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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • Big-Boss 21/12/2014


    After watching that AC: Unity patch 4 video it puts to bed the claims that the PS4 has a CPU bottleneck. Both versions are running pretty much exactly the same, with both suffering drops at the exact same time and locations. The PS4 version actually ran unlocked if no patches were installed which is also interesting. It proves the PS4 is capable of more if it wasn't glaringly obvious already.

    Unfortunately whilst there's now parity, albeit forced, it still isn't up to an acceptable level of performance. I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again: locked 30fps is the absolute bare minimum requirement for every game this gen.

    In response to the article; please explain what you describe as "next-gen gameplay" because that phrase means absolute fuck all to me. There is no such thing. You claim that BF4 came the closest with its 64 player battles but the PS3 was doing 256 player battles with zero lag or problems since day one with MAG. Where was the praise for that? Sure it might not have been the best game ever but it worked and was at the very least a proof of concept. And people wonder why so many question EG's logic.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island review

  • Big-Boss 19/12/2014


    Their website is rarely updated and their review scores have always been all over the shop.
    Their website is updated every other magazine issue. They are still very much a print based gaming publication.

    Edge giving DC an 8/10 and FH2 a 7/10 is just pandering to the majority (more PS4 owners than XB1 owners).
    Edge gave both DriveClub and Forza Horizon 2 a 7/10 actually.
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  • Last-gen revisited: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Big-Boss 17/12/2014

    See, I'm of the opinion that developers can't be bothered with last-gen anymore. If these games were only coming out on the PS360 do you honestly think they would release them in such a bad state? I don't think so. With all the paring back on the graphical detail I see no reason why this game (or other last-gen ports for that matter) couldn't perform well on last-gen hardware.

    Look at Forza Horizon 2 and Little Big Planet 3 on last-gen - they are both obviously pared back but do they look or run as bad as this game? No, because the publishers and developers actually gave a shit. WB does not. Shadow of Mordor is a brilliant game on current-gen, so I hope very few people choose to experience this hack job on the older consoles.
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • Big-Boss 17/12/2014

    Meh, silly competition, I'd have been happy to just have been offered a fair chance of buying it without jumping through hoops when I have a hectic day at work. Got an e-mail earlier allowing me to enter a competition to win one of these by answering three PS Plus related questions. The answers were pretty easy so taken a bash at that. Never won anything in my life from these competitions so maybe I'll get lucky this time. Reply 0
  • Destiny: The Dark Below review

  • Big-Boss 15/12/2014

    I drew the line at the cost of the DLC, but since selling it I've had time to reflect on my time with it and reached the conclusion that I was bored way before I sold it. I've read that some people have played it for 300+ hours and thought "hey, I must've played it for at least half that time." But no, after checking my forgotten about Destiny app I have only played the game for 71 hours and 23 minutes. The grind started at the 40 hour mark for me, but that statistic surprised me.

    I must've replayed each area and strike at least five times during that time. That includes my time spent with the multi-player which was the game's saving grace IMO. So just how many times have players grinded the same old areas and bosses if they've spent 300+ hours with it? People keep using the excuse that the gameplay is great so they keep playing. But that argument can be levelled at every single game in existence.

    The game has been in beta since day one and still is. Bungie have zero confidence in their product. The game has been changed and reset so many times since launch in response to play criticism (which Bungie cutely labels "feedback") that I doubt any of their vision for the game is still present.

    I feel sorry for people, especially in the UK that forked out 20 for this. It's an insult considering there is no actual new content but rather an unlock key for new areas on the same old planets. By the time the next DLC hits Bungie will have decided to reset something else and piss people off even more. What I don't understand is that the Bungie forums are filled with people raging at the game yet they still keep playing it. Why would someone keep playing something that pisses them off so much? Isn't the whole point of gaming to escape reality and have fun? Why do it if it just stresses you out?
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  • Which is the better media player? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One revisited

  • Big-Boss 14/12/2014


    Cds don't work on the PS4 that's true, but you're wrong about 60fps. The PS4 YouTube app has been capable of 60fps playback since day one as far as I know. I think it's the only console to offer that right now too.
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • Big-Boss 12/12/2014

    Not a nice thing to see happen but no one is really surprised. I'd argue that the majority of the seller's aren't even gaming fans.

    Anyway I'll try to buy one online on Monday. If I'm lucky enough to get hold of it it'll be played on like it was meant to. My black launch model will be the one heading to eBay.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • Big-Boss 12/12/2014

    Shadow of Mordor is my personal GOTY, but I'll wait until there's an updated list before voting as there are some absolute gems missing from it. Reply -1
  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • Big-Boss 12/12/2014

    I do hope this is the start of something good from EG. From now on I expect videos for ALL games that look promising but recommend caution. Ian also admitted in this video that The Crew is broken yet you guys still awarded it an 8/10. How do you expect your readership to take you seriously? Battlefield 4 got an 8 and Halo MCC somehow managed a 9. LBP 3 is the only game you guys have downgraded for having bugs and glitches so far. Where's the consistency?

    I strongly suggest a revision of your review policies because recent reviews have been very poor and lacking crucial information. Maybe tone down on the humour and elegance and actually focus on what matters most to your audience - we don't receive games for free from publishers and have to fork out our hard earned cash for them after all. We'd appreciate as much information as possible about a game; not a third of a review dedicated to an analysis of an advertising photo ala Singstar.
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  • Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD Remaster coming to PS4

  • Big-Boss 11/12/2014

    Well FFX will be 25 on disc closer to launch anyway, the PS3 version cost as much, but 12.99 is a rip-off for FFVII. Didn't it launch at 7.99 on the PC? Why the 5 console tax?

    This is basically for anyone who only owns a PS4. If you own any other PS console there are better value options available. The PSone classic is regularly available at half price for 4 and unless you're desperate for trophies is a much better option.
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  • The Crew review

  • Big-Boss 10/12/2014

    This is the highest score awarded to the game so far. Isn't this the same guy who gave DriveClub a 6 for being soulless? If that was soulless and a 6 then The Crew is a 4 at best. It's been described as bland, boring, sterile, having a game structure pushing heavily towards microtransactions, having rubbish, glitchy A.I and a forced online only model which isn't required for the single player similar to Destiny.

    Oh and the graphics are AWFUL by 2014 standards. Last-gen GTAV pisses all over it visually, let alone the current-gen versions. I'd appreciate it if Mike could explain how he missed all of those issues and managed to place The Crew in the same league as the sublime Burnout Paradise - another EG 8/10 open world racer.

    Having played both this and DC at my cousin's place recently I know where my money will eventually be going. The driving model in The Crew is horrendous. It feels like driving a boat rather than a car. Future racing game reviews by Mike will most likely be ignored if this is his level of standards for a racing game. All of his racing game reviews for EG so far (Gran Turismo 6, DriveClub, The Crew) have lacked a tonne of crucial information with a false score placed at the end. None of his scores have matched the review text IMO.

    If I'm being even more critical, I level that blame on all the EG writers. They appear to be more concerned with having fancy prose and "elegant" writing as opposed to having a review packed with information useful to the reader. Their Fifa 15 review was another extremely poor one. Ellie's recent Singstar review spent the first third describing a bloody advertising picture using unfunny, forced humour instead of actually being critical. Where have the standards gone for this site?

    Back to the subject at hand; I've grown tired of every single racing game shoehorning open world elements and a story into them. The last one I truly enjoyed was NFS: Most Wanted 2012. The old school Ridge Racer and Project Gotham games are held in such high regard because of their focus on circuit racing with fixed track layouts.

    Why is it then that when a game gets released in the modern era with said features it is criticised and docked points for it? It seems a game can be mediocre but as long as it has open world rubbish, a story and collectibles it automatically earns bonus kudos.
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Big-Boss 09/12/2014

    I don't really see how MS publishing RotTR means anything more than it did before. They also published the original Mass Effect and it went multiplatform. Sony also picked up the publishing deal for Ghostbusters in Europe but it expired within eight months or so.

    Plus didn't Spencer already admit in his previous convoluted interview that the deal has a duration? I doubt anything has changed in that respect. I've said it before and I'll say it again - both RotTR and SFV will eventually appear on the "other" console.
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  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2014

    MS will get SFV eventually just like Sony will get RotTR eventually. Anyone that believes otherwise is deluded. Reply +2
  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2014

    Well I was impressed, especially considering it was pre-alpha footage. Definite room for improvement in terms of graphics and frame-rate but the gameplay has seen clear evolution. Those expecting a revolution, and I include EG in this - what sequel to a last-gen game has offered a revolution? None of them have, they're all prettier, more refined versions of what came before. I don't see why a game should be criticised for that.

    The level shown off was much bigger than a typical Uncharted battlefield. The weapons sound a lot better. The hand-to-hand combat has been improved further. The traversal has been given more freedom with new ways to climb and get around. The stealth looks a lot better which I am most happy about as the stealth was scripted in the first three Uncharted games and could only be initiated when the game said so.

    It looks a lot more free-form now as shown by the enemies losing sight of Drake mid-combat and ceasing fire whilst they try and find him. When that happened in the PS3 games they seemed to track and shoot Drake telepathically which was extremely annoying on the harder difficulties.

    All in all I'm happy with the improvements to the gameplay. They now have nearly a year to pretty the whole thing up and hit a solid 60fps. This is Naughty Dog we are talking about here. They have never failed to deliver and Uncharted 4 will be no different.
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  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2014


    Agreed, but it does affect prices as time goes by. I remember the PS1 Final Fantasy games, regardless of condition sold for near 50 each. Then once the catalogue started to release digitally the prices started to plummet. Unless someone still has a sealed, original print copy lying around they aren't worth that much anymore. The guide for FF7 sells more than the actual game these days! :)
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  • Big-Boss 08/12/2014

    That'll upset the eBayers who are trying to flog Suikoden 2 for nearly 100 :) Reply +1
  • 1.4GB DriveClub update adds dynamic weather

  • Big-Boss 08/12/2014

    Looks like it's finally coming out of beta and into retail form. All they need now is to add full replays and it'll be the working game it should have been at launch. Hopefully Sony release the Plus version soon now that servers have (mostly) stabilised because I have been wanting to try this. Gameplay was never DC's weak point but rather it's lack of features and broken online. Those criticisms seem to be almost fully addressed now so it should be a decent game.

    Can't help but think that if Sony had delayed this a little more until Jan or Feb and released the working, more feature-rich version that we have today it would have likely scored 8s and 9s from the press. Hopefully a lesson learnt for Sony and Evolution. The devs clearly care about the game and have shown as much with their updates but if a sequel ever happens it needs to be handled much, much better than this.
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  • David Jaffe reveals arena shooter Drawn to Death

  • Big-Boss 06/12/2014

    This looked ridiculous. In a good way of course! Could end up being a pretty fun game if it's priced right and receives regular updates. Reply +7
  • Final Fantasy 7 announced for PlayStation 4

  • Big-Boss 06/12/2014

    This announcement was a huge let down. My heart skipped a beat for a second when I thought they were finally announcing a remake. I'll stick to my PSOne classic thanks. Reply +10
  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014


    You didn't seriously just mention Killer Instinct in the same breath as Street Fighter......
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  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014


    Presumably all the people who made a lot of noise about tomb raider being a times exclusive on xbo, will make a similar amount of fuss about this.


    Oh, ok then.
    There are a lot of people making a fuss actually, myself included and rightly so. Have you even read the comments? It is interesting though that you posted this in the RotTR exclusivity article:

    Huge coup for MS.

    Cue legions of Playstation 4 owners crying salty tears and bitching about it, even while they happily trump the PS4 exclusives without a trace of irony.
    Wonder why you didn't post something similar here? Oh wait, it's because you're the MS fanboy darkmorgado who just got an EG mod to change his username. Your mad man rants prior to the release of PS4 that claimed Sony was lying to everyone about using GDDR5 RAM, and that it would be downgraded for the final product were HILARIOUS by the way :rolleyes:
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  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014


    So it's ok for MS to make Rise of the Tomb Raider an exclusive yet Sony is made out to be the bad guy.
    Where have I said that? Here are two comments I made when the original RotTR exclusivity article was posted:

    Guess I'll have to make do with Uncharted 4 then. MS really need to learn to fight their battles with fresh ideas and internal investment rather than throwing money and whoring publishers out. Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Titanfall didn't help the Xbone gain any significant ground on the PS4. Neither will Tomb Raider. But if this is the path that MS want to continue taking then I'm happy to continue avoiding them.
    And when it was confirmed as a timed exclusive:

    Happy days, I'll buy the definitive edition pre-owned when it releases on PS4. Pre-owned because I supported SE with not one, but two purchases of the original after buying it on both the PS3 and 360 because I enjoyed it so much. But they decided to fuck me and many others over for the sequel so it looks like SE won't see my money either way. Funny how things work out.
    So I have fairly criticised both MS and Sony for their practices, you'll see no bias from me. SFV, if and when I decide to purchase it will be a pre-owned purchase. Capcom will already have been paid by Sony so I'm sure they won't miss my money all that much :rolleyes:
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  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014


    The Bayonetta 2 deal is completely different. The original sold poorly and there was zero chance of a sequel happening. Nintendo decided to fund it so a sequel was born and it was exclusive to the Wii U. Nintendo also published it. It did not and will not come to the PC because of said Nintendo funding.

    If the same was true of SFV then why is it coming to the PC? I strongly doubt Sony is publishing it. Platform holders would in no way fund a game being released on a rival platform. Also, all main previous SF games were big sellers. They made money which is why we got so many updates to SF2, 3 and especially 4. Capcom DO have a budget for SFV and that's made clear by this announcement. Sony aren't doing any good guy thing here.
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  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014


    Can you stop with your completely made up excuses for this exclusivity please. Money exchanged hands, just like with the Tomb Raider Xbone deal. I know you adore PlayStation but how is the SF brand tied to it? It's associated more with Nintendo and the SNES if anything.

    Your love of Sony really does blind you from the truth. Sony aren't saints; they're not taking pity on Capcom and helping fund it. Capcom aren't broke. Money talks simple as.
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  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014

    Oh FFS! This timed exclusive bullshit needs to stop. All it does it punish owners of the other console and without reason. Maybe all the Sony fanboys can now finally stop with their whiter than white treatment of Sony. This sort of news shouldn't be celebrated.

    On the plus side, it's pretty much guaranteed that even if vanilla SFV doesn't come to the Xbone, all future Super and Ultra updates most definitely will.
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  • Resogun is coming to Vita and PS3 this month

  • Big-Boss 05/12/2014

    I'd rather the game was 60fps, it adds a lot to the fast paced gameplay. Housemarque should have toned down the graphics and effects and kept the 60fps refresh instead. Still, the more people that get to play the game the better. It's brilliant. Reply +3
  • Resident Evil HD release date announced

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2014

    Too expensive, typical of Capcom. Considering how lazy their other "HD" ports have been I'd be willing to pay 10 maximum for this. Will wait for it to go on sale before buying. Reply 0
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2014

    I'm surprised that no one has complained about the sudden price hike of Destiny on the PS store. It's gone up from its already ridiculous price to an absolutely shocking 89.99! :| Reply +6
  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2014

    Sold my copy yesterday after a heavy two and a half months of play. Hit level 27 but never got higher thanks to requiring Raid Level gear. The Raid remains the only on-disc content I didn't get to play in Destiny and that's mainly because of a lack of matchmaking.

    The highest number of friends I had to play it with was four. That, and the rip-off DLC is the main reason I decided to sell. Bungie are being unnecessarily stubborn with matchmaking and Activision are ripping us off on DLC pricing. Lose-lose situation for the customer.

    It also seems like Bungie are now making the rules up as they go along. A paid-for beta if you like. I expect Destiny 2 to be pretty good in 2016 once they've finally completed the original by the end of 2015. It might even have a story! :P
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  • For the first time, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available as a download

  • Big-Boss 04/12/2014


    Yeah that might have been it. I didn't really play it online much so can't comment, but it's pretty normal for patches to be released for the online part of any game. I was originally referring to the single player part of the game which was free of any kinds of problems since the day it launched.
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  • Big-Boss 04/12/2014


    Are you sure you were playing MGS4? Because I can assure you you are completely wrong about the number of patches. There was only ever one released and that was to add Trophies and the full install option. It was 516mb in size.
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  • Big-Boss 03/12/2014


    Agreed. The only real gameplay is in act one and two. Act three is a tailing mission with a motorbike set-piece and boss at the end and act four is a nostalgia trip for long term fans with practically no enemies and two bosses. Finally act five is two minutes of sneaking and then another two boss battles before the ending rolls. Still a great game mind, but I felt it had the least gameplay out of the entire series and that's including the equally cut-scene heavy MGS2.

    I think that's the the main reason MGS3 is my favourite. It has the least amount of cut-scenes and codec chatter and the most engaging gameplay out of the lot. Not to mention the fantastic story and characters.
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  • Big-Boss 03/12/2014

    This is still the only last gen game I remember that worked perfectly out of the box with no bugs, glitches or technical issues. The only patch it ever received came four years later and that was to add Trophies and a full install option to the game. If only more developers released fully working, complete products on day one like Kojima does. Reply +53
  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • Big-Boss 03/12/2014


    That's right, they had to patch crews into a game called The Crew.
    Lmao! :lol:
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  • 20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

  • Big-Boss 03/12/2014

    Ah Ridge Racer Revolution. It was one of the first games I received when my parents bought me a pre-owned PS1 along with Tekken. Growing up in a low income household meant that I was limited to around one new game every other month so I put some serious hours into Ridge Racer Revolution.

    I still remember how blown away I was with the soundtrack. I also remember I completely ignored the Galaga game on boot up until I realised it unlocked tonnes of extra cars if you shot all the ships! Since I also didn't have a memory card it meant I had to do the mini game on every single boot up and got crazy good at it!

    It's a shame the franchise went to shit after the PS1 era. Would love a current-gen remake of the original game(s) at 60fps. That would be amazing.
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  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • Big-Boss 03/12/2014

    This should have happened after Revelations IMO. AC3 was where I abandoned the franchise; the setting, gameplay and lead character Connor (ugh!) felt so boring at that point that the series badly needed a minimum two year break before returning. London sounds interesting but the setting isn't the problem anymore.

    The gameplay is starting to creak badly and the game engine itself seems to have gotten worse and worse with each new title. Unfortunately it's money that dictates whether UbiSoft changes and since this franchise rakes it in year in year out, even after the broken AC Unity, I can't see the overhaul the franchise needs taking place. AC was once something exciting to look forward to. Sadly that excitement only seemed to last between AC2 and Brotherhood.

    Finally, this is not a leak. 7 minutes of footage doesn't just "leak." I'm under the impression all these gaming leaks are intentional. Look at Rockstar - they reveal stuff when they're ready, nothing leaks because no one at the place authorises it. It stays secret until it's meant to be revealed just like that first person view mode. It feels like UbiSoft have revealed this new game to take people's attention away from this year's Unity which is still suffering from a number of problems despite quick-fire patch releases.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity patch analysed

  • Big-Boss 28/11/2014

    A v-synced, locked 30fps is the absolute bare minimum any developer should be aiming for this gen. Not good enough but it's nice that they're at least trying to fix the mess they've created. Reply +59
  • Amazon Black Friday week deals continue

  • Big-Boss 28/11/2014

    DualShock 4 pads are currently 29.99 too and they seem to be ongoing at the moment. Ordered mines at around 1am last night and still available as of writing. Doubt you'll find them cheaper for a long while so well worth picking one up. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Big-Boss 28/11/2014

    Clearly an interview funded by Activision. Even in retirement Bramwell can't hide his bias!

    I kid the Mountain Dews of course. Good luck for the future.
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  • WWE 2K15 review

  • Big-Boss 27/11/2014

    The wait for a good WWE game goes on. I still take out the old PS2 from time to time to get a 6 player couch party going. Here Comes the Pain is still the best wrestling game of all time for me. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed Unity's Dead Kings DLC will now be free

  • Big-Boss 26/11/2014

    I've given UbiSoft a lot of stick for their Unity failings and am not a fan of season passes, but if the above isn't a typo and it is indeed Far Cry 4 and not 3 that they are offering as one of the incentives then it is outstanding compensation. With their quick patches and regular updates for AC: Unity, and now this very generous offering they're definitely making a big effort to win back disgruntled fans. Good on them. Reply +41
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection dev issues "heartfelt apologies" as matchmaking issues continue

  • Big-Boss 25/11/2014


    Halo MCC - a collection of old last and last-last gen games where the staple of the franchise, the multi-player, is completely broken and wasn't tested on live servers for a week like CoD: Advanced Warfare. Also plagued by bugs and technical issues such as campaign progress not saving, an unstable frame-rate and tearing. Scores 9/10.

    LittleBigPlanet 3 - new game in franchise, reviewer calls it the best game in the franchise; 10/10 then since LBP 1 & 2 both scored 9/10 here? Nope, he knocks off three points from the score to a 7/10 because of bugs and technical issues.

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  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014


    Yes, let's compare childish fanboy wars over pieces of plastic to terrorist attacks......
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  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014

    People are complaining about some of the fanboys on here which is fair enough, but let's be honest - it was the Xbox fanatics that dished it out in every single face-off for nearly eight years and now can't take that the shoe is on the other foot. You can't blame the PlayStation crowd for getting some payback this gen.

    And for those of you who've forgotten, regardless of how many PlayStation fanboys are in here, none of them have come out with something like this comment I found in the Red Dead Redemption face-off from 2010. It's from a user called LeD, and I'm surprised he wasn't banned for posting something so disgusting:

    "Once more, the 360 feeds the PS3 its huge cock before ramming it up its arse, then rince/repeat, leaving the PS3 dilated and humiliated. Oh the agony! Sucks to be a PS3 owner!"

    And that comment was made because the PS3 version had a slightly lower resolution, less foliage and minor framerate drops, akin to what the Xbone is experiencing this gen. Maybe the Xbox fanboys can pipe down now about how bad some of the PlayStation crowd is when they've got someone like that representing their corner.
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  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014


    C'mon DF where is the PES comaprison???
    PS4 - 1080p
    Xbone - 720p

    Seems to be a curiosity with the way the FOX Engine works. MGS Ground Zeroes was the same.
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  • LittleBigPlanet 3 review

  • Big-Boss 19/11/2014

    I can't get along with LBP games. I tried very hard to get into the first two but they just didn't click with me. This will be no different, however, I find it extremely dodgy that this title has been marked down for having bugs by EG and IGN yet both sites slapped a 9 and 9.1 at the end of the broken mess that is Halo MCC. There are clearly double standards at play at these two websites.

    Even yesterday one of the EG staff gave a pretty weak excuse for re-posting an old GTAV review. He said that the core of the game was the same so didn't warrant a new review. Why then was there a new review posted for the Halo MCC? They are exactly the same games that have been prettied up yet are broken in so many ways. Unlike Cod: Advanced Warfare those games weren't tested on public servers either to see how they fared. Why not?

    There's no point in deducting points for games being broken if the rule is selective. It has to be applied across the board. Extremely poor EG.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • Big-Boss 18/11/2014


    The core gameplay of the Halo MCC didn't change either yet you posted a whole new review for it and slapped an inflated score on the end even though it's a broken mess. Yet you chose to re-post an old review for GTAV even though it has a brand new, never seen before perspective to play the game with. Double standards much?
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  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Big-Boss 18/11/2014

    GTAV is taking an age to install on my PS4. It's easily the longest any game has taken to install. It's only just hit the 50% mark after around 10 minutes. Oh, and there's also a 1.13 GB day one patch. Lovely. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart

  • Big-Boss 17/11/2014

    As expected, two utterly broken games make the top three. Sad times. Reply 0
  • PlayStation TV review

  • Big-Boss 16/11/2014

    I agree that it's overpriced; you can buy a pre-owned OLED Vita for 85 and under most places these days. They should also have thrown a DualShock 4 in and at least an 8GB memory card. Sony don't have to worry about a battery or screen with this device so should have included the controller and memory card as substitutes.

    Perhaps the biggest crime of all though is that most of Sony's own exclusive games aren't compatible with the machine. Surely it wouldn't be that big of an issue to patch support for games like Uncharted, WipeOut and Gravity Rush in? It would also help if Sony added a built-in app on the PSTV that conveniently listed all compatible titles for the device. The list could be updated automatically when a new title was made compatible.

    I have to say though that I don't get the "under-specced" label Leadbetter has smacked in the article sub-header. This is a repackaged handheld device; did he really expect Sony to improve the innards? It would make absolutely no sense.

    Anyway I just think Sony have had too many missteps with the Vita. Both the PSTV and handheld are commercial failures and the blame for that rests purely at Sony's door. For the past 18 months they have made zero effort and given the Vita no stage time and no love in general.
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