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  • Original Xbox games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • BiffTanner 12/06/2017

    @KD since most people would have played crimson skies for the mp I would have thought it makes sense to allow mp. Perhaps they plan to patch it in, in some fashion.

    I sure hope so, would love some more PGR 2 mp. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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  • BiffTanner 12/06/2017

    @minky-kong that usually happens once a game is confirmed as backwards compatible. Though with the cheap price most of them are at on the website currently I wouldn't be suprised if some start going up a bit now. Reply 0
  • BiffTanner 12/06/2017

    @KD that would be amazing but since the original xbox live got shutdown years ago I wonder if they would go to the effort of bringing it back. Reply +2
  • BiffTanner 11/06/2017

    @seeyoshirun I am one of those 5, still have the disc too.

    Also PGR 2 please.
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  • Crackdown 3 will launch alongside Xbox One X in November

  • BiffTanner 12/06/2017

    I remember themsaying that only the coop/multiplayer game types would have that destruction due to the need of the "cloud" so perhaps they were only showing the single player gameplay.

    But I also thought this game was being made by reagent games and there was no mention of them at the briefing so maybe something has happened during its development. Guess we will find out in the run up to launch or at gamescom.
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  • Microsoft E3 2017 live report

  • BiffTanner 11/06/2017

    Crackdown building destruction is only in the mp modes as the need a guaranteed internet connection Reply 0
  • Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

  • BiffTanner 10/09/2016

    @cloudskipa Unfortunately the nesbox dev has been told to remove xbox support from the app to publish it so it looks like it won't be making it to the xbox marketplace anytime soon/ever:
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  • Google Nexus 7 Review

  • BiffTanner 24/07/2012

    Just remember though for giffgaff, that the unlimited data is based on using the sim in a phone.
    They have seperate packages for sims to be used with tablets for data so its a question of whether they can tell what devicve you are using it on and lock it out based on that.

    @dadrester - unfortuantely you cannot tether your mobile to a pc to use its data allowance, its against their TOS, there are ways to get around it but they can cancel your account if found out.
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  • New Super Smash Bros. won't focus on bigger roster

  • BiffTanner 03/07/2012

    The big question for me is, will it have a proper multiplayer mode that actually works and doesn't pander to the person with the worst connection making the game lag for everyone.
    Allowing a guest to play online too with randoms would be good since the friend system is a total mess.

    I bought a wii just for smash bros brawl and while it was an awesome game lack of decent mp killed it once all the sp content was finished so this will be the decider for me not characters :p
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  • DayZ designer Dean "Rocket" Hall to speak at Rezzed

  • BiffTanner 25/06/2012

    Nice to see lightfoot mentioned and getting involved, do the djinn proud matt! Reply 0
  • The Future of DayZ

  • BiffTanner 09/06/2012

    Its a shame this article makes it sounds like the whole mod was completely done by him rather than mentioning how the mod group as a whole were involved, I assume this is because he now works for bohemia while the rest don't, at least for the moment.
    Pity as I know the person who suggested they did a zombie mod and helped work on it they aren't mentioned along with the rest.
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  • DICE shares Battlefield 3 patch notes ahead of release

  • BiffTanner 23/02/2012

    Question is, is this another patch just for the PC or do we all get to share the love? Reply +4
  • Battlefield 3: the features DICE may tweak

  • BiffTanner 11/11/2011

    I hope that when they say Jets they just mean the ones in conquest. I have used the ground attack jets in rush and it doesn't seem too hard to destroy tanks if you have rocket pods in one run, or just disable it if not so they don't really need tweaking in my mind. Reply 0
  • Halo: Anniversary comparison footage

  • BiffTanner 18/10/2011

    @Whitster Reply +1
  • BiffTanner 18/10/2011

    I'm just glad they made some really hard achievements for this so to do them all with be a challenge.Just hope the MP reach disc has a good amount of the classic levels. Reply +2
  • Halo: Anniversary Achievements listed

  • BiffTanner 17/10/2011

    I'll Be Taking That! (25) - Pilot a Banshee on the level "Assault on the Control Room."

    Hmm now is that the level you can get a banshee by firing a rocket onto that ladge before an AI is spawned into it with a checkpoint?
    Hoping they kept all the little exploits/glitches that made it so much fun.

    Alos loving the last one mentioned where you have to have a minute left on the countdown, thats gonna be a real bastard to do as iirc on legendary the quickest i ever did it was to have about 25 seconds so either the layout has changed a little or you have to do the perfect drive, either way its gonna be alot of fun finding out :D
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  • Battlefield 3 physical warfare pack vid

  • BiffTanner 02/09/2011

    That would be a slug round that can kill you from that distance Revan not a normal shotgun round, at least it is balanced by it making the shotguns a lot less useful in close quarters with it selected, plus they have to shoot you in the head to kill in one shot. Reply 0
  • Halo Anniversary campaign footage

  • BiffTanner 25/07/2011

    As long as at least the 'classic mode' still has the fun glitches from the original this will be well worth it.Anyone know if they will be having the comedic US region physics they had in the original? Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 to permit Party Chat

  • BiffTanner 14/07/2011

    Please don't take what I have said out of context darkmorgado, I did say after that there are undesirables. Party chat is a nice way of not having to deal with all the tools that infest such mainstream games its just a shame that is also takes away the chance to meet some decent people that want to play and socialise which was what made it fun for me in the early days of xbox live.
    At least you can mute people who spurt such nonsense.
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  • BiffTanner 14/07/2011

    Well I know one guy who will not buy MW3 based on that fact alone, though he does live just to rile people up in the lobbies.
    I'm almost sad to see this happen myself, although I probably won't pick it up I did admire IW for forcing people in to the game chat, it allowed you to actually be social with just randoms, sure most were loud teens that made no sense but you did get to meet some nice peeps too.

    Edit: Spelling.
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  • Zelda 3DS has "intentional" N64 bugs

  • BiffTanner 27/06/2011

    I hope they do this for Halo CE, the bugs were loads of fun. Reply +10
  • New Xbox will be at E3 2012 – report

  • BiffTanner 14/06/2011

    Since they now own the tech I think it would be more suprising if there wasnt full BC miguel, specially as they sold much more games on the 360 compared to the original. Reply +5
  • THQ confirms Homefront 2 plans

  • BiffTanner 13/06/2011

    @Hypertails, good to know but I would hope so this far after release.
    The problem is that while they will eventually sort it, if its like frontlines where the servers were pretty much unplayable for the first month it means alot of people will just trade it in after a few weeks and move on which is a shame, especially if the core gameplay is good and worth playing as not many people will get to enjoy it fully and keep the community alive.
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  • BiffTanner 13/06/2011

    Hopefully one of the things they have learned it how to sort out proper servers.
    Both of Kaos studios' games have been an absolute mess serverwise when they have come out and havent been sorted for ages, I didnt buy homefront simply because I knew the same would probably happen as it did to frontlines, and it did.
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  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary release date

  • BiffTanner 06/06/2011

    So happy online multiplayer is in there since Halo 1 multiplayer is the best by far.
    I just hope they leave all the bugs in the Single player campaign so you can get to places you werent supposed to go, had a good bit of fun messing around with that long after the campaign was finished.
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  • DICE: Battlefield 3 has spotting

  • BiffTanner 07/02/2011

    Battlefield has always run on dedicated servers. Reply +11
  • First Battlefield 3 details emerge

  • BiffTanner 04/02/2011

    Dear Dice,

    Bar possibly a smaller player count (which I hope is still larger than the current player count on console) please give us the same experience as the PC players, if the casuals can't understand how some things work in a proper BF game then tough, they can do this thing called learning.
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  • Multiplayer BF:BC2 update incoming

  • BiffTanner 23/11/2010


    Those are the slugs rounds you can use in shotgun instead of the normal rounds, unfortuantely its not a bug.
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  • Battlefield BC: Vietnam dev diary

  • BiffTanner 23/11/2010

    ElfishBeen out over a year? BFBC2 came out in march 2010. Please try and research something before you have a whinge.I agree more maps are needed but unfortuantely with EA pulling their strings since they own them now nothings for sure. Reply +3
  • No campaign co-op for COD: Black Ops

  • BiffTanner 13/09/2010

    I dont think we will much cheating this time as on COD3 you could pick your team when you entered the game, this time it will stick on on the same team in the lobby no doubt. I just wonder how it will affect S&D.
    Must say it was funny at times on cod3 to get in a jeep with a friend on the other side and confuse people as you drive around shooting.
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  • R.U.S.E.

  • BiffTanner 07/09/2010


    The demo is out today they say at some point.
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  • Realtime staff sacked via PA address

  • BiffTanner 20/08/2010

    Tannoys a brand name :p

    +1 to you sas man.

    Tho my feelings go out to the guys at rtw, an old clan mate used to work there till a few days ago, guess this is how it all ended
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  • BFBC2 Ultimate Edition spotted

  • BiffTanner 16/08/2010

    If there are only 4 maps then anything over Ł15 is ridiculous really. I think the classic vietnam in game music will be there, at least the official trailer for it was pointing to it as you heard the music as the chopper passed over.
    I don't mind paying more as long as its justified content wise, suprised if it is quite a substantial dlc why they dont just release it on its own as a bigger download as it has to include the BC2 engine over XBL/PSN as it would allow increased sales.
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  • BiffTanner 16/08/2010

    Carrot, full priced as in 1200 points you mean or even higher than that like 2400?
    I do hope they bring out a full WW2 one in the future as the planes work well on consoles as they go slow enough to control easily, whereas jets I think may be harder if they are included with BF 3 as they were hard to control well enough in frontlines.
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  • COD Black Ops multiplayer teaser

  • BiffTanner 09/08/2010

    Don't forget the netcode they had in cod 3, best ive seen in a game so far as it allows you to play with people from america and further away on a level field, as long as you don't mind yourself dying as you go round a corner due to the client based hit detection. Reply +4
  • UK charts: Crackdown 2 in at one

  • BiffTanner 12/07/2010

    I thought they dropped renderware as criterion stopped developing for other devs when they were bought by EA? Reply 0
  • BiffTanner 12/07/2010

    As long as the game does well then MS should commision a sequel fairly quickly this time round so they should have a more normal dev time to get everything done and include a new city. Reply +1
  • Crackdown 2 premium DLC outed

  • BiffTanner 06/07/2010

    Its a different company I believe that is creating the dlc so its less a case of stuff they held back as they were too busy making the game itself, although it is a bit bizarre getting a completely different company to make dlc for a game. Reply +1
  • Halo: Reach co-op difficulty scales

  • BiffTanner 25/06/2010

    Thank god for that, it was silly playing halo 3 on legendary when helping a few mates complete it, that it turned from pretty challenging with 1-2 people to a walk through with 4 people where you feared nothing. Reply +1
  • "No plans" for FFXIV on 360 - Tanaka

  • BiffTanner 22/06/2010

    +1 to you chimneyleaf

    I'm in the same boat, I used to be a fairly big PC gamer, but now as I spend almost all my working day in front of a PC I have no desire to sit in front of one any longer than I have to when I'm at home, I just do the odd task on it.
    For leisure I much prefer just sitting back on a couch and playing things on a console, its just more relaxing.
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  • Things on Wheels to arrive next week

  • BiffTanner 07/05/2010

    This game was announced about 2 years ago and they've hardly mentioned anything on it recently.
    I'm thinking this may be another war worlds where it looked good but then nothing was heard before it was dumped onto the arcade out fo the blue, I hope not though, need a revolt style game.
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  • DICE doesn't want to charge for maps

  • BiffTanner 01/04/2010

    L4D and Halo MS could get away with charging for DLC as they were console exclusive, Since BF is also on the PS3 I think its a case of if they release anything for free on the PSN then they will allow it to be free on XBL to keep competitive so I think we should be ok. Reply +1
  • Jones talks up APB's "three-year plan"

  • BiffTanner 12/03/2010

    I must have missed something, whats going on with the pricing now then? last I heard there way going to be no monthly sub. Reply +1
  • Bad Company 2 demo hits 3.5m downloads

  • BiffTanner 22/02/2010


    One difference is that the servers should work from day 1, I remember when I got on frontlines and the official servers were unplayable for about 2 weeks, after that I gave up on the game.
    Nice game but just horribly supported when the game launched which killed it.
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  • Xbox Live ditching Xbox 1 support

  • BiffTanner 05/02/2010

    From the stats on Bungies website there is about 3500 people who play Halo 2 in a day so there is a few but not the huge amount there used to be.
    I guess they saw the numbers playing on the original Xbox and decided it was time the online side of the game was switched off so they can make changes to live that would not be compatible with the old one, at least you can still play xbox 1 games just not online so I'm not too fussed, as long as these improvements to Live are good since they say they have some big things coming.
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  • Trials HD races past 300,000 sales

  • BiffTanner 23/09/2009

    I concur.
    They need to get that track pack out soon, I'm hoping for next week.
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  • APB requires no monthly subscription

  • BiffTanner 14/08/2009

    It was first announced on some xbox sites and since RTW are close with MS I would say there is a decent chance.
    If the game takes off well which I think it will then I'm sure MS will make sure it comes out on the 360.
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  • Ex-Free Radical boss sets up new studio

  • BiffTanner 13/08/2009


    I believe shortly before crytek bought them up a few of the top guys just left to form another company rather than wait to find out if anyone would actually buy them.
    What a way to go though, a couple of guys who worked on goldeneye who prob still have some good game ideas working on facebook game, what a shame
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  • Xbox Live GOD line-up revealed

  • BiffTanner 05/08/2009

    Well it looks like many might be 1600 as a new inside xbox article shows mass effect as 1600 points. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 1943 out next week

  • BiffTanner 02/07/2009

    Yeh, its got its pros and cons with no FF, I am suprised they implemented no FF as there has always been FF in BF, but it may be because of the more casual friendly approach they are taking with it being an arcade game.

    Hopefully it will lean towards pro more, but with the amount of casual that will buy this it might just save your neck a number of times from idiotic team members trying to tk for a plane/tank etc. or just trying to tk for the hell of it.
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