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  • PS4 and Xbox One double sales of predecessors during first six months in US

  • Big-Boss 16/05/2014

    115k sales is pretty dire so you can see why MS are dropping Kinect to lower the overall price. It looks like even the usually patriotic Americans aren't warming to the console and that'll surely concern MS a great deal. Their sales for May will be even lower now that people will be waiting for the Kinect-less console to be released. The console will see a boost in June no doubt but will likely drop again in the following months.

    The main reason for that is because they can't just simply match Sony for price whilst offering weaker hardware - they need to undercut them which is something I've mentioned before. The Titanfall bundle dropped to 315 recently in the UK, which includes a game and Kinect, and even that failed to seriously ignite sales. They can't increase sales by charging more and giving less which is why the new 349 price-point won't make any noticeable difference.
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  • The Witness to run at 1080p 60fps on PS4

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014

    This is getting boring now. A lot of games ran like shit back in the PS1 days but that didn't stop them looking good or being fun to play. It's getting sad now. Please stop. Reply +11
  • Sony expects a significant loss next year too

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014


    The "Popular now" section is determined by user traffic, not by editorial bias as you incorrectly claim. The fact that the free game with Mario Kart 8 wasn't popular has more to do with the general apathy surrounding the Wii U more than anything else. And we all know that people love a Nintendo doom and gloom article which is why it more than likely received more hits than others.
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  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014

    Let's not try to hide anything here - Sony are in trouble. They've seemingly done all they can to plug the wounds but they just keep on bleeding cash. They've already predicted a billion dollar loss for next year too which is just insane. Ten years ago I doubt a single person could have predicted them being in this position. They just seemed to let all their competitors overtake them in practically every field they once dominated, whilst crazy Ken did an amazing job of throwing away all the money made from the PS2 era on the Cell processor. There's only so many buildings, shares and subsidiaries they can sell off to raise cash. There's clearly deeper underlying issues that aren't being addressed. Reply +6
  • Better without Kinect

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014

    Imagine seeing the slogan "Better without Kinect" on game boxes - it would be utterly hilarious! The 10% extra power they supposedly gain from turning off Kinect is being overstated as well. It'll offer a small boost sure but nothing that brings it in line with the PS4. The gap will remain and widen as time goes on. MS now need to ditch Kinect completely from their future consoles and if they insist on keeping it around, need to make it completely optional from day one. The market spoke years ago when they rejected the original Kinect after realising it was a piece of shit not fit for purpose. The only reason they insisted on including it in the box was because they had already lost a tonne of money with all the DRM policy reversals they had spent five years creating. They couldn't afford to lose more by removing more. They've bit the bullet now and finally rectified the last remaining issue with the console but the real hard work starts now.

    Up until now all MS have done is try to match Sony. They now need to take steps to overtake and it won't be easy as the PS4 has already sold nearly double in just six months. They need to bring the games and bring A LOT. Customers are wary of them now. Buying third-party exclusivity for games won't work anymore either as Titanfall failed to help the Xbone shift more than the PS4. They need to continue copying Sony and open more first party studios to deliver a consistent stream of exclusive games that offer both quality and diversity. They need to give their studios more freedom too. It was rather disheartening to read that their most recent studio in Black Tusk was ordered to stop work on what they were creating in order to make yet another Gears of War title. They also need to take the Kinect shackles off Rare and let them make a core game.

    Removing Kinect is only the beginning for MS and they still have a long way to go yet. I want them to succeed though because competition is only good for us, as we are clearly seeing. Plus Sony have shown signs recently that their old arrogant ways may be returning after the recent DriveClub and Watch Dogs blunders. This should be a timely reminder to them that the war lasts another six years yet. They need to bring the games at E3 just as badly as MS do or the tide of positivity and good will they built up last year will be lost quickly.
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  • Xbox One's Games with Gold offer requires you stay subscribed

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014


    I expect a lot of Xbox fanboys to change their tune now that their own console manufacturer has adopted the same rental style service. You won't be reading the "but they're rentals!" line anymore that's for sure. I specifically remember cloudskipa mentioning last year that he wouldn't want a PS Plus style service coming to Live; I bet he says the complete opposite now but like MS it won't be the first time he's done a 180 :rolleyes:
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  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014

    So it's now PS Plus for the Xbone which is no bad thing. It just took them far too long to follow suit. Nintendo next please :D Reply +8
  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014


    To be fair most console generations have only lasted 5-6 years, the last gen was an exception and lasted at least a year longer than it should have IMO. I wouldn't mind a 5-6 year console cycles personally as it hastens progress and it's not like last-gen consoles are immediately forgotten.
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  • Big-Boss 13/05/2014

    Honestly, this gen is the first time I've ever come across such a silly resolution in 792p. It's just such a random number that they've pulled out of their arse in an attempt to get the biggest functional resolution possible. Even 900p is alien to me. Aren't 720p, 1080p and 1440p the only officially recognised HD resolutions? Where have all these "inbetweeners" come from all of a sudden?

    Anyway, I already mentioned yesterday that it was never Sony's place to make the original claim as the game isn't exclusive to them. Whoever originally posted that message should be fired for false advertising and Sony themselves should issue an apology for trying to mislead customers.
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • Big-Boss 14/05/2014

    It levels the field in nothing but price. The power gap will be permanent. I honestly think MS need to undercut the PS4 by a good 70-100 to stand a chance of a real fightback. It's still an inferior speced machine so shouldn't cost the same. I want to see an aggressive, hungry MS chasing down Sony. Not only will that keep Sony on their game but it'll make the Xbone a much more attractive proposition if they accept they have the weaker offering, price it accordingly but go all out on delivering killer software. And I mean actual software MS, not paying publishers to not release on other platforms like Titanfall! Reply +6
  • Rockstar has something next-gen coming by Q1 2015

  • Big-Boss 13/05/2014

    A GTAV port would be the boring answer, I'm hoping it's something truly unexpected like a full blown Red Dead Redemption 2 that's been in secret development for a while......oh who am I kidding, it's a GTAV port isn't it? ): Reply +18
  • Microsoft won't reward early Xbox One adopters following Kinect-less console

  • Big-Boss 13/05/2014

    That's quite a dick move from them. They could've at the very least offered a free digital game or two out of good will. If it wasn't for all those early adopters where would they have been right now? Reply +17
  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for 349

  • Big-Boss 13/05/2014

    No surprise whatsoever. People saw this coming a mile off. How much will MS lose because of this? They gimped the console to have the thing included and spent a fortune on designing it yet no one wanted it. Motion controlled gaming was on it's way out when both the original Kinect and PS Move got released. Nintendo and Sony didn't bother making a new version of motion control for their new consoles and simply allowed the older peripherals to be compatible with them. MS should have done the same and it would have allowed them to compete with Sony in both price and power.

    Kinect won't sell well on it's own, not a chance. The original 360 Kinect sold like hot cakes for it's first few months and then dropped like a stone when word got out that it simply didn't work as intended. Kinect 2.0 is equally useless for gaming. It's doomed to be an expensive accessory that few have an interest in. The only way it might find a market is if the price is on par with the PS Camera which can be had for as little as 40, but with the technology inside the thing I can't see that happening. It'll probably sell for around the 80-100 mark which is nowhere near cheap enough to tempt any brand of gamer.

    MS also need to be more aggressive with their pricing; 349 for the console isn't good enough. Just a few weeks ago you could get the Titanfall bundle that included Kinect for 315. The solus Xbone bundle should retail for no higher than 280 IMO, 250 if possible to reflect the weaker hardware. It will fly off shelves at that price and undercut the PS4 by a good margin. Hell if they announce some decent exclusives for it at E3 even I'll consider picking one up which was unthinkable this time last year. It shows the turnaround they've managed which is good for all gamers.

    Despite all the change though the biggest losers are the early adopters. The majority had a camera they didn't want forced on them and paid a premium for the privilege. It would be a nice gesture if MS compensated them with a couple of games and a controller like they did back with the Xbox. Somehow I just can't see it happening though.

    Regarding Games with Gold well it looks like MS have finally copied Sony's PS Plus model by only providing access to games as long as you remain subscribed. I wonder how the Xbox fanboys *cough*cloudskipa*cough* will react to that given how vocal they've been about owning games as opposed to renting them. I bet they change their tune now :rolleyes:.

    Anyway it's about time MS woke up and took notice, even if it is four years late. PS Plus is a ridiculously good service and the more platform holders that follow it the better. Nintendo should especially take note considering how bad the Wii U is performing.
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  • Watch Dogs runs at 1080p 60fps on PlayStation 4, Sony says

  • Big-Boss 13/05/2014

    To be honest, even if the game runs at 1080p/60fps on the PS4 I don't think it was right for them to brag about it unless the game was exclusive to them. I mean, Tomb Raider: DE runs at nearly double the frame-rate on PS4 but they never bragged about that did they? This just seems petty to me.

    99% of gamers will buy the game on their console of choice anyway, there are actually very few people out there that own multiple consoles, especially current-gen ones which are barely six months old.
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  • Big-Boss 12/05/2014

    Cool if true, what matters most to me is if the game is any good though. I hope we don't get another AC3 situation where EG (and the press in general) criticised it heavily yet still dished out high scores. Reply +2
  • Borderlands 2 for PlayStation Vita arrives in May

  • Big-Boss 09/05/2014

    Far too late for it to have an impact and this is part of the problem that I have with the Vita; big releases are few and far between and it's fast becoming a console for ports and little more. Where are the games that really take advantage of the console's power? And when they arrive, as is the case with Borderlands 2, why the hell is it a year and a half after the original release?! I already played this to death on consoles. I completed it on the 360 and then finished it all over again when it was given away as part of PS Plus. This is too little too late.

    The Vita may well be a fantastic system, but it's not being taken advantage of. The majority of games on it are Indies that could run on the PSP and are also available on other systems. The remaining games are ports of home console games, whilst the Vita exclusives that take full advantage of the console's power have all but dried up. What has come out on the Vita since Killzone Mercenary that really pushes the system's capabilities? I can't think of anything personally. If that continues at E3 I'll be trading mines in.

    I originally bought the Vita because at least at launch it had a tonne of games that took of advantage of the system's power and were excellent games to boot. If all we're going to get in the future are HD collection ports (God of War, Sly, Metal Gear Solid), rather than full blown exclusives with the quality of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Unit 13, Tearaway etc then it's not worth hanging onto.
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  • Video: Six of the best game trailer soundtracks.

  • Big-Boss 09/05/2014

    I thought this was bloody brilliant myself. Now if only they could get the combat to look as awesomely awesome in the actual games in the future :)

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  • What's included in DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus Edition?

  • Big-Boss 09/05/2014

    Sony have royally fucked up the marketing for this game and killed any excitement for it in the process. First they expected us to believe that they delayed the game for pretty much a year to implement "dynamic menus." What the hell does that even mean?! It was delayed because it played like crap, they can hide it all they want. All the previews from the pre-release build of the game last year were incredibly underwhelming so they took it back to the drawing board.

    Then they disappointed us further by confirming the game ran at 30fps and tried justifying it like gamers are stupid. They basically chose "more shiny!" over blistering gameplay and it will be to the game's detriment. After that they lied to us about what would be included in the PS Plus version of the game. Granted, they never actually confirmed what would be included when the game was originally announced but they did say that players could earn the Platinum trophy in it. That is no longer possible and whilst I won't call it a demo like some idiots are (when has a racing demo ever included 10 cars, 5 tracks and an online mode?!) it is still stripped back significantly from what was originally promised.

    It didn't end there; Sony then offered an insulting "upgrade" package which costs more than what the physical disc release will retail for and added insult to injury by devaluing their own PS Plus service, which has up to to this day allowed you to keep any content bought at a discount even if membership expires. They went back on it within 24 hours which is fair enough, but to claim it was "consumer feedback" that compelled them to do so is a slap in the face. They KNEW people wouldn't be happy about it.

    Oh it doesn't end there folks, no siree! There's an article on IGN right now where the game's new director (I bet Sony regret promoting this guy now!) is trying to justify micro-transactions! You could not make this up. Everything surrounding the game's re-reveal has been an absolute clusterfuck of the highest order and has killed any buzz the game may have generated. I, and judging by the response of many others will be giving the game a wide birth when it releases. It will have to score consistently well across the board for me to consider a full purchase but even then it will be done when the game drops in price and it will be a pre-owned purchase anyway.
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  • GTA Online's High Life expansion arrives next week

  • Big-Boss 07/05/2014

    I think the main reason the PC version is taking longer than expected to come out is because Rockstar are also developing a PS4 and Xbone version for release at the same time. There's no other explanation for such a massive delay. I expect some sort of announcement at E3 next month. Reply +3
  • Behold! The upcoming $499 1080p NES remake

  • Big-Boss 06/05/2014

    This will bomb and fully deserves to. $500 for what is effectively a redesigned 30 year old system is ridiculous. If people want an authentic retro experience just pick up the original systems for dirt cheap. Sure they might look a little rubbish on modern TVs but like others have suggested you can pick up small 21" sets for a tenner most places. I myself still own an old CRT with a PS2, Xbox, GameCube and N64 hooked up to it. These redesigned copycats are absolute scams and aren't worth the money. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gives you a super-powered suit

  • Big-Boss 06/05/2014


    Sorry but I have to disagree about the role of the Prince in PoP 2008 being beneath Nolan North. Whilst it felt strange to have the Prince speak in an American accent, I thought the character was very likeable and the chemistry between him and Elika was excellent. This was down to the voice talent behind both characters and I'm still quite annoyed that Ubisoft haven't made good on their promise of making a trilogy out of it.

    Regarding Troy Baker being in more games than North recently I think it's a combination of North branching out into TV and Baker offering more diversity. Baker has done voice work for Bioshock, The Last of Us, Batman and a few others that elude me right now and sounded completely different in all of them. Nolan North on the other hand sounds like Nathan Drake in almost all of his games apart from his character in The Last of Us IMO. Both are great voice actors though and well regarded in the video games industry so I do hope they stick around for a long while yet.
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  • Resolution boosted for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One

  • Big-Boss 04/05/2014


    Agreed. I recently borrowed BF4 off a friend and it looked great even at 900p. I think a good graphics engine is more important than resolution and the fact it runs at 60fps is the key thing really. Yes resolution is important but it's incredibly overblown. I mean just look at how good The Last of Us looked at 720p on last-gen hardware. I strongly doubt a bump up to 1080p would make that game look that much better.

    I fully expect to get negged by the Sony fanboys but even they know it's true. Otherwise they wouldn't have put up with sub-HD resolutions with the PS3. Even as a PS4 only owner I can see that; it's a shame a lot of others can't.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014


    I own a PS4 and have zero interest in an Xbone but you're welcome to dip into the DriveClub article on this site and find two comments where I am strongly criticising Evolution for not hitting 60fps. There are fans and fanboys; the latter are all stupid. MS fanboys were the loudest last-gen which they seem to conveniently forget. This time it's the Sony idiots. Ignore both sides and enjoy your hobby. Trolls exist because they get off on getting under people's skin. Having said that though you haven't exactly helped yourself much by doing some name-calling and generalising yourself.
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  • Evolution addresses DriveClub delay after "long and hard winter"

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014


    That's incredibly disappointing to read. I'd rather they pushed the framerate rather than the visuals and since it's the latter I'll be sticking to the PS Plus version of the game. There are two genres where 60fps is a must and those are fighters and racing games. Burnout Paradise managed to look spectacular way back in 2008, was a multi-platform effort, was open world and had pretty good social features for its time. It ran at 60fps. Why a game coming out six and a half years later on vastly more powerful hardware can't achieve that is beyond me.
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  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    Evolution is also working to improve the game's visuals, audio, driving physics and clubs feature.
    Improvements to the driving physics and audio are welcome but the graphics looks more than good enough to me. What I'm most concerned about is that Evolution completely avoided mentioning framerate. This game needs 60fps as does every racer, but it's especially important now that the hardware is there to deliver that kind of performance.

    I don't believe that they took nearly a whole year just to get all the menus across all the different social devices sorted out as it just sounds too extreme to me, there were clearly deeper underlying issues otherwise the original game director wouldn't have left the project. But I'd trade all those pointless features for a buttery smooth 60fps and solid gameplay any day. Evolution have basically told us that they've been trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Nail the fundamentals and no one will care about the social crap, whether it works well or not.
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  • The next major PS4 update is out now

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    What problem do people really have with the lightbar? I'm genuinely curious. I've never noticed it on my TV unless it was off and that was before I bought a customised decal from eBay to have the lightbar display my gamertag.

    The lightbar doesn't drain battery life either as it's just an LED. The battery problem stems from the fact that Sony just cheaped out on the one they put inside the DS4. Turning off the rumble function of the controller would give you extended battery life but turning off the lightbar certainly doesn't.

    How would you know if your controller was on or off without an indicator anyway? All wireless controllers in the past have had some form of light on the controller to display power, controller number etc. The DS4 might have a bigger light but it's no different IMO. Plus the fact that I've now got my gamertag embedded on the controller by just placing a cheap sticker over it means I'll never want to turn it off anyway! :D
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  • Microsoft takes notice of Xbox One fan's vision for console UI

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    Those customisation options are brilliant! Hopefully MS implement some of those features. I'd actually be happy if Sony allowed us some customisation on the PS4 too. I've grown bored of the same blue background and system music after five months (although the music can be turned off thankfully). Let me customise both of these please. Reply +2
  • Buy Mario Kart 8 and get a free Wii U game

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    The MK8 Wii U bundle is currently going for 199. That's essentially 130 for the console with two of the best games (one of which you can choose) thrown in. I can't afford this but even I've gone for it at that price. Smashing deal! Reply +5
  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    This is an excellent deal and just the sort of thing Nintendo need to do to get people interested in their system. I'm certainly considering picking up the Mario Kart 8 bundle now considering it comes packed in with a psychical copy of the game.

    Just wondering though; couldn't this be exploited? Like say someone buys a brand new copy of MK8, then after getting their freebie sells MK8 and essentially gets a game without spending more than a few quid? Or do Nintendo have a way of working around this somehow?
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  • Star Wars: Episode VII's cast revealed

  • Big-Boss 30/04/2014

    I'm trying not to get excited by this but I can't help myself. I know the original cast are old now but the original trilogy is legendary. With Disney in charge, who generally don't mess things up this gives me hope. A New Hope. Reply +26
  • PS4 racer DriveClub will now launch in October

  • Big-Boss 29/04/2014

    The graphics in this look absolutely stunning; easily the best looking current-gen racing game IMO. Unfortunately that alone won't be enough to sell the game to me. The devs have had nearly a whole extra year to work on this so I hope they've hit their target of 60fps. Otherwise I'll be picking up Project Cars. On the plus side (hehe) everyone will get around half the game as part of their membership so we'll be able to judge from that if it's worth a full purchase or not. Reply +1
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

  • Big-Boss 27/04/2014

    I've been rocking the iPhone 4 for a while now after giving up the original HTC Desire for it, but after purchasing a Nexus 7 tablet back in November I've realised just how much I miss the Android interface. I've tried all the latest models of Android phones extensively and whilst the S5 is nice it doesn't look or feel as nice as either the HTC One M8 or the Sony Xperia Z2 to me.

    Contracts are a rip-off these days unless you're on a sim-only deal so I'll wait around 6-12 months for the prices of the aforementioned phones to drop before picking them up on their own. 300 is about as low as I'm willing to go and they tend to reach that price fairly quickly these days.
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  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty pricing confirmed at 19.99

  • Big-Boss 26/04/2014


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  • PlayStation 4 update 1.70 detailed, will let you pre-load games

  • Big-Boss 25/04/2014

    I have to be honest and say that absolutely nothing in this update interests me. Like others have already mentioned, we'd be happier with things like friend notifications, playing media files on our console like we could on PS3 and 3D Blu-Ray functionality. My personal list is far longer than that, and includes things that were promised long ago (such as suspend/resume) but for now the PS4 really doesn't even have the basics nailed down.

    Also, and I'm surprised more people aren't aware of this, but unless you have an Internet connection you cannot view your trophies offline. I moved house back in January and due to being a newly built property the cabling in our area only got fitted at the beginning of April. I was without the Internet for nearly three months and in that time I could not keep track of my progress in any game that I played. Both my PS3 and Vita let me track trophy progress without being signed into the Internet, so why can't the PS4? On the subject of trophies, why do we STILL have to manually sync them?! Even though they sync almost instantly when compared to how slow they are on PS3, I still cannot believe that they don't auto-sync as soon as they've unlocked. My 360 has never had to sync an achievement. All my friends can view them the second I unlock them. The amount of functionality that needs patching in to the PS4 is shocking and judging by the complaints of others in here I'm not alone in thinking that.
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  • Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle spotted for 329

  • Big-Boss 24/04/2014


    Fifa typically drops in price a couple of weeks before the new season starts. Plus Fifa 15 is still six months away; it doesn't launch until late September to early October. Last-gen versions have gone as low as 25 for a new copy, but just doing a quick search on eBay shows that PS4 versions are going for between 30-38 second hand. It's still a very popular game. The Xbone bundle in comparison has dropped by a whole 100. That isn't normal.

    The Titanfall bundle is also being sold for 339 at Tesco if you use a discount code. Now Titanfall was meant to be MS' killer app and only launched a month and a half ago; why has that dropped in price so dramatically? That's not an old game yet the bundle is barely more expensive than this Fifa bundle. It's just not selling that well, there's no other explanation for it. You can't find PS4 Knack, Killzone or inFamous bundles for 250 (at 100 off RRP) can you? That says it all.
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  • Big-Boss 24/04/2014


    You can still find PS4 bundles containing Knack and Killzone but they haven't dropped much lower than the 385 they were retailing for. I don't think it has anything to do with retailers clearing old bundles, that doesn't make any sense to me. The console and bundled game are hardly old are they? Hell there are still PS3 bundles which include The Last of Us and GT6 being sold for 200 - the same price they launched at. Same goes for the 160 Xbox 360 which bundles Halo 4 and Forza Horizon. The Xbone just isn't selling as well as MS and retailers had hoped and Overclockers is simply the first retailer to drop the price to its lowest point yet. No one knocks 100 off the price of a console 5 months after launch to clear stock.
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