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  • Unwrapping the open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Bertie 27/01/2015

    @Kivlov84 that's very helpful - thank you! Reply 0
  • Bertie 27/01/2015

    @dicken That's kinda what I was getting at, but the open-world feels like it works *for* the game here rather than the other way around Reply 0
  • Bertie 27/01/2015

    @LoneToc I hear this. It feels better in TW3 but it is hard. The roll/pirouette thing irked me (roll seemed more useful) but it's so hard to tell without spending more time with it and encountering a more diverse spread of enemies. I know that trying to aim the crossbow at swooping creatures - a pack of them - was a frustrating experience. Still, when I died, it got me back on my feet quickly and near where I left off. Reply 0
  • Bertie 27/01/2015

    @Kivlov84 Sounds awesome. I absolutely do want to read them. I've been procrastinating. Which ones are translated and are there different translations?

    I read one short story with the princess in the tomb but nothing more.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @jonappleyard Oops sorry! Reply 0
  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @Arsecake_Baker Yes they definitely do. There's even a horse chase end to a mission that I played. Not sure *how* prevalent other people riding horses is but they're on 'em in places.

    You can fight on horseback too, swing your sword. Looks like it hurts if you aim it right (and so it should) but if you miss it's a slow turning circle to have another pop.

    Some monsters fly off from you when they're half-battered so you'll have to get on Roach to run 'em down.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    Oh and... For min/maxers there's a handy stats page now with, um, all the stats! Shows percentages if I remember correctly, for just about everything you'd want a percentage for.

    The world feels a bit more RPG now too; there are damage numbers above enemy heads, there are swords and equipment found in chests lying around. It's feels a bit more traditionally levelly than TW2, which felt more like an action game to me. Also I can't quite put my finger on why I feel like this, but the crafting and armour upgrading and sword sharpening, that all feels more coherent now, less fussy. I didn't get a chance to try it to any great degree but it's obviously an important part of what you'll be doing.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    Incidentally, skills have changed slightly. You now need a slot to put a skill to make it active. These slots aren't hotbars (the abilities are all passive I think) but... think of a square quartered and in each quarter there are three skill slots and one mutagen slot. The mutagen is a collectible item. Well those slots unlock as you level, and there are 50 levels. At level 15 I had one quarter of that square unlocked.

    Point is, even if you maxed everything out you wouldn't be able to use it all. You need to pick and choose. The mutagens add further spice in that they can enhance certain types of skill. So, for instance, if you have a mutagen that boost melee skills then you should put three melee skills next to it in that quarter.

    You can't max all skills out anyway. Each skill line - alchemy, swordsmanship, Signs - has 20 skills available, most with three tiers. There's a fourth perk skill tree and these are usually one tier. They're powerful, too, such as one that grants the ability to regen health in the daylight - something that doesn't happen automatically (you need potions or to meditate to regain health).
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @drhickman1983 I know what you mean. I felt like my fingers were tied in knots with The Witcher 2. There were annoyances in TW3. The whistle-for-horse button is bound to clicking the left thumbstick which I do like a maniac during battle regardless of whether I mean to. This puts me in a whistle animation rather than doing something useful like rolling or hitting. This *could* still change.

    Whether you pirouette or roll depends on whether you lock-on, click the right thumbstick. It's not immediately apparent when you lock on, and anyway, locking on to a griffin swooping down to kill me, and pirouetting, wasn't nearly as useful as rolling the hell outta the way.

    The crossbow aims slowly and can feel like you're wrestling with it. It's also an easy way to kill that griffin in particular, which felt a bit cheap.

    Incidentally those are things I told the developer and they are things, again, that could still change.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @Benno You can swim down into that lake! The true extent of your question I didn't test. I did try at one point. Something I didn't mention was that signposts in the world act as fast travel hubs. I picked one at random on Skellige and road up towards a tower and then found myself under assault from some flying harpy things.

    I know this isn't quite what you mean but it felt free. I spoke to other journalists at the event and one in particular went completely off the beaten track to test the game in the way you suggest. He had a hard time of it - I think he fell foul of the brutal wilds. Man, those wolves don't mess around. But he did unearth an interesting sounding quest that I had absolutely no idea about.

    I don't think you're looking at something as open as Skyrim here - as choose your own adventure as Skyrim. I feel more of a guiding story hand with The Witcher 3. It's not necessarily a sandbox per se.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @andrzejmezynski Heh, understandable pride! I do realise this and I didn't mean to suggest it was the other way around (although it probably sounded that way). I blame it on completely rewriting the piece this morning! Reply 0
  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    Yeah the thing with The Witcher 3 is at first glance it doesn't necessarily blow you away. That's because The Witcher 2 looked so good. But what TW2 did, it did in relative corridors. It's in opening the world that TW3 is ambitious. The studio has told me before that a goal for the world was recreating the high, concentrated bar that TW2 had but across the world.

    Again I can't say for sure whether that's been achieved, but damn it's promising.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    I'll be here in the comments answering any follow-up questions you may have by the way.

    I played the Gwent card game. It's got depth and you'll collect cards as you adventure. Broadly it has three lines of card - melee, ranged, siege - and you play cards from your hand in each one. Their point score is what counts, but they also have special abilities that affect other lines. Your hero has special powers too.

    You can overload the lines with cards but then you risk not having anything for the subsequent rounds, plus, a special ability may suddenly render a whole line useless anyway.

    It was enjoyable.
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  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @Paul_Denton Sorry yes I didn't mean to suggest The Witcher was copying Game of Thrones - I'm aware of its roots and what came first. It gives it such authenticity as a result. It's a lucky coincidence, though, and no mistake Reply +1
  • Bertie 26/01/2015

    @TheEarlOfZinger I played on PC with Xbox One pad. Console versions will look basically the same but PC will be understandably better. Apparently the NVIDIA fur thing makes a big difference. Reply +10
  • Interest gathers around new Shadowbane-like MMO Crowfall

  • Bertie 23/01/2015

    @RedSparrows Yeah that's the issue, although these days the style tends to be open up early and let people in - and develop along the way. That's great for capturing the initial excitement but is problematic for giving a good first impression. Nevertheless, a good game remains a good game, whenever it comes out. I don't mind waiting for it if it fulfils its promise. Reply +3
  • Man's basic invention levels Destiny character while he sleeps

  • Bertie 20/01/2015

    @Jimjamyaha Haha, brilliant! Reply +4
  • Survarium Free Play mode a mix between S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and DayZ

  • Bertie 16/01/2015

    @repeater Heard back and they test for this stuff meticulously so as not to put a foot wrong. Oleg reckons that your anti-virus is flagging up a potential danger when the downloader attempts to update and needs to open a port to do so. Sounds like AVG needs a tweak - it's a new game after after all. Hope that helps! Reply +1
  • Bertie 16/01/2015

    @repeater I mentioned it in passing in an email, as much to flag it up as happening as to get a response. Like you say, I doubt much will come back, but y'never know! Reply 0
  • Bertie 16/01/2015

    @repeater That's interesting. I can ask the dev if that helps? Reply +1
  • DayZ without Dean Hall: What now?

  • Bertie 16/01/2015

    I was out of the office yesterday so I couldn't respond to any comments. Thanks to those people who seemed to really like the interview - it's always heartening to see comments like that when a piece you took some time on is published.

    It's interesting again to see the negative feedback. I wonder too if DayZ will have suffered from letting people play while it was in development, if the craze will have died down by the time it's actually out. Or, on the other hand, do all those people paying to play mean the game will turn out better as a result?

    Also, let's not forget that Bohemia/Hall was under intense pressure to release the Standalone game. Could they realistically have waited another year before entering Early Access? I'm not so sure. And was there an alternative to making a standalone game? Again I'm not so sure.

    Feels like there's more certainty to development now and I hope that equates to tangible improvements throughout the year. We'll wait and see!
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  • PS4 PlanetSide 2 closed US beta this month

  • Bertie 08/01/2015

    @94jdh That's very helpful. Thanks! Reply +3
  • Bertie 08/01/2015

    @mushi_mush I've looked again and you're completely right. Sorry everyone! As penance I will pester SOE to find out if/when a European closed beta will happen. Apologies again Reply +5
  • Former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. team delivers Survarium into open beta

  • Bertie 06/01/2015

    @cyrixd Sorry! Someone's mentioned that to me before, too, and I forgot. Reply +1
  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • Bertie 19/12/2014

    @aruwen Whoops. What an informative piece eh?! Eek! Reply +9
  • Bloodborne's grisly Chalice Dungeon grotesquerie

  • Bertie 18/12/2014

    We're bias on different days of the week. I think we spent a whole year being Nintendo biased recently but I can't remember which Reply +22
  • Finally, official Farming Simulator peripherals

  • Bertie 17/12/2014

    @ShiftBreaker Make sure your computer has enough RAM. Wait that makes no sense at all Reply +16
  • Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC released

  • Bertie 16/12/2014

    It's THE most unattractive attractive photo I think I've ever seen. I love it so much Reply +9
  • Dodgy crowdfunding project Areal returns as Stalker Apocalypse

  • Bertie 12/12/2014

    @Murton Doggy? These games are separate cases and were also written about by different writers. I see your point, but it's not quite so comparable as you suggest. Reply +1
  • Steam Holiday Sale starts 18th December, 6pm GMT

  • Bertie 11/12/2014

    Is that John Lennon? Reply +7
  • Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar is Ultima Online 2 in so many ways

  • Bertie 11/12/2014

    @Number1Laing Yeah, I very much agree Reply 0
  • inXile teases development on a "passionately demanded" RPG

  • Bertie 05/12/2014

    Doubt it'll be anything to do with D&D for licensing reasons. Vampire belongs to White Wolf which belongs to Eve Online company CCP. So none of those.

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  • World of Warcraft, nine years later: Can I get a res?

  • Bertie 28/11/2014

    @magicpanda Ha! I knew I had to snap it when you said it! Reply +5
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Bertie 28/11/2014

    I'll miss your game-related outbursts!

    You brought me on as a dogsbody to pick up the work you couldn't handle, in 2005. Now I have a career (can I call it that yet?). I wouldn't be here without you. God knows where I'd be. Such a long time, so much has changed, and you supported me every step of the way, through every twist and turn - that's a side people won't really appreciate here. But I do, and I always will.

    The very best! Let us drink to it tonight!
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  • Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness

  • Bertie 26/11/2014

    And yet here you are at your best! x Reply +47
  • See inside BioWare Edmonton with Google Maps

  • Bertie 12/11/2014

    @magicfinbow It's kinda hard judging personality from afar while not surrounded by the people who make it what it is. EA took some of the independent spunk out of the studio, sure, but there are still hordes passionate people working there. Would BioWare really have been better off without EA? I dunno... sometimes scapegoats are too convenient Reply +17
  • Don't rule WildStar out yet

  • Bertie 12/11/2014

    @mega-gazz I think therein lies the real problem. When I played Ultima Online a million years ago I was taken aback simply because I was playing an RPG online with other people - with other heroes like my own. Then DAOC got me with its big PVP, then WOW got me with its perfectionism. The novelty seems to have worn off, or is being re-imagined for new audiences - Destiny on console for example Reply +9
  • Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?

  • Bertie 07/11/2014

    @tennocyte In what ways did the site squirm and backtrack? I'm curious. I like DA2, like you, but I also think it was underwhelming - underwhelming by BioWare's high standards (that DAI will hopefully surpass). I see what you mean about the score related to the comment, though. Reply 0
  • Huge WildStar content/fix patch release date

  • Bertie 06/11/2014

    Whoops sorry! Reply +2
  • Video: Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Bertie 24/10/2014

    @DocRevelator I'm sorry if it comes across that way but we're not trying to be snide at all. Reply +5
  • ESRB: In Dragon Age: Inquisition "fellatio is implied"

  • Bertie 24/10/2014

    @slk486 I... how did you avoid them?! Reply +14
  • Bertie 24/10/2014

    @MrTomFTW Well I hope it's all one dramatic extended shot Reply +20
  • Bertie 24/10/2014

    @the_dudefather Bravo! Reply +14
  • Lords of the Fallen concerns addressed in video

  • Bertie 22/10/2014

    @UncleLou Yeah I should have pointed that out actually.

    Deck 13 in Frankfurt is doing the bulk of the work with a small team/management in Warsaw at CI Games.
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  • Bertie 22/10/2014

    @CrashOkami I really like that Warhammer look! Reply 0
  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • Bertie 20/10/2014

    I didn't include Edwina Currie's comments to the BBC but here they are.

    "Most people know the difference between saying something nice and saying something nasty, saying something to support, which is wonderful when you get that on Twitter, and saying something to wound which is very cruel and very offensive.

    "Most people know the difference - I don't think education is the issue. I think making sure society takes a dim view of the latter is exactly the right thing to do."

    How insightful.
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  • Bertie 20/10/2014

    "No-one would permit such venom in person..."


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  • Bertie 20/10/2014

    "We must send out a clear message - if you troll you risk being behind bars for two years."

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  • Bertie 20/10/2014

    @TenderChicken GUILTY! Reply +7
  • Camelot Unchained pre-alpha goes well, has pictures

  • Bertie 17/10/2014

    I asked Mark Jacobs about joining the alpha to record a video from it, and he said the game isn't ready for that sort of attention yet. It could be later this year though.

    Impressed so far by the priorities of development. I played a lot of DAOC, so the idea of having a server that capably handles the big battles it promises is exciting.
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